Taking Responsibility – All New SunRaymond

Greetings everybody my name is Seven Raymond. Before I get to the matter at hand (“Taking Responsibility”), I’d like to briefly speak about the all new SunRaymond.

I’ve decided to take “SunRaymond” in a new direction. Not only will I be putting out enlightening and thought stimulating information for the purpose of inspiring you to become more conscious and self-sufficient, but I will also be offering a number of beneficial services locally and online through SunRaymond. This site shall be just one conduit through which I live out my higher life purpose, which includes teaching, inspiring, and helping the people.

It brings me great Joy to work magic through the art of using my will power to transform my thoughts into reality. Therefore, as you read this I am in the midst of creating new services and designing new curriculums for various classes that I will be teaching, locally and online. However, I will also be putting out articles on a number of topics related to conscious living. That is, Living Consciously instead of unconsciously. Knowledge once gained, then implemented is Power. Our vibrations and consciousness levels doesn’t rise automatically. Our lives do not change, or become better automatically. We don’t become great automatically. There are things that must be done in order to achieve higher consciousness, to change our lives, or to become what we perceive as better. In order to experience such things, we must do the work! Yet many of us don’t know where to start. That’s why I, on behalf of SunRaymond.com is speaking to you now. It is my desire and my higher life purpose to bring fourth the information and the knowledge that I receive through my own intuition, my own insight, my own research, study, and my own conscious observation of all that is. I know thyself; therefore, I can help you to know yourself. That’s why I lead. However, through following me you’ll find yourself led right back to yourself. Oh, that’s right! I will lead you to yourself. Seven wants no followers. I only desire to assist you in becoming a leader for yourself.

Many of you desire to be Lightworkers, and that’s cool if you’re ready for that. However, it’s not easy work. You must be prepared! You see, before attempting to become a Lightworker you must step away from the Light and go within the dark. The key lies within the darkness which is the depths of your being. Your zero point! Yet too many of you are still looking for your key out in the light. Your key is within! So release your fear of the dark and become one with it.

As I always say, “To conquer others is to have power, to conquer yourself is to know the way”. Yet too many people upon this planet has still not conquered themselves. Therefore, they remain held back by their own self.

Haven’t you had enough of that? Now is the time to discover who you are. Now is the time to become conscious within your subconscious self, so that the unknown can become known to you. Once that happens you’ll experience a freedom out of this world. You’ll rise above the illusion and into the reality where the illusion will be bendable to your will like clay. Speaking of clay, one should learn not to take everything so seriously. One should learn to play, because you see, play turns your circumstances and life troubles into clay! …and what do we do with clay? We bend it to our will in order to create what we want.

However, many of us are weak willed. We have no will power. We have no will power because we lack discipline. We lack discipline because we don’t want to do the necessary work. We are lazy. We want to depend on others. We want to follow others. We are afraid. Our self-esteem is low, which is predicated upon self-hate and not knowing thyself. We don’t like to do research. We don’t like to study. We are hopeless. We are broke. We like quick fixes. We think inside of the box, therefore we remain trapped. We love our government. We believe, or struggle to believe that they love us and have our best interest at heart. Therefore, we take what we are given, even when if feels odd. We love our vaccines. We don’t have common sense, and if we do, then we don’t listen to it. We don’t follow our IN-tuition. Instead we pay tuition. GENERALLY SPEAKING!!! …and the list goes on and on people!

So, here I am, and on behalf of SunRaymond.com my name is Seven Raymond and I will be posting my articles and offering my readings, consultations, and classes which if taken advantage of by you, are the remedies to all of the above issues and more. Hmm, I may even post a few YouTube videos from time to time. Peace, Love, Light, and Dark

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