wondering if i can still dream

In case y’all wanna meet tonight…

leslee hare

I’m tired of writing about Autism, so I’m going to experiment tonight. Half-heartedly. I’m a bit tired today, but we’ll see what happens.

In early 2012, a group of friends and I started logging dream synchronicities which we call “Dreamflights” on a site named Spirit Train Chronicles.

I had started the STC site because we had all originally met on another site that had been shut down. We thought it was a temporary stop-gap measure until the other site got back up and running, but things took off. Wanting to continue the experiment we’d begun, we aimed both to see if we could meet up during dreams, and also if we could find ourselves on what we called (still call) Galactic Ships.

You see, although we’re scattered around the globe (US & Canada but also China, Ukraine, South Africa, Europe… we collected 196 flags on the STC site), we…

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