Is Everyone Going to Ascend, Cannabis (Marijuana)

Someone asked us, “Is everyone going to Ascend?”

From our perspective all is Ascended. So the answer to your question is yes, since every individual soul is a holographic replica of source, or prime creator existing as infinite varying frequencies of source, or prime creator, all will Ascend; because all is already Ascended. However, from the subjective perspective of individual souls within your level of reality as you prepare for your Ascension into higher density, no, all will not Ascend from that perspective.

A Density is a level of reality. A Dimension is a place, usually having specific laws, within a Density. By evolving soul we mean Ascending soul; as in, going from 3rd Density or dimensional consciousness to 4th, or 5th Density consciousness. Earth is ascending back into 5th Density (and eventually 5th Dimension within that Density). We will now refer to densities and dimensions interchangeably as 3D, 4D, and 5D. Those who have chosen or is choosing to remain vibrating at a 3D frequency will have to relocate through the misunderstood process known as “death”. That is necessary because once Earth’s frequency or vibration reaches a certain point within 4th of 5th Density; anything of a lower Density will not be supported on this planet. That time is coming. From the cosmic perspective, on December 21st of this year, Earth leaves the pool of 3D energies; or you could say that the 3D pool of energies leaves the Earth. 3D vibrating souls will find it very uncomfortable as they reject the higher frequencies, choosing to remain in the old. If they do not reach a level of evolution in which they can remain on Earth by simply allowing the Light in, or lightening up, then they will “die”. Don’t worry the majority is Ascending. However, for those who are not, “Death” will be very positive for them so that they may find a new home that matches their frequency. All “Hell” is, is a place that does not match your frequency. To someone else however, what you perceive as “Hell” may be “Heaven” for them, because they match the frequency of that place. People on Earth want a better world where there is Peace, Love, and Unity, although at this point they are unaware of it. They think it’s impossible. They are about to learn differently. Those who are Ascending will have chosen to Ascend before coming here into this lifetime, same for those who are not. Although from a certain perspective, there are souls who came in undecided. They are choosing. 4D and 5D ascended souls will experience almost completely different realities relative to one another; however, will be able to inhibit Earth and be visible to each other. 3D has to dissolve because it is illusionary. In 3D is the illusion of separation and duality, good and evil, etc. That consciousness cannot exist in the higher realms.

Someone asked, “Many smoke marijuana and others use marijuana as a tool for spiritual experiences and growth. Does marijuana hinder someone from Ascending? Yes or No? And why is it illegal?”

Both; Yes, and No. Tools, which puts you in a state of being “high”…is of the illusion in the way that it cannot give you accurate insight into the higher realms. Cannabis (marijuana) is supported by 3D as it grows from 3D soil. Accurate insight into the higher realms or higher awareness of yourself is something you find within yourself naturally as you evolve.

Speaking as normal Seven for a sec,

“Though I’ve never taken it, weed is not for everybody. A student of mine who is extremely powerful and has incredible activated higher dimensional (non-human) DNA is experiencing maximum 3D. When on such tools that gets him “high”, he is limited…very limited. His soul and DNA is much more advanced and evolved; too evolved for weed and other things of the sort. The drug damaged his physical cells and played a part in shifting his brain activity in a way where he wasn’t…I don’t know how to describe it. But I can see it; and as his Guardian, my consciousness is bi-located within his consciousness fields. I can feel it when he is high. I know what it does…to him at least. Anyways, His abilities would not work with it in his system or afterwards. I didn’t remove it from his system or heal him because he’d keep taking it along with other minor things. Continued use of marijuana served as a catalyst in which he has able to lower his frequency. And now my Sirian Angelic friend is on his downward spiral. I don’t worry because he needs to experience what he is experiencing. As his Guardian I had to bind his powers (the ones that he can use or misuse). However as I and my guides always say, “the downward spiral or backward step acts as a propeller to push the forward steps even further”. There is a positive aspect to it all. So ultimately there is no backward step. He’ll be just fine”.

Tools such as weed can only serve someone for so long before it starts to hinder their growth. Cannabis (marijuana) however, creates a state within the 3D human where they are able to access a state of bliss in which they discover that there is much else beyond this basic 3D level of reality. The user reaches a state where they are able to calm down to an extent where hidden or deep knowledge is revealed to them consciously. As a result, it can serve as a trigger to wake people up and that is why it is illegal. Those who control don’t want people waking up. However, this is not the case with all users. One should not accept Cannabis as a comfort zone. Usage of it as a tool combines reality with illusion. Most users are purely ignorant, and block out the blissful state either consciously or unconsciously. They simply experience a sensation which is an addiction that they use to distract them from what they need to focus on or change within themselves in order to evolve. Weed is of the illusion, because it is 3D, 3rd dimensional. Therefore, once a soul reaches a certain point it becomes a hindrance. One wishing to go completely beyond 3D will find that difficult to do so long as they are attached to marijuana or other such “tools”, as you put it. That is why they don’t work for ascending souls. Souls eventually reach a point in their growth where they develop an understanding and drop the tools altogether, realizing that the tools are within.

I am Seven, and the Collective Consciousness of Seven

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  1. ~Excellent Topics!…from this Post, I get this: Tools are to be Creatively Used and not be Shackled by them (Tools)~

  2. Thank You everybody, I’m Happy this info is beneficial. I’m also glad people ask the right questions…smiley face.
    @ Babajij, Thanks as always! …but nooo, me personally don’t like the so called “tools” at all. LoL! Creatively used? …smh. But hey, it is what it is. I just trip about it a little maybe because I work with children who are exposed to the peer pressure of their peers and older teens who do what they can to encourage the nonsense…to little kids. I never see people using it “creatively”.

    • ~I was more thinking in a general scope when i used the word “tools”…as in: Peyote Buttons…ayahausa…or even Sweetgrass Root Tea…the weed,these days is too prevalent and misused…i even hear that some suppliers mix in chemicals to further cause biological addiction…making the user to come back for more… 😦 ~

  3. I was reading about the Dreamtime experiences and somehow stumbled onto this page. Amusingly, and only somewhat off topic… *I* am Seven. Let me clarify, in my early high school years, I had created a character for my own amusement and the amusement of others. (I was an art school kid and a born character actor) Her name was Seven. I named her such because I held a belief that there was a drastic change to my… let’s say entity, when I drowned at the age of 8 (shortly after my birthday). I would put on a voice, change posture, and convey what my peers would describe as a “creepy yet cute” character. So when I read the beginning of the closing phrase “I am Seven…” my first thought, jokingly, was “*I* am Seven.” ^v^ Now, I don’t know why I’m sharing this, I usually keep such things to myself for my own amusement, but I’ve typed it, so I’ll share it. ^v^

    In regards to using “tools” creatively, perhaps I could share how this is actually possible. I write fiction for a living… not a material living, for the life of myself. It is a breath of expression that I’ve enjoyed since I could form concepts and thoughts into visible expressions. As I grew older, there was more mental noise… no, not so much noise as an overabundance of information and ideas. I spent most of my time in high school working on numerous unique stories and taught myself to arrange them by connecting them to one another… but my anger at an unjust world seemed to be damaging to my own peace. I was the Robin Hood of my high school (minus the ‘from the rich to the poor’ part), I felt obligated to aid or protect those who could not do so for themselves. But with every person I helped, my anger grow more fierce from the disbelief of the audacity… A friend, a real friend, a kindred spirit, recognised my spiritual anguish and offered me cannabis to calm my heated nature… it was not forced or pressured… in fact, I remember the exact exchange. It was the day we were released for spring break and he asked, “Wanna go smoke up?” I said, “Sure.” The first time was a bit silly, but I found myself less full of anger after that, and the volume of my own creativity had sky rocked. I also stopped drinking my mother’s tequilla. Since then, I’ve used it in small doses (partly do to the high price and partly due to a very low tolerance). Often times, simply as an aid to sleep or a production of appetite. But also as a sort of organiser to all the ideas that fly about in my mind. They become sorted into their own appropriate categories and are allowed to spill out in an orderly fashion. This is not to say I depend on cannabis for any of this to occur. It’s actually taught my how to do these things on its own. Forgive me if I’m not explaining clearly, as it sometimes seems too complex to explain. I suppose the simplest way I can put it is that it trained my mind to do what I could not before. It also calmed me to a point where I could properly focus on what truly matters… propelled me from a state of constant anger to a state of “Why am I so mad about this?” to “Do I really need to be angry to change the situation?” and finally, “Anger does not serve me well, so I shall be without it.” Now, mind you, I am not religious or even all that scientific for that matter (though I do find many sciences very intriguing), I am, at my core, an artist. And artistically, one small dose, on many occasions, has seemingly inspired sessions of writing that would last for hours, producing pages of written content… some even complete enough to be a final draft. And that’s just an example in the field of writing. In my honest opinion, it can be a very useful “tool” for the artist that uses it well.

    However, I find it prudent to note, that such tools are meant for those that understand them and are developed enough to use them properly. Small children should be allowed to develop naturally, not pressured into something they don’t understand simply for the amusement or gain of others. We were very adamant about that when I was in school. We wouldn’t allow such peer pressures to occur and I was often the first to nip such things in the bud. (not violently, never violently, cleverly. ^v^) Of course, our school was quite unique in many ways… so our ways were often not the same as the ways of others. We did what we could.

    Anyway, please forgive me for such a long post.
    I did not realise I was being so verbose.
    I should introduce myself…
    Hello. I am Nymph.

  4. That’s wonderful, Thank You Nymph. I read your entire post, no need to apologize. No reason to forgive you. Alright? So weed was beneficial for you? Great! Meditation would have did the trick! LoL! No, but I understand. Nice to meet you.

    • Whoa Babajij that is great news! Those higher frequencies should have no problems integrating into your cells!! Thank You for sharing that with me. You’re awesome as always! …smiley face.

      • ~and i have always been going to pick sweetgrass,just about everyday,recently…my gravator pic is actually where I find the sweetgrass growing…and I took the advice of one of the Ascended Masters (I forget which One,hard to keep track of them All!) of walking barefeet on Mother Earth…so,when I am at the SweetGrassLand,I remove me shoes and do some Grounding to Inner Earth,Mother Earth,Father Sky & the Galactic Sun…I have been having some Dimensional Experiences there!…and the Winged Ones(Birds) come out and do their thing on nearby trees…I am quite stubborn to Ascend!…hehe!~

        • Well ascension will have it’s rewards. Imagine hearing flowers sing. There will be bird-like creatures. You want loose those things. You’ll just receive heightened or alternate higher versions of it all…and the freedom to personally interact with nature at a deeper level. I Love that place on your picture. I saw it on Facebook a lot and I’d always look at it for a few seconds when I saw it. The energy of the location is amazing. I feel it here. Nothing wrong with being stubborn to ascend! You can just move into the 4D crystalline body instead of the 5D Lightbody. I’ll sure be visiting either way! …smiley face.

          • ~Oops,Mercury in Retrograde…the point that I meant to get across was that I am Committed to Ascend…my Desire to Ascend is getting Stronger…That Mercury in Retrograde is doing a Number on Communication!…Oh Well…Yoj…i mean Joy…haha~

          • Singing flowers is a very lovely thought. I should look forward to that. ^v^
            I feel I’ve been missing my connection to Gaia for a very long time.
            I wonder what sorts of songs they sing…

    • Thank you, I’d grown accustomed to apologising for my long-winded nature. It’s refreshing when someone doesn’t mind. ^v^

      I agree, meditation would have worked wonders, as it does now. At that time, I was unfamiliar with meditation and knew no one that was. It’s quite likely I would have lacked the patience, as well. We grow, we learn. ^v^

      Nice to meet you too.

  5. Another / similar description of “Ascension”

    Rather than being impatient with the process, I’m quite enjoying it. 🙂 It does become somewhat consuming, but I suppose it’s the lesser of several evils, haha. I like your description of how one person’s heaven might be another person’s hell. Too true! Although I wonder, if the universe gives us what we want, and we want hell, then hell is only of our own creation… Which is impossible, because heaven is defined as that which we desire. I expect verrrrrrry soon we’ll need a new vocabulary!

  6. I do not know whether it’s just me or if perhaps everyone else encountering issues with your site. It appears as if some of the text on your posts are running off the screen. Can somebody else please provide feedback and let me know if this is happening to them too? This might be a issue with my internet browser because I’ve had
    this happen previously. Cheers

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