Crystal Connections December 2012



  1. Hi, dear Hearts
    Crystal Meditation – 31 December 2012
    I saw Light, the Light was coming from the Portal and I absorbed as much as I could, I felt the energy circulating within my body , there was the eye /portal , there came some Beings of Light and I saw a Hand giving Light
    I felt the energy as if I was in the Ocean

  2. Also, when I was connected with the Sphinx I saw tanks moving and gradually they were surrounded by Light and disappeared

  3. Crystal Meditation 29 December 2012

    I hold my Moss agate and Labradorite crystals as well as OLA while meditating
    I saw the long path, like the railway of the tube, then I found myself on a road in a beautiful elven forest and I saw a beautiful lady elf with wings of a butterfly, the same magical butterfly of blue and green I saw yesterday in my meditation, this elf had flowers in her hair and looked like HERA but was not HERA
    The energies of the Sun and Moon combined and at the center I saw the Lotus Portal opening and a Being there that was meditating
    Then Dolphins came to me , I almost reached them, they were a breath away from me and we did some telepathy communication, I asked one of the Dolphins to leap and I felt the energy while the Dolphin leaped up from the water, it was like a wave into my brain
    Then I was connected with the Sphinx, I felt the Sphinx alive and sending energy, the Sphinx is located in a place that is a powerful Portal and I saw rays of Light as the Sphinx and the Portal were activated
    I saw a Huge Portal opening over the mountain peaks, the flow was in the two directions, but the stronger movement was up as if we are swallowed up and down there were coming energies from above
    I saw a human image made by a computer and saw inside this head – the brain as if the head was crystalline and transparent and behind this image was the open Portal


  4. Crystal meditation – 28 December 2012
    I focused my attention on the third eye and I saw the magical green and blue butterfly between the Sun on the right and the Moon on the left, I felt Light
    Then it came a female elf, Her name is Elfdorphina, her hair is branches with green leaves and she is quite big, she is dressed with long blue and green dress
    I started breathing the Light from my third eye into the pineal gland as I felt Light all around my Body, the Light was circulating and I felt the Inner Sun, I saw Jeshua again and I connected with my Higher Self to receive the answer of my question what happened on 21 December and why my physical body is still in the same reality
    I received
    “All Souls exist in many dimensions, these are like layers of a whole great Presence of each Soul, each Soul is walking its way of Spiritual development and it depends on the lowest level where the whole Presence Is, when the lowest level makes its decision after being ready to leave the lower levels, the Whole Presence moves upwards to the next higher level, it is an endless Process and Your lower level has the free will to prepare and decide when ready, Now You took another step higher”
    At this moment I saw a beautiful Angel of Light that opened Her Hands and sent me a pure White butterfly, This Angel is Lisa`s Higher Self, I got so happy that in turn I sent a White little Angel to Her and this Angel embraced Her with Unconditional Love
    I continued meditating with the sound and I felt my physical body like flying, I was lighter and felt so good like in a sphere of higher energy and I felt the embrace of God , I received the message from our Creator while connecting with Him/Her through my Inner Sun, I received the following message
    “I Love all my children and there are some that need my Love at this particular stage of the evolution of the collective consciousness of Humanity, I AM
    waiting for the rest of awakening to get ready for My Higher Realms of Being”
    I saw a craft, the same craft that is transparent and crystalline and a Being there, Kosta has seen this being too, I received the name M…do not remember the rest, this Being belongs to Elven realms too

    Thank You

  5. Also, yesterday I got two other visions in my meditation that I remembered later
    I saw an unborn baby elf in a hole in the ground, the baby was so beautiful and then I saw an elf, male elf with green hat, he was lying on the ground and only his face was seen and he was smiling, there were roots of plants over his face and the colours were brown and green but so vivid, not from 3D world colours
    Love and light

  6. I was so behind in posting the meditations due to the 21st and the holidays, but here they are all posted now

    27 December 2012

    It is dark and I am standing on an open place. I don’t see but I feel that there are people standing next to me. It is a warm night and as I look up I see hundreds of little balloons lit up with candles and float into the air. Beautiful sight. I grab a bigger one and it lifts me up in the air. As I get higher I look down and see candles lit up on the ground making different sizes of heart shapes. I go higher and higher through the clouds. I see an eagle up close flying over abi-qor. Through my third eye I see again a vortex coming down, in a spiral yellow energy into my heart and from my heart a bunch of butterflies fly up into the new earth. I see a field of millions of violet flowers where the butterflies descend. End of meditation. Yesterday when we went out with the car we saw hundreds of white butterflies flying over, was beautiful to see. It is so amazing that my key visions yesterday described perfectly what you saw.

  7. Connection 24 and 25 december

    24 December 2012

    As I was having a great time at dinner at Christmas time, I just set my intent to keep my third eye open and connecting with Tauno like that. When I saw 20.30 pm, our meditation time, I felt a vortex coming down on me, through my crown chakra, through my heart and whole body. What an amazing feeling.

    25 December 2012

    I made a connection with Tauno and I saw her sweet angelic face/spirit I felt my heart expanding and expanding. I felt my heart expanding, my vibrations raising, i made a connection with my higher self, and i could feel/see almost new earth, i felt like I could disappear and step into the new world, just a higher vibration away. I felt the connection again with my crystal and the energy became bigger and bigger until I was in a bubble of light. End of meditation. I also had this feeling of new earth a higher vibration away this afternoon.

    Note: Since that experience with the moon, I feel different. I don’t if I am right but it seems that the moon is closer to earth, i can see more detail of the moon. I also get this vision of the moon very very close too earth, rising up in the east and a feeling of new earth rising, it feels so real.Then I felt like New Earth was so near, I only had to change my perception on it. It was almost in my vibrational reach… but it seems I still have to raise my vibrations to see it more physical. I also had this feeling during that day. Then I felt some energy coming out from my crystal stone, and it went bigger and bigger, until I was in an energy bubble.

  8. Crystal Meditation 27 December 2012
    I was under fear mood before the meditation, I just wanted to relax and
    to overcome / transmute this feeling, so I did the meditation using sound, BA RA SHEM KA and White Gold Alchemy meditations
    I saw Hathor , the Being was Golden and somehow I connected Hathor with the Spinx
    I found myself on a road to other dimension, it was dark as if I was in Space and the road was long before me, on the right there was the Sun, on the left – the Moon, I felt LIGHT while these energies combined, then I saw Jeshua in the Light , another Ascended Being was performing a Light giving and I saw beams of Light that were coming from my Heart, I just Shined and it was a really strong and uplifting experience
    I saw Hathor again and I received a message to connect with Cobra, I have information to share and advice to receive

  9. Crystal Meditation 26 December 2012

    I expressed my intent to connect with Lisa from the core of My Heart
    I entered in, into the sphere of my Heart and I saw an Angel there – my Angelic Self and this Higher Self was in a wonderful palace of many colours and I followed My Angelic Self in a corridor towards a huge Hall for gatherings, in this corridor there were some Higher Beings and My Angelic Self embraced one of them. I went out of this palace as a Huge Dove, I flew over the Earth, over the mountain where the Bear and the Wolf were waiting for me
    I was flying over a town where many poor people live, a town from a past life of mine perhaps and gave the people my Presence and Sparks from my Heart
    Then I was in a wonderful garden by a river, the Sun was shining bright and there were green trees there
    I sent Love and Light in all directions

    • 26 December 2012

      I had a hard time to connect. Saw only an Irish cross, will post a picture tomorrow. And i saw two mountain peeks and green landscape. Then I hit the void and as last I felt the guides and angels surrounding me and i felt peace.

  10. Crystal Meditation – 23 December 2012
    As I closed my eyes I saw a Sphere of LIGHT, strong Golden Light and a Portal, There were beams of Light from the Sphere
    I saw how a huge tide was coming to me, like a tsunami of Light, the Light was like an ocean and the waves were Huge and Powerful, this Light flooded the land and saw more Light above, the sky was Golden
    I wondered if i am connected with Lisa, I called “Lisa, are you there” – I saw an wolf/dog turned with its left side towards me
    I saw Ray of Golden Light coming down to the surface along the trunk of a tree, the tree reached the sky and the whole trunk was shining from the Light, then HERA appeared again, this was the Female Blue Being that I saw in two of my previous meditations
    I asked Her about her name and received HERA ” I come from Elven Realms of 6th dimension and I am here to watch and to stand by You, so that to encourage You to keep on going your wonderful path of Light”


    • 23 December 2012

      I first see a face of a woman ( later on I see this woman as… drawn by Tauno) I see myself drifting, levitated in the air and I am connected to tubes. They are working on my physical body. An energy spiral is going through and over my body, healing me on multiple levels. The vision changes and I am meditating , lying on my back in the crystal pool. But the pool has an extra addition , it has also diamonds in it. The crystal pool covers all the space inside the double pyramid, that I have under control and fly with. I am opening a portal to a possible future and I see: myself sitting in front of the TV and looking at amazing news coverage about light cities that appeared in the sky. I also got a possible date , but I feel because everything is fluid , not to mention it here. On the end of the meditation I saw silver confetti coming down.

  11. Crystal Meditation – 22 December 2012
    Dear Lisa, I can hardly concentrate but I want to connect

    I was in the Violet mountain, so beautiful, There were cities of Light down and above the cities were the mountain tops, I could see a waterfall, huge waterfall and Portals to other dimensions into the mountain, even some of the tops were portals, I was sitting on a high rock and waiting for the Sun to rise, wonderful Golden Light came on the left and there was the new day in the mountain
    I closed my eyes and saw the Giant Bird flying again
    Then I saw myself on a mountain path, I started climbing and reached the top, I could see the whole mountain below from the top of the mountain and there was the Violet Flame
    I called the Violet Flame to Blaze and Transmute All Shadows into Light

  12. Lisa, I saw You and your baby daughter that was sitting on the floor and playing and then she looked upwards
    Then I saw myself deep in the ocean following a shark, a huge blue shark

  13. Crystal Meditation – 21.12.12
    I saw energy threads coming from Space to Us, Blue/Grey colour
    Crackles in the black space and behind the crackles that were like a broken window/triangular, rectangular irregular forms/ there were shining the WHITE LIGHTS of the new dimension, Pure White Light
    And a Being , a female from other Planet, today I saw a female too in my meditation, She was Angel like and appeared behind the clouds on Earth, She was just beyond the curtain and was walking in a garden
    Now I saw another female Being, human like
    OLA showed me Ascended Master and behind Him in the distance there was another figure, perhaps the student, I felt the master was Jeshua
    I saw Giza Pyramid, the Great Pyramid was on the surface and over it was the same Giza Pyramid but the upper pyramid was in the air firmly above the other that was on the surface
    I was in the mountains again and saw the end of the path, the rock had an end and below there was the abyss, then clouds, white clouds and the new land in the distance like an island in the sea of clouds
    Everything that I saw /the mountain and the rock and clouds/ was a vision projected to me by the Pyramid, as if the Pyramid was a Huge Cinema and inside there was the whole mountain and other things I saw


  14. Aethos Sound meditation – 21.12.12

    I connected with the energies of the Spinx, I saw rays of Light like spotlights beaming from the area where the Spinx is to the ground around, the sound became somewhat different and the vibrations more intense, I have listened to this meditation before and this time I heard a different sound, monotonous and intense, I saw something like stone, high and thin and horizontal carvings in it, the stone was brown and I saw many little creatures, like ants or bugs moving very fast there on the stone along the carvings, like termites
    When the sound meditation /30 minutes version/ finished I felt LIGHT in front of my face


  15. As I encounter some problems with my word press, I just going to put my crystal connections here and tomorrow I am trying to post them again…if I will be around…:D

    My Crystal Connections:
    18 december 2012
    I made a visual connection with Tauno. I see twinkling white stars, like twinkling Christmas lights behind a dark blue velvet background. I see earth from space and see those same twinkling lights going around the world, I see them everywhere. Then I see strings of light coming from earth weaving it through the universe, and one is touching me and I feel, see my DNA transforming, it is almost transformed into crystalline body, I feel the energy surging through me and still now feeling it surge through me, and I feel, see it also in my kids.

    19 December 2012
    Before the meditation I suddenly heard a lot of voices, the kind of noise you hear before the curtains go up. I hear someone calling my name, Liesbeth, Liesbeth. I answer the call and ask what is happening. A friend is asking if I want to join? What join? We are waiting, preparing for the ascension doors to go open. I am in. I join the anticipation, the happiness and joy all around me. I can feel slowly the alignment that is happening in space, also inside of me. I can feel the alignment inside of me. As the voices fade and the vision, I can still feel a part of me is still there. The meditation , I am connecting through the high heart with you Tauno, and I can feel the activation , the alignment … I see the two earths merging, it’s almost done, so close. I can feel a wave of energy going through the universe, earth, people, animals,me , re writing our DNA. I see me the wolf, I see Tauno the bear, I see Leslee the eagle flying over her beloved Abi-Qor.

    20 December 2012
    I connect and I see fire works and confetti and celebrations. I see earth expanding in light and burst into a bright ball, I see earth going higher dimension. I am on my ship managing the energy of earth and everyone on it… And I am managing the portals too. I can feel my light body growing, it is huge, i still can feel my light body , it is huge.

    Note as I was doing this meditation. And later I was reading an article of Stephen Cook, December 21 and Ascension: Definitions, Visions and Meanings…I read it after my meditation, and I was amazed how much in sync it was with my above meditation above. Link: read here

    Love Lisa

  16. Crystal Meditation 20 December 2012
    Before the connection I did two meditations and connected with the realms of the Sun, I felt Golden White Light and entered a higher dimension of the Sun
    Connection – I got a feeling of falling glass or window or veil, it was falling slowly on small pieces and at the same time I sensed raising up of my Spirit, the two directions down/the falling of the broken illusion/and up/raising of the Spirit/ merged in a wonderful Cosmic Cappuccino and ALL WAS INTERCONNECTED and co-operating for ONE Purpose
    I saw a HUGE Portal leading UP, High above and a dwarf holding a thin rope was trying to hold the current so that to move upwards , the wind was blowing and the dwarf was flying with the rope on the left, on the right till the Portal was taking the dwarf higher


  17. Crystal Connection 19 December 2012

    I entered the Sphere
    Nothing there just my Presence
    I connected with Lisa, I saw the Wolf and the Bear
    Then I saw the wings of Isis again, Pyramids appeared, then Mayan Pyramid with the steps
    I saw the Bird Flying
    Then Angels holding hands in a giant circle around the Planet and inside the circle there was Light, I could see into this Light the New Dimension of Light
    I saw the Rune TYR , the Rune came as a giant fish / mermaid that emerged from the ocean and then dived into the water again, the ocean turned into a land, a surface where i saw a pyramid like rock
    Lisa! I saw the door open, open to the new Land, there i saw Jeshua as far as I can feel, dressed in White and waiting for us to come
    Yes, I heard noises too, twice while meditating, it was as if someone was working with a machine, but the sound was very gentle
    Love and Light


  18. Crystal meditation – 18 December 2012

    I was in a forest and I saw the OWL there, then the Bear and me and Lisa were holding hands and were rotating like children in these joyous games, we were laughing till we were looking up and speeding up the circular movement and all the forest was rotating with us
    I opened my eyes and the same strong LIGHT was beaming from my eyes, I was watching through this energy of Light and I sent my intent for disclosure to happen as soon as possible
    I felt Jeshua`s Presence
    I saw the Giant Bird Flying, My Spirit was this Bird with giant wings of Blue Light, the Portal was there and I was flying near the Portal
    I looked in OLA and I saw Mother Mary there, then She transformed into Santa Muerte and then I got a vision – Ascended Masters are coming to us, Angels too, lovely pink-orange and golden colours and heavenly beauty I saw , dressed in White were they


  19. Crystal Connection 15 December 2012
    Before I begin my meditation I see a vision of Jeshua standing with his arms wide open to me. He shines really bright and I can feel the love coming from him and the feeling of coming home. I felt like crying. He was wearing a white dress with a blue overcoat and I could see his red heart beating and energy coming from it.
    The meditation: I can see an air balloon passing by over a green landscape that was bathing in golden light. The vision changes and I am standing in front of a sun stargate and see strange markings on it. It reminds me of the symbols seen in SG1- Stargate. I went through it. Then an ice/water Stargate came and I went through it, the same with the Earth Stargate, the Air Stargate and the Soul Stargate. Then I see all this stargates merging with each other becoming a crystalline stargate and went through it. End of meditation

    Crystal Connection 16 December 2012
    I pictured myself in the crystal pool and meditate. I got a short meditation: I got surrounded by a big energy ball connecting with my higher self. I asked a message and got: disclosure is on the way. I saw guides and angels standing next to us becoming more visible. End of meditation.

  20. Crystal connection – 17 December 2012

    I saw a Deer Woman, a woman`s body with a head of a deer
    I connected with Lisa , I saw the Wolf and then it came the Bear, the Bear was joyous and energetic
    I was on board of a craft of Light and I was flying in Space, the craft was the same crystalline transparent saucer and I could see outside from inside the craft, I saw the Milky Way Galaxy and many stars and Portals of Light throughout the Cosmos
    Then I landed on Earth by the slеigh of Santa Claus with the deers
    It was night and the snowy mountain was silent and no one there

    I was holding OLA in my palms and made the Lotus with hands and OLA in them and raised the Lotus on my head and over it – immediately Isis appeared in front of my Spiritual eyes
    Isis was spreading Her Wings as she beamed Beauty and Light all around and a feeling of Joy and Bliss I felt, then Isis was in a boat with another Being of Her Family that I could not see clear

    OLA was Beaming Light and shined again with Her Golden aura
    I sent LIGHT in All Directions and Welcomed the New Dimension and Our Family of the Stars, I saw a Lotus Portal of Light and a Being there, They Are Here and I feel their Presence


  21. Lisa, I felt disconnected but I got a short vision, I did not meditate, just followed the Spirit
    I saw human like bodies , white and blue, lying in huge…a space ship ..over them I saw a crystal chamber, some healing has been taking place, upgrades, healing and activation, the feeling in me was that we are about to receive our new bodies, this morning I opened my eyes and for a second I saw Umbro at the door of my bedroom, He was transparent and Blue
    I see orbs and Light spheres of Blue and Violet and Golden more often
    Love You

  22. Crystal Meditation – 15 December 2012
    I was in the Ocean and followed an Octopus that was swimming upwards, then it became a jellyfish, then I saw the magical Blue Green Butterfly, it was both flying and swimming, then the Eagle was swimming/flying and turned into an Owl
    I saw an office, a desk and a human sitting at the desk and studying, next to the human there was a cupboard with archives, a hand I saw , a crystal white hand appeared on the left, then I saw one of my employers entering in, she was worried and I felt fear in her as she was opening the door. Then in the room appeared some baby Angels, Cupids and they urged that it is time to follow them upwards, they were flying upwards and carried the vibrations of Joy and Love
    I saw a beautiful Angel, Huge Angel Flying above the surface and from Angel`s eyes there came Light, this Light was not as Lightnings, nor ray, it was gentle like a cloud , energy that was in front of the Angel`s face , I felt the Presence of AA Michael again, down on the surface I saw some animals and figures

    I started working with the Sphere of All Possibilities with the intent to be free on December 21. I have a busy working programme on this date and at the critical moment I want to be free to enter the Portal, I connected with my Future self that was at home and free from any duties at noon on December 21, I felt Appreciation and Gratitude and the same electricity in my body

    I saw the Portal on the left, it was a SUN that was shining Powerful energy


  23. Dear Hearts
    The dark attacks continue against me, even after 12.12.12.They are quite strong and affect my surface and everyday activities and emotions, at the same time I feel the energies of LIGHT inside me and they are stronger than ever, inside there is the Kingdom of LIGHT and Peace while on the surface there is the darkest hour, I know I am not alone and I feel this is true although there seems to be otherwise outwardly, I feel the support of the new energies while I am attacked every day and they try to lower my vibrations and harm my health
    But we have a saying here and it is “This what cannot kill you makes you stronger”

    Crystal Meditation – 14.12.12
    Before the meditation I worked with the Sphere of All Possibilities
    I connected with My Future Self again with the intent to move into the Higher dimension, I saw my Future Self as absolutely free, Blue and White and LIGHT and I merged with My Future Self as I was feeling the same electricity in my body and the feeling of Appreciation and Gratitude, the energies were connected with me
    Meditation – I prayed to get out of these low 3D vibrations as soon as possible and just disappear, not to experience physical death but move higher with my body that is crystalline and I got a vision, a craft, it was so real that I felt the movement of the air while the craft shined with Golden Light as it was moving, it was a very small craft but the LIGHT and energy can move mountains, that was the feeling I got
    Also I received that last night in my connection I visited a craft, the energies were so strong that I was so tired and not sure I connected at all, now I remember an aether Huge Craft and Beings , aether Beings of Light there and I was there too, the craft was in a shape of a saucer , transparent and I could see the whole Cosmos outside the craft as if I am outside it
    I received Light, Blue Light
    I imagined how many people like me disappear and other people who remain in the old vibrations simply do not remember them , thus bad karma is avoided, we who are placed higher are totally aware what happens and where are all and we have the whole picture , other who remain in lower just forget about us and this is due to their continuing evolution

    I saw two fighting children on the first level in LEOS, the upper level showed me a kangaroo or a rabbit and the higher level showed me a mountain and a sky and I felt free
    The message from this vision I feel is that my desire will be manifested, the fight/wars/ will be followed by the quantum leap/kangaroo/ upwards and Ascension/sky over the mountain/

    Love and Light

  24. The picture below is the closest I could find resembeling the opening of the portals.

    Source: Link

    Crystal Connection 12 December 2012 (12.12.12)

    I see a crystal sphere going up and bursting into a bright light. I see a Lotus Flower Portal going open. I am meditating in the livingroom with the kids and I feel my guides,angels, family star brothers and sisters standing around us, it is a big crowd. I ask for a message.

    I see Gaia from space and stargates around her are opening, activating light and beaming it to the surface. And when the portals opened I managed some and used it to direct the energy to Gaia. The convergence of the old and new world is almost complete. I see the light going as a wave through the universe. I sent my pink love and anchor it into the core of Gaia. I infuse it with the grid and I see light it up, seeing souls waking up shining their light brighter. Everybody is watching, I myself got also infused with the grid.

    The convergence of the two earths

  25. Isn’t it wonderful , Vee!
    I sure do miss you, and having the time to read all the SaLuSa’s and comments and keep up… I’ll make that a request for myself for 2013. 😉
    I love you too, and hope you and all your lives ones are doing well!

      • Les, I miss you and everyone so much! I have been working on me. I’ve encountered old issues that I believe I handled well. I have received confirmations and answers to questions that I had. I am learning as much as I can about crystals, especially Atlantean Crystals. I’m still not remembering dreams but I am having waking visions and I seem to be able to read people. Meaning, I can get a feel or clear understanding of the type of person the individual is. I get past the mask they wear. I hope I’m making sense.

        Love you and all of my family here

        • Hi, sweet Vee 🙂
          I felt how you feel, my Heart! Be sure that we are connected! Follow the Spirit!
          Let the things move in their own direction and just stay and feel Your Presence
          Love and Light

  26. Crystal Meditation 12.12.12

    I concentrated slowly because of pain and headache. I saw many people entering the Mayan Pyramid temple that was both similar to those of Lisa`s picture from her meditation and at the same time it was a pyramid into the rocks of a huge high mountain
    I saw Isis as a Bird with Her Crown
    Then I saw a Giant Man that was holding Light in his hand and this Light appeared like the Rune GEBO, then it became a bird – White Dove appearing where His Heart Is, the Man looked like a warrior, Viking and was holding a Sword of Light, I asked Him to give us His message and received this information
    Now You Are Creating Your New Place for Living , You Are creating Your New Reality…
    I saw many Elves, a male One was welcoming a female elf that was coming up a path followed by a smaller child like elf and other elf was flying over them


  27. Crystal Connection 10 December 2012
    Andy Goldsworthy
    Image by Andy Goldsworthy. I recommend to see some art of him.He makes art from nature.

    I saw first the Lotus Flower. Then gray stones on top of each other and saw a zen garden. The vision changes and I see a lot of waterfalls and a mist of waterdrops. It’s misty, and between the clouds I see a green tropical island surrounded by blue water. I am again in the zen garden that lies in this Island……then I got disturbed by my youngest daughter’s crying and my meditation flow was broken

  28. Crystal Meditation – 10 December 2012

    I connected my thought with Hathors and asked them to help me to experience closer connection and to help me with my experience with the Sphere of all Possibilities
    I got a vision of a Sphere of Light, a craft in that I saw a Being, this Being looked like Buddha and gradually around the sphere there appeared rings of energy and the whole sphere with the rings looked like Saturn
    I entered into the channel, I traveled through it and it had many curls and turns, I saw the Cosmos, Beautiful Lights and colours and I was travelling a long way, I saw Planets, cities on these Planets, landscapes, greens, mountains till finally I sensed My Self that was All and everything existed in me as if i was the Universe, I got the sensation of a sphere and I sent my intent and felt the energies connecting with me, I thought of my desire to be free on Wednesday to experience the coming energies more fully. I imagined how it would be for all people from my surrounding and I decided it would be beneficial to all , so my desire was to be free. I imagined my Future Self on Wednesday evening not being involved in much physical activity this day, I felt Gratitude and appreciation and connected with my Future Self, the link between us was very intense, I felt the energy with my physical body, energetic electric impulses while the connection was there and a sense of Joy, I Am My Future Self, my desire is manifested and all in my surrounding are happy

    Then I saw the Bear standing on its back legs and raising the front ones till it was roaring and showing her teeth, The Bear started to climb up a mountain and I saw Her like a Giant, then there came the Wolf, roaring and showing its teeth and Bear and Wolf became One Being that gradually got calmer and wiser

    I saw the Blue Light of AA Michael and felt His energy and Presence

    I saw a Light Portal , on the Left up there was a Being of Light – Archangel, the Archangel was empowering the Sphere /Portal and the Portal was beaming Light to a Human standing just beneath the Archangel. But there was a rock that prevented the Light to reach the Human so He stood there without receiving the Light, BUT he was standing on a Path of Light, He was surrounded by the Light in the Presence of the Archangel and started to walk on the path till he found His way to the Portal ! The Goal is achieved!


  29. Crystal Connection 9 December 2012


    I was trying to meditate but couldn’t concentrate, i fell asleep during meditation. This is the only thing I saw. I see a golden circle. Then I am on a snowy mountain with green pine trees, above I see a spiral , changing into a silver web that connects universes, dimensions. The background behind the web was a black velvet space.

  30. Crystal Meditation 9 December 2012

    Before the meditation I was working with the Sphere of all Possibilities and the Bear appeared without expecting her into my vision, the Bear was followed by a vision of a Wolf
    I closed my eyes and I saw the feet of an Ascended Master, He was standing over a tube, I was in this tube stepping up to the exit, the tube was narrow and very deep, I was going out of it and as I was out I saw the most beautiful green land that I have ever seen, it looked like that of my dreams , I felt it was Abi-Qor, Lisa was following me and I gave her a hand to go out of the tube, we sat and helped Les and many others to go out
    I saw a Bear, a crystalline bear and me and Lisa were the eyes of this Bear
    Then I found myself in a beautiful place that was not on Earth, Then it came strong Light and I found myself in a mountain and a path was leading to a portal that was shining with strong Light


  31. Crystal Meditation 8 December 2012

    I was flying at a great speed through a portal
    Nothing , just flying and moving forward
    Then OLA shined again with its Golden Light aura and I sent Healing Light to All
    I closed my eyes and the memory into my mind of OLA in my hands appeared to me as if a Giant Hand is Holding the Earth and keeps it and my fingers were Beams of Light
    I opened my eyes again and saw the Bear, the huge Polar Bear was both a Bear and a Lion, this Being raised and over it I saw a Beam of Golden Light that was raising even higher, a Portal was open and the Light from above attracted up all living Souls on Earth, I saw movement up as if everything was swirled up by the magnetic anti gravity attraction

    I saw a huge black Bird – looked like a Thunderbird, then I saw a crow on a tree branch and behind the crow there was a sphere of Light, I saw a black knight riding a black horse and this horse turned into Pegasus, the black colour did not have dark vibrations, nor the black Thunderbird


  32. connection
    I took this picture because it represent the web of life, connected to everything, we are ONE.

    I am in Blaze and there is much going on, it is very busy and there is a lot of activities going on. Tauno and me are also there, we are going to the healing chamber and Tauno is going first, standing in the center and a healing spiral of light is going around her. After her, it was me going inside. Then we moved to GLS Algiz, we are transported to the ship. I see a lot of elves busy, busy with preparations, it’s really a buzz. We are standing on a console and we have a magnificent view on earth. Then something happens, the earth expands and gets bigger, the light is growing and I see light bodies shooting up , millions going up to their ships. What beautiful sight, everybody is in preparations. I went back to my ship to further the preparations. The meditation ends with a vision of Sananda reaching out to me and seeing the Phoenix rising. It felt so great when my meditation ended.

    • WOW, the platform from my vision was the healing place that You saw, Lisa! It is wonderful!
      I have to heal my cold
      Love and light, sister!

  33. Vee, I’ve been meaning to share this since Lisa mentioned it: There is a couple here in Pagosa who share tattoos of a horizontal infinity symbol, with a ying-yang blended in (by using the black and white within the Infinity). They designed the tattoo for themselves, while they were in Thailand, with a friend from Capetown, SOUTH AFRICA! For them, the symbol represents “balanced infinity”. One has the tattoo on her inner wrist (!), and the other has it on the back of her neck… 😉

    We are all one, and also in the same place, even tho we appear to be otherwise at times, so it seems…

  34. Crystal Connection 7 December 2012 – Leslee

    I meditated with OcaTAwa, and requested to connect with I’wah, and for him to show me more of how things are unfolding right now. Before I began, I could feel several beings particularly nearby, so I asked: It was I’wah, Fa, Theron, and Airl, and I realized they are all of a very similar energetic “taste”… They are various manifestations of similar energies associated with them.

    They suggested: “Connect with I’wah the “Being”, rather than the Archetype. Look for his hands, his feet, his hair. He will show you his eyes… Then look at his heart.

    I’wah “spirit” / “energy” flows like water: bringing to, carrying away, filling, cleansing and washing down. The great heavy aether that always finds a way in if there are openings.

    Here is what I saw once I meditated:

    I first saw I’wah, in his feather cloak, dancing on the brown earth. As his moccasins stamped the ground, mud splashed from the dry dirt. Then he began to turn and raise his arms, spreading his cloak… The ground became covered with several feet of snow, and he continued to dance, I could see his footprints marking paths and trails in the snow. My point of view zoomed out, and I could see him dancing over the entire earth, the [nails] pathways of his footprints forming trails that connected string energetic points throughout Gaia, like a spider’s web.

    Then he suddenly stamped and took off flying, his cloak becoming like wings. I looked at his face. It looked quite stern or severe at first: beak-like hooked nose, deep-set piercing black eyes… But as I looked deeper, forgetting to be disappointed that his eyes looked unkind, then his eyes became like globes of water…Beautiful, gorgeous rings of radiant blue water of many colors from aqua to sky blue and deeper… And his pupils were deep and dark, and I realized that they are the deep hot springs that extend to the heart of Gaia.

    I felt the springs (and saw them like the portal-spring-pool at Abiquor) were like a cone-shaped shaft of deep, hot water, tunneled energetically into I’wah’s pineal gland, the center of his head. Then I saw this sort of explode and send energy down to his heart chakra, quite golden, and from his heart chakra radiated a circular horizontal plane of golden light.

    This golden light extended out into the world and touched all who “needed” it, sparking little reactions like fireworks.

    At the same time, I saw that I’wah’s entire energy body was like a tremendous, complex mechanism. Each chakra was working like a machine-part, generating its energy and working together. His “body” continued to spin as he twirled around in his feather cloak, radiating powerful energy out to help with transformation…

    Even as I type, I can still feel him spinning, grounded and centered, yet moving all around…

    • Les, thank you! Beautiful and so Powerful meditation
      I felt this energy through the text you type
      I forgot to mention the EYe I saw in the shape of a car coming towards me and at the same time the car was moving backwards
      Imagine an eye like a car on four wheels 🙂 on a dirty street of my lovely dirty town near the building where I work in
      Love You

  35. Crystal Meditation – 7 December 2012

    I closed my eyes and I saw LIGHT coming from above, Golden Beam of Light was directed towards the surface and from it there were coming Light extensions in all directions and towards me
    I saw a round metallic platform and a human like Being on the platform, Light beams were surrounding the platform forming slightly tilted cone as if it was a theater stage lightened by the spotlights
    Then I found myself flying over a city of white buildings
    I had the feeling I was in the New Earth and I saw some craft in the sky
    A thought of an argument with two people with heavy low energies came into my mind and I imagined myself saying to my employer ” My word is against theirs, who would you trust?”
    As I was envisioning this i saw Blue Light /AA Michael/ in rectangular , half of this rectangular was in Blue Light, the other half of it was dim

    Love and Light

  36. Hi Tauno,
    Saw your message this morning because yesterday evening I had no connection whatsoever to internet. I couldn’t read my mail or could connect with internet. I hope it will be better tonight.

    Love Lisa

    • Thank you for sharing your crystal connection Lisa! It’s very interesting. What I find interesting is the North American Shaman in your meditation and the infinity symbol. Recently I had a vision of a Shaman (posted in November crystal connection) and yesterday I thought of the infinity symbol and having it tattooed on my inner wrist.

      Love and light dear sister

  37. Crystal Connection 6 December
    I had difficulty to concentrate on meditating. In my meditation I saw an eagle flying over a green landscape. Then I see golden doors standing on a cloud but they were closed for me. I see a North American Shaman and he is making the infinity symbol and then pointing to somewhere. I follow where he is pointing and I see a crystal mountain and out of the mountain comes a white energy ball and it emits light out to every heart on Gaia, including Gaia. The hearts of animals, people, nature and so on….

    Love Lisa

  38. Crystal Connection 5 December 2012

    Source picture:Link

    At first I saw a woman with blond hair, and on her face was painted a blue cat face. Then my body was in this merkaba vehicle and a portal was opening from my heart. I went through and ended up in Shambala with purple flowers. I see snowy peaks and now I am at the top of the mountain meditating, waiting for a new world to rise. I see severe weather cleansing Gaia and then I see this heavingly diamond light touching the world transforming everything into the crystalinne new.

  39. What amazing experiences, thank you for sharing them! Arielle of Starseed Hotline sent me an email informing me I will receive information about the trip to Hot Springs for the crystal dig, in January. I am very excited to go on the dig and I feel it will be an experience that I will cherish.

    Last night as I prepared to meditate I asked my star family to communicate with me. I made the request three times. I’m not sure what happened but the next thing I know, I hear a voice speaking a strange language that I don’t understand. At first I thought I was speaking but my mind suggested it was something else. I don’t know if I fell asleep but I could hear a voice and I was turning my head from side to side. I opened my eyes and looked at the clock; only ten minutes had passed since I started meditating.

    Love and light

    • Dear Vee, the sounds …I also had a similar experience in my meditation
      Keep on persisting and you will get what you desire, my dear Heart!
      Love and Light

  40. Crystal Meditation – 5 December 2012

    I saw a Blue orb shined when i started Meditation
    Wolf, Bear, a Bird and a Human figures appeared
    I saw a Portal of LIGHT and a Mayan pyramid below the Portal, the Light became stronger and embraced the temple, I saw then Giza Pyramids in the Light, Sphinx too and the Pyramid became Octahedron and lifted itself up
    I saw a Being of Light coming from inside a Huge Beam of Golden Light and I felt He is Ashtar Sheran
    I sensed again the powerful vibrations of Golden Light in OLA and sent Healing Light to Lisa, Healing Light to Luisa
    Healing Light to the mountains/I saw mountain in OLA, I was watching the mountain chain and its tops/
    Healing Light to the pyramids/ I saw Pyramids inside/- OLA was guiding me with quick visions and I sent Healing Light to what OLA showed me
    Healing Light to the Oceans
    Healing Light to the Air
    Healing Light to the forests
    Healing Light to all countries
    Healing Light to their People
    Healing Light to All Living Beings on Gaia
    Healing Light to all Hearts
    Healing Light to all Friends


  41. Babajij, do you feel my meditation connected with Anubis somehow connected with your recent experience?
    Love and Light

  42. Also, Anubis is connected with the Spirits of the dead and AA Michael also has such part in some East European believes, so I think
    TRUTH faces TRUTH, also the zero point, a Portal
    The message becomes more clear after a few days of thinking on it
    Love and Light

  43. This house I feel is the Earth we all living on and the message is that a strong Light covers the Earth and the Portal is Here and is coming to us
    I remember also the Earth`s surface shining with the Light of Aurora
    I watched it from Space
    Love You !

    • Hi Tauno, I just read this after I had this dream last night. It is so connected with the feeling I the house, spaceship I was in, was Earth and that I was going to trow a light bomb,

      Love lisa

      • Lisa
        I am so excited to read this, we are connected on Astral level and Soul level and this is so wonderful!
        South – west direction from here is South America or America in general, I think of Pagosa, Abi-Qor, or…Mayan temples
        Love and Light
        Les, don`t you feel it is important to share your experience, a big ? is there in my mind
        Love and Light

  44. Crystal Meditation 4 December 2012

    I saw a Portal of Light opening at the south-west and the Light was Golden and White, the light covered a house, it was a big house
    I saw the Eye again
    I asked for help and protection
    I opened my eyes and felt the same energy in OLA, I saw Her aura of Golden Light and connected with Lisa
    I sent Healing and Light in all directions and into the core of Gaia


  45. Crystal Connection 3 December 2012

    Before the meditation I see a red river. Meditation, I get the words “get ready”. I am inside the crystal pool again, inside a double pyramid. But the pool is now filling all the space in the Pyramid and I am alone. With my mind the pyramid is lifting up into the sky, into space. The water lights up underneath me giving the water a bright blue green color reflecting onto the pyramid walls. The top pyramid is rotating (male) into a different direction as the lower pyramid (female) in space. I feel a little Merkaba giving light just above my belly button. I open my heart lotus portal. The vision shifts and I stand before Tauno and we are in a ship. We are facing each other and we put both our hands on a kinda of light consul. We are opening the portal and blue and violet light is directed towards earth. We maintain this for awhile. Then we merge together, I am Tauno and she is me and and the same time we were ONE with Gaia.


    • Yes, I also was in the water , Lisa and I saw You too! It is amazing, now I am still listening to the sounds and I remember a voice coming into my mind that was not from the tape I am listening to, it is both a sigh and a whisper , I feel it is Kundalini again
      Something emerged out of me, I am still dealing with some cleaning and my intuition guides me as always, it is time to leave back these things that do not work / resonate with us
      Recently I hear more inner voices and tones
      Love and Light

  46. Crystal Meditation – 3 December 2012

    I was listening BA RA SHEM KA sound meditation all the time and I am still listening to it, it is very relaxing and centering
    First I saw You Lisa, I saw the same beautiful Angelic face as in one of my previous meditations when I saw the people in Rila surrounded by Blue Light and waiting for the Sun rise
    I then was in the ocean, deep down into the Blue and it was beautiful, there was something like a naturally formed underwater Labyrinth
    Then I dived deeper into the sound and into the void, nothing there, just the sound and My Presence

    Love and Light

  47. Crystal Connection 1 December 2012

    I just came home, visit to family on my mothers side so I am exhausted. Tried to connect but only saw the infinity symbol lying horizontal and a red rose blooming open revealing a diamond heart. I think the rose represents the heart and the diamond that we become crystalline.

    Crystal Connection 2 December 2012


    Before I did the meditation I did a healing on me because of my painful urine infection. I visualized a crystal pyramid over me with healing light, as I was doing this I suddenly got a strong blue beam of light infusing my pyramid and after that a strong violet light. I had my hands on my belly and could feel the heat coming trough. Also, before the meditation I saw little sparkly diamonds in the shape of a diamond. After that I was reading an article on the phone and when you watch such a bright screen you see the afterimage when you close your eyes but instead of seeing the square of this phone, I saw the David star or Merkabah…strange.

    The meditation, I saw a huge being, probably lion but didn’t see his face. I am sitting in a green flat landscape meditating and connecting with my past, future and parallel selves, I open my lotus flower heart portal. I am standing in a harsh landscape of Mongolia and I am there with my mentor/teacher. It is night and we looked up to the twinkling stars and knew that they were galactic ships watching over us. We sit by the fire and he is going to teach me the opening of the lotus flower heart portal. (since yesterday morning I have been told to do my first channeling through the heart involving the opening of he Lotus Flower portal, I am scared I am just going to talk gibberish) the vision changes and I am in front of a big blazing solar flare raging sun and then I merge with this being and I feel I am made up of billions of fire particles. End of meditation

    PS: got another vision just as I was to send this one. I saw earth and the light grid being ready and infused, its done.

  48. Crystal Meditation – 1 December 2012

    I saw the Bear many times
    The Giant from the mountain was climbing up to the top and at times I saw him as the Bear
    I found myself in a snowy mountain with very high rocks and a path between the rocks, I followed the path
    I entered a huge building, perhaps a pyramid, there I saw a huge Egyptian Statue of a Gate Keeper and this Being had the Bear vibrations, the Statue was alive and coloured with crossed hands in front of the chest
    At the gate I saw three Egyptian Beings , on the left was Anubis and then the figures became two, two Anubis one facing the other
    I saw a Native American Chief there too and a Wolf next to Him

    Then I returned to the entrance at the snowy mountain and there was a crystalline ship there, I entered in it and was flying in Space, it was a Giant Mother Ship


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