and some wordpress instructions

Hi, All!

We’ll use this page to help out folks who may not be familiar with WordPress… everyone with a page tab is an author, so here well put tips for posting, in case, like Suntria, you feel like you’ve just come out of a cave… 😉


Start with a “less than” sign (used like a bracket, the shift+comma) then type img src=” (be sure to open the quote… that causes the system to see what is inside as literal and not as interpreted data) type the URL of the picture, like is my pic.jpg The picture MUST be on a server somewhere. If you have a wordpress account then you have 3 gig of space for uploading pictures…. Then type ” alt=”a description of the pic” width=”640″ /> Be sure to close the quotes around the URL (if that one all by itself is confusing up there) THe “alt” tag is needed by wordpress. If you omit it it will mess up your world. The “width” tag is needed to account for the variety of picture sizes and to keep it all on the page nicely…

So it would look like this, using different brackets (so the system won’t try to post a pic this time. Be sure to change the brackets to the less than – greater than symbols…

{img src=”” alt=”an example” width=”640″ /}

Hope that’s clear…. Espavo…


(for Editors)

To start you’ll go to the Dashboard, click PAGES, then ADD NEW, and type away!

For a personal page, I suggest giving the page your name, so others can find you easily…

For pages on topics, please look through the nested pages first – we may already have one for your topic, such as artwork, astrology, etc.

If you have difficulty creating a page, please post a note on the home page, and we’ll figure it out.


(for Editors)

Go to the Dashboard (you have to be logged in to the WordPress account through which you’re a member here), click POSTS, then CATEGORIES, then ADD NEW.

Please check to see how the categories are nested in some cases…

Konstantinos gave a great tip on how to create a page, which also adds a tab at the top menu:

After you have logged in, you will go to the upper part of your screen where there’s a black horizontal thing. Lead your arrow to the left of it, where it says ‘Spirit Train Chronicles’, then a little window will appear. Then lead your arrow on the ‘New’ term and then, on the ‘Page’ term. Once you get there, add your name to the title space, and then, press ‘publish’. Then go back and I suppose you’ll see the category with your name among the others (-_-).

TO INSERT AN IMAGE INTO A COMMENT:Easy Basic html code with pics

Hi all, for those who still don’t how to put a picture in comments, here is a handy tool:

Here below you can copy this base html code, but don’t forget the closing tags as shown above in the picture.

img src=”paste http” alt=”paste description” width=”640″/

Because I have some problem to show the closing tags, I put a picture how the html code should be correctly, the basis I put underneath it, is not complete.

So the portion were it says paste http: you just paste your link of your pictures there. Example:

you can either copy the link in the navigation bar or you can right click on the image and do copy image location

The easiest way I do it, if it is personal pictures, is to upload the pictures on Photobucket (or other picture storing program you use) and then copy the link from there.

The portion that says paste description, you can just write your description of your picture.

Width you also can adjust how big you want your picture to be, now it is on 640, but you can make it 350 and so…

I hope this is easy, just let me know if it is still to hard to understand 😀

TIP: I saved my basic html code on a notepad on my desktop 😀

How to insert a slideshow or gallery into the page

First step: When you are on your page you click on Upload/Insert add Media

Then you get following screen:

Then you click on Switch to the multi- file uploader, the one I underlined in red.

You get following pop-up screen:

You click on Select Files (or you can also drop the files there) I prefer Select because it is easier.

Then you got following screen:

You get to the File upload, where you select all the pictures you want to be in the Slideshow.
Note: once you put them in the Slideshow you can’t change it, so be sure you uploaded all the pictures you wanted to upload.

And then click OK

Then following window appear:

It will upload all your pictures that you selected.

Once all the pictures are downloaded you click Save All Changes

And get following screen: note this is only half of the whole screen, above you will see the pictures. So to see this you have to scroll down to the bottom.

There you have two options:

The first one is to Insert gallery, where you have also Gallery Settings how you wanted it to display.

Or the second one I highlighted , is Insert slideshow, and it will put all your pictures in a slideshow.

I hope this is helpful.

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    We request that you please remove the following Bashar content from your website within the next 48 hours.

    Infringing link:

    Copyrighted Work: Bashar channeled by Darryl Anka. Copyright 1984-2015. All
    From “2015-2016 The years of expansion and contraction” presented by Darryl Anka on December 7th, 2014.

    What we would like to suggest is that you paraphrase Bashar’s message instead of posting the transcript. This will allow you to share the information with those who need it, without sharing our copyrighted material.

    We appreciate your cooperation and support.

    Best wishes,

    Darryl Anka
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