Hello, everyone! Thank you so much for inviting me here on STC and including me into your STC family! I look forward to connecting with you all on this wonderful light-filled site!

DreamWalker  just asked me a question on how I came to be on this path, and so I will include the answer here, to serve as a little introduction of myself for those who do not know me.

I have always done healing work and have also channeled all my life (lives :)). I started doing healings and readings for the public twenty years ago (after doing two other careers for 7 years each, teaching and paralegal, respectively). I was asked by AA Michael to sit and receive and share channelings with the public last September, 2011, and have been sharing channelings from AA Michael, Yeshua, Sananda, the Company of Heaven and others ever since.

I have always had a connection with the Spiritual Realm and with our Star sisters and brothers. I am Pleiadian and Angelic by origin, actually, according to Yeshua, AA Michael, and Mira. I also happily do healing and lightwork projects for the planet and groups of beings, as requested by Spirit. So, I guess what made me follow the path I am on now is that it is my mission and purpose in life and I found it, or it found me, not sure which! 🙂  And I am so happy to be sharing that mission with other lightworkers in this very important time!

I also have a website and a blog, that has more info about me as well as channelings I have received from various Ascended Masters since September of 2011, if you are interested.



I plan to share some articles, info, and/or channelings from others that inspire me and that I think may interest you, as well as links to some channelings I receive in the future.

Blessings, love and light



  1. Sooo glad to hear you are better, Leslee!♥…sending you much love and light and healing!! ♥♥♥☼☼☼ ~ Am going through some things myself, and have fallen behind on reading and responding to all the postings and comments on your sites, and also behind on answering my emails and even keeping up with my sites and everything!…sending you and everyone my love, though!!

  2. Hi, Vee, so nice to connect with you and thank you so much! Doing much better! Will send an email update… I put a copper chain on each ankle this morning and feel much more grounded 🙂
    Am going to try to lie low through the weekend, but you know I’m here in spirit!

    • Thank you, Vee! Happy to be here, although have not been able to participate much lately on the sites….am here in love and spirit, though, with all of you…sending you love, light and blessings, Vee, and everyone!♥

  3. The feeling is mutual, dear Leslee!! Thank you for enfolding me into your wonderful light-filled world on your blogs and in your life as a “once-again-found” friend!♥♥♥ I appreciate all you have offered me! Thank you and blessings,

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