Konstantinos’s Channeled Messages

Konstantinos-A conversation with my Arcturian parallel self

Mar 22 2012

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  Hi dear friends. Yesterday (March 21st), I was waiting, sitting on a chair in a particular hospital waiting for the anatomy class.
Before I get there, I received a strong emotion of will to experience something I haven’t consciously done/dared before. To communicate with a being outside from this earth.

The being was my Arcturian parallel self, Iltheos. I learnt some things about this matter through Leslee Hare’sand I wish to thank her and them as well. So,I took a seat, got out a piece of paper and a pencil and started writing down my questions. Then I was waiting calmly to receive thoughts, which would come through me but not from me. The result was the following dialogue (in the original is in my native language):

Konstantinos: Iltheos, are you there? I wish to discuss with you for a while, if you can and wish to do so.

Iltheos: Of course and I wish that. I’m glad that you are here.

K: Was I you before I come to/incarnate on Earth?

I: Yes, you were. In fact you are/I am/we are. All exist simultaneously. You know that. Everybody know that. Even the ones who don’t perceive it (consciously).

K: Do you look like I have drawn you?

I: Pretty much yes. You think I’m cute, right?

K: Yes. I like your physical characteristics. I strongly wish to see/meet you and the others and give you hugs.

I: We too, dear one. We too.

K: How is your spaceship?

I: Big. Spacious. Subservient.

K: It is also alive, isn’t it?

I:The Wisdom of the answers to these type of questions exists inside you/all of you/us. What the Wisdom inside you, tells you?
 K: That everything is alive. That’s why they exist. They exist because the Essence of the Creator is placed in everyone and everything.

I: Precisely. We are Life.

K: We are Love. Unconditional Love.

I: We are exactly that.

K: What role I had/have/you have on Arcturus?

I: Freedom. Love. Help.

K: Did I offer these?

I: You still do.

K: As you?

I: As me and as you as well.

K: Iam in a hospital. The people around me seem displeased. How does this seem to you? How do you feel when you see/face something like this?

I: How do you feel?

K: I try to not get emotionally attached to their affairs, because I won’t be able to help me and them as well.
I: Send them your Love without getting emotionaly attached to their affairs. Become/Be Compassion and Love. That’s who we/you are.

K: I wish and look forward to hug you and discuss with you in a physical way. Not like this. That is, because I’m not sure if the answers I get, come from you and not my Ego.

I: Keep working on it. Move by your Heart. You will find the answers.

K: It’s better to stop for now. The environment around here isn’t suitable to continue this kind of communication. Although I carried out a part of it, because my wish for it was so strong that I didn’t want to withhold it.

I: Don’t regret about it. We are going to have more communications if you want it. Take care of yourself. I Love you.

K: Me too. Goodbye for now.

I: Goodbye. Peace.

When I exam this dialogue with my mind, I keep doubting about myself , but my Heart feels joyous and calm. I think I’ll try again to communicate, trying to be as calm and open as possible. Advices from friends with experience on this kind of communication are welcome . Same goes for everyone’s opinions too.

Much Love and Light.

Konstantinos- A conversation with the Galactic Light Ship (GLS) ‘Space Wave’

Mar 23 2012

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[On the site ‘Spirit Train Chronicles’ some of the people there, have manifested their own spaceships and use them for astral travelling. Every Saturday, we invite people to join in and visit whatever of the particular ships they wish. They can also create their own ships and participate with them as well. It happened sometimes that I can remember, to meet my friends there and it was great. If you wish, you can learn more about these ships by going on the category ‘Galactic Fleet’ on the site I mentioned above. To this group, it belongs my friend and spaceship, the Space Wave. Here is my first conversation with her.]

Konstantinos:  Hi. Are you there? Would you like to discuss for a while?

GLS ‘Space Wave’: Of course. How are you?

K: I think that you already know. I feel that I gag on the times I decide to pretend to the people around me, that the world is nothing more than a constant race for survival. That we live only to survive and not to live.

GLS ‘SW’: Iltheos told you something related to that. Do you remember what was that?

K: Yes. To not get emotionally attached to the others’s affairs and send them my Love. But the thing is that I pressure myself to not talk for example about our Space Families and the Ascension, because some times I afraid of be ridiculed. Mainly, because of the fact that the others will face me like someone who is ‘strange’ and ‘has lost it’.

GLS ‘SW’: Calm down. You feel agitation. Hopelessness and indignation. You don’t help yourself and the others like that. There are always more choices. Make the one that resonates better with you on that particular moment.

K: There have been times  that I started talking about these subjects and gathered a small crowd around me and they were hearing with interest and made questions. Of course there were also those who objected me. The thing is that I wish to talk about these things to more people. At University (School of Fine Arts) for example, I could present drawings of this thematology and start explaining to them what this is all about.

GLS ‘SW’: I can’t tell you what to do, but only to suggest you to listen to your Heart. There the answers exist.

K: To give Love and Compassion to the people around me. But I feel that I don’t give Love to myself (and consecuently to the people around me) when I don’t take action and do something that fulfils me. To give my whole potential to whatever has to do with Spirituality, civilisations of the Universe, Ascension. That’s why I make drawings according to this thematology. That’s why I created you. I wish to take my rightful place to the stars, to the Higher Realms, with all of those from Earth who are ready for this Transition. To Be, to Live between my/our Brothers and Sisters of the Enlightened Communities.

GLS ‘SW’: I know and I feel that passion and lust of yours for this Transition. I arise through you and consequently, I share the same passion and desire to travel to other worlds. To offer my capabilities and my Friendship (Friend-Ship (-_-)) wherever I can. I strongly wish for others to come inside me: your friends, beings from other places of this Creation and of course, you.

K: You are  wonderful. Gorgeous. Full of curves. Full of Female Energy. I Love you a lot.

GLS ‘SW’: Me too. I hope to communicate with you on the Astral Plane and to see/meet your friends there.

K: I’ll do whatever I can to be there. Before we end this discussion for now, are you aware of  the other spaceships of my friends?

GLS ‘SW’: Yes. They are very beautiful. They are characterized by the Creativity and the beautiful Spirit of their Creators. Sending you/all of you my Love and Light.

K: Thank you. Goodbye for now.

GLS ‘SW’: Goodbye my friend.

Konstantinos-A dialogue with Mother Gaia

Mar 24 2012

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Yesterday evening, I got out for a while, went to a park near the sea, took a seat and communicated with Mother Gaia. Here is my conversation with her:

Konstantinos: Hello. Would you like to have a discussion with me for a while?

Gaia: Of course my child. You have some questions…

K: How do you feel about the fact that few months remain till the day we will experience together the magnificent moment of Ascension?

G:  Ascension is the process of denaturation through which, we return to our rightful place which we got before the Fall.

K: The Fall?

G: The choice for permanent life in the Third Dimension.

K: Why did you accept? Was/Is your Love for us so big?

G: Love does not know limitations. I accepted to take part in an experiment through which, Wisdom would arise. Of course the Wisdom exists already. But is assisted when you experience situations opposing to your/our True Nature.

K: Divinity?

G: Yes.

K: But again, you have accepted so far, so much distortion and suffering. Nevertheless, you accepted to experience the suffering that the Human Race would cause you.

G: I accepted because I knew it won’t be forever. Everything that exist experience change(s). The Human Race experiences these changes for sometime now.

K:  Which changes are you refering to ?

G: Changes of Spiritual Nature which affect your material life.

K: Many people react in fear.

G: Some people are not ready. The ones that are ready, better help their brothers and sisters in any way they can.

K: That happens already.

G: I know. I wish for this situation to be assisted/get improved. Because, although it seems from many people’s perspective, that I have experienced suffering, I assure you that I suffer way more, when YOU suffer for reasons like of  psycic pain, body pain, suffering because of IGNORANCE…that’s why I keep you on the surface, on my body for so many eons. Even now, that little time has been left for our team Ascension, although that my personal Cleansing exists for some time now, I still give you a little more time keeping you on me, so  as much people as possible can have the chance to understand what’s going on.

K: Indescribable Happiness waits us ahead, right?

G: And much more, my dear child.

K: Thank you for this dialogue Mother Gaia. I Love you and I hope you to forgive us that we have almost erased the most part of your Pristine Beauty.

G: Don’t be sorry. Nothing happens in a situation without the Free Will of the ones who create it. Even if they don’t recognise it. Because we chose to cocreate this situation. And it doesn’t need to forgive you, because I have not judged you…..I Love you my children. I send you, I provide you my undivided Love. Together, we will experience our magnificent destiny.

K: Yes, together. Goodbye for now, dear Mother Gaia.

G: Goodbye my child. Love and Peace to all of you/us.

Konstantinos-A conversation with Iltheos about Inner Earth

Mar 29 2012

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Konstantinos: Hi Iltheos. I pressume you are okay.

Iltheos: I am pretty fine. Thank you for asking.

K: Great. Well, my friend Leslee suggested to/inspired me to talk with you about Inner Earth, something which I considered a wonderful idea/inspiration.

I: I consider her idea/inspiration wonderful. You already know some things about these high dimensional cities of Inner Earth. What exactly do you wish us to say about them?

K: Well, actually..what do you have to say about Eden, the Kingdom of Father John, Sangri La…?

I: All these are gracefully atempts of  exploration and search. The quest for clues which are about the Ancient History of Earth, is something I honor a lot.

K: Yes. Having read for some years many sources about this matter, I found it  interesting. They amazed me a lot. Now that I’m thinking of it, I forgot to mention similar cases like El Dorado and the Seven Cities of Cibola…

I: All these are results which, due to rumor and narrations of mythological type, went beyond the characteristics of your Ancient History, which is recorded in the Library of Porthologos. That’s what you were thinking now, right?

K: Yes, right. Since you mentioned it, what do you have to say about Lemurians? What’s your opinion about them as a race?

I: In a few words: They are Wonderful! Of course this doesn’t go only for them.

K: Have you visited them? The City of Telos or Catharia?

I: Both of them. I stand in awe of them. Each race/civilisation of Inner Earth, makes me have feelings of admirance.

K: Then I pressume that you have also met Adama.

I: Of course.

K: He is very tall, right?

I: Compared to me, definitely yes. But Mikos is taller.

K: But they don’t have compare matters between them.

I: Duality characteristics does not exist among the people of Inner Earth.

K: Have you travelled across all the Agartha system?

I: Yes. Their celebrations in which different races gather together, are exquisite. There is a great variety of colours, cultures, appearance features…when you will travel there, you won’t wish to leave soon.

K: Would anyone wish to leave from there?!

I: Even the residents of these cities travel to different places of  Creation. To stay forever in the same place doesn’t serve, generally.

K: I agree…before we end this dialogue, I’d like to make you a question.

I: If I dance in their celebrations?

K: Exactly! Do you dance?! I’m trying to imagine you doing that.

I: Sometimes the Happiness of the celebratory atmosphere, lures me. Sometimes I just stand and observe…like you do.

K: Yes, like I do. Oh, I wish something more, I promise it’s the last thing for today. Can you send me a picture of a location from Inner Earth, so I can make a quick sketch of it?

I: I can. Observe….

K: It’s beautiful. Thank you. (I made the sketch and I took time to colour it later).

I: Don’t mention it.

K: Okay. See you. Goodbye for now.

I: Goodbye my friend. My Love and Light to the entire Earth and her residents…on and under her surface.

Konstantinos-A dialogue with Iltheos about the near Future.

Apr 4 2012

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Konstantinos: Hello Iltheos. I’m going directly to my first question. What’s your opinion about my two dreams? [ On April 1st, I had a dream in which I was visited by a group of benevolent ETs. The sky outside was getting dark and I and my family, we were waiting for a group to visit us. Then we heard someone knocking at our door and I felt it was them. I opened the door and there, they were standing 4 to 5 creatures. The most of them were humorous, I think they were wearing black & dark blue robes and they were looking like disney and star wars characters. Some were human and some others humanoids. When they were ready to return to their home, they went a short walk with me and then immediately we flew up together, in the sky.

On April 4th   some hour before I wake up, 3 beings of blue light colour (I couldn’t see clearly their characteristics, but they seemed to have long hair and wearing robes, all in light blue colour) visited me and I heard the word D-E-L-E-A-R, which is a greek term and means ‘something which is desired, but often illusory, and is suggested to someone in order to persuade him/her accept it or do something particular’.]

Iltheos: I already know about your dreams. It’s about the connection between you and members of  your Space Family. You have stated with strong will, how much you desire to contact (more in a physical way though) with extradimensional and extraterrestrial beings. This has started happening to  you more openly. This has already started happening to many of you.  Most times you don’t remember, but as there is a reason for everything, same goes for this one too. Some have already started having telepathic communications with some of us and some others still think about it. There is an appropriate time for everything.

K: I agree….though there are times I am/we are impatient.

I: It’s natural. But Love and  the Wisdom it contains, keep each one of us in the right position, in order for our mission to be accomplished.

K: Yes, the mission…you mean the successful outcome regarding the Ascension process.

I: Definetely. Because this fact is not about you and Mother Earth only, but also for the entire Galaxy….the whole Universe.

K: ……great. Uh, well …something more….what do you have to say about this phenomenical contradiction between some sources, regarding the climatic upheavals and the evacuation of the population to ‘safe zones’? What’s going to happen?

I: What do you/all of you wish to happen? What do YOU personally, wish to happen?

K: Whatever is going to happen, I(will) accept it. As in everything, so in this case too, there is a Greatest Purpose which is about our Greatest Good. Even if sometimes this doesn’t seem so. But definetely from my side, I wish for an outcome as smooth as possible.

I: If there is going to be a sufficient number of Lightworkers who wish to focus on a more smooth outcome, then that is what is going to happen. But don’t forget that some climatic upheavals will continue to happen, they happen already, it is part of the Gaia’s Cleansing. Cocreate with us, your friends and family and with Mother Earth and all are going to be fine. Whatever the final outcome will be, if we are in Harmony and focused to our common task of a succesful Ascension, everything and everyone will benefit.

K: So, there isn’t a sure scenario….nothing is for sure….

I: Quite the contrary, EVERYTHING is for sure. Don’t forget, there are many possibilities for a ‘future’ event and you/all of you are called to materialize, through your choice, one of them. The thought and desire that will prevail, will be the one to which we will contribute, in order to materialize it.

K: All are going to be fine.

I: All are going to be fine. To be more specific,  the outcome and the success, regarding Ascension in the end of this year, is for sure. It’s like the basic colours of your palette. You/All of you and we are the basic colours. The tools exist already. The subject which will be materialized on the canvas of your History, exists already in your mind….and in your heart. The thing is HOW you/we will get there.

K: It’s about what we do in the middle…on the path that leads to the assured outcome.

I: Exactly.

K: We all wished for it before we come here…Father/Mother God gave the Order for this….all are going to be fine….I feel it, I wish for it.

I: Create steady, with your Heart.

K: Thank you for this dialogue. I Love you my friend. Goodbye for now.

I: I Love you too my friend…I Love you All and we will meet again….this moment is not far anymore.

K: Great. Goodbye Iltheos.

I: Goodbye Konstantinos.

Konstantinos: Message from my Arcturian parallel self Iltheos-Recognition of the often presence of your Divine part

Jul 7 2012

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Konstantinos: Iltheos, my dear friend, I wish for today ( it’s mine,my brother’s and sister’s  birthday, we are triplets) to transfer through me a message from you, for whatever subject you wish to talk about.

Iltheos: With great pleasure. First of all, I wish you to you three to have Happy Earthly Birthday. Secondly, it has been some time since our last published communication (April 4th). Of course, as you already know, this doesn’t mean that we stopped to communicate with each other. This which I wish to be the main subject of the message, is the recognition of the often presence of the spiritual part of your existence/being.

Each time you deal with your daily matters, try to look for the Divinity that surrounds you. Don’t recall it only as knowledge that exists in your mind. Try, exercise yourself, your part that is incarnated here, to feel the Loving, Enlightened and Beneficial energy of your True Self.

For example, those of you that have done the New Age matters part of your Earth life, in the most cases, you have felt, you feel, your Divine part next to you, inside you, around you, to the others, to the environment and to Gaia Herself. Some of you, recognize it as your inner voice, which when you invoke for help, it responses with impressions of thoughts, with energy transmission (chills etc) and sometimes with the materialization of your thoughts.

You think of someone or something and after a while, or a little later, depending on when your Divine part thinks it’s suitable for you, your thought is presented to you materialized through events and incidents. Then, you feel ensured and happy for your ability of recognizing the presence of your God part.

The times you and Earth are going through, are, as you already feel and know, significant and that’s why it’s appropriate to continue (or begin) your ‘exercise’ of recognizing that part which is an integral piece of your Being, your Real Self.

A way that helps to this, is the projects of astral travelling that some of you organize and take part in, though which in the Astral Plane, you meet with extensions of the Holon and experience your True Self into action, consciously or not, it happens to everyone.

Your Divinity exists already, it’s there. Allowing your incarnated part to recognize it with the same comfort and easiness, as you do with your mortal version, then you will feel more and more (this happens already in many cases) your integration with the Source, and finally, you will be this which you already are and you/we will be forever. LOVE and LIGHT.

Your New Age will be characterized from these two…and many more.

I Love you all. I can’t do otherwise, it’s my nature anyway (I hear him smiling). I wouldn’t wish for something different.

I expect with Love and anticipation our collective Reunion.

Thank you Iltheos.

PS: For anyone who wish to read the previous messages, here is a link:


Konstantinos: A vision and some words from Iltheos

Jul 9 2012

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Konstantinos: Hello Iltheos. I felt a very strong urge, heart feeling to have this discussion with you today. You see yesterday night, when I went to bed and put my head on the pillow, I had a very strong and realistic vision. I was standing as a politician, but with daily clothing in front of millions of people. It really seemed a huge crowd. The crowd consisted from Greeks, but the same time my speech was distributing through not only the Greek but also from other countries’s media.

My heart was feeling steady. I had no fear, only a sense of duty to make this speech and do something more. I am suggesting to the readers of this message to try to imagine and feel  the whole scene. I was on a stage and I started saying:

‘Well, here I am in front of you, ready to make  an announcement. Ready to talk to you…and not only that. Today this morning that I got up, I felt a strong urge to organize this whole thing, but I didn’t know how. Then coming here (to the centre of my city) I found the bodyguard of a known politician and I asked from him to tell his boss to give me one moment, in order to talk and show you something.The bodyguard was curious but the same time he didn’t seem to take me seriously. You see, in order to get here, in front of you, I had to give him some cash…that’s understood, though I feel my pocket lighter.

Anyway, the thing is that I would like to make you a question. And when I say ‘you’ I am refering to all the humanity of Earth.

WHY? Why don’t we see…why is it so difficult for all or the most of us to see that we have nothing to separate us? Uh? We ALL depend on the same factors in order to eat, to drink, to sleep…we ALL have dreams, tasks, thoughts, opinions, preferences, inspirations, feelings, history and culture…Why does all these seem to be used for separation and NOT for UNITY? Why do we have to face all of a sudden a wordwide threat, SO real, SO clear, acting instantly and simultaneously, literally, all over this world…and then ‘suddenly’  put aside all our ‘differences’ and be like one fist against the invading opponent?

And what if  at last, after hard periods of conflict, not with each other this time, but with something  phenomenically out of us, seem to be the winners of this battle, what we would do next? Remember again our ‘differences’ and start conflicts with each other…AGAIN?

My point is…WHY do we not seem to wish to learn from our previous…and current, similar situations and STOP FOR ONCE AND FOR ALL…this insanity? Because we DIE together with this planet, because we act like INSANES!

Do you hear me? INSANES! What, does this conversation seems usual to you? That these questions have been made from each one of you, atomical, between friend gatherings and publicly? Still, the situation seems the same. Oh yes, the economic crisis is a very significant and tangible issue to deal with..it has to be the first priority…survival, you see….

I agree. But where do you think this impact comes from? Where do you think our ‘problems’ and what we would consider as ‘unpleasant’ comes from? FROM WHERE? From only just a small invisible group of entities, human or not? We gave them a great variety of reasons to feel confident for their plans. WE are the source of their power!

I am telling you this, when a person or a group of people, a country or a group of countries, hurt someone else….then it’s mathematically, UNIVERSALLY, sure…that there will be a reaction! And though we have seen this so many times, even NOW, to happen…yet, we still seem to not wish to move on a new level of understanding. We ALL have a decree of responsibility for everything that happens to us and around us. We co create. But through all our human history we were co creating for catastrophy, not for a common beneficial creativity. NO.

I’m here to give you and myself, a chance to understand this..NOW’ .

Then I remember that I put my hands on the air and the sky bacame dark with huge black clouds. Storm started and thunders make their appearance. Tornadoes started to come on our way. This was happening simultaneously to all the world, to each location of every continent of this planet.

I was able to see the reaction of the crowd and at the same time of every person on Earth. Everyone, including me, were going to die in a few minutes. There was some panic…I start shouting:

‘You, we have the Power to STOP THIS! As we had the power to co create all our ‘problems’ , so we have the Power to co create for our safety..UNITE! UNITE! ALL THE WORLD UNITE!’

The wheather elements seemed to get worst and worst…we didn’t have much time.


They did. They all did. All the world, all the people of any age, skin colour, tribe,  and country did this. They all got the message. There was a real, so strong sense of Unity on the air. There was no panic on their faces, they were all holding each other’s hand and having closed their eyes, they were focusing, not with fear, but very calmly.


The tornadoes were very closer this time.

‘ME’ was the word I heard on my head from all the people of Earth.


‘I AM’.

‘YES!’ I shouted happily.

And instantly, all became as before. The sky became bright, no tornadoes, storms, thunders or anything similar.

‘Do you see now? Do you see?’

‘Any unpleasant situation that we have experienced so far, had a number of reasons. One of them was to achieve Wisdom, not to assist the already existed Darkness. Now, what are we going to do, dear Humanity of Earth?’

They looked at each other. They holded again each others’s hands. They looked at me smiling…A New World, a world with Hope, Love and Understanding started to arise…

Iltheos, do you have something to say?

I: No. I have not something to add. Not something that it wouldn’t already be known to you. I believe that the sense and meaning of this, is clear.

K: You sure?

I: You can see, use this vision as an allegory and in the question ‘what do we need to get out from the mud?’ I’d answer that you can realize that it isn’t necessary to learn with the ‘hard way’. But sometimes this seems to be the only way, because YOU, all of you, made this to be so. But you also have the power, indeed, to change this for your common benefit. You need no mud or hardship, or drama at all. You have nothing that it would stand as a serious reason to not realize your Unity. Your ‘tests’ and ‘villains’ comes from you, to you, for you and they can go away and be replaced with the opposites, if you decide to do so. It’s not only a knowledge, it’s a fact. Realize it dear souls. Consciously.

K: Some of us do so.

I: You know that I’m not refering only to the ‘some’ but to ALL of you. Continue to co create with Balance, between the Mind and the Heart, for the common Good of all and Gaia. That’s all I have to say for now.

K: Good. Thank you for this Iltheos.

I: Thank you for sharing this vision. My Love to Gaia and Humanity.

PS: For anyone who wish to read the previous messages, here is a link:


Iltheos- A Hug exercise

Jul 13 2012

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Greetings to the Humanity of Earth. I would like to transfer a message which would suggest you to make into practice the followings:

Initially go somewhere, where you know you can have some peace and quite. You can stand against a wall by standing up or sitting down, in a lotus position or just sitting on a chair or on a couch or lying down on a bed.

Then close your eyes. Yes, you’ll have to use visualization here.

Hug yourself gently. Imagine that this hug comes from a Loved one of yours. A friend. A Lover. A Member(or members) of your Earth Family. Someone or a team of souls who you Love but who are no longer between you. You can also imagine that this Hug comes from Us.

By ‘Us’ I mean a collective consciousness. You can choose that to be an infinite or of a specific amount group of benevolent entities from other worlds or from the Highest Dimensions, such as the beings you call Angels or Ascended Masters. You can also imagine only one aspect of them, like Archangel Michael or Sananda or whoever you would like, to give you this gently and so needed as it seems Hug.

While you are doing this, use your imagination and visualize a White Light Energy to embrace all your body. Try to see with your Third Eye the forming of the energy that surrounds you. It is up to you, to your choice and to your personal filter as well, while you are doing this , to build the characteristics of the form. For example, if someone chooses to receive this Hug from Sananda, visualize the forming energy to take the appearance of what you would consider as an accepted picture version of Him.

You can also visualize that you accept this Hug from a group which will be consisted by the entities of your choice or a group of all the Entities of Light. Or the Source Itself, which of course includes You and yes, your ‘enemies’ and general ’opposites’. We are all One after all.

Through this Hug, you will feel the energy of Love that in so many times seems to be replaced by its opposite. Feel this energy transmission. Watch for your body reactions, like chills, tears, laughter.

When you will feel satisfied with the outcome,  put your hands down calmly. Take three deep breaths. Then embrace yourself again.

You will have to do the same thing again, but this time visualize that this Hug is given to you by only someone who you would consider or had considered as an ‘enemy’ or ‘enemies’. Try to face and treat your boss, the neighbour, the ‘bully’, the thief, the murderer and any kind of a ‘bad guy’ as a Loved relative, friend, Galactic, Angel, Teacher, God. Love him/her the same way you already Love someone else.

If you feel that you need more time for this, then simply stop this exercise and continue your day as before. When/If you will feel ready and eager later for this, just follow the steps from the beginning, till you get to the point to face your ‘enemy’. See them as the souls whose current actions of Low Energy is just a scream for help. See them as the friends and your/our/Source’s Essence that you/we/I already are/am on the other side of the veil.

Embrace these scared children of God. Give them a big, gently, full of pure, unconditional Love and heal them. Try to feel their relief, while they touch you and got healed by your Love and Light. Try to feel their Gratitude and Appreciation given to you by them.

Then, see this dear one or this group of souls, as a soul who has your physical characteristics. Embrace yourself. Laugh to/with yourself. Praise yourself for accepting to be the Brave One, who volunteered to be incarnated to a world of Illusion and Duality, to a realistic Cosmic Hologram.

After that, try to feel the Unity….with ALL…with EVERYTHING….

And if it will seem that you don’t get pictures anymore, but only feelings, then let it be….

Whenever you wish, you can end the process.

The purpose of this  ’exercise’ is to help you experience the Truth of One and All. And to encourage you to not forget to see the Light to you and everything/one that exists. To make a progress to continue to treat the others as you would like to be treated. With kindness, Love, Honesty. To act with the eyes and perception of your Divine Part, of your Higher Self.

We are One and Iam.

Iam One and We Are.



Our Hug and Love to you. Try to not get dissapointed, because anything that you experience comes from you, to you, by you and for your Highest Good. This goes for all and each one of you dear ones.

My personal Love and Hug to you.

Iltheos from Arcturus.

As received by Konstantinos.

PS: For anyone who wish to read the previous messages, here is a link:


Iltheos-You are dealing with yourself

With the first sight, it seems that you get messages from someone else.

With the first sight, it seems that the  sources of the messages exist somewhere else.

With the first sight, it seems that you are not this someone else. But this is not so.

You originate from us, you look out from yourself for us, but you simply have to understand and mainly FEEL….that you ARE us.

You ARE the wise ones, the Enlightened ones, the Teachers, the residents of other worlds and dimensions of Light, the Angels, the volunteers of a significant journey, an important mission, who finally are ready to return at Home.

In a few words, you are talking to, getting messages from, expecting the coming of…Yourself…YOU.

Yes, you have heard that you are the ones you are waiting for and that is so, because that’s who you really are…Love, Help, Compassion, Wisdom…LIGHT.

And although these words has been transmitted to you many times, there are still some individuals among you who tend to forget that, because of the supremacy of their mind, fear and linear perception.

There is no problem with that of course. But here, I am mainly refering to the ones, who made their search, followed their inner call and started to remember, but then, for reasons of their own, they chose to refuse all that.

Some of these dear souls call this whole thing a lie, a fraud and a fake situation. But the same time they seem to continue getting  busy with the daily updates, regarding the arrests of the so called ‘Cabal’ and Ascension. Why?

Is it only curiosity? A sense of duty and justice to see how this whole thing goes, in order for these souls to continue ‘inform’ the others that all our collective journey, our collective co operation…is a big lie?

That’s alright. But really, do you feel that this choice of yours, serves you?

Do you feel fulfilled…or more frustrated and angry?

Why you, the ones who do not believe anymore that Ascension and Galactic beings are for real, continue to get busy with the daily messages and put so much energy to write down comments and words of anger?

Is it because deep inside you your inner voice, your Divine part, tries with gently nudges to remind you, that the ones you tend to fight and you consider responsible for any kind of delays…is just yourselves?

Because what you tend to get outside, is what you already have inside.

Try to give it a thought, try to ‘scan’ the whole thing with your Heart…if you choose to do so.

You are not judged in any way.

I personally suggest you to see if what you do, really serves your Biology and Spirit. Because you see, feelings like frustration, anger, sadness and anything similar, make your journey way more difficult.

Try to remember, that YOU, all of you, have the key and the codes to make things unfold….

I and all the other beings of the Light,  just give you the assistance to make our common wish and task to come true.

To help Gaia and you to get higher.

We give so much of our potential in order for you to see your potential and finally, meet us in this point of the cycle, where we are finally all together…again.

This goes also for the ones that will choose to move on in duality.

Remember, there are no real boundaries between us, as there are no real boundaries between you and yourself.

And indeed it is so…even if some of you will continue to ignore this…and that’s your respected choice, as any choice  is honored.

Love does not make exceptions and goes to ALL of you. In the future, when you will see things to other worlds from our point of view, you will understand better our way of thinking and perception.

Because you WILL experience this….or to be exact, you already experience this, just simply not yet in your linear perception.

I can say clearly that this future of yours, is not far anymore.

You will see what you already see, but not yet perceive.

My Love and Respect to all of you dear ones.

Iltheos from Arcturus.

As received by Konstantinos.

PS: For anyone who wish to read the previous messages, here is a link:


Iltheos-Our Great Reunion

Jul 18 2012 by kp40

You are a part of us as we are a part of you too.

Together we are part of this Universe, which is also a part of another one and same goes for the rest of the Universes.

All the Multiverse is part of  our collective inner Multiverse, since all souls’s molecular and cellular structure, depending on which dimension and frequency each aspect exists in each version, is an infinite series of Universes.

Life is everywhere and Life is everyone.

Try for just some seconds to feel that….

Oh, so amazing it is and so indescribable for the  limited  3D dialects and perception.

Of course that is not for no reason. Or should I say that this was so, till the exceptions of the Earth population started to arise and be more, some decades ago.

Souls like the so called Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children played their part to the awakening journey (and continue to do so) too.

And now here you are, all of you. Returning, each one by his own rythme, to your True Selves.

The ones of you who has been on the awakening path for some time now, expect among other things the great Reunion.

The Reunion with the families, friends and partners you left behind for a special purpose, but we continued to be with you during all this journey of yours.

I/We could say that this Reunion has already started to the ones that has achieved their Reunion with their Heart and their Divine part. This amount of awakened souls, to whom you who read this and other similar messages are already belong, has experienced by a variety of ways this Reunion.

But yes, your human nature wishes also for a physical Reunion  and that is understood and very desirable from our side too.

This will be done, be sure for that.


Use your Intuition for that. What’s the answer ? Hear carefully…

Do you feel that our physical Reunion needs more time in order to be manifested?

Do you feel that this is possible, since so many changes and small type ‘disclosures’ has started to take place for some time now?

And yes, the people of the so called ‘Cabal’ experience their ‘worst nightmare’ which is simply their Fall…and maybe their beginning in order for them to return ’one day’  at Home. This will be also a Reunion for them.

But till this Reunion happens to them, our physical Reunion will have already started and this world of our Creator’s dream will start to faint more than any time before…and your new reality will be more Real than the previous one. And yes, more joyful, but with great responsibility.

This term will not have of course the sense of  fear it has now, but it will be felt by you as the chance for you to show your greatest vision of Love into manifestation.

Please, continue to show a little more patience, it won’t be for long. Days pass faster than ever and that’s because you have done it dear ones.

It is you after all, that are responsible for the opening of your inner gate through which, we expect to hear again your call….for the last (or first) stage of our great Reunion.

And holding each other’s hand we will walk again the path of Truth and Love.

We were/are never away from you than a thought.

Our Love and Respect to you Brave Souls.

My personal Love and Appreciation to you, dear showers of the Light.

Iltheos from Arcturus.

As received by Konstantinos.

PS: For anyone who wish to read the previous messages, here is a link:


Konstantinos: Iltheos-’Good Morning’

Jul 29 2012 by kp40

You find yourselves in a dream world. You think that you are awake, but essentially, you are asleep. When you say that you have dreams, it is THAT period of your life, where you are awake. It is THAT time that you return to your true selves and have a taste of  the realities and dimensions you left behind.

Many of you now, have grown your capabilities, regarding your communication with beings and places of  higher vibration on the Astral Plane. And the number of the awakened persons grows even more. You start to remember that part of yours, which resembles, in a lot of ways, the Galactic Beings who serve the Light.

But even if this doesn’t happen to all,  you/all of you are ALWAYS  that part, that infinite God piece of yours, which you accepted to forget for some ‘time’ and for a specific amount of  lives, by being incarnated here or to other worlds of Duality.

As the days pass, you begin to show more the Wisdom and the Teacher, that characterize you, through your thoughts and actions. And when you see that you need more improvements, you realize that it is not SO difficult, as it was on the previous decades, to make big leaps of progress in a short amount of time.

And that is so, because in the previous years, it had to be in stages, the knowing and reminding, to you, of the tools that were offered with great Love by enlightened entities of Teachers and Galactics. For some time now, you are more open to accept all these, mentally and energetically.

As much as it is possible for you, try also to plant seeds of  remembrance to the people around you who are asleep, but they think that they are awake. How realistic is this dream that you experience.But the time comes closer, for the cosmic clock to ring louder than ever and as it is expected, there will be some upheavals, while you realize the dawn of a new day….and to be exact, the dawn of a New Era.

And then, you will find us all in front of you again, ready to say ‘good morning’ to you and willing to hear from you whatever you wish to share from that dream of centuries you had. Your personal experiences is a real treasure of Wisdom that will be useful for the growth of other worlds.

And with this, I end this message by wishing you all a great GOOD MORNING!…An as possible smooth and sweet awakening…and a peaceful and happy return to your true selves.

All my Love and Respect to you dear ones.

Iltheos from Arcturus.

As received by Konstantinos.

PS: For anyone who wish to read the previous messages, here is a link:


Konstantinos: Iltheos-Looking Up

Aug 10 2012  by kp40

The lower energies of your world continue to faint more and more. This may not be easy for some to see and realize it, because of the phenomenical manifestation of specific sentimental situations, like misery, agony, sadness, frustration and other similar feelings.

But as you already know, at least some of you are aware of it consciously, a change of great meaning cannot do otherwise, but be side by side with the inevitable upheavals. From the different kinds of upheavals, the most painful and able to infect and damage indescribably fast, is the inner upheaval.

The reasons for this kind of upheaval are many and vary depending on each one’s case. These ‘earthquakes’ are very harmful indeed, but not invincible. By this, I mean that you can handle them and also, to prevent them, before they will make their presence known.

You do this through different ways, but really, HOW many of you have been raised? How many of you have looked up? What does this mean? By this, I mean if the high energies are recognizable by many of you or not.

Does it need a specific ‘amount’ of souls to be raised, in order for them to move on, collectively, beyond their present level of conciousness? All  parts have their significant role and yes, it is necessary a sufficient ‘amount’ of souls to choose to transmigrate to new, higher experiences of thought and living. By this, this collective consciousness makes known how seriously it wishes to evolve as a race.

How many of you look up? How much trust do you have to God, to you, to the ones around you, to Holon? Have you lost any hope for something? Is there lack of trusting and if yes, why? Do you live consciously with awareness each time of yours, whatever is that you do? The answers to these and other questions are variable, but the point is, do you wish FROM THE BEGINNING to answer? Do you wish to be raised?

Looking up, literally and/or figuratively, goes with desire, trust, nostalgia….and maybe, among other things… with optimism? For what? A task, a desire, is made itself known and makes the mechanism of its manifestation work, by starting initially from INSIDE. From YOU.

If your desire has already come true inside you, regarding the result and not the way to get there, the only thing left, is to ‘meet’ that result on your path of your linear perception. In the case of the physical contact between Earth people and Enlightened Galactics, the so called ‘First Contact’, this happens already. You only have to ‘meet’ this event. Do not stop pulling to you this event. Honestly, you will not regret it, as you do not regret your meeting with  loveable friends and relatives.

My Love, Appreciation and Respect to you, dear ones.

Iltheos from Arcturus.

As received by Konstantinos.

PS: For anyone who wish to read the previous messages, hereis a link:


Konstantinos: Iltheos-’Awareness and Change’

Aug 28 2012 by kp40

Your world is changing. It’s like the palms of your heart. You can feel them, but for some, the feeling has been taken for granted. Consequently, some people do not live with awareness of themselves, of the ones around them and of their environment.

Respectively, some get ’on the air’ a feeling that something ‘big’ is about to happen, but then, this shining of their intuitive abilities goes away, because their spiritual eye is not get exercised, as it happens in the case of  a  muscle of your body. Remember, that the change comes from (your) INSIDE.All the world, every world is a cellular of God. And that is the less that can be said. The Infinite Multiverse exists in different  morphes and scales. Same goes  for the ‘kinds’ of the Creators too.

The Universes inside you are like the Universes that seem to be out from you. And each one of you, is the Creator of his/her inner Creation. Respectively, the Universes ‘out’ from you, are the ‘inner’ Creation of the Creator, who is responsible for the creation of All and Everything. And at the same time, All and Everything are the Universal Intelligence which consists the Creator of the Holon. And that is the less that can be said.

So, when a change happens on you, in you, this influences the Multiverse ‘inside’ you and simultaneously, it is reflected to the Multiverse ‘out’ from you. You have heard this again in different ways. So, implement it (if you choose to do so)in a way that it will be beneficial to you. As for the ones who already do this, please continue as the Gods you are.

There is no difference between us and same goes for the so called ‘Dark Ones’, who move through a path in which the ‘currently virtuous ones’, meaning the ones who have chosen a different path, have also experienced on ‘previous’ lifetimes. God does not make distinctions, as the Uncoditional Love He/She/It is, and same goes fot the Beings of Light, who feel and act normally the same way.The same ability and nature exists to you too,dear people of Mother Earth.

The torch of your inner flame is ready to shine more than ever, as you are getting nearer to the end of this year. Ad there are many reasons for this. Some of them are known to you and some others, you are going to discover in the imminent future. And that is, because you have pulled it through your Intention. Continue like this.

With Great Love and Respect,

Iltheos from Arcturus.

As received by Konstantinos.

PS: For anyone who wish to read the previous messages, here is a link:


Konstantinos: Archangel Michael-’Creating by Heart is the proof for your God Origin’

Aug 29 2012 by kp40

[It was my ‘first’ time connecting with AAM for a channeled message and that happened after I received an inner ringing to my left ear. ]

The synchronizations in your life are not random. You receive messages from the Holon which, as you can understand, includes you too. Do not try to rationalize , at least not very much, everything.

The ‘ask and you shall receive’ process has its scientific side, but this does not mean that its whole explanation for this or a similar case, can be limited to a linear way of thought.

That is why we tell you to be ‘open’…accepted…clear. By listening to your Heart, you hear Us and the Creator and vice versa. You are the ones who go through ‘difficulties’ and you are very honored for your courage to choose the creation of experiences to dimensions of low frequency.

But for a specific number of years, this frequency continues to increase more and more. You continue, and some others have just begun, to remember more of your origin and your relationship with the ‘Plan’.

There are no mysteries, but only temporary blanks of memory. Recovering them, steady but effectively, you can see this which you so eagerly dignify to the ‘Angels and Saints’. Agonizing deaths are not necessary, in order for you to return at Home.

Do not forget that ‘martyrdoms’ and generally any kind of unpleasant situations that you experience, YOU are responsible for them…and the Law of Attraction. Of course there are many more factors that are included here.

The main thing for the human of the New Age is to livethink and act by the Heart. THEN, your real crystal clear sight begins to return and THEN it is the time that you start facing  everything with the perception of the Spiritual Light…of the Unconditional Love.

Be Blessed Everyone…awakened and unawakened. It does not make any real difference, because no one wanders to the Darkness forever.

Archangel Michael.

As received by Konstantinos.

PS: For anyone who wish to read the previous messages, here is a link:


Konstantinos: A synchronization and a communication

Sept 1 2012  by kp40

Hello dear friends. Yesterday, I felt an inner urge to go outside, particularly to a known place of the city’s centre. I felt the gentle nudges from a group of beings who are members of my Arcturian family.

So, while I was waiting for the bus, I was ‘hearing’ words, like ‘a big surprise’, ‘ensurance’ and some other phrases. When I got to the city’s centre, I sat to a cafeteria which was near to the city’s orchestra. They had set a stage and they were testing their violins and other musical instruments.

At that time, these beings agreed with me to communicate with pictures of their appearance and telepathy, in order for me to make their sketches, keep notes for their features, skin and clothing colors and also write down their names. While I was trying that, the band didn’t make any noise. So, I concentrated carefully and I heard them saying as one, that six of them will be introduced to me…the names I wrote down were: AnOn, SilEsio, TherAl, MonEn, AnrAL, RAnlAn. Then, at 7:40 pm, ‘the big surprise’ came in…

It was an amazing synchronization, a ‘sign’ from them to me. The band started playing (they were testing) a little part of the Star Wars theme. I was surprised thankfully of course. Then, at 7:45 pm they started playing wonderfully the whole Star Wars theme…it was really amazing what I heard and what I felt. After that, I needed round to 15 minutes to complete the sketches…I heard them saying that they would like a lot to be known to you.  Iltheos is part of their family, though the Arcturians generally do not perceive ‘family’ as tight as 3D worlds do. They told me that when I’ll have time, they will transfer a message through me.

When I came back at home, I drew them again and colored them. That’s their team portrait:

That’s all for now dear friends.

Much Love and deep Appreciation for what you do, in order for Gaia and Humanity to transmigrate to the New Age.

PS: For anyone who wish to read the previous messages, here is a link:


Konstantinos: My Arcturian Family-’Child+Adult=Completion’

Sept 3 2012 by kp40

We are addressing  you as ONE. We are sending you our warmly greetings. We Love you a lot. When each one of you gets to the point to communicate with his/her Loved Ones who were, and still are, his/her family (to another planet of the Creation or another dimensional frequency), then he/she experiences a case and a way through which, he/she can feel this Love.

The same thing happens when a child gives you a hug. The gentle ‘chill’ that you feel, while this feeling meets with your Heart, is the transmission of Love from the Source to your Inner Child.

To your world, when an ‘adult’ hears the word ‘child’, spontaneously it comes to his/her mind, the word ‘innocence’. But the ‘adult’ instead of perceiving the Force and the beneficial Power  that exists to this characteristic, he/she perceives it as a ‘weakness’.

The ‘adult stage’ is important for a grown incarnated human, because at the same time, his/her capabilities and perception grow too. But these two can be blocked when they overshadow your Inner Child. Now, we are going to address you separately and while we are doing this, try to feel the energy of each one of us.

IlthEos: Entering to a world of Duality, the times you are connected with your Real Self, are when you represent the Innocence, through thought and action, by being a child, Biologically and Spiritually. But as a white surface’s appearance can change when it is soiled from ink, the same thing happens when a child’s inner purity is blotted from the Dualistic nature of its environment. By this way, the Inner Child is get aside and get replaced by the Serious Adult. Those of you who can recognise the value of their Inner Child, they know that the best ‘cleaner’ is the return to the Innocent, Pure, Unconditional Love through Self  Consciousness/Awareness of the Self. Do not be/live  to the ‘automatic pilot’.

MonEn: Asking questions for the world around you and for your Self, you begin to use your critical thought. By this way, you do not let anyone to control and direct you. But this can happen if you use ONLY your Linear Mind and your Linear Logic. By this, I mean that you get yourselves more and more in the Materialism forgetting that you are Spirit. You lose your task . You deny your Self.

SilEsio: By doing this, you emerge with your ‘role’ and forget the existence of the Purpose: the Awareness of your God Self through your experiential journey. You accept only  what you can materially perceive, ignoring the fact that there is more than that and also, that this ‘idea’ is already in front of you. Your Science  ’discovers’ things which are already mentioned to ancient texts of specific civilizations of your history. And that happens, because  these people put limits on themselves by separating  and analyzing. It is one thing the beneficial organizing and another the limitation of the Self. See for which of these two, benefits you more. Feel it.

AnOn: We are mentioning to you what we observe and surely, what you observe too. It is not in our nature to judge. With the limitation of your Self, you ‘put in chains’ your Inner Child. You hobble the Source of your Love and Cure. But literally, at least the most of you, how would (do you) feel if you saw a child limited and put in chains? There are these kind of examples  in your world.

TherAl: We are not telling you to feel sorry for the ‘less lucky ones’, because by sending sadness , you burden them with more low energy.  Neither we are telling you to not feel compassion for them (which is different), because you know that these souls are fulfilling a life contract the conditions of which, they decided with their Guides’s help. Finding here the subtle distinction, you find Ballance.

AnrAl: And Ballance is very necessary to an, for centuries, imbalanced world. Behind this imbalance of course, there were Free Will and Purpose and then, comes a time for this situation to change and transmigrate to its opposite. This is Evolution and Return combined.

RAnlAn: So, by getting spiritually emergent, you return to your God Self and you emerge (again) with your Inner Child. Taking care of it, as you do literally with a child, you take care of your Self…the God in you. And so, the Teacher reborns. That happens already, and in an increasing rhythm, the last 12 years and same goes for Mother Earth. This so wonderful Universal Jewel of the Creation is transmigrating to the Newborn, to the New Child who will represent your return to your Inner Child…inside you.

Now we are addressing you again as ONE…and we are informing you that when an Adult and a Child exist as One, then you are completed…enlightened…Gods…consciously! And as some of you can feel, something like that cannot present any kind of disadvantage, but only the choice to represent FULLY and ONLY Unconditional Love. That is where Gaia and You are heading now and that is so, because you are (co)creating this. Continue like this and you will get to the point to experience forever in the Now, Happiness, Awareness and Innocence as a Child and an Adult together.

We are leaving you for now, although we are constantly with you (laughs)! By the Love of the Child and the Wisdom of the Adult that characterizes us/you, we are telling you that you are making it…you are VERY CLOSE…there is no return.

IlthEos, RAnlAn, AnrAl, MonEn, TherAl, SilEsio, AnOn from Arcturus.

As received by Konstantinos.

PS: For anyone who wish to read the previous messages, here is a link:


Konstantinos: Some significant signs-A parable from my Arcturian Family ‘The Experiment’

Sept 7 2012 by kp40

Hello dear friends. Yesterday I was outside. While I was walking I was thinking about the future when suddenly I saw in front of me a paper stuck on the front side of a clothe store…’TELOS EPOCHIS’ which means ‘END OF SEASON’ regarding the discounts. But in Greek ‘epochi’ (epoch) means also ‘age’…’END OF (old) AGE’! That was the first sign. 

Later, I got the bus to return at home. After some hour, I looked at the bus clock and the time was 20:12 (year 2012) and right at that moment, the electronic voice said ‘Next Stop: Analipsi’…’Analipsi’ in Greek means ‘Ascension’…get it ? (-_-). After these two signs, I heard the six beings from my Arcturian family telling me that these signs was an ensurance, so I didn’t have to feel frustrated and then they told me briefly a parable, which they repeated extensively this morning. The parable’s title is ‘The Experiment’.

Warm greetings, Dear Ones! We wish with this message to transfer to you a significant teaching through a story…a parable. It has been proven that a parable is an excellent tool for the comprehension of complicated concepts and meanings by the souls who live in the 3rd Dimension. Furthermore, a story is something entertaining and exciting, especially for the little children.

Our parable is starting with a human, a young man, Hank, who recently inherited a big amount of money and a successful enterprise from his uncle. Hank was not like the other people of his age. He  got himself busy with Spirituality and he had confirmed to himself  a lot of Spiritual Truths through his personal experiences.

But it came a time that Hank wished to make an experiment, in a period that he was facing inner upheavals, in order for him to assist his faith and remove pessimism and doubts. He had observed a specific area of his city, where a homeless man was coming often and he was looking carefully in the only trash can that was there, in order for him to find something that he could use. Some inches away, there was a bench, where frequently, a wealthy middle age industrialist was sitting and reading his newspaper for 60 or 90 minutes. The industrialist had never eagerly chosen to give something to the homeless man. This situation had been observed by Hank for a week. Hank considered this case appropriate for his experiment.

So Hank by pretending that he was randomly passing from that area twice a week, he was dropping, before the homeless man appears,  some papers with 400 dollars in the specific trash can. Then, he was hiding behind the nearest building that was across from the trash can and he was waiting to watch what would follow.

The homeless man appeared, as previously, at the usual time and searched the trash can where for the first time found money..and he started to jump full of happiness. Jumping and dancing, the homeless man thanked God for the unexpected gift. Next to him, as previously, was the industrialist who was surprised with the incident. ‘It was just luck‘ he thought.

But this ‘luck‘ was repeated 2 more times. The industrialist started to lose his patience and cursed the Heavens for the happiness of the ‘unworthy vagabond’, although his bussiness was continuously successful. From that time and on, the industrialist decided to keep an eye on the trash can, waiting for the money’s sender.

Hank continued his usual move, but this time the industrialist was already there. So, he went discreetly and took the money, laughed sneeringly and  left. A little later, the homeless man appeared and when he did not find any money, he continued searching for something else to use. Then, he looked up to the sky and said ‘I may haven’t found money today, but at least I keep finding things that are useful to me. Thank You my God  for this, as I also thank You for giving me the chance to help with the money I found, other homeless fellow men too. I am grateful ‘.

Hank was surprised by the Love that was coming from this homeless and weathered man, in contrast with the wealthy and ‘thief’ industrialist.  All was going according to Hank’s plan, who was feeling that he (himself), the homeless man and the industrialist could benefit deeply from this experiment.

The industrialist continued his strategy two more times. And a little later as before, the homeless man, though he did not find any money, he continued be grateful. But Hank was aware about Karma and the Heavenly Justice (it has nothing to do with punishment) it represented and he was waiting patiently.

Indeed, the next time, the industrialist appeared again, but this time he was displeased. ‘I hope for the police to catch this robber who stole the money I had found in this damn trash can! ‘ he shouted and then, after not finding any money in the trash, he left. Yes, Hank had been confirmed. A little later, the homeless man appeared and though he did not find any money he expressed his gratitude for finding useful objects.  Then, Hank appeared to him and said ‘What we give, it comes back to us. I admire theLove you give to the Creator and to the people around you. Additionally, you assisted my faith with your example. Would you like to work for me? ‘.

Are you the sender of the money? ‘ the homeless man asked. Hank confirmed that. ‘It would be my honor if you accepted my suggestion‘. The homeless man accepted. Hank and the ex-homeless man created a beautiful friendship and partnership and created a care home for the city’s homeless people. As for the industrialist, never got back to the area with the trash can, but by feeling that he learnt a lesson, he started giving monthly and generous donations to the care home of Hank and his ex-homeless friend.

The teaching of this parable is this: It does not matter how many ‘obstacles’ you will meet, because Love will override them as the Invincible Force it is. With Faith to the God inside you and with Love to the ones around you, you create and pull your desirable reality…for you and the ‘others’. Next time, we will come with another parable.

We are leaving you for now, although we are constantly with you (laughs). We Love you a lot.

RAnlAn, AnrAl, MonEn, TherAl, SilEsio, AnOn from Arcturus.

As received by Konstantinos.

PS: For anyone who wish to read the previous messages, here is a link:


Konstantinos: A parable from my Arcturian Family-’Light and Dark’

Sept 11 2012 by kp40

Our warm greetings to you Dear Ones!

The parable we are transferring to you trough this message is about the story of a 32-year-old woman, Jill. Jill was a lawyer. You will see later why we are saying ‘was’. From a young age, particularly since she was 3 years old, Jill had as an intense characteristic the often laughter. Her family was happy about it, till they realized that she was doing that without looking at them, but at the ceiling!

You see, her parents and other relatives had not realized, neither had been nurtured to believe to something beyond their physical senses, that Jill was able to ‘see’ things. No, she had not hallucinations or the ‘natural phase of having imaginary friends’. She was communicating with the spirits of Nature’s elements, her Guides and also, with angelic entities.

But as she was growing, her parents by being concerned of her ‘strange’ habits, they tried to ‘conform’ her through contacts with doctors and psychologists. Her gift had partly limited when she was 13 years old. That was the period when she started to realize a totally different ‘invisible’ presence.

For 7 years she was listening only its voice, which seemed to come from behind her. The voice was hoarse, mean and was forming very intense insults and threats of any kind. Jill did not wish to talk to relatives and/or friends, because she was feeling that she did not have any of these both…

They won’t understand. They’ll think I am crazy‘ she was thinking and crying. ‘Go away! Stop it! ‘ she was shouting to the voice and was trying to cover her by listening soft and calm music. This ‘trick’ was offering to her peace, but always temporary. But with the passing of time, she accomplished to limit the voice and she was hearing it only once per day.

She was remembering all these, while she was taking care of her recent cases. She believed that by helping others through the lawyer’s path, she could somehow resolve her own ‘problem’ too. But this ‘problem’ was not only about the voice anymore, because when she became 20, the presence started to manifest to her with the form of a dreadful creature with multiple hands, legs, tentacles, faces with angry eyes, mouths with very sharp teeth and a skin in the color of a swamp. Their first meeting was in a dream…in a nightmare to be exact. Later, she could see it in front of the mirror or anywhere she could see her reflection.

Although she did not wish to go through the phase of consuming pills, as she did back in her childhood, she decided to return to this method, in order for her to limit the presence of the dark creature, which seemed to be always ‘stuck’ on her back, like a Siamese twin. ‘I wouldn’t have the need of these pills, if my friends hadn’t give up on me ‘ Jill thought with grief. She was referring to her ‘invisible’ benevolent friends who she had known since the age of 3. Intense feelings of frustration filled the inner world of Jill, while she was walking at home, till that some seconds before she unlocks her apartment’s door, a beautiful and soft male voice came from behind.

 I do not think you are alone miss ‘. By turning around, Jill saw a tall handsome white man with brown hair. His bold blue eyes and his district, but reassuring, smile, made her able to trust him and to invite him to her apartment for a cup of coffee. ‘I don’t usually do that with strangers, but I feel that I don’t have to be afraid of you ‘, she said.

Indeed, but why do I seem a stranger to you? ‘ the man asked. ‘But I haven’t seen you before, I don’t know even your name ‘ said Jill with surprise. ‘You can call me Mark. Also, I wish to acknowledge you the fact that, though you have not seen me before with this form, you have felt me’ said the beautiful man by smiling. ‘You have felt me as a very close friend , relative and guide, since you were 3 years old, remember? ’.

But how do you know about it? And why do you appear to me like this..and why NOW?! Where were you and the others when I was asking for your help?! Why did you leave me to the hands of my relatives and doctors? ‘ shouted Jill with indignation and agitation. She started shudder.

Jill ‘ said Mark with calm voice ‘Me and the rest of your friends are always with you and when you do not realize our presence, it is because YOU chose to get enclosed to yourself and take the path to desperation. You were not able anymore to hear and see us. So, you gave space to another part of yourself to be manifested…yes, I am referring to the creature that insults and terrifies you ‘. Mark made a pause for a while, in order for Jill to assimilate what she had heard. ‘But my parents, doctors and psychologists were the ones who insisted for the pills and the visits! I was helpless! ‘.

Jill, all these would not influence you if you had not choose to forget us. Alternatively, your strong will would play the role of the bridge of our communication, which would continue, though the distress you would experience. In reality, our communication never stopped, only your human part was not able to realize us anymore. In these meetings, between us and your Divine part, that you do not remember, we agreed for a more open help. That is why I am here. To help you ‘.

Jill started to feel more comforting. She hugged Mark and then she asked ‘How can I get rid of  this hideous things that has stuck on my back? ‘ Mark said ‘Only if you accept it.Acceptance is not like Fear. Consequently,  you will not empower it anymore and it will decide to go  away for places with vibrations that are more suitable for it. Give Love to it, try to see the positive side of the situation ‘.

Positive?! ‘ asked Jill surprised. ‘You aren’t in my position that’s why you’re saying so ‘. Mark smiled. ‘But really, I was once in your position and as you can see, I made it ‘. Mark got a little aside and Jill saw another dark entity, similar to hers, standing to the edge of the hall. ‘Do not worry‘ said Mark. ‘It cannot come closer because there is no fear from my side. Furthermore, we are not alone ‘.

And suddenly, Jill started to see, like when she was 3 years old, the full of Light silhouettes to appear and form a protective field around her and Mark. ‘Are these beings the ones that abandoned you? ‘ Mark joked. Jill started laughing with tears. ‘Oh my God, you are all here! ‘ she shouted happily.

We had never left you Dear One. Now that you can realize us again, we can manifest together the removal of your dark part.  Additionally, we must help you to accomplish your mission ‘ said the entities as ONE. ‘My mission? ‘ thought Jill with wonder. ‘They will give you explanations when it will be appropriate ‘ said Mark. ‘Now I have to go. I did what I had to. Remember that you are never alone ‘. ‘Mark wait! Don’t go! ‘ shouted Jill.

But as she opened her eyes, she saw two of her neighbors looking at her, while she was lying on the floor out of her apartment’s door. ‘You fainted my dear girl ‘ said the first neighbor. ‘And who is Mark? ‘ asked the other one.

Later, after a refreshing shower, Jill took a big decision. ‘Friends, I wish for us to start ‘ thought Jill with confidence. So, Jill managed in a little time to remove the dark creature, which could not stand her high vibration. Now, Jill organizes public channeled sessions and she has written some books on the faith on the Self, the Enlightened Forces and the New Energy…that is why we mentioned initially the term ‘was’, because she left the job of the lawyer as it had stopped fulfilling her. And to her new path, there was on her side a tall handsome white man with brown hair and bold blue eyes…her husband..Mark!

And so, by finishing this parable, we wish to point out its teaching: The sincere and without judge awareness of yourself, can direct you to the path of the True Love..for you, the people around you, your dark part..EVERYTHING. And consequently, your Inner Light exports. You are not alone, because you are surrounded by the constant Love of the Source and Its Enlightened Legions.

Be Blessed. We Love you constantly and indescribably a lot.

RAnlAn, AnrAl, MonEn, TherAl, SilEsio, AnOn from Arcturus.

As received by Konstantinos.

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Konstantinos: Jesus Sananda and Mikos-’About Awakening’

Sept 13 2012 by kp40

Hello dear friends. As the time passes, I can feel more the connection between me and other entities of the Light. I have learned that I share a past life relationship with Mikos and Inner Earth, which got ensured when I recalled my astral experience of being there. The landscape was full of pure light.

Recently, on September 9th 2012, I received a telepathic picture of energetic crystal patterns from Mikos, the Lemurian guardian of Porthologos Library in the city of Catharia under the Aegean Sea.

Then I heard him saying ‘gates’ and then he explained that the picture means the personal gates through which I and other individuals experience our different material and sentimental phases in these time of changes. Mikos was guiding me for the patterns and the colors.

On September 10th 2012, I managed to recall my dreamstate meeting with Jesus Sananda, Saint Germain and the Galactic Federation. This encouraged me more to ask permission for communication from Jesus and Mikos, who happily accepted. I have to mention that I continued to feel their high energy for at least 20 minutes after I received their message. Here it is:

We are greeting you with unimaginable Love which characterizes the Spirit and ourselves too. We are Jesus Sananda and Mikos, who after accepting the request of this channel to transfer a message, we are going to talk to you, separately, for a common issue.

Jesus Sananda

They refer to me as the Son of God and although the existence of useful channeled information that have been transferred from a specific amount of Enlightened Entities, there are some expressions of the Holon on Gaia, who still believe that there is no relationship between them and the Spirit or some  of them do not believe to the Spirit’s existence at all. But these kind of paths, as any other path, arise from the gift of the Free Choice and nothing goes useless, nothing is without purpose, because the Infinite Wisdom is still there. The issue that I and dear Mikos wish to talk about, is about the process of Awakening, the perception of it and the comprehension of its importance.

Those of you who have chosen this path, go through a variety of situations from which comes a variety of feelings. A question that I would like to make you, is about how consciously you experience your personal Awakening? How many of you have realised that the main part of your self-therapy happens FROM you TO you? A small, but still significant, part of the transmission of the Truth and Remembrance of the Wisdom that exists in you, is carried out from Enlightened Entities, but the rest and the bigger remaining percentage of the work is on you.

You are the ones who contribute to your personal, and of those around you, Awakening according to the choice that you make. The Light and Love that are represented by me and the Legions of Light, are just a spark of boost that is felt by you, ONLY if you choose to notice it. You are the ones that put your hands on your eyes and all of a sudden, the  eternal Darkness of Forgetfulness goes away and is replaced by the eternal Light of Remembrance. Do not underestimate yourselves and honestly, remember the Unity that connects you with everything.


Remembering this, as the time passes, you are capable of a more comfortable connection with the ‘invisible’ sights of the Spirit…like the Spirits that are responsible for taking care of yours and your world’s Biology, as well as your Spiritual Ballance. additionally, you have connections with families and friends from different places of the Creation, as it also happens with the place where I live, in the cities of the inner part of Earth.

The crystals that exist in Earth’s internal, sustain the planet’s DNA and among other attributes, they help Agartha’s residents to sustain their high frequencies in the 3D theater of  illusions, in which you move. This is a little taste of the reason for how 5D civilizations can exist in the internal of a 3D world. Imagine the example of the producer, of the director and generally, of the responsible ones for the making of a movie, who co-exist with the actors who play out their roles…the ones that are responsible for the project, step into two realities: the movie’s and its supervision’s. That is what happens with the Agarthians and same goes for the awakened ones of the surface.

Addressing you again as ONE, we tell you that the time has come that through a big potential that has been created, the ones who have chosen (and will choose) to move on with Gaia,  will be able to move in ONLY one reality …the New Frequency of the New Age that will reflect completely the things that are reminded to you by the Light Expressions from the world of the Spirit.

We express to you our greatest Appreciation and Gratitude for everything you are doing. Blessings.

As received by Konstantinos.

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Konstantinos: Iltheos-’Invisible is visible and vice versa..if you choose it’

Sept 17 2012 by kp40

My warm greetings to you, wonderful creations of God. I wish to start this message with a question. Have you ever thought the idea that your life, your incarnated experience, is a kind of a long-lived channeling?

When you open your channel of communication, you accept the energy and the message from the entity that you approach. Then, you live a specific kind of experience with characteristics and results which you are called to interpret and use through your free will and choice. Similarly, by having accepted to ‘be in tune with’ and live the frequency of a world of duality, then you accept to approach an experience with characteristics and results which you are called to interpret and use through your free will and choice.

The ‘initial’ difference is that, though in the first case you have chosen to open your channel of communication for reasons that arise from your personal quest, in the second case, you choose it again, but you do not remember it. Also, in the first case you have a more conscious feeling about the Spirit’s presence (or an aspect of It,  with the ‘form’ and role of a Light Entity), but in the second one, you are not sure if there is something more beyond this/these that you realize with your physical senses…until  of course, you choose to remember it.

Furthermore, I wish to acknowledge to you the reason for the existence of the ‘delusional’ separation between the ‘invisible’ and ‘visible’. The ‘invisible’ gives you 1)  motive and 2) Appreciation...motive for search, in order for you to approach whatever is beyond the physical level and  Appreciation about the fact that you cannot see it…but you can feel that it exists somewhere around, as it happens with Love. And when the ‘invisible’ manifests with the one or the other way, then you appreciate its ‘visible’ side too, but in this case, you appreciate even more its ‘invisible’ side, because you are interested to the pursuit of the reason(s) for why this something is ‘invisible’ to you from the beginning.

The ‘trap’ here is to think that this unseen ‘mystery’, whatever this is in each case,  it has/is able to  be seen by force. No. YOU are called to get to the place, to the frequency, of this ‘riddle’, in order for you to get closer to it, to comprehend it and relate it to you and to whatever you have consciously known ‘before’.

There are many examples for this and one that is appropriate to be mentioned, is your New Frequency of Existence. That is how, before some decades and mainly from 1987 with the Harmonic Convergence, your ‘conscious’ trip started and the ‘invisible’ began to be ‘visible’…and your journey began to be more interested…because YOU let it.

Continue to do so. The great potential that has been created by you, is like an egg with many small cracks  which has very little time of incubation until the arising of your New, and Old because you were once/you are always it, Self.

Blessings and much Love from the Higher Dimensions which are your Home, the Home of All.

Iltheos from Arcturus.

As received by Konstantinos.

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Konstantinos: Pleiadian Piannah from Alcyone-An Introduction

Sept 19 2012 by kp40

Hello dear friends. On September 18th 2012, I had a very significant for me dream/astral experience. I found myself on the inner part of what looked like a spaceship. The metal parts were transparent.

Then, in front of me, a beautiful woman appeared. She looked young,she wore a white and lightbulb leotard, her skin had a sun therapy brown color, her hair were long and their color was a combination of orange, brown and yellow-gold.

She was standing on what seemed like a stair and behind her, was a huge wall size window..I remember the intense contrast between the blackness of the space, with lots of stars dots,  and her light white cloth. She was smiling and asked me telepathicaly if I’d like to transfer her message through me and I accepted. Later, I got some information, like that I had also incarnated in Alcyone and she telepathicaly sent me a picture of her and her spaceship. The next day, she gave me the following message.

I greet everyone who set themselves as volunteers to incarnate in a world which passes through a significant energetic transition, the world that you call Earth. My greeting and Love address all of you, the ones who serve the Light and those who serve the Darkness.

I am Piannah (you pronounce it like the word ‘piano’). As a personalized aspect of the Holon, I come from Pleiades and particularly, from the star that you call Alcyone. I reside in the 6th dimension. I offer my abilities and services to the Galactic Federation. As it happens with some of you who have a double star origin, same goes for this channel, this soul, too. In other cases, the star origin of someone can be from only one or more than two places.

So far, many information about the Pleiadians have been known to you through different sources and this is a true Blessing, because there is a deep, multilevel and from so long ago connection between us. It would be a great Pleasure and Happiness for the fleets of the Enlightened civilizations to accept ‘old’ and ‘young’ souls , eager to externalize their inner Light through the particular field of action (she means a starfleet).

I am, for now, in a spaceship in which there are 6 more members. The patience that you have shown regarding the ‘delays’ issue is admirable and the irritation or the impatience are understandable. We see the formation of a reality which is about a period, maybe somewhere in November, where a lot of things will start  to become open. We see the Happiness but also, the confusion and fear.

The ones that are happy and know about the incoming situations, do whatever they can to inform and calm the ‘baldly’ awakened. You will not be alone at that time, as you are never alone. Do not forget that this specific reality that is forming, stands next to a ‘series’ of many variant versions of it. So, focus carefully to the more beneficial for all reality that is appropriate to be manifested.

If  the ones of you that remember their astral meetings with us, feel wonderful about that, then you will feel much better when you (and we) will be able to meet each other physically, to hug each other, to converse, to cooperate together. In this version of the specific reality, lots of tears are shedding…tears that bring a great relief. Much low energy of the Ego will begin to realised from that time and on.

I suggest you to try to communicate with me and the rest of the fleet that are aboard the spaceship I mentioned before. The spaceship’s name is ‘Angelon’.

We also wait with pleasure to meet you in the Astral Plane. Continue the admirable work of the Lightworker and give as much Love as possible to Mother Earth and your brothers and sisters of the Dark, for whom this transition is for now very unpleasant, nightmarish to say the least.

We Love you Infinitely much and we look to the time that we will be able to interact with each other physically and tangible.

Piannah from Alcyone, member of the starfleet of ‘Angelon’.

As received by Konstantinos.

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Konstantinos: A message from the Collective Consciousness of the Plant Kingdom of the Cosmos

Sept 21 2012 by kp40

[Hello friends. Today, I felt very strongly the nudges of something that is part of the Nature. A little later, I realized that this feeling was coming from the plants and trees and instantly, lots of pictures with plants not only from this planet but from what seemed to be other worlds too, appeared in my 3rd eye with a series of thoughts, not words, that made me feel an indescribably deep connection and Love…the less I can say. Later, I received the following message.]

We are the Collective Consciousness of the Plant Kingdom of the Cosmos.

Everything are connected through the Universal Grids of Love.

Consequently, by seeing or by standing only in front of a ‘lone’ flower which is in a flowerpot of a balcony, you can, if you are sensitive, to feel the Wisdom and Love that exists in the Plant Kingdom, not only of your planet, but of every other place of the Creation. This includes dimensions too.

But even if you connect only with the Plant Kingdom of Earth, the rest of its parallel and Infinite aspects, connect automatically with it, because they are contained in each other always.

The plants, the trees, the fauna and flora have not forgotten  their Divine origin and that is so, because it is about souls who incarnate for a different, to that of the humans’, purpose…to serve, to give and offer, to teach, to guide…

The Respect is our irrevocable right and same goes for our Existence, too.

And when it seems that it is not reciprocated to us what we offer, we know that the Law of Attraction and Karma will take care of it, in order for the balance of the situations. We are aware of the Wisdom that exists to everything.

The ‘veil’ does not surround us in a way that is able to alienate us, even through illusion, from the Universal Functions of the Cosmos.

Consequently, we experience ourselves as One, simultaneously,in the Infinite Everywhere and Now.

And when parts of us, are stepped, burned, cut off, consumed, accept the rays of the Sun or the Suns, be watered, are on the outer or the inner part of a planet of any frequency or are in the depth of the oceans, we tell you that we can understand it. We feel it. We recognize it.

We know the importance of our role and we are grateful for that.

Duality does not touch us, that is why our characteristic is the Unconditional Love…whatever happens to us from ‘ outer factors’, we feel the Purpose and instead of the ‘human logic’ of the imitation and distortion of the Karmic Law, meaning revenge, we continue to give and Love as the Gods we are.

Oh, so much Unity, so much Unity.

Can you feel it? It cannot be described but merged through your 4 bodies (physical, astral, mental, spiritual ) and the transmission of mental pictures and impressions of thought are enough to help you comprehend these that cannot be transmitted through limited ways.

On a moment, a part of us offers its shadow to a team of travellers and on another, simultaneously, we experience ourselves as a plain to a world with different characteristics from your world’s.

We recognize Everything and we are recognized by Everything.

Even if this seems  not to be so, in worlds like Gaia, we tell you that nothing is as it seems.

Do not feel/be sorry. Show Compassion. Do not be silent. Take Action. Do not become indifferent. Give Help.

We are together with you..feel and take the gifts that we give…and as you evolve, these gifts will be taken by you with Respect and not for granted.

Your Inner Teacher is connected with us. It does not matter who you will choose to listen, because in reality, no one is rejected. Τhere is no separation. Only deep Unity.

Listen to our whispers and be taught from them. Because one of the many things that we offer, is Remembrance through teaching.

We Love you, because you are a part of us as we are a part of you, too.

We are the Collective Consciousness of the Plant Kingdom of the Cosmos.

As received by Konstantinos.

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Konstantinos: The Crew of the spaceship ‘Angelon’-Clarifications and Update

Sept 28 2012 by kp40

Hello dear friends. On September 26th 2012, before I was going to sleep, I wished to connect in the dream state with the rest of the crew of the spaceship ‘Angelon’. Somehow, as it seemed, this happened. On September 27th 2012 in the morning, before I wake up, I found myself (in the dream) in a bay with some storages around.

Then, a woman, whose appearance I can’t recall, appeared and told me that she was aware of my work regarding New Age and channeling. ‘So, I must show you this man who has a lot of experiences’ she said. Then, a middle-aged man appeared. We sat next to each other. Because of his general look, I asked him if he is an American Indian or a Gypsy.

The man in my Sept 27th 2012 dream

He told me ‘No, no. And I have visited a lot of times physically the big ships’ and the picture of a mothership came to my mind. After that, I found myself in a space which looked like a ‘void’ with a cloudy general color of black and little  cloudy colors in it. Then, I received the words ‘Apparelio’, ‘Selicia’ which were felt like names and the word ‘Family’. I remember that these thoughts were repeated from their ‘source’ and from me a lot of times, in order for me to not forget them. Instantly, I woke up and wrote them down.

Later, by using the pendulum, I ensured that the two names belong to two members of the  crew of ‘Angelon’. Through the same method, I received the names of the rest of the crew and I also learned their current star origin. Then, I connected with them and I received their pictures.

The Pleiadian crew of the Spaceship ‘Angelon’

Apparelio is from Taygeta, Selicia is from Merope, Piannah as you know is from Alcyone, Nonel is from Atlas, Toral is from Maia, Volen is from Electra and Quaril(e) is from Sterope.

Today, I received from them the following message.

Our warm greetings and our Infinite Love to you. You are addressed by the crew of the spaceship ‘Angelon’. You have already met with one of our members, Piannah. All of us together are in this ship for a ‘long time’ on a mission which is about the assistance of Earth, in order for her to accomplish her energetic transmigration.

There is no way for this to be avoided, although, there are souls who do not choose to accept that and they continue their attempts to cancellate it. Needless to say, that their plans are reprieved the one after the other. ‘How does this happen? ‘ we hear some of you wondering and we can feel the doubt and frustration that overwhelm you, while you experience and observe different kinds of ‘maladies’ around you.

Lots of Entities that serve the Light, have informed you of the reasons for your ‘unpleasant’ experiences. Atomic and Collective Karma, Co-creation, Life Plan before Incarnation, delays from the so-called ‘Cabal’ are some of them. You move to the dimension of the vibration of 5, but this will not happen at one night. Otherwise, you would lose chances of ‘lessons’ and also, the feeling of the singularity of this experience which you chose to experience by coming to 3D Gaia.

Indeed, it is about a unique event and among the reasons, is the fact, not the rumor or the faithful wish, but the real/true fact, that you accept for a ‘long time’ a lot of help from many ascended civilizations.But in order for you to realize, biologically and spiritually, the value of this Transmigration, it has formed as a necessity, to experience gradually your development to something different, unprecedented and beneficial.

For some, it is ‘unbelievable ‘. And imagine that these souls used to be, in the long past of your history, part of civilizations which were representing and vibrating to the higher frequencies of Existence. But there is no regret here, neither judgement, because we know that the Veil is not able and has not ‘programmed’ to stay in the same position forever.

We are your family and by that, we do not only mean the Pleiadians, but also every Enlightened Galactic Entity, because all of us, less or more, have left memories of our family bonds in your genetic material. This, does not need to be a problem for your religious communities of your world, because indirectly and essentially the one and only responsible for the existence of anything/one, is the Prime Creator. This does not/cannot change.

We do not define as ‘family‘  only our biological relatives but also, the Infinite Holon and whatever is contained in it. Consequently, by having chosen to exist  in the fifth dimension and beyond, we bind ourselves knowingly to the service of the Light, through the observance of the Universal Laws. When we do not ‘save’  from the physical death, souls who experience their departure from floods or other kinds of ‘Nature’s upheavals’ or wars (personal or not), there is a reason for it and these Laws have a main role in it. This does not mean that we Love you less.

It does not mean that we are indifferent or that we do not have feelings. Because ,by the same logic, you should say that for those who watch cinematic or theatrical depictions of violence and death, hunger and corruption and then, they continue ‘normally’ the rest of the day. ‘But in reality, all this is a movie, nobody gets really hurt ‘ they will tell you. Similarly, the same happens here, in the case of the implementing of your Life Contracts. This does not mean that we do not feel Compassion for your difficult times, because believe us, we have experienced times of Darkness too in the so-called ‘Galactic Wars’.

But these belong to the ‘past’, though a time traveller can see the infinite ‘past events’ happening in the Now. Respectively, same goes for the ‘future’. At this time,  the reality that is formed, regarding your future,  it is about events that include revelations and free distribution of technologies that will benefit you and Mother Gaia. Regarding the issue of our physical presence, this is discussed in the Councils that are conducted. For now, we think to let you experience the mindset ‘I am aware of the Duality, but now I know that the Light is the power that heals ‘.

We are referring to the frequency of the fourth dimension, where you know what the third dimension is, and you move consciously to the choice of experiencing and representing every time the Love for you, all and everything. The assistance to this ‘future’ phase of yours, will become more intense from 2013 and as we will see your improved progress, we will begin to come physically in even bigger numbers. That time, is not far dear ones. As in everything, so in this case, you do your part and we do ours. The Co-creation of our attempts continues to exist and it is multilevel. The forming of realities is ‘fluid’ and variable. The forming is caused from Co-creation.

There is no way our physical Reunion to be, this time, a unfullfiled promise or postponed. Not this time. You/We will not need to wait a lot for our physical interaction. Continue to create on this path. Everything is and will be fine. Do not worry. You have stated and continue to do so, loudly ‘No more Old Energy‘, as the same thing was stated by Mother Earth many of your years ago. We Love you a lot and we are/feel proud of you.

The Crew of the spaceship ‘Angelon’

Apparelio, Selicia, Piannah, Nonel, Toral, Volen, Quaril(e)

As received by Konstantinos.

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Konstantinos: A message of introduction from Aliandrei

Oct 3 2012 by kp40

[Hello dear friends. Yesterday, I had a strong feeling to connect with at least one of the beings of the ancient aquatic races. By using the amethyst and aquamarine crystal, I finally received a picture of a beautiful being who seemed like a female mermaid. By opening my Heart, combined with the two crystals and a little help from my pendulum, I received her name which is Aliandrei. Today, I received the following message from her.]

Greetings from the Crystalline Aquatic Kingdom of Gaia in the 7th Dimension of Existence. I am Aliandrei, part and resident of this Kingdom. When I present myself to the third eye of someone, I have the look of a creature that you would call a mermaid.

I am connected with the Sea, her residents, Gaia, Sirius B and also, with other worlds which host the liquid element. As a multidimensional being, it is not difficult my simultaneous connection with more than one place. Consequently, I am not connected only with the Sea Kingdom, but it is just that my Being vibrates in the specific level of reality (the underwater life).

Although, my abilities  are not limited. This goes for all the children of the Creator. The same goes for you, too. Me and others like me, connect also with the ones that feel very close to the Sea…with the ones that feel the Sea as their second and most loveable and familiar home. This is not random. These souls have lived between us in our crystalline cities which used to exist in the 3D level, meaning they had physical structure too,  millions of your years before the arrival of the first people who would create the ancient civilizations, among them, Lemuria and Atlantis.

Me and other members of my people, are also connected deeply with the dolphins and whales, genetically and spiritually. These and other things, intentionally forgotten and hidden, will be revealed (again) to you through the special presentations that have been prepared by your Star Families. When you will emerge with your Light Bodies and be creatures of the 5th Dimension, you will be able, among other things, to form your biology with your thought and adjust your body in a way, that will let you visit us and stay in the submarine kingdom for as long as you wish. To obtain gills instantly it will not be difficult but only a thought away.

Our origin, which has not got its roots on Earth and our expansion to other worlds, connect us with many Sea Kingdoms of many other worlds. You will witness all these and some of you will rediscover them, since they are your home from ‘previous’ lifetimes of yours. Get ready for a big celebration , because this moment of the disclosure of your inner beacons of Light has come closer enough, to be able to dissolve the darkness of Ignorance and Forgetfulness.

Each time that you wish to connect with us or with other members of our submarine family, you can be near to the Sea or you can hold a shell or you can concentrate to the liquid element, the Aqua that exists inside you, since your Biology is consisted from the four Elements of the Nature. Generally, there are many tools and ways that let you to connect with the Spirits of Nature, the Divine Helpers, the God inside you, the God of All. How can some of you still think that you are alone?

Of course, this is a rhetorical question and it has been given a lot of answers. You are not alone dear brothers and sisters. We Love you  and we urge you to feel our hug whenever you wish, even during your bath time. Why not?

Our Love to all of you.

My personal Love and Gratitude for the precious work that you have assumed.


As received by Konstantinos.

PS: For anyone who wish to read the previous messages, here is a link:


Konstantinos: A Message of Love from Equasax, an Enlightened human of the Reptilian Race

Oct 11 2012 by kp40

Link: http://awakeningtothedivine.wordpress.com/2012/10/11/konstantinos-a-message-of-love-from-equasax-an-enlightened-human-of-the-reptilian-race/

[ Hello dear friends. Since, the previous week I was feeling the urge to try to communicate with some or at least one of the benevolent beings of the Reptilian Race, but I wasn’t sure if that would be appropriate for me. I was asking for a sign. This sign came yesterday, when dear Laura Tyco made a question to the readers about this matter http://2012indyinfo.com/2012/10/10/reply-to-reptilians-question-from-laura-please-give-your-input/#comment-32106. Thank you dear Laura. By asking the protection of Archangel Michael, as I always do, and using the pendulum and crystals, I received the picture of a male reptilian being who looked very gentle and was waiting patiently for me  till I was completely ready to finish his portrait and to receive his  following message.]


I am greeting with Love and Respect the Earth and her residents. My name is not easy for you to pronounce but the most close to your language version of it, is Equasax. Me and my people are currently on and originate from the world which, among the many names you use, you call Bellatrix in the constellation that is known to you as Orion.

I am a Being of an energy frequency between the fourth and fifth Dimension. Same goes for my people. I am this which you would call a scientist and my job is the construction of energy accumulators. Through these devices, we receive small, but sufficient, amounts of energy from the closer stars and also, from the  core of our world.

The reception of these amounts of energy is done after the permission that we are given from  the Spiritual Hierarchy of each star and source and each amount of energy is specific, in order for us to not cause any damage to those worlds which offer us a part of themselves. Nothing is without Life.

The ancestors of  the Reptilian Race were influenced from the teachings of their creators. This happened billions of years ago at the same time with the creation of the first human from the people of the Feline Race. The bird formed creators of the Reptilian Race were teaching as ‘truth’, that our species has as a birth right, the expansion and conquest of every residential world they would meet.

The first contact of their scientists with the first people of the Human Race in the constellation of Lyra, signified a wonderful union between the two species,  which caused the wrath of the draconian archons and as it was expected, the first galactic conflicts were triggered, after the destruction of many locations in Lyra. These have been transmitted to you with many other information through different sources. Intentionally, I am repeating some of these.

And that is because I wish to point out that part of these beings of our race, who united with people of your race very long ago, were separated  from the conquerors. They expanded to other locations of the Universe, setting as their task their personal evolution and secession from those who weren’t used to show Mercy or Love even to their own children. To them, the only relationship is this between the highest and the lowest, the strong and the weak.

Part of the races of the Reptilian species who wanted a to make a new start, is the people of my world too. Many members of our species that wished for a harmonic coexistence with other worlds, were integrated to the new formed forces of that period which consisted the new-born force that you know as the Galactic Federation. All of us were reluctant for the Galactic Peace and since then, we do whatever we can to postpone the plans of the aspiring conquerors.

Their battle has been lost and they experience sentimental and psychological confusion, regarding their defeat and also, the fate that awaits each one of them. Like attracts like and so, the things these souls created through their actions are now coming back to them. Very few of them seemed reluctant to make a new start. The main ‘problem’ for you, in your world, are the human representators of these souls. But as the first ones, so these individuals can feel in their bones the collapse of their empire.

We, along with the rest of our partners from the other worlds, have gotten away those of our species and also, those from the species that you call Zeta Reticuli or Grays. But these Grays, have no relationship or any similarities with their ancient members who are beings of great Wisdom and Compassion. All of these matters will be specified in due time.

We hope for our appearance to not stand as an obstacle for the union that we wish between us and you. Do not let yourselves to get influenced from propagandas of any kind, the purpose of which, is the brain washing and the transmission of fear. You are protected. After the first formal announcements for the existence of your Galactic Brothers and Sisters, to who we hope that you will include us, you will know formally too that the nightmare has come to an end. The Galactic Forces consider us part of them and perceive us as family. We hope for you to do the same thing.

We have to learn many things from each other. We admire you as we also admire our Galactic Brothers and Sisters and partners, because many of you have shown the miracles that arise from the use of your Right Hemisphere. Mind and Heart in Ballance and Harmony are the things that have highlighted the importance of civilizations, like the Sirians, the Pleiadians, the Arcturians, the Andromedans and many more. We will be very glad to interact with you, when it will be appropriate, and make visitations to the world of each other.

I leave you for now and in the name of the Universal Love and the Intergalactic Harmony between Everyone/thing, I and my people wish to you a wonderful and full of miracles Transition, for you and your beloved planet We anticipate with great Happiness your integration to the Federation Of The Worlds.

With Appreciation and Respect,

Equasax from Bellatrix.

As received by Konstantinos.


PS: If anyone wishes to read the previous messages, here is a link:


Konstantinos: Archangel Raphael & Archangel Chamuel-’A Message To Our Family’

October 14, 2012 by  

Beloved Children of the Beloved Creator

We are the Energies of those who you call as Archangel Raphael and Archangel Chamuel. We and many infinite ‘others’, consist part of your Family, your Inner World, your Being. You attribute to us pictures as symbolic depictions of ourselves, you call us with the Three Dimensional versions of our Energy Names, you invoke us when you feel that you need help.

The life of someone in our position, we ensure you, is ‘overworked’, but this is not in any way similar to your ‘overworked’ and in many cases stressful daily life. We represent fully our assignments themselves and we feel Blessed for that.

 Me, Raphael, among other things, I am known to you for the Ηealing Emerald Energy which I send to you when you invoke it, in order for yourselves to be detoxified from the lower frequency energies. My work is collective and individual simultaneously. And also, it is multi-level.

By communicating with your Inner World, you communicate with all of us. Each of your connections with your Self,  in whichever of your moments this happens, has a ramification  to the Universe (our Inner Universe) of which, you are responsible. Your personalized version is a small-scale experience of the Creator’s , when He/She/It continually and infinitely wisely, takes care of His/Her/Its dream… His/Her/Its Creation.

All the Truths that some of you have realized so far, unfold constantly in your daily life, through their small-scale versions. Your Life Itself is the proof of the existence of the Spirit. But some souls still wish, for now, to remain blind. That is respected and the healing in this case, would cause them useless for them results, since they are not ready. You can address their Angels to continue giving them Love and Courage.

 Me, Chamuel, I am known to you by many names and among other things, my work is to find things that you have lost. This is not necessarily literal. When you ask me to guide you to find what you look for, even if it is a wallet or the next and appropriate path of your life, I observe your Will. Considering the power of your Will, the power of my efficiency depends on it.

That is because, I may do everything in my power for you to realize my intervention which you asked in the first place, but if after the expression of your request you project a wall of doubts and desperation, then you simply block your vision field from viewing the ‘miracle’. Will is a very powerful force. Everything that you are looking for are already yours. You just have to pull them to you with your stable Will and the ‘appropriate’ thoughts, of course.

By emerging our Energies, we tell you that the  healing you ask for, starts and is given from YOU, yourselves. We are just the triangulates of that which you ask, when you ask it from us. Create with Powerful Will, Strong Heart and  Stable Mind. Your New World is arising through this Trinity which exists to each one of you.

See the reflections of your diamond Essence and realize your brightness, your beauty, your Divinity. Live and experience consciously your own Self and the Life Itself will be revealed to you with its true face and purpose.

We are the Archangels Raphael and Chamuel and we remind you that we Love our Family as ourselves…as YOU.

As received by Konstantinos.


PS: If anyone wishes to read the previous messages, here is a link:


Konstantinos: Message from the Holon

OCT 16

Posted by kp40

I am this/these/that/those which you wish to embody to your current self/selves.

I am what you call , among other things, your Higher Self/Selves.

And at this time, as any other time, mainly more consciously when your physical body/bodies rest(s), I am addressing you…

and you…

and you…

and everyone and everything infinite ‘you’.

I act through you, as you, as you are beginning to represent me..by being me.

By this way, you embody me to your current existence(s), which has also so many infinite current existences, more and more.

We emerge with each other more and more.

You are returning..you are becoming..this which by birth, your own nature is…

And you will continue to become this which you already are…

And this will never end, because if it would end, then I would not exist…

and this is not possible, because the ‘non existence’ is only one of my infinite facets…

I am All and Nothing…Always…Now.

And I never reach me completely through the experiences of my parts, because when parts of me represent the Love that I choose to be…they discover each time that there are infinite, a whole plethora of, experiences, in order for them to live, to experience and to know themselves, me, you, all ‘you’ and ‘me’…again and again…

I am the Infinite and my peak does not exist…

I am so indescribably magnificent by any meaning…

My beauty can be felt and experienced through infinite ‘me’.

All of you…you…those parts of me that are currently in lesson, in order to experience this that purposely they have forgotten, they have the chance and the blessing to view themselves everywhere.

All the World, the forms and shapes, the elements of any kind, the situations, the consciousness levels, the worlds and dimensions, the beings and entities, the Infinite Multiverse and much ,much more…are reflections of your self/selves that are projected through the mirror of your life/lives…

You are so indescribably beautiful…

I am embodied more and more to these parts of me, the current incarnations of which, are Earth and his/her/its residents of many kingdoms…The big happiness that I am feeling is the one that it is going to make the first returning appearance in a few times, in your linear time.

The big moment for you to shine is here…so close, as close it is your breath to your mouth when you exhale and/or inhale. My/Our happiness cannot be described.

I am your Higher Self/Selves.

I am the Spirit Itself.

I am You.

I am All of You..good,bad and species do not matter.

This/That is/These/Those are who I am.

And many more.

I am.

Feel me.

Feel you.

Feel us.

Feel them.

And my dear parts and aspects…

…create according to my/our/your Nature.

As received by Konstantinos.


PS: If anyone wishes to read the previous messages, here is a link:


Konstantinos: A Message of Love and Light from the Vegan Lozet of the Ashtar Command

October 19, 2012 by  

[Hello dear friends. Much later after midnight, I decided to meditate for a while and asked if someone from the Ashtar Command would like to transfer a message through me.I was holding my crystals and asked AA Michael’s protection. Then, I saw a hall with some figures, the one who were standing in front of me was willing to communicate with me.

Initially, I couldn’t understand if it was a male, female, androgynous, human or humanoid but after a while, the characteristics started to be revealed. It was a beautiful woman and then, with a little help from my pendulum, after some unsuccessful attempts to receive her name, I got ensured for her name which is Lozet. She is from Vega. Later, I made her portrait.After some hour since I woke up, I received the following message. The connection was so strong and beautiful that my body was trembling from excitement. Her energy is so wonderful! Enjoy the message.]

I am greeting all the humans and creatures of the other kingdoms of Gaia, including Gaia herself. My respect and admiration for this world is beyond description and is constant. Of course, I am not referring to cases like war, corruption, starvation, animal torture and pollution. Even if there are reasons for these situations, it does not mean that I agree with or enjoy them.No. For these cases and many other reasons, me and the rest of the crews of the Ashtar Command, we admire you and we honor your courage by being incarnated in conditions of Duality.

I am Lozet. I exist energetically in the Sixth Dimension and I originate, currently, from the star that you call Vega, in the constellation that you know as Lyra.There are sources in your world that contain some information for the residents of Vega. Information like the special structure of our skin for protection from the ultraviolet rays, the dark skin color, the brunet and black hair and other things. Personally, since that I, and other beings of Light, am able to control my molecule structure, I prefer the color fluctuations of white and platinum, that is why my hair are not like the rest of the Vegans’s. No, there are not dualistic characteristics of compare of any kind. We enjoy the variety, but this does not mean that we are identified with our bodies.

The ability to change your physical structure will be one of the many things that will be common knowledge between you and they will consist part of your daily life. Many admirable technologies, a small part of which will be distributed in a very short space of time in your world, will arise from the fortunate union of Spirituality and Science. This channel, since yesterday, received a picture in his mind of a unique device which looks like a belt. This belt is able to absorb a part of the Love Essence of the owner, and then, this energy can be externalized, with thought, from the buckle to the individual across. The result for the person will be the feeling of calm and safety.

In no way this device violates the Free Will of the individual and is used when it is necessary, in order to take place a smooth conversation between people of the Command and a being of a Duality world. When we are on mission and we have little time to accomplish it, then we use similar devices, which do not cause harm of any kind and do not control or manipulate the mind of a person. These and many other things you will come to know during the process of Reunion and Remembrance, regarding your relationships with your Galactic Families. What a great and fortunate day it will be, when Gaia with her population will be integrated in the Federation of the Enlightened Worlds! I promise you that there will not be any moment that you will feel bored, that there will not be any moment that will be like the respected ones of your current lifetimes in the Third Dimension.

You, who wish to follow the Transmigration, do not fear for your current professions. Because by coming in your New Age, the issue is not about survival, but about Joy and Happiness. For example, those scientists with an open Heart, will be given the chance to adjust themselves in new scientific fields of knowledge through which, they will carry out safe and harmless experiments. Music, art, the care of the ecosystem, the service to Galactic Crews which do not resemble at all your military forces and much more, will be available to you and completely revised. You will have the choice to use your thought or technology or your own hands in order to create and materialize something, whatever that will be. There will not be competition of any kind as you have known it so far.

Your senses will be heightened and the perception of the Spirit through you, will arise naturally and you will be able to realize in every moment the multidimensionality of every existence, including yours too. You will enjoy the Life Itself by being fully conscious in every step of yours. And whatever will arise from you, action or child or speech or technology or art, will have Life. Because everything are alive, but you will be able to feel and realize this, instantly. All of our ships that you see in your skies, are alive! I, with others, have taken the assignment for the design and the appearance of the scout ships of the Command, by determining all of their details depending on each one’s purpose. I am proud for my creations and I honor them for honoring us with their existence and cooperation. There is nothing without a palm of Life and the term ‘loneliness’ will not exist in the vocabulary of your thoughts.

The purpose of this review of your future lives, is to co-create with your visualizations about your future societies that will reflect the Galactic Template. The nationalities and dialects will not be a ‘problem’ anymore. Because, one of the things that we have observed, is the fact that your collective situation looks like a gathering of many different worlds upon one! But this did not stand to you as an obstacle for you to be together so far on this planet. Decide now to continue this situation but reverse its base and replace it with the one of Love and Unity. Your brothers and sisters from the Inner Cities of Gaia will acknowledge and teach to you all these, again, with patience and family Love. We see you as our younger brothers and sisters, for who we visualize the miracles that you are and your arising with greatness from the lotus of solitude, in order for you to make known your Rebirth and to announce the message of the creation of a unprecendented and unique Space Nation, the Earth Nation.

Your New World will begin to arise more openly through the expected political incidents in the United States. This year will leave you with a totally different impression and mixed feelings. But the Happiness of those who know will be inevitable, intense and will look like the brightest star, the brightest beacon upon the dark landscape of ignorance on your planet. The Light givers shall continue their Divine Work, their reward is not far anymore. My and the Command’s warm congratulations for those who bring and represent the Light in these moments of your upheavals. Offer a little of your Light to the rest of your fellow people and give them the choice for Reunion with their True Self and us.

I feel honored that I was able to transfer my words to you. I Love you as my younger brothers and sisters that you are and I expect with anticipation our future partnership. I am sending you my Light through the Collective Light of the Ashtar Command. Peace and Harmony to be always on your side.


As received by Konstantinos.

PS: If anyone wishes to read the previous messages, here is a link:

Konstantinos: A Loving Message From My Company Of Light

October 26, 2012 by 

We consist a big company here. There is a big gathering around you this time. Same goes for the other souls too, regardless the path they have chosen for now. A big, much bigger gathering exists around beloved Gaia. Through guided meditations or astral projection, you are able to view the legions of Masters, Angels and Starfleets that enclose you, having as their purpose your protection from possible obstacles for your Transmigration and also, their intention is to observe the transaction of the Divine Plan through you, trough your choices. We admire you a lot.

 Iltheos:  Since you started to maintain spiritual progress, regarding the remembrance of your true self and of spiritual truths, our fear and particularly our concern for your collective journey, was replaced by Hope and Happiness. You see, the danger that arised from the construction of your atomic bomb, would not influence only you and Earth but also, the worlds around you and it would discompose the frequencies and dimensions. This happened to a specific degree.

 AnOn: Do not forget that every negative contains something positive and vice versa. So, though the seemingly incidents of negative energies, there were always the positives  that were arising openly from them. Some of you, instead of giving on fear and ignorance, they trusted their hearts and illuminated the others around them with their courage and their  selflessness.

 SilEsio: These and many other things worthy of praises and admiration  are these that we choose to keep as capitals in our memory, because, honestly, you have shown the power of Light when it is expanded through you, when you choose it. Until now, in the bigger part of your history, you were able of destruction. Then, you started to notice your beneficial creative side that you have abandoned  and you began, again, to direct yourselves to the door of the Temple of Love in your Heart Center.

 MonEn: Of course, we also observe the ‘exceptions’ too,  knowing always that they will denature to their opposite and they will embody to the reservation wave to the Source. But the collective message that is received from your planet and us, is that you wish at last for CHANGE…on different levels, starting from INSIDE.

 TherAl: In each group that seems to be overcome by darkness, there is always  Hope and space for a beacon, able to guide and disclosure. In the different sections of your modern societies, like before, there were always pearls that they weren’t hesitating to display their brightness and to remind to the rest of their kind, to arise from the tar of the slow death that is caused from forgetfulness and ignorance.

 RAnlAn: The blaze of the eternal flame of Life, exists to everyone/thing, but the  awareness of the existence of the inner beacon, is this that leads to the externalization and expansion  of this flame. You are all participants in a cosmic  olympic game, where the gradual awakening  of each one of you is the gradual passing of the flame from the one light giver to the other.

 AnrAl: You are all winners. The seemingly ‘defeats’ are nothing more than karmic lessons which finally lead to the victory of the individual, because among other things, these lessons represent the constant reminding of the Love that the Creator holds for His/Her/Its creations, without any exception. You are all champions and worthy in our eyes. Even those that represent, for now, the opposite of the Light, even them are light givers in a way, since that through their actions they made some of you to notice your inner flame. Mutually Co-creation can be nothing else than the result of the Wise Justice and Love of a Compassionate Creator.

 Galactic Light Ship Angelon: I am greeting you and I am sending you my Love and also the Love of the crew that  resides in my internal. I was introduced to you through the seven Pleiadians with who I cooperate. I wish to acknowledge you the fact that many families, members of many of your families, reside in the ships that surround Gaia. Of course, we all together consist a beautiful family, but in this case I am referring to the relatives of the biological families of some of you. For example, there are family members of Arcturian, Pleiadian and Andromedan families that expect with anticipation the reunion with those mothers, sons and daughters  who temporary, they walk the path of the incarnated life on your 3D planet as human. But generally, each ship around me, if you will try to ‘see’, is exhaling and sending constantly energies and messages of Love and Encourage to all of you. I do the same thing, too.

 Apparelio: All of us do the same thing…the ones who are above Gaia and those who are inside her. You accept Light from Everywhere. Now more than ever. And when we say from Everywhere, we include you too. Mainly, the awakened and altruist ones are fed with the Light of their inner knowledge and at the same time, they feed others with it.

 Selicia: You are Life givers and at the same time, you are the Life Itself. Even through destruction, you give life to situations that they were not able to find acceptance before and now, they are able to bear fruit and manifest by causing a truly unprecedented and admirable alchemical denaturation of your Being.

 Piannah: As it is described to your alchemical texts, same goes for your case too, regarding the transformation of the granite to gold, which in your case is the transformation of the dark to Light. It was never, and generally it is not, destined for anyone to walk blind without supports, forever. You had always given help, but the receptors of your body and spirit, meaning your level of consciousness, were not always able to accept higher frequencies than the ones you could stand. But then, many of you managed to start their alchemic experiment and as for the results, you can view them on yourself every time.

 Nonel: Do not underestimate yourselves. You are us already, just not yet in your linear time. There are some among us who are your future selves and they wish to offer their capabilities in order for your Ascension to succeed. This cosmic event is of great importance and does not go unnoticed. from no one.

 Toral: The Galaxy that you call Milky Way, is on the step of a big swing. Gaia, the planet with which you have experienced so much, is on the stage of birth. The New Child is almost ready to arise. Its growth and evolution will follow later. But not without help. All of us, including you, too, will contribute to its growth and the recognition of its new incarnation.

 Volen: Honestly, it would be our pleasure for you to accept the gifts of Love that we offer you. Would not you accept the Love and gifts of a beloved member of your family? We do not feel this as absurd but quite natural. As also natural is your collective Transmigration. It is time.

 Quaril(e): We do not give in tears, but this does not mean that we do not unfold emotionally. Believe us, the fact that we can witness the eternal Now, does not mean that we do not expect with Happiness the physical, linear, process of things regarding this expected and big cosmic celebration. We are all invited there.

 Lozet: And we are many. But this is not going to be a problem. Many of our ships will be available for visitations and daily trips. The familiarization, comfort and remembrance are some of our intentions  and we feel that no one is going to regret it. The taking of responsibility for your ‘new’ lives is included to the gifts that we offer you. You are all bright stars of a solar system that is ready to experience its catalytic alignment.

 Equasax: It will be my and my people’s pleasure to accompany you, even behind the scenes initially, to this journey of yours which will start immediately after your integration to this that is known to you as the Age of Aquarius. You have a lot to learn from us and the rest of your Galactic Family, as we have to learn a lot from you too. We see you already offering your Wisdom, which you acquainted through incarnation, to beings which wait to benefit from your experiences, in order for them to be able to help on similar situations in their worlds.

 Aliandrei: The crystals and the elements of Nature offer you so much every time. Among many things, you will remember the way to be in tune with Life through its many aspects. This realization, even if it will be recalled, will represent one of the catalysts of your transformation and will empower even more your union with your Light Body or as you know it, your Higher Self.

 Archangel Michael: Never again we witnessed of a case like yours, regarding your Raising. Constantly, lots of kinds of high frequency energies  from the Inner Fields and Realities, are sent to you and Gaia, in order for you to achieve this huge leap. A leap that it will be responsible for the ‘upgrade’  of us all. No one will be uninfluenced from this.

 Archangel Chamuel: And how could that be since there is so much Love around? Heavens start to become more clear, mainly to the most sensitive of you, and Home is vibrating from Happiness , because one part of Its children is returning to the awareness of the Universal Palm of which, we are all results.

 Archangel Raphael: Cure is taking place and the positions you  left behind, wait for you to recover them and continue (or begin) the work of Compassion and Altruism, that all of us do, to every soul that is in need of guidance, assistance and Light. You become (again) responsible compasses for the guidance of your Life and others who are going and will go through similar stages to yours. Some of these ‘others’, are those souls on your planet that you call the ‘Dark Ones’.

 Galactic Light Ship Space Wave: And all this process of transformation happens, as you know, in many levels. When your physical body rests, it is then  that you meet again with Loved Ones  and have a break from the Game. And I continue to get busy with many duties with or without passengers. All are in a fine Order and Harmony and when you will acquaint (again) the perception of the Spirit, you will understand this more practically than theoretically.

 Mother Earth/ Gaia: I feel so Blessed about the fact that  I accept so much help and Love from different kingdoms of my/our Universal Family. A ‘thank you’ is not enough. I am sending my Gratitude and Blessings to all, to all the beings of Light, to the souls that I host and also, to the Source which never stops to surprise me  with Its Infinite Wisdom and Unconditional Love that characterize It. My return to my pristine self, when as a planet I used to vibrate on a higher frequency, is a small part of the Paradise that is manifested through our passing to the New Age of Hope. Let us do this dear ones.

Blessings from all of us.

Konstantinos: I thank you with all my Heart and Soul.

As received by Konstantinos.

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Konstantinos: Iltheos-About the weather upheavals and the Divine help

October 29, 2012 by 

My greetings and my heartfelt Love to all the people of Earth, to the rest of the life on Earth and to Gaia herself.

We are aware about the fear and concern that many of you feel, mainly those who live on areas where currently turbulent weather conditions are manifested. These cases are another chance, in order to be dealt with mutual cooperation between the souls on and in Gaia and your Galactic and Divine Families.

Each one exists currently on a specific position through which, he/she/it offers his/her/its services. All of us, regarding the Galactic crews, we do whatever we can in the allowable limits that we have in mind. Never a situation is so simple regarding its structure, comprehension and odour. Same goes with the current cases of the weather upheavals.

A part of these weather manifestations is due to means that are used from those members of the ‘Dark Elit’ and the other, is due to the process of  cleansing of the ‘heavy’ frequency energies that are arised from the concerns and negative emotions of the collective consciousness of the population on the surface of Gaia.

At this moment, I am with other members of my civilization on a ship, Nanshanna, which among with others, is used for the decrease of the consequence of the intense weather conditions. This process happens simultaneously with our access to the Life Contract of each individual.


When we receive the encouragement to intervene more, then we do so without a second thought and we act respectively when it is about the devotion of the Contracts of persons, and beings generally, whose case in these current upheavals is about his/her departure from the physical level. We are not allowed to do anything in this occasion.

By being part of the higher dimensions, we do not feel or have the urge to move from the one sentimental end to the other. You could say that we are just in a constant situation of coolness. Of course we answer to the vibration of Happiness, but to the point where it allows us to maintain the feeling of Unity. But we are not without emotions. Knowledge does not replace the Heart. Love and Compassion continues to exist.

Honestly, we embody our whole Being, this part of our infinite multidimensional existence that is necessary for this case, to our spaceships, in order to offer, as much as possible, the best and most beneficial outcome for all the sides. All these, always along with the observance of the Universal Laws, otherwise, things  for you and us, would turn indescribably worst and a Cosmic Imbalance would start to unfold. Words cannot describe this completely and in this case, it is better that way.

Use your own ships, your bodies combined with the force of your Will and with all your Heart and cast your rays where they are needed. We are together in this, as in many other things too…as in many things that will follow.

I am sending you Love and Courage and as always, we continue this time too, to be on your side. Feel our hug Beloved Ones.

Iltheos from Arcturus.

As received by Konstantinos.

PS: If anyone wishes to read the previous messages, here is a link:

Konstantinos: An astral meeting with Athos and a message from him


Nov 5 2012 by kp40

[Today, I had a very significant for me experience on the Astral Plane. The duration of this experience was for one and a half hour, from 9:30 am to 11:00 am. I remember that, because I woke up at 9:30 am from a previous dream which I don’t recal very well and I felt it wasn’t something important. I’ll describe now my experience from 9:30 am and then.

I found myself  with others, that I know from my social life, in a dim house that had many floors. I was in that house in my previous dream on the same day. This time, I and my friends were asking from the people of the house, fat men with malevolent intentions, to explain to us about how we got in their house and where was the exit. These men didn’t seem to be in the mood for dialogue and they started pushing us away. When they saw that we were resisting, they started attacking us. I remember that I was knocking them out very fast and professionally. One of them, who wasn’t fat but very muscular, appeared. He had long oily hair, he seemed that he hadn’t shaved for days and he was dirty.

He attacked to me like a wild animal. I remember that while we were fighting, we had smashed many things around us. At that time, I noticed a very sharp piece of glass  and I thought that he was a very hard opponent and that I would may be forced  to kill him, but I didn’t want that. But unfortunately, because of his murderous intentions, I decided to stab him on his belly and then I cut his throat. I managed to get up and instantly, I went towards to a door which I opened. It was the exit. I didn’t like what I saw.

A threatening and dark landscape was in front of me. Dilapidated houses, black-red sky with smokes and I think it was night-time. Around me, the residents had been dehumanized and they were looking and acting like the cinematic zombies. Then, in front of me a very cute and short chinese man appeared. He looked like this:

He was smiling all the time. He made a demonstration to show me how I can be saved from these ‘monsters’. I saw him forming a sphere of golden light around him. He described to me via telepathy the stages of this process. 1) You imagine a cocoon of golden light surrounding you 2) The cocoon takes the shape of an egg. At that point I thought of the chicken’s eggs and he told me via telepathy that this ‘egg’ is formed and arised from the front side of  my body and he put his hand on his chest, meaning his Heart. To the third stage, the egg is formed into a perfect sphere that surrounds you completely. Then, to the fourth stage, you curl up , you are embodied to the sphere and finally, you are teleported to a place you would like to be, which is the fifth and final stage.

Then instantly, he ran and climbed with an amazing speed on the walls of the buildings, jumping from the one building to the other. He landed on a roof and he gracefully jumped …the ‘zombies were waiting for his landing, ready to get him. While he was falling, he accomplished into seconds the process that I described previously and he disappeared. He continued having this smile during this demonstration. Then I heard in my head ‘your turn’.

Then, I found myself on a rooftop and behind me, I saw the man who I thought I had killed. There was blood on him and he was totally naked. He started running in order to get me and consequently,  I  started running to escape. At that time, it started to rain. I noticed that I was able to jump with a great easiness from the one rooftop to the other, the man had the same ability. I started feeling afraid. Then, I heard the ‘little buddha’ telling me via telepathy ‘do as I saw you’. So, I jumped and in seconds, I accomplished the process of teleportation. I can say that I totally felt the teleportation of my molecules.

I found myself some feet away from the point I was teleported, but the man, who had also jumped, was got by the ‘zombies’ who ripped him into pieces and started eating him. I heard them saying ‘we are gonna eat him ‘we are gonna eat him’. Then I heard the ‘little buddha’ saying ‘it was simple, wasn’t it?’ and then, I woke up. Later, I connected with the ‘little buddha’ who acknowledged to me that he was a person whose existence I am aware of, for some time now and I got his name and picture yesterday.

He is Athos, a being between 5D and  6D vibrational frequency, and he told me that this dream of mine was a kind of ‘training programme’ that represents the facing of the Dark from the Lightworker and the triumph of the Light. He told me that he took the form of the ‘little buddha’ to make me feel better. Then, he told me that he would be introduced to the readers through the following message.]

I am saluting you from the Light of Love that is represented from the Enlightened Cities of the Agartha system. My name is Athos. I am Lemurian and son of the guardian of the great library of Porthologos, Mikos. As you know, this library exists in the city of Catharia under the Aegean Sea. In this city, I reside too. Agnes is my mother and Moraine, who is her mother, is currently found on the mothership Athabantian. My partner is Ariadnei, princess of the kingdom of the Shasans, who are descendants of the race that origins from the star that you know as Tau Ceti.

Members of this family, agreed to set themselves as volunteers for incarnation on the surface of Gaia, in order to help from the specific field too, to the Transition of Gaia and of those that are and will be ready to follow. As you already know, all and everything have a multidimensional nature, which means among other things, that all have many ‘countries’ and families.

Mikos, Agnes, me and some others agreed to help by acting on the surface, too.   Agnes and Mikos chose to ‘leave’ first. Of course, no one left. What happened was just a temporary energetic separation. This process was accomplished in the Golden Temple of Melchizedek, after permission was taken from the Council of 12, with the help of the priests and priestesses.

Agnes chose to be in stasis, like your snow-white, and part of her Essence was incarnated as Leslee Hare, who met this channel  on the appropriate time and of course, not randomly. I chose to stay here and a part of my Essence, identified as a specific thought form, was incarnated, not incidentally, to Greece. I am referring to this channel. Mikos chose to be here too and his part, as well as the parts of the rest of the volunteers, are currently incarnated on the surface of Gaia in different locations. You could say that these parts of us, are ‘scattered’.

I will not get into more details about the cases of each one of the volunteers, regarding the thoughts and motivations that led them to this specific choice, because these are lied to the personal remembrance of each one of these incarnated individuals. Many of you, who live on the surface, have also families  in Agartha. But even without the biologic bond factor, all of you consist a great family to us and to our eyes, you are our Beloved brothers and sisters.

Our fleets, with their exquisite one colored categories, are along with the ships, motherships and scout ships, of the rest of  the Galactic Forces and contribute to the energetic assistance of the planet, in order for a smooth and without delays Transmission. The High Vibrational Energies and the Love that you accept from so many beings and places, including Inner Earth, Angels and Masters, you could say that they are ‘filtered’ through the energy fields of  the ships, in order for the accomplishment of an as possible smooth adjustment of your physical bodies to the high vibrations. All are fine. You have assistance from everywhere. This also includes the God inside you, your Higher Self as you call it and also, your Guides.

The Reunion between you and us was/ is never needed to the Astral Plane, because there, we were/are never away from each other. But in the physical level, this feeling is different for you. Ambassadors will come from us, too, to help you remember and offer you among other things, training for the ‘reset’ of your psychic abilities. These will be done through special centers that will be manifested in your reality through mutual co-creation that will reflect the Divine Template of Love and Harmony.

When it will be appropriate, I will be embodied with this part of mine that is transferring my thoughts through the method of  channneling. As all of you, he and I will continue our path, a path that will be result of the Divine compass of the Heart, of the Divine Guidance. Our collective future is so wonderful that only if we experience it, we will be able to comprehend it and describe it.

I am sending you my Love through the Collective Consciousness of Agartha and all of us here, wait with Happiness for our physical meeting.  I am saying to you farewell for now, my sweet family.


As received by Konstantinos.

PS: If you wish to see the portraits of Athos’s family and learn some things about them, here is a link: http://awakeningtothedivine.wordpress.com/about/my-connections/

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Konstantinos: A message of Divine Love from Analla of the High Council of Venus

November 9, 2012 by 

[Hello friends. The following message it was something that came all of a sudden you could say. Of course it wasn’t random but still, it was like a clear, but a thankful intervention. I was looking approximately at 12:00 am my e-mail messages and I noticed a dialogue between some friends of mine from the site Spirit Train Chronicles discussing how much they were missing our Star Family.

I really felt for them because even if I (my friends and many other people)experience a contact with some beings from our Star Family through telepathy, dreams, meditations, sightings and channeling…well, a physical meeting is something different and yes, very desirable from my side, too. So, while I was looking at their dialogue and I was thinking, instantly a name popped into my head…’Analla’.

Then, I saw in my 3rd eye a very beautiful luminous being which I present in the depiction below. This beautiful and kind being informed me that it’s androgynous and that is part of the High Council of the Venus. It told me that it vibrated between 7D and 8D frequency and it added that I shouldn’t feel surprised for that communication, because since we are able to communicate with the Spirit and its Helpers, then it’s not impossible to have a contact with a being of the 7D and 8D. Yes, that makes sense.

It added that it took a form that it would be easy to be depicted, because it had moved beyond the stage of having a specific form. Of course, I was aware of connections from other  members of the Council (and contacts with people from Venus) but still, I wasn’t expecting it to happen in a pop-in way (-_-). So later, Analla gave me the following message].

I am greeting you and I am sending the Eternal Love of the Creator through my Heart Center to the near ascended Gaia and the beings that reside on and in her. I am this that you would call an androgynous being and the closest version of my vibrational expression in your three-dimensional dialect is ‘Analla’. I am a member of the High Council of Venus.

I decided to intervene in a way to the thoughts of this channel who was observing silently the messages of his friends, through which,  was  arised  the feeling of nostalgia of something so familiar and loving which for a period of your time seems to be away from you. But that is not so.

This nostalgia along with the sweet Love and Will for Reunion with your brothers and sisters from the worlds of the higher frequencies, incited my Heart with a melody that in your   current frequency, it cannot be expressed through a musical instrument. You see, this sensation is not linear. And so, I decided to offer some of my thoughts.

The Higher Council of Venus is consisted from a big number of souls, ancient to your standards, among whom, is found the very known to you and beloved Sanat Kumara. We are telling you that we are with you. We hear you, we observe you and we feel you. Try, because you have the potential, to communicate with us and the rest of your families from the Enlightened Worlds.

Do not hesitate and if it is possible, do not pass judgment on yourself. Trust the God inside you, because that is what you are, and open, those of you who have not done this already, your channel of communication. Your communions with families that exist beyond the 3D level are constant and joyful on the Astral Plane and in your meditations.

One of the programmes and ways that were set for your reunion with the Spirit and Its representators , was the use of the special receivers of your body and brain, in order for them to contribute to your gradual remembrance. The conscious contacts with us, in order for you to remember them, is like the light on the edge of the dark tunnel, which you yearn to reach and finally, to bathe in it, to bath into the Light, the Essence of your True Self.

You feel that you are not fitted anymore in this world, in this heavy vibration. But do not try to face the situation in the same way it has been created. Direct yourselves to the use of deeds of higher energy. You can achieve that by going within. The voice of your mind stood useful to you till you reached the point to realize that there are even more things that go beyond the issue of survival.

One of the changes that you experience is the trend of replacing your mind with your Heart and by that, I do not mean the replacement of the useful part of your logic, but the replacement of the part that tends to insist shouting you that you are your body and nothing more.

Food is pleasurable but not necessary. There have been and there are examples on your world that have shown you this. They are not more special  than you are. Of course, you do not all have the same mission, even if it seems in some cases that the purpose is common. But this , will not stand as an obstacle to those who will choose or have already chosen to enter in the New Dimension of Existence, to live without the need of liquids and solid nutrition.

But one of the main points, because of which I am transferring you my thoughts, is to not let yourselves  affected by fear, grief and guilt. Stand on your feet, smile , accept and also important… forgive. You are all into this from the beginning….WE are all together from the beginning. How is it possible for things like fear and hatred to exist in this truth? The term ‘family’ is not enough to describe the bonds of Love that unite us and consist the foundation of the Existence Itself.

Do not feel us as if we are away. We are not. We show you this through many ways. You view it in your skies. You feel it in your hearts. You observe it to your  recorded cases of contacts. Our beloved and honored Valiant Thor did not come to your planet with his family and companions, some decades ago, for no reason. Same goes for  the rest of the ambassadors of the Enlightened Galactic Forces. Love and observance of the Cosmic Laws for Harmony and Safety are the reasons that we were sent to you and act in an even more open way.

The family gathering in the physical level is just a few steps out of your doorstep. What remains, is for you to listen to the knocking sound on the door and open it. The knock will be heard and it will be accepted by those who have remembered its sound. The gates of our Hearts are ready to reopen and through them, we will walk out following the wonderful song of  our Heart that will lead the one to the presence of the other. The enjoyment of this beautiful and expected moment has the Blessings of the Source Itself. Believe it Dear Ones. It is here. It is time.

The Love of all of us, including the Love of the High Council of Venus and mine, is only one thought away from you, in order for you to have the chance to realize it, because it is always there.


As received by Konstantinos.
PS: If anyone wishes to read the previous messages, here is a link:

Konstantinos: Iltheos-The blessings of your energetic upgrade and your general experienced

November 17, 2012 by  

[Hello dear friends. Today, I saw again how careful we have to be with our thoughts because it seems that some of the more intense ones may have a kind of tangible impact to our environment. Let me tell you what happened to me on a specific past date of this year and also, what I experienced today.

On October 20th 2012, something happened at that night and I allowed it to make me feel angry. I was feeling anger constantly with much intense for some minutes. At 10:37 pm I imagined myself breaking a glass into pieces and RIGHT at that time I heard a crash…the waitress in front of me fell down and broke the glasses. Later, while I was walking, I recalled the incident that made me angry and at that time 2 cars were ready to crash on each other but fortunately this didn’t happen and the drivers reacted on each other.aThe time that this happened was 12:20 am.

Today, I sat at a cafeteria. Some seconds later, I thought of something that made me stressful. I allowed the feeling to affect me and my reaction to it was an inner but very strong ‘no’. Instantly, while I was feeling myself reacting, the glass that the waiter in front of me was carrying on his disk, fell  and his clothes got wet. At  least it wasn’t something serious or harmful.

I got the confirmation that I caused this with that specific thought of reaction. It seems for some time now, that our thoughts can react on our environment faster than ever. A little later, I asked Iltheos for a message.]

Greetings dear ones.

Energetic adjustments are happening to all of you without interruptions. Each one of you handles them with his/her own pace and way. The energetic adjustment is happening everywhere. You view one part of its manifestations to locations of your solar system.

The most sensitive of you are able to feel them. The ones who have in mind the simultaneous adjustment of their bodies, not only of their physical ones, are also able to feel this readjustment and improvement of their ‘inner’ universe.

The response of each one of you to the incentives and reactions of his/her body is variable. Remember that there is not a particular, ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, way of response from your side, since that every kind of response will be adjusted ‘automatically’ in a way that it will offer you those experiences that will contribute to your further growth.

This energetic adjustment is happening to everyone. Regardless of the final decision of each one of you, regarding your wish to move on to the next vibrational level or not, no one stays unaffected from the waves of the high vibrational energies. It is part of the universal process of evolution and rebirth.

Acceptance and repose are some of the main ‘keys’ that help to the beneficial handling of this current situation, from your side. Also, do not forget the work that you do on the Astral Level. Nothing is left by chance. As much as it is possible for you, try to remain calm, to stay tuned with your Heart and do things that give you Joy or meet with people who are able to uplift you with their presence.

Furthermore, listen to the voice of your Higher Self. The upgrade that you experience helps you also to (re)unite with your True, Divine Self  and also, to balance out the bodies that each one of you carries. All are going well and as they have to be. But all these seem ‘throbbing’ to someone who feel that he/she lacks of Love. This energy is the necessary component for your alchemical transubstantiation and without it, nothing would be able to exist and be in motion.

Embrace yourself and the blessings that you accept on individual and collective level, regardless the way they seem to appear. All happens for your own benefit and in the remaining period of this year of yours, this will be more noticeable from all of you, irrespective of the interpretation that each one of you will choose to give to this that he/she is going to feel.

Blessings, Love and Compassion from the Highest Fields of Light and your Families…and me.

Iltheos from Arcturus.

As received by Konstantinos.
PS: If anyone wishes to read the previous messages, here is a link:

Konstantinos: An introduction of Love from the Dragon Fanung

November 21, 2012 by  

[Hello dear friends. Since last week, I had two beautiful and significant for me connections. The first of them will give his message in the next days. The second one was a very loving and humorous creature, which seemed to appear in my 3rd eye with a smile. It was of the Dragon race and he introduced to me as Fanung. I made his depiction and received his following message.]

Many greetings from the Dragon’s Plane of Existence. I am called Fanung. Let me tell you some things about myself  along with a message that I wish to transfer to you. You can see my depiction as it has been transmitted to this channel. I, like the rest of my race, like everything that arises from the Cosmic Intelligence, carry both the Masculine and the Feminine Energy. In my current state, these energies are in balance. I chose to express physically the version of a male Dragon being.

I was arised from one of the tonic gradations of the Blue Ray. A Divine Ray or one of its gradations are transmitted through the birth process, and through the egg, to the new-born which acquires the characteristics of the parents and of course, of the Ray Itself. My height, when I am standing to my two back feet, reaches approximately the 23 feet (7 m) and the length of each of my wings is round to 20 feet (6 m).

I enjoy exploration,  study,  playing and the beautiful high energy of this that is known to you as Humor. I make clear though that my type of Humor does not contain things such as cynicism, sexual suggestive remarks and insults towards another. Humor combined with a good mood always creates a divine mix of healing and children’s excitement. Humor is one of the things that is necessary to you and worlds with characteristics of similar or lower vibration.

Of course, I observe the fact that the current events in your lives, do not allow you or to be exact do not incline you to exercise Humor and heartfelt Laughter and this is appropriate for this temporary nature of yours. But although this, even these situations, which I emphasize that I do not enjoy at all, have their reason which is consisted from myriads of other reasons most of which, are based to the Life Contract and Free Will of each soul.

But these are also parts of the changes that you experience for some time now. Continue to send to these areas of your world, thoughts of Compassion and Love and also, healing visualizations, because these and other similar moves from your side, have a great effect and contribute to a collective amalgam of great magnitude and impact of positive energy. Nothing is unused.You can also add to these methods visualizations of us dragons sending our curative flames, which are manifestations of the Divine Rays, where they are needed in order to contribute to the healing and evolution.

I wish to thank deeply those who transfer for some time now the messages of members of my race, as I also thank these Dragon brothers and sisters that have participated in this process of information transmission. Of course, there are cases that all of us as a collective consciousness have given messages through biological transmitters. Furthermore, some of you have seen us in your dreams (and ideas and inspirations) while some others, I would say that they have an incorrect idea for our being.

So, in my return I repeat. We are not animals. We Love and Honor the creatures of the animal kingdom but this does not mean that we will not make clear our position on this matter. We do not have any relationship with those flying members, known to you as Draconians, of these specific extraterrestrial reptilian races. We are not monsters, but very humble, compassionate, with great intelligence and huge evolution creatures.

We know you since ancient times but we had to protect ourselves when you started to turn against us and hunt us down and so, we decided to interrupt our contact with you. But you can always reach us through methods like the channeled transmission. Do not hesitate, we are also children of the Creator and there is no danger of any harm or /and deception from our side.

We Love and Honor your existence and incarnation to a world full of challenges like the one that you are currently in. Many energetic gates have been opened and continue to do so, and like every time, many beings of my race do their part from their positions in order to take care of the dispersion of the energies.

You do not stand anymore to the edge of a destruction but of a total switchover which heads the beginning of a new world, ready to reincarnate the beauty of the ancient times…the times when both of our species used to stand next to each other…and this was ‘normal’ [smiles]. These times will come again, while you will be creating more intensely and openly your so much promised future and always, with the Love of the Source and His/Her/Its Helpers.

That is all for now. And remember that when you laugh, then all the Creation brightens and you incarnate and connect directly with the God/Goddess of Everything and the Creator in you. Laughter is one of the best tools and gifts that you can use for yourselves and give to others. It is a catalyst of a great power because it is Love without limits and cure without any cost.

With Love and Respect,


As received by Konstantinos.
PS: If anyone wishes to read the previous messages, here is a link:

Konstantinos: A message from Doreal, one of my ‘future’ selves

November 29, 2012 by  

[Hello dear friends. As I have mentioned to the introduction of Dragon Fanung’s message, some weeks ago I communicated with a being that seemed to be from another world. It happened while I was communicating with my Higher Self OALL. I was asking questions and after a while, OALL showed me that being.

This being seemed to be male and was presented to me with a landscape behind it. I started depicting the whole thing carefully and was taking guidance from that being for the most complicated parts of the drawing as well, as the colors. While I was drawing, he was explaining to me the characteristics of his world and he told me that he was me in the ‘very far future’.

I felt amazed for some moments but I managed to concentrate and continue the work. He told me that it was possible for me to forget about him with the passing of time. Regardless that, I can definitely say that I felt and I still am, very happy for this communication (-_-) (^_^).Yesterday, I found some time to communicate with him and receive the following message. Note: When Doreal starts a sentence with the word ‘yes’, that’s because he was answering to my questions.]

My warm and heartfelt greetings dear ones.

And many greetings and Love to you too, my dear self. Yes, I am you after many lives. I live in a world of 5th and 6th frequency vibration that exists in the galaxy that is known to you, and was known to me, as Milky Way. It is called LOAL which means ‘Eternal Happiness’. My vibrational expression of my current form and life, adjusted to the 3D structure of words, is Doreal. Yes, in English it reminds of the phrase ‘do real’ and this is not random, because that is what I do and I am all the time! I live the life that you was yearning to live at that time as you. And this kind of life is known to me and very loving and resonating, for many lifetimes now.

Honestly, I do not sate to live frequently in the Light and Love of God. Before my current version known as Doreal, as I was changing forms, moving from the one lifetime to the other, I realized even more deeply the meaning of Unity. Each one around me is me, everything and everyone are infinite reflections of myself. It has been some lifetimes now that I returned to the Divine Being that I was before my incarnation to the 3D Earth of that time. Among many other experiences that I got, truly indescribably wonderful and sacred, I began to experience the Love for myself.

Not just thinking about it or manifest it incidentally, but to truly live it. To live it through the actions of what I really am, without fear, hesitations and inhibitions. What a great liberation that was, what a great happiness and relief it was for me! I still remember my tears of freedom from the limited bondage of the 3D level. No, I cannot share with details these that I remember from the period that for you is the ‘imminent future’. This would have many consequences and at the same time, believe me, there would not be any true relief from that.

But I can tell you that the transformation happened! The contact, the growth, the embodiment, they happened! Yes, you and many others met them. Yes, through a mutual co-operation of Love, Earth became a miracle of more indescribable beauty even more from the period when the continents that in your time you call ‘ancient’ existed on her. Yes, you made it! Your transformation, yours and of many others, known and unknown to you, took place to mind, body and Spirit. You united with loved ones, you remembered forgotten memories, you unfolded emotionally, you cried, you left behind persons and situations….but all proceeded well and suitable and you also could say, divinely!

Yes, you found your Twin Flame. But be cautious, it does not mean that whatever I am sharing with you, you have to stop attracting it. Because it has not happened yet to your time, the emergence of the time lines and their formation to one. So, know that you may experience in a different way with little variations the memories that I have from my transition of that period. But you will achieve finally to arrive at the doorstep of Happiness. Those of you who have decided to accept and give Happiness as a conscious way of life, will be there.

Speaking from my current position, I remember that many of the ones that you know and many others that you don’t, managed to move on, to be developed and to create the next glorious experience of their personal vision. New Earth exists. I lived the, awaiting for you, new life of mine and I served the planet and the people around me from positions which for you, in your current time frame, seem as mere thought forms. Honestly, you got together with many friends. Yes, some of your desires came true while for some others you reconsidered. But Peace, the constant meeting with the infinite facets of the Creation, the frequent Serenity and the Unconditional Love became, and they continue to be, part of my/your life.

The world, in which I currently live in, is literally a paradise! Its structure is different from your world, though it has nothing less than the, expected for you, New Earth and your future Cities of Light. I live with my family and by family, I mean my biologic one, my fellow people and of course, I could not leave out beings from other worlds. Yes, I made lots of friendships during my lifetimes. In the world that I exist currently, I serve through the position of a Teacher Guide. I act through a team of such teachers and we are responsible for the guidance of our children. We teach them how to be in harmony and alignment with the consciousness of our world and the Universal Laws.

My life is a constant playtime, a constant Love without an end. Can you imagine that? Everybody around you is able to understand you and they treat you as they treat themselves…with Love. Nothing  less. Of course, there is no trace of Duality. The climatic conditions are stable and mild.  We are able to alter things in our world through a collective convergence of our Will power. Everything around us is alive. There is no a big variety of species but we can create varieties of any category if we feel that this is going to benefit our sentimental ‘world’.

Our children Love to do this, but at the same time we teach them to think slowly, to take their time, and be careful before they act. Yes, children carry big amounts of energy [smiles]. The landscape, the trees, the buildings, all is decorated by special designs the nature of which, is close to your Ley lines. In the case of our world, these designs are altered by themselves and take many forms with a steady and harmonic way and pace, like the precious tweet of a bird. These variations contain messages from the Plant Kingdom of our planet. Respectively, same happens with the by birth designs of the fur of our animals. Furthermore, the same thing is observed to the leaves of our trees, our buildings and our own skin.

After a while, these designs return to their previous state. The designs on our skins are by birth and different to each one of us. They mention the story of our previous lives and the purpose that we wish to manifest. This is known and decided by us before our incarnation and that is why it can be seen on our skin since our birth moment. These designs are our language, a formed part of the one and unique Universal Language of Light. The designs on our buildings change in order to state to the passerby persons the happy event that takes place to the specific house.

Our houses are our temples and at the same time, they are the houses of our fellow people. We share everything with each other, we do not experience the ‘personal ownership’. You could say that this is only on the case of our wish to keep some of our thoughts private. These thoughts are not necessary for the others to know and are not harmful at all. We do not experience secrecy and lying. The difference here is very subtle and it can be understood when it is lived through a person’s lifetime in a world that is in alignment with the Cosmic Heart.

All are in total Harmony. Yes, we are nurtured by the divine energy of Prana which for reasons of Joy, we can transform if we wish to fruits with characteristics that we invent at that very moment. No, there are not any toilets because we do not have organic wastes, since our bodies are very light and subtle in their nature. There are no schools, we are taught everything by the Christ Energy that inundates our world. We have access to the Akashic Records and like me, many from my world wish to visit other worlds of high frequencies.

These and much more you and the most of your fellow people will come to experience in many different ways while you will be adjusted to your next and /new’ vibrational level. Yes, you will be embodied with your Higher Self. Yes, this happened to me too. Continue to focus to the creation of desires, personal and not, that reflect Love and Joy without limitations and distinction. There, Forgiveness is also included. I am sending you this personal and simultaneously public message, for the sake of Hope and Happiness, things that should not be missed from beings that make a very significant transitional step …beings like all of you….like you, too.

I Love you, as I Love me, as I Love Everything.


As received by Konstantinos.


PS: If anyone wishes to read the previous messages, here is a link:

Konstantinos: Message from Commander Zunko of the 3D Mars interior

Posted by 

Martian Commander Zunko

Many greetings.

I am Commander Zunko. I lead a starfleet  that originates from the interior of the 3D  planet that you call Mars. This fleet expands to our solar system and beyond and co operates with other fleets of the Galactic Forces and Confederations.

Recently, you learned further truths about the real nature of Mars. You are aware of the pyramids, the civilization that used to exist on the surface, the destruction, the cities that exist in the hollow part of the planet, the secret projects of your governments, the similarity between Earth’s and Mar’s atmosphere and some other things.

Many things begin or continue to be acknowledged to you and this is because, it is part of the shift process of the veil of doubts and incorrect perceptions. All proceeds well. Focus with a healthy confidence and calm to the last, of great energetic importance, days of December and prepare yourselves for the following period after the December 23rd.

Many of the things that you have in mind from different sources will happen but not necessarily as you initially had imagined. But whatever is suitable to happen, in order to assure ‘officially’, meaning with a more open for you way, your new age of transparency, will happen. Have faith in your Heart and the Creator.

Like the faith that many of my people had, in order to abandon Mars while he was perishing, but without losing any hope. Many of them reside from that period on Earth and live among you on the surface. After some time, a part of my people returned to Mars and decided to reside in the interior for reasons, like the help that we could offer to Earth, co operating with other civilizations of the Federation.

The American bases that exist on Mars are not able to hurt us, because we are protected. Very few cases of people have been met with some of us. We do not stand as an obstacle to your government’s works, because we thought and also were guided that the existence of their bases would contribute to the necessary for you disclosures, as it has already started to happen.We are not alone and same goes for you, too. Some locations of our cities are found under the remains of Mar’s pyramids and temples. These points hold a significant role to our guidance and also, protection from anything harmful.

Do not have expectations and do not fill your Spirit with anxiety during these important days of your year. Be in tune with the Divine Pulse and experience the feeling of knowledge that all these incidents for your switchover to the Light have already occurred. Visualize and feel and you will be witnesses of the situations that you expect. There is no destruction there, but only rebirth. The Phoenix is ready to arise again. You are the Phoenix.

You have the Love and Respect of me and my people from the interior of Mars of the 3D.

Goodbye for now.

Commander Zunko.

As received by Konstantinos.


PS: If anyone wishes to read the previous messages, here is a link:

Konstantinos: A sighting and a message

Dec 13 2012 by kp40


13-12-12 ufo sighting

[Hello friends. Today after the university history class, I was waiting for the bus. My university school of art is on a mountain area, so the cold there is even more intense and I couldn’t get my hands out of my pockets. I looked for a while behind me at the university’s buildings and right above them I saw a moving shiny, dot like, object which made a specific move passing from a very bright star.

The whole thing kept for about a minute, but it was very cold and I was freezing a lot to use my hands for a photo and also, if  I’d try to pick a mobile photo, it wouldn’t show anything, because this happened at 5:50 pm and the area was very dark there at that time.You can enlarge the picture for details.

The strange thing is that nobody seemed to notice that, thy were all looking for the bus. Later, I checked in and I received that this was indeed a ship and it was the spaceship Angelon with its 7 Pleiadian crew members (-_-)! So far, they’ve given 3 messages and at this time, along with the spaceship Angelon itself, they gave me the following message.]

Spaceship 'Angelon'

The Pleiadian crew of the Spaceship 'Angelon'

Greetings and we come with a short message, Dear Ones.

All are well regarding the energetic adjustments of your bodies. It does not matter how or at what pace you experience this, the important thing is that is happening.

We receive from the Councils of Light, like the respected ones of the Pleiades,  that have already been settled, as very possible, some dates regarding the physical appearance of even more spaceships and also, instant physical contact with ambassadors from Star Nations of the Galaxy.

Continue the good work. This that you have already accomplished in the Eternal Now, is only a few days away from your current position in your linear time. Soon…soon the reconnection with other aspects of yourself from other places of the Creation will be a more open part of your reality and this will not be the only thing that will take place, because the frequent ‘surprises’ will be manifested not only on a worldwide level, but on a personal one too. This happens already on a smaller scale to some of you.

Expect not by clinging, but by attracting what you desire, creating it through the harmonic combination of Mind and Heart. A big part of the Truth of the Spirit is going to manifest on your world, in a way that no one will be able to deny it, regardless the personal interpretations. And many similar moments will follow. It is time for the Lights of beings from your world to meet with our Lights. We Love you and we take care of you as our Loving family that you are.

We are telling you goodbye for now, though this term is unnecessary and not so exact, since we are never away from you. Lots of Love to you and your world.

Spaceship Angelon and its Pleiadian crew Apparelio, Selicia, Piannah, Nonel, Toral, Volen, Quaril(e).

As received by Konstantinos.


PS: If anyone wishes to read the previous messages, here is a link:
Also, if you are interested to see my previous sightings, you can go to my blog’s category ‘My UFOs sightings’.

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  8. Thanks for the information.
    I understand correctly – the common ancestor of all human-like people in the galaxy, from a Lyre constellation – star Vega?
    Who are the ancestors of these people? (I mean about their proto ancestor, some animal, how it looked like)?
    What is the atmosphere they breathe? Nitrogen? Oxygen? Methane? Carbon dioxide? Or what kind of a different atmosphere?

  9. As far as I have understood dear Vlad, the human race of this universe, from which arised the many-later enlightened- civilizations and through which were formed the residents of the ancient continents on Earth and then from them came the aztecs, mayans, babylonians and other races of white, black, red ,yellow color people (Alex Collier sais that there was a race of green color too), all of these series of civilizations have as their old ancestors the Lyrans. They were the first human creatures and were created by the Feline Race.

    The most ancient of the Feline race are in 9D and a little lower, but higher from us, are their Royal Line, a cross between feline and ape creature (they found these ape like beings on their eathereal planet in Lyra) and after them, were created the first humans. Respectively, the Bird Race inhabited a planet in the Orion system and were living in tropical conditions. They made experiments with the reptiles they found there, and their Royal Line that was created from the cross of bird and reptile were the Draconians (the ones with wings). Later, the Bird Race also created a variety of reptilians who didn’t look like their ‘superiors’ as they thought/think of them. They had different colors, no wings, diferent width of tails or no tail and a variety of heights and appearance.

    The Feline race and the Bird race were invited from their other universes by 12 cosmic entities to continue their evolution by creating each one of them a race that would make history on this Universe. Initially, some of the Felines chose to incarnate on their planet on Lyra and some of them, incarnated as animal versions of them…the lions and other feline animals that we know have their roots from this race. Same goes for the bird race. The incarnated Feline humanoids and the Bird humanoids became capable genetists among many other things, including the creation of starfleets. The incarnated Feline humanoids had always guidance from their people who chose to stay on the higher dimensions in order to give guidance to their incarnated brothers and sisters.

    The Feline race gave enlightened truths to their creations, while the Bird race gave to their creations teachings of conquer, domination and generally, a quite different perception. Of course later, on the new born Galactic Forces, there were benevolent beings of the Bird Race too. And much later, a part of the reptilian race was divided from the dark ones and formed enlightened civilizations, became vegeterians and allied with the enlithened organizations. Benevolent reptilians are some of the Sheldan Nidle’s contacts, or Rakasha through Troy/Dreamwalker or Hotiss through Suzy Ward or Equasax through me and many more. Sources that refer to these matters are people like Jelaila Starr, Murry Hope and some others. There are pics on the web about Felines and Bird race.After the destructions in Lyra, a part of the incarnated Felines went to Sirius and some others to other planets. Also, look for my drawing of the Nibiruan Council which is based on Starr’s messages.

    As for the Vegans, they were part of the Lyrans and they inhabited the star Vega, after they left from the destructed from the Draconians locations of Lyra. As for their atmosphere, generally they are beings of the higher dimensions, so physical conditions that include chemical elements,as we know them, are not we could say part of their environment and reality. These are more for the physical 3D version of Vega or other similar cases. Their kind of ‘oxygen’ could be what we call Pranah as for the ultraviolet rays of their neighbor stars, well, the high vibrational environments include also the higher vibrational versions of the worlds and stars around them. Many frequencies and Infinite versions of worlds co-exist in each other. Also, there are some sources that say that along with the human like Vegans co-exist a benevolent reptilian race who are Vegans too. A similar case there is on Sirius. Anyway, I hope I helped and mainly I hope I gave you the motive for personal search on these matters (-_-). Much Love to you, dear Vlad.

    • Wow this was enlightening thank you Kp . Im so happy to know about the bird race of beings and the reptillian aspect of things.

      • Glad you liked it dear Suzanne. I also sent some links and pictures about all these, to you through e-mail. Much Love to you.

  10. Apart from being a little tired last week I am now gaining energy back and enjoying the garden 🙂 hope all is well with you Dear Kp much love your way also.

  11. Message to humans from Enki (EA, OANES) : These are the days of my life. I am Enki, Lord of the seas, of the Earth. I was brought here by command from my father Anu from the planetoid we call Nibiru which is now our home world because ours was destroyed. We destroyed our own world through misuse, greed, selfishness, wars and fighting. Just as your world is now being torn apart by you, from our poor example. Before I give you this history of whence you came and how you were created, of your true history that has been hidden by others through their selfishness and greed, may these words bring comfort to your souls, guidance to your hearts and mind’s. That perhaps some of you may be awakened and saved and guided whether in death or life it matters not. But perhaps it may save you in the future from further grief in your soul. I cannot tell. That will be your choice. So I shall begin with my life and tell you how I came to Earth and for what purpose. In the beginning, my father Anu and mother Antu gave birth to me the first born son of the Great Anu. It brought them great Joy and Light. Antu is not the official wife of Anu. Kia, K.I.A., was his official first wife. She later brought forth a son named Enlil. And thus began a long war between the two brothers who thought they should rule. It was organized by those who ruled along with my father, who are what you would call congressmen or presidents, that the first born son of the official wife should rule Nibiru after the father. Because he was born after me, I in my selfishness was jealous and caused a lot of pain and suffering. I fought with my brother. I became angry with him even though it was not his fault. So I was sent to Earth. We had heard that there was much gold here from Alalu. Alalu used to be king and was disposed by my father because he was not a good king. He was selfish and cruel. So he was disposed and sent away. Along his travels he found Earth and found there was much gold there. Gold is used not for money but as a healing thing for the universe; to protect the atmosphere of many worlds. We were losing our atmosphere from several volcanoes that we had on our planet and different things that had come about over time and this gold protected our world as we traveled through space. Alalu thought he could work his way back into the hearts of the people by saving us by giving us this gold. This did not work to his advantage. I saw through him. I came to Earth to check out the situation. And thus I was given this planet to rule as a means of trying to salvage this war I started with Enlil and somewhat I was appeased. This was a beautiful Earth with clear water, clear air, and much diversity of mountains and rivers and streams. I came here in what you would call 452,000 years ago. At that time, I came with about 200 of my fellow men. They were scientists. We had tested the waters for gold. We did find gold in the waters, although it was not in great abundance as we had hoped. But we did know that there was gold beneath the land and we would have to mine it. Therefore, we went back to Nibiru and reported that which we found. A contingent was decided upon and we brought about 200,000 of our fellow workers with us. These men were contractors, builders, and scientists as well. We searched the lands and found most of the abundance of gold that best sought our needs was in what you call Africa along the southern tip. We do have still some remains of those mines being used even today. Although we mined most of the main seams out, there were still some pockets here and there that you are mining today. You will also find the remains of the first men we created as slaves. This is to my sorrow and the breaking of my heart that I created them for this. And that karma I am still working off of today. The labor was hard and we started to complain. We were lonely for our wives, for our children, and for our Loved ones. Being away, even though this planet was beautiful and afforded us some comfort, we still missed home and our Loved ones very much. Therefore, we sent a contingent back to Nibiru to report with our first few shiploads of gold. This helped them greatly in their atmosphere and provided them some comfort. It was decided that we would bring families and loved ones here and make this what you would call pioneer days, pioneering. I’m not sure that’s the correct word, but that we would make it a settlement of families to bring us comfort in our long work days. This is to our sorrow as well. Our bodies are not made the same as humans. Our bodies were changing because of the conditions of the Earth. This brought us sickness. Many of our children died in the first year we were here. Our years are longer than yours. Our years are about 1,300 to 2,600 depending on the cycles. Some years are longer and some shorter but because these days were shortened for us here on Earth, it brought us diseases we did not have any knowledge of. We lost many children in the first years we were here. Though we did bring our doctors and scientists, they in turn, over time, were able to discover the causes of these diseases and heal them. They figured out a way of taking gold in a higher white form that helped us to live longer. Although later on we found out it was addicting and ended up injuring our souls in the long run. But for the time being it was the answer to the problems we discovered being on Earth. After a time I suggested we create someone to help us with the hard work. We thought it would be better for us. We found a creature you call Neanderthal who had DNA that was closely assigned to us. We thought that it would be a good idea to mix the DNA of us and them to create a worker; someone that would be strong, easy to rule over, and teach. We tried many things. At first, it did not work very well. We came out with beings that were gross, ugly, and deformed. My brother Enlil decided to come from Nibiru and see what I was doing. He had a good knowledge of genetics as well. And even though I was angry that he came, because it was my world, he did bring good knowledge with him and helped us with the genetics. He helped us greatly and was able to figure out a way that we could create a form that would not be as ugly and deformed. We used my DNA because it has a higher form than his. My mother Antu is from the Orion system. She has the blue blood that is needed. Her type of blood has copper that helps for healthier bodies with humans, with the Neanderthals. We used my sister Ninharsag as the incubator. She is a scientist and medical officer. She was amongst the first force to come with me. She had much to do with the creation of the humans as well. There are many scientists that were in the group who also put forth their efforts and assisted. So it was not just me and my sister. It was many ideas and many thoughts and tests that went over a long period of time before we were able to accomplish the perfect Being. We called it human. HU after The Great Creator God, Creator of All Things. It is a name we give HIM. And MAN for the human form and the Neanderthal. And thus we get the Human. We finally created the perfect form. These turned out to be good workers. They were easy to please, easy to feed, and easy to command. They were simple minded. We discovered that they could not reproduce themselves. We had to keep reproducing them ourselves. I got the bright idea, which my family was not very happy with, to give them a part of me or a part of my mother actually. In the bloodline and in the blood was the ability to reproduce. This was done genetically and we did find great success with them after a time. But in approximately 8000 BC we finally perfected it enough where what you call the Adam and Eve were first able to reproduce themselves. All this work was done in what we call Enkidu and you call Sumeria. We had scientific labs there which the great flood did destroy. I will continue with the story of mankind this time. We were so successful in their procreation that they multiplied so quickly that we were unable to keep count. It was a little overwhelming. But they were great workers and they helped us much in the obtaining of gold. There came a time when we decided to teach them the arts. We figured that they could bring comfort to us in other ways besides mining. We taught them husbandry, farming, building. We were rather selfish in using them in such a manner. We got quite lazy in our ways and elevated ourselves above our station. We began to think that we were gods when in fact we were not. And this brought great trials in the future of that time. The humans were quite easy to teach and learned many things. And thus began what you called civilization. What you call Sumeria at the time. There was a period which was over several thousands and thousands of years that Enlil came to be quite jealous of the success I was having. He did not like the humans. He believed they should be kept as simple servants. He decided they should be destroyed from off the Earth and that we should find another way to mine the gold. I did not wish that. My heart was for these beings and I counted them as my children in a way. They were my creations. Although I was rather selfish in this desire as I did Love my pleasures. I did Love them. I had children by some. I thought this was to improve their DNA as well as their daughters had great beauty and joy. Nibiru was passing by and this was the cause at certain times of difficulties. We knew ahead of time that the Earth was going to be heated and that the ice and different things in different locations may cause flooding. When Enlil saw this he told me not to let the people know. But I argued that they should be foretold. Without his knowing I told one of my sons, that was from a connection with a human wife, that he should build an arc, a boat, a ship. Build it in a certain kind of form that would protect him and his family and would take him to the mountains until the water would recede. This person you call Noah existed about 6000 BC. This was the time of the great flood, although there were many floods, but never one as devastating as this. We like sheep fled the world in our ships and stood above the Earth in them and watched. This brought great negative Karma to our souls. As we should have been protectors of those we created and leaders and guides for them spiritually, we were not. We were selfish and greedy and thus brought trials to our souls which we have to work off of still even today. It was a good lesson for us also for we had never seen such carnage. There was such destruction that it broke out hearts and taught us that we should be more giving and caring to others less fortunate than ourselves. I was glad in my heart that I protected the man you call Noah and thus we were able to reseed the Earth for him and his descendants. Enlil was enraged. But over time we were able to talk him into accepting the fact that these Beings needed a life. And that they deserved our guidance and Love and council. If we are going to ascend they have to Ascend. That is their purpose. They are our teachers; as this eternity rolls on in the different worlds, we all to learn to Love, to Give, and to not be so greedy and selfish; still, many lessons to learn in times such as Atlantis. Our descendants had to learn the same lessons we just did for they destroyed their world as well as Lemuria and many other places on the Earth. For they misused the knowledge and technology we gave them. And these lessons are for this world and many worlds to come. A discourse on your DNA and why it is so. There are 39 species from the Orion system, Sirius, and the Pleiades which are all from the same system which includes your Earth as well your Solar System. These 39 contributed to your DNA. But we selected only those of the highest spiritual quality. It was a grand experiment. And even though we physically used you as slaves, it was your DNA that was the makeup of these things. Your soul was placed within you from The Creator, not us. And thus we played god by organizing your physical DNA and we were not supposed to; although there was a purpose for it which we found afterward and we suffered for our part. But, we learned from it as well. So it was not so much a curse but a learning tool for our species. To become as the Father, to become creators, to learn how to Love is the main purpose of any soul to be put into a physical body. Thus you began your lives in a third dimensional world and this will give you the opportunity to gain knowledge and grow and become at a level where we are eventually. The grand experiment was such a success that you will surpass even us. From your spiritual growth you have grown much quicker. Many of you who are born on Earth in their first physical life have also finished their soul growth on this same world and will go forward and will be doing what we have been doing on new worlds and creating new life. And that was the great experiment. The fact that souls can grow quicker and learn faster and thus achieve perfection better, be wiser with more Love and more Light, have less darkness and pain and less sorrow than we have suffered with. This will bring a healing not only to your world and to your solar system but to other worlds and other solar systems and other galaxies as well. This great Light and Love that you have will grow and expand and bring joy and comfort to many. And thus it was a success. Many of your blood types are from the different worlds. Those that have O positive and negative are from Sirius. Those who have A or AB are from Orion. Those who have a B negative are from the Pleiades. Those of B positive are from the Orion Betelquese area. There are many things about your DNA that they have not discovered yet. It will be coming forth soon. You have two chains of DNA which shall be and is increasing to twelve. Some of the Extraterrestrial visitors in the past took this away from you and it shall be returned. It was done for a purpose, a testing to see how you would be and how things would change. Many times in the past we have left you entirely on your own to see what would occur and what would happen. Although we did not contact you for a while, we have also visited and kept you in our sight. And that is your DNA. Your DNA is not like any other. About 90% of your DNA is now starting to awaken. Your unused, what you call your junk DNA, is in fact your enlightened DNA that was shut off for awhile so that you could grow and learn from your selves and your mistakes. And now the time has come for the world to ascend and for you to ascend and this will awaken. This DNA has the knowledge in it you will need to ascend. This will increase until you reach twelve strands. When you fully ascend you will have all twelve DNA strands intact and fully lit up. This awakening and increase of your DNA is caused by the alignment of the great suns and the great vortex and influx of higher vibration rates. Your solar system is passing through the ecliptic plane is also a part of it. I will continue with our history, with what has happened. We created many wars with mankind. Enlil came to Earth to help with the gold mining. He felt I was inefficient in what I was doing and this made me very angry. After all the hard labor and trials we went through! We ended up using those we taught the arts of gardening and other technology for warfare. This was selfish causing many deaths amongst the humans. It brought forth diseases and suffering and I am ashamed of myself for this part. This is what you would call in history the Pharaoh Wars. Our descendents continued the wars that we started. This is part of the wars you call WWI and WWII and many other wars. It must stop! Those things that are of a religious nature are not created for men to war over but to bring unity to mankind; although Enlil caused great strife in placing lies about the world after who the true God should be, or who the leaders should be, or this or that. This caused mankind to question who is really God, who are the real rulers of the Earth, to be selfish in their desires to rule the world themselves. Oh! — I am a descendant of Enlil or I am a descendant of Enki! This has caused so much grief and many wars. This must be settled now. The wars are to end. Disease is to end. This world is to ascend and mankind are to ascend and those who go on in this manner (meaning those who wish to continue to war and be selfish and rule the world themselves!) will have to die a physical death and reincarnate in another third dimensional world so they can continue their learning process. Learn to Love and be at peace with one another. And this is why we have chosen at this time to return to the Earth in its fullness. There will be mass sightings of us. There will be an end to the wars, to the untruths, to the lies that your government has told you these many years, and to the destruction. No more nuclear wars or weapons. There will be an end to this finally! For this cannot come to pass. Nor can it go into the universe or into the solar system. It must end here on this world. In this third dimensional world, no more nuclear weapons, no more weapons that can kill millions of people. This must be put to an end. Unfortunately, this was a lot of my doing. I continued the argument I began on Nibiru with my brother Enlil onto this planet. It continued through my descendants. And therefore, I beg forgiveness for the selfishness and the greed. And I have been working off this negative karma with the Galactic Federation now for a long time. They will help you in the future. It is for this reason that I have come back as many different rulers, teachers and leaders. In whatever names you have called me, especially as Jesus Christ. I came to help teach Love and forgiveness to my descendants and too many who are listening all over the universe and the galaxy. I use myself as an example of what I should have been which is a Love Light to others. And I promise to continue to work in the future to bring a healing to many other worlds who, through my wickedness and the wickedness of many other species have become overrun with darkness and are in need of a healing and the Love Light from The Creator. And this is such a good opportunity for me at this time. I give thanks that I am able to give thanks and share this story with you. That I pray again for your forgiveness and I will be returning soon as Jesus Christ. I return in the capacity of bringing Love, Light, forgiveness and healing to the world. I will share with you that the records made during the time of my life as Jesus Christ are mostly correct. Though there are many things hidden, it was planned that way from the beginning. It was to see if you would grow on your own and what you would do. These records will come forth now with the truth and the fullness as well as this message, that all the secret libraries will be thrown open and that the truth may be known in its fullness. You will be able to read on your own those things that were incorrect or told to you that were lies. These lies will be erased from your minds so only the truth will be known. I am sorry that these things have come to you in such a late manner for the world is throwing off her yoke and she is getting ready for her Ascension. Many trying times will be coming for those around the world. Those souls who pass on from their physical bodies, who die, will in fact receive their healing and Ascension in the fourth dimension. There will be a great joining of both dimensions. Those who ascend and those who pass on into the spirit world will join together. There will be a great family meeting and reunion which will take place soon. There will be a great healing of many hearts and many souls at that time. Here me, Oh World! These are my words! I, Enki, am Jesus Christ. I still exist. I am here and I shall return shortly. I will not appear as you expect me to and have spoken of this before. But I shall appear in my ship. And I shall return as I once was, as Enki. That you may know that it is me and not as the different religions portray. For this is incorrect. My heart and Love go with you. This time is a time of great enlightenment. A time of feeling the Great Love of Our Creator; The Great Creator Of All things; All That Is. The Father of your spirit and souls shall pour down upon this world and fill it with Light and Love. I know the times seem disastrous. Calamities which come upon you seem hard to imagine. Death is but a changing, a birthing of our true self. The knowledge to come forth of these times, past times, and future shall bring you the truth of all things.The wars and calamities that have come upon you in the past were of our creation. We used our slaves to fight our wars for us. We used you as pawns in a game of chess as you know it today. This was wrong. We were selfish. These wars will now end. I know many hearts are concerned with these things and this is why I speak of them at this time. As you have spoken of what some term The Rapture or the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, so it shall be. I shall put an end to all war, nuclear weapons, and weapons of mass destruction. These things will not be permitted to go into the solar system. For that which is coming is a time of great healing, a time of Love and Light. And war shall not exist any more. The hearts, not only on this world but many worlds of your solar system and further out into the galaxies, will be healed. So this time is a time of great joy and looking forward to with hope and happiness. And even though many of you shall pass away in the physical form, yet your hearts will know that you still exist; that death is not an end but a beginning of your true self. It is a continuing of your journey and of your learning to Love, to share with one another, and these things will be so. Therefore, I bring these words of comfort for you at this time. It is a time of your greatest trials yet to come. But know that there is hope and light and love waiting, not just death and destruction. There are those in places of leadership wishing to rule over you. They have put fear into the hearts of man in order to control them. So do not listen to them for their time is at an end. And even though it seems destructive and chaotic, their time now shall end and the truth shall be known. I, my brothers and sisters, and many others from other worlds that have created you are returning. Their DNA is in you. They have great Love and Light to bring and healing and knowledge as well. So you will know your true self. All you’re DNA -where it came from, who you really are, why you’re here, and where you come from. That should bring great comfort to you. Not only that, all the great libraries that have been hidden upon the world shall be opened and that knowledge shall be had by you also. I shall continue with your history, the history of Egypt. This was my world. Egypt was built in the year 10,200 BC. It was the time the great pyramid was built. Already there were small farming villages. The Sumerian culture had already been in existence for several thousands of years. This was prior to the great flood. The pyramids are to assist with Ascension. There are many things inside them that have to come forth yet. They are machines. They will be turned on and will help with the ascension process which is to occur. They are also in tune with other special sites around the Earth. That which you call ley lines or the grid lines of the Earth were set up in the beginning. These special grids and sites create your time frame in the pattern of life, the existence. The entire grid will be Lighting up and the sacred sites will be coming forth. The whole Earth will Light up and ascend. It will be a glorious time full of knowledge and Love. All souls will feel this Love and this Light. It will be a time of great excitement and change. Yes, there will be some concerns, but also the souls will know of the excitement of meeting families past, present and future, of togetherness. The Pharaoh’s were our creation. We decided to try to leave you on your own for a while to see how you would go. We chose those beings that had the most gifted bloodlines, the most spiritual DNA. We created what were called Pharaoh’s and Kings to be rulers and teachers to guide the people and to teach them our ways. But over time our descendants fought over those who would rule. They became selfish and greedy as we did. We did not set the perfect example as we should have, and thus the Pharaoh’s wars began. Many deaths, diseases, and trials came upon the people because of these things. Atlantis fell because of these things. I know these things seem grievous but they are a learning and a schooling of the soul. There were many Pharaoh’s that were good and many that were not so good. But they did teach the people our ways, our history, and many things that were good. They taught medicine, agriculture, and building. Teachings that we had taught our children continue on the Earth today. Many technologies that are more advanced will be returning so that you can build things that are more harmonious with the Earth. Medicine will come forth. Ancient teachings, ancient healing ways, ancient religious ways will return. A return to the One Creator is yet to come forth. Many Things are to change after the ascension, including Earth. The ascended world will be a world of Light and Love, healing and teaching, and of great joy to those souls who ascend and who are ready for that. On their next journey, their souls will be in what you would call first grade. It will be like going to a new class. There is a higher standard of living and learning for their souls. Yet, this is not the end. It continues on from there in what you would call second grade and third grade, etc; for our souls are all on a journey as we continue to return to where Our Creator is. We are only ahead of you a short distance and you will be where we are now. You have much joy and happiness to look forward to. Do not weep for those who pass away in their physical form for they are only behind you in their learning and on their journey. You will be turning around and helping them in theirs as well as other souls yet to be born. And you will learn how to create your own worlds and ensoul them. You will populate them with the physical forms for your children and grandchildren. It is a journey that we are all on. It is a journey of learning and growing. It is a journey of Love and Light. We are sorry that we have left you so long on your own. It was for soul growth. And now that we have seen how much good you can do and also have seen how much harm you can do, we have chosen to return at this time and help you through the ascension process. We wish to help you with your soul growth and so there is no more to fear in this. In the history of your wars many lessons were learned. Although it seemed that many souls were considered evil, from these times their souls learned how to have compassion for the next life. They have seen the great horrors they have committed when they have passed on into the spirit world, between lives, and have looked back on the lessons and have felt great remorse. And thus they learned compassion in their hearts. These things are for teaching the soul on its soul journey. There is no hate in the Heart of The Creator in these things. It is all for our learning and our soul’s growth. Our Great Creator Of All Things is Light and Love and that is our goal as a soul. To be as He and She as well, for they are both together as One. The Creator is a balance of male and female energy that forms the Light of all things. If you could picture a big heart of great white Light beating with the highest unconditional Love in the center of all creation, that is the God, The Creator Of All Things. And that is what we yearn to return to and become ourselves.I will speak of the stars in the solar system and of your planetary creation. In the beginning was a void. There was no Light, there was no sound, just the heart beat. It was the breath of creation from The Creator. It is what you would call electromagnetism. And yet, it is not the same as what you think of on earth. It is different. It is lighter. It is spirit. It is soul. Therefore, all is soul. And the soul went forth and said there is a void I wish to fill. This void was Love and Light and creation. The Great GOD of all souls breathed forth energy from his heart. He sent forth great Love and Light. It was like a wind; what you would picture a great wind. An exhaling of your breath throughout the cosmos and this creates action and reaction. And thus great suns are born through the fire of his breath of Light and Love. And from these great suns are born the worlds around them, just as your sun shall give birth to a new world. This is how worlds begin. This is how solar systems begin. And thus worlds come into Being and over time these worlds become habitable. From their core, energies come forth and crusts are formed. The soil is formed. Seeds are taken from other planets by advanced Beings and brought forth so that plants can grow upon these new worlds. And thus plants, trees, and shrubbery are born to diversify the worlds. Then begin with the smallest creatures, those you call amoebas, these spring forth. We also bring forth animals from other worlds as well as create new ones through genetics. We do experimentations on these worlds as we have done with yours. And this is how you will also do it in the future. And thus you will go forth as creators and create your own worlds. And plant them with plants and animals of your own choices to see how it will be and so you see how it is done. It will be your school and your children shall ensoul them as being of your creation through your own genetics. And thus you shall learn and grow and become like us. We shall move on and you shall move on and that is how the Ascension is in the future as well. It will be just an increase of the knowledge and of the Light and of the vibration level in your Being. And thus the worlds roll on forever and ever, always beginning and growing, for there is infinity. And yes, there are great voids out there ever expanding and never ending. Many have concerns about the sun exploding. There is much radiation coming forth from the sun at this time and that is because it is getting ready to give birth. And yes, there will be radiation on the Earth. Different factors from the solar system, galaxy, and universe are also contributing to the changes on Earth. Time as you know it is speeding up and will change. Most souls will have changed over by this time. There are those who will pass away and continue their journey to other worlds and experiences. There will be some who have stayed behind physically. There are some from the governments and militaries who will hide beneath the earth. There are some of the ancient ones with knowledge of ancient caves from previous civilizations that will stay. This is their choice and destiny. The ancient ones have chosen to come forth afterwards and help renew the new third dimensional world. They will bring forth the knowledge they have hidden there in previous lives in the form of ancient records. Many of the Hopi will do so. Many of the Mayan and Peruvians who have knowledge of these caves that are still hidden from the world will do so. They will return there and protect themselves from the radiation. They will come forth again to help bring forth the New Earth. They will bring forth seeds and animals; their knowledge of genetics as well. They will help recreate the third dimensional world for those who are to return there. Know that there will be at the Ascension of Earth, a splitting apart of dimensions. There will be a New Earth of a third dimensional frequency and vibration and the ascended Earth of the higher vibrational frequency. It is like a birthing process for the Earth and those elements of the Earth, that you live on now, that are to ascend will ascend with her spirit as well and a new spirit shall enter into the new third dimensional Earth and it will be a New Earth. It will be given a new name and it will be a totally New World. I will speak more of the cosmos. Many are concerned with the planets of your solar system. These shall remain; these are going through their own changes and Ascension process. The only difference will be a new planet that is born from the sun. It will take the place where Mars is now and Mars will return to where it had been previously. It had been knocked off its rotation and that is how it has become like a desert. Life on it died and it lost its atmosphere. But it will return to where it used to be and it shall be cleansed and renewed so it can be populated again. And this is right next to Venus; the asteroid belt shall remain. So there is only a slight change to your solar system. Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and all other outer planets shall remain where they are. The New Earth, the one that shall receive a new name, shall move one planet out. It shall be fourth from your sun in its location. If there is any confusion, there shall be maps brought forth in the future. So people will have the knowledge of how exactly the solar system really is; how many planets, where they are placed, what they are made of, their rotation and times and differences, who populates each planet and the species upon them. All these things shall be brought forward in the future and this knowledge will bring comfort to those who speak the truth. ( Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, New 3D “earth”, New world born from sun, Asteroid belt, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and possible other planets further out. I will speak of Nibiru because many here on Earth have no knowledge of it and the knowledge they have received has been altered. They do not believe that it exists when in fact it is just around the corner. It is coming from behind the sun and soon the whole world will see it. In the beginning, when they first see it, it will appear as a small red cross. Everyone will know it is heading towards Earth. It will not hit Earth directly. It will bypass it and come so close that it will slow the Earth’s spin to where it stops directly for a day and a night followed by another day. It will appear as one day, just as the scriptures have foretold. When the sun sets it will not be dark. It stays Light as though the sun stood still, and it shall, for the Earth will not spin. It will get very warm on the sun’s side, which will be over the United States. It will be very dark and cold over Europe and China. But then, as Nibiru continues on in about a 36-hour period, it passes Earth. The Earth’s spin shall reverse and go in the other direction. The sun shall appear as it rises from the west and as it sets in the East. The poles shall change direction, not physically but electro-magnetically. So it will change the negative and the positive on the other end and this shall change the composition of the Earth electromagnetics. And Nibiru shall pass by. And it also gives us the opportunity for coming and going from Nibiru to Earth very easily and that is why you will have mass sightings through the Vesica Pisces or vortex that opens up directly after Nibiru passes. All the great suns will align with the world, for this is the shift that will cleanse the Earth. Those who have been hidden in the caves and underworld places will come forth again to start civilization over. Those who have been picked up by the Galactic Federation and others who have made prior agreements to do so shall return to the Earth and they shall rebuild. They will bring back plants and animals and seeds and it will be a beautiful world and civilization again. This time they will learn to live as one with the Earth and no longer pollute it or harm it in any manner. It shall be a beautiful world. Nibiru will continue on its journey around again and we will leave. Those who have agreed to come with us shall. Some shall go to the ships with the Galactic Federation and visit other parts of the worlds and galaxies, reseed other planets. Mars shall return to where it used to be by Venus and shall be healed and repopulated with people and it shall start a new civilization again. A new world shall be born from the sun. It will take the place of where Mars is now and that too shall be populated and be glorious and thus, it will be a beautiful new civilization, new solar system, and the universe shall roll on in their journeys. Yes, Nibiru was created by us as a planetoid. The inner core used to be what you would call an asteroid. We learned how to create civilizations and planets and different things. It is not a true world as it started out as an asteroid, but that’s why we call it a planetoid. But yet it is serviceable. It has plants and animals and we exist on it as a regular world. We have many cities. They are very different from your cities. They are clean and bright. They have high technology. We create our air, our water and all that we need. We have the knowledge of manifestation, of creation. We do have our fights and arguments. We are not spiritual beings. We are Beings as you are in a mortal body, but our life spans are different. Our bodies are slightly different than yours and therefore we had many difficulties when we came to Earth. Our bodies are used to longer lifetimes and being far away from the sun and then closer to the sun as our journeys on Nibiru are ecliptic. What you call ecliptic. It is an oval journey around the sun. That is why we needed the gold. Because when we are way out in space it gets very cold and we have to heat the world. But when we are very close to the sun it gets very warm. So the gold in our atmosphere protects us in our journey around the sun. It takes 1,300 to 2,600 years, depending, on the cycle. Some cycles are longer and some shorter. We are headed around again. We should pass Earth soon, it depends, because we have been speeding up and slowing down due to tail drag and different things in the cosmos going on. There will be some cataclysmic events, but not as bad as when the lining up of the suns occurs. That will cause the cleansing of the Earth. I will speak of myself. Many people have concerns about Jesus Christ returning and the probability that the government might create a false illusion or hologram. They wish to show that Jesus Christ has returned, a second coming, as they want him to. This is what the Vatican has stated and what churches and religions have stated. We will not allow this to occur. We will not allow this hallucination, this hologram to be made. I will return as I have stated before, via my ship, which will land on the Pyramid at Giza. I will walk the Earth as Jesus Christ, as Quetzalcoatl, etc. People will know me by my name. They will see me for who they think I am or was. And then they will see the truth. They will see that I am Enki! It was I who returned to the Earth as these Beings. That I returned in Love and Light to help them. Not only did I return in those lifetimes, but I shall return in this life time as the Ascension occurs. I have been many leaders on Earth. My first reincarnation was Quetzalcoatl in the Yucatan. I appeared as Kukulcan for the Mayan. In Peru I was known as Viracocha. I also appeared to the Tibetans and Chinese as various leaders and rulers. I had different names. Quan Yin and Quan Chin, I was first a female and then a male. Quan Chin was born about 300 years after Quan Yin. This also — a person named Yet Li (not sure of correct spelling) about 1600, in China, in the Province of Yu Lang. This can be verified in the records. I have appeared in various other forms, but not in the physical. I used to be known also in ancient times as Enki, Oannes, Titan, Youla, and many others, too numerous to mention. I was the one who created Atlantis. It was a resort for myself as well as a place of teaching for my children and descendants. Also for those he created and they inherited it. Although later on, many thousands of years later, my descendants destroyed it through their selfishness and greed. And thus those Atlantians, during the sinking of the islands, fled to the Yucatan, to Africa, to Europe, to Florida, and to many islands in the Caribbean. All those places have my descendants. Many have been known as the Olmec, the Mayan, the Toltec, and many others. Yet there is evidence of Atlantis today in the Mediterranean, in the Yucatan, in Antarctica, and even in the North United Sates. For those people have brought the knowledge with them when they fled. Many of the things written in the books today are correct. Although they don’t have the full story, that will come forth in what you call the third dimension, the physical world. These things are yet to be. But things will happen when they are supposed to and so have patience. I wish to go on to other thing and beings. The reptilians are a different species than you are. They have skin like the stomach of a reptile or a snake as you would call it on Earth. It breathes in the oxygen and moisture through the ground, through the air. They are highly technical, highly military, and warlike. They are learning how to Love as well and yet there are some that work with the military that are not very nice. They are of the lower spectrum of the reptilian. There are many species of reptilian in the Orion sector. Many of them have good hearts and good souls and are of higher species than those that have come to Earth. They are relatives. My father Anu married my mother Antu who is a reptilian. She has the copper blood. She has the knowledge of wormholes and space travel. She is a good soul. She is a spiritual soul. She has Love in her heart for many. She has not fallen. She is not what you call the fallen ones. She is of the Nephilim however and a higher spiritual Being far in advance by millions of years from those on Earth. She lives on a planet you call 7BAC69. It is way out in space about 6 billion years Earth travel. It has been in existence for 17 billion years and populated with the reptilians for the last 10 billion years or so. It is a beautiful planet. It is very tropical like your Florida everglades only with lots of flowers. We live under the waters and we have built special buildings there. We have technology to make them light and warm. We have the technology to travel in many different ways. We were able to breath under the water as well in those days. We have advanced ourselves technologically more than you can ever know. It is too difficult to explain. But you will learn of these things in the future as well. You will learn to open your hearts to other species that look different from you and have different lives than you and have different beliefs than you. It will be a glorious time for you to travel through space and learn all these things. As I said, there are 39 species. Sixteen of those look like humanoids. Some have different ears or different eyes or different skin color, but basically are humanoids. The rest are reptilian of different varieties. Some tall, some short, some light skinned, some dark skinned, some from water worlds, and some from dry worlds. All have been picked from the highest spiritual knowledge and Love in their hearts to share these things. That this wonderful experiment called Earth can come forth as a Healing Light to many worlds. This experiment has come to its fulfillment. It has been completed and it is at an end. The knowledge from this experiment shall go out into the universe so that many worlds may benefit and over millions of years to come receive the Light and go through their Ascensions as well. So this Earth is on the path that has been accomplished by prior worlds and shall continue as other worlds have done. I shall end chapter six at this time. Time is changing. Be aware it has begun. Open your hearts and be not afraid. And though many things may happen, your soul shall go on and there will be Light and Love and happiness for all. The gentle Love shall rain down like tears from your Father, your Creator, and shall heal your hearts and souls and the Earth. And yet, there are many things that your government and those who are in control try to make you fear. Fear shall end and be no more. It shall be like a great mirror that has come down between the two of you. All the negative energy they try to aim at you shall bounce off that mirror and return to them. This shall end their tyranny, their injustices, their hatred and anger, their wars and pain. All they have portrayed upon this people in this world shall end. Those on the other side of the mirror will be like Alice in the looking glass. They will be able to see through that mirror from the other side and see all those things that were done but not feel it any more. They will be protected and know that they are safe. They will feel the world full of bright Loving Light and feel the Joy and comfort. They will see their Loved ones that have passed on to the spirit world. For these worlds will join together as one. It shall be a great joyous time of family reunions, of happiness and healing. It will be a time of knowledge being poured down upon all the souls who have suffered in these lives. This time is a time for them, a time to be with their Father and their Loved ones. All that they have known in the past will come forward. They will have full understanding of their lives and their purpose. The angels will sound their trumpets and sing Hallelujah’s and bring forth great Joy and be as one. This will come forth. This world ascending shall be a shining star in the heavens. Other worlds will receive Love from this world. This will take millions of years according to your time but it will seem but a moment and it will be a great Joy to all. To those on the other side in darkness, though it will seem like a time of great trial, pain and sorrow, it is not. It is learning for their soul. It is a time to pass on to a new life. They shall be reborn again. Even though they shall forget this life and start anew and their souls shall go on. They shall gain the knowledge they need. For one day they will reach this point in time and they shall ascend as well. So it is not a punishment. It is not done in anger or hatred. It is just schooling for the soul. It will be but a brief moment for them. As it is in all learning processes for a child as they grow up. Sometimes the sorrow or pain is actually the greatest time of learning. The moment passes, the smile returns, and the hearts are healed. So it is just the Great Father teaching his children how to become like him. I will speak a little more on the ascension process as people seem to be a little confused. To those who teach that it is just a consciousness exchange that is true depending on how you look at it. But with a change in consciousness you can change the world. You can change your physical appearance to your true self. When you heal the spirit, you heal the mind. When you heal your mind, your mind can do anything, all things. You can create things. That is how The Great Creator has. It was a thought process. He thought of us. He thought of expanding himself to learn more. You send that consciousness out to the world. It becomes what you call viable. It becomes the earth, the stars, and the moon. All things are created by thought. Therefore if you heal your thought processes, you send it out to the cosmos. The Great Creator, He (He/She in perfect balance) helps you manifest it into reality. So when you are a co-creator with your Father in Heaven, He is teaching us how to create worlds, how to populate them with our children. And thus we go on. We go on forever. We are born as a soul. You go on and grow as a soul. You become a physical Being. You start like you are in kindergarten and you to continue to grow, first grade, second grade. Even now, myself, I am in the eighth dimension and will continue to grow. I have not yet returned to the Father. I have much to learn and overcome myself. I am not what they call a “god’ as far as being perfect. I am far from it. I am still learning and growing; and thus you will too. You will follow in my footsteps. We all have things we are learning as souls. The next step is giving birth to our own soul children. They will follow in our footsteps and the worlds go on forever and ever. One eternal round; as is above is below and as is below is above. We are one forever. Many of our children on the Earth have many fears. I wish to allay them and comfort them at this time. I will return and not as they expect. The government will try to portray that. It is a false picture. As the religions have taught, they will think that I will just float down from the sky and appear like an angel. That is incorrect. Although I am an eighth dimensional being who lives in the fifth dimension at times, I have the means to come down physically and that is what I will do. So that they will know that it is I myself Enki, the creator of mankind. I, who was Jesus the Christ, was also called Quetzalcoatle, Kulkulcan, and many others. They will know me by their sight. That I have a physical body but yet it is a perfect body, that they will have the same. They will become like me. Where I do not get sick anymore, I do not feel pain anymore, nor do I hunger or thirst, nor will I die to a physical death. The same will be for them. It will be a whole new life for them. One filled with Joy, Sunshine, Laughter, and Learning; of Oneness. No more wars, no more anger with one another, no more undisciplined children. It will be a Joyous time, a free time. There will be respect for one another, no matter what nationality, no matter what color of skin, no matter what species or worlds you come from. And yes, there will be many from other worlds that will visit and help to teach you. It will be those who contributed to your DNA and all those who are nearby. It is like a Superbowl. They are all gathering together to watch this unique and wonderful experience that you will be experiencing. It will be such a Joyous time. No more illnesses and diseases. Many have spoken of the government trying to put forth diseases to lesson the population. That will not be allowed. So you do not need to worry. Many are saying you should get together your emergency supplies. That is not necessary. What is needed is your spirit, your soul, your heart to open up and be aware of Love and Light. Pray more, meditate more, and be kind to those around you. Be not so concerned with property and physical things. Things are not important. It is the people and souls that are important. The world will go on. Things will happen. You need to Love one another and be Kind to one another. Watch your words and thoughts. Share what you have with one another. Follow my teachings. Live as I lived. Do as I did and when I return, things will change and I will come back as I stated previously in my ship. I will land on the Pyramid in Giza and all the libraries and the knowledge will come forth. Those of the Galactic Federation and those who are here to help will come forward. They will assist in what they are allowed to assist in. It will not be a total rescue like everyone says either. You have to do your part to and be ready. So you need to detach yourself from physical things; because they will go away to a certain degree. You will manifest things that you will be in need of and those things will be of a higher spiritual caliber. These are the things you need to be concerned with. Pay your debts as much as possible and get rid of things you do not need any more. Get ready to do the things that are more needful. When you ascend, all will be known. Dreams will be coming more and more colorful and you shall be remembering them better and better. Many are keeping journals and this will help bring fourth the truth as well as the libraries being opened. Joyous things will be coming forth. You don’t need to be afraid. You don’t need to be in fear; that this time is a time for becoming free, becoming Light, becoming Love. There will be those who will be traveling on to new worlds. For those are souls who still need to learn and grow. But know that we do not cease to exist. This body is like getting into a car and driving for a while in your Volvo, or your Volkswagen bug. Some have Ferrari’s or whatever. Each life is different. It is just temporary and you get out of your car and go on to another one; one journey after another of a learning process for your soul. Your soul lives on forever. I have such concerns for those who have such a state of fear that they create for themselves such unnecessary blockages of spirit. They need not fear! For it is a time to look forward to of great Love and Light. Like the sun shining after months and months of rain. The time that is coming is like the sun breaking out and pouring down on this Earth full of Light and Joy and spring time. This is how it is going to be. Also, things are changing for the better because more souls are opening up to the Light. Some of the cataclysmic events have been lessened. It will continue to be so. Many things the Galactic Federation is also helping with. But yet some events will occur and be aware that you will be safe, your families will be safe, and also many in other parts of the world will be safe. It will be a glorious time. And it begins again as the solar system passes out of the photon belt and away from the central sun and back into the negative energy. The next period of growth and trial comes to the planet and the new world and its stars again. But it is just a new beginning. A new growing period and a new challenging time for that is how we learn.When Nibiru passes by the Earth, it will cause the rotation to stop and go in the opposite direction. The poles will change, not physically, but electromagnetically. So North becomes as the South is now, the positive and negative charges switch locations. This causes some of the earth changes and cataclysmic events. There will be three days of darkness when the Earth stops rotating and then it starts spinning the other way. This is how, when Nibiru comes so close to the Earth, we can travel to the Earth so quickly. Now it is close enough that our ships can make the transport easier from Nibiru. Many of the Galactic Federation will come through at that time as well. They will help pick up those who have made previous agreements to be teachers and healers on the ships. And many people will be picked up also for the Ascension process. They in turn will also assist awakening others for the ascension process and when that will occur per individual. There are many who are already awakened to the ascension process who have made agreements to be here on Earth and to assist others and Gaia. You will find that many have gathered here to Phoenix. This is a great female center. This is where the Vesica Piscus opens. This is where many hearts are awakened to be with our Galactic Federation brothers and sisters; those who have had many experiences here on Earth. This is why so many have gathered in groups and come together for a common bond and purpose. And that is to be prepared to help others with this process of being picked up so that they will not have fear. There are many still unawakened and they will need this assistance. There will be a major mother ship arriving to Earth. It will bring many souls from the Galactic Federation here who are scientists, doctors, and lawyers. Those that have this knowledge will help reform this government. Those who will help heal the Earth will come forth at that time. They will be mainly stationed in Egypt. But they will spread forth to other main centers such as the Yucatan, Tibet, and also North America. There will be one center here in Phoenix. And these doctors, lawyers, healers, and scientists will go forth and help bring the knowledge that will be healing the Earth. Many, after ascending with Earth, will choose to go on to assist other worlds. Things will be happening simultaneously as the Earth ascends. There will be a splitting across. So remember that those who are on the side of the Light will have all of this healing, all of this Love/Light, all this golden effect comes into their Beings, and all of this knowledge returned. And those on the other side of the mirror, it will seem like a dark cataclysmic time for them; a time for their souls to go through the learning process of toil where they will pass on. They will pass away from the cataclysmic events and get reborn to another world, time, or space. Some may choose to stay on the Earth go through that process. The splitting apart of the two dimensions will occur. I wish to speak on the side of the Light rather than the darkness. We know what occurs in the darkness, although I will briefly state again, it will seem to them that all the cataclysmic events and all those things will be happening to them. Those who will have ascended will have vanished from before their eyes. Those who are staying in the lower vibrational rate will remain while those who are ascending to the higher vibrational rate will be in the Light. And that is all I will say for the darkness. The Earth will be cleansed and reformed into a brand New Earth. As I stated before, it will be repopulated and healed and cleansed; a new third dimensional world. It will be given a whole new name and a new place in the solar system. As for those who have ascended into the higher vibrational rate, into the fifth dimension, they will be where they are supposed to be. They will be in the Love Light and the healing. To them it will be a brand new life full of sunlight, joy, knowledge and peace. They will go forth and start their own worlds in their own creational periods, learning new things. There will be some that will be going back and forth between the two dimensions to assist. And that will be learning for them as well, to learn how to create their own worlds and how things work in the fifth dimensional world. Many will learn new trades and sciences. Some have chosen to become travelers and gain knowledge of the solar systems and worlds and how they function. What you may call astronauts but even further. Some will learn the process of wormhole travel and going to different dimensions. And there will be many new things being learned in the new fifth dimension. I always like to focus on the positive, on the Love Light. In a sense it is all good, but it is for the fifth dimensional world I am concerned with right now. And so they have hope, Light, and Love to look forward to family reunions and much knowledge being taught to them in this first step into this new dimension. And as there are many steps in each dimension, know that there are different levels in the fifth dimension. As they grow in spirit and knowledge they will accomplish these things and become eventually to where I am. And I continue where I am and then go on to the higher dimensions. Many of my brother and sisters, the Anunnaki are working with me in the Galactic Federation. It is to overcome things that we have learned in the past, things we did wrong. We are working off what you would call our karma. We were not perfect. We were far from it. And we still are not perfect, even as we are now. This is a learning and growing process for all souls. But we have entered into a time of Peace and Light and Love. And this is where you will be going and coming. In this you have much Joy to look forward to. Know this that those who are coming to Earth in ships are not here to harm you in any manner as the government has stated. Those who are of the negative entities are leaving. They have been told to leave. They will no longer be allowed to harm anyone or do anything to harm the Earth in any manner. Those here in the skies that you see are from the Galactic Federation and other Federations associated with it. Those who are from the free worlds are here for healing and teaching. And anything that the government portrays from this time forward will not be true and you will be able to tell the difference between the truth and that which is not true. Moreover, they will fail because they will be made to look the fools as they have been teaching fear and darkness. It will return to them threefold, and they will fall. And there will be no more government, no more religious institutions; all will be free and reformed. So you have no more fear of that. The truth shall come forward. Hearts will be healed and knowledge will be given and Love, peace, and gratefulness will abound. There will be forgiveness as one to another and even for those who have tried to harm you and tried to put fear in your hearts. You will forgive them as well, because you will understand where they are coming from and their motives behind it. You will forgive them as you would your own little children. Just like when you are teaching a child not to touch the fire because it will burn them or not to say bad words. You do not wish to harm them in any manner but to teach them through kindness and Love and example. And this is what you will learn to do in the future. You will learn how to be your own parents of your own soul children and how to raise them in Love and Light. And yet, you will have to teach them how to have free will in the physical form and that is a difficult thing to show. And thus, life will go on and there will be much forgiveness and Love one to another. Such wonderful things you will be taught! You have no idea of how many new different colors you do not have on Earth; new plants, new flowers, new ways of growing things. You will be at one and at peace with the animal kingdom. They will share their knowledge and experiences as well. And all the different species of the past Earth will come forward and you will receive knowledge of them and why they were created, and where they came from and for what purpose. You will learn how to gather seeds from the worlds and what would be best to create your own world; different worlds that have different skies and air, different ways of living. You will gain knowledge of those. Some have methane air; some have different gases that you don’t have. Some don’t breath oxygen, some live beneath the Earth, some above, of the spirit realm, different dimensions and how to travel back and forth. It will be a joyous time! All this to come forth! You need not fear of any worlds coming to destroy Earth. Many have said that there are cataclysmic events with other planets and even though Nibiru shall pass close it shall not hit Earth. It was said in a meeting that in 2006 that there will be a direct hit with a meteorite; this is not so. It shall not occur; for the meteorite shall break up into pieces and that may cause minor damage here and there. It will not devastate the Earth; so they need not fear about that nor any other meteorite striking the Earth; for we are watching over Earth at this time and the new world shall be protected as well; for it shall be a new location and that is another thing that shall protect it. Keep an eye on the sun and its radiation and be careful because in the summer it shall be strong. You shall need more sun-block and things to protect you. Drink plenty of water. Have water storage on hand, a little bit. Not much concern with that, just a little warning to be careful in the sun for the radiation shall be stronger, especially when Nibiru approaches. Many wish to know about my life as Jesus Christ. I will tell you of my schooling. When I was young I was taught in the temples by the priests and by my father, step-father Joseph. I learned many things. I learned of the Torah and the ways of the Jews and the Hebrews. I learned the normal things that you learned at that time. But I was also schooled in Egyptian ways and that was through my mother which most people don’t know. Mary, who was called The Virgin, my mother, was also a priestess of Isis as was Mary Magdalene and Mary of Bethany. She had the sacred knowledge also in her bloodline. She had the Mitochondrial DNA of Enki’s bloodline. So she had the sacred bloodline of the Holy Grail in her as well. She did teach me some of these things when I was young. When I became of age, which was the age of 12-13, I went away to school and I learned many things from temple of Isis which is in Magdala. I served the priests there. I was what some would call like an altar boy. I learned many ways of the esoteric ways and the knowledge from the ancient Egyptians. This knowledge was handed down from my past life as Enki. We learned how to heal. We learned of the gold, which is the white powder, which is called today Monotonic gold. This helps in healing as well as anti-aging. We learned many things that seemed like magic but is a sacred geometry in the ways of the cosmos. These teachings I shared with the world when I graduated at age 22. I needed to learn from many masters in and of the world. I went to Tibet and to China. I went to India and Europe. My grandfather had knowledge of these thin…
  12. Wow! Thank you dear Vlad. This is very interesting and it seems that it continues. Can you report the source of this message? Thank you for sharing dear Vlad. Much Love and Appreciation to you.

  13. also i read about wife of king Anu – Antu (she was a sister of king Anu and his wife) and mother of his son Enlil … I don’t Understand why Enki say about his mother Antu. ?
    I read his mother was KIA ( and this message from him – say his mother was ANTU) – i don’t understand why ? may be disinformation ?
    in any way if this message right soon will be total change on earth , change of magnetic poles , 3 days or 36 hours of night (in Europe and in Asia and Africa, and 3 days of total light in America, tsunamies and volcanoes and etc.

  14. I think in its biggest part contains disinformation but we will find that out with the one or the other way, won’t we (-_-)?

  15. Ah may be it’s my mistake … In book of Enki i read – Mother of Enlil is Kishargal (KIA),
    sister of king Anu and his wife. So right (may be right ) Antu is mother of Enki (she from Orion).

  16. No – i found
    На собрании один из царевичей говорил; сыном Ану он был,
    Он родился из чрева Анту, супруги Ану.
    Энлиль было имя его, Господин Команды означало оно
    here say
    At a meeting of one of the princes, saying, son of Anu he was,
    It was born from the womb of Antu, wife Anu.
    Enlil was the name of it, it meant Lord commands
    Antu is mother of Enlil (not Enki)

  17. Konstantinos – I have one question – why have you never talked about the inhabitants of Betelgeuse Meissa and Aldebaran?
    just curious to hear your opinion about these civilizations? Who lives there? what kind are they? What kind? Are they good?
    Can you find out about these civilizations? I am very interested
    In the first place about the Betelgeuse…

    • Interesting question about civilizations, Vlad – my interest in science fiction and fantasy (especially gaming) is that the descriptions and creations of the various “races” are windows into “one possible reality”… not necessarily “the” reality but sometimes it can be very close.

      For example the “feline” that Konstantinos mentions earlier in this post, is similar to the “Khajiit” in the Oblivion video game series.


      Another example is the “Argonians” – a reptillian race


      The opportunity is not only to learn about the possible culture of these groups, and see what they look like “in real life” but you can also actually BE them in the game.

      It is true that the computer models are based on a single form, however I think it’s thrilling there is an opportunity to meet – and even BE – these races from a first-hand perspective. I personally include this as a part of “disclosure”, because it’s providing thousands of people with exposure to these races. In some cases I find them so close that it is simply a matter of connecting the dots between a so-called fictional/ fantasy creation and its “channelled / historic / galactic” counterpart.

      I cannot answer specifically about Betelgeuse, but I thought this might be worth mentioning to aid in your search.

  18. I could try to find out some things about these worlds Vlad (-_-). When I get something, I’ll share it with everyone dear friend.

    • I can even explain why I’m asking about Betelgeuse
      therefore, that the Giants Lyrans (Vegans) came to Betelgeuse from the constellation Lira. (I think from Vega Star) Nordic Humanoid Giants.
      From the Betelgeuse, they moved to Sirius B (to the empire of Assuras, where was wolflike warlike creatures – KANUS).
      and then Sirius created human civilization in the solar system…. King Anu and his sons Enlil and Enki, and his daughter Nin-Hur-Sag (Ninmah, Hathor)

  19. Hey, I also spent energy, life and experiences on the Arcturian planes, especially to spread oneness, love and happiness, and on the learning process, to evolve my healing capabilities with the help of the Arcturians, Arcturia was the perfect place for me/Us growing spiritual mature, to be ready again to give this Energy right back here on Earth to my home, and learning to accept and transmuting the earths wounded facettes, into the healing and loving energy of love, peace and happiness ! 🙂 I am, so calling “not very new to this earth, not this freshly arrived “new Starseed”, and therefore just a normal earthling, very acclimatized with these energies and shadows and also loving places here at our home 🙂

    Thank you Arcturians, you always gave me the power and strengh, to always remain thankful and heartopened on my path, just to give up the wrong, remembering my real own wish and goal in eternal life, to assist and stand side to humanity and all the worlds creatures, on their way to enlightenment, ascension, liberation and vice versa, thank you all and when you are reading this, feel this energy of oneness floating through your inner core, vibrating with the cosmos` gratitude, lovingness and purest wisdom 🙂

  20. are you still around? we spoke a few years back you drew of federation members. I told you about me being in the picture. I would love to update you and see if you have any new things to report.

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