Thank you with all of my heart to Leslie for allowing me this section of her wonderful site! 🙂

I will post updates here as well as links to and summaries of my latest messages and other messages that I think this wonderful community of dear friends will resonate with and enjoy.

Much Love all! 😀 🙂


GoldWing: Distrusting our (Star) Families

I’ve noticed for a while now a push within the new age community to not accept help from our star families or to not trust them to be able to assist us…well I have a question for you? If their help is not to be trusted, why do you trust that you are indeed a starseed here to help humanity? Why is it ok to say we need to save ourselves, yet not ok to accept that those who did not incarnate here are doing their best to help us..to help humanity, within the boundries that they can?

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