Valiant: Knock Knock…The Sandman…The Gift…Part 10…

There would be signs…strange and
Elusive signs that some would notice
And others dismiss. Stars in the night
Sky would seem alive and seem to
Move both at night and by the light
Of day…

Signs in the air and elements…
The winds would roll and howl
With storms that fell out of reason
With the seasons…There was rain with
Rainbows and hail and snow when
Flowers bloomed…

Signs in nature, in the animals…
As their migrations and habits broke
Their patterns. The birds sang strange
Songs and flew clumsy and erratic
Rather in their graceful and smooth ways.

And with the farmers…Their livestock
And all beasts of burden bore weak and
Fewer offspring. Crops that should have
Set easily did not take well to the ground.
Everything was imbalance, EVERYTHING.
And everyone was noticing.

Far and wide words spread of these things
Amongst the villages. People became nervous
And anxious. They did not handle things so
Well, life was hard enough back then. The
Slightest things off balance, especially when
It came to spring set them in a worrisome
And grumbling tone with things to come. It
Wasn’t superstition, people had to think
Ahead for the year. The loss of simple things
Could shape grave misfortune for the bigger
Picture down the road. It turned a normally
Passive and kind person into a desperate and
Defensive, sometimes even hostile neighbor
Whether it was a small countryside village…
Or a denser city community.

During such times the people turned
To the churches for peace of mind. The
Traditional Sunday services were not
Enough so they sought the company of their
Village priests more often.

1558 Nuremberg, Germany

Jon’s family was particularly worried
About their farm. Their goats had produced
Far fewer kids than they hoped for, the
Cows lost their calves and their horses
Were getting old. They were in need of so
Many new things so badly…They had hoped
For a good start to the year but that didn’t
Happen, the year ahead seemed grim…but
Then it seemed grim for a lot of people. It
Was their hope to get Jon married to expand
Their family and broaden prospects for their
Future. But he fought them on this
Relentlessly. It was the one thing he
Refused to yield to and was becoming an
Ugly argument among them.

‘You must carry on the family name.’
His father insisted.

‘It is your duty for the family!’ His
Grandfather agreed. ‘We are old, the
Young do the work. That’s how things

But Jon only resisted them over and
Over. ‘I just don’t want this right now.
I don’t feel right about it. You can’t just
Plan to marry me off like I am an
Animal.’ But they refused to see his point,
He argued, they argued…it never ended.

The reality of the family varied in those
Days. In many families marriages were
Arranged and maintained in many ways
Like livestock were. It was all about family
Lines, work and productivity. Communities
Were structured to provide not just for
Themselves but also for those in the cities
As well. For the commoners, or poorer
Villagers, children were not always a
Blessing or a gift to households but more
So, a commodity of labor. The larger the
Family the more work could be done, the
More trades could be utilized…The
Smaller families produced less and were
Therefore swallowed up by the larger

But worst of all, love was not always a
Grace found in marriages but something
More precious and rare…Found in those
Brave enough to chase it. Couples were
More made by parents bartering and pairing
Their children up, and occasionally by luck
Through friendships…or by chance, the
Best and highly prized members of each
Community getting to choose who they
Wanted like a prize. How anyone was
Treated again depended greatly on each
Family’s traditional way of raising a child.

So, when Sunday came Jon’s family
Went with determination to convince
Their priest to have a good talk with their
Son. The timing couldn’t have been
Worse, the community was in no mood
To consider marriages with all the
Strange things going on. But then Jon’s
Family always did have a bad sense of
Timing. How ironic that his gift of
Intuition could have been so helpful…
But they had always been so blind and
Stubborn to appreciate it, in fact they did
Everything to suppress it.

Jon was obedient, he went along and
Listened to what he was told to do
Always. But the one thing that he
Absolutely refused to be bullied into was
Marriage or being paired up…It cast
Such a dark reminder of what he had
Lived through, and he did not want to
Do that to anyone else ever.

The Sunday service at church was more
Crowded than normal. The people
Wanted constant comfort and validation
For their efforts and prayers. In fact, they
Were more so demanding that their faith
Be rewarded during these hard times. They
Were becoming impatient to hear excuses
Of how nature was just simply hard
Sometimes. Still they went to service
Hopeful that maybe the tide would turn,
That maybe just one more prayer might
Make a difference.

Their pastor, Father Tomas, was a well
Aged grey-haired man, modestly built
With a kind face and voice. His presence
Was always reassuring even the stormiest
Days. But that Sunday he had his hands
Full, the faces of his congregation were
More sour than normal, some even hostile.
Yet despite the difficulty of standing in
Front of his people, he did so with a
Gentle demeanor that slowly calmed them
Down…an effort that few could ever

He quoted passages from the bible
As best as he could, though in truth
He found it hard to be constantly
Inspirational these days. The sermon
Started a little roughly received but
Over the course of an hour the mood
Gradually lightened and the faces he
Saw and knew so well returned to a
More passive state. It never ceased to
Amaze him how people changed on
Sundays. A crowd could be a very
Difficult thing to manage without
Careful words. But if there was ever
A day to appeal to the heart and soul
Sundays were the time to do it; once
Upon a time that is.

His final words he said with a smile
Of relief. ‘Please remember that are
All God’s children…That even in the
Darkest times he hears you. You may
Not feel it, but he is there. Sometimes
The toughest times may seem
Impossible to get through…But they
Test us and can bring out the best in us.
So that maybe one day we can look back
And say…I got through that, and it made
Me stronger and better…for you, for our
Lord…for everyone. And you can be
Proud to know what a strong soul you
Have become.’

His words were well received with
Smiles and applause. The people stood
With some relief then for the moment
And turned and looked at each other
With a little less hatred, impatience…
And more with hope and friendship.
How long that would last? Until the
Next Sunday…hopefully.

Father Tomas moved through the crowd
Then to stand at his church’s plain
Looking doors in the rear where he
Could shake hands and bid his flock
Farewell for the day. And the people
Were always oddly happy with this
Part…as if a job had been done and they
Could return to their own lives with a
Little less guilt; whatever that could be.
He did not judge this, he only smiled…
But the feelings were clearly there.

This was always a rather interesting part
As well when the church goers left. Some
Quietly left, some hurried out…While
Others had to stay just a moment to shake
Hands with the father in gratitude…and to
Share some personal words, or advice. It
Was a glimpse into their character that was
Often priceless.

Mr. Schiller and his wife were the first
To grin and see the father at the door.
He was a great big round red-faced man,
Always very friendly to everyone—and
Loud. He raised pigs at the far end of
The village…far far at the end, the smell
Tended to detract most away and gave
Him lots of space. ‘Father Tomas,’
Mr. Schiller said, ‘I have to say I loved
The service today. I really enjoyed it.
Such strange times we are having, Father.
My pigs are acting very strange…very
Very strange. Why they are squealing so
Much and making so much noise I can
Hardly get any sleep. And they are eating
So much and fighting…And their tails
Are doing the oddest things father,
Such funny little shapes they’re making.
Do you think you could come take a look?
I swear it’s the strangest thing you will
Ever see.’

‘Thank you, Mr. Schiller,’ Father Tomas
Smiled. ‘I will try, yes. These are strange
Times, and animals do notice. Thank you
For telling me.’

Then the widow Heiser came next, a
Robust woman…known as the village
Gossip. She took the Father’s hand and
Leaned close. ‘Oh Father, such a
Wonderful sermon! I loved how you spoke,
But may I offer you my advice to remind
That people sit up straighter. They really
Should take more pride in how they appear
In church. Our Lord watches you know.
And Mr. Styvenson…Oh my, I swear he
Stares at me when his wife isn’t looking.
I really think you should speak to him,
It is so inappropriate in church!’

‘Yes, Mrs. Heiser.’ Father Tomas smiled.
‘Thank you, I will do that. Please have
A good day.’

Then next came the two elderly sisters
That everyone who lived alone that
Everyone loved…Helga and Willa
Meyer. ‘Father Tomas, oh how we loved
Church today. Such strange times these
Are. Why we have been just going out of
Our minds going through our preserves
From last fall. Nearly half of our stock
Is spoiled. We think the rats got in our
Cellar and ruined everything. It’s the
Devil you know, the devil controls
All the rats and mice and evil vermin.
They’re doing this, they’re up to no
Good. They’re making all these awful
Things happen. You really must come
See. The little things don’t hide either,
They just scurry about right in front
Of you…they’re not afraid to let you see
Them, it’s just awful!’

‘Yes, thank you for telling me. I will
Do that.’ The Father smiled shaking
The sister’s hands kindly; inside sighing,
Oh, how he had heard that many times

Then Mr. Styvenson came next of course
With his wife. ‘Father,’ he said leaning
Close, ’Do you think you could speak
To that widow Heiser? That woman keeps
Staring at me. Did you see how that woman
Dresses, all the stains all over her dress?
Can she wash properly, what is wrong
With her? I mean this is church!’

‘Yes, Mr. Styvenson. I will do that.’
He smiled, then chuckled carefully to

Then the Gruber family came next.
‘Father Tomas,’ Mr. Gruber said with
His chin high. ‘Our potatoes in our
Cellar are looking mighty strange…
The ones we stored for stewing last
Fall I swear they are in the strangest
Shapes that I have ever seen! I think
It means something, could you come
See? My mother used to warn me to
Spin a potato 3 times and sprinkle it
With salt if it looks strange or it
Brings bad luck with crops…Well
I have so many strange shaped
Potatoes I will be spinning potatoes
All day!’

‘I will try to come take a look, Yes
Sir. Thank you for coming, Mr.
Gruber.’ The Father smiled.

Then Gamut Hiller pushed forward
To the Father. ‘Father Tomas,’ He
Said boldly. ‘I saw 3 black crows fly
East past my barn then circle back
And do this 4 times yesterday. On the
Day before the Sabbath! Hell is coming!
I thought you should know.’

The father’s eyes widened. ‘Why
Thank you for telling me, Mr. Hiller.
I will say extra prayers. I hope you
Enjoyed the service.’

Then Mrs. Abner came to the Father.
‘Father Tomas, I loved the sermon,
Father. But my geese have me
Worried, Father. They got out of their
Pen this week, and the poor things
Just got all excited and lost and are
Running all over and I can’t catch
Them Father, I’m an old woman,
Father I can’t catch them I can’t.
Now they ran up the hills towards
The Miller’s meadow and I asked
Little Tobias Miller to get them for
Me, Father, and he just wouldn’t
Do it, Father. He did try and caught
A few, but then he just gave up and
Left…and he left them loose, Father,
He just left. And I can’t catch them
I can’t. What am I going to do? Now
I need those geese, Father. Please
Will you ask someone to catch
Them for me?’

‘Yes, I will absolutely do that.
Don’t you worry at all. Please
Have a good day.’

Then Mr. Hoffstedder came up
To the Father. One of the tallest,
Strongest men of the community.
He always held himself well,
Dressed sharply and carried himself
So seriously that it intimidated
Almost everyone. He came up very
Close, took the Father’s hand firmly
And said…’Wonderful sermon,
Father. But I have to tell you
Something…My dogs are acting
So strange. They are shitting all over
The place…And I mean a lot of
Shit, Father, a whole lot. And their
Shit is in the strangest shapes that
I have ever seen in my life!’

And Father Tomas’s eyes widened
So much he thought they might
Pop out. ‘Thank you, Mr. Hoffstedder.
Thank you for telling me…The day
Is definitely getting stranger for
Sure. I believe I will go now, if you
Would excuse me.’

Mr. Hoffstedder leaned forward
Again, and said with a harsh
Whisper, ‘I am telling you, Father
I know my dogs very well. All
This shit they’re doing is just too
Much, it’s not normal.’

And the Father cleared his throat
And tried to compose himself…
But inside he wasn’t sure whether
He wanted to laugh or cringe. ‘Yes,
Animals do tell us a lot Mr.
Hoffstedder. Thank you, but I really
Must go. Have a good day.’

Then as the Father stepped away,
Maintaining a brave smile to
Everyone…The Gregor family came
Up to him. He knew them well,
They were a very quiet but kind
Family…very respected for their
Work in the village and rarely spoke
In church. Helmut shook the
Father’s hand and nodded to his
Son Jon beside him. ‘Father, I was
Hoping you could speak to my son.
We are considering arranging a
Marriage for him but I think he
Needs your guidance because he
Won’t listen. Would you mind?’

The Father bowed his head and
Grinned. Oh, what a day! But knew
The family…Jon was always so
Quiet. It seemed as it be a refreshing
If not interesting thing to do. ‘Of
Course.’ He agreed.

The family left with the crowd
And waited outside while Father
Tomas took Jon aside and sat him
Down for a talk in one of the pews
Off to the rear of the church by a
Shelf of lit candles. Jon held his
Head down avoiding his eyes.
‘What is bothering you, Jon?’

‘My family wants me to get married.
And I don’t want to.’ Jon shyly
Answered. ‘I just don’t feel the need to,
At least not right now.’

The Father nodded. ‘Well, there’s
Nothing wrong with that. But I
Understand how parents are.’

‘I just do not understand why.’ Jon
Told him. ‘I feel like I get pushed
Or bullied into doing everything…
But marriage is a big thing…That
Is something I won’t be pushed into.’

The Father nodded. Of all the things
That he had heard lately…this was
The most sensible thing he had heard
By far. Spoken in a genuine tone
From a quiet young man that he knew,
Yet didn’t. It said a lot. ‘Good for you,

‘What?’ Jon was confused.

‘I have seen a lot, Jon. Travelled
To many places…Priests do get to
See a bit of the world you know
Believe it or not.’ The Father
Explained modestly. ‘People assume
A man such as me pursues faith
Without seeing much, in fact men of
God see quite a lot. They just learn
To hold their tongue very well. They
See a lot of people and personalities
And struggles. And all need to benefit
From faith…and words of inspiration.
So many push so fast for things, that’s
Not always such a good thing to do
At all. It’s a great thing to see someone
Who wants to wait and take their
Time. That shows wisdom.’

Jon smiled at the Father’s words.
‘You don’t think I’m wrong then?’

The Father smiled really big at
Jon. ‘No.’ He shook his head kindly.
‘Let’s pretend that we sat and I
Lectured you about marriage to
Make your Father happy, alright?
All that I am going to ask you to do
Is to keep doing what you’re doing…
And do what you feel is right for
You. Now let’s just talk so I get
To know you better and you tell me
What’s really on your mind. How’s

They both just kept smiling, Then
Jon slowly started explaining to
The Father carefully about some of
His experiences…About his dreams
And how some came true…But
He was cautious, and did not share
Anything about his special visitors
That came sometimes at night or
Any of his family’s secrets…Just
Enough to let the Father know that
Jon was struggling with something…

And amazingly enough the Father
Was not appalled, he did not lash
Out or brand anything evil. He was
Fascinated. As it turned out the
Father had his own interest in such
Things and was a big believer in
Miracles and gifts. The talk and
Words flowed very well as if it were
Some magic moment; a good choice
And good timing.

‘You know what it sounds like to
Me, Jon?’ The Father said to him with
A gently sense of awe. ‘I have no
Idea why I want to say this, but
I will…Someone up there has a plan
For you. Probably a big plan…. that
Most just can not understand. And
It’s going to play out no matter what.
No matter who comes along. You
Can’t fight that. And I’m saying this
Because the way you speak, I know
There’s something there…There’s a
Very special plan for you…I know it
May scare you, and that’s alright.
Just take your time. Don’t let anyone
Push you…When the time comes
You will know…Because with things
Like this, nothing can stop it…It’s
One of those mysteries that has to
Unfold in its own way…and it
WILL. Don’t let anyone make you
Feel bad about it, alright?’

‘I just have this feeling, I know
People wonder…’ Jon said without
Knowing why. ‘That there is so
Much more…People say it’s either
God or the Devil…That nothing
Else exists…But when I look at
The stars, and see one move…I
See, it feels like…What if there
Is more out there, A LOT MORE…
That it isn’t just one thing or the
Other…Maybe it’s everything.
Maybe we are learning for something
Much bigger.’

The Father smiled with such enthusiasm
At Jon’s words and wonder as he touched
His shoulder with support. ‘I think so
Too.’ Then Jon’s father stepped inside
The church and waved for his son, they
Had to leave. Jon shook the Father’s
Hand farewell and Father Tomas smiled
Very content in return. Finally, he had
A talk that left him with a sense of
Satisfaction that day, that week; perhaps
In ages. He would later pray for his
Congregation to find a similar peace
Of mind.

It was a strange Sunday for so many
For sure, with broken and hidden
Meanings lost to those who could not
See or hear those moments that built
The secret story playing out. Puzzle
Pieces are rarely seen save for the
Higher hands arranging them…and it
Would only continue to build.

That night the moon was full and
Bright…and seemed almost that
It was a shade of red. A heaviness
Fell upon the evening that drew many
To bed early, so early that chores
Were left undone and meals were
Still left unfinished on tables. In
Jon’s home, his family yawned and
Climbed into bed very early, very
Very early…And when Jon himself
Climbed into bed and looked out
His window there was a star above
That kept growing brighter and
Brighter…as it kept coming down…




Galactic Lightship Dreamflight 16MAR2019

You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (16 March 2019) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships. You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Ceilidh
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: Multidimensionalocean,  Auroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Ceilidh, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Enterprise, GLS Resolution, and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.

Image caption: Mahatma Gandhi, Portrait by Rajesh Nakar – Oil on paper

Valiant: Knock Knock…The Sandman…The Gift…Part 9…

The spring brings the new green and
The first flowers and the start of
Things…shifting from the sleep of
Winter it also brings the storms. But
The stars light the way through it all
As if knowing beyond a sense of timing
That there are things meant to be.

1558 Nuremberg, Germany

It was the family dinner night, Sunday
After church services in the small
Village farmhouse in the remote countryside.
It wasn’t anything special for Jon’s
Family…just the usual favorite of a
Hefty pork roast with gravy and dumplings
With onions and a modest berry pie for
Dessert. The family ate very quietly
Discussing plans for the farm the week
Ahead and a little gossip of the neighbors
They had seen at church. Everyone got
Along well in public always, comments
Were saved for private discussion at
Home; weak competitiveness mostly.

Jon was still haunted by the disappearance
Of Heinztel. It was something that
Gradually and painfully diminished over
Time. But the village gossip was cruel
And overly opinionated about it…Most of
It was ridiculous, regarding Heinz as lost
And confused or arrogant and too ambitious
For his own good; all from people who
Barely knew him. Yet Jon heard careful
Whispers from his peers how they had
Wished they chased the same thing. It
Was a strange mix of reasons to hear for

His sister Freda sat eating quietly, she was
The favorite…she had always been more
Fragile and sickly her whole life so she
Received a lot of attention. This always
Put more pressure on Jon, that he had to be
Better to watch over her…and as his
Father and grandfather kept reminding
Him, ‘You have too much free time on
Your hands to draw…That is not a man’s
Work. Drawing is something for girls to
Do. Men are meant for real work…We
Need to find more things for you to do
To toughen you up.’

‘Yes, Papa.’ Jon only nodded.

‘Why can’t men draw?’ His mother
Would ask. ‘There are many artists
That are men.’

‘Not in my family there aren’t.’ His
Father would say, and grandfather agree.

‘I saw the drawings by your bed that
You made,’ his grandmother said as
She swallowed large bites of her
Dumplings. ‘They looked like wagons…
Like the wagons the gypsies have.’

‘Yes, I saw them and drew them when
I was watching the goats in the meadow.’
Jon answered.

‘You saw the gypsies?’ His mother
Asked pausing from eating to stare at
Him with surprise.

‘Yes.’ Jon answered carefully.

‘You stay away from those gypsies,
Do you hear me?’ His father ordered
Coldly. ‘Those people are no good.
They are vagabonds and thieves, and
Make trouble where ever they go. I
Don’t want you talking to them!’

‘They aren’t people of God.’ His
Grandmother added sternly. She
Stood among the family as the holy
Speaker always, quoting biblical
And religious verses constantly.
‘You listen now, and stay away from

Jon’s mother just sat quietly
Avoiding all eye contact with anyone.
She had always been rather shy and
Soft spoken, or rather was forced to
Be that way. But inside she vividly
Remembered one of her braver days
As a young woman when she boldly
Went out and sought a fortune with a
Friend from a gypsy fortune teller. The
Brief visit had left her in awe…hopeful,
If not a little scared as well.

‘Just stay away from them.’ His father

‘Yes, Papa.’ Jon answered slowly, but
Then found the nerve to question.
‘But why? They don’t seem like bad
People…just different.’

‘Different is not always a good thing.’
His father said. ‘They have that
Mysticism about them, their gypsy
Magic…These things are not right in
The eyes of God. God does not want us
To do such things…or be around them.’

‘But I thought God wants us to
Learn, to learn new things to be better…
To be the best we can be for him?’
Jon asked.

‘Are you talking back to me?’ His
Father asked angrily. ‘I didn’t
Ask you to think. I told you not to
Do something…so you LISTEN.’

Jon heard but began to roll his eyes.
The thoughts and words of people,
Strangers or family…How well it
Seemed that the more he heard the
Less they knew and instead demanded.
So many people in the world locked
Into corners of beliefs…the Eden that
The bible promised seemed more like a
Riddle or a mystery, or maybe even
Non-existent. ‘I feel different…I just
Want to learn things.’

‘You feel different because you
Think too much.’ His father said.
‘All you need to know is work…the
Family and what you need to get
Done. You can think when you are
Older…You do what I tell you.’

‘But I can’t help wondering these
Things.’ Jon said to him. ‘Haven’t
You ever wondered if…there was
More? If there could be more?’

‘Work had to be done first. That’s
How life is.’ His father simply replied
As he finished eating and stood from
The table. ‘I am going to go check the
Barn and have a smoke. You finish
Your dinner and get to sleep. You have
A lot to do tomorrow.’ Then his father
And grandfather went outside together
Chuckling at the conversation dismissing
It as nonsense. They would go outside
And laugh at things then go to bed and
Repeat the same week all over again;
The same as always.

Jon sat silently thinking at the table as
His grandmother stared him down.
Then his mother smiled politely and
Excused herself as she led his sister
Away to brush her hair and ready
Themselves for bed. But his grandmother
Held this look that seemed to say a
Lot more…a secret that she was afraid
To reveal, and terrified that Jon could

A silent staring match went on for
A while between them as his grand-
Mother chewed slower and slower.
She grew more and more nervous
Until she could not take it anymore.

‘You told me once when I was little
That your mother saw things…that
She knew things…’ Jon said calmly,
His eyes fixed strongly on hers. ‘What
Happened to her?’

The soft light of the candles in the
Darkness of the evening of the room
Set a chilling mood. His grandmother’s
Face grew paler, then she froze. ‘She
Was a good woman, a woman of God.
Life was hard on her.’

Jon watched her carefully. She was
Hiding a lot, she had been hiding a
Lot for so long…But he felt stronger
With his words and feelings than ever
Before. ‘I didn’t say that…. I asked,
What happened to her?’

His grandmother thought quickly,
Careful with her words. For the first
Time her eyes on her grandson’s made
Her nervous. ‘Life was hard on her…
She had a weak heart.’

Jon held firmly onto his inner strength,
His own faith…broadened by all that
He had seen and knew. ‘I have to know…
What happened to her?’

His grandmother wiped her mouth with
A cloth napkin and sat back trying to
Appear as though she was made of iron;
Though inside she was trembling. Then
She looked at him trying to seem
Unbreakable. ‘You do not need to know
Such things. It is unimportant. You should
Pray to God for guidance and not ask
Such questions.’

Jon simply winced and laughed at her words.
For the first time he felt a sense of
Determination. All of the answers he was
Receiving from everyone were abrupt and
Made no sense…as if they were taught to
Simply repeat phrases and not waiver in
Any direction of thought. He leaned
Forwards towards his grandmother intent
On getting an answer. ‘She had visions,
Didn’t she?’

His grandmother’s eyes went wide. ‘She
Was confused.’ She answered, her voice
Cracking. ‘She saw things that confused
Her…from her dreams. That’s all. The
Voices confused her…It was the devil
Taunting her, that’s WHAT HE DOES…
But she prayed to God for help…and

‘Voices? She heard voices?’ Jon jumped
At the words. ‘You never told me that.
She saw things too, DIDN’T SHE? She
Dreamt about things before they happened?’

His grandmother grew paler. ‘It was
Nonsense!’ She said with embarrassment.
‘She was a good woman. She prayed to
God to God for forgiveness and to help
Her, and he did.’

‘Forgiveness?’ Jon nearly spat the words.
‘She was like me, wasn’t she? She saw
Things, knew things?’

His grandmother watched him with shaky
Eyes fighting for strength. ‘You need to
Pray to God to make it stop, Jon.’

‘But I can’t control it! And I do pray all
The time! You make me pray all the
Time, you have for years. And it doesn’t
Stop.’ And he did pray relentlessly…an
Endless ritual for every move, every deed,
And turn…and thought, constantly. His life
Was a daily life of nothing but prayers and
Work. ‘If she was a good woman…and I
Am not saying that she wasn’t…Then how
Could this happen to her? Why could it be
So bad? She couldn’t help it. I can’t help it.’

His grandmother straightened out the
Loose gray hair around her face and
Pulled it back to fasten it back tightly
To the knot she kept of it behind her
Head. ‘You need to pray more to make it
Stop, Jon. God does not want us to do
These things.’

Jon was growing more impatient, even
Angry at what he was hearing. Then he
Breathed hard and said, ‘What did she see?’

‘Jon…’ His grandmother answered sternly.
‘Don’t ask me these questions.’

‘Tell me!’ He nearly shouted.

She watched him and knew this time that
Her grandson would not give in. ‘You
Do not want to know.’

‘Why?’ He asked. ‘Did she see them?
She saw them, didn’t she?’

His grandmother bit her lip nervously,
Seriously worried now. Then she decided
That maybe a kinder approach was better.
She reached across the table and took his
Hands in hers and rubbed them, holding
Onto them desperately…begging him
With her eyes to hear her. ‘Now listen to
Me…You need to pray to make it stop.
It’s for your own good I’m telling you.’

‘Why?’ He asked, surprised by her
Sudden change in taking his hands in hers.
‘What happened to her?’

‘It scared her.’ She said slowly. ‘I don’t
Know why…She never said exactly.’ Then
Her eyes looked away from his to the
Shadows the candlelight was throwing
Around the room. Then she recalled
The memories that she did not want to
Remember. ‘When I was a little girl…
Sometimes I would hear my parents
Arguing late at night after supper…
When I was in bed. Even though they
Knew the children were asleep…they
Would whisper so carefully so no one
Would hear…but I would sneak out
Sometimes to listen…to watch them
Huddled together talking in the dark…’

His grandmother’s eyes began to roll
Around in different directions afraid of
What she remembered, hesitant to
Form or share words… ‘My father would
Get so angry at her for talking nonsense…
For sayings things before they happened…
My God, if anyone heard…What they
Would think? People do NOT handle these
Things well…It scares them. But she
Could not help it…and she would cry and
Cry, and whisper…praying.’

And again his grandmother paused
Fighting tears…then finally gave in
To tell him, ‘She said…she said that
She saw these…silver discs, like plates
Flying in the sky. They would come
And…she heard voices, and talked
With…something, someone that…
Told her things that frightened her.’

Jon was confused, for what he knew
Of his mysterious visitors they were
Always so kind. Yet still they only
Said so much. ‘What did they tell her?’

His grandmother shook her head then
Met his eyes almost painfully. ‘I don’t
Know…I could not hear everything…
I tried to hear, but I couldn’t. My
Father would get angry and tell her not
To tell anyone about it EVER…But I
Know it scared him too…They swore
To keep it a secret. But I think…I
Believe it was about the future.’

‘The future?’ Jon squinted at her.
‘They told her about the future…Or
She knew?’

‘Both…I think.’ She answered. Then
She watched him more sweetly, again
Hoping that he would listen. ‘Her
Mother was like this…and her mother
Before her. That much I know…
Because she asked me if I ever…that
If I Did…to pray to make it stop. It
Has always been in the family for a
Long long time.’

Jon was shocked, yet not. He always
Suspected, sensed it, felt it…But
The family fought explaining or
Discussing anything about it. ‘A boy,
Has there ever been a boy like this
In the family?’

‘No.’ His grandmother answered fast,
But then fumbled a word before
Finally saying, ‘There was…a boy,
A cousin of my mother’s that I
Heard about…But I don’t know much
About him. I only know that he was
Very quiet…and disappeared.’

‘Disappeared?’ Jon asked with alarm.
‘What do you mean he disappeared?’

‘I don’t know.’ She answered fast.
‘I don’t know.’

Jon swallowed fast and pushed
Forward, his eyes becoming heavy
And determined. ‘What happened to
Her…to your mother, and her mother?’

‘She had a weak heart.’ His grandmother
Confessed looking at him grim and
Lost. ‘The more dreams she had…the
More she saw, the weaker she became.
Until her body couldn’t take it anymore.
She had massive chest pains, it was
Awful. She kept talking all this…
Nonsense about visions…voices. Then
She died.’ She swallowed nervously,
‘That’s what killed her…the stress of
It all.’

Jon’s eyes went wide. But everything
He knew of his visitors was so…
Different. Something was seriously
Wrong with what he heard. ‘It couldn’t
Have been…’

‘That day…’ His grandmother went
On, looking far away…recalling the
Memory too clearly. ‘Over the house…
The day that she died…There was this
HUGE silver disc that hung in the sky
Over the house…Everyone saw it,
EVERYONE…The family, the
Neighbors, they came and saw it…
They all saw, they SAW. I saw it.’
She swallowed nervously again. ‘Then,
When she let out her last breath…It left.
It was like…They came for her, for
Her spirit. And they took it.’

Jon began to panic. He fought to
Remember every detail of every
Encounter that he ever had had of
His own. But there was nothing
Suggesting anything so ominous…
Yet, there was so much they kept
Secret. Secrets were all around him
His whole life. Even with his senses
He could not get everything. ‘They
Took her?’ He could only say.
‘Why? I don’t understand.’

His grandmother took a deep breath
And wiped her eyes. ‘Neither do I.
I don’t know.’ She said swallowing
Again. ‘Now do you see why this
Is no good for you? You have to
Make it stop, Jon. You have to pray
To God to make it STOP…Or this
Will kill you. And they will come for

‘You don’t know that.’ He defended
Nervously. ‘They have always been
So nice to me. Nicer than anyone else.
They would never hurt me.’

‘Maybe they don’t mean to.’ His
Grandmother responded. ‘But maybe
Normal people can not cope with
Communicating with them…where
They are from. And it takes a heavy
Toll on a person…Look what it did
To my mother, to her mother. It
Destroyed them, terrified them.’

Jon shook his head. It didn’t make
Any sense. Why would they be so
Terrified about it, all that he ever
Saw were wonderful things. Unless,
It was a future they saw coming
That terrified them…Or a much
Larger view of the world and the
Stars altogether more than they
Could understand. Now that made
Much more sense. ‘There has to
Be more.’

‘There isn’t.’ She said. ‘Now
Listen to me, you have to stop
Thinking about this. Put it out
Of your mind right now, right
Away. Ask God for help…or
It will kill you.’

Jon just shook his head. No, he
Felt something wrong and lacking
In her perception on this.

‘You can’t tell anyone about this,
Jon, not EVER.’ His grandmother
Insisted. ‘Jon, do you hear me? They
Will never understand…What will
They say, what will people believe?
What—they will call you a liar, call
You crazy? Is that what you want?
Do you want this following you
Around your whole life? Because it
Will, it will.’

Jon thought fast, the words forming
Before he could even fathom the
Full meaning…as if his intuition
Was reaching into his voice to make
The words. ‘But maybe they’re just
Looking or waiting for someone who
Could talk to them more…Or
Understand them better?’ People sure
Do jump to conclusions, Jon had
Learned that much. ‘What if there’s
Just a lot of misunderstanding
Between us and them? All this talk…
These visits…about the future?
There has to be more…This has to
Mean a lot more?’

His grandmother just shook her
Head denying it, she denied a lot
Of things. ‘No, no, no…You have
To put it out of your head, Because
I am telling you, it will kill you.
Did you hear what I told you what
It did to my mother, to her mother?
Did you hear me? I am telling you…
That this is going to kill you.’

Jon thought carefully and studied
His grandmother’s face slowly.
There was so much that had been
Hidden from him his whole life, and
Still was…It all seemed like it was
A part of some huge mysterious
Plan yet to unfold. And all that he
Knew was it would unfold, nothing
Would stop that, nothing. Then he
Simply pushed his chair back from
The table and stood up…then went
Quietly to his room and shut the door.




Valiant: Knock Knock…The Sandman…The Gift…Part 8…

In nights and days all through
The years the stars shine bright
And still…and always there is
Someone who sees at least one move
Somewhere out there…

1557 Nuremberg, Germany

The quiet life of the country village
Came back once again to Jon. But
That fall was even quieter. And when
Christmas came the greatest comfort
He found was in the comfortable simple
Traditions that soothe all things best.
His family had their usual meal of a
Roast goose with all the trimmings,
And his grandmother’s strudel and
Holiday cookies. The meals were the
Treat, gifts were always practical
Necessities…and they were grateful
For everything they had received.

But that year his mysterious Christmas
Eve visitor did not come at night. She
Didn’t always come at Christmas. He
Never really understood why, it just
Happened. So, the holidays came and
Went and Jon was left with his silent
World of thinking and remembering
How heavy the world was…and
Although he had seen a lot, he lost more
Than he could ever have imagined. And
From then on, the days became much
Longer than ever before.


In the spring after a long cold silent winter,
The first buds bloomed and brought
With them the sense of something new.
But in Jon’s family that meant a lot
More work to do. Because when the
Snows melted that meant it was time
To get the ground ready for planting…
To size up the livestock from what
They had to what they would need to
Make the year productive. Jon would
Be very busy, as all the farmers were.

Then word spread in late April the
Gypsies had come again. They did this
Every year, different caravans at
Different times. And each brought with
Them their charms and little treasures
To sell and trade for…and their

People held wide views about the
Gypsies, especially on their magic.
Some were amused by it, some just
Laughed and did not take it seriously
At all. And then there were those who
Saw it as evil, the touch of the devil…
It scared them, and because of this some
Chose to chase them out. But the braver
Farmers were not bothered by this at
All and just gave them simple respect
As travelling strangers offering
Entertainment to country life. But there
Were rumors, there were always rumors…
Every little word and whisper was
Measured this way.

But the winter had been so long, Jon
Took a chance on one of Saturday
Afternoons to seek out the gypsy
Caravan that he had heard had set up
Not far from his favorite spot by the
River. And by chance he encountered a
Caravan led by an elderly woman named
Raya and her family…It was custom that
Gypsies passed down their wagons by
Family, and this one was very old.

It should have been a familiar caravan to
Jon, but he was never told by his mother
That she sought them out one night before
She married his father so long ago for a
Fortune. When Jon found them, saw them,
He felt strangely drawn to them…for a
Reason he could not explain.

He approached them carefully…They were
Kind, they laughed a little. Gypsies tended
To be amused by simple villagers because
Such people never saw much. So, when they
Saw this quiet young man appear to them
They just assumed that he had come to
Satisfy his curiosity; even mystics assume.

A gray-haired elderly Raya was hanging
Blankets with her daughter Mira when
She saw Jon and froze. By the way he
Stood and moved she sensed that he was
Different. While her daughter was calling
To her toddlers trying to prevent them
From ruining the wash, Raya stepped
Weakly to the side squinting at him. This
Caught his attention as they studied
Each other. Raya had no idea that she
Had met his mother years ago, the
Details weren’t clear…what she felt
Was something else. This young one
Was different.

She waved to him gently and smiled
calling him closer. Jon was hesitant
but went. ‘I have never been to one of
your wagons up close,’ he told her,
‘I just had to see.’

She grinned. ‘That’s alright, don’t
Be shy. Say Hello.’

Jon laughed. ‘Shy no, just careful.
I didn’t want to bother you.’

‘It is no bother.’ Raya told him as
He came closer. Immediately he struck
Her as being so nice, such a pleasure
For her to see…Most people that came
To see her people tended to be a bit
Impatient or rude, especially if they
Were told something in a fortune that
They did not want to hear. ‘As you
Can see, we are just simple people…
Like everyone. Only different that’s all.’

He smiled. ‘Oh, I have seen different
Kinds of people, he told her. ‘I have
Been to the city. Different is not bad…
Believe me I understand different.’

‘Oh?’ Raya laughed a little. ‘So, what
Brings you here then? A question? A
Fortune? Or maybe something for
Someone special? My nephew makes
Some fine carvings…and my daughter
Makes wonderful teas that soothe

Jon just grinned and looked around
At their wagons…and how content their
Family seemed to be just resting. A
Life of wanderers…always moving,
That was something mysterious to him.
It didn’t seem to bother them at all.
But their horses looked very old and
Tired…the way they stood, they
Appeared worn out. ‘Your horses are
Old…but they seem happy.’ He said.

That struck her as an odd thing for
A young man to say. Happy? She
Glanced at the horses once then back
To Jon. ‘You notice interesting things.’
She said.

‘Animals say a lot,’ he told her. ‘They
May not talk, but they say a lot.’

Raya nodded gracefully, but immediately
Began studying him up and down.
‘Would you like to come sit with me
Over here at my wagon?’ She asked
Gesturing for him to follow her to these
Little stools and a table nearby. ‘Forgive
Me…I need to sit more and more these
Days.’ He nodded and followed her
Humbly, then sat down as she smiled
Casually and pretended to eye their camp
While she studied him through the corner
Of her eye. He intrigued her…normally
Her senses worked very fast, but this time
She couldn’t receive anything about him.

‘Do you enjoy this?’ He asked her. “I’ve
Heard how gypsies travel so much. Does
It bother you?’

She sighed a little. ‘Yes and No. It’s a
Custom…some say a curse of our people.
It depends on how you see it. But I see it
As a path some have to follow.’

‘A path?’ Jon asked.

‘To everyone is a different path.’ Raya
Explained still studying him closely.
‘The road you have to follow…The quest
Your spirit takes you on to become what
You have to become.’

‘Do you think it’s a quest for everyone?’
He asked.

‘Some settle for less, some need more,’
She told him. ‘It all depends on you and
What you can live with.’

He nodded. The live with part, at least,
That he understood. ‘I’ve found that
Peace is better with simple things. But
My head is not so simple.’

She laughed, then he did too. ‘I like
That.’ Very quickly this young man
Struck her as someone more interesting
Than most…and she had seen A LOT
Of people. The way people communicate
Says a lot. ‘So, what brought you to

‘You tell fortunes?’ Jon asked carefully.

‘Yes, sometimes.’ Raya answered. ‘Is that
What you seek…a fortune?’

Jon looked down hesitating for the right
Words. ‘No…advice.’

He was very hard to read for her…she
Winced a little at that because she read
People so well all the time; her senses
Never failed her. She was intrigued even
More. ‘Advice on what?’

‘I have dreams,’ Jon began, ‘That I do
Not understand…. A kind of knowing…
That’s different. It just happens, I can’t
Control it.’

Then she understood, so that’s why
He was so hard to read. Many found her
This way. ‘You know things?’ She asked

‘There are things about me that make no
Sense.’ He told her.

‘Oh?’ Raya asked. Her eyebrows raised
A little in surprise, yet not.

‘My eyes…’

‘Your eyes?’ She squinted at him curiously.

‘My eyes are Hazel…green, sometimes a
Shade of blue.’ He told her. ‘They look
Brown during the day mostly, but they
Change color at night. But everyone…
EVERYONE in my family has blue eyes?’

‘That is…different.’ She nodded. Her eyes
Were dark brown, it never bothered her.
Yet eye color did fascinate people so…and
Some colors were known for special things;
Like the color he described. But the details
He described struck her as unusual. ‘Those
Are very special eyes you have.’

‘How is that possible?’ Jon asked her a
Little nervously. ‘When everyone in my
Family has blue eyes? It’s always bothered
Me…at least a little.’

‘I don’t know how that’s possible.’ Raya
Told him grinning kindly. Inside she was
Even more fascinated now. ‘People
With eyes like yours are known to have
Special gifts…’

‘Gifts?’ Jon laughed. ‘It sure doesn’t
Feel that way.’ To him it felt more like
A curse. Normal was best, normal was

‘Yes.’ She smiled as she reached into the
Pocket of her apron to pull out a handful
Of carved stones with small symbols on
Them. Then Jon watched as she rolled
Them around in her hands then on the
Table before them…finally resting her
Hand flat over them. Then she pulled her
Hand away looked at the stones. Her eyes
Widened. Then she stared wild and wide-
Eyed at Jon. ‘Did something happen to
You when you were younger?’

He swallowed nervously. Many things
Happened to him when he was younger,
Many many things; so many it would be
Impossible to explain at all. ‘What do
You mean? Something bad?’

Her senses began frothing inside, and
Her mind started working fast.
She had never encountered anything
Like this before. She had literally
No idea what to say. She could
Not read him…the runic stones
That she used, which never ever
Failed her before…told her something
Impossible. Then she shook her
Head dismissing it, and took
The stones back in her hands
And rolled them again and
Repeated it…placing them on the
Little table to rest once again.
Then she closed her eyes to clear
Her mind and opened them to
Read them again. She stared with
Shock this time.

‘What is it?’ Jon asked. ‘What
Did you see?’

Raya thought slowly then spoke
Very carefully. ‘The first time
The stones said…No one was
There, that no one was sitting
There but me…It was like a mirror,
A reading for me…The second time…
It said that you…were touched,
Marked for something great. But
I am not allowed to see what that
Is…that’s why the first time did
Not work, it was a mirror and
Bounced off a reflection…it would
Not let me see, anything but me.’
She took a deep breath. ‘I don’t
Think I can read you…I don’t
Think anyone is allowed to.’

Jon’s eyes raised at her words. That
Was something he was afraid to hear.
‘Not allowed?”

Raya thought carefully. She had
Never experienced anything like
This, it was a true test of her own
Talents. She had to speak carefully.
‘Some gifts are a mystery…in
Themselves they are protected…that
Is something that can only be
Answered over time. You can not rush
That…When the time comes, when
You are ready…things will align
And reveal themselves.’

Those were heavy words, this was
Definitely unexpected, mysterious…and
Yet somehow exactly what had to be
Said and heard. ‘Timing,’ was the only
Word he found that he could say.

‘What’s that?’ She asked.

‘My timing of things…has always been
Strange.; He told her. ‘So many things
Have happened. It’s hard to measure.
I have been mute, I have been blind
And deaf…It’s affected me somehow.
I don’t know why, why it has to be
That way. Why couldn’t I be like
Everyone else?’

Raya just smiled and shook her
Head kindly. ‘Something,’ she gestured
All around…suggesting the air, the
Sky, the trees, everything, ‘Has a
Plan for you. You cannot fight that.
The more you do, the harder your life
Will be. I think the important thing
Is to not let anyone push you in a

He laughed.. ‘And if they do?’

She looked a bit more sternly at him.
‘Protect yourself. People like us,’ She
Said holding her hand to her chest,
Inferring that her talents and his
Were alike, ‘You shield yourself and learn
To connect to your inner voice.’

‘And how do I do that?’ He asked.
‘Do you have some potion or magic
Charm for that?’

Raya laughed. ‘I will tell you a
Secret. There is no potion, no magic
Charm for that…That comes from
You, from inside you. You can not buy or
Sell magic…We sell herbal medicines
Not potions…and charms, that is a
Matter of belief, and still that comes
From within…and some have a much
Stronger inner power than others. Yet
There are old ways, old knowledge…
Ancient art forms…that can NOT
Be bought, only learned. And they must
Be respected. You can not copy that.’

‘How?’ He asked, spellbound by her words…
The meaning, and the value in them
Was sincere and true, he just knew.

She pointed to all the members of her
Family around. ‘All of us here have some
Knowledge, some talent…and we
Share and contribute that to
Each other. Secrets that we respect.’
She held her head back eyeing
Him with a smile confidently.
’You need this. That I am sure of.
We will help teach you that…but
You must absolutely agree to
The conditions that you never ever
Share that with anyone else, the
Knowledge, I mean…and how.’

He thought quickly. ‘I understand’
It is something that can not be sold.’

‘It will help strengthen your gifts.’
She told him. ‘And then you can
Apply that to whatever work that
You do…And then, you can only share
What you feel comfortable with.’

And then Jon found some solution
To the questions and agony he had
Inside him. Raya introduced him to
Her family and they welcomed
Him kindly and quickly. They found
Him very likable and sincere, as
He did them. They began sharing
The secrets they knew…in symbols,
In colors and in the techniques of
Doing things. Traditional methods
That worked well for them and
Improved upon with each generation
And unique person…Every individuals’
Habits and personality added their
Own special magic. Some were
Stronger than others, and some
Were just consistent. It was a
Process that could not be learned
So fast…only over time. So, it
Became a secret thing that Jon
Did in his spare time…to visit
And learn, but most of all to
Apply his own manner to what
He learned to develop his own

Still Raya and her family kindly
Reminded and encouraged Jon,
‘Remember now…You can not
Learn a gift…only skills. No
One can take that from you.’

Slowly Jon found more confidence
This way. Something he never
Knew before as others were always
Trying to break this through conformity.
But it did help bring peace.

Spring became something really
New to him then, and for Raya’s
Family too with such a new
Discovery…as they were far too
Accustomed to nervous and skeptical
Villagers who tended to lash out
With small minded attacks when
They saw the gypsies and didn’t
Like the fortunes they received. But
The broader minded people, those
Kinder and willing to learn always
Remained quiet and respectful.

Then the dreams that riddled
And haunted Jon by night became
More interesting for him
To confront…as well many other
Strange things that happened around
Him. He found that the aspect
Of dreaming varied so much in
People…for some it was symbolic,
For others it was like a mirror
Of problems or needs or desires. But
For a very rare few it was more.

On some nights, the stars were
Alive and seemed to speak, on
Others they said nothing. Everything
Affected the senses…Timing most
Of all was the strangest chord
Challenged or out of tune. At times
There was rhythm or pulse in the
Air that was undeniable, but so
Few seemed to feel it or interpreted
It simply. Everything strikes everyone
Differently, that much is clear. But
Jon felt a rhythm few others did…
It was frustrating at times
And overwhelming at others…A
Pulse was building within, a surge
So unstoppable it could only be
Dealt with alone. He knew that
Something was coming, a very
Familiar sensation or something
Elusive within that only visited
Him on then rarest nights in his
Life. Then all at once he knew,
Only when the time came close…
That those mysterious visitors
Which came to him in the
Night…were coming back again.



Galactic Lightship Dreamflight 2MAR2019

Photo: Anthony Quintano/CC BY 2.0

You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (2 March 2019) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships. You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Ceilidh
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: Multidimensionalocean,  Auroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Ceilidh, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Enterprise, GLS Resolution, and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.

Valiant: Knock Knock…The Sandman…The Gift…Part 7…

In the night a bright star twinkled and
Gleaned, a mysterious light motionless
Among countless others…It was just a
Star. But this one was watching and alive.

1557 Nuremberg, Germany

Jon sat quietly on the bench beneath the
Window thinking…thinking, thinking, thinking.
There were no words, just flashes of feelings,
Images that made no sense, then nothing.
Heinz was inside getting ready for that
Party tonight, assembling his best clothes no
Doubt to impress his new friends. Despite
The warmth of the late summer air, Jon felt
A chill. It was just another evening, but not.

Then footsteps came softly from the right. It
Was Julianna, the pretty blond girl that
Marcel kept close beside him to enchant
Friends and patrons. She had a manner
Unlike other girls, and was very difficult
To read for most; many assumptions followed
Her wherever she went. She was sweet and
Charming, bold with her words at times…
Gentle, but stood strong, and always smiled.
She walked up to Jon and sat down
Beside him, eyeing him carefully. ‘Bad day?’

He eyed her quietly then nodded. ‘Bad day.’

Then she smiled really big. ‘You know…
Smart people don’t give advice, they just
Make you smile.’

He laughed. ‘Yeah.’

‘Did it work?’ She asked.

‘Yes.’ He nodded.

‘Good.’ She smiled again then sighed. ‘I
Hear there’s a party tonight. You and Heinztel
Are going?’

‘Heinz is going.’ Jon answered.

She nodded and understood. ‘He’s going
To change you know.’

Jon looked at her and winced, a strange
Feeling inside him growing. ‘How did you
Know about the party?’

Julianna laughed. ‘I know what to listen
To and what not to.’

Just then Heinz stepped out of their door
Dressed in his cleanest white shirt and
Best pants. He stood tall and sure, then
Simply said, ‘I’m going now…Jon, are
You coming?’

‘No.’ Jon only said. Then Heinz nodded, no
Arguments. He puffed out his chest proudly,
Grinned at them both then strolled off down
The street.

‘Have a nice time.’ Julianna offered casually.
Then she turned to Jon. ‘You know…you
Have that look of knowing something.’

‘Maybe.’ Jon answered.

‘He has no idea.’ Julianna said staring after
Heinz. ‘Most don’t. They won’t. And won’t
Want to.’
More footsteps from the shadows…heavy
In the dirt, a tall man with strong weight
Was approaching. Then he was standing
Nearby, just slightly out of clear view. He
Motioned for Jon to come talk…suggesting
They go inside his cottage privately. He wore
The strangest tailored clothes, had light
Hair and refrained from speaking in front
Of Julianna; she had never seen him before—
And she knew everyone. Then Jon got up
And followed the man’s gesture, they
Went inside…closed the door, and spoke
Quietly for 33 minutes. Then Jon came out,
The man left as mysteriously as he had come…
And Jon walked slowly back over to the bench
And sat down beside Julianna once again.
She hadn’t moved, just sat patiently waiting…
Listening as carefully as she could; she heard
Nothing though.

Jon just sat there staring at the ground…
The dirt, then at the buildings all around,
The lights and the windows of the homes…
The lights of the lanterns that hung on poles
Fading…then up at the stars. Everything
Seemed so big and so small, riddles and
Meanings everywhere. There was too much
On his mind for words.

Julianna waited for him to speak, her
Curiosity was overwhelming. That tall
Built stranger, so mysterious and charismatic
Somehow intrigued her. He was nothing
Like the men in the city nor anywhere she
Had ever seen…And she had seen a lot
Of people in her young life. Then finally,
She couldn’t wait any longer. ‘Who was
That?’ She asked leaning closer.

Jon’s eyes widened, he was afraid to speak.
‘You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.’

She knew by his words not to push. There
Were secrets to the city, probably to all
Cities that few knew. And words were
Always best measured carefully…for often
There is more hope in not knowing. ‘Bad
Day?’ She dared to ask.

Jon swallowed. ‘I want to go home now.’
He said, his eyes still staring widely all
Around. ‘The more I see and hear, simple
Seems best.’

‘Then that’s what you should do.’ Julianna
Nodded once.

‘Why do you stay here?’ Jon asked. ‘Why
Did you come here?’

She rolled her eyes a little, straightened out
Her light blue dress and sleeves then said,
‘People assumed what I was, so that’s what I
Became…But I think you know, I am not what
They think I am. Marcel knows that…And you
Do too, don’t you?’

He turned to her and smiled. ‘I thought so.’

‘You notice things.’ She grinned with a
Strange relief. ‘Marcel sees that. He will
Keep you quiet.’

Jon looked down understanding her meaning,
All was becoming clear more and more.
Then Marcel strolled out of his door
Wearing a fine black jacket and smoking
This fancy looking new pipe he acquired as
A gift. He walked up to the two of them
Acting rather strangely confident. He was
All dressed for something…just a little
While ago he had been in his nightshirt.
Marcel was typically a night owl, entertaining
At nights and making secret business deals
As well. Then he came up to Jon slyly…’I
Was thinking of you my young friend. Maybe
You need a break from all the artwork for a
While…. We need someone helping out
Picking up garbage around the district. I think
It would help keep you busy and keep your
Mind off of things if you helped out with this.
We help each other around here…and I would
Appreciate your cooperation very much.’

Julianna blinked widely at Marcel, holding
A smile that showed nothing. ‘That’s helping…’

Marcel nodded, smoking his pipe like
It was a trophy. ‘That’s alright, Jon,
Yes?’ Jon only looked at him and
Said nothing. Then Marcel grinned
And turned around and went back
Inside his home…a point was made.

Julianna turned to Jon once they were
Alone. ‘What are you going to do?’

Home in the village was cold and often
Heartless and hard, a lot of work
That held little value to big city life.
‘I want to go home…I believe I will.’

Julianna thought for a while to herself
As they sat in silence staring at the
Street. Then she spotted a familiar face
As he walked by with a lady, both of them
Were finely dressed…the few passersby
Paid them no special attention. They
Were on their way to that party that
Heinztel was attending. ‘Do you see
That couple over there moving down the

Jon looked over, his eyes grew cold a bit.
The man was one of Mr. Henry’s associates.

‘No one knows who they are…only a few.’
Julianna said, eying Jon through the
Corner of her eye. ‘They live right there,’
She pointed, around the corner, right in
The middle of the district. It’s a nice
Home…Everyone smiles and loves
Them. The people wonder and complain
About things…If they only knew.’
Then she turned to Jon sincerely.
‘You don’t belong here.’ It hurt her to
Say that.

Jon grimaced but thanked her silently.
Then she left him quietly with regret.
He sat a while thinking some more,
And finally went inside to climb
Into bed, never changing clothes and
Fell slowly to sleep.

That night the air tingled and was
Cold. The mysterious visit of the stranger
Haunted him, a man who he had never
Met before or seen; not even in a dream.
The world was growing heavier all the time.
Sights and sounds all melted into dreams,
Not processed memories made into
Some psychological riddle…but instead
Transformed into visions that came
As a gift, or curse…
He saw the night sky as it was,
Full of stars…all natural and
Normal. Then the stars started to
Move, and the night rolled into the
Dawn and then the day. And
Still the stars were there, moving…
Becoming shapes and glowing
Objects streaking everywhere
Like a painting had come to life
Before it was done. Then the
Shapes became more…and took
The Forms of Wolves and Dragons,
Chasing each other, snarling and
Growling, baring teeth and claws.
It was as if…they were fighting
Or competing over something…Something
Happening or coming, or something there.
Whatever it was…the dream scared
Him to death.

On and on this went through the night,
Playing out over and over…A
Mysterious dream that made such an
Eerie picture. All these shapes and
Images moving around, A war of
Symbols and then animals…ending
In a grim view of the night starry
Sky that once seemed so peaceful.
And then it became more clear,
There was much more out there than
The world he knew. If this was one
World, then of course there could be
Others. But what kinds, and why
Would they come here? Had they always
Been here, why and what for? If
Such things could exist why would they
Come to a place so small? No
Horse move a star…What
Could? The more his senses took
This in and thought about it, the
More fear grew inside him. For if
Wolves and dragons filled the skies…
Then that must mean there must
Be great predators and beasts of great
Magic out there…looking, hunting.
But predators only hunt a territory if
There is something of value there.

In the morning, he awoke early to
The sound of their cottage apartment
Door opening slowly; the slightest sound
Woke him up. Heinz was just getting in.
He sat up slowly watching his friend
Move carefully, as quietly as he could
Inside, not to wake Jon up. ‘You’re
Getting in late.’ Jon said quietly.

Heinz looked at him sideways, not wanting
To meet his eyes. ‘It was a late night.’

Jon’s senses worked fast, it wasn’t hard
To see his close friend’s normal behavior
And manner had had drastically changed…no
Matter what it was. Heinz was always
Fearless and bold, very sure but kind
No matter what time it was. What he
Saw now in him wasn’t careful, it was
Fear. ‘Are you all right?’

‘Yes.’ Heinz said quietly. ‘I’m tired. I just
Want to lay down for a while and sleep.’
Then he climbed into his bed on the
Opposite side of the room, crawled
Under the covers and closed his eyes
And pretended to sleep. He faked this,
Because he was numb.

Jon laid back down, his eyes wide. Oh
What a day it had been. Everything had
Changed permanently. It was as though
A bigger life had come at him without
Him doling much…From a field of view,
Then to his door, then into his room. A
Powerful change, forever different.

A few hours later, when daylight could
Not deny movement…Jon climbed out of
Bed to see Heinz sitting on his own bed
Staring at the floor numb. He was
Afraid to say anything, but did. ‘Are
You all right?’

‘Yes.’ Heinz only said.

‘No, you’re not.’ Jon responded.

‘Don’t ask questions, Jon.’ Heinz
Said quietly. ‘I will be.’

‘Will you?’ Jon doubted. He thought
Carefully for a moment. Heinz had a typical
Way of speaking that was confident, not
Arrogant, just self-assured…like an
Attitude of I can, I will; and he usually
Did well this way. But the feeling in
The air of recent events was
Dark and heavy. ‘I want to leave. I
Don’t like this.’

‘I have to stay.’ Heinz said to him as he
Looked at him, in the eye, still numb. ‘There’s
Nothing for me back home.’

‘Why?’ Jon asked. ‘There are things to do,
Things possible – ‘

‘I need to show people that I can do
Things, that I am someone.’ Heinz told
Him…but his words said it like it was

‘You don’t have to show anyone
Anything…Who, these people? Jon asked.

‘If this is what the world is,’ Heinz
Said, ‘I need to do this.’

The weight of meaning, of his dreams and
Goals. It was really important to Heinz,
The consequences of course are set aside
Later; ‘I can’t. I have to go.’ Jon said…
The look on his friend’s face was more than

‘I know.’ Heinz regretfully said, it hurt
Hurt him to say it though.

They didn’t talk after that, each had
Their mind set. It was a strained and
Painful split. Heinz stayed while
Jon returned home, surrendering to a life
He was used to. Both were equally grim,
There was a darkness to one side
That was undeniable. While most had
Never, would never, experience that…
The gut takes over and you follow it
And try to redefine hope.

Jon accepted the bittersweet return
Home, but managed. His family hadn’t
Changed, and never would. But a world
Of secrets left a powerful impression. It
Would follow him forever, as shadows always

For a month, Jon dealt with the readjustment
Of his return. And he wasn’t disappointed
To what he came back to, the same exact
Life he had left descended the whole
Concept of freedom had been forever changed
By that experience in the city…but then
Everyone encounters different things. Despite
Everything, his senses constantly told him
It was the right thing to do. Jon became
The quiet loner once again.

Then, on one dark night, as Jon was
Returning the family’s goats home, he came
Across some of the other local boys;
Former friends of Heinz. From a distance,
He heard them laughing about Heinz
Disgraceful return home, of how the
Once popular boy had come home
Bruised and beaten, full of shame like
Some coward. They gloated about this,
At their former friend’s defeat, like they
Knew more but they were afraid
To speak it out loud.

Jon became silently frantic but went
Home as if nothing were wrong. The next
Day, when he took the goats out to
Pasture, he had planned to chance
Leaving them by the river to seek
Out Heinz and see if it were true
And that he had come back.
But when he went to the meadow
And then the river the next day,
He found Heinz sitting there by
The river alone.

He approached his friend carefully as
He saw him sitting there with his
Head down. ‘What happened?’

Heinz looked at him, his face
Swollen and red, and eyes wet. ‘How
Are you?’

‘Fine.’ Jon winced awkwardly. ‘You’re
Here…What happened?’

‘You’re really smart, you know.’ Heinz
Said weakly, looking around at the river.

Jon’s skin grew cold and he froze
Without thinking. ‘What happened?’

‘So, how are you?’ Heinz asked again,
His voice choking.

‘Fine.’ Jon answered. The lack of words
And the sight of Heinz was saying too
Much. ‘What happened? I heard some
Big buildings burned down…’

‘Yeah, everyone heard…It’s a crazy
Place.’ Heinz answered then looked
Around and then looked at Jon again,
His eyes were really wet. ‘So how are

‘Fine.’ The simple words were becoming
Frightening. ‘How are you?’ Jon asked.

Heinz sat there without answering, he
Was playing with something in his hand.
‘All I wanted to do is prove that I wasn’t,’
He said, his voice starting to whimper. ‘But
That place, those people.’ He started shaking
His head. ‘Don’t let anyone change you…
Don’t you ever listen to anyone. You’re fine
Just as you are. Do you hear me?’

‘I hear you.’ Jon said.

‘There is something I wanted to tell you…’
Heinz started to say, his voice breaking.

‘What?’ Jon asked wide eyed and paralyzed.

But before Heinz could answer
There was some noise in the distance
Coming from up the river. The
Sounds of horses, but not the usual
Sounds…these were different. Then
Forms appeared of men on horseback,
Lavishly dressed in black. These were
Not law men, these men were unlike
Anyone Jon had ever seen before.

Heinz leaped up and wiped his face
And forced himself together, then turned
To his friend. ‘Go home Jon.’

It happened so fast. ‘What are you
Going to do?’ Jon could only ask.

‘Jon. Go home NOW.’ Heinz ordered
Strongly. But his eyes were a storm
Of something else. ’Do this for me,

‘Promise me that we’ll talk tomorrow.’ Jon
Answered angrily back.

‘We’ll talk…’ Heinz agreed, then
Pointed for him to go. ‘Tomorrow.’

Jon stumbled back without thinking,
Something else took over…not fear,
Not anger…something else made his
Legs move. He went to the goats
And took them home in a state of
Shock. His mind raced wildly of
Images of faces of the city, of voices
And whispers he had heard…and of
A visitor who had given firm command
One mysterious night.

The next day Jon returned to the
Pasture, to the river…No one was
There. He waited and waited,
Then finally, full of impatience
And anger, he decided to go up river
To Heinz’s home to see where he
Was…but n his way, he stumbled
Across a disturbance in the weeds
And brush, where a struggle had taken
Place…along with an empty bottle of
Some substance he could not
Recognize. Then he went on to
Heinz’s home…he wasn’t there, his
Family said he had never come home.

Days went by this way, with Jon
Asking and checking. Everyone assumed
Heinz had run off…Even what
Little Jon added, offered nothing.
There were rumors and gossip,
Awful assumptions made from
Fragments of information. They never
Knew anything. They called Heinz
Cocky and arrogant and then a
Coward. He wasn’t at all…That’s
Something most never knew…Heinz
Came from a picture-perfect country
Family, but his parents were brutal
Alcoholics…and he and his brothers
Competed over everything, but mostly
For a normal life they never had, but
People imagined was there.

There was never an answer
To what happened. People knew
Too little. And Jon could offer
No answers on this out loud to
Anyone…That his dreams had told
Him what happened? That the
Missing details were…Heinz
Couldn’t take it anymore.

But there were rumors, there were
Always rumors.


Galactic Lightship Dreamflight 21FEB2019

You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (21 February 2019) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships. You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Ceilidh
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: Multidimensionalocean,  Auroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Ceilidh, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Enterprise, GLS Resolution, and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.

Are we there yet?

My first article of the year. 🙂

I am Arachanaï

Are we there yet? Whenever I read all those uplifting articles out there that brings hope… it does bring hope for a tiny spec of time until it goes by without a hitch and you feel yourself sliding back into the depression as if we are not moving forward at all.

This spiritual journey that we are now one, reminds me when you make a  trip with your parents and you don’t know how long it takes to get you there. After being underway a long time you get bored and here pops up the question: Are we there yet?

I know many people have said, it is not the destination that matters, it is the journey you are taking. The ups and the downs, the happiness and the crap…

Until I realize I am already there, because the destination is the journey we all are taking. And with this dawning…

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Valiant: Knock Knock…The Sandman…The Gift…Part 6…

Fate, The twists and Turns…chances.
A course set in motion, there is no
Stopping it. Too much thinking and
Chaos follows. The guides know the way
And scramble dissension to dust.

1557 Nuremberg, Germany

By the river, the two friends stood
Drying off from their swim as this
Mysterious silver-haired local aristocrat
Watched them closely. Heinztel’s eye
Saw a glimmer of chance, while Jon’s
Eye saw shadow and suspicion. This
Stranger had come upon them so friendly
And polite…but as Jon glanced up to the
Bridge where the man’s associates
Watched and laughed subtly he could
Not help but wonder more. These men
Of the city sure seemed complicated.

Then Jon looked above…the moon was
Rising full and bright, larger than normal…
A super moon, shaded red…almost like it
Was tainted with blood.

‘I would appreciate the opportunity
To meet more people of your district, Sir.’
Heinztel said to the man. ‘I’m new
Here and would like that very much.’

‘Ah, of course.’ The man said as he
Proudly brushed the lapels of his coat.
‘You will meet them if you come to the
Party tonight. You will meet all the right
People.’ A sly grin slid across his face.

‘That would be GREAT, thank you so
Much, Sir!’ Heinz finished drying off
Then put his shirt on fast.

‘Why don’t you go up to the bridge
And introduce yourself to my friends?’
The man nodded once to Heinz. ‘And
Allow me a moment to talk to your
Friend here.’

‘Yes, Sir!’ Heinz smiled fast then started
Off to the bridge in a hurry. ‘Thank you
So much again, Sir.’

The man turned to Jon still smiling, subtly
Blocking his view of his friends on the bridge.
‘You are his friend, Jon…yes?’

‘Yes, Sir. That’s right.’ Jon answered humbly,
And very polite. Such men of the district he
Had seen before from afar…They walked so
Confidently and rarely spoke to commoners;
A little intimidating.

‘Such fine young men, such a fine you man
You are.’ The man said slowly. ‘It’ good to
See. Too many are, well, just…rather oafish
When they go about.’

Jon let out a little laugh, but wasn’t sure of
The man’s direction with his words. ‘Thank

The man stood quietly a moment thinking.
‘How would you like a job?’

Jon hesitated. ‘A job, Sir?’

‘Yes.’ The man said. ‘A job working for me.’

‘What kind of job?’ Jon asked.

‘As my personal assistant.’ The man
Went on as he stood a step closer.
‘I could use someone like you very well,
And would appreciate your company.’

‘But Sir, you barely know me.’ Jon
Answered awkwardly. ‘What kind of
Job could I do for you?’

‘Oh, the details can be worked out over
Time.’ The man said very carefully.
‘It would be very good for you, meet the
Right people…good work.’

‘What kind of work?’ Jon asked.

‘Oh, business…affairs of the city.’ The
Man answered. ‘Do you have any skills?’

‘Well, I’m an artist.’ Jon said.

The man laughed, almost sneered. ‘You
Are an artist? You do not look like an
An artist…you look like some kind of

‘Huh?’ Jon laughed a little. ‘What do
You mean I don’t look like an artist,
What are artists supposed to look like?’

‘Oh, I meant no offense.’ The man said
Shaking his head. ‘It’s just that artists tend
To be rather…’ He held his words. ‘Never
Mind…What I am offering you is a better
Opportunity. A good one for you. A generous
One. Take it.’

‘I don’t know.’ Jon hesitated. ‘This seems
Rather fast.’

‘No, no, you think too much. Seize
The moment boy.’ The man pushed.
‘What I am offering is a grand opportunity.
A chance of a lifetime.’

Jon thought carefully. The man’s offer
Was so generous, so kind, so amazing.
But to a complete stranger, why? He
Thought of Heinz, how he would jump
At the offer without thinking. Was he
Thinking too much? His insides seemed
To turn cold…And oddly enough, twilight
Was coming fast…darkness, the shadows
Of night approaching. And there, rising above,
Was that huge red moon.

‘Well now, come on.’ The man smiled
Very sure of himself as he
Leaned closer, almost towering
Over him…He was tall for a man
Of his seasoned age, taller than
Most of any age, ‘Come on, take
The offer.’

‘I don’t know.’ Jon answered as he
Put on his shirt. ‘It’s a grand offer.
But I would like to think about it
Some please, if that’s alright.’

The man laughed. ‘What’s to think
About? Are you slow with your
Mind boy?’ He kept laughing. ‘But
Of course, you must be. Such a naïve
Young boy…new to the city, yes, I
Know your kind well.’

‘My kind?’ Jon winced.

‘Well, yes, you know.’ The man went on.
‘The quiet, scared little country boy, afraid
Of change, of the city, of the world.
Scared to take a chance. This is
The chance of a lifetime.’

Jon listened, but the man’s sincerity
Was quickly becoming aggressive.
‘I just want to think about it.
Aren’t there professionals who would
Suit you better?’

‘No, no,’ The man grinned. ‘I have
Keen insights and read people very
Well. I know what I like and I
Seize it. I don’t waste time. I like
What I see in you.’

Jon really hesitated then. He could
Swear that the man’s eyes resembled
Those of the wolves he had seen as they
Watched the goats in the meadow back
Home…A wolf and his prey. ‘I just
Need to think about it…I just
Started with my art…This is so new
Still…I just have a feeling – ‘

‘You have a feeling?’ The man
Laughed. ‘A feeling about what?
You’re afraid…Having a feeling is
Just mystic nonsense. No, no, art
Is not for you, it’s a waste of time.
What I’m offering is huge…huge

Darkness came upon them faster…
Shadows were falling everywhere, down
Around the trees, the bushes. He could
Barely see the bridge now, or Heinz
Or the other men. Lanterns were being
Lit in the distance it was so dark.
‘I’m sorry, but if I have to answer
So quickly…Then I have to say…
No thank you, Sir…At least not right

The man sneered. ‘Are you some kind
Of idiot?’ The man asked impatiently.
‘Do you even realize what I’m offering
You, do you really?’ The man stood
Very strongly then, his head tilted
Slightly but determined. He tried
To control himself, but there was
Clearly something working furiously
In his mind…He did not like hearing
No for an answer, not at all.
‘Jon…The world is a big place.
I realize it is new to you. But I can
Tell you are a sincere simple boy.
Yes, I know your type…From a small
Village, life on a farm somewhere…
Very sweet and simple…
Simple kind parents with simple
Values…raising vegetables, sheep or
Goats, maybe some cows. You have
Simple sweet dinners with your
Family…gentle hugs and kisses every
Night…milk and simple sweets
Before bed…playing with your friends
In the afternoon, smelling flowers…
Splashing around in the water, little
Boys playing. I am an excellent judge
Of people. I know you.’

Jon stood listening, holding his breath
With raised brows…wordless.

‘Don’t be embarrassed boy. I
Understand.’ The man went on
Confidently. ‘But you have to grow
Up sooner or later…And make your
Place in the world…with the right
People.’ The man paused, watching
Jon carefully, completely sure of
Himself. ‘My friends, my associates
And I are…men of influence in
The city, in all cities. Men of business
And tactics…Men of decisions. We
Shape Kings…business. The world
Needs guidance, and direction…or it
Will become a world of chaos. So many
People not knowing how or what to
Do with their lives…so afraid of what
Could be and what could not. So many
Little lives out there…lost and undirected,
Not knowing how to think or believe. The
World needs guidance how to do those
Things…My associates and I will manage
These things…and guide the world into the
Future…manage history, and how
It should be learned. There is no
Need to think too much…instruction
Must be done carefully. Now don’t
Be insulted…but you are just a
Boy, a simpleton…What you need
Is someone to guide you.’

‘Guide me?’ Jon was expressionless…
Thinking quietly of all he knew, had
Seen and experienced, his mysterious
Night visitors came to mind. ‘I think
I should go, Sir.’ He began to step
Away when the man grabbed his
Arm strongly…with an iron grip
That was surprising for his age.

‘Jon.’ The man said deeply, almost
Growling. ‘You know what your
Problem is…You’re one of those little
Stuck up farm boys that struts around
Living such a charmed life…Shirtless
And sweet, oh how nice…What you
Need is a painful lesson on how the
World really works…Boys like
You were never meant for anything
Special. Boys like you need to
Learn their place in this world…
You were born to serve…to give
Service. You were all born either
To be a soldier or to be entertainment.
Which is it going to be?’

Jon gasped at the man’s words. He
Had never heard anyone talk that
Way…to say it, even think it.
Something inside him snapped. ‘Who
The hell do you think you are
Talking to me that way?’

The man held his arm tightly. ‘I
Can say anything I want boy. I
Make decisions for those making
Decisions. Now I tried to be kind. But
Now I’m telling you. From the moment
I saw you, you were mine. Accept it.
I will own you…break you, or I will
Make your life miserable.’

Jon tore his arm free and pulled
Away. ‘I’m leaving now.’

‘This is not over boy.’ The man said.

Just then, a woman in a fair looking
Dress walked by with her child And
Smiled wide at the silver haired man.
‘Mr. Henry! I got your flowers today!’
She was absolutely giddy. ‘Such a
Sweet man! Thank you so much!’

‘Mrs. Schiller, anything for you my
Lovely lady,’ the man turned and
Beamed with such a kind honest looking
Expression so fast it was frightening.
‘Such a fine cook and good wife. I
Enjoyed the dinner with you and
Your husband last night so much.’

‘Such a charming man.’ She smiled
Then disappeared up the path to the

Mr. Henry turned sharply to Jon as
The boy watched him in shock.
‘Everybody loves me boy, everyone.
I get what I want, I make it
Happen.’ He glanced in the direction
Of Mrs. Schiller. ‘A simple woman.
You see…she knows her place, and
She’s happy with it. And you will
Know yours, Jon.’

Jon swallowed and stepped away. ‘I’m
Leaving now.’

‘We’re not done Jon.’ The man said eyeing
Him savagely.

‘I’m leaving now.’ Jon said, backing away.

‘Jon…we’re not done talking yet.’ The man

Jon continued to back away nervously.
His blood was racing, thoughts and
Instincts furiously turning into something
Else. He breathed hard as sweat
Beaded on his forehead. There was a
Powerful need to back away, to separate
Himself from this man…then there
Was a cracking sound, the trees were
Swaying in the wind. A heavy bow
From the tree above them close by
Snapped and crashed to the ground
Between him and Mr. Henry…His
Eyes widened in surprise as he looked
To Mr. Henry.

Mr. Henry’s eyes widened then, as he stared
Deep into Jon, he sensed immediately
Something had happened. ‘Jon?’

‘I need to leave.’ Jon said.

‘Boy – ‘Mr. Henry began staring deep into
Him, now he was deeply interested.

Jon turned sharply to the bridge, to
Mr. Henry’s friends…and their horses
Nearby. Their ears twitched and muscles
Shivered and their feet began to
Stomp anxiously. No words, no
Thoughts, just feelings…as that’s
What animals understand. Panic
Filed the horses as they yanked their
Tethers free, then they turned to run.
‘Your horses are leaving…’

Mr. Henry turned to the bridge to see
Jon’s words come true. He gasped, ‘What?’
Shock. But when he turned back
To Jon the boy was gone.

The men on the bridge called out angrily
And frustrated to their mounts. What
An inconvenience. They had no choice
But to quickly cry out for assistance
And chase the animals…The strange
Moment at hand had been disrupted.

Jon disappeared quickly into the shadows
Through the trees and then the back streets
To return to cottage apartment beside
Marcel’s home. Thoughts of what just
Happened overwhelmed him. His talk
With Mr. Henry, the man’s words! Had
He really said that? The weight of
It all…Then the branch, the horses…
Had he done it, or was it some higher
Hand watching? What was going on?

It wasn’t right, it was too much. He
Couldn’t think but had no choice.
Guidance? Men of decisions? Place in
This world? He had seen and met
Enough personalities already, they just
Got bigger and bigger.

Once back at his cottage apartment he
Took a breath in the hopes of some
Sanctuary relief…But when he went
Inside he found everything disturbed. His
Meager belongings were all a mess,
Someone had gone through them. And
Worst of all when he looked at the walls,
All of his artwork, his drawings were
All gone!

Angry and confused he looked
Around. His belongings were there, just
The artwork was missing. Why?

Minutes later, alerted by the noise, a
Yawning Marcel appeared in his open
Door wearing his nightshirt. He saw
His young friend running around frantic
And sighed. ‘Ah, I’m sorry they didn’t
Clean up.’

‘What?’ Jon asked in surprise.
‘David was here…with his friend.’ Marcel
Casually replied. ‘They needed some artwork
For tomorrow…for his display. He’s
Going up North tomorrow.’

‘His display?’ Jon asked.

‘Yes.’ Marcel answered. ‘He needed the
Work. More money. You know he has
A family to support. He hasn’t been
Doing well lately. I told him he could.’

‘What? Why?’ Jon said angrily.
‘But that’s my work.’

‘Now Jon,’ Marcel said, ‘Come on
Now…they’re just drawings. You
Can make more. David is older,
He has trouble with his hands.’

‘But those weren’t for sale,’ Jon
Told him stepping up to him, ‘Those
Were personal.’

‘Jon, come on now. Don’t be so whiney.
It’s just artwork. You’re young, you
Can make more.’ Marcel laughed.

‘He had no right to do that!’ Jon

‘Jon.’ Marcel went on like some
Reprimanding parent. ‘Don’t take it
So seriously. You can male more.
We help each other here. That’s
How things work.’

‘That’s how things work here
In the city.’ Marcel told him with
A stern, relentless brow. ‘It’s
Called paying your dues…We help
Each other…You help your elders…
And then one day, someone helps you…
When you’re older.’

‘Paying your dues?’ Jon laughed.

‘That’s right.’ Marcel insisted firmly,
Like law. ‘Paying your dues. That’s
How things work.’ His expression
And demeanor told him there
Were no options on this.

Jon was horrified. The attitudes
And words he was hearing today!
He couldn’t even find a word to say,
Only anger…only rage.

‘Don’t look at me that way, boy.’
Marcel said as he turned to return
To his bed. ‘That’s how it is.’ Then he
Was gone…It was done, settled.
There was no fighting this. Marcel
Knew everyone…A frightening
Picture became clear, like the
Lessons he learned back home.
He was no one to fight against Marcel,
The fight would be one-sided and
Unfair…Unjust victory by a custom
Well established. Then he sat on
His bed and furiously wondered on
How much and how fast the city
Was teaching what it wanted.

It wasn’t long before Heinztel appeared,
Very excited almost aglow of the good
Time he had. He entered the room
Grinning from ear to ear nearly
Singing, ‘Life is GREAT!’ But when
He saw their room-like apartment
He froze. ‘What happened?’

‘A great life happened.’ Jon said quietly.
‘Marcel let that artist down the street
Take my work.’

‘What? Why?’ Heinz said in shock.
‘Oh, I’m so sorry. That’s awful.’ Then
He looked around. ‘Did he
Take anything else?’

‘No.’ Jon answered.

‘Well, hey…’ Heinztel said as he sat
Beside him smiling. ‘Come on…I
Know it’s awful. But it isn’t so bad…
You can male some more. And I
Have wonderful news! I made some
Great connections with really amazing
People. They really like me! Things
Are looking better, I promise!’

Jon eyed him numbly. ‘Better?’

‘Yes!’ Heinz insisted. ‘You watch I am
Going to make it here, I will…It
Will be great for both of us. The men
I talked to are really wonderful
And want to help guide me to greatness.’

Jon studied him quietly before
Breaking the mood. Then he told
Him what happened by the river
With Mr. Henry. The words, the
Tone…the suggestions… ‘There is
Something not right here. I don’t
Like it.’

But Heinztel wasn’t about to surrender
His hope so fast. ‘Maybe you just
Misinterpreted things, misunderstood?
You’re still new here…People are
More aggressive, they behave differently
Than back home.’

‘It didn’t feel that way.’ Jon insisted.

‘I know you feel things. But they can’t
All be right. Come on now.’ Heinz tried
To make him smile. ‘Maybe it was
All just…a bad day?’

‘A bad day?’ Jon laughed. ‘How come
When it happens to me it’s misunderstood
But when it happens to you
It’s different? Would I say it so
Fast if I saw it wrong?’

‘No, but—’

‘Something is not right here.’ Jon
Said. ‘It’s been that way since we
Got here, at least for me. Pushed
Or told one way or another…
Guided to understand some other way?’

Heinztel grew more serious. ‘Come on.
Think positive. Don’t ruin this for me,
Not by some feeling.’

‘I don’t want to ruin it for you. I’m
Not truly trying to ruin it.’ Jon told him.
‘It happened…I would be a fool
Not to think about it.’

‘And I have to think about what
Happened to me.’ Heinz defended.

‘Then I need to think alone
For a while…saying anything
Right now seems to ruin it.’ Jon
Answered as he stood up and
Went outside to think alone by
The bench under the window.

The city…The clustering, the
People…working, chasing, believing
Each in their own ways. A horde
Of independent views gathered
Together to build a civilization, order.
It all seemed the same…To the
Left, the loud and proud…lavish
And entertaining…To the right, all
Business and bold, impressive and
Ruling. What would the future bring?
Those men, Mr. Henry, had the
Heaviest words…Guidance. Was
Civilization chaos without it? It
Sure seemed that way with an endless
Cast of characters…loud and demanding.
Yes, the city was constantly making
A big impression.



Galactic Lightship Dreamflight 16FEB2019

You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (16 February 2019) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships. You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Ceilidh
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: Multidimensionalocean,  Auroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Ceilidh, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Enterprise, GLS Resolution, and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.

Valiant: Knock Knock…the Sandman…The Gift…Part 5…

Guided by the stars there was only one
Road to follow…The voice of a mysterious
Messenger whispered, ‘The bravest can
Walk alone…For in the end you are always

1557 Nuremberg, Germany

That year was to be a turning point
In several secret ways for a handful to
Inspire another and another and so on.

For months an unlikely friendship had
Transformed two lives, one courageous and
Bold, and one shy; the strong and the broken,
Pairs best suited for each other it seems. Two
Rural village farm boys sought change. Heinztel,
The popular handsome young man seeking a
Bigger life…and his quiet friend Jon who he
Wanted to shape and impress. But Jon was
Reluctant, held back by a strict upbringing.
‘You’ve been nagging me for months about the
City,’ Jon only told him. ‘I keep telling you I have
A bad feeling about it. That story about Peter—’

‘That was Peter,’ Heinztel would only say,
‘That’s not you or me. You have to chase
Something, you have to—to live. I am going to
Make you my personal project, wait and see.
I am going to show you the world! And how
Great it is! Come with me, I just know it will
Be even greater then…’

‘But I told you—’ Jon tried to say.

‘Yeah yeah I know you feel things,’
Heinztel told him. ‘But you can’t feel
And predict everything, you think too much.
I can’t live that way. Look at me, we have
Fun, right? You have to let go once in a
While and make things happen.’

He was right about that, Jon couldn’t
Argue. For the first time someone had
Made him really laugh and have fun,
That was true. And he did want to change
And become better. It took a while, but
Eventually Jon agreed….mostly because
Of that desperate sense of losing a friend,
Of Heinztel leaving and him being alone;
That was more motivating than anything

That summer, once the cooler spring snows
And rains had passed and the weather was
Warm enough…the feeling was strong enough
To compel both the chance to breakaway.
And one night beneath a full moon they
Secretly left their family’s homes and began
The journey by foot to Nuremberg.

Dressed in their modest country clothes
They travelled hunting paths through woods
Crude dirt roads made by wagons for ages.
They camped in fields by streams, a huge
Adventure for small village boys. The first
Night alone was ambitious and wild, an
Exhilaration filled them that only grew by
The hour. Suddenly chasing a dream seemed
Huge and promising. But the best part was
The company…that was priceless. Heinztel
Was so determined, he had an endless fuel
To make Jon laugh, and that made things
Much easier.

‘You look better all the time.’ Heinz said
With a bigger smile, proud of his influence
On his friend. Unlike the other boys he knew,
Which competed on everything without end;
That had grown so tiring and irritating real
Fast. ‘You really do. I bet one day you make
Me jealous!’

‘I doubt that.’ Jon laughed really hard.
‘Right now, I’m just grateful…and scared.’

‘I know.’ Heinz told him as they lay on
Their blankets by the fire one night.
‘Believe it or not, I am too. But it will
Get easier, I know it will…it has too.’

“You do make me believe in things.’
Jon grinned looking at the stars.

Heinztel only watched his friend with
Fascination. ‘You have to tell me more
About your dreams some time. I like
Your stories. Where do you get them
From…Who tells them to you?’

‘You wouldn’t believe me if I told
You.’ Jon only said.

‘No, I would.’ Heinz simply replied.
He held his words and thoughts
More often now and just watched Jon
Watch the stars. There was more
Going on then either of them knew.

A star streaked slowly across the sky,
And Heinztel pointed to it quickly. ‘Hey,
Look at that!’ Then another moved
Above slowly after that. ‘Did you see

Jon only quietly nodded and watched.
Something was going on up there…
He knew that much. Beyond words,
Beyond faith…or maybe some fantastic
Mixture of both. Then in his dreams
That night there were whispers…as if
He were over-hearing the conversations
Of people that he could not see; yet
Mysteriously familiar. A man’s voice
Said…’There are things you can not
Undo for a journey that has to be taken.’
The words were haunting and never
Left his mind…When he heard them
That is.

It was dawn when the two of them
Reached the outskirts of the city…
They had arrived earlier than expected,
A pleasant surprise. They were so
Overjoyed that they set up a small
Breakfast near a river with a bridge,
Then decided to wash up fast to start
The day. Heinztel pulled off his shirt,
Then yanked off Jon’s and playfully
Shoved him in the river laughing.

‘Lord Dear God, I could freeze to death!’
Jon yelled at the icy water. ‘I pray I
Am clean now, it’s too cold!’

‘Ah, it’s good for you!’ Heinztel cried
With joy. ‘It makes you feel alive!’

‘I do feel alive now.’ Jon laughed.

‘See, it’s good to be alive!’ Heinz
Said raising his arms to cheer. ‘This is
A great start…to be cold and alive!’

Some passersby stopped to gawk at
Them, but Heinztel just grinned and
Stood and flexed and enjoyed it…while
Jon stepped back more timidly to the
Side; he was still so shy. This made
Heinztel laugh even harder, he had
Some secret understanding about this,
How people liked to watch but wouldn’t
Admit it. ‘You really are too funny, you
Make me laugh.’ He simply grinned and
Told Jon.

They got dressed and took their few
Belongings in bundles over their
Shoulders and then made their way
Towards the city. It was an eyeful for
Them both…. Unlike the village they knew
Of rural farms spread far apart of
Modest construction crafted by hard-
Working hands, the city was a dense
Cluster of homes built very closely
Together full of shops and street
Merchants and peddlers. The people
Were polite but seemed distracted by
Whatever tasks their minds were set
On. And here the people were so
Different than they had ever seen before.
There were all kinds, very diverse in size
And shape and even skin color sometimes
As well. And they wore all manner of
Clothes here! From practical and simple,
Like their own…to much more color and
Ornate and refined, in styles they had
Never seen before. This was a place of
Diversity and variety, and the fashion
Made that very clear.

The homes and buildings varied also
With architecture made so well they
Seemed ageless, made by hard labor
And brilliant minds. And this showed
Even in the carriages and wagons of
How people travelled. The design of the
Wheel was changing, this was a place
Where things changed—progress.
Heinztel marveled at everything. But for
Jon it was so impressive It was
overwhelming. His eyes took in
everything and beyond. But what
struck him first was this small flock
of birds they passed as they entered
the denser city streets. It was some kind
of small dove, like he had seen in
the meadows back home. They were
everywhere parading and strutting about.
The flock that caught his eye were chasing
This one little bird slightly different
Looking then the rest then the rest. They
Chased it and dove at it, flapped their
Wings and pecked at it to get it away from
The rest, ganging up on it viciously…
Until they pecked at it to death. It was
Awful to see amid this grand first
Sight of the city, a powerful first

Moving along the boys continued to
Take it all in, Nuremberg. For Heinztel
It was big and bold, opportunity. But
For Jon it became clear the city was
More about the people than anything

The city was a place to get as far away
From nature as possible. A habitat to
Focus on the human plight, to build
Upon industry and civilization. A place
Where beautiful things were collected,
Worn…boxed, contained and put on
Display—presented for use, indulgence
And entertainment. It seemed mostly
For the wealthy and less for the
Commoner. A majority gathered here
For this, the labor to meet the demand
Or create it. There was a great deal
Of variety, but the theme was more
More more.

The rich got richer here, but all were
Patrons of some kind. The best being
For the elite of its society. Everyone
Was striving to be the best or have
The most, to be recognized. An endless
Cycle became clear, yes, the city life
Made a very powerful impression.

The two friends did their share of gawking
With lots of enthusiastic
Grins. ‘Look at this! Look at that!’ They
Said to each other about everything. It
Was hard not to be distracted.

By noon they sat by a street peddler,
Indulging themselves with what few
Coins they had on some city delicacies…
Pastries of course! The food set out
Here was even was even more tempting
Than anything else! So, they bought and
Ate the finest cake they had ever seen
Before in their life and ate like it was
The meal of their lives.

After lunch, Heinztel became more
Serious…He was older, so he had to
Be more determined. And they did have
To consider where to start and what
They would do that night and so on
After that. ‘Excuse me, sir,’ Heinztel
Asked the peddler, ‘Is there a place here
Where people perform and entertain?
I have heard of these places.’

‘You mean a theater?’ The old man
Answered as he giggled watching
Them finish their cake. ‘Oh yes,
You can find one up the street and
To the right if you walk a while.
You will find all kinds of things there
To entertain you.’

Jon noticed that the man’s giggling
Seemed oddly mixed. ‘Should we go
There so fast?’ He asked Heinz.

‘Yes, why not?’ Heinz said to him as
He stood tall and proud fearlessly.
‘Come on now, think big.’

Jon nodded and reluctantly gave in.
Heinz had inspired him this far,
He couldn’t stop now.

They followed the peddler’s
Instructions and came upon a district
That was rather…even more eye-
Opening than the rest of the city.
There was even more diversity here
In the people, dressed in ways that
Were unimaginable to small village
Boys. There were men and women
Brightly dressed and painted, adorned
With jewels…showing themselves
Off like they had no shame. Some
Were half-dressed, and some were so
Covered that it made no sense at all.
There was absolutely no reason to it.
It was all color, parade, show it…
Speak it, I’m here…SEE me, HEAR me.
They held little back.

This took Heinztel a bit by surprise, his
Bravery was matched by characters
They were not intimidated by anything.
If you were to say or do something,
Then it better be worth-while.

And here there were women and men
That hung about on everyone.
Desires too were unleashed…to what

As they wandered about with a slowly
Shrinking enthusiasm, a mildly
Handsome olive-skinned man whop
Appeared about 30, spotted the two boys
And came up top them fast. “Ah, you
Two are new here…It’s quite clear.”
He smiled so slyly with an intense
Presence that it engulfed them. “What
Are your interests? Are you here
For the Arts? The pleasure? Or
Some work of some kind?
I have a keen eye for things,
And waste no time…If there is
Something I see…Well,” The
Man said holding his hand to his
Chest of a bright scarlet shirt
Opened wide and down, “I believe
In wasting no time.”

Heinz grinned, such friendly people!
“yes sir, I wish to be a great
Performer one day in the city. How
Do men go about this?”

The man beamed wide, all smiles and
Cheer. “A performer! Oh, how wonderful!
You know I spot talent fast…and
I could do so much for two boys like
You…SO MUCH! And I wouldn’t
Waste your time at all. I am
Marcel, and everyone knows me here.
I am the fairest, the kindest and
The most trusted man in the city!”
“If not the most hungry.” A
Brightly painted beautiful blond girl
Cried out from behind him, dressed
Like a gypsy girl showing herself
Brazen yet with charm.

“I’m Heinztel,” Heinz said as he
Patted his friend beside him closely,
“And this is Jon, he is an artist!”

“An artist, you say!” Marcel grinned,
“How perfect! You know I manage a
Lot in the district and we are always
In need of a young…handsome artist.
They make business so much better
For us all. Yes, I could do A LOT
For you, a lot for both of you!
We are friends, let’s be friends! Let’s
Help each other out, okay?”

“That sounds great!” Heinz grinned as
He turned to Jon’ “You see, I told you
It wouldn’t be so bad.”

Jon looked at his friend, then
Marcel…then the sights about
Them. The characters, the clothes,
The colors…The NOISE. His
Suspicions had to grow, but he had
Never been around such loud, friendly,
Direct people before. He nodded
For his friend, but kept silent for

“You will find you meet all sorts of
People here!” Marcel told them as he
Outstretched his arms to embrace them.
“Come with me, I will protect you.”

Coiling words that would haunt Jon,
But Heinztel embraced everything very
Quickly. Marcel introduced the boys
Around to his most proud friends and
Associatively, vehemently establishing their
Presence and his possession of them.
He took them in for supper that night
And lavished them with attention and
Treats that put the boys in awe…a
Careful seduction of the senses and
Trust. What small village boys could
Resist that. Then he set them up
In a cottage beside his, he kept them
Very close…to watch them, to win
Them over…to shape them.

Marcel accustomed them to city life
For weeks making them comfortable
To settle them in. He trained Heinz
To prepare him for theatre shows, a
Handsome young man, or girl, could
Win favor fast. And urged Jon to
Draw, and then paint…to get to know the
Boys as much as possible.

Heinztel was ambitious, eager to rise fast…
He was easy to read. But his quiet
Friend Jon was quiet and much more
Difficult to trust, but kindness motivated
Marcel with charm. The boy had talent,
As good as any he had seen…and he used
It well.

“Your work is beautiful,” Marcel would
Say. “I could do a lot with this…
But you must be careful in business,
Do not draw this or that…do it this
Way…People want beauty they can
Obtain and possess, they do not want
Something that makes them feel bad.”
He would laugh and instruct carefully.
“It’s bad for business to make people
Feel bad or think too much. So only
Draw nice things, scenery, flowers…
Be careful how you draw people.”

Familiar words to Jon, careful…only
Nice things…Not too much of this or
That. Obey.

In time, he set Jon’s work up to sell, then
Found he had requests for portraits…
The wealthy and successful did love
Their portraits…the first selfie!
At once it became clear, Jon had
Better depict patrons as fantastic as
Possible. As one notable man of the
District told him fiercely, “Make me
Look like a fiend and I will have
Your fingers broken boy!

The public made a powerful impression
Fast. Patrons came in for artwork
And it became quickly stressful and
Demanding. The women wanted to
Be princesses and posed like one, and
When successful declared, “Oh you
Have captured me so well,
That’s me! You’re in love with me, you see

But when Jon tried to say you asked
Me to do this, they became insulted
And indignant and called him a brat.

And there were some men like this too,
Who loved having their portraits made…
Flamboyant men of the district…He
Was trying to make them smile and
Cheer them up, please them with a
Good job…but they mistook it for
Infatuation and love. And when he
Tried to explain the reaction never
Went well. Aristocrats, businessmen,
Ladies, it varied…with portraits
Many had different intentions.

This confused Marcel at first, but
Intrigued him as well. He and Jon
Learned fast, as did some higher
Eyes and ears…what hid beneath
The masks. The requests would come
In for portraits and frequently the
Reactions were the same, not all
But a lot. The safest things to do
In art proved to be scenic, livestock,
Flowers and food…things like that.
Portraits could be dangerous to do in
Those days for an artist.

“Patrons have certain tastes.” He told
Jon quietly. “I have learned that over
The years. You would do well to be
Very careful in speaking. But if you
Want favor, or to survive…Nod a lot…
But be as ignorant as possible, or
One day, your life will end very

Jon nodded to Marcel, he was
Trained to obey. But he always
Watched and listened carefully. At
Night he would retreat to peaceful
Quiet – away from people. Only
Heinz and a few friends in the
District did he put faith in talking
To. Trust was still a hard thing to
Come by for him, good trust takes
Time. Fortunately, the ones who cared
Gave sensible advice when needed,
But the best ones gave comfort with

Heinz and Jon still always kept close
As friends and confidants, that didn’t
Change. For ages it had been that way…
A friendship about growing, exploring
And learning things; for Jon anyway.
Heinz would always say, “I love this
Life…no pressure, no expectations
With marriage. I can take my
Time and become what I want.”
He was so happy. And for Jon
It was a time of liberation as well
As happiness and laughter he never

But the days were long with work,
And the endless demands of the
Public. The city was sure full of
Stories and needs, constant characters
And the ever clear reality of status.

On one weekend, late in the summer
The boys went out like they had
Before, to play and swim in the
River. It was something they had done on a
Regular basis for exercise, to stay fit
As Heinz insisted. It was important
To Heinz, his appearance. And he had
Instilled this in Jon as well. “Trust me
On this.” Heinz always said, “It will
Help you in life in many ways to
Do this. It’s important.”

And Heinz enjoyed the attention they
Brought to the river, people would
Stop to watch and stare at the
Young people in the river. He would
Show a bit, harmlessly, half
Dressed…in the hopes of winning
Favorable attention with his work.
But for Jon, it was just play.

When the river began to clear of
Children and others at play…less
People watched. Only a few girls and
A collection of men, very well dressed,
Remained to watch Heinz and Jon.
Then one of the men came down,
As the others remained above watching.
They dismissed the girls to leave the
Area bare and quiet. This man,
Unknown to them was in fact a
Notable businessman and aristocrat
Of the district; a very private man.

“Heinztel? That is you boy, yes?”
The tall silver haired man dressed
In regal black garments asked as
He stood proud by the river’s edge.

“Yes, Sir!” Heinz answered coming over
To the shore. “Can I help you?”

“We’re having a private party tonight,”
The man said, “And my friends and
I would like some special guests.
Would you attend?”

“Well, yes.” Heinz agreed, assuming it
Was good for work, to make contacts.

“Good.” The man looked at Jon with
Keen interest. “Who is your friend? I
Have not seen him before.”

“This is Jon.” Heinz smiled eagerly.
“He will come too if you like.”

“Yes, I would like that very much.”
The man grinned at the boys.

Jon said nothing. Heinz led the
Decisions and he allowed it. But
The feeling stirring inside his gut
Was uncertain…For some reason
He sensed a dark turn was coming.
He couldn’t quite understand why
But a shadow was there. Yes, the
City and all of its inhabitants made
A powerful impression all the time.



Galactic Lightship Dreamflight 9FEB2019

You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (9 February 2019) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships. You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Ceilidh
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: Multidimensionalocean,  Auroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Ceilidh, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Enterprise, GLS Resolution, and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.

extrasensory overload

insanity atlanta 🙂

leslee hare

This is the view from my office window this week.

Why anyone thinks it’s a good idea to plaster a 30-floor tall medieval-knight-type guy with a sword and Bud-Light robes onto an office building 3 blocks from the action is beyond me.

I didn’t know anyone played football with a sword… sure doesn’t sound like a good idea.

I suppose it might hook the video-gamers who don’t go in for Madden…?

Or capture our imaginations, trying to tie football to the crusades…?

In any case, it’s an apt expression of how the city feels to me right now: heavy, dark, maddened.

The buzz of helicopters. The screeches and howls of sirens. The thump of sub-woofers.

Folks just trying to get to work and do their jobs.

And excited Europeans who think this display is worth stopping to take a photo. With the wife in the foreground, smiling.

Welcome to America…

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Valiant: Knock Knock…The Sandman…The Gift…Part 4…

The Sandman, through the ages
In dreams it comes. When
Names repeat things happen,
Then it becomes more than
A dream, signs come…Then
History repeats itself…again.

Stars would move with furious
Fascination across the skies. Eyes
Will call them many things…truths and lies.
Eyes above and below.
Nature would fall out of control, or was
It revenge…
A path was set in motion long ago.
They saw it then…to know it now.

1556 Nuremberg, Germany…

‘A world full of talking boxes!’ Grandpa
Laughed loudly. ‘Oh yes, Jon, I remember
That dream of yours of the future!
That the world would be full of
Such things, what a joke! Little
Boxes they hold in their hands and
Talk to machines that run the world!
That is ridiculous!’

And the family sat around the table
Laughing so hard as Jon sat humbly
With his sister Freda regretting
The words. ‘But I saw it.’

‘Sure, you did. Sure, you did.’ Grandpa
Laughed. ‘And I suppose people will
Sit around all day attached to these
Boxes doing nothing else? What
Nonsense! Who would believe that?’

‘Who would cook and prepare, or grow
All the food?’ Grandma laughed. ‘What a life
That would be! To have everything done for them!’

‘Well, I don’t know,’ Mama said, ‘To
Have something that cooked the food,
Or washed the dishes and washed the
Clothes would be so nice…What more
Could anyone ask for? It sounds amazing.’

‘Nonsense.’ His father said. ‘It would never happen,
It makes no sense. What would people become?
It sounds as if someone has too much time on their
Hands for dreaming, eh?’ He nodded at Jon. ‘Talking
Boxes. Moving pictures. Where do you get these
Ideas from?’

‘And I suppose those talking boxes
Would do all the thinking for them?’
Grandpa laughed. ‘Then who is really the
Masters of the world then…The people or
These machines? Why would they invent
Such things? It sounds like chaos waiting to
Happen. Some future.’

‘To make things easier, Papa.’ Mama said to
Them. ‘The wonders to explore…’

‘Then there is no reason not to have
A world of Peace.’ Grandpa said firmly. ‘So
Tell me, Jon…Did you see a world of Peace
In the future that you saw?’

Jon said nothing, he just sat quietly…
Again, regretting all his words and sharing.

‘Well?’ Grandpa asked, insisted.

‘But maybe one day…’ Jon finally answered.

‘But maybe one day?’ Grandpa laughed.
‘Nonsense! Then the future would be chaos
If they can’t find Peace with all that convenience…
Then we should trade places with these people
Of the future…So they see how real people live
Instead of some make believe future filled with
Machines. Mark my words…if that is the future,
It will be chaos…’

‘I think someone needs to spend more time
Chopping the wood, and cleaning out pens…
Chores! We are getting old, your grandmother
Is sick…your sister is fragile…Sons are supposed
To do the work, this the way of things. You need
More work to do young man. Look at you…
You’re getting too round from all those dumplings
And sausage and cookies. More work!
You can rest when you are older. Now go and stack
More would for the stove…tomorrow
You can take the goats out to pasture after
You clean out the barn. And make sure no
Wolves get them! The does will be birthing soon,
I won’t lose any this year, we cannot afford
It…Now go and do as I told you then get
To bed, you have a long day tomorrow.

Jon followed his father’s orders, then
Fell into bed and fell asleep fast…
Nightmares chasing him…Always the
Same, of glowing red eyes watching
Him, stalking him…Of strange faces
Of people he didn’t know. All the while
Above in the night sky…the stars moved
In strange shapes and flashing colors.
Some noticed and saw as they peeked out
Their windows late at night, wondering what
They were…but most were too busy, or
Dismissed the strange lights…it made them
Too nervous to think on such things.

The next day, Jon did as he was told doing
All his chores quietly while the rest
Of the family did theirs. There
Was a lot of time spent alone on farms then, far
Too much to do. And families weren’t just
Families then, they were you’re reluctant
Peers and friends, you had to get along.

He 16 by this time, and had grown too round
Like his father said, finding comfort in food.
But no one really saw, aside from Sunday’s at
Church where neighbors gathered with their
Children. He was so quiet and shy, he never
Talked to them…he never understood how at
Church people talked so much; it all seemed for
Show. How the children laughed so much.
He didn’t understand the socializing and
Smiling; so many didn’t really care inside.
Were they bored or just passing the time?

Afternoon came and Jon found time
To rest their herd of goats in the far meadow
By the river. He took out his bread and
Sausage and sat beneath a towering old
Fir tree to let his mind wander…Just
Another day, it didn’t matter what day of
The week it was they were all the same.

It wasn’t long before he heard the sounds
Of laughter coming from somewhere
Up the river; his ears were sharper than most.
Boys were playing and yelling, splashing
Having fun. He stayed perfectly still listening
Waiting for them to settle down and go home,
He tended to avoid people that way. Minutes
Passed until their sounds faded then he heard
Them call out some farewells to each other
Then nothing. A silence followed, though
Jon lingered on the last sounds…it felt

More quiet moments…sounds of the birds,
The river running, water against rocks and
The shore…the goats chewing on grass.
Then there was some clumsy crash nearby,
Falling on the tree beside him in the brush.
Someone had been watching him.

A boy leapt out from behind the tree to
His right, dressed in a loose white shirt
And tan pants…half wet. ‘Well Hello
There little man!’ It was that tall blond boy
From church, the big strong son of that
Farmer up the river that raised the cows
And sheep. He had 3 sons everyone
Admired, big strong boys that all the
Parents and the children fawned over;
It was a bit overwhelming how they fussed

Jon jumped to his feet in panic, but said
Nothing he only gasped.

‘No, no, no I didn’t mean to scare you.’
The boy said holding out his hands with
A smile. ‘I was just watching you. I
Only wanted to say hello. I heard the
Goats and wanted to see who was here,
That’s all.’

Jon said nothing, just watched.
The boy was built like a statue
He had seen once in the village as men
Were delivering it to some rich place
In the city.

‘Can’t you talk?’ The boy asked
Confused. ‘I’ve seen you at church,
You never talk to anyone.’

‘Hello,’ Jon said.

‘Just Hello?’ The boy smiled as
He took a step closer, he had never
Met anyone so quiet. ‘I’m Heinztel,
My father is Danut Bruder…we have the
Farm over—’

‘I know who you are.’ Jon said.

‘Oh, you can talk.’ Heinztel laughed.
‘Well that’s good to know. My friends
And I have seen you at church. You
Are so quiet…How come you never

‘You saw me?’ Jon thought he was
Invisible. ‘Why?’

‘Why?’ Heinztel was confused. ‘Of
Course I saw you, people see each
Other you know.’

‘Oh, alright.’ Jon had no idea what to
Say, but it made sense.

Heinztel just kept smiling and looked
Around then looked at Jon and then
Sat down calmly beside him. “What
Are you eating?’

‘Sausage and bread.’ Jon answered. He
Was not accustomed to company or
Talking; or anyone so friendly.

Heinztel wiped back his wet hair and
Then his face with his sleeve. ‘I’m so
Wet, I was swimming.’

“I heard you.’ Jon only said.

‘So how come you never talk?’
Heinztel asked.

‘Nothing to say.’ Jon answered. A pause.
‘You’re hungry, you want some bread?’

‘Yeah,’ Heinztel grinned. ‘I am hungry.
How did you know that?’

‘You keep staring at the bread.’ Jon said.
He gave Heinztel some and they ate

‘You need to talk more.’ Heinztel said.
‘People would like that.’

‘Why?’ Jon asked. ‘My family would
Rather me not talk at all.’

‘Why?’ Heinztel asked.

‘They just would.’ Jon answered.

‘You would look a lot better too if you
Relaxed a little more, opened up a
Bit. The other kids would talk to you

‘I would look better? They would?’
Jon was confused at his words. ‘Why?’

‘Don’t you want to?’ Heinztel asked.

‘I don’t know, it would mean more
Talking.’ Jon said. ‘People sure talk
A lot. But I don’t think they know
What they’re saying…they just talk
To talk.’

Heinztel laughed so loud. ‘So true!’
He shook his head. ‘Well you notice
Things. I never heard it put that way…
So simple.’

‘It’s hard not to notice that, people
Like to talk a lot.’ Jon answered.

‘You know, I like you. How about
We be friends?’ Heinztel said kindly.
‘Maybe I could get to know you

‘OK.’ Jon agreed, but was surprised by

‘Just call me Heinz, like my friends
Do…only my parents call me Heinztel,
It makes me feel small and dumb.’

‘I can understand that.’ Jon said.
‘My name is Johannes, but my
Family calls me Jon…They must have
Gotten tired of calling me Johannes or
Were bored with it.’

Heinz laughed. ‘You’re funny too. I like
That. Everyone says I’m funny too,
A performer…That’s what I want to be
Someday, a performer in the cities
And entertain lots of people. I want
To get out of here…do something
Different than this. Don’t you?’

‘I don’t know. There’s more than
Enough people here.’ Jon said. ‘A quiet
Simple life seems much nicer. I would
Like to be stronger though…more like
You. I think my family would like
That better.’

‘But what do you like, what about you?’
Heinz asked. ‘Who cares what they
Think, people worry too much about that.’

‘Who cares?’ Jon was confused. ‘The way
People talk and act, they seem to care
A lot.’

Heinz held his breath then laughed. ‘True.
Alright, you have me there. But still
You have to get past that. You don’t
Want people who judge you constantly
Around you, do you? Be yourself and
Be with others you can be yourself with.’

Jon’s eyes widened. He had never heard
Such reasoning before, “True. I really
Like that. Are you sure you’re not
A philosopher?’

Heinz laughed. ‘The Philosopher Farm
Boy. No. See that’s why you need to
Talk more…meet other people.’

‘OK.’ Jon nodded with a slight smile,
This was new but good.

Heinz just went on and on to get Jon
Talking, but he really was friendly
About it. Small talk at first, then
Ideas…He found that Jon could draw
And had other talents, unusual intuitive
Talents unlike he had ever seen; which
Intrigued him. It was plain and
Direct communication…something others
Missed from a far.

This became their friendship, every week
They would meet on weekends at the same
Tree by the river…to talk and sit and
Share stories. For Jon the world opened up,
And for Heinz, he got to know someone
Unlike he ever met. He helped Jon get
Stronger, and Jon shared more…it was
A good influence for them both. But
Then Heinz kept wanting to talk more
And more, he introduced him to the
Other boys…but always kept Jon aside
Special, like best friends or brothers; Heinz
Was 2 years older.

Months passed this way…and over time
Jon changed in many ways, even
Physically he transformed and became
Stronger like Heinz, as they swam and
Played and Heinz showed him habits
He learned from his family about eating
And standing and behaving; it was
Sort of Heinz project, a successful one.

And Heinz became more introspective like
Jon, quite a thinker. Jon’s talents inspired
Him, but his intuition fascinated him;
Heinz was just fearless that way. It was
A strange friendship at first that his other
Friends teased him about, but then
Became jealous of. Until eventually he
Just started spending all of his time
With Jon.

By the following summer Jon was 17
And Heinz 19…They were sitting by
The river eating lunch on their usual
Saturday when the other boys came
Around to go swimming nearby, they
Were men now and some of them had
Started to get married. The attitudes
Among them were changing to more adult

‘So are you going to get married like Peter
And the others?’ Jon asked.

‘Not here I’m not.’ Heinz simply said.
‘Why?’ Jon asked.

‘Because I want to get out of here.
I just don’t want this life here.’ Heinz said,

‘You still planning to go to the city?’
Jon asked cautiously. The idea of
Bigger places made him nervous.

‘Yeah.’ Heinz sighed with a smile. ‘Come
With me? It will be fun, you’ll see.
You could draw or do anything you
Want there…be something new.’

‘I don’t know. More people?’ Jon asked.

‘You have to get out of here.’ Heinz said.
‘Get away from those bruises you always
Have. You think I didn’t notice that?’

‘You did?’ Jon asked. ‘It’s normal to have
That…now and then.’

‘Now and then?’ Heinz laughed. ‘If I had
That I would have run away a long time

‘Frank and Peter have bruises all the time.’

‘Frank and Peter throw logs at
Each other. And Peter is a klutz.’
Heinz laughed and nodded.

‘I know what you are saying.’ Jon said.
‘But I am telling you something bad is
In the city. I can feel it…I can see
The shadows there waiting.’

‘So, stay away from them.’

‘Shadows do not know Heinz’s philosophy
Of taking chances to pursue greater things.’
Jon laughed. ‘Shadows see something good
And want to run it, that is what they do.’

Heinz laughed. ‘Ok Ok…let me put it
This way, let me tell you a story.’

‘Oh, this will be good, I can tell,’ Jon said.
‘You have that look on your face…like
I am going to get you to do something
Whether I like it or not.’
‘Yeah Yeah, just listen.’ Heinz went on.
‘Do you remember that boy last year,
His family had the farms with the goats
And sheep and pigs? Erik was his name.
He was tall, big shoulders…Not Henri,
The one with the dark hair…the
Other one with light hair…He used to dive off
The top of the bridge?’

‘Yeah Yeah I remember,’ Jon nodded
As he paused to think. ‘He
Went to the city…then came back and – ‘

Heinz nodded, ‘He hung himself. That’s

‘And this is your story to get me to
Go to the city?’ Jon’s eyes widened in

‘It was not the city that killed him,’
Heinz explained. It was the people here
And the criticism…first they built him up,
Then they tore him down. They called him
Stuck up…he wasn’t at all. Do this
Do that…the endless harassment and
Judgement. He came back…something
Happened to him…The way they treated him…
It was awful. To watch someone slowly
Break under that…And then they all
Bowed their heads and said how sad…
Like they had no part. I can’t look at
Them now. That’s why I have to get out
Of here. I wish I would have known
What to do. Understand?’

‘That’s awful.’ Jon said looking down.

‘Am I any different than he was?’
Heinz wondered, then looked solemnly at
His friend. ‘The hatred, the jealousy I saw
In people…I swear you make me think
And notice things. I need to be stronger.’

Jon laughed. ‘You don’t need me to think,
You think fine already.’

‘But why did he come back?’ Heinz asked.
‘What did he see, what happened there?
You see things…what do you think
it was?’

Jon thought carefully, careful words. ‘Something
Terrible. I think it’s everywhere.’

There was a strange light that shot across
The clear blue sky above them. ‘Look at
That!’ Heinz pointed. ‘It’s a sign see.
Come on, let’s have an adventure, come
With me.’

Jon thought long and hard. That light
Was more than he wanted to know.
‘Something terrible is there.’

There would be more stars moving in the
Sky that night. They were always
There, hovering or moving…whether anyone
Saw them or not.



Galactic Lightship Dreamflight 2FEB2019

You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (2 February 2019) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships. You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Ceilidh
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: Multidimensionalocean,  Auroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Ceilidh, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Enterprise, GLS Resolution, and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.

Dreamflights: My Current Thinking

Over the past couple weeks I’ve returned to blogging and STC’s dreamflights after a long hiatus, so I thought I’d share some current impressions…

What is a dreamflight? How can we tell, when we wake, whether we’ve been on a ship, or just had a “normal” dream? Or if we even dreamed at all?

I don’t know.

What I do know is, we don’t need to worry about it.

We’re all working in ways that some of us cannot perceive. We all bring gifts to this community, to the world, and to dream-time and other planes, that we don’t need to be able to describe and explain.

This is where intuition and guidance come in.

I’ll give you an example.

Early this evening, I created the watercolor sketch above to accompany this post. My thought had been, “I’d like something with soaring wings, something encouraging, to go with this post. And I bet I can create a quick watercolor faster than I can find an image or make something in Photoshop…”

I hadn’t painted in several months, and sat down with the paper and brushes, nagged by a mild dread that I’d just make a muddy mess and still have to go online and hunt for wings.

Then I found the pearlescent watercolors I’d never used. My attitude shifted. Next came the cheap block of watercolor paper. “It doesn’t have to be precious, Leslee. Just sit down and paint.” So I filled the water bucket, grabbed the nastiest brush – the one that sheds everywhere – and started doodling.

As I painted, I thought of the Dreamflights, and my intention to paint wings. A fairy-like figure appeared on the paper, soaring above a circle. The circle turned into a planet. And then my thoughts shifted to a Valiant post I’d read in The Bell Tolls. I thought of Vala, casting spells to cleanse the Earth. And the sketch started to represent that work.

That was pretty cool. I finished the sketch, and took a snapshot of it. Then I remembered I was to talk with my friend Victoria in less than an hour. I hurried a bit to get the snapshot ready to insert in the post, and when I was almost finished, Victoria called. We chatted, and talked about many things, but eventually got onto the subject of my health. I mentioned my brain cysts. The conversation moved along to other subjects, and then we talked about her Merkaba ship videos. And she told me she was hearing from the Nordics so frequently, and that ships will start landing soon. When she mentioned the Nordics, thinking of Valiant’s associates, I told her about the watercolor sketch, and emailed it to her.

When she saw the sketch, she added that she thinks it’s also about my brain, and healing… and she pointed out the pale profile of the angel swooping down , on the right. I had not noticed it before. And I realized the circle – the “planet” – also looks like my pineal cyst.

So… can you see how even when we think we’re doing something simple and straightforward… going to sleep at night, or making a sketch of some wings… there’s no telling what else we’re also accomplishing?

We call it a night on Saturdays, and wake up remembering a little, or nothing, or something we’d rather forget. There’s no telling what we really experienced and accomplished…

Amazing things, the stuff we don’t need to know.

Wishing you all blissful journeys, peaceful sleep, and the trust to keep moving into what’s important.

Love you guys! ❤


Valiant: Knock, Knock… The Sandman… The Gift… Part 3

The Sandman, In dreams through the
Light of day and darkness of night
The Stories come. Mysteries and riddles
To hide and surface with the sands of
Time for the picture that comes at the

1540, Nuremberg, Germany…in a small
Farming village outside of the city…The
Winter had been cold and quiet, then the
Snows came in late January and they

Brought heavy drifts and winds. Bitter
Temperatures fell upon the country-side,
Freezing into February. In the modest
Home of Helmut Gregor, a family
Anxiously awaited the birth of
Their first born. After a long agonizing
Night of labor, Helmut’s young wife
Anna finally delivered a baby boy. A
Healthy round-faced hopeful new life
They named Johannes.

Everyone was excited for what would
Hopefully be the beginning of a large
Family, a legacy to build a farm with.
Anna’s older parents had already moved
In with the couple as tough times forced
Them to abandon their own farm since
Their eldest son Karl had moved farther
East to build a life on his own and
Their other children had died in strange
Accidents before they could marry.
Families, then, were a key source of survival,
As the young cared for the old and the strongest
Were the providers.

Expectations were very high with Johannes,
Whom they called Jon for short. It
As the rules of birth for the men to be
The workers, the builders, the farmers, the
Everything a family needed. And while he was
Just a baby, more would be planned, no doubt.
Little Jon had very high standards to meet
Being the first born. Unfortunately, as he
Grew…it became clear that Jon was more
Awkward than robust. As a toddler, he was
Fine…but by the age of 4, he
Proved to be clumsy and timid, and
Had problems talking. This only grew
Worse over time…his slurred speech
And wobbly feet roved to be a
Serious disappointment.

Helmut was a tall, very strong, hardy
Proud man, well known for working hard.
Among his peers and the local villagers, he
Often held the nickname, “Stone”, because
He could be a very abrasive man. The sight
Of having such a possible feeble son beside
Him made him frown constantly and walk
Away from the boy.

Anna’s parents were even more harsh. Her
Father Otto, had been well known for his
Crudeness as well – he was an unhappy man,
And worked his children hard on their farm. Her
Mother, Mila, was also a harsh woman. She
Had been beautiful when she was young, but a
Hard working life as a farmer’s life had made
Her more of an iron maiden than a blissful
Home-maker. They were very opinionated
And came across cold too often, hard lives
Had a way of doing that to people. Hope
And dreams become lost in a field of survival
And reality…But that was the nature of
The age.

“Poor Helmut,” Otto would say, “To have such
A son…He must have hoped for more. Oh well,
The boy’s only your first child…you can always
Try again.”

And Anna would sigh, she had been beaten
Down her whole life by her parents; they had
Always expected more from her too. But she
Didn’t care, Jon was her baby and she loved
Him regardless, as any mother would. But she
Was so shy, she kept quiet and rarely spoke
Up for herself; it was an age of absolute
Obedience in families then…families always
Came first.

Mila, her mother, was a bit kinder but still harsh.
“Your next son will be stronger. Helmut is such
A strong man – he is sure to produce a good son.”

There were no arguments, only gentle
Defense. You never talked back to your parents
Then. It was always, “Yes Papa, Yes Mama.”
Love was conditional with approval of
Actions and displays of worth. At least
In this family, it was regimented…but there
Were always rumors of other kind and
Loving families; that was a dream, of course.

But the more little Jon kept talking, the
Stranger the words came out of his mouth.
He would mumble things about things he
Saw that no one else did. And talked about
Dreams he had…that came true. And he
Also began scribbling images in the dirt for
No reason…designs that made no sense,
Which his mother and grandmother noticed
Mostly as they were primarily alone with him.

“Anna,” her mother would whisper even though
They were alone, “You have to make Jon stop
Doling this. If anyone sees?! He says
Things before they happen, my mother
And her mother were like this. It’s a
Family curse. It’s against God! Make
Him stop doing it.”

But Anna was fascinated by it and only
Quietly questioned it. “What’s wrong with it?
It’s not hurting anyone. He’s just a little
Boy, he can’t help it.”

“Make him stop, Anna.” Her mother only
Said.” It isn’t right, it’s against God to be
This way. It’s bad for him…if anyone sees,
I’m afraid for him.” Then Mila would take
Little Jon aside and tell him, “Now Jon
You have to stop drawing pictures like that
Or God won’t love you, God doesn’t like these
Things, they’re evil. And I can’t love you
If you make God angry…Don’t you want
Grandma to love you? You have to stop drawing
Pictures like that…Draw a fish, or a bear
Or a nice horse, draw animals. Do not draw
Pictures like that or God will be very angry
At you.”

This terrified little Jon, and he would
Cry. “Yes, Grandma, OK. I won’t
Draw those pictures, only animals.” But
That only scared him to draw anything
At all.

But still little Jon couldn’t help talking or
Dreaming…and he kept saying strange things.
“How did you know that the cow would
Give no milk or that the neighbors
Were coming over to ask for butter Jon?”
His mother would ask. And he
Would answer, “I just know.”

The women kept hiding this from the men. “Make
Him stop, Anna. Make him stop saying things
Like that. People will notice.”

“I can’t Mama, I don’t know how.” Jon
Would say.

Then his Grandmother would take him aside
And tell him strictly, “Jon, you have
To stop saying things like that. Or God
Will be very angry with you. And if God
Is angry with you, I will be very angry
With you too and I can’t love you
Anymore. Don’t you want Grandma to
Love you, Jon? You have to stop saying
These things.”

“Yes, Grandma, OK.” Little Jon would say
Terrified. “But how?”

“Just don’t talk at all.” His grandmother
Would tell him. “If you can’t say nice
Things then don’t talk at all. Say only
Nice things or don’t talk at all.”

Then Jon would nod. Yes, ok Grandma, only
Nice things.”

This sort of programming went on for
Months…until one Christmas Eve, when
Jon was 5 years old…there were the
Sounds of bells and a shimmering light
Appeared by his bed while he slept
And this beautiful woman appeared dressed
In white; a robe like uniform…And
She greeted him kindly and smiled with
A warmth unlike he ever knew. She
Was so kind and strong…it was the most
Amazing thing he had ever seen!

This woman bathed in this magical light
Said she had come to visit him, to be
His friend, to help him. That was all he
Needed to know…and to believe, to always
Believe no matter what. And somehow, he
Knew that would always be true…but
It also frightened him down deep inside too.
Then she was gone…but the memory
ALWAYS stayed kindly in his mind.

Of course, little Jon was eager to share this
With his family. It was such a nice thing,
It couldn’t be bad to do…So he told them
The next morning…But it was Christmas,
So, they just laughed it off, saying “Oh, that’s nice…
What a nice story.” A safe thing to say, finally.

But as time went on, Jon still had
To be very careful talking and what to do.
No drawing, no making mistakes. They
Were constantly correcting him on how
To walk straight, how to stand…how
Not to be so clumsy. He was an idiot
mostly, because only idiots make mistakes
And can’t talk right; especially at 5
Years old.

Months kept passing and still he
Couldn’t walk right or talk right. His
Father became so impatient that he began
Whipping him every time he made a mistake.
If he walked wrong, stood wrong, knocked
Something over, his father said it was on
Purpose. “You are too old for making mistakes,
You have to learn…”

With each mistake came punishment and
The lecture and the whippings…” You were
Put on this world to be strong. Now learn.
You will learn to take a beating because
That’s what men are for…life is hard,
Deal with it. If you cry, I will hit
You harder, life will hit you harder…
If you move, I will hit you harder,
Life will hit you harder. You will take
Your beatings quietly and you will not make
A move. Do you understand?”

There was no option, deal with it. So, Jon
Learned to obey silently. This was obedience
In the old-world families.

And that was the life he knew, strict
Obedience, conditional love…everything was
About rules to follow. There was no choice,
As his grandmother would say. “This is the
Life God has intended for us, for you. Life
Is hard, life will always be hard.”

Soon then, Anna became pregnant again…
And there was much hope. Maybe a better
Child would come! But secretly, little Jon always
Remained the same…He had dreams
And visions and saw things, saw things
Before they happened. He kept it all to
Himself though. Keep it secret, or else
God and his grandmother would be angry.
Remember the conditions.

Once in a while, he would slip however,
And he would see the stars that moved
In the night sky; everyone did. And he
Would see things he could not understand; shadows
Moved, and whispers…Strange shapes in
The skies…He would ask his grandmother,
“What are those stars that move?”

“That is God’s way of telling us he is
Up there watching us. He moves the stars
Around to let us know he is there.”
Grandma would say.

But little Jon knew they were something
More. Something he could not understand yet.
He said nothing. It was safer not to.

That summer, after Jon turned 6, he
Was playing by the meadow with some toys
His grandfather carved for him. He was still
Very clumsy, but was always trying
So hard to walk straight and talk right…
He wanted desperately to be like the other
Kids he had seen at church who never
Talked to him, that could run and
Jump and play so free. He had seen
The way the other boys climbed trees and
Hung from their legs upside down, so he
Had to try it.

He climbed up a thick leafy tree with a
Low bow nearby…crawled out on its
Limb and tried to imitate what he had
Seen the other boys do. But his knees
Were clumsy, and the branch too thick…
So, when he tried to hang, he slipped and
Fell and landed on his head with his
Mouth open and tongue sticking out…
And nearly bit his tongue off…

Dazed and confused, his mouth full of blood
And pouring down his neck and chest…he
Crawled, then scrambled back home…
Horrifying everyone. The sight of him
Frightened his family so, they panicked
“Call the healer!” His grandmother
Insisted. And they did…only to fret
And panic even more. What they
Found was unsure…most assumed the
Worst (it depends on the healer). “It
May have to come off,” The medical
Medic said. “I will have to see how
It heals.”

The family was scared and disappointed.
First, he couldn’t talk and then the boy
Would be mute. How tragic and awful’
Hopefully their second child would turn out
Much better. Again silently, keeping it
To himself, little Jon was terrified to death.
Maybe he was a cursed idiot after all. He
Didn’t know what to do but pray to God
For forgiveness and a miracle.

“See,” his grandparents would say, “This
Is what happens when you do not
Speak right and do stupid things. God is
Punishing you! Pray for forgiveness, and
Maybe if you are a good boy and try
Harder, God will let you talk again.”

Jon prayed and prayed, all that he ever
Did was pray and hope for a miracle.
Hope for better, to be better…to understand
Why this was life. He wasn’t allowed
To speak, and when he did, no one
Listened or understood. For weeks he
Kept his mouth completely shut…
The burden of eating was pure pain…
Only milk and eggs.
He could barely swallow – and even
That meant swallowing blood. There
Could be nothing savory or sweet or
Salty…that was AGONY…His eyes
Would roll and swell, thoughts pushed
From his head by a mouth that would
Not work. Silent pain. Cannot speak
Nor say a word…because the tongue
Might move and split back open…
It would heal and rip open over
And over again…Blinding pain, rolling
Pain to numbness and no thoughts.
Tears that came from nowhere,
And no choices. Don’t move the mouth,
Don’t speak, don’t talk, don’t slide
The tongue. Eat as little as possible,
And bite or chew sideways around the
Teeth, as far away from the tongue as possible.
Chew slowly, swallow fast…Drink
From the left or right and always
Lift your head to swallow. Hold the
Jaw still and keep the tongue still
Until it heals…bite a pillow or a
Cloth for stability when the jaw locks…
A six-year-old can learn fast…

No matter what, keep the mouth
Closed…because that’s when the monsters
Come out…at night when you can’t
Scream. When the ghosts and shadow
People in the walls grin as if they were
Waiting when Jon could absolutely make
No sound at all…They could do anything
When you can’t make a sound.

Prayers became panic that cried out
Silently as the weeks went on…
That brought the mysterious
Christmas visitor back…

And when she appeared with concern,
Somehow, she had heard…The shock on her
Face. “What a world of IDIOTS!” She
Said to some person out of view.
“What savage! I want to take him with us.
This world is going to destroy him!”

“No, they will never allow it.” A mysterious
Man’s voice said. “No, this is his place…
He has something to do here.”

“This is cruel, this will ruin him.” The
Blond woman in the circle of light said.
“How can you agree to this?”

“Agree?” The man said. “This is not my rule,
I made no rules here. We came to see,
To point a direction. That is all!”

“This is unbelievable.” She said with
Painful fear and worry for the little boy
She barely knew; yet somehow, she knew
His life so well. “How can these things
Happen? How many are there like this?
This is awful.”

“Their history is an agonizing mess of
Struggles and untold stories.” The man
Hidden out of view said sadly. “It is
A miracle they survived, progressed at all.
Just wait until they find an age of
Science and technology. It will be worse.”

“I can’t stand this.” The woman said near
Tears, watching the little boy sensing the
Torrid of emotions locked inside him.
“All that potential destroyed…and they
Don’t see it.”

“And yet you heard him, found him.” The
Man said with praise. “He has a gift that
Reaches far. Admirable.”

“We should take him. I want to take
Him.” She said. “There is nothing
For him here. He thinks he’s an idiot.
Unbelievable. We can’t let that happen.”

Little Jon shivered, listening to them talk,
They spoke a strange tongue…yet the
Voices of theirs in his head made perfect
Sense…A telepathic connection.

Then there was a silent, or rather more
Secret exchange among the strange visitors…
No sense of threat, just decisions. Moments
Of haze within a light, and then a vibration.
The room changed to that of a very sterile-like
Environment. They had taken Jon to
Their vessel, to some sort of private
Room – living quarters, where he lay on
A bed comfortably…calmly sedate just
Listening and watching.

It was there more of those tall handsome
Looking blond strangers appeared…examining
Him, recording data on him…and then
Using odd looking instruments to help
Repair his tongue quickly.

The woman comforted Jon and began
Sharing brief stories of who she was
And who they were…She introduced herself
As a Godmother to him, a friend to
Help him…She told him strongly
And kindly that he was not stupid at
All, just different and misunderstood.
“Unfortunately, people have a way of
Attacking things they don’t understand…
It happens everywhere…And these people,
Her people, try to help that where
And when they can. “You need to
Believe that Jon. You need to believe
Others will try to break that in you.
Don’t let them. Just ignore and get away
From them…But unfortunately there
Are other no-Physical Forces out there,
BAD ones that will want to hurt and
Use that…and be drawn to it.” And
She explained to his mind without words…
Of these entities that were attacking
Him…and how they use others to do this.
You have to try and fight that, you
Have to.”

Then she and her people showed him
Things around their ship…all manners
Of strange things…rooms with pictures
That moved and strange writings he
Didn’t understand. Views of the universe,
And planets and how they moved. And
A view of how his world appeared
From far away. He was spellbound.

And they told him about the future, of
A world in the future in peril, in
Change…and of a distant future where
All things were so much better and
Fantastic and how one day it would
All make sense…They kept talking about
The future…

It was a lot for a 6-year-old to grasp.
Yet somehow it made sense…their sincerity
Made it so. He did believe them.

Then the woman told him that she
Had to take him home, that he would
Be better now. And that they had
Done something to help make the entities
Stop attacking him, that he needed to
Forget…to forget and not talk about
It to be better…And to keep all that
He had been shown and told a secret,
For his safety. Because people would
Never understand what happened, what
Might happen.

In a flash, it was all gone and he was
Awake laying in his bed at home. It
Was gone. Was it a dream? But then he
Felt his mouth and tongue move, there was
No pain…He ran to the kitchen where his
Mother was preparing breakfast and his
Father and grandparents sat waiting for the
Mel and making plans for the day.

“Mama, Mama!” Jon shouted, rather normally…
Too normally… “I had the strangest
Dream!” He was so excited that it
Shocked everyone. And he had been
So silent for so long since he had bitten
His tongue to see if it would heal, their
Eyes bulged. His speech had improved a lot.

Anna held her son with a smile. “It’s so
Nice to hear you speak! Calm down now,
Calm down.”

Jon went on to tell his family about his
Dream and the strange visitors, of how
They had fixed his tongue – and fixed him
So better. He even stood taller, walked
Straighter, it was very clear. But the
Dream he described was just…unbelievable,
And while they were happy to hear him
Speak and look better…no matter what
They saw or heard, they just dismissed
It as his imagination. He had simply
Recovered with rest, that was all.

Jon kept repeating the story so often that
Over time it began to irritate his
Father and grandfather – while his mother
And grandmother knew there was
More there, they were afraid to see
It or acknowledge it. To silence him
Finally, his father gave him a whipping
And ordered him to stop making up
Stories. He rather preferred the boy be quiet.
“Stop talking, stop telling stories…Nothing
Happened boy, nothing. No one need to
Hear this.”

So, Jon went silent, and tried to say nice
Things like his grandmother said…and
Prayed and prayed for it all to go away.