Universal Name, Soul Energy Signature

Seven Raymond speaking as his higher self, the Collective Consciousness of Seven:

Someone asked, “The newest Greg Giles message says that we will be getting our universal names. Could you elaborate on that please?”

From our perspective there are no names. Souls who experience Unity or Oneness have no need for names. However, souls who experience individuality, or both individuality and Oneness simultaneously may have a requirement or desire for names depending of the nature of the space it resides in, or the density or frequency of the space in which the soul resides. You on Earth experience individuality to such a degree that names are indeed somewhat of a requirement. From the Earth Human perspective, names are relevant because within their level of reality they experience separation from each other. As a result they feel it is necessary, and we agree that it is necessary to assign names to themselves and others. However, there is, but ultimately is no universal name. There are aspects or densities of hyperspace that have no need or concern for manes. Either those aspects of the All communicate as a collective within Unity consciousness, or they identify themselves, or individual souls using the unique energy signature of that individual aspect of source, the Universal name of All That Is from your perspective. In many cases, an actual name is only relevant due to the frequency or energy signature the name carries. However, that depends on the language in which the name is spoken. Sometimes the name of a soul is another format, or translation of the energy signature of that soul. Multiple names can carry or embody the same energy signature, depending on the language of the name. In many cases a soul requires, and many souls do have many or infinite names that embody the varying frequencies of the infinite multi-dimensional aspects of that soul. Yet, their one infinite name that embodies their true core energy signature remains the same within each multi-dimensional aspect of that soul. You perceive these multi-dimensional aspects as past and future incarnations. Rather or not any given multi-dimensional aspect of that soul will be or is aware of that name depends on the frequency or level of evolution of the soul, or the density it resides in. What you have referred to, the Universal Name as you put it, is from our perspective the name that embodies the true core energy signature of your infinite, omnipresent soul self. Awareness of that name comes with an awakened consciousness. One must be aware of themselves as One with the All, and have their higher-self anchored within their conscious awareness. Within the Earth Ascension process, you will become aware of your Universal Name once your Lightbody has received a sufficient amount of your consciousness transference. Or shall I say, once you have anchored a sufficient potion of your Lightbody within your physical body; although paradoxically speaking, the potion of you that resides within your physical body contains within it the entire portion of the multi-dimensional you’s.

“What is my core soul energy’s name?”

The answer to this question comes to you within your self-discovery. We cannot tell you that name by accessing your consciousness fields, because you who asked us, haven’t yet anchored the awareness of that name within your subconscious mind; and that is completely normal. As we have already said, “Awareness of that name comes with an awakened consciousness. One must be aware of themselves as One with the All, and have their higher-self anchored within their conscious awareness”. In that case, you will either intuitively know your Universal Name which may not even be a name in the sense that you are familiar with, or within a telepathic awareness or society where a name won’t even be necessary unless desired, you may recognize your true core energy signature and have to format that into a name yourself. The accuracy of the name you cultivate depends on two factors. One, the frequency of the language being used; and Two, the consciousness level of the person formatting their higher consciousness energy signature.

We are the Collective Consciousness of Seven

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