New visions of Abiquor center of light.

Some time has passed by but Abiquor has still been in my mind, sparked by Leslee. I thought it was time to revisit these visions of Abiquor again and updated them through the help of an AI to shape what Abiquor might look like now. There is so much spiritual growth going on, not only personal but on world and cosmic level. Seeing these visions through the AI interpretation made me feel closer to Abiquor. One of the special spaceports within Abiquor is under construction, as it is a bit complicated. Please tell me what you feel when you see these images,see all of them here Abiquor center of Light.

Wish you all the love, Lisa


Immigration rollercoaster to Belgium

I am Arachanaï

It’s been a long time since I’ve written on this blog, mostly because of being incapacitated by my chronic illness. With my newly bought laptop, I decided to pick up where I left off.

I don’t know where to begin. A few months ago, in April, I was still living and working in South Africa. The decision to move back to Belgium wasn’t taken lightly. But when we finally did, we didn’t know what we got ourselves into. Justify saying it was a lot of work, with its own set of problems. But on the 26th of May 2022, I landed with my family on Belgium soil. Now a new adventure awaits us.

My spiritual journey in South Africa was incredible, but due to the sheer amount of volume, it will take a while to talk about it and write out the transcripts. From…

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dreamflight 15 october 2022

My first attempt at reviving the habit of Saturday night “dreamflights.”
Please let me know if you went on a dreamflight – thanks!

leslee hare

image generation by MidJourney AI on behalf of Leslee Hare 18 oct 2022

So, last Saturday night as I fell asleep I made the request to meet with friends during dream time, hopefully aboard a “galactic lightship.” (I imagine that when one appears to my waking eyes I’ll feel better about choosing a label for these phenomena.) When I awoke on Sunday morning I had forgotten about it, but by early afternoon I suddenly recalled – although it’s a hazy recollection – the dream I’ll share below.

I was riding my bicycle through a neighborhood. I was anxious to get somewhere on time and kept having difficulty moving forward. When I stopped my bicycle in frustration (and because people were grumbling and shuffling to get around me) I discovered both tires were flat. I remember muttering a string of profanities under my breath but have no idea how I arrived…

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wondering if i can still dream

In case y’all wanna meet tonight…

leslee hare

I’m tired of writing about Autism, so I’m going to experiment tonight. Half-heartedly. I’m a bit tired today, but we’ll see what happens.

In early 2012, a group of friends and I started logging dream synchronicities which we call “Dreamflights” on a site named Spirit Train Chronicles.

I had started the STC site because we had all originally met on another site that had been shut down. We thought it was a temporary stop-gap measure until the other site got back up and running, but things took off. Wanting to continue the experiment we’d begun, we aimed both to see if we could meet up during dreams, and also if we could find ourselves on what we called (still call) Galactic Ships.

You see, although we’re scattered around the globe (US & Canada but also China, Ukraine, South Africa, Europe… we collected 196 flags on the STC site), we…

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Anybody Out There?

I am. But I’ve been hiding, in a way.

Are you guys as exhausted and burned out as me? I expect I’ll hear and feel more than a few “yes”s.

Spirit Train Chronicles has always been a space where we can be honest with each other. I’m tired of not writing unless I can find something positive to say. I’ve decided it’s okay to complain and overshare – if that helps me get myself off the ground.

And I confess: the ordinary life has sucked me in for too many years now. I’d love to see this community reawaken – but I can’t even promise I’ll have the energy to follow along and comment. Or post regularly.

It’s a full-on burnout right now. I have no wondrous news, exciting ideas, channeled info, or interesting artwork to share. When I find the time to write, I don’t even know where to post it.

(BTW, I’m on FB and trying to use my Leslee Hare Author Artist page, so please connect with me there if you like)

I’m going to share a bullet list. If any of these resonate with you, let’s start there:

  • I left Atlanta in 2019 for Sweet Home Alabama. Hah.
  • Been caregiving for my Mom, pretty much most-time since late 2020, when
  • I lost a job I’d had high hopes for.
  • I had to sign an NDA to get severance pay for it, so I can’t share much about how the pandemic turned it into a nightmare.
  • But I learned that, at least in Alabama, there’s no recourse for bullying in the workplace, and
  • There’s no recourse for claiming discrimination if you don’t fall into one of the six protected categories. Autism isn’t one of them. Accommodations don’t exist in corporate business models.
  • I had another mental health hospitalization because panic attacks were a new thing to me, and depression and SI jumped on that gravy train.
  • That foray inspired me to apply for Disability benefits and awakened me to the impacts of my concussions and Autism (I had only received a diagnosis two years earlier, and was pretending it didn’t matter.)
  • I faced two years of waiting for approval, but that day came. Thank all the positive powers. I will never have to go through professional hell again.
  • Then, Mom’s house sprung a leak which forced us to move.
  • She entered a retirement facility, and I moved into a small apartment downtown.
  • It took us painful months of sweat and tears (and blood from the cat scratches) to empty the house and get it on the market. We basically did 3 house moves simultaneously. It’s a wonder my siblings and I are still speaking.
  • The house sold quickly. Fortunately, to a family that fully appreciates the amazing garden my family created from naught but red clay and a few pine trees over the span of 18 years.
  • But we still have 5 storage areas of Mom’s stuff to sort through. At some point. The woman loves things.
  • At the end of July, Mom took a fall and broke a kneecap and an ankle. Compounded by her Spinal Muscle Atrophy and three bed-bound weeks during rehab, all of our routines dissolved.
  • My brother adopted my cat Sylvie because I was freaking out over neglecting her. I feel guilty for not missing her.
  • But I’ve discovered that Betta fish are soothing and much easier to care for.
  • Tonight is the second night in two months that I have slept in my own home, and only the 12th night I’ve slept in a bed.
  • My arthritis progresses. Other ailments are still somewhat controllable – if I rest 3 days a week. On a good day, my pain’s around a 4/10. Most days it’s closer to 6 or 7. Except for my feet and hips, which often hit an 8. I use dual canes instead of narcotics, but CBD and whisky help tremendously.
  • I haven’t had time or energy for old friends, new friends, or social media, so I feel completely out of touch.
  • Mom has reached a level of independence such that I feel I can reclaim some free time once more, and I don’t know where to start.
  • I’ve neglected artwork and writing, for the most part.
  • I’ve begun watching American football because it makes Mom happy. It’s hard to write while watching football.
  • I discovered that mindless games on my phone were the most immediate relief I could afford when free time is parsed out in 15-minute intervals.

So, I’ve felt like a Sheeple for a good five years now. That’s been my ordinary world.

In Spiritual terms, here’s another bullet list:

  • Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about how wonderful those super-fertile years of Spirit Train Chronicles were. Magical.
  • I still keep a terrific Buddhist library, but so much of what I see online rings of faux-Buddhism that I’ve lost interest in Eastern imports. We’re in a different age now.
  • I think about the ships, and all those beings I connected with. I know they’re still there. But I no longer have large enough chunks of time to devote to those connections. I don’t think “they” have given up on me, but I can’t reach them right now.
  • I sat down the night before last with a pendulum for the first time in over a year. The energetic swinging kicked right in, but I nearly threw the damn thing across the room. I didn’t want to ” hear” what anybody had to say because it all sounds like BS to me while I’m in this mood.
  • On one hand, I want to beg the forgiveness of somebody(s); on the other hand, I feel like tossing the “script” to Hollywood and the independent sensationalist filmmakers and letting them run with it. At least they’re starting to get to the meat of things, in their cinematographic way.
  • This week I’ve decided that posting on the Internet is the best way for me to try to get my groove back. I’m afraid it may take a while.
  • I am determined to FINALLY publish All About Enlightenment. I may even publish all four or five versions. But I’m not shooting for that in 2022.

So, there. I’ve outed all of the personal complaints, obstacles, and trepidations I can think of tonight, that have held me back from venturing online.

If this post inspires you to raise some energy, join in. Tell us – in REAL terms – what’s been going on for you. If you can do it safely. We may find it’s the best way to clear some of the heaviness lurking in the ether. I sure hope I’ve adjusted the settings to send me quick notifications. Please forgive me if it takes me a few days or a week to circle back.

Sending blessings to all of us.

Much love, Leslee

With regards to the Soul Contracts, Timelines, Pyramids, Gxxx Keepers…….

My precious Tribe:

I’ve been missing you so badly & can imagine how uneasy the circumstances are for anyone of us. I’ve been aware of the issues of TIMELINES, repeated patterns in our life both in individual & collective scales. The last days, it even becomes the subject that I have no way to bypass any more, but face up to, even deal with.

There was a very impressive dream that I have had in late 2018, that I didn’t realize till the last week that the key persona who did something very malicious & harmful to me lately in this timeline would in fact be met in not only few other timelines. Along with so many films, fictions, manga, or animations adapted from the last, which all have much to do with the repeated patterns in the various parallel timelines, and all these relentless suffering plots feel like the very “traps” that the protagonists have been trying hard releasing themselves from in any timeline; this video popped up to me at last weekend in such an incredible synchronicity. Lucky me that I didn’t bypass it. May this message help all of us BREAKING THROUGH the unwanted patterns, charging us with the FORCE to create, reach, fulfill WHAT WE WANT !!!!!

Johns Hopkins University confirms: You can be vaccinated with a PCR test, even without knowing ~ February 16, 2022

Rose Rambles...


Johns Hopkins University confirms: You can be vaccinated with a PCR test, even without knowing

Editor’s Note: On my gosh…I just got a new job and will have to tested. how do I avoid this? Simple…just buy your own swab and use these for swabbing, rather then the swabs that come with the testing kit. Or…demand a blood test, for which no swab is needed! Remember, regardless of how inoculation for COVID-19 is avoided, staying free from potential genetic modulation (intoduction of mRNA) is sure to have you BE in…

Quantum Joy!


In January 2019, the WHO defined the growing number of vaccination critics as one of the top ten threats to global health, and since the unprecedented Corona vaccination fiasco, the number of vaccination refusers has truly multiplied.

Meanwhile, resistance is forming even within the orthodox medical establishment. But the masterminds of the WHO continue to insist on an unrealistic vaccination coverage rate of at least 70 percent.

In this article, Jan…

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This will SHOCK you! | Make Your Choice NOW ~ February 16, 2022

Rose Rambles...


If you are a part of the spiritual and/or ET disclosure communities, then you need to hear this NOW. There is a serious decision that we each must make right now if we value our souls, our evolution, and our place in the natural Universe.

Watch my video where I go in-depth on the Metaverse here: 👉


Roseramblesdotorg, an independent publisher, is now on Telegram at and exists only on reader support as we publish Truth, Freedom and Love for public awareness. Please use GiveSendGo to make a donation. ThankYou for your support. Fundraising Link.

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For the NEW WATER TIGER Year of 2022: the Dakini Code

Miss you all so much and am sorry for such a long silence. I finally left the dark abyss, literally being back and hope you all are safe & well. I cannot be grateful enough for these BRAVE Canadian Truckers and the ones who have offered any kind of supports. Now we see the DAWN………

I myself am still in the course of emotional recovery & just realized that we anyhow have to start to charge ourselves with the sharing from each other in the TRIBE of the ones with whom we are much more than just being resonated. Only that when we are gathered and can integrate our knowledge, love, power as a BIG ONE, we can manifest the lovely, ALTRUISTIC world sufficiently with the most powerful strength and energy, from the isolated, lonely, helpless state.

The following videos are quite long and loaded with ancient ESOTERIC knowledge, but interpret & present it in an excellently succinct & explicit way. They are so worth taking time to digest with patience, particularly for the GateKeepers. TIGER is a very key code in them. SHE hence broke through my sluggishness & silence, even evoked me to share them here.

So grateful for all the ones who have imparted the knowledge, the compassion, the HOPE, the blue prints, made these films, so as to the precious ones who would like to share, to respond here during the most difficult past period of time.

THIS FULL MOON & MULTIPLE 2 portals are so precious that I anyhow would like to bring my best greetings and blessings to all the beloved ones here & now.

Dream: Shadows in the Market

I was with a friend in a market where the lighting was kind of dark, it was an area with a canvas roof, and stalls in it… we were talking about people changing names, but it was kind of like when a kid puts their hands over their eyes and says they’re hiding…

We picked up some vegetables at one of the farmer stalls. It was kind of tense because we weren’t sure if there were bad guys around the market.

What are “bad guys” and why do they matter?

Maybe they’re just something I made up as a part of my own introverted anxiety… a Paleolithic fear of being feasted on by Jaguars…

RE: Changes

Hi Ark, I know you well regardless of the name you go by! I wanted to respond to your post but couldn’t think of the words, and time flew by (as it does these days) and the post was then locked down. This timeout was set awhile ago to prevent spam. We can adjust it to allow for new timelines as needed.

What you said is pretty much where I’m at – and maybe we all are. I see what preceded as a fact-finding process, and I am still kind of amazed that all that happened. It was a series of confirmations for me – things I thought I understood, but could easily be led astray from those understandings by one blog post or another. I can say that I have clarity that I didn’t before, and I can certainly see the holes in the world’s religions, and the cons and empty promises of this “dark” world that we chose to briefly inhabit. And will likely inhabit again, at some point.

It’s fine to not be excited or interested about these things, just as appreciating a mountain view might be pretty cool at the time, but after that, it’s a mountain.

The so what / what now factor is there because we peeled away a part of our idea of what the universe was, and got boring old dirt as an answer. This to me is pretty exciting in its own way because that is probably the right answer. The exciting answer can be the one that’s been fabricated to line someone’s pockets with “money”, or some weird darkened path as darkness for the sake of darkness. Or perhaps a distraction from something else going on. The exciting is now boring, and the boring is now exciting… or something like that…

There are some things that are now coming to pass that we were waiting for, for quite some time. Movements of the world’s mafias is not part of that, but I see the US Navy admission as one example – others might disagree. “Soon” has become “now” in many ways, though perhaps not always in the way we might have expected. We are used to the idea of being more than we thought, and okay with the idea that people assume they have more limitations that they really do. It’s the human experience we came for, anyways. As paying customers, we should be able to experience the movie the way we want to experience it. I don’t think it ruins the experience to know how that movie was made.

The other side of the question is – what does excite you these days? How’s it going? Do you think these last couple of years were the “apocalypse” needed to get things moving in a different direction? Or is it back to same old, same old, and that’s it?

I for one am embracing boring as a change of pace!


I feel it’s time to break the silence here. Who am I, you may wonder? I changed my name to what it’s been elsewhere. Both to avoid confusion and perhaps to discard an old persona. Online you can be anyone, you can put on a role like a suit. This suit really fits better, I feel.

Let’s see if this is a topic of interest. Perhaps it will become a series of posts.

I used to present myself as an openminded skeptic. How am I even here? Because I’m openminded. It sounds good.

Lately I’ve had to re-evaluate this stance. Maybe this is just something I said to fit in? I don’t feel openminded. Maybe I am really both narrowminded and a skeptic. I tend to not believe in anything I haven’t experienced. So how am I here?

I want to believe, like Mulder in the X-files. But not only that. I found that my mind does not care about if something is “genuine” or not. I can choose to believe. As an experiment. It’s not fake belief. I see people believe in something, it looks interesting, they seem to do and learn things I can’t, all because they believe. So I learned – I can’t tell how – but I can decide to believe in something, and then go from there. It’s a very useful skill. It’s not mere intellectual entertaining of ideas, it’s a real belief. Sometimes a belief is not beneficial at all. Then I can choose to discard it. Maybe what I’m writing here now will make someone upset. Does this mean belief is fake? Am I lowering the value of belief by saying this?

I don’t think so. Is love fake if you intentionally seek it? Should we stop trying to find love? What if we could all decide to love something or someone at will, wouldn’t that be better? What makes something genuine?

At one point, I decided that the quality of something is more important than its process of formation.

That’s how I am here. I wanted to believe that this is real, I followed the instructions for boarding a galactic lightship, and the following night I had a new dream experience. Seeing how something you did actually had an effect, is a common way to reinforce belief. By that time it would be genuine, no matter how it came about.

So many things have shown themselves since. But not once, when I look back, has it really made me believe in anything. I’ve read about the Galactic Federation. Nonsense, I thought. At one point I was suddenly contacted over telepathy. The message was very mentally intrusive, complete with visuals. A boring looking man in a white shirt and dark pants was standing before a whiteboard. He said “Look closely, I’m going to show you something.” He did, I memorized the message, which included diagrams I did not understand. I knew the message was meant to be posted on here, so I did so. Dreamwalker444 could fully understand its meaning. I still had no idea who the man contacting me was.

Now, years later I’ve had to simply conclude that yes, there is a Galactic Federation, that man was them. It must have changed my worldview, I feel like it should have, but I don’t feel amazed. I can’t say I find this realization very interesting. Some things fell in place, and I now know other people probably weren’t talking nonsense.

Is this a boring post?

Maybe someone finds this interesting. If so, there may be more parts to this story.

~ Until next time

The Clattering Train

Who is in charge of the clattering train?
The axles creak, and the couplings strain.
Ten minutes behind at the Junction. Yes!
And we’re twenty now to the bad—no less!
At every mile we a minute must gain!
Who is in charge of the clattering train?

Why, flesh and blood, as a matter of course!
You may talk of iron, and prate of force;
But, after all, and do what you can….
Man is in charge of the thundering train!

Man, in the shape of a modest chap
In fustian trousers and greasy cap;
A trifle stolid, and something gruff,
Yet, though unpolished, of sturdy stuff….

Only a Man, but away at his back,
In a dozen cars, on the steely track,
A hundred passengers place their trust
In this fellow of fustian, grease, and dust….

The hiss of steam-spurts athwart the dark.
Lull them to confident drowsiness. Hark!
What is that sound? ‘Tis the stertorous breath
Of a slumbering man—and it smacks of death!
Full sixteen hours of continuous toil
Midst the fume of sulphur, the reek of oil,
Have told their tale on the man’s tired brain,
And Death is in charge of the clattering train!

Those poppy-fingers his head incline
Lower, lower, in slumber’s trance;
The shadows fleet, and the gas-gleams dance
Faster, faster in mazy flight,
As the engine flashes across the night.
Mortal muscle and human nerve
Cheap to purchase, and stout to serve.
Strained too fiercely will faint and swerve.
Over-weighted, and underpaid,
This human tool of exploiting Trade,
Though tougher than leather, tenser than steel.
Fails at last, for his senses reel,
His nerves collapse, and, with sleep-sealed eyes,
Prone and helpless a log he lies!
A hundred hearts beat placidly on,
Unwitting they that their warder’s gone;
A hundred lips are babbling blithe,
Some seconds hence they in pain may writhe.
For the pace is hot, and the points are near,
And Sleep hath deadened the driver’s ear;
And signals flash through the night in vain.
Death is in charge of the clattering train!

Punch, 4 October 1890

ridiculous inspiration

Sharing some catch-up and thoughts about how the election and pandemic get along with being non-neurotypical.

leslee hare

Need a break? Life got you down? How about a few words to help you feel better about confusion?

It’s okay when nothing makes sense. Because “All Reasoning Is Futile.”

blurred abstract image of a meditator sitting on a lotus flower with a beam of light shooting through his body

My story’s a bit extreme, but ‘typical’ seems a thing of the past now, so I’ll go out on a limb and share it.

I’ve seen myself as an architect for most of my life. But in 2010, out of work and deeply stressed, I began to experience psychic phenomena. With no frame of reference or mentorship, it was scary, and I was unprepared.

When I began ‘channeling’ — if that’s even what it was — I grasped desperately for explanations. Why was I spending my time this way? How could I ensure that these creations — the words I committed to paper, the images that flowed from my head and heart — weren’t merely random products of messed-up brain…

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chasing fear

Send fear packing.

leslee hare

chunky barber shears

Fear and I have a dog-and-bone relationship.

Power outages. Achey chills. TV news. Unemployment. Downed trees. The Election. Plague-doctor nose cones. Lost mail-in tax returns. Panic attacks. Masks with too-tight elastic. A sinking bank balance. That large creature in the attic that will scrape through the walls any day now. A low car tire. Poison Ivy. Loud trucks. Sweaty-palmed phone calls. The cat’s swollen, bald ear. Ruined soup in the fridge. Bathroom scale readouts. An empty asthma inhaler. Search results for “How much is too much whisky?”

I’ve got a bottomless basket of worry-bones for Fear to toss, and I obediently chase them down rabbit holes. I bet I’m not the only human with a stash of stinky buried bones to supplement the common ones. It’s become a family tradition, and I get it. I used to believe in it.

Maybe it’s my Deep-South upbringing or my Autistic characteristics, but…

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Writing — Because I Can

Coming out of my 2020 cocoon to share what’s been going on with me. Wishing everyone peace and happiness!

leslee hare

desk-with-laptop-and-draft notes

July 2020 will ring in my memory for a while. Not because of COVID-19, protests, elections, or wildfires. On July 7, a video chat announced that I’d lost my job.

For the third time in four years, unemployed. My inner liberty bell rang — time to quit trying.

The job-loss showed me how deeply Autism* and my concussions** had eaten into my ability to ‘play architecture’ in a traditional setting. The anxiety and PTSD, accumulated across four decades of laboring in a field I not-so-secretly despised, overwhelmed me. Exhaustion had eaten my free time; depression stalled my creativity. And I needed to learn why my body experienced crippling pain.

With decisions to make and resilience shredded, I froze. Gaming, Mexican food, ice cream, and whisky kept me distracted until I admitted it: I didn’t care whether I lived or died.

Since my early twenties (that’s 30-plus years), I’ve dealt with…

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A Way Out


We try to confront one another
Face to face, as seen in a mirror
But inevitably we see things differently
On this plane our views will always conflict

The one view being the other’s complete opposite
Whatever is on my left is to your right
While if it is on my right it will be to your left
Impasse! Deadlock! Despair! You think?

Now here’s the thing … Try looking up
We both see the same heavens, the same light
Look down and we see we stand on the same ground
So let’s stand side by side, give ourselves a chance