Know Your Talent – The 2012 Deception

Greetings Everybody! I am Seven Raymond writing to you on behalf of with article number three.

If you are alive today and are reading this then you have talent. You got skills! You see, your talents are gifts that are meant to be acknowledged by you and put into action, by you! It is only through action that your dreams will come true. Understand that by action, I mean that you are the one who must act in accordance with your intuition or inner voice in order to manifest your higher life purpose. Your higher life purpose is usually predicated upon what talents you were born with or expressed during childhood, and the dreams you had as a child. Yet when we become an adult, which means we become adulterated, we lose sight of who we really are. We lose sight of that bright light within us. We become like a fallen star; here one day, and gone the next.

So then we exist within unskillful darkness, or lower light, which is predicated upon being ruled by the dictating minds and structures around us. These structures assume responsibility for us and we allow it because we’ve been tamed into believing that that’s the way it is and must be. Therefore, due to lack of knowledge we willingly give everything that works against us direct influence over our reality rather we are conscious of it or not. As a result, the majority of our lives become an unskillful occupation designed to keep us occupied from ourselves.

If you are reading this article right now then I guarantee you that you still have the opportunity to become a super-conscious, self-deified master and change your life around should you choose to do so. You can become the shot caller; and therefore, the big baller. There is no time to wait. No madams and no sirs! We don’t have the time to wait for our governments to change. We don’t have the time to wait for disclosure, or for the extraterrestrials to get here. That will not happen in this reality, or at least not the way many of you have been expecting for it to occur, due to being deceived by various outside of self people and channeled messages. These people work for your oppressors. These messages are from your oppressors. However then again, even the conduits of those communications are being deceived. If you want to achieve your desired future, you have to do the work! On yourself beloveds! Yes, that is correct! Sure I do the readings, I do the consultations, and I teach the classes; but still, nobody, not even I can be your leader or guru. You come to me for assistance and guidance only to be led back to yourself. Yet when you arrive back to yourself you will not return the way you left because I Love You. So, Love Yourself people.

Until you raise your vibrations up and become super-conscious, reality as it is will continue to exist for you, only it will get worse because starting this year of 2013 the shift begins to take place externally. 2012 was a deception to keep you focused and distracted on a specific date. However, we’ve been in the 2012 season since around 2007. Yes, 2012 is a season. Now starting this year the shift will began to take place externally, and I’ll address that in detail in a future article.

One of the best ways to rise out of your current predicament (being enslaved) is to know your talent or talents plural! Some of us are multi-talented, yet we don’t embrace those talents because we lack belief, imagination, knowledge of self, and self-esteem. Often times we fail to act upon our talents because we are too busy listening to those outside of us. That includes family and friends. If we studied ourselves and developed a knowing of ourselves, we wouldn’t dare let anyone else dictate our lives. We’ll be masters.

Your talents are aligned with your higher life purpose. Your talents are like tools. They are the tools necessary for you to get working, or shall I say, tools necessary for you to take action! However, yall just leave your tools in the basement…in the darkness. Yes, so now you need to go into that darkness and spark your light from within so that you can illuminate it. Then things will become so clear. Your life will have changed in an instant. You will have cultivated within your mind clear visuals of your desired future; and you will have known that it’s what you were supposed to be doing because you will have felt it in your heart. That is the true definition of Ascension.

Dream people! Spend time daily dreaming within your mind, fantasizing and knowing that it is real, and that it is already yours. The only thing left is to make it materialize within your physical reality. That’s where your will power comes in. In order to work magic you must have strong will. You must summon your will power with determination in order to successfully act upon your intuition. If you are fearful then you must either conquer that fear, or use the power of your will in order to be courageous. Either way, you will conquer that fear! Only you can do this, nobody else. You must change your reality. They can’t do it for you, and I can’t either. Only you Beloveds.

For example, if you have the gift of song, meaning that you can sing; then you should be fantasying in your mind that you are singing your songs of healing in front of the world knowing that it is real and that it is yours. You see, the Universal does not know the difference between that which is real and that which is imaginary, for even the reality you live in is imaginary and can be altered through proper utilization of the mind. Act upon your fantasies. Act upon what it is you are seeing in your mind little by little every day, then more and more every day. Then within your physical reality you are to go sing everywhere you can and as much as you can. You should be at all of the open mic nights. You have the talent of song right?! Then use it whenever possible and you just watch. All the right people will become drawn to you and you’ll find yourself well on your path of serving the people through song. Music is very healing. That is, skillful music, not unskillful music. Please, be original. Sing from your Heart.

Go within yourself and rediscover your talents people. Know that you can achieve your dreams and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. Do you want proof that you can do it? …then I dare you to prove it to yourself. Become like a child again! You don’t have to remain an adult, which again means, adulterated. The definition of adulterated is to make something less pure by adding inferior or unsuitable elements or substances to it. Do you now see dear adult how willingly enslaved you are due to lack of knowledge? You must revitalize your imagination, for it is the foundation that allows you to dream, and therefore create.

On behalf of my name is Seven Raymond and as always I will be posting my articles and making YouTube videos for you while offering my readings, consultations, and classes which if taken advantage of by you, are the remedies to all of the above issues and more.

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