Transmission From Mothership–Q&A with Arcturians

Transmissions from the Mothership
Connecting Realities 1
Q and A with the Arcturian
This time when Mytria and I entered our “Holoschool,” we saw the Arcturian again in front of the “Transmissions to Earth Screen,” which appears more like a membrane. The Screen revealed a group of Earthlings who we instantly recognized by their energy fields as Pleiadian and Arcturian in nature. However, they were all wearing their human earth vessels. We could see their third dimensional bodies sitting in a circle, as well as their higher fourth dimensional bodies with whom the Arcturian would be communicating.
It appeared that the Arcturian had already introduced Itself, and one of the fourth dimensional bodies was standing and about to ask a question. Mytria and I quietly stood behind the Arcturian knowing full well that It was teaching through example how to answer some of the many questions that we would be asked. Thus, we said nothing and observed as the question and answer session began.
The standing ascending one was actually the Earth expression of one of our friends with whom we had laughed just last night. Or, perhaps that was a lifetime ago? We felt such joy that our friend’s grounded expression was able to communicate directly with an Arcturian.
“Dear Arcturians,” asked our friend in a human disguise, “We have some questions to ask you. However, first we want to thank you for all the assistance you have given us. We do not know how we would have tolerated third dimensional reality without your guidance.
“Dear Ascending ONE,” spoke the Arcturian,” We want you all to know that we, your Galactic Family, are YOU. Hence, there is no question of whether or not we would be of assistance. When you merged your great Essence with this expression of your Self, we promised that we would help you.
We assured you that we would call you as soon as your consciousness was expanded enough for you to hear us. Your answer to our call set your life into a completely different direction. In actuality, your answer to us, your Higher Expression, set you into a new Path of Realty.
There are many Paths of Realty, and the smoothest Path is the one forged by your Higher Expressions of SELF. In this manner, you, the grounded ascending ones, can always have access to the Higher Perspective of your journey. Within this Higher Perspective is a direct line of communication between the YOU who has volunteered to enter Earth during this Timeline of Planetary Ascension and the you who is a Higher Expression of your SELF. With meditation and practice, the link between you and your Higher Expressions of SELF will become a constant source of support and guidance.
Dear Ascending Ones, would you like to ask your first question?
Another person stood, who was an old friend from our Homeworld. We so wanted to say hello to her, but her human expression could only see a very, vague image of the Arcturian.
“Dear Arcturian, I am so happy to speak with you. I have been chosen to speak for all of us. We have several questions that we would like to ask. For starters, we would like to know why we have been feeling so very tired. We know that this fatigue must be another symptom of transmutation, but more information would be greatly helpful.”
The Arcturian warmly replied, “We are equally pleased to speak directly with one of our ascending family members. We understand the difficulty of limiting your immense Being into a small earth vessel. Your fatigue is largely because your consciousness operates at a much faster rate than your physical earth vessel.
“Often your earth vessel appears to be completely still while your consciousness is processing realities that are invisible to the senses of your 3D Vessel. This condition is much like keeping your car in neutral while you press down the accelerator. The car is ready to go, but you are not in a gear for movement.
“Your earth vessel is much like an automobile. This auto has a 3D body and operating system that is in the process of adding a new computer program. However, your 3D vessel is unable to read this new Operating System. Largely computers run the newer cars, but you cannot ‘trade in’ your current vehicle.
“Hence, you must find a way to convert your old car into a format in which it can respond to the directions of your new computer system. This transition of operating systems causes great fatigue for your 3D earth vessel. The fact is that there are inherent limitations in your physical form that will never be able to read all the information that is now available to your consciousness.
“Therefore, your brain is working overtime attempting to make sense of information that is entering your consciousness via your the new Operating System. However, due to the inherent flaws of your earth vessel, this system cannot be totally connected to the body you are wearing. For this reason, it is best to allow your grounded self to relax into the guidance of your Higher Expression of SELF. Then your Higher Expression can ‘tow’ your earth vessel. All you need to do is to put your vessel/car in neutral and make sure the brake is off.
“Fear is your braking system. If you try to surrender into the guidance of your SELF, but your ego puts the brakes on with its fear, the resistance will create great fatigue. However, we are NOT saying that all your fatigue is due to this dynamic. There are many of our ascending ones who have gained great mastery of their fear, but their earth vessel is simply not equipped to move as fast as their minds.
“The consciousness of these ascending ones is hungrily accepting the higher cosmic light and speeding into higher and higher frequencies of reality. However, they are still anchored to the physical realm. Hence their mind, which has accepted the guidance of their higher consciousness, is ‘pulling on a boat that is still attached to the dock.’
“Therefore, fatigue arises from the constant resistance of your body that cannot accept the acceleration of your consciousness. Fortunately, your bodies are also going through a transmutations process, but the physicality of the body creates a much slower transition than the flexibility of the consciousness.
“This situation is more difficult for the ascending ones wearing an older model of earth vessel. Fortunately, the extended years on Earth have awakened enough wisdom that these ascending ones do not judge their body and allow it adequate rest. The ascending ones who entered their earth vessels decades ago have also had the challenge of many, many years in which they had to keep their true SELF a secret.
“Consequently, the constant constraint of ones true expression often causes physical conditions that forces the older version of earth vessel to move more slowly. Fortunately, patience is often gained through decades of experience. Furthermore, the guidance of their Higher Expression has often led them into a reality in which their responsibilities to the 3D illusion are greatly diminished.  Hence, they can take on their well-earned status of Mentors.
“Furthermore, these Mentors’ wisdom has taught them to unconditionally love themselves so that they can more easily and completely unconditionally love others. This freedom from judgment regarding the age of their current vessel allows them to make the appropriate decisions regarding the care and maintenance of a ‘vintage vehicle.’
“On the other hand, our Galactic Family is entering more young earth vessels. These infants, children and teens have instincts that allow them to access many of their innate, multidimensional abilities and information. These young ascending ones are too often born to parents who cannot understand or assist them. However, as your society continues to awaken there will be more support for these ascending members of ascending Earth. These ‘children’ will be the leaders of your new reality.
“Would like to ask us another question?”
“Thank you so much dear Arcturian,” said the spokes person. “Yes, we would like to ask you about the dizziness that many of us have been experiencing. Is that dizziness another symptom of transformation?”
“Yes,” answered the Arcturian, “Dizziness is another symptom of transmutation, but it is because of a slightly different reason. The dizziness you are experiencing is because you are beginning to consciously experience more than one reality at a time. In fact, ‘time’ has shifted from an element of stability and structure in your life into yet another changing dynamic, to cause even further confusion. You are confused about the erratic nature of time and about the myriad thought, sensations, pictures and/or memories that waft in and out of your mind.
“Those of you who have created a solid link between your current earth vessel and a Guide or higher frequencies Expression of your Multidimensional SELF often have less confusion, but more dizziness. In this case, the dizziness comes from that fact that you are currently running two diametrically opposed operating systems. Your Third Dimensional Operating System is telling you that you are limited to your clay shell, that there is only one reality.
“In fact, your Third Dimensional System tells you that you are “hallucinating” if you are experiencing a different reality. This old System tells you to ignore those stimuli, as it is NOT real. Only that which you perceive with your five physical senses is real, and everything else is just your imagination. At the same time, your Multidimensional Operating System is telling you that everything that you perceive with your five physical senses is an illusion and only your imagination is REAL.
“Meanwhile, the circuitry of your physical brain is overloaded with conflicting information and too much stimuli to effectively compute. Your brain is like a computer in which you have opened too many windows and now the entire system is freezing up. Whereas your computer would likely stop functioning, your brain makes you feel dizzy.
“Is the outside world real, or the inside world real? Is that memory or passing vision from the corner of your eye real, or the clear vision in front of you real? What is real? To what can you attach your anchor and your sense of SELF? These questions confuse your 3D brain even further. Your overloaded brain desperately tries to separate and sequentially file multidimensional sensations that are neither separate nor sequential.
“Hence, your mind begins to spin and you feel dizzy. The solution to this issue is to fully download and integrate your Multidimensional Operating System. However, in order to do so you will have to ‘upgrade’ your biological computer by bringing the 97% Ascension DNA fully online. Many of you have already completed this upgrade.
“However, once the Ascension DNA is fully operational you have an even greater challenge, which is connecting this 97% Ascension DNA with your 3% earth vessel DNA. This process is the cause of the greatest dizziness because you have to connect two totally opposite systems of operation.
“Your human brain tells you that:
·     ALL life is outside of your body
·     Everything is separate from everything else
·     Your imagination is not real
·     You must work very hard and long to create anything
·     You are better or worse than others
·     Time rules your world
·     You cannot go faster than the speed of light, etc. etc. etc…
“On the other hand, your Multidimensional Operating System tells you that:
·     Life is everywhere and infinite
·     You are all ONE
·     Surrender into that which you wish to create
·     Your imagination is fifth dimensional thinking
·     You are ALL equal, Multidimensional Beings
·     Time and Space are an illusion of the physical world, etc. etc. etc…
“Attempting to contain so many opposite and opposing concepts and versions of reality makes you lose your external focus. Do you remember when you were a child and you would spin yourselves around again and again until you were so dizzy that you fell down? You became dizzy because your external touchstone was gone. You were like a dancer who goes into a spin without maintaining their ‘spot.’
“Then, just as a car may sputter and stop, your biological brain spins and shuts down. To deal with this dynamic, your body becomes “sick” to create a good reason for your dizziness. Then you go to bed and go to sleep, which is a very good solution. While you are adding a new operation system to your computer, you cannot open any programs or do anything with the computer. You have to wait until the new system is totally downloaded. Then, when you restart your computer it appears to be much the same. However, there are subtle differences that you do not recognize until you use your computer. Your brain is a biological computer and runs in a very similar fashion.
“Many of you are trying to download a new Quantum Operating System into an old computer. For this download, you will definitely need the assistance of your Higher Expressions of SELF. Your Higher Expressions are your Guidebook. They will assist you to understand your new version of SELF, just as we will.
“Do you have a final question for us?”
This time the group conferred before the spokesperson again stood to speak,
“Thank you for your information. It appears to us that the greatest challenge of all would be to somehow connect the advanced operating system of our Multidimensional SELF with our third-dimensional thinking. Is this similar to connecting our third/fourth dimensional reality to the fifth dimensional world of New Earth?”
Mytria and I wondered if the small group would catch the glint in the Arcturians aura that had become so familiar to us as It said, “You are very correct. Your consciousness and more of your reality than you realize is already fifth dimensional. However, you cannot compute much of the higher stimuli that fills your new world because your 3D brain cannot yet recognize this data. Your 3D brain is simply refusing to accept these perceptions as real. Hence, they never travel through the reticular system of your brain.
“The neural network of your reticular system acts as a ‘firewall’ that screens out data that your ego self deems is unimportant. On the other hand, once your Multidimensional Operating System is fully online your Multidimensional SELF will determine what information is important. Then you will be able to consciously perceive, integrate and understand how much your reality really has changed.
“If you can believe in your SELF, as well as any stimuli which activates the feeling of unconditional love and/or joy, you will gradually calibrate your primary perception to the higher frequencies of reality. However, remember that your physical sensations of hearing, vision, touch, smell and taste will not be adequate to fully register higher dimensional sensations. You will have to trust what you THINK you hear, see, touch, smell and taste.
“You are accustomed to sensations and information coming from the outside of you, such as through your eyes or ears. When you perceive the higher frequencies of reality, you will perceive them from within your core. To best understand this multidimensional information we suggest that you run these perceptions through your High Heart and Third Eye. Your High Heart and Third Eye are your Heart-Mind, which is your primary sensory receptor and processor of multidimensional input.
 “Also, remember that you will not experience the fifth dimension in the same manner that you interact with your physical world or even your fourth dimensional dream world. Your sense of touch will be attuned to experience auras, as will your vision, hearing and even your smell will respond to the more ethereal messages. You will not experience hard edges, spaces of separation or any fear-based emotions.
“We have given you enough information for now. However, please remember that your new realities will appear different. If you had always lived near the ocean all of your life and moved to the desert, you would have many new sensations to compute. Therefore, can you imagine how many more new sensations you will experience when you resonate to a new reality of a different dimension?
“Fortunately, more and more of you will be sharing this journey, so please remember to create groups in which you feel safe enough to share and discuss your new experiences of reality. Most of all, please remember that you are NOT alone for we, your higher expressions of SELF, are always with you.
“We close this communication, but please know that you can personally continue it within your higher states of consciousness.
Blessings to you all, The Arcturians”

Transmission From Mothership–Q&A with Arcturians



Hi all I received this message on the 7 December from Mia a Pleiadian

Good morning Mia.

Much needs to be done this morning, you must listen carefully. We are moving very fast toward Ascension. You must make your mark now. Much must be said. Know that we love you and will protect you.

Now let us begin.

Many of Humanity are in turmoil. let us help them to understand what is happening with the weather at the moment.

There is a Planet in alignment with the sun making the weather on earth unstable. We are doing our best to protect Humanity from the pull of this Planet this is why there are a number of large ships near your sun. You are an important light worker who began your mission many years ago in Lemuria, you knew what was going to happen when the planet arrived last time. Many on Lemuria listened to what you had to say and they were able to save many Historical documents and Maps. It is now time to let the New Mankind know why we are here at this time.

Now let you light match your love for Humanity. You must now take your new light and shine it on Mankind.

On many planes of existence knowledge will light the way. You are a part of this knowledge and you must now relay new information just as you did on Lemuria.

Now I will give you what needs to be relayed.

Nibiru’s Mass is causing many weather patterns to alter. When you are in alignment with many large Planets your Planet will alter herself. Nibiru will make a brilliant Glow in the sky very soon. When this happens many will become unable to move as they will be in fear. Love will move them when it is aligned with the cosmic centre of the milky way. Know that all will be fine.

Many light workers and star seeds will make many new connections at this time.

You will make a very kindred connection with your higher self.

You and Leslee are sisters in Lemuria.  Leslee is Agnus the mother of Morain. You must Contact Leslee and let her know what new connections you have made now that link you  together at this time. Much must happen now as we move forward. You must now Blog your message in full.

You must now make a choice as to what you write. Let your light shine forth.

Crystallineblue: Mia the Pleidian



Early this morning I received this.  It is the first I felt I needed to post also the above photo appears to have two light sources or my imagination has run away today.

I sense you there can you tell me your name. My name is Mila I am from Siris I have a message for you.

Your world is quite fragile at this point in time.  The Universal structures are moving around to a degree never before seen on this world. Your Nasa is beginning to realise they will not be able to hide what is truly happening as the sky’s are beginning  to reveal the beauty that has long been denied.  Many new cloud formations are  drawing the eyes upwards.  These anomaly  are beginning to behave in  manners that have you doing what you on earth would call a double take so to speak.  What is appearing they are giving names too and telling the population the cause and effect which produces these changes. You have had visions of beautiful rainbows have you not, unlike what is currently in your sky. The night sky you have noticed is also changing and you have seen a beautiful burst of pure white light and the cascading rainbow  colours of what you would call sparkles (smile)

Humanity is now at the cusp of something they feel but can not put a name too. Many end of world scenarios are coming thick and fast to try and keep all they can in fear.  What they have failed to comprehend is by taking away freedom of choice and plunging the lower classes into what we would call a dark void has had the opposite effect.  They are beginning to question on a growing scale and they are refusing to back down to  what they are beginning to know as control that has been manipulated onto them by unfear work demands, the breakdown of the family unit and the placing of children into artificial schooling which costs many millions of dollars to have them come out the other end with no way of earning a living, their diplomas are thus worthless but because they have them they are deemed too highly qualified for the jobs they do go after. Many of your young are beginning to see the bigger picture what you need to begin doing is listening,  especially to those who are just beginning to communicate you will be surprised by the knowledge these ones hold.  Some  have not been pulled into what many call the matrix of your dark elite control not from the want of trying.  Notice how much pressure is placed to put your blessed child into daycare centres under the premise that they will do much better here while giving you the freedom to work  as the pressure to pay the ever increasing taxes, increasing mortgage rates ,credit cards bills mount.  Step back and try to distance yourselves from the materialistic society you find yourself in. Spend time together doing the simple things in life walking in nature  talking with one another. Turn off  the phones the televisions computers and open your eyes. Do you find every day is the same as the last every argument is caused by the same issues, find a way to change your routine by awaking each day to a new day full of miracles and possibilities. Leave the burdens of yesterday where they belong  only then will you be able to accept what is rightfully yours in all its glory for I tell you the gifts that await will leave what you have now as a distant memory. Thank you for allowing me to come through today dear one your love for us is felt as I hope our love for you helps to lighten you load a little as you move through the new energies filtering around you. with much love I leave you now  Mila.

A first for me.


Our global isolation from the multidimensional universe (the veil) is a personal matter. Intimacy, our willingness to share ourselves fully on a personal level, is the gateway to telepathy, access to our own higher nature, and access to the whole of creation. When we fear that we have a deficient part of ourselves, this fear becomes a judgement. We fear that if people knew about it, they would turn away and we would end up alone. Or that they would ridicule us, see us as less than them and not worth their time. So we hide that part. Many people hiding parts of themselves creates a global structure of hiding and maintains our isolation.

Hiding, even the smallest part of ourselves, from one person, is… Read more

Free to distribute in tact. Please credit original author (Kelly MacInnis) and Link to original post:

The Value of True Intimacy and How to Fiddle with Your Tender Bits


Well lads… Ive finally landed on this island full of history and mystery.

It was a rough journey, but ive landed in one piece.

When studying the history of the quiet little

beach town Ive gotten a house on, I remembered the tale of Loftus hall.

I can see it from the small hill I live on known as Hook View.

Its a bit of a long story, but Ill keep it short. (from wikipedia):

Loftus Hall is a large mansion house on the Hook peninsula, County Wexford, Ireland that is said to have been haunted both by the deviland by the ghost of a young woman…

Charles Tottenham and his family came to live in the mansion in the middle of the 18th century. Charles Tottenham’s first wife had been the Honourable Anne Loftus.

Charles came for a long stay in the house with his second wife, and his daughter Anne from his first marriage. During a storm, a ship unexpectedly arrived at the Hook Peninsula, which was not far from the mansion. A young man was welcomed into the mansion. Anne and the young man became very close. Then, one night they were in the parlour; when the young man dropped a card on the floor and Anne went to pick it up she glanced under the table and noticed that the young man had a hoof in place of a foot.

It is said that Anne screamed and the man went up through the roof, leaving behind a large hole in the ceiling. Anne was in shock and was put in her favourite room in the mansion, which was known as the Tapestry Room. She refused food and drink and sat with her knees under her chin until she died in the Tapestry Room in 1775. It is said that when she died, they could not straightin her body as her muscles had seized and she was buried in the same sitting position in which she had died. A rumour states that the hole could never be properly repaired, and it is alleged that even to this day, there is still a certain part of the ceiling which is slightly different from the rest.”

The story has been called a myth among other things, but never the less, the island surrounding my new home has an eerie feeling indeed. I was speaking with Trevor (dreamwalker) about this via email when I first landed an began reading the stories late into the night (as you do as a woman alone in a big empty house on a hill at 3 am) the minute I began reading about it… the storm of all storms rushed in, The rest of what transpired is in the following videos… Enjoy 😉

taking on the loftus storm part 1:

defeating the storm part 2:

the storm… aftermath:

the conclusion:

I can see it is going to be interesting here indeed.

I am also quite intrigued about all of the connections that Ireland has with Egypt and the Pharaoes.

I believe lisawolfke and others were speaking about this with me once.

I am interested in hearing others thoughts about Scota and her being buried on the Tara mound.

I plan a trip there soon… I will def be bringing a video camera with me for that one too.

Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.




Irish Legends …. Calming the Storm



Good morning Spirit train riders! I am writing you because some things have changes in the lifes of Cheri’ and I. We have hit a few “snags” as it were and are loosing a lot of our 3D luxuries. We will not be having internet, among many other things. I am just going to wrap this up in a tight little nut shell. I am not writing you to get any “awww’s” I am writing you all because I love you. We are all one, we are all family, and we will miss you all more than I could ever begin to tell you. We will try to get online some how and write you all. I promise we will keep in touch as much as possible for our curren…”situation”. Who knows, maybe something will happen and we can afford it again, I dont know. Either way, this is a temporary goodbye. While I am at work I can pop on from time to time, but I dont know how often that will be :(. Cheri’ and I will be on the saturday dreamflights every weekend, it does not matter where we are (physically), we WILL be there! I love you all will every fiber of my being, and I thank you all for who you are. This was a picture we took on July 4th, I just wanted to share it with you guys and gals 😉

Your faithful loving brother and sister

~Michael and Cheri’ Hall

~Michael Hall

Farewell….for now!