Acknowledgements and Thanks As We Reach 2012’s End


Photo: Perhaps we will all meet up at this park one day… :)

This was written on December 8th, 2012, and I am posting it now as the 21st is but a mere twelve hours away from our current time here in Illinois. I hesitated to post this but seeing the recaps and acknowledgments given by others, it seems appropriate.

If I can be allowed to speak one last time on the 21st, I’d like to reiterate what is being said by some sources [such as the souls who Aisha North channels] and remind us that the initial bulk of energetic change we may feel could be just that; an inner, energetic change that we must attune to if we wish to feel, rather than some amazing event gracing us and getting the whole world’s attention.

Today and tomorrow, it is important to attune to the higher dimensional energy because, as with every alignment, it is our job to absorb the effects and benefits of this wonderful alignment. Namaste!

We are reaching the looked-upon 12-21 and already in the days before this date, the energy just seems to be so heightened and intense. From an energetic standpoint, all I can say is to hold on to your hats because it seems that things will get very interesting.

I could hardly sleep last night and the funny thing is that I was ok with it. I was filled with energy all night as I lay down in bed, and I could actually feel my pineal gland pulsing as powerful wave after powerful wave of energy came through and bombarded me, one after another. Continue reading