Preventing Disease and Cancer – Diet and Drugs

Greetings of Peace, Love, and Joy Everybody! My name is Seven Raymond writing to you on behalf of First and foremost let me just say that some people will be upset with me for this article; however, I got to do what I got to do. So, let’s jump into it!

I recently received an inquiry form one of my fellow subscribers about a specific type of cancer. As a result, in this article I will speak about cancer, it being degenerative, and things that lead up to cancer such the way we eat especially here in the western world.

Any disease (dis-ease) within the human body is degenerative, which means that it can be cured. However, before I get into that I’d like to speak about disease prevention, or what we can do to prevent ourselves from ever having dis-ease in the first place.

The leading cause of death in the world is lack of information or lack of knowledge. You see, we take what we are given without doing the research. As a result we live deathstyles instead of lifestyles. For example, the foods, or the so called “foods” that we put into our bodies; most of what we eat is dead food, and you are what you eat. Much of what we eat is acidic in nature. Cancer and other diseases thrive within an acidic body. However, did you know that cancer and most other diseases cannot thrive within an alkaline body?

For one seeking to prevent disease, the first step would be to change your diet. Change the way you eat; however, not until you’ve excepted the fact that most people you might consider to be health experts are some of the most ignorant people pertaining to diet and lifestyle. Doctors for example; those people are actually butchers and drug dealers. Yes, that is correct; and the truth is, majority of the time people are not killed by their diseases. No! They are killed by the various drugs and/or procedures administered by the doctors. Yet the patient willingly agrees to undergo the procedures; therefore, not much can be done to the doctors.

Chemotherapy is dangerous, radiation therapy is dangerous, and all surgery that involves cutting the body (especially the cancerous body) open is dangerous.

With that knowing, first of all, one should never take drugs. No part of your physical body is made up of drugs. So why take those? Headaches are not the result of an aspirin deficiency; neither is a headache the result of an Advil deficiency. So why take that people? Drugs are poisonous! Why put dead, unintelligent poisons into the physical body which is intelligent? When you put unintelligent substances into that which is intelligent then you are bound to experience imbalance, which is exactly why people do crazy things. I mean, the entire diet, not just drugs, but the entire diet of most people consists of dead, unintelligent substances they call “food”. Yet I know that the only true food comes from nature. Whatever the human body needs, nature provides! However, we’ve become addicted to the drugs which all of them clearly states that there will be adverse side effects as a result of taking the drug. You may be taking a drug to fix 1 problem, yet that drug has 13 other side effects. So then when you take the drug, you develop 13 additional diseases in addition to your original disease which cannot and will not be fixed by taking the drug. As a result, you have to go get more drugs which in turn bring in more disease which results in even more drugs! Oh yes! This is how it goes people! …and this is how the doctors make their money. The health (death) industry is making tons of money off of people’s ignorance. Therefore, you cannot go to the doctor and expect to be healed. The last thing they want to do is cure you, because once you are cured then you won’t have to come back for your frequent medications, drugs, and other harmful services. You cannot give that which is poisonous for a healthy man to a sick man, then expect for the sick man to become cured. It doesn’t work like that!

Now to the matter at hand, diet. I personally don’t have or engage into any type of diet. You see, within the word diet is the word die. Therefore, what I do engage in is called “right eating”, “eating to live”, or “conscious eating”; and that is predicated upon eating LIVE foods. Live foods are vegetation, the food provided by nature. These foods contain within them intelligence, enzymes, light, elemental energy, chi, nutrition, and everything else that my body needs to be and stay free from disease. So, dear meat eaters, you are killing yourself by eating meat. Yes, it’s dead food. Yet you eat it under the guise of getting protein. Little do you know, you are not getting any protein from meat.

Ask yourself? Do you even know what protein is?

Those of us who truly believe they are carnivores are not true carnivores. A true carnivore, such as a tiger or lion kills its prey its own self, and then eats the entire prey! That includes the fur, the skin, the bones, the head, the nose, the cartilage, and all that! A true carnivore kills its prey, and eats the WHOLE thing RAW. Also, unlike humans, the lion do not eat meat just to be eating it. The lion will eat meat probably only once or twice a week just to satisfy its hunger. However, you’re not a true carnivore. You don’t go into the wild and kill the animal yourself, you don’t eat the animal raw, and you don’t eat the whole animal. You take parts of the animal and that’s what you eat. However, I bet you won’t eat it raw with no seasonings. You see, it’s not the meat that you love so much. It’s the seasonings! You have to cook your meat! Therefore, just like vegetables, any nutrients that they may have had in the meat is dead and gone when you eat it because you cooked it! Your meat is acidic. It is dangerous; and you’re not getting any benefit from eating it. You’re only killing yourself and nature, which contains all of your needs if you would simply turn to it, study it, and reconnect to it. NATURE. Do you know that your blood is red until it hits oxygen? When blood hits oxygen, or air through a cut or other opening within your body it turns brown. IT’S ROTTING. That is what flesh, both animal flesh and human flesh alike does when it is dead. It rots, and it stinks. Oh but when you go to the super casket (market) to get your meat the blood appears to be red, fresh, and near odorless. This is due to the various treatments and chemicals, drugs, and other poisonous substances given to the meat; and then you eat it. With all of this having been said, I guide that in order to prevent disease, change your diets people! …because rather you are conscious of it or not, you are experiencing subtle diseases every day. Think about it.

Again, you do NOT get protein or any other nutrients from meat. Unlike plant based protein, protein from meat causes protein malutilization which is key in the development of cancer. Those of you who work out may feel some sort of boost when you eat the stuff; however, that is only because as soon as you eat it your body starts to operate hard and fast in order to get rid of the poison you just consumed. You just wait. The crash, tiredness, or feelings of weakness comes a bit later, sometimes immediately after you eat.

Now I shall elaborate on the fact that the way I see it, everything that comes from an animal is meat. That includes the meat itself (flesh), all dairy such as milk (liquid meat, cow snot), cheese (male cow intestine, bacteria, cow snot), ice cream (snot cream), etc. Also beware of animal bi-products such as gelatin and others. Animal bi-products can be found in various junk foods, lotions, shampoos, deodorants, etc. Artificial and manmade sugar is also meat because they process it through pig blood.

All food that is provided by nature contains protein. Every fruit and every vegetable contains protein. However, in order to get the full spectrum of protein, one must consume a variety of fruits and vegetables. Seaweed and other sea vegetables in general are rich in protein. Therefore, look to the sea vegetables for your protein. Make sure that the fruits and vegetables that you eat are organic, and not genetically modified; for when you consume genetically modified organisms, your DNA is then being genetically modified, and anything genetically modified, is poison. For optimum health, you must take on a vegan diet.

As far as the vegan diet is concerned, there is skillful veganism, and unskillful veganism. Veganism is simply the act of staying away from and restraining from all that comes from animals. Meaning that you don’t eat anything that comes from an animal, nor do you wear anything that comes from an animal. Therefore, a vegan can still be prone to disease due to ignorance. Nobody is off the hook.

Many vegans consume too much processed, packaged, and boxed up foods. However, those foods are near dead and are acidic. They are not alkaline. Too much consumption of acidic, dead foods will cause build ups of mucus and inflammation in the body, which will result in some sort of disease ending in -itis, which will lead to other diseases.

So, in order to prevent disease, the most beneficial step is to find natural alternatives to drugs, and to change your diet and in some respects, even your lifestyle no matter how traditional it is, or how attached to the tradition or deathstyle you are. Be a leader and not a follower.

For those of you with disease already; well, considering the length of this article, I will do a part 2 of this article and I shall have it publish within a few days. In the meantime, I suggest that you RIGHT NOW began to fast. Drink plenty of good water, eat organic, and eat alkaline. MAKE YOUR BODY ALKALINE and consider oxygen therapy. However, too much alkalinity is not good. Some acid is actually beneficial to the body. For example, your stomach needs acid to further digest your food. So, be sure to go vegan, and at least 80% of what you eat should be live, and alkaline in nature. Failure to implement this knowledge can result in your death or transition from this plane. Believing that your cancer will go away will not work, simply because belief that is not predicated upon knowledge is foolish, and belief without action is again, foolish. Please, you have to do the work.

On behalf of my name is Seven Raymond and as always I will be posting my articles and making YouTube videos for you while offering my readings, consultations, and classes which if taken advantage of by you, are the remedies to all of the above issues and more. For those wishing to become more health conscious, or need any assistance with diet and spirituality, feel free to visit my website and schedule with me a Spiritual Consultation or Life Coach Session.