Challenges, Freeing the Mind, Freeing the Soul

Dear World, My name is Seven Raymond writing on behalf of It’s been a while since I’ve posted an article, but I’ve been very busy. In this article I shall speak on the topic of challenges and freeing the mind.

As wise and spiritually evolved as I am, assisting others through life and doing my spiritual work, I too experience challenges. Yet in the midst of all of the strain and hardship, I remain ever so captivated by how the Sun rises every morning, shining through my room window, warming the air that glides across my face, reminding me of how Loved I am by my infinite creator, the Universe, ALL THAT IS, the highest version of myself. The rising of the Sun into the sky above me reminds me of how truly easy life is despite my outward illusion. You see, although I am SunRaymond, I don’t have to lift the hot, heavy Sun upon my back everyday and put it in the sky. It’s already done for me. That’s how easy life is; and therefore, I don’t make it harder than it has to be.

Before leaving my room, I spend time on the floor of my Soul, Loving myself from within myself and pushing that Love outward into the Universe, giving to it what it gives to me. As above so below, as within so without. Then I visit the hyperspace realms of my imagination where I create my own reality through the creative act of visualizing it, and Living within it within my mind, knowing that it is real, and that it shall fall into my 3rd Density reality, which is the realm of illusions that I am ever free to bend to my will while taking action, honoring my responsibilities, and keeping my spiritual contracts with others. Then I come back into the here and now with Joy, and Live as if there is no tomorrow for there is indeed only today. You see, on which day is it ever tomorrow? …and the past doesn’t dictate me on today. I don’t allow it to! For on which day is it ever yesterday? Therefore, I shall leave yesterday where it’s at and herald today! …that I will live it wisely and make it what I want it to be, and not allow a mere illusion to master me. Instead, I am the master of my illusions…and my illusions within the 3rd Density realm is my reality.

No mistake or so called setback shall keep me down. For the so called backward step can be likened to the traveler who stumbles as she climbs the mountain, and stumbling is apart of that climb. My so called mistakes and backward steps in life are likened to the sprinter who trips and falls, then gets back upon his feet and sprints off yet again with purpose in his stride. If you stumble, or should you fall, do not dwell upon that. Pick yourself up, believe in yourself, and fear not! Your guides and Angels of higher light are with each and every one of you; and they will never judge, leave, or forsake you should you take that backward step. The backward step shall serve as your propeller, pushing the forward steps even further…if you allow it to, which should be easy to one who is Loving and forgiving of themselves, and to one who has healed the wounds of their past.

To the miserable individual not doing the necessary inner spiritual work for themselves, the chains and shackles are there; upon your feet, upon your arms, upon your mind, and therefore upon your Soul. The arms and feet represent the physical. In order to free yourself from the physical, you must free your mind; and then use your mind to free your Soul.

You see, this matrix, this physical reality, is a prison for the mind. Once it/they have your mind, then they have your Soul. Therefore, one must master the mind through discipline, working on self…doing the work! Develop your will power. One must heal the wounds of the past placed upon them by the matrix, by this physical illusion, and the people bound into it; otherwise, the wounds will bleed continuously and the individual suffering will walk within a huge puddle of blood for the rest of their life until it bleeds so deep that they drown within it.

In order to free yourself, do not run from yourself. Do not run from the pain and misery. Your life will not change until you’ve done the inner work, and have healed yourself, believe me. Once healing has occurred and one has become free, Life will began to unfold like Magic.

On behalf of my name is Seven Raymond. I hope this information was enlightening and mind stimulating. For more enlightening information check out my other articles on the site. Also, since I am back online, or at least as much as I can be, Spiritual Consultations and 30 minute Readings (remote healing included if needed) from me are 50 percent off ($22.45) until April 7th. To schedule one, visit the site or email me at