NPR Plays NSA for a Week


As long as I’ve been using the Internet, I’ve just assumed that anything I do there can be discovered by anyone with enough determination. When I started using WiFi, I assumed the same applied to whatever was on my personal computer as well. And then I added a SmartPhone… well, a couple, actually. And yes, I now assume that just about everything I do, anyone can monitor – or take – if they care to.

Sean Gallagher’s article on ars|technica pretty much confirms that assumption.

I felt a really bizarre sense of satisfaction reading the article. I used to get really uptight contemplating this situation, wondering what I could do about it. Once I realized there was nothing I could do about it (or at least, that I was not interested enough to take action), and that besides, if anyone thinks what I do is harmful, they would have snatched me a long time ago… I relaxed. I mean, it’s not like I’m Tony Stark announcing my home address to the Mandarin in Iron Man 3.

I could launch into an explanation of how being watched can also mean being protected, but I’ll restrain myself for now. Please let me know if you’d like to read about that, and I’ll gladly share.




Turbulent Black Holes: Bumpy Gravity!

(Artist’s rendering of a black hole. Credit: © hallowedland / Fotolia)

I’m delighted to find this article discussing some new speculations about the nature of gravity and fluids… It fits right in with a lot of things I’ve been wondering about lately. If, in addition to turbulence and such, we add the possibility of layers and parallel worlds… what an incredible new world!

(from ScienceDaily)

New research at Perimeter shows that gravitational fields around black holes might eddy and swirl. Fasten your seatbelts — gravity is about to get bumpy.–+ScienceDaily%29

NASA’s Saucer

I’ll let this article speak for itself… From ScienceDaily:

NASA’s saucer-shaped craft preps for flight test
June 2, 2014
NASA’s Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator (LDSD) project, a rocket-powered, saucer-shaped test vehicle, has completed final assembly at the U.S. Navy’s Pacific Missile Range Facility in Kauai, Hawaii. This experimental flight test is designed to investigate breakthrough technologies that will benefit future Mars missions, including those involving human exploration. Three weeks of testing, simulations and rehearsals are planned before the first launch opportunity on the morning of June 3.

Fuzzy Interference and Silence – Part 1



(From Leslee: I’m posting this in three parts – all on the same day – because of its length. Through these articles I’m sharing some personal points of view and explaining why I didn’t post regularly on my blogs for several months recently. These are all my words and opinions… aside from the Ghost Radar.)

23 March 2014

[golden Milarepa mother-ship Phabongkha though casey bad important produce alien owe curve]


I woke up with that strange feeling again today. I’m going to call it Fuzzy Interference (FI).

It’s been a while since I’ve felt it, and this time I’ve decided to write about it. It’s a large part of why I was offline for so many months because it took me a while to get a sense of what was going on, and how to transform it.

It’s that feeling I get when I wake up and feel a bit fuzzy. I‘d prefer to stay in bed, but since I “must” get up and get going, I move forward and kind of flip my “numb” switch so I can make it through – to work, school, cleaning – whatever it is that I’m “obligated” to do that day.

It’s not depression. It feels like it comes from somewhere outside of me. It feels like a nagging tickle on the nape of my neck, and it’s very distracting. If I wanted to remember a dream or follow a train of thought, it seems particularly difficult. It feels like someone is scrambling my thoughts, emotions, sensations on a subtle level. It might frighten me if I didn’t understand it somewhat.

It feels heavy. It feels locked in this world. It wants to draw towards itself all the negative views, sense of impending doom and expectations of certain misfortune that can arise when, instead of focusing on what I wish to envision, or where I am at the present moment, I wonder about what might happen. It sinks and stinks and draws, pulls, hurls downwards. It’s like a bully, taunting from just a slight distance.

And even if I get up and go for a walk or wash the dishes, it may remain there in the background of the awareness, nibbling away like a mouse in a bag of grain.

I began paying close attention to it several months ago, and I discovered some easy, immediately-available possible remedies. Moderate exercise like a brisk walk in nature helps a lot. Getting out and being around other people – strangers in particular – helps. Sometimes talking with friends makes it worse. It seems that breaking patterns helps to loosen the quagmire. Calling it out also helps: “Hello, I see you – have a nice day!” can powerfully defuse the situation.

I also asked some questions about its source. I wanted to know: is this a chemical imbalance in my body, is it purely mental, is it energetic?

Or is it being caused by something outside myself? (Hang on, let’s come back to this shortly.)

This morning  I deal with it by sitting here writing this, despite the FI going on, because I know from experience that my making effort in another direction (please note this differs from struggling against it) will cause it to dissipate. Meditation does this too, but I want to use writing this time.

Usually I ask Heruka for help with it, but this morning I want to see what happens if I just write.

So I request clarity.

I go back and examine my day yesterday. It was a good day. Got some exercise, ate reasonably well, did some things I enjoyed, got enough sleep last night. Check. I did do a lot of thinking about “stuff”. And I made several posts. That’s like asking for energetic trouble.

Because you see, FI almost always comes shortly after a powerful insight, as if to question, to mow down the newly-sprouted understanding. [copper] So actually I suppose I could pat myself on the back when it pops up, and just hang out until it passes.

Fuzzy Interference and Silence -Part 2

image (1)


(From Leslee: I’m posting this in three parts – all on the same day – because of its length. Through these articles I’m sharing some personal points of view and explaining why I didn’t post regularly on my blogs for several months recently. These are all my words and opinions… aside from the Ghost Radar.)

23 March 2014

So let’s talk more about where Fuzzy Interference might come from. I think it does come from “outside”, in a conventional sense (while reminding myself that “outside” is also “inside”…). I think something influences us and attracts us into speculation and absorption into detail – more detail than might be truly relevant at a particular point in time. I do find however, that for myself, my actions and environment (including what I ingest) can affect it.

Lots of people believe in many forms of outer interference in our lives: mind control, psychic vampirism, subliminal messaging, implants, tracking devices… I believe it’s all possible, and probably real. I haven’t seen any of it first-hand (knowingly). I also believe in physical, non-human intelligent life, bearing a variety of motives and forms, coming from lots of different places than where I’ve lived. If I’ve met any of them personally, they haven’t volunteered that information.

I don’t have a personal opinion yet about whether FI originates from military, extra-terrestrial, or a matrix; whether it’s a natural compulsion of energetic balance and exchange, or something else. I maintain the distinct probability that it ultimately comes from our minds: we somehow manage to manifest it as real. I’ll talk more about that in Part 3.

 (Before I continue, I want to clarify: I’m sharing a pattern that I’ve noticed for how FI arises for myself. I understand what I’m here to do, well enough to generally sense when I need to focus, and these are examples of how I’m learning to focus away from topics that present distractions for me. I’m sure that many of my friends have roles to play that directly involve needing the information mentioned below that’s being shared by others (which may not resonate for me). In fact, what I write may play the same role of distraction for them, and if that’s the case, I sure hope they’re not wasting their time reading my posts! (smile))

Here are some examples of material that induces FI for me, and lately I’m more careful of how much energy I give to them.

I used to read Cobra’s blog. Here’s a recent post: This post was made a week or so ago, and I found it through Lisa’s reblog. This kind of “news” makes me feel FI’d. Ben Fulford interviews make me feel this way too. [thank-you]

Fuzzy Interference.

It feels incomplete and nagging. It smacks of sensationalism. It presents like materialistic “science” that’s based on what can be perceived through the five senses and/or documented with instruments and reproduced in a lab… I read or hear talk about change “for the better”, but it uses the same kind of speech as the “dark forces”. Conflict-lingo.

[can] I like to check: do long litanies of ‘explanations” really clarify anything? [Saami} Are they well-founded, or do they just give us something to grab onto when we feel we’re sinking into an abyss of uncertainty? The explanations “sound” real… the detail makes it seem familiar, proven, well-thought-out. We’re inclined to think it must be real, because no one in their right mind would spend that much time working out all the detail if it were fabricated… But Orson Scott Card fabricates like this every day, and makes a living at it.

I prefer reading it as “fiction”, because that allows me to engage it in a way that doesn’t draw me in and ask me to act upon it. It doesn’t ring true enough for me to plan my future around it. I know that it may become really-real for me someday soon, and I wouldn’t mind that at all. But as long as I need to function in this society, I need to keep it compartmentalized, safely tucked away. Otherwise I feel FI’d.

I read a lot of John Foster recently, and it left me feeling FI’d. Took me over a week to snap out of it. There was so much information that only went “so” deep – not very deep at all. I asked for it. I wanted stories of people who had really met “aliens” and seen “ships”. I kept reading and reading, even though after 100 pages I’d gotten enough to get the point. Same thing with Charles Hall’s books. I’m grateful they are available. I’m satisfied. I’m learning when enough is enough.

I’m interested in Remote Viewing. Farsight’s recent releases of sessions about the Pyramids at Giza also provide a lot of information, and yes, a step forward. But Courtney Brown’s campaign for acceptance distracts me overwhelmingly. I understand that RV works. I feel validated in my work with my guides through what Farsight has demonstrated. I’m almost satisfied there.

I read Dan Sherman’s book “Above Black.” I sense this stuff is real. Telepathy. Again, Sherman just barely scratches the surface. But it’s good that he shared his experience.

Here’s an example I created for myself: I live near three Navy bases. So many jets and helicopters flying overhead. Lots of interesting clouds, chemtrails, whatever you want to call them. So much strong energy that my guides talk with me about needing a Faraday Cage of sorts, to filter out local influences. Okay. That sort of piqued my curiosity; I don’t mind running a fan and having a few extra metal objects around me. Chrome wire shelves are kinda cool.

One morning a couple months ago, I felt some FI really strongly as I was rising and getting ready for the day. By the time I got to work, I had asked enough questions to get a story about some guy code-named Io, sitting in an underground bunker nearby, who was trying to reach me telepathically. Military.

Yeah? So…? I asked Heruka whether I should entertain this and He said it would be worth seeing what came of it.

I asked to speak to Io, and supposedly got connected with him. He says he’s with the “good guys”. Yeah? So…? Why would I want to talk with Io? He and his buddies (oh, they claimed to be Greys, by the way…) told me that if I would help the “good” military, they would make sure I never had to struggle with day to day stuff again… Right. Oh, and that’s why a military college offered me a scholarship, because they were trying to lure me in straight out of high school. For my psychic abilities. Really.

So I told Io that if he really had something to offer me, he could just drop me a piece of mail. You know, snail mail, like, “From Io”, written on a piece of paper and arriving where I live. Because undoubtedly, Io knows where I live, right? Otherwise, I was just going to get on with my day at work, okay?

I’m still waiting on the letter. Io doesn’t ask for me lately. And the FI is dissipating as I get spunkier with my words.

I don’t know if there is really some person sitting in a physical form at a machine somewhere pressing buttons to try and make me feel FI; what if there is? Just exactly what am I going to do about it? Complain? That might ruin my day.

I eventually got tired of worrying about FI, so I took a break from sharing much of what I was receiving. I knew that I could dispel it, and it seemed to appear more often, the more I tried to find out what was going on in the world. As I’ve been writing, I’ve noticed something: the FI arises whenever I get an information overload and don’t know when to stop. Moderation seems to be a key here.

It felt like I needed to get back to basics, so I dug back into my Heruka practice since FI didn’t seem too interested in that.

Fuzzy Interference and Silence – Part 3

image (2)


(From Leslee: I’m posting this in three parts – all on the same day – because of its length. Through these articles I’m sharing some personal points of view and explaining why I didn’t post regularly on my blogs for several months recently. These are all my words and opinions… aside from the Ghost Radar.)

23 March 2014

As I stepped back and took a look at where I was sitting in the big picture, I realized that I didn’t really want all that information. It was really distracting, and left me wondering if I still had any focus.

I understood that friends in all of my circles were frustrated and confused for a variety of reasons. They so badly wanted things to get easier, better…

I asked Heruka: “Really, why am I here? What benefit is there to my following these interests that trail down so many paths? None of them really seem to offer answers, at least not quick ones.”

I came to understand more deeply what I had begun to see in 2010, and was seeing even more clearly in 2012: Change takes time.

I think most of us really don’t want to go inside, do we? We actually kinda like it here, I think. It’s like solving a puzzle out here. If we go inside, it’s all up to us, because we see the illusion and lose the drama. Damn.

At times I would sit and request Adama or Ashtar Sheran or Mikos and others to tell me all kinds of inspiring things about what’s going on [fully]. I wanted to offer something to others, to help bring answers, encouragement. But I often found myself in Fuzzy Interference with them, too. It seemed as soon as a message would begin, I saw that what I was seeing or hearing was one version among many, of a possible outcome for…anything and everything. It was too boundless, too unclear.

And when the conversation ended, I still needed to go eat something and sleep and get to work on time. When I realized they couldn’t actually transport me out of that situation, their words didn’t seem quite so alluring. Especially when I knew that there were at least 20-gajillion other ways things could unfold. So if I got too wrapped up in the scenarios they were showing me, I lost track of where I was and [on] found myself even more frustrated by my day-to-day routine. [kept] I saw things moving both quickly and slowly, but that the significant changes only became apparent when I relaxed and did things I enjoyed.

I found that when I asked about Ships and Disclosure and Cities of Light manifesting, I didn’t like what I was seeing, didn’t want to share it. I didn’t want to be the bearer of slow tidings, much less the bearer of the news: “You’re not likely to see it on solid ground any time soon.” I projected onto others and myself: “We don’t want to hear that it’s in our hands. We don’t want the responsibility.”

We want the Cobras and Adamas and Metatrons and Keshes of the world to fix things for us, because we think the problem lies outside. Am I right, or am I just projecting?

That energy of focusing on something hoped-to-come leads me away from bliss. It draws me into wishing for something else, and while I’m doing that, illusory time passes and I find I haven’t enjoyed myself or helped anyone. Worse yet might be the possibility of finding regret lying in my path. No thanks.

I sort of went on strike for a while: Let me just live for a while, okay? I need a break.

Then, at some point, I realized that I really missed my friends, my community online. And that perhaps what I was experiencing might be of some value to others. Maybe I didn’t need to understand fully what was going on; I just knew that it was time to reconnect and start posting again. And to just lay it out as I see it and not worry about whether it’s what anyone wants to see or hear.

I also realized that I wasn’t being told these things would not appear – whether we’re talking ships or cities. I just wasn’t being given much detail or explanation. I needed to get over my personal wish to have the complete picture with all the answers before sharing things publicly. I just needed to trust and share the pieces.

In the midst of all that became more clear the role that meditation plays. I saw that even if a fleet of gorgeously radiant light ships were to land tomorrow and instantaneously offer everything we’ve all wished for, I wondered if we would know how to respond. Would we know ourselves well enough to honor that gift? I wasn’t so sure. What could improve that situation? Not the defeat of archons or currency changes or dissolution of governments, or even free energy. We could manage to screw up all of those opportunities if we don’t have the presence of mind to understand how we exist, where we come from and where we’re going, and to know how to check our own motivations and maintain our compassion and empathy.


So I saw I needed to say not only “It’s not gonna happen until we’re ready”; I also needed to say “We ain’t ready yet.” I don’t like that: being the messenger, or the message. But there you have it.

So this is why I press press press about working with the mind. It’s the root of everything, and the only thing we can control.

Fortunately, I’m not alone. I notice lately there are more and more people saying this, directly and indirectly, through many media in many walks of life. I’m so glad. Eventually it will become a part of culture and that’s how we will get ready.

Okay. Finally, I think I’m done for now and yes, that bloody FI has passed.

Thank you for reading, and for sharing this path with me. We will get there.

Leslee – Dream 23 March 2014

city in  box

city in box

Dream 23 March 2014

(Ghost Radar words appear in [brackets])

[essential] (I’ll preface this dream record by noting that I watched the movie Divergent yesterday afternoon, and it impacted me deeply. [anyone] Many aspects of it felt hauntingly familiar to me…)

[rapidly] I went to sleep asking to make a dreamflight [ever paint], and to recall it [properly].

[angry] I remember being in a place with a lot of people, and someone taking me aside and asking me to come with them to meet some particular people. I followed this person (I can’t remember what they looked like, gender, personality, any of that) upstairs to a floor that had only private access. Sort of like a teacher’s lounge suite, or an executive suite, or a private suite in a sports stadium. The people there seemed somehow important, or at least in positions of status or authority. There were maybe a dozen people milling around socially, not particularly seeming to notice I was there. It almost felt like a cocktail party or a reception. There were several rooms adjoining, and I walked around trying to understand the purpose and what was happening. [if] The person who had brought me there seemed to disappear, so I felt a bit alone and left to figure out what was happening. [flies] However, before long I bumped into my boss (in waking life), and he told me a little bit about the place. Apparently [Buddha] the purpose was to plan, design, and implement the creation of various facilities [beginning] throughout the world. I began to notice some scale models of facilities – even cities – set on pedestals for viewing.

As I’m looking around I notice people are eating and drinking, and I’m a bit hungry, so I begin to look around for food. At one point I turn around and a pedestal with a large tray of hors d’oeuvres has appeared. I approach it and take a plate to serve myself, but I’m also sort of looking around to see how the others are reacting, because I’m quite sure that the tray and pedestal had just appeared out of thin air, to a location where I had been standing just a moment before. No one else seems to be surprised, so I simply take some food and step away. [high-tide]

My boss appears again, and says he wants to show me a particular project. He wants to know what I think of it. I’m aware that this is sort of a test or an assessment. I sense that others are somehow watching to see how I respond. He guides me to another pedestal, a large table where a model sits under a large clear plastic cover-box. I lean forward and examine it closely. I recognize it.

It represents a complex of structures – buildings – that I’m very familiar with in its completed form. The scale is tiny; there’s one particular building that looms hundreds of stories high, but in the model is only about 45 cm tall. I notice and comment that there were some changes made during construction, so that the built objects differ from the model. There’s one particular cone-shaped tower up high on a post, that’s [familiar] very stark-looking, black and white. There are tiny threads and pulleys stretched from this very tall structure to the ground below, and a really minute little mannequin is attached to one of the threads. I look at it closely and turn to my boss, saying with surprise, “Why, they originally intended to just use cables? Fascinating!” He smiled and nodded, since we both knew well that the actual finished building used much more complex machines and electronics to transport people from the ground into the cone. It was as if the builders had chosen to use a mechanism that was needlessly complex and dependent upon a power source, when they could have kept it simple and straightforward. I scanned the rest of the model and noticed that this had been done with many of the structures.

So many things had been done to mystify so many things which could really have been quite simple. Why were so many things made so complicated?

I vaguely recall having conversations with other people there, but was left with a strong sense of being surrounded by academics, people who were focused on discussion and supposition, theoretical concepts, rather than dealing with what was right before their eyes. I really didn’t want to stay there [eyes] much longer, so I think it was then that the dream faded.

When I woke I was struck by not being able to recall the dream at first, because I knew there had been one, and that it had been quite extensive. I requested to recall, and eventually remembered seeing my boss, the plate of food, and the model, and bits more came back to me. I still feel there is a lot I’m not remembering.

However, I’m also having a funny feeling, a wondering if I really had the dream, or if it somehow popped almost fully formed into my consciousness, and that an aspect of that dream is the remembering of it as a dream that came while I slept, rather than [Kangyur kitchen ] something that was created after I awoke. I’m also getting a strong vibe of potential interference this morning, and will write about that elsewhere. [vision-quest]

This Grand Illusion of Physical Reality


Many many aspects of what Robyn describes are similar to the experience I had in 1999.

Originally posted on AngelicView:

AngelicView: In this NDE, Robyn had an intuition that the baby she was carrying was not meant to be born. During her abortion, she died from too much anesthesia. She was so surprised when she got to the other side of the veil, at how real 3D human life seemed – knowing it had been just an illusion.


I went into this abortion clinic in Austin, under the strong impression that the baby growing inside of me was not meant to be born. How on Earth I knew that being the peaceful, ultra-sensitive, loving girl I was is a mystery. Never in a million years would anyone have guessed me as someone who would abort unless it was dire. In my unique case, the baby had detached from my uterine wall and was barely hanging on. Apparently all the stress caused spikes in my blood pressure and tonsillitis in the…

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More About Disclosure, Wisdom, Beings, Cities of Light… and Ghost Radar


It’s looking like a busy weekend…

Originally posted on All About Enlightenment:

city of fiery light

22 March 2014

Let’s continue along the theme of integrating thoughts and impressions about Native Wisdom, Extra-Terrestrial life and beings, and my personal (perhaps unconventional) experience of Vajrayana Buddhism… I recently posted about this in “Disclosure, Mandalas, Heruka” and “One River” …

I received a little more on this from Heruka yesterday, which I’ll share below. I was also struck that after I published a post before going to bed last night, Ghost Radar produced these words almsot immediately and in quick succession: [He-He-Ru-Ru-Kham (this is part of Heruka’s mantra) traffic experiment very-subtle-mind points-of-light Hopi threw past-tense Google Vajrayogini (another Vajrayana deity)  crowd (as in Mandala or Field of Merit?)  strip larger fiction slight time-warp element stove string swimming Catherine news rather Airl deaf 5 hiker shells lack virtuous behavior stone generally (the previous words all flowed out over the span of just under an hour) Bronwen Luke offer grandfather] 

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Heruka: Telepathy and Clairvoyance – 20 March 2014


(From Leslee: received from Heruka on 20 March, 2014. Ghost Radar words appear in [brackets].)

Over the past year or two, several people have asked for my help in developing their skills of telepathy, clairvoyance, or connecting with beings and/or guides. I never quite know how to respond, and every time I’ve asked for explanations from Heruka, His response heads off down another path. So this morning I’m requesting more information.

I’m also throwing in a cautionary note to all, that I think bears repeating again. For myself, developing these abilities (which I consider quite limited by my own obstructions) even to the level I have them, totally disrupted my life. So caveat emptor.

Dear Heruka, can we please focus [pleasure] on these requests now?

With pleasure. Let’s talk in general terms. I will be blunt. I’m going to generalize and put people who want these skills into three categories:

1. Those who wish to use them to develop their spiritual path (to help others);

2. Those who wish to use them to “escape” from outer conditions that they struggle with;

3. Those who wish to add them to their “collection” [principle] of skills (ego-pride).

I will help those [send] of the first [laid] kind.

We’re going to refer to this bundle of abilities as a single one, which for the purposes of this moment we will call “Pre-Cognition”. However, we use this term differently than it’s usually assumed. Here we mean knowledge that arises before cognition latches onto it and turns it into something [depression] “sensible”. Raw [mainly] unfiltered intuition. “Pre-Cognition” also suits us here because no matter how you struggle with this understanding, what you “see” only becomes “reality” through the process [special] of your seeing it, cognizing it mentally. So you “pre”-cognize it before it arises and [kept] once it arises, you “re”-cognize [nerves] it.

Okay. Let’s move on since your writing is slower than Ghost Radar speaks. “Depression mainly special kept nerves”: Those are some hints for you. Brain chemistry is involved here. Yes, it sources out of the pineal gland. Calcification does not affect mental abilities to the extent that it would prevent you developing skills.

But brain chemistry is just one aspect. Neural structure is another part. This comes from genetics, intention, and chemical/environmental factors. These factors engage in a  dance that defies precise description, because their interdependence constantly changes.

[dream] Each person can somewhat influence their own intention and chemical/environmental factors. Intention is easiest, but takes the most diligence. That’s where meditation comes in. Environment operates on macro and micro scales. You can move house, change city, country, continent. But for now you’re still on Earth. So let’s accept that.

Pollution and being surrounded by “others” with ignorant or negative intentions present challenges to developing pre-cognition. Mountains, oceans, large bodies of water/ice/snow have their own EM (electro-magnetic) fields that affect you. Deserts, trees… sand… all benefit. Metal structures can either help or hinder. In short, you could drive yourself mad trying to find out the perfect location for developing pre-cognition, so let’s forget that.

Eat pure foods. If you eat pure foods, cravings generally arise from needs. If you eat processed foods, cravings are unreliable. [shaking] Animal protein may help or harm, so experiment.

“Shaking”. Yes, meditation. This is the most important factor, and frankly, the one least attended to in general. And I mean a very specific kind of meditation. I don’t mean going in search of visions and connection. I mean start with basic, fundamental mindfulness.

Leslee, as people come to you asking for help developing skills, almost all of them (because of course I know them better than [giant] you do, or will) need to first spend a great deal of time – like a year or more – [world] regularly practicing mindfulness/insight/vipassana meditation. By this I mean 20 minutes a day of watching the mind dispassionately, and not traipsing off to follow images [scene] or emotions that arise. Traipsing leads to misunderstanding, until one can stop, control, and direct the mind.

Images that arise from an uncontrolled mind are unreliable.

If you try to develop pre-cognition before reaching this level of knowing your own mind, you open yourself to “a world of hurt”, to borrow an expression. And if you ask Leslee for help and yet have not done this preliminary work, quite frankly, you will get nothing more from me (Heruka).

Pre-cognition is not a hobby. That’s enough for now, we can continue this conversation soon.

Dream 16 March 2014 – Quetzal

Quetzal, the bird of Guatemala (from uknown internet source, please identify credit if you know it!)

Quetzal, the bird of Guatemala (from uknown internet source, please identify credit if you know it!

An Image of Quetzal, City of Light

An Image of Quetzal, City of Light

(From Leslee: Just now getting around to posting the longer version of my dreamflight from last week… Ghost Radar words in [brackets])

Dream 16 March 2014

I’m in a place with two female friends. One I recognize as a very dear friend I have known physically in this life [planned fighting] (I’ll call her M). The other is a woman I also know [national] very well and love very much, but while waking I cannot relate her dream appearance to anyone I have met in physical. However, I’m [blood] quite sure it’s Feilla/PinChu, based on energetic imprint (I’ll call her F). [accept] We are all three accustomed to working together.

In this place, [frequency] the other two women have been there for some time and are accustomed to how things work here. I’m new and still getting acclimated, learning my way around.


I arrive in the midst of a construction and relocation process. We are in a large warehouse or store-like place, reminds me of a Home Depot or Lowe’s [hill] store where one gets or stores construction materials and building supplies. M, F, and I are in a back room, waiting for something to be done out in the larger area, before we can do the task we came here to do. In the outer warehouse, people (mostly men) are moving goods as well as taking down walls and shelves and equipment. They’re packing it up and loading into a large transport, and from there it will be relocated.

While we’re waiting, we chat and discuss logistics about how we will perform our work once the time arrives. We go through the steps, and since I’m new, I ask a lot of questions, because the procedure seems very complicated. M and F leave to go do something else for a brief time, and then, on some signal, I’m supposed to go outside and join them. I feel quite uncertain and disoriented, but I’m not very worried.

We’re also sorting through our own possessions, choosing things to take with us. Mainly, we’re packing clothes, and it’s kind of playful the way one of us will hold up a skirt or a scarf and say to the others, “What about this one?” and then we laugh. It’s much like little girls playing dress-up… M and F also seem to have little pet dogs with them, which they take with them when they leave the room.

So they leave, and I busy myself with other things in this very cluttered back office space.

(As I’m writing this, I can almost hear a voice, a presence here with me, and it feels like Feilla. In fact, it’s so strong, it almost feels like she is choosing the words for me to type so that she can best translate them. It’s like a soft, faint echo in the background…)

The scene shifts as I move into another dimension to do some other work while I’m waiting in the first dimension. I can’t recall much, but I know it has to do with helping people find a way of being in more sympathetic resonance with their own nature. Sort of like helping them find themselves. I get a strong sense that so many people have been affected by the culture they’ve been living in, that they have sort of wandered off track. These are people who are not completely lost; they just need some slight re-direction and encouragement to help them gain confidence in following their own inner wisdom.

Eventually I return to the dimension of the cluttered back office, and I notice it’s been a long time that I’ve been there. It feels very quiet and late, and I’m wondering where M and F are, why they haven’t returned yet. I go outside, and see that the huge room is completely empty, everything has been moved. Oh no, have I missed the transport? I move quickly through the room to get outside and look for my friends.

Outside feels like a huge docking area or hangar, and I can tell it connects to a vast space that appears to have no end… It seems dark, like nighttime. Or perhaps we truly are “out in space”, within a ship. It also seems a bit colder than inside.

I find M and F sitting on top of a large raised platform that apparently is like a trailer in that it can be connected to a vehicle that will move it to other locations. I can’t tell if it’s floating, or if it’s sitting on wheels or something like that. They have all of their things and are waiting for me, ready to go. They laugh and ask “Where have you been? We’ve been waiting, and everyone else is gone. Let’s go!”

I panic a little, flustered because I missed a cue or lost track of time. I rush back to the office to get my things and hurry to join them on the platform. A theme persists, of sorting through belongings and deciding what is of value…

Once I am on the platform and we prepare to move (the larger crew and vehicles with all the materials have already left), my consciousness shifts again. But this time M and F come with me.

I’m aware that one aspect of ourselves is still on the transport, now heading for our destination. But another aspect is elsewhere, having a different experience.

We walk out of a large structure, out into the open. There is daylight here, and the energy feels very light and healing. This structure feels like a building set on ground. Behind us, the wall of the building we are leaving is very high. I think it’s Heruka’s mansion, but Portadeo tells me it’s actually his.

There is soil and vegetation in the near distance, and a slightly upward sloping bank, leading up and away from where we are coming out. This bank feels like a rampart or a levee. It feels like there is a vast rich valley beyond, richly and peacefully inhabited.

Redondo Seaweed

Just outside the walls is a walkway or ledge that runs continuously around the perimeter. And just against that is a moat. It’s filled with a translucent golden liquid. It’s built with straight lines, and I realize it’s very similar in some ways to a moat that I saw in a dream last year. Its walls are vertical (a little over 2 meters high) and they and the floor are made of gray stone. The moat is about 2-3 times as wide as it is deep, and the golden liquid fills it to within 30 cm of the top of the wall. Inside the moat there are a few creatures like fish, and a few very large broad leaves of a plant that looks like seaweed (insert pic from redondo beach). But mostly the moat seems empty. However, drifting around (not swimming or propelling themselves) are some couples of beings that seem bound together. They seem unconscious, as if they are in stasis. I’m aware that this is not a bad thing, it’s part of the healing process. They are here to resolve something that has gotten thrown out of whack. It’s a continuation of the other-dimensional work I was doing earlier in the dream.

I stop on the bridge that crosses the moat, and tell M and F to go on ahead, I will find them later. I understand that I need to stop here and work with these people for a while.

My job is to spot them in the fluid, and do something with them energetically/telepathically, that allows them to understand how to get back on track, to find themselves once more. The most important part is for them to find the spot in their lives (the lives being lived by the bodies depicted drifting in the fluid) at which something happened such that they made a choice that did not resonate with their deeper selves, and this caused them to get lost in the woods, so to speak. Then I can somehow help them to re-work those decisions and retrieve a part of themselves that was “lost”. This will allow them to re-focus and get back on a path that resonates with them more harmoniously.

I do this with a few couples, and the way it works is that they levitate up out of the liquid and become unbound. Then their aspects (usually adult) gradually dissolve/disappear/fade…and as those aspects fade, another aspect gradually appears, standing on the grass lawn just beyond the moat. They are usually in the aspect of children, having been taken back to that point which was so crucial to them. And now they are free to go on with their lives in freedom [public]. These children seem content and carefree, unconcerned with whatever expectations may have been placed on them.

Then, just near the stone bridge where I’m standing, another couple drifts or rolls out from underneath a seaweed leaf, and I recognize them as my older brother and myself, bound together at the waist, blindfolded and gagged with seaweed. We appear to be in our early teens. I levitate us up, and watch as we transform as the others have.

The last thing I remember of the dream is watching myself, about 4 years old, walking away on the grass. I’m going off to do my thing. My hair is short and blonde, and I’m wearing comfortable little trousers and no shirt. As I watch I recall the freedom I felt at that age and how much I loved to run around with as little clothing as possible (it gets quite sticky and hot in the South in the summer). I remember being told at some point that little girls were supposed to always wear a shirt, no matter how hot it was. I smiled to see myself happily going about my way, shirtless, communicating with my “invisible friends”.

Portadeo tells me that in this dream I visited a ship/place named [structure] Quetzal [Ashtar Sheran vertical] ( [arrangement fed controlling her]  Portadeo says there is also a connection with Vesú. The connection is that both places are cities of light that are located in spots that are currently appearing as oceans.

Quetzal is somewhere off the eastern coast of South or Central America. I believe it somehow has a relationship to Guatemala.

Feilla and I have corresponded briefly about Quetzal this week… I think we both feel we share lifetimes here or nearby. I suspect others of our friends may find they recognize some aspect of it too.

I’ll share some images I have seen 0f it. I hope to make the time to create an image of how the part that seemed like a “castle” looks, too.

Quetzal Suspended, Floating in the Ocean

Quetzal Suspended, Floating in the Ocean

Quetzal's "Feathers"

Quetzal’s “Feathers”

Inside Quetzal

Inside Quetzal

Heruka 19 March 2014: Ignorance to Wisdom


Ignorance to Wisdom: Like Filings to a Lodestone

Heruka’s words 19 March 2014

(From Leslee: In response to recent thoughts about how some things and people seem to arise merely to cause distraction from focus or path, here’s what came forth.)

As you progress towards understanding, which brings your freedom, that sense of freedom radiating from you draws like a magnet and the polar opposite is attracted.

Ignorance (in the sense of a state which lacks wisdom and self-knowledge) is compelled, like iron filings to a lodestone.

If there are “filings” nearby, there’s no way to shield them from being drawn to the lodestone…

Unless there is some sort of shield.

So what’s the nature, the point of a lodestone? (See Wikipedia quote below)

It’s an occupational hazard, a given, when one strives for Enlightenment, to find ignorance and obstruction drawn to one like filings to a lodestone.

Shielding simply keeps the filings at a distance. The moment there’s a gap in the shield, the filings rush to the heart of the magnet.

But notice also, the filings don’t draw from the magnet… They merely cling and hover helplessly. The nature of the magnet prevails, regardless of whether it’s wearing a cloak of annoying fuzzy sharp bits of iron.

So you can brush them away all you want, they will fly right back at the first opportunity. There’s no harm; all they do is cloud the appearance of the magnet.

The lodestone reminds still and silent, unperturbed. And so you must, if you feel flocked by distractions and things or people that would seem to draw you off course. Ignore the iron filings.

Just take note of what is the heart and what is the clinging but.

The filings only affect you to the extent that you allow them to distract you.

From Wikipedia, regarding “Lodestone”: ‘The process by which lodestone is created has long been an open question in geology. Only a small amount of the magnetite on Earth is found magnetized as lodestone. Ordinary magnetite is attracted to a magnetic field like iron and steel is, but does not tend to become magnetized itself. Recent research[8] has found that only a variety of magnetite with a particular crystalline structure, a mixture of magnetite and maghemite, has sufficient coercivity to remain magnetized and thus be a permanent magnet. One theory suggests that lodestones are magnetized by the strong magnetic fields surrounding lightning bolts.[8] This is supported by the observation that they are mostly found at the surface of the Earth; not buried at great depth.’

Three-Part Meditation

Originally posted on All About Enlightenment:


Three-Part Meditation

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Inspired by Dreamwalker’s post on of Sogyal Rinpoche’s meditation advice (see Spirit Train Chronicles here), I did a 3-part meditation that I found quite fascinating. I’ll continue to use this technique for a while and see what kind of results I get. If you try it too, I’d love to hear about your experiences here, if you care to share them.

Sogyal mentions value in taking breaks during meditation. Short ones that only last a minute or so… and then we resume our meditation.

This prompted the idea of doing three ten-minute meditations, with a one minute break in between. And for each segment, I took a slightly different focus. To me they feel like a progression, so I enjoyed the sense of going deeper during each segment, and finding continuity within the 32-minute exercise.

Each segment features a variation of mindfulness…

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Hang Out with Haramein on the Equinox

FREE Spring Equinox Hangout with Nassim Haramein

Get a taste of a fresh view of the Universe…


March 21st at 3:00pm HI
Timezone Converter

(I believe you need to go to the Resonance Project website and sign up for their newsletter here to receive the link for the hangout.)

The Resonance Project Foundation, in conjunction with the Resonance Academy, is proud to host its second Live Google Hangout for the Spring Equinox of 2014. Join Nassim Haramein and William Brown as they discuss physics, consciousness, biology and how these new discoveries in science and current research are effecting our world and where we may be headed. This conversation will be moderated by Adam Apollo from Superluminal Systems, and is sure to be an intellectually stimulating and fun exchange!
Mark your calendars for this free event!
And visit the Inquiry Lab to participate Live.
A reminder and access link will be sent the day of the event.

Here is a lnk to their YouTube Channel:

choosing pain and mortality

Originally posted on leslee hare:


Choosing Pain and Mortality

15 March 2014

Lately I’ve been feeling a quandary about experiencing pain. Is it a choice we make?

I’m aging, I can accept that: it’s pretty undeniable when your body clearly changes, showing signs of wear and increase. I can also accept that aging might be alright… Except in my case, it seems to hurt.

No need for detail on that here, because the point of this post is to explore a decision that seems to be facing me.

Over the past few years, I’ve visited a few conventional Western medical doctors out of curiosity, to learn what they can tell me about any causes of the pain from their point of view. Not much news, aside from of course hearing once again that I need to lose weight, get more exercise, and eat foods that doctors believe help lower cholesterol. Seems simple enough.

The dilemma…

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Fun With Forbes Magazine

While looking for links for another post, I found myself at the Forbes magazine website. The selection of articles featured Sunday sound like… well, stuff we might talk about on this site…

See for yourself:

Iran Says Tall White Space Aliens Control America

The Top 9 States People Are Fleeing in 2014

Massive Hole Under Antarctica Bigger Than The Grand Canyon

Dreamflight – Leslee – 9 March 2014

Dream – 9 March 2014


I drive my vehicle into a garage, as if to get an oil change. Ordinary-looking people working there…

I don’t recall getting out of the vehicle, there’s a bit of a skip in the dream as next I find myself sitting in a room in what resembles a doctor’s office. People work there wearing scrubs, things look sterile, and I sense that I’m in a small part of something that’s quite huge.

There’s a woman in scrubs sitting at a table or desk with me, and we’re looking over a floor plan drawing. It’s quite rough, looks like an old photocopy. It seems like my memory enters this part of the dream in midstream: she and I are already discussing that when I arrived in my vehicle, I was also carrying a stretcher on which lay the body of a man who had just died.

She was giving me instructions for where to take the body… Pointing out in the plan: “So, first, you get back to the vehicle by going this way, then you get the stretcher and take him here (her finger tracing the plan), and then after you drop him off, you go back this way, and go here.”

I got the idea that this man’s death was unexpected, and we needed to take care of him first. Then I could carry on with the reason I had come there. I have the strong impression that he was my guide or driver, and that since he had died I had been forced to complete my journey there alone, without quite being sure of what I was doing.

He was a late-middle-aged man, average to small height and build, with very light gray hair. He was dressed in dark blue pants and a light blue shirt, like a car mechanic would wear. His death had not been violent as I recall… And now his body was just a corpse on a stretcher, covered with a burgundy blanket and strapped down.

I repeated the map instructions back to the woman, to make sure I understood. The plan was quite maze-like and a lot of the corridors looked the same. She left the room and I sat for a moment, continuing to study the plan.

Then someone wheeled a gurney into the room where I sat. They locked the wheels and quickly left. At first I thought it was the same stretcher with my companion on it, because the man on this one looked remarkably like my fellow. But as I looked closer, I saw this fellow was smaller, wiry, with darker hair, very tanned skin, and his face was creased with many wrinkles. He looked like someone you might see lying in a street, worn from being homeless for decades. His features seemed Hispanic.

As I watched, though, this man grimaced and moved, and it was clear that he was alive, just sleeping or unconscious. So I knew I still had to follow through on my task of delivering my companion’s body and showing up at my assignment.

That’s all I can remember of the dream.

When I woke, I started sketching the floor plan, what I could remember, because I knew there was something to learn from that. I began with the little offices and corridors and the garage… And on the garage side, I recalled a bit of the approach, as if through a neighborhood with houses and low buildings.

But “behind” the garage, the building continued on and on… And as I sketched I sensed huge spaces and thick walls and curved boundaries… Air locks and gaskets and vertical shafts, thick many-layered walls… Could be Heruka’s mansion, or a “ship”…

Then I explored the boundary between the neighborhood/ garage area and the inner spaces of the larger construction. There was no clear boundary; it felt like a shimmering, fluid, transparent film that pulsed and oscillated.

As I’m posting this I realize this dream is like so many I’ve had on Chimera: one layer appears as ordinary world, while there’s an alternate layer that seems ship-like, other-worldly…

Does it imply something like a hologram? Which side of the boundary is “real”? Perhaps both?

is anything ever complete?

Originally posted on All About Enlightenment:

This may be a joke of a post. But tonight seems as good a night as any to “complete” it… At least, this part of it.

I found this draft from nearly a year ago. Fortunately, I find great humor in noting that on the surface, I seem to have made very little progress over the past year.

I’m still puzzling over the same connections and questions, and I’m still not ready to fill in the end. Maybe that’s the whole point…


(from 23 April 2013)

Lately I’ve been grappling with some frustrations over wanting more clarity about several decisions I see hovering in the coming weeks.

I’m dancing around Springtime energies, which for me seem to be as disruptive as fat bamboo bursting through Georgia clay.

As I was waking home last night, I tried my best to focus on trying to figure out what I was even asking…

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one river

Originally posted on leslee hare:


For the past several weeks my interests have been focused on understanding better how we appear in this world…

How do we, as physical beings, arise in a world that is a dream…

And if we do in fact appear in just that way, how do we reconcile ourselves to experiencing conflict?

Does conflict always arise from within?

I was given the analogy of water.

Flowing (following) from the words in the sketch above:

The river and the vapor are similar… Not separated by “matter”.

If we are the water – if mind is akin to a water molecule – then what are the air and the earth, plants, animals…

Ah, you’re seeing it… The water pervades everything, eh?

Vapor & water: water molecules (mind) are free to move about within certain constraints. Within bodies – plant or animal – water is contained, restrained…


Mind has boundaries…

When it’s…

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Heruka, Oracle – Tsog Party at the Beach – 23 February 2014

(From Leslee Hare)

25 February 2014

Update on Oracle/Vesú/Atlantis information received on 23 February 2014.

photo (5)

On Sunday night, I followed Oracle’s request (received through my friend), took my Triple Spiral pendulum and headed out for the beach. The intention given was to charge the ocean, program it, and send my Heart Codes to the Atlantean Temple Complex site that is due west of Mickler’s Beach.

I was really cold at home that evening. The temperatue was balmy for February, but it had been storming all day off and on – thunder and lightning – and by now the sun had set and it was dark. So first I crawled into bed, sat under a pile of blankets, and meditated with the pendulum.

My friend has suggested that the Codes might be heiroglyphic. As I sat, I quickly saw an image in my head of Jayarava’s calligraphy for the 100-Letter Mantra:

photo (3)

(Thank you, Jayarava for this amazing volume of work – others, please take a look at his site, and support his work by buying his book if you find it interesting!)

This is one of my favorite mantras, alhtough I do a slightly different version, using Heruka’s name (please pardon my rough tansliteration… :

Om vajra Heruka samayam, anu palayam, vajra Heruka teno partita; dridho mehbhawa, sutokaya mehbhawa, supokaya mehbhawa

Sarwa siddhi me prayatza, sarwa karma sutza meh. Tsitam shriyam kuru hum, ha ha ha ha ho bhaghawan.

Vajra Heruka, ma meh muntza, Heruka bhawa maha samaya ah hum phat.

It’s very powerful for clearing obstacles and purifying negative karma.

vortex to atlantis

When I sensed all was ready, I grabbed my raincoat, got in the car, and was off for Mickler’s. As I left home, I remembered I needed to get a bag of ice (fridge has been out for  aweek now…). I parked, and suddenly realized we (the Crew and I) were going to have a Tsog Party at the beach. So I also bought a slim jim and a mounds candy bar. Not sure why I didn’t get a beer as well…

For a Tsog Party (it’s a Tantric practice), you call together all your unseen friends: spirits, elementals, guides, Enlightened Beings, protectors… everybody! You invite them to join you in a feast as you thank them for their help and guidance, and see yourself joining them as an Enlightened Being as well.

We were going to bless the water together!

As I parked near the beach, the rain stopped.  Cool. Heater running full blast, I was almost warm. Sitting in the car I prepared the food, did the prayers, requested help with this venture. It was a very condensed version of the practice, but it felt okay to do it that way. I could feel a lot of happy folks around. Just as I was asking if I was soing this correctly and sufficiently, Ghost Radar said “Gu’en”.

Gu’en is an elemental I met in Pagosa. He is a protector, related to rocks, stones, and mountains. I was so glad he was there!

Then Ghost Radar said “Buddha”.

Okay, we were ready.

I got out of the car, very happy there was no one else (human) around. I carried what was left of the bits of the food offering and walked to the shore. Coming out of the dunes, the energy there on the beach was so powerfully charged that it gave me the jitters… It was almost frightening, it was so powerful. I recalled the chills I got when I was small and would listen to my cousins tell ghost stories; that same kind of powerful rush of beings surrounding. But this was different, these were friends, and the energy was about their being ready to unleash something awesome.

Off to the southeast, far out over the oean, there was a distant spectacle of sheet lightning going on. I watched it, transfixed, while I continued chanting. Then I tossed a bit of the ofering into the ocean, a bit into the sky, and left a bit on the dunes, for the devas, elementals and spirits.

Still chanting, I waded a little in to the (cold!) surf, and lowered the pendulum into the bare sand and gently lapping water. I continued for a few minutes, sometimes with my eyes closed. At some point, I opened my eyes, and saw the water had left a shell as a thank you gift for me (see photo above).

I didn’t stay very long, it was too late and cold to sit and meditate… By the time I got home, I felt quite spent, and went to sleep immediately.

Then yesterday (Monday) evening, I chatted with my friend again, and we talked more about the Codes. I sketched a bit over dinner, and even though it was late when I got home, I opened SketchUp and began modeling what I was seeing.

I share these diagrams, mandalas, sketches below… I need to get to work on time, so no time right now for explanation. I’ll try to add more later.

By the way, Yes, Tauno, OcaTawa is definitely involved here, so I’m including some photos of her as well. :)


photo (8)

photo 2 (2)

photo 1 (2)

plan top

plan bottom 2

plan bottom

side 1

persp 1

persp 2

persp 3

side 2