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Sharing some catch-up and thoughts about how the election and pandemic get along with being non-neurotypical.

leslee hare

Need a break? Life got you down? How about a few words to help you feel better about confusion?

It’s okay when nothing makes sense. Because “All Reasoning Is Futile.”

blurred abstract image of a meditator sitting on a lotus flower with a beam of light shooting through his body

My story’s a bit extreme, but ‘typical’ seems a thing of the past now, so I’ll go out on a limb and share it.

I’ve seen myself as an architect for most of my life. But in 2010, out of work and deeply stressed, I began to experience psychic phenomena. With no frame of reference or mentorship, it was scary, and I was unprepared.

When I began ‘channeling’ — if that’s even what it was — I grasped desperately for explanations. Why was I spending my time this way? How could I ensure that these creations — the words I committed to paper, the images that flowed from my head and heart — weren’t merely random products of messed-up brain…

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chasing fear

Send fear packing.

leslee hare

chunky barber shears

Fear and I have a dog-and-bone relationship.

Power outages. Achey chills. TV news. Unemployment. Downed trees. The Election. Plague-doctor nose cones. Lost mail-in tax returns. Panic attacks. Masks with too-tight elastic. A sinking bank balance. That large creature in the attic that will scrape through the walls any day now. A low car tire. Poison Ivy. Loud trucks. Sweaty-palmed phone calls. The cat’s swollen, bald ear. Ruined soup in the fridge. Bathroom scale readouts. An empty asthma inhaler. Search results for “How much is too much whisky?”

I’ve got a bottomless basket of worry-bones for Fear to toss, and I obediently chase them down rabbit holes. I bet I’m not the only human with a stash of stinky buried bones to supplement the common ones. It’s become a family tradition, and I get it. I used to believe in it.

Maybe it’s my Deep-South upbringing or my Autistic characteristics, but…

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Writing — Because I Can

Coming out of my 2020 cocoon to share what’s been going on with me. Wishing everyone peace and happiness!

leslee hare

desk-with-laptop-and-draft notes

July 2020 will ring in my memory for a while. Not because of COVID-19, protests, elections, or wildfires. On July 7, a video chat announced that I’d lost my job.

For the third time in four years, unemployed. My inner liberty bell rang — time to quit trying.

The job-loss showed me how deeply Autism* and my concussions** had eaten into my ability to ‘play architecture’ in a traditional setting. The anxiety and PTSD, accumulated across four decades of laboring in a field I not-so-secretly despised, overwhelmed me. Exhaustion had eaten my free time; depression stalled my creativity. And I needed to learn why my body experienced crippling pain.

With decisions to make and resilience shredded, I froze. Gaming, Mexican food, ice cream, and whisky kept me distracted until I admitted it: I didn’t care whether I lived or died.

Since my early twenties (that’s 30-plus years), I’ve dealt with…

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extrasensory overload

insanity atlanta 🙂

leslee hare

This is the view from my office window this week.

Why anyone thinks it’s a good idea to plaster a 30-floor tall medieval-knight-type guy with a sword and Bud-Light robes onto an office building 3 blocks from the action is beyond me.

I didn’t know anyone played football with a sword… sure doesn’t sound like a good idea.

I suppose it might hook the video-gamers who don’t go in for Madden…?

Or capture our imaginations, trying to tie football to the crusades…?

In any case, it’s an apt expression of how the city feels to me right now: heavy, dark, maddened.

The buzz of helicopters. The screeches and howls of sirens. The thump of sub-woofers.

Folks just trying to get to work and do their jobs.

And excited Europeans who think this display is worth stopping to take a photo. With the wife in the foreground, smiling.

Welcome to America…

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Dreamflights: My Current Thinking

Over the past couple weeks I’ve returned to blogging and STC’s dreamflights after a long hiatus, so I thought I’d share some current impressions…

What is a dreamflight? How can we tell, when we wake, whether we’ve been on a ship, or just had a “normal” dream? Or if we even dreamed at all?

I don’t know.

What I do know is, we don’t need to worry about it.

We’re all working in ways that some of us cannot perceive. We all bring gifts to this community, to the world, and to dream-time and other planes, that we don’t need to be able to describe and explain.

This is where intuition and guidance come in.

I’ll give you an example.

Early this evening, I created the watercolor sketch above to accompany this post. My thought had been, “I’d like something with soaring wings, something encouraging, to go with this post. And I bet I can create a quick watercolor faster than I can find an image or make something in Photoshop…”

I hadn’t painted in several months, and sat down with the paper and brushes, nagged by a mild dread that I’d just make a muddy mess and still have to go online and hunt for wings.

Then I found the pearlescent watercolors I’d never used. My attitude shifted. Next came the cheap block of watercolor paper. “It doesn’t have to be precious, Leslee. Just sit down and paint.” So I filled the water bucket, grabbed the nastiest brush – the one that sheds everywhere – and started doodling.

As I painted, I thought of the Dreamflights, and my intention to paint wings. A fairy-like figure appeared on the paper, soaring above a circle. The circle turned into a planet. And then my thoughts shifted to a Valiant post I’d read in The Bell Tolls. I thought of Vala, casting spells to cleanse the Earth. And the sketch started to represent that work.

That was pretty cool. I finished the sketch, and took a snapshot of it. Then I remembered I was to talk with my friend Victoria in less than an hour. I hurried a bit to get the snapshot ready to insert in the post, and when I was almost finished, Victoria called. We chatted, and talked about many things, but eventually got onto the subject of my health. I mentioned my brain cysts. The conversation moved along to other subjects, and then we talked about her Merkaba ship videos. And she told me she was hearing from the Nordics so frequently, and that ships will start landing soon. When she mentioned the Nordics, thinking of Valiant’s associates, I told her about the watercolor sketch, and emailed it to her.

When she saw the sketch, she added that she thinks it’s also about my brain, and healing… and she pointed out the pale profile of the angel swooping down , on the right. I had not noticed it before. And I realized the circle – the “planet” – also looks like my pineal cyst.

So… can you see how even when we think we’re doing something simple and straightforward… going to sleep at night, or making a sketch of some wings… there’s no telling what else we’re also accomplishing?

We call it a night on Saturdays, and wake up remembering a little, or nothing, or something we’d rather forget. There’s no telling what we really experienced and accomplished…

Amazing things, the stuff we don’t need to know.

Wishing you all blissful journeys, peaceful sleep, and the trust to keep moving into what’s important.

Love you guys! ❤


STC, all grown up!

It’s my birthday today, and we’re celebrating by going add-free on Spirit Train Chronicles!

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now, and the pop-ups on my phone this morning pulled the trigger.

I will probably add a “donate” button soon, and if I can find the time to sort thru how to run affiliate ads, I may go for that as well. I think the cost of maintaining STC is now about $64/year, which ain’t bad, but if anyone cares to pitch in a dollar or two, it’ll be greatly appreciated and totally unexpected. 😀

We’ll deal with those details later. For now, enjoy cleaner browsing!

With lots of love and wishes for a super 2019 going out to all,

A New Path

Please enjoy this guest post by author C.L. Roman! Cheri specializes in paranormal fiction, and here she shares about her experience with the Tarot.

leslee hare

Welcome to the work of Guest Author C.L. Roman! Today she’s sharing an article about her experience with the Tarot.

A New Path

By C.L. Roman

I was sixteen the first time I saw a deck of Tarot cards. I had heard of them, and been intrigued by the concept. But my knowledge of the spiritual realm was strictly superstitious. I’d been taught that Tarot belonged in the occult category: highly suspect and deliciously naughty, but not something to be taken seriously.

No one taught me the history of Tarot, or worked with me to gain an understanding of the cards. My first deck was gifted to me with little instruction. I tried to learn them for a while, but over time, put them aside, then finally gave them away when the culture I lived in deemed them dangerous.

Fast forward twenty-five years to the recent past. Various circumstances…

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DreamFlights, Ads, and Contact – Reviving the Site

Hi Everyone, Happy Almost Winter Solstice!

After once again forgetting to set my intention to join DreamFlights last night (despite the recurring reminder on my phone – argh.), I have a few thoughts I’d like to share, and I’d love to know your opinions.

First, about the DreamFlights. We started planning these dream-meetings years ago – gosh, was it 2011 or 2012? – and it’s a wonderful way to connect and share our experiences of meeting friends and guides on ships. I confess I haven’t practiced this for a few years now. Life set other priorities and I got side-tracked. I’d like to get it going again, but am struggling with the Wednesday night thing.

What do you guys think of moving the DreamFlight night to Saturday nights?

Please offer feedback in the comments section. For myself, it’d be easier to remember, and to relax before bedtime, and I’ll have more time to wake gradually in the morning and make notes on experiences. Please let me know in the comments section if Saturdays would work for you.

Second, about ads on the Spirit Train Chronicles site. This morning I visited the site without being logged in to WP, and was shocked at the number and nature of ads that WordPress is running on the site.

I’m contemplating upgrading the site to a business account. That would eliminate the WP-generated ads, and make for a cleaner experience. To offset the monthly cost of this, I will look into running Amazon affiliate stuff, and selective ad placement.

If you have any concerns over this please let me know. I’ll probably make this switch in the next week.

Lastly, is anyone out there familiar with the CE-5 protocols, and are you interested in practicing them as a group? I’ve met several folks here in Atlanta who use the CE-5 meditation created by Dr. Steven Greer, and they’ve had some encouraging results! I’m going to try to get those friends to visit Spirit Train Chronicles and connect with us here.

Although I’m pretty sure Greer’s practice is copyrighted and we might not be able to run any CE-5 events here (official ones, at least, and y’all know how I am about copyright violation – not gonna do it…), his guided meditations are very similar to practices we’ve shared here on STC, so I’d like to explore possibilities. It might simply be a matter of going back through older posts and resurrecting some meditations from there.

So again, feedback please!

Lastly, keep an eye out for a new look for our Spirit Train Chronicles. We haven’t changed the look since inception, and WP has some great newer templates that I’m gonna play around with a bit. I’ll try to keep the tweaks minor, and look for an option that’s easy to use, but will probably change the top menu to focus on the most-used pages and posts. That may take me a while to get around to.

On a personal note to @saucernut2, (and anyone else who’s been following the DreamFlights thread and wondering where everyone went…) thank you for hanging in there! I will try to spend a little more time on your questions, and we can explore in more detail what you’ve been trying, and what’s worked or not.

BTW the feature image for this post is a photoshopped layering and adjustment of a UFO image (“possible small space debris”) taken from the ISS, and a microscopic image of snow crystals. Pretty cool reflection of our inter-dimensionality, eh?

Cheers to you all! I, as one northern-hemisphere dweller, am really looking forward to getting our longer days back! Will try to restrain my jealousy for y’all in the Far South ;D

Please send me some good juju for reviving this practice and finding the time and energy to become more involved. 2019 is slated as the year of rebirth, and I’m sure looking forward to that!


(image: modified and layered images from wikimedia commons: NASA [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons, & “Snow Crystals”, Unknown author [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)

many ways to get there

As I work to revive my blogging habit, I’m struck by the changes in my life since 2011. That’s nothing new, really. Looking back over years’ worth of posts would drive home lessons about impermanence for anyone. But I’m starting to see something more in the traces of paths left in the sand.

I used to think my life – my spiritual path – was like the golden squiggle in the photo above: meandering, but getting there. Now, five years later, it looks more like the other loops. The ones that lunge off the page and loop back on themselves, circling ’round and ’round. Maybe even running backwards. Or stubbing off into dead ends. Half-visible.

Reaching back into the 2000’s (what do we call those years now – the “aughts”, or “naughts”?), reveals an even more tangled trajectory.

The traces make the path more interesting.

They show me that no matter how I’m getting there, no matter what route I undertake with vigor, or simply fail to choose, it still feels like progress. It’s just a new and different set of lessons.

In 2015 I still clung delightedly yet desperately to my guides via pendulum and chart. They helped me divine everything from what to eat next, to when to get in the car and drive away. I documented the minutiae of hyper-vivid dreams, pored over channeled words, coaxed meaning from them as if they drew the map of my future and chronicled my past.

And they did. I believed that, like I believed breathing air kept me alive. And it was no mistake.

But after my first concussion in 2016, things changed.

I was so busy adjusting to the differences in my brain and body, I didn’t have the time or energy to think about what was happening in alternate dimensions or universes. I lived in the evident and material. Survived. Healed the body. At that point, when a few things didn’t go the way I wanted… and then a few more things went downright badly… there was no point in whipping the pendulum chart out of my back pocket. I didn’t have the time. It was a slingshot roller-coaster.

My territory became uncharted. I didn’t want to see a chart, because I didn’t need any more decoy “advice” to teach me another lesson or two. Without a map, I gave up the driving part and decided to sit back in coach. Watch the scenery.

Thankfully, my guides adapted. They shut up and let me rest.

Instead of staying up until 2am writing a post or channeling sketches of alternate universes, then waking up at 5am to do my prayers, now I sit back, drift off to sleep, and let my shrine get dusty. I arrive at work late. Instead of sitting, pen in hand, waiting for dramatic revelations and stimulating verbal sparring in the evenings, I just go to bed and wake up the next morning (thankfully) to see what the day will bring. Instead of me trying to get my guides to show their hands, I just follow along.

It’s easier, yet harder. Easy when I let go, hard when I let guilt or self-doubt get a foothold on the running board.

My guides are in charge now, more than ever before, simply because I’ve abdicated. For the time being. Maybe that’s faith. That conclusion sounds good, and it’s reasonable. I spent years building a foundation of faith. The Crew more than proved their presence to me. Of course they’re not going to abandon me just because my brain works differently now.

But inside the silence lingers a faint after-taste of guilt. Subtle as a mote of dust tickling my nostril, and just as annoying. If I focus on the quiet too much, it feels like I’m not giving life my “all”. Because I used to do so much more.

I’ve been sick a lot this year, and lately I’ve been thinking about how, ten years ago, perceiving the threat of chronic illness, I sat for hours meditating, willing my guides to heal me. Nowadays I catch myself wondering whether I’m cursing myself, by not sitting on the cushion every chance I get.

What bullshit. Haven’t I learned anything?

So I remind myself, with a modicum of confidence: whatever the destination, there are many ways to get there. Not only many routes to take, but also countless way to travel them.

And it doesn’t seem to matter what I think the goal is, in my life at least. It changes daily, and there’s no way I could keep up with it.

With guidance and protection, even pain and uncertainty can become gifts. Being forced to release spiritual ambition lets me sleep better at night.

So I’m getting to see it first-hand: it really must be about the journey, after all. And letting go.


(image, modified & cropped) Image Science and Analysis Laboratory, NASA-Johnson Space Center. “The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth.” [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons



happiness on sale!

Happiness On Sale! The prices for 21 Steps To Happiness and the companion Coloring Book have been reduced on Amazon, just in time for holiday gift-giving!

These books offer a wonderful introduction to Buddhism, especially for young folks. They present classic Lamrim meditations – the path to Enlightenment – in modern Western terms. The cheerful illustrations give examples of how to put the lessons into practice, in our everyday lives.

Please visit Amazon to have a look inside, or purchase a copy for a loved one – yourself, maybe!

Wishing blissfully happy holidays to everyone!

got some new sites!


Hi Everyone!

In November 2016, after another tsunami of life-changing events, I decided to take my writing more seriously.

I founded a publishing company, Lotus Dance Press, and started a new personal site, lesleehare.net.

I’ve also got a Facebook page (please like me!), and am working on an Instagram presence.

If  you’ve enjoying reading and looking at what I’ve shared over the years here on leslee-hare.com, please hop over to one or all of those venues, and travel along with me there!

Lotus Dance Press published 21 Steps to Happiness in October 2018, and it’s now available on Amazon (or you can request it at your local bookstore). We’ve just  dropped the price, in time for holiday gift-giving!

21 STEPS-COVER_20180823

There’s a Coloring Book version too!


Also in the works are a new novel, Sophia Learns to Fly (working title).

A young non-neuro-typical DNA research scientist pits her intuition and free-time obsessions against a strict research lab culture to prove that not all humans are really all-human… With a little help from her off-world friends.


and I’m working on several more Coloring Books that I hope to publish in early 2019.

Buddhas Coloring_LiveSymmetry_20170220.ai

I hope you’ll join me soon!

Best wishes for joyous holidays and a wonderful 2019!



56 & Spectrum

The secret I didn’t know I kept…

leslee hare

Do I look Autistic?

I know, maybe that’s in poor taste. Do I look Southern? Or chronically ill?

When we pass someone on the street, or reconnect with an old friend, how can we know what they’re going through, if they don’t tell us? Most of us know we need to tell people when there’s something going on, not wait for them to ask.

Still, it’s taken me that long to get around to this post, so my friends can know what’s been up with me.

I learned a few weeks ago that I’m on the Spectrum. Autism Spectrum Disorder, Level One. There’s something almost humorous about learning this at my age. It’s a long time to go around nearly clueless, 56 years.

Over the past few months, I’ve also learned I have Lupus, Candida, Leaky Gut, and a parasite (ew.) The first one, along with the Autism, is not…

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Phenomena… what?

Tidbits of what my year has been like…

Lotus Dance Press

It’s been a crazy year so far.

I continue adjusting to life in Atlanta, and some of the bumps still catch my toe once in a while.

Downtown still looks tired, dirty, and gray, but the City finally patched the sidewalk outside the office, and the explosive flames (leaves) descending from the maples light things up, especially in the frequent rain.

But that’s not the craziness.

For years now, I’ve known something was going on with my body, and I’ve finally begun to get to the bottom of it. Some of it’s been mind-blowing. Lupus, Candida, Leaky Gut, a parasite, and now Autism. Along with a completely new – and astonishingly restrictive – diet, it’s enough to slow anyone down.

But somehow, Lotus Dance Press has managed to get off the ground, and 21 Steps To Happiness is now available on Amazon!

I’m working on several volumes of Coloring Books…

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21 steps

It only took 12 years to get this one to press! Sending hugs to everyone in STC world! I miss you all and hope to be engaging more (again) soon.
Love, Leslee

leslee hare

21 STEPS-COVER_20180823

…and we’re live!

In fact, we’re so live, we’ll be in the Authors’ Booth at Pine LakeFest this year. If you’re in the Atlanta area, please drop by, say hi to Leslee, and check out the books!

21 Steps to Happiness is now available on Amazon (and in expanded distribution channels)! The series includes 21 Steps To Happiness and the 21 Steps To Happiness COLORING BOOK. Great for all ages, and just in time for holiday shopping.

We all want to be happy!

In this world, it can be hard to figure out how to get that way.

Whether you’re a 3-year-old who just dropped their ice cream, or an octogenarian mourning the passing of someone dear – we all need comfort and help finding a way to make the best of our lives.

21 Steps to Happiness and its companion books offer insights from centuries-old classic Tibetan Buddhist…

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out of my mind

it’s been a while – latest train of thought 🙂

leslee hare

Been pretty bored lately.

Life goes on, not much that’s exciting. No drama to stir me up and get the juices flowing. No moral dilemmas like I used to scream for answers over. Plenty’s happening, but I roll with it more. Maybe I can thank the concussion for that. Slowed things down. Or maybe it’s the cat that came to live with me.

Was a time when I’d ask questions of Heruka. I kept an endless list. So many things I wanted to understand. I trusted my Buddha guide had all the answers, and I could take ’em to the bank.

Slowness and boredom have given me time to reflect.

I think it was in 2012. Maybe 2011. Still carried a pendulum bracelet everywhere with me. I’d reached the point where I no longer thought twice. Would pull it out of my pocket, drape the chain over a fingertip, and…

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Respecting Copyrights

Hi Dear Friends who post here,

I hope you’re all doing well! I have an urgent request, for the well-being of our site. Thanks in advance for your help!

I have just responded to a DMCA Takedown Notice for an image that was used for a Dreamflights post. It was a lovely image, but used without the artists’ permission. This is the second Takedown Notice we’ve received (the first was for a link to a Tom Kenyon video). Although it’s been a couple years, WordPress warns that repeated violations can result in suspension of the site and/or account.

I’ve written to WordPress support to ask their advice on monitoring a site like ours, where numerous people are able to create and edit posts. In the meantime, I’m asking everyone to please go through your posts, and media you’ve added, and consider the sources of images, sound, or video you’ve used. Please remove any, if you’re not certain the work is either yours, or free for use.

Once you’ve done this, please comment here or email me, to let me know. I really appreciate you taking the time to do this!

In a few weeks, I will go through these items myself. If I see a post you’ve made, with content that’s questionable to me, and I haven’t heard from you that you’ve verified the right to use the material, I will remove it. I’m sorry – I don’t have time to research your sources myself.

Here is a link to an article WordPress provides, to help us understand “Fair Use”: https://en.support.wordpress.com/counter-notice/#what-is-fair-use

Please read this and use it as a guide, as you review your posts. Of course let me know if you have questions, an I’ll help however I can!

I’m proud to be associated with such a lovely group of friends, even though you don’t hear from me often these days. Let’s show WordPress and our creative friends that we respect copyrights and are willing to take the time to do our research before we use material by others.

Sending big hugs of love and light!



Update On “All About Enlightenment” – 9 November, 2015

lhamo dorje floating in space

Hi, Leslee here.

Last month I decided to self-publish the book. I also launched a Facebook page – please grace it with a Like if you like: https://www.facebook.com/All-About-Enlightenment-169192373120829/timeline

I had mulled over what content to keep online – what if a publisher wanted me to take it all down? I hid many posts, and didn’t like the way that felt.

In Manuscript-World, I’ve been adding pages and pages of illustrations, and scratched my head that maybe I needed a publisher, in order to include color plates (from what I can tell about CreateSpace, it’s either all black and white, or all color). I think I have a solution: the main book can be all black and white, but if folks want a book of the color plates, that can be offered as a separate volume.

Once I cleared that bump in the road, things began flowing a little faster. I knew that there was a key to organizing the book somewhere… but I couldn’t lay my hands on it yet.

Then, about a month ago, a light sparked, and I got a clear image of how to address my dilemma (which boiled down to ‘how do you talk about classic Buddhadharma, Dreams, Channeling, Hollow Planets and Aliens, all in the same volume?’).

The original chapters of All About Enlightenment, which can be found here (http://wp.me/P1ig39-vv), on AllAboutEnlightenment.com, constituted a tidy volume – all of about 120 pages. As I’ve followed nudges (and a few knocks over the head), the content exploded to over 700 pages – and it’s not finished. Rather intimidating for me to get my head around.

What the light illuminated was how to address questions bound to arise as one reads and digests that tiny first volume. They range from “Why should I care about Enlightenment?” (and explaining how many kinds we might attain), to “Why do you call this samsara – and what’s wrong with that?”, to “Wait, if this world’s not real, then what are those things in the sky… and what am I… and what is this rock I’m sitting on…?”

So we’re moving past the basic original content to addressing things in terms of The Four Thoughts That Turn The Mind To Dharma, to The Twelve Interdependent Links, to other ‘structures’ that folks familiar with Buddhism might recognize. As we drift into exploring the nature of the mind, that carries us into discussing reality, which allows us to merge over into surreality with a little more grace than abruptly announcing: “Oh, by the way, Buddhas are ET’s, and ET’s are Buddhas.” Bam.

With all the new material added, it seems timely to share some of the newer bits. With the blessing of a little free time, that’s on the to-do list. Aspirations abound.

Here’s a link to a post I made last week, also about how things sit with the book’s progress: