Old Ways vs. New Ways – Saving Yourself

Greetings everybody my name is Seven Raymond writing to you on behalf on SunRaymond.com. I haven’t been putting out as many articles as I intend to because I’m currently busy with things I might mention another day. Now to the matter at hand…

We are shifting into a new paradigm. Of course you all know that, or at least you should know that we indeed are. Yet many of us are stuck on old, old, and old. Newly awakening individuals especially tend to research and study the old, which is fine; however, they develop a strong desire to do things the old way in this new paradigm. Healing modalities and various rituals for example. Those newly getting into the occult or even those who have been into the occult for some time are losing their touch. Those following the old ways are now discovering themselves and their magicks less potent or sometimes not working at all. That is because these individuals haven’t yet realized that the “rules” or “laws” on this planet has changed and are changing, constantly. Therefore, in order to be successful now in your magical or spiritual endeavors (which should now be balanced with your physical endeavors), you must shift yourself into the new. You must become an alchemist, transmuting the old into the ever shifting new.

You see, upon remembering who you are in the past rather it be this life or ancient past lives, you are not to be that same person today; and whatever skills you remember as a result of remembering your past selves, you must shift those skills and turn them into something new that suits the energies of today. For example dear beloveds, you cannot ride a horse down the street and travel with it everywhere you go. You cannot travel the interstate or the freeway, nor approach a red light on a horse. You probably can’t even do a drive by on a horse. No, you cannot. That magick is played out. It doesn’t work. Therefore, you would have to manifest yourself a car, truck, or other suitable vehicle. Another example of which many of you are unaware of because as I said, the rules on this planet have and are changing. You can no longer eat meat (animals) and expect optimal health and wellbeing. Living against the laws of nature now will bring you consequences. You physical body should be in alignment with nature and it should be alkaline; not totally alkaline, but alkaline. Stop consuming processed and genetically modified foods that you find at the super caskets (markets). Many of you will find that so long as you continue to violate the laws of nature, your magicks, old or new, will become ineffective. However, do what you will. I’m not against anybody’s lifestyle, or deathstyle.

Now is the time to embrace chaos. Chaos is very powerful in that it gives birth to order. Yet because chaos is always changing and adapting, so is order. One who embraces chaos instead of fearing it shall hold great power on multidimensional levels, and become a causer instead of one who experiences the effects of other causes within and outside of this reality. Such a person (one who experiences the effects of other causers) experiences such effects because she is rooted in the old. Such a person has not become self-deified. Such a person still looks outside of themselves for what they think they need. We are all GODS by our very essence; however, one who thinks and acts like a human, is human, and shall be manipulated by the effects of other GODS. In this time and day, GODS, besides the ones who have enslaved you, are reemerging upon this planet.

It is very important now more than ever for one to embrace the darkness. Yes, embrace the darkness people and then spark your light from within. The true light is within you, not outside of you. You come from the darkness, yet you run to the light. Go home from which you came and discover your true nature. Then let it become manifest upon this plane. You need not study the old ways and how things were done; however, ancient knowledge is very important, and is within you. Once you’ve come to the realization of your ancient knowledge and those aspects of yourself, become an alchemist. You must use your inner voice and intuition in order to create something new, for this is a new paradigm.

Keep in mind that this new paradigm has a totally different set of laws. Much of what you’ve become accustomed to will have to be detached from. You are warned. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. The splitting of realities is very real and is about to become very apparent to the conscious ones. Over the next several years 2013-2020, realities will be splitting. 2013 marks when the shift finally began to manifest externally. No ET’s will be coming to save you. You are the ET’s. You are the Light Beings. Save yourselves.

On behalf of SunRaymond.com my name is Seven Raymond and as always I will be posting my articles and making YouTube videos for you while offering my readings, consultations, and classes which if taken advantage of by you, will assist you on your path. Peace, Love, and Joy

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