Returning to Full Consciousness, Who Are You, Mind, GFL, Media, YouTube

Note: In many cases, our answers, or the answers given by Seven will match the frequency of the question being asked…and correspond to the energy signature of the person asking the question.

Someone asked us, “How do I return to full consciousness? Any meditations or practice of some kind? How can I remember who I am?”

Full consciousness from our perspective is the awareness of yourself as the highest version of yourself. Full consciousness is attained once you’ve transcended polarity and embraced oneness, knowing that you are everything, you are All That Is. Full consciousness is the awareness of yourself as a multidimensional being. One attains full consciousness by Ascending, or by reaching the ascended state of being within physicality. That you are doing. Through 3rd Density experience one is given numerous opportunities to raise their frequency. The higher the frequency, the higher the vibration. The higher the vibration, the higher the awareness. The higher the awareness, the higher the consciousness. The higher the consciousness, the higher the Light quotient. DNA is Light. You DNA is within you and outside of you. Therefore by going within, you discover all that is outside. Then by looking outside, you will see all that is within. Full consciousness comes with the activation and the conscious awareness of your DNA. One who attains this awareness will begin to transmute their cells into Light, making them capable of carrying within them the awareness of themselves as being fully conscious. One who is aware of the bi-located higher self aspects of himself and have those consciousness’s merged with his own within physicality will be able to experience limited consciousness and full consciousness simultaneously. We cannot tell you how to attain full consciousness. That would be counterproductive to your overall growth and ascension. Full consciousness will simply come naturally as you quicken your frequency. Higher awareness is exactly what it is; however, comes with the raising of your vibration to either transmute the limited consciousness portion of you, or to merge the fully conscious portions of you into your conscious awareness.

If meant to remember, the trigger for that within your DNA would have been set by you for when you are to awaken within this incarnation. Meditation will aid you greatly in your quest. However, what kind of meditation depends on you. When you can overcome the distractions of your restless mind, and the enslavement of your consciousness within it then you will began to know who you are. Your mind creates the illusions that you experience. Therefore leave the mind, which is indeed separate from the brain. Pay attention to how you feel. Pay attention to your Heart. The knowing of who you are is within your Heart. At your level of consciousness you are not meant to remember who you are in the way that you are trying to remember. And the fact that you cannot remember is the result of you trying. We guide that you merge with your Heart, for it has a mind of its own. Bring it into harmonic flow with your life experience. Follow your excitement with the knowing that all is well. A meditation that will greatly assist you is the meditation of being alert. Observe your thought processes, for many of those processes serve as invisible prison bars, keeping you away from who you are. I introduce to you also the meditation of the Heart. Pay attention to how your feel. Feelings that are unfavorable to your evolutionary progress means that you are out of alignment with who you truly are. Let those feelings and their associated circumstances go. Then embrace what feels right for you. Then you will find out who you are. However, in the meantime, observe yourself. That is the best meditations we could recommend.

“How can the Galactic Federation of Light stand by and allow the media to give us false information? Why don’t they just use YouTube?”

The dark worker alliance factions can still use positive events to create mass fear amongst the majority. They are being dealt with at this very moment. Until then you are to see the power and the knowing within your own self. You are to learn discernment. It is not us or they who allow false media reports. It is you. However, one who is aware will know the Truths regardless of widespread false information. In the not too distant future you won’t have this to worry about, for this is being dealt with by you already. The ball is in your court. Pick it up and put it to good use. Take charge of your own society. YouTube is a tool for you. Therefore it is your job to put desired information on YouTube, which you are doing. When the time is right, there will be true information being reported at all sources. Until then, use your own discernment.

I am Seven, merged with the Collective Consciousness of Seven

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3 comments on “Returning to Full Consciousness, Who Are You, Mind, GFL, Media, YouTube

  1. Well I think it’s pretty clear why the GFL don’t use facebook! 😉

    Thank you monsieur seven, great message! Realizing that ultra-clarity of thought is a pretty amazing experience.

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