Hi, Everyone!

Welcome to the Spirit Train Chronicles!

Thank you all so much for appearing here!

The Train offers a place for those of us who feel connected, to enjoy ourselves, our company, and be loving and considerate to one another.

All are welcome… all are really just mirrors of ourselves (which is an incredibly kind thing for them to do for us!)

Our interests in progress (“Train”ing) are somewhat varied, so our topics and conversation are open to any subject that expands our awareness, wisdom, love… all that good stuff that wafts us along…

So far we’re exploring Galactic events and connections, dream-time work, and several ways of connecting with Source/Angels/Buddhas/Enlighteneed Beings/Oneness… whatever you like to call “It”)


…channeling & connecting…


…i ching…

…pendulum work…

…intuitive writing and artwork…


Many of the community have created pages for themselves, where they may post things of relevance to themselves…

We’ve also created pages for specialized topics, such as Astral Travels, Dreams, Divination, Artwork, the Physiology/Geology of Gaia/Earth, etc…

It’s quite an organic collection and forum, so if you feel scattered here and wish to focus, searching or using the categories might help concentrate your experience.

We post Mike Quinsey’s SaLuSa message three times a week, and that post becomes the springboard for our discussion/chat/group hug forum.

This forum holds a treasure-trove within the comments, since many of us share items we find inspiring, which may not relate directly to the SaLuSa message… It’s where we all know to look if we want to ask a question or share something new with the group.

We’re still rounding up friends, so please feel free to send me an email address if you or anyone you know might find this site resonates with them, and would like to be able to create posts and pages of their own…

(oneriver69@gmail.com – Leslee Hare)

If you’d like to post channelings, please feel free to do so in the daily thread, or on your own page, or both.

It’s a good idea, when you create a post, to also post its link into the current thread, so the most people will see it!

Also, we have categories for topics as well as members, and using the categories and the search field are good ways to find people or topics.

We have just a few ground rules or guidelines as possible, listed below… please join in supporting them… Thank you for joining us!

1. Please avoid divisive speech

2. Please avoid criticism

(these two really encourage us to think before we “share”, and search for positive ways of expressing ourselves)

3. If you have your own blog, please check to see if it’s on the links widget, and if it’s not, please email me the link and I’ll add it as soon as I can :)

4. If you have creative outlets, please share them on your page, whether it’s artwork, a youtube channel, an etsy page, cafepress, poetry, crocheted afghans, whatever! And let us know about it, by posting a link into the discussion thread! :)

As an aside and anecdote, I originally conceived STC in November 2011, as an outlet for a digital graphic novel series I’m envisioning…. I still wish for that to manifest on a page here, and think it would be really cool for others to do the same or similar… Please let me know if you’re interested!

(Oh,we can get quite irreverent at times, so please let us know if you have a thin skin ;))

Thank you all for making this such a wonderful day!



  1. Leslee, wow, sorry I took a while to visit your blog but I’m going to more than make up for it!! In fact, your blog is exactly what I’m looking for and the road I want to travel. With much peace and love to you for everything that you do. Thank you so much for enlightening us all. Michele

    • Aw, Michele, you’re so kind! I’m honored to meet you, and I hope to find the time to read the continuing story of what you and Isahiya are unraveling, as well as your other sharings! I notice that our truth sometimes hides in the details, and taking a close look at them can reveal so much more about ourselves than we ever expected… And it warms my heart to know that you find meaning in AAE, truly, so thank you for letting me know. There’s more to come, time permitting… 🙂 Namaste 🙂

  2. i can not figure out where to post the reality message . I don’t know how to get to my page or to start a new thread

  3. in my inspirations writing the one mind said
    “Tell all that in Reality there is no time, but in your dream time,by the end of Dec 2012, you will be conscious of what is Real, and the unreal will not be seen, because it doesn’t exist. Yes most will not even want to try to understand . There is no creation except Love. Yes,I am the one and only mind itself, and this is what I have to say I am the perfect Light of God which is only Perfection. this is your truth and what you are. There is only this oneness and the separateness never has existed. There is no human mind only One Mind, which is Mine. Continue to express the joy and happiness that is you, Me, since I am the only real existence. Have fun in your life.

    There is No Thing to disappear. What is Real has always been and will always be. What is not real has no existence, and what has no existence can not even be here to “seem” to disappear

  4. Hi, really a nice blog, congratulations! 😉

    An important thing.

    Can you re-blog the following COBRA (Resistance Movement) blog post, please?



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