For the Money?!! Free services?

Greeting of Love and Joy everybody my name is Seven Raymond writing to you on behalf of I’m writing this article for the spiritual prenuers, or anyone else aspirating to become supported by their spiritual gifts; yet are questioning rather or not they should be charging for their spiritual services.

I, Seven, a scam artist and doing what I do just for money?

First and foremost, when choosing this path; or shall I say, when choosing to live your higher life purpose whatever it may be, you will encounter opposition. You will encounter obstacles because you see, this is the matrix. We live in the matrix and the matrix needs ignorance in order to exist. If the matrix has people like us curing ignorance, then we will get attacked by ignorance which is the true evil. There is no good or bad; however, ignorance is evil. Evil is ignorance. They are one in the same. When attempting to spread consciousness to the people, you will face obstacles; and I say obstacles for lack of better terminology. These obstacles should be perceived by you as stepping stones! Windows of opportunity!

It just doesn’t make any sense to me that my spiritual services and gifts should be given to everyone for free. No, because you see, I believe I made it perfectly clear that I’m making a living, or shall I say, being supported by my spiritual gifts and higher life purpose. There has always been an exchange of energy in some format. Those who feel that I charging money for my services is just horrible and hypocritical of me usually feel the way they do because they are “scrapped for cash”, or broke, which is a predicament that they created and probably will continue to create for themselves. Oh, but they can change that of course. Until then, they shall save their pennies for beneficial, life changing things such as what I offer!

Anyways, since it is hypocritical of me to charge money for my services, allow me to point out how hypocritical you are, should you believe such a thing. You pay for everything. Nothing is free! You pay for shelter, food, clothes, water, transportation, health, doctors’ visits, haircuts, junk food and other poisons such as meat. You have to pay to go to certain parks. You have to pay for the internet you’re using to read my FREE articles and watch my FREE YouTube videos! You pay for every single thing under the sun including air. You even have to pay to go to church! …they call it offerings. Speaking of offerings, in order to receive help from your spirit guides and ancestors, you have to make them offerings often!

Like I said, you pay for everything under the sun. Yet I can’t request an offering for my services? I’m supposed to give all of my energy to you for free as if I’m not busy? …or as if I have no life? How inconsiderate of you! I have many people to assist, and the people I’m assisting are more than happy to do what they have to do for my services because they appreciate them. My services work. They turn sap suckers like you into big ballers and you ought to be ashamed of yourselves should you try to make people like me feel guilty. You are the guilty ones. Do you even know that if you’re working a matrix job (corporate America) then you work for free for the first half of the year? Do your research. You are being played. Yet you won’t give energy or an offering to one who can guide you to freedom, huh? That’s a shame. You don’t tell the psychologist what tell people like me. You don’t tell that to the counselor. Oh, but I’m the one who is supposed to just drop everything and help you out for free. You’re the special one. Oh, okay! You better lose that victim consciousness of yours. Now I bet you’re about to go and pay for everything else with no problems. EVEN THAT WHICH IS BAD FOR YOU. Hypocrite! While you’re doing that, and in the midst of me being on high demand, I will continue to offer even still, a whole lot of FREE articles and FREE life changing thought stimulating information via YouTube videos to help you FOR FREE amongst all of the other things that I do locally, FOR FREE. However, my services which take time and energy…MY TIME AND ENERGY, require offerings. I need those offerings for the purpose of propelling and expanding my higher life purpose so that I can assist those who really want to be helped in a much expanded way. Now is the time to create and implement within this world businesses and systems that work for the people! This can only be done by us; however, dear spiritual prenuer, lightworker, or what have you…WE ARE THE ONES WHO HAVE TO DO THIS. Be BOLD and do what you have to do.

Anyways, back to educating the ignorant: I have a world to reach! I can’t be stuck with you! …and you’ll never reach self-mastery being stuck on stupid. If you were smart you would understand that it’s not about the money. Ain’t nobody trying to scam you! …or at least I’m not. If you are unsatisfied with a reading or consultation that I gave you (which has never happened by the way) then I’ll transfer your money back quick fast and in a hurry. Here ya go! I don’t have time for that.

So again, I don’t have the time or the energy to be giving everybody free services. Not anymore! I’m expanding here! Stop being the victim. We (I) live in the western world. There has to be an exchange! Yall know that.

If you don’t have the funds, then create the funds. You have a mind? Use it! …for it’s just as powerful as mine. Being broke is what happens when you let yourself be distracted from your higher life purpose. Now, you may take advantage of my services as a medium through which you can discover your higher life purpose, and don’t get me wrong it’s about a lot more than that. I do much more. However, if you are broke, then there is clearly an imbalance. Take responsibility for yourself instead of being a vampire, allowing other things to be responsible for you. Save your pennies! …happy face.

Unlike many of you, dear vampires of which I will soon write an article about, I don’t chase money. Money chases me because I’m doing what I am supposed to be doing. Yes, my higher life purpose of serving the people and implementing new, conscious structures into your society, is attracting money to itself. It’s not about me! Think I’m playin’? Let me tell you my goals (what I will do over the next several years):

1) Significantly impact the health industry. I’m going to become a Master Herbalist and Spiritual Healer (already that). I’m going to own my Herb business and open up a health center/store which will be located in my healing center next to #2 below. My remedies will be available worldwide.

2) I’m going to significantly impact the fool (school) system. I will open up an alternative school for children. It will be a combination of conscious, spiritual and necessary mundane teaching. This will become the new schooling in my reality. However as of now, I am in the midst of designing my son’s 5th grade curriculum. It is such a beautiful process, and such a beautiful thing to be able to teach my child. Although we don’t start that until August, he is so excited. More learning and adventure time for us while we work on various projects. Anyways…

3) I’m going to significantly impact the music industry. Expect artist to start breaking free and doing their own thing. This is to happen in the near future.

4) I’ll be doing lots of travel and public speaking. Some of my events will be free. Some will not. Deal with it.

5) In addition to my health/healing center, I’ll be getting deep into astrology. Still unsure of what I’m going to do with that though. All I know is that my Natal Chart can back all this up for those of you who are astrologically astute. I’m just handling my business as a star genius seed.

So you see people, I don’t have the time or energy to be giving you all my time and energy, my services for free. No sirs and no madams! And again, this is me speaking generally. Many of you all did nothing “wrong”, but they know who I’m talking to.

If you do not wear my shoes, you were warned. DO NOT SEND ME CRAZY EMAILS. Or else you will get blasted. Don’t be fooled by my soft, gentle videos…’cause I’m not just that. That’s me 75% of the time. However, Seven Raymond is well balanced. He deals with Ma’at. Scales. Don’t upset the scales.

For those of you who I turned off; well, you have a nice day. Go see the normal mundane counselors and advisers. Go to your doctors (butchers). How’s that working for you? Are you cured? Are you Happy? Are you living your higher life purpose? If you hate me then it is only because you hate yourself. I Love You, so Love yourself.

Last but not least, I am doing what I do because this is my higher life purpose, and nothing else brings me greater Joy. I am honored to do what I do.

On behalf of my name is Seven Raymond and as always I will be posting my articles and making YouTube videos for you while offering my readings, consultations, and classes which if taken advantage of by you, are the remedies to all of the above issues and more. Peace, Love, and Joy

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