GLS Athabantian

A brief introduction about the GLS Athabantian and crew, followed by articles (links) that is written about the GLS Athabantian. I also made sub-pages to have a better overview about the Recruitment and rules, the meditations and the exercises that has been given in those articles.

Athabantian is a living being, residing in the 5th dimension. Her function is directing energies coming through the Sun, towards specific individuals.Aboard Athabantian today (May 16, 2012) there are approximately 5,000 beings. Most are physical, 5th-dimensional beings. Most of those aboard Athabantian are from Andromeda.

These are names of some of the members of the Crew of Athabantian who have been trying diligently to connect with some of you who are searching the Net.

RUBINHOUT: (Yes, We know it sounds a lot like “Robin Hood”; that’s more than mere coincidence.) Serving in the energy exchange guidance field.

ADRIAL: Serving in the energetic and communicative focus field.

BREN-TON: Serving in the guidance and oversight field.

JUSTINE: Serving in the facilities and relations development field.

MORAINE: Serving in the facilities and relations development field, as well as the emotional development field.

LASKEVALL: (pronounced much like “Basketball”) Serving in the nourishment and sensory enjoyment field.

MINSHEHOUT: (Nickname: “Miscoot”) Serving in the nourishment and health field.

NESBEVHAR: (Nickname: “Nebs”) Serving in the health and realization field

CLURISNAN: (Nickname: “Clover”) Serving in the agriculture, horticulture, and pleasure gardening fields

ASPINGELLE: (Nickname: “Jelly”) Serving in the transportation field

NOXAMINIA: (Nickname: “Noxy”) Serving in the astral field (sometimes known as the “Explaining Nature to Humans” field)

BUSCODIS: (Nickname: “Otis”) Serving in the vibratory modulation field (otherwise known as “Music”, and yes, Otis borrows his nickname from Mr. Redding.)

AXNORAPHILIM: (Nickname: “Norim”) Serving in the vibratory modulation field and the visual collaboration (“Visual Arts”) field

MARCORUSCAVA: (Nickname: “Marco”) Serving in the physical manipulation field (“Dance” and “Athletics”)

PALASDOSIA: (Nickname: “Palas”) Serving in the physical manipulation field (“Dance” and “Athletics”)

AMPHEGRENE: Serving in the sensory therapy field

CALLIOSTA: (Nickname: “Calli”) Serving in the sensory therapy field

MARHAYAMYA: (Nickname: “Yamya”) Serving in the celestial liaison field


Articles from Mark: the most recent first

Time for choosing: Athabantian

Mark Kimmel about the Athabantian

Articles from Leslee: the most recent first

Mark Kimmel Athabantian and Abiqor update 30-09-2012

abi-qor and Adrial update 28 July 2012

upward-update-athabantian-crew-and-next-week-7-july 2012



Quick not before flying


Surprise Laura










Articles from Troy (dreamwalker444): the most recent first

Dream Log: Meeting Adrial on the Athabantian
Provides an image that gives the impression of the interior of the Athabantian, although it more closely resembled a cathedral with stained glass windows. Also a fairly accurate representation of Adrial as she appeared in the dream.

Update from Adrial 30 june


Articles from Laura Tyco: the most recent first

Laura Tyco – Dreamtime/ Aurora / Athabantian Dreamflights and Dream share from Laura

Message from adrial and her friend




Sub-pages links:

Recruitment and ground crew
Spotting Athabantian

An additional notes from Leslee that was found in the forum section:

Dear Light Beings,
I’m delighted to report that we have welcomed just over a dozen ground crew members at this point! (As of 18:00, UT-5) everyone has been received warmly by Adrial and their colleagues, and at least two of you established connections well before I saw your emails!
This is truly fantastic!I have a personal project that I need to finish tonight, so I may not be able to reply to additional messages until tomorrow. There is one person whom I still need to reply to (Flange) – I apologize for the delay, all is well.
Also, it seems that today the pace has been just about right for me to handle (10-12 people). I apologize in advance if I’m not able to reply immediately in the next few days.
At least one person mentioned that they had visited one of our related sites, and had felt intimidated – please feel MOST welcome! We really are a loving group. I don’t think the Spirit Train Chronicles has ever had trolls or negativity (at least I can’t recall any), and we do nor mean for our familiarity with one another to imply that we are a “private club”. We WANT you to join in!
I will set up (Adrial & time allowing) a page for us to use as an interim forum, so we can get to know one another. I think it will be on Up 2 the 5th, and for now, let’s just use this comments section (U25), or the one at STC, for the time being. (I’m posting this exact comment in both STC & U25)
Please stop by and say hello, and you may join in regardless of whether you have emailed me, and even if you are simply curious.
So, I’ll start by saying HI!
Welcome: Mimi, Lisa, Lisa, Tauno, Nando, Malik, Melissa, Gina, Babajij (John Paul), Michael, Kiril, Dreamwalker (Troy)… I feel like I’ve forgotten someone…
I would like to put together a chart to show who is teamed up – PLEASE let me know what information about you I have your permission to share publicly!
Thank you, all you radiant souls! Namaste.

That’s true! Adrial’s words to me indictated: go inside, remember who you are, and share this with others.
You will find that you already have everything you need, and know what to do. This is why you don’t *need* to go to other sources for messages.
I’ve just asked, and Adrial says this is true for all of us! Wow, for me, that sounds like such a dream cone true!
Two comments I’ll add to that: “share” does not mean broadcast or proselytize, lol… It just means connect
with your family and do what you’re here to do.
The other is, she’s not saying we need to be exclusive, not at all! If we have time, certainly read and contemplate about whatever you come across that resonates. We don’t need to judge or try to convince others, etc… Please don’t confuse what we are doing with a cult or religion.
We’re more like a group of paratroopers who have landed in an unknown territory, and are trying to regroup quietly, and accomplish our mission. It’s quite alright if we’re under the radar… We just put it out there, make it available, and we naturally find one another.
I think this is wonderful, and a huge relief!
I can’t wait until dreamtime tonight! I’m putting out a huge request that we all have a meet-up at Abi-Qor or on Athabantian (well, Inner Earth would be alright…)
That reminds me; I need to get my descriptions typed up!

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  3. So I realize this is an older post but we’re working in no time right?! This is the first thing I found when searching the web a few months ago and I dont believe by accident. I’m very drawn to Calliosta, and even throughout my life I’ve created characters as Calli. We share related skills too looks like. I work with massage, reiki, and other forms of energy clearing. may be too soon to say but recently I woke up one morning with the message in my head that I have a twin sister. I’m feeling Calli as my sister.

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