Galactic Lightship Dreamflights 8JUN2013

The 4 Horsemen by Shaun Richards

You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (8 June 2013) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Light Ships.You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: Auroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.

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  1. Hi all, I’m expressing intent. THis happily co-incides with a worldwide CE-5 event on the evening of June 8th. I have assembled a group of 11 in my area and we will be using Dr. Greers CE-5 protocol for contact after some deep group guided meditations. 3 of the group are trained by Greer and we also have a chaneller with us. We are going to an isolated region in the north Georgia mountains.
    This is also my birthday as well! Looks to be a spectacular evening for all!

    • That is such awesome news – happy birthday spaceangel!

      I’d love to see any results that come through the person doing the channeling. I have to say, I am envious – sounds like an AMAZING way to spend a birthday. 🙂

  2. Hi, I dropped in here and took part in some dreamflights last year.

    A few days ago I accidentaly connected telepathically with someone who referred to this blog. I cannot transcribe the conversation because words are never exact when I communicate this way (three or four different words of the same meaning may be overlapping and sentences are not exact, only the overall meaning is correct).

    So, does any of you here feel “responsible” for contacting me?? I received questions about dreamfligths, who I am, etc. Person would only tell me to go here, and didn’t tell a name or anything.

    • Welcome back Nils – always happy to see old and new faces 🙂 It wasn’t me, but that sounds a lot like Adrial. Do you know if the voice was male or female? She’s contacted me a few times. 🙂 I understand what you mean – about meaning – but any additional context you can provide would be helpful, if it feels right to share these details.

      • Thank you.
        The voice was male. The tone was “hard to tell”, like when you have an appointment with the doctor and he’s asking you all these things like he’s going through a checklist, but you don’t know what he’s looking for.

        The person commented that the connection was really clear. The connection was “audio only”, he asked for what something looked like and I sent an image, had to do this sort of like sending a text message with attached image on my phone, it wasn’t intuitive.

        The connection itself was white colored, looked like a long ribbon when connected, and there was indeed a clarity, it didn’t have the “annoying” feel that it could have had, like you have to strain yourself. It also seemed like the person is principially a lot different from me, I can tell because that will push communication down a bit from intuitive language and images, to a more technical level, relying more on exact words – but like I already said, words weren’t completely locked to just one meaning either, and I got the feeling that the questions didn’t reach me in the way they were asked, because there had to be an adaptation because of incompatible mental concepts. Kind of like saying “what color is your car?” when I only own a bike.

        I can’t reconnect with the person, so I feel like maybe he was looking around and I just happened to tune in that frequency, that’s what it felt like.

        For example, you know the japanese figure skater Shizuka Arakawa? Talking to her is really easy and she will always “answer the call”, communication is intuitive with images, feelings and translation (I don’t speak japanese), but at the same time it’s jumpy and sort of annoying like a long wave broadcast from russian radio or something. That would be the complete opposite if this one.

        • That’s quite a gift you have, Nils. It’s nice that someone was inquiring about the site. It sounds like he may have spoken a different language from you, which is as you know less of a barrier with telepathy. It’s odd that he wouldn’t contact us here on the site… Unless he is somewhere else entirely. The white thread might imply that you know this person already, or have had contact previously.

          • Things cleared up during the day. For two days I’ve had this feeling of standing in an assembly hall, where someone is about to make an announcement, and is testing the microphone. This along with the “sharpness” I usually experience when a telepathic connection is about to be connected. Similar to the when you sharpen your mind right before you make a phone call about some importand business. Only difference is that with “incoming” connections, it’s not you who sharpen up, you are forced to (because it is necessary to make the connection), making the experience sort of annoying. Of course it’s up to you if you’re available or not, but I wanted to know what this was about.

            Today I lay down for a nap, when I was suddenly linked up to what I can best describe as a telepathic broadcast. I’m aware that there are other people listening to the same thing, only they are used to it.

            The following is a description of what was sent out: A person at a podium simply says “let’s begin the meeting.” Then he shows three images on an 90s style over head projector, the kind where plastic films are put on a screen.

            The first image is called “standard interface diagram” and shows a circel, where a sector of approximately 25 – 30 degrees (full circle is 360) is highlighted. This sector is expected to increase to 50 degrees. The image is black and white, but I can see that the things represented (what’s really behind the information) would color the sector pink.

            The second diagram is a staple diagram starting off really high and expected to drop to almost zero. This diagram is labeled “reliance on technology over time” and the zero point has a note added saying “switch to handicraft”.

            The third image is a staple diagram showing “technological advancement over time” and is similar to the second diagram for the first part, it is then expected to rise to about halft of the startin gpoint, then drop a little bit, then rise beyond the srtaing point, once again drop a bit, and then rise. The diagram has a sketch added showing that similar changes are expected to continue beyond the time period covered by the the diagram.

            The speaker then abruptly ends the meeting. I notice that among the people listening, there are two different main interpretations of this information. I also understand that neither side seems the understand that there are two ways of understanding it, and because of this, they all think that they have the same understanding as everyone else.

            I also know that whoever sent this, understands that I understand this, I feel like this is a silent agreement. This post is getting long, so I’ll continue describing the interpretations in a new post.

          • (continued from last post)

            The first diagram: The pink sector represents the material assets of society. They are rather small at present and are expected to increase. This can be viewed in two ways:
            1) The standard of living will increase and people will be richer.
            2) Because of the function of the market economy, with increased assets, prices will drop and everyone will seem to be poor.

            The second diagram:
            1) At the present time we are relying a lot on technology to survive, over time we will return to a primitive society and start doing things by hand because we are forced to, when the modern energy sources are depleted.
            2) We will choose to do things by hand out of recreational interest, and this will naturally lead to a healthier society, where the modern energy sources are not depleted, and there is the possibility to choose between them and doing by hand.

            The third diagram: The interpretation of this diagram concludes the two first. What you see here is determined by what you saw in them.

            The reason why I was contacted by that person before, (this may seem a bit manipulative, don’t you think) was that they wanted me to tell you this. I have an idea of who they are and what their motivation is. Their interest in giving you this information, means they are considering contacting you, but they will not do this in an open manner or directly, until they know what your reaction is. So consider this sort of a test. Depending on your understanding of this, they may contact you directly. This last part may seem scary, but how will they know what your reaction to this information is? If you understand this correctly, they will see this, because they can read the mind of people who see things from the same perspective as them. If your understanding is different, they won’t try again. But as far as I know they wouldn’t go to this trouble if they didn’t plan to contact you.

            Dont ask me about them, I couldn’t tell you, there would be misunderstandings.

            But I just read a story that was posted (or reposted from somewhere else?) here where the writer went to a book store and found an interesting book, that only cost 0.01 euro, and ended up getting it for free.

            That’s exactly how they would go about things, I’ve had similar experiences.

            • Thank you Nils, I am honored, and I welcome contact from them. This confirms my idea that the grays are often hated by some for their recent role, but I understand that the lag in technology advancement was to allow humanity to advance without competition / distraction of intelligent machines. Of course working with your hands lifts the spirit. And I appreciate the choices show an understanding of transmutation / alchemy. And each choice may be beneficial to spirit in some way.

                • This geographical area has a special situation energetically.

                  I have a copy of the map from the 1700s showing that the first house here, this exact location, was built by orders of the king, and it’s in the middle of nowhere, just wilderness and a road leading here. The king is always the protector or grand master of the freemasons, may seem farfetched, but you see where this is going.

                  It’s not that free will is not respected, it doesn’t work that way. They’ll support whatever is in line with their agenda. This group is not doing negative things (because they want to stay innocent), they only send support to the positive aspect of the the things that would go their way. See what is happening in Turkey, do you think this unity and fearlessness of the people can remain firm like this without support? This is given to them. At present they seem set at bringing down that government, and with this support the people cannot fail. It’s easy to tell, because the support sent by them always has the form of an orange to red glowing energy, that will appear around the area. This material energy will give people a seeming super strength, and they will feel invincible. Remember the “orange revolution” in Ukraine? It’s also very obvious now how the police are using this orange colored gas, as if this would bring support over to them. They don’t get it.

                • …not to mention how that image at the top of this post has that exact orange color, I just noticed, LOL.

                    • Whose name? If you want contact me telepathically you only need to “yell” high enough and I’ll hear it. Just focus, like aiming at the image of something I posted here and that should do it. I was already contacted by one person from here, but the connection was really weak, like a distant phone call on a low volume. Should work even if I’m asleep, you should be able to “ping” like you can do with computers (getting a confirmation that the connection is OK). I’ve even had people connect me from 2 meters away and I hear someone calling my name. It was a total stranger who couldn’t possible know my name, so it shouldn’t matter.

                      If you want to get into contact with the group I mentioned, you can’t, unless they let you. I can’t. They call you, or they give you what you need in some other way.

  3. My dream this morning was one I was trying to understand the meaning off. Before me is the Universe ink black with many stars twinkling and then I see this huge sun disk of Gold there are inscriptions on it which at this point I cannot read. I awake for a while then am plunged back into this dream The Sun disk has changed but it is like it has mirrored its self and there are these amazing colours emanating from it what struck me was what was holding the two images together was a figure 8. The Sun disk and its mirror image Two Souls the figure 8 hearts inter woven love flowing from one to the other. It was not until I logged on that I saw the image I posted with my last post and realised this image best represented what this was but with another image the same with a man.

  4. (This thread structure really isn’t suited for long posts…)

    Whose name? If you want contact me telepathically you only need to “yell” high enough and I’ll hear it. Just focus, like aiming at the image of something I posted here and that should do it. I was already contacted by one person from here, but the connection was really weak, like a distant phone call on a low volume. Should work even if I’m asleep, you should be able to “ping” like you can do with computers (getting a confirmation that the connection is OK). I’ve even had people connect me from 2 meters away and I hear someone calling my name. It was a total stranger who couldn’t possible know my name, so it shouldn’t matter.

    If you want to get into contact with the group I mentioned, you can’t, unless they let you. I can’t. They call you, or they give you what you need in some other way.

  5. This is really interesting info, Nils! I agree with the limitations of the threads – but we don’t have to be “confined” by the thread structure! 🙂

    I was under the impression it was an “individual” (him?) rather than a “group” that you were referring to… not that it matters. I’ll answer the door if they call, and be open to whatever form of communication they wish to use.

    It is great to know that there is someone here (you!) with strong telepathy skills. I think at this time some folks may be starting to get their feet wet in this stuff, but the hardest part is often trusting what we receive isn’t our imagination… but also understanding our “personal filters”. I was saying to my friend the other day that it is funny how people go to the doctor when they have trouble seeing, but they also go to a doctor when they hear voices in their head… as if something was wrong with them. And so the doctor says, take two of these and forget you heard anything… sigh!

  6. I understand there is a great limitation from the modern way of medicine, BUT, most of this is part of the western church tradition, in which all things that are not from God are “evil spirits”. With this terminology, the spirits of dead people are also evil spirits! This is because in the past, society had fewer people in a community and survival was an issue, there couldn’t be a lot of “unfocused” things going on, so they had to go for the simple way.

    When someone hears voices today and is diagnosed mentally ill, it’s most likely actual evil spirits that are controling the person. Not joking! So in that case they are better off taking pills to numb this part of their brain.

    The reason I can discern, and dare to do this now, is because I reached a point were those spirits wouldn’t want to disturb me, because they need my help. So even those lower spirits, most of them are “friendly” in the sense that they show me things honestly (no tricks) and if someone was to try and do something, another one would step in to protect me because they want to get on my “good side”. Sometimes it turns into large scale battles even, with lots of them teaming up on my side against a large number of the “pesky” ones.

    So I can’t really recommend anyone do try and connect with spirits.

    The thing that is hardest to explain is the part, where it’s hard to tell wether someone is here physically, reincarnated, or they are in a nearby non-incarnated physical dimension. This is the case with these that I was talking about in the last posts. I have seen people with the suspicious black suit and coat walk by and I see they have a strong orange glow around them, either they are naturally doing things in line with their agenda and they’re supported, or they are actual members of a secret society. Either way I feel they have been sent to let me see them like they’re on patrol, like saying “we got this covered.”

    If you feel that your ability is weak and you want fast improvement, there is ONE method that can do this today, but the standard is really strict. There is also some controversy about this subject, but I still feel at this time I can at least post this link, if you want to find out more, you can go here:

    • Thank you, Nils. I’ve heard of falun gong before but my path is following spirit (uh, my spirit…) rather than following a regimented or hierarchical system. Religions and other belief systems, to me, can be used as a tool but only as a tool. To use a hammer, I feel you don’t need to become the hammer. And you might also need to use a screwdriver, a drill, etc. Use the right “tool” for the job!

      I think what you are describing is your process of what the “galactics” refer to as “raising vibration”. Lower vibrations tend to attract similar lower-vibration energy. Higher vibration tends to attract similar higher-vibration energy. We are all “intelligent energy” so the distinctions between galactic, physical, and spirit are, in my mind, somewhat moot. So we humans are all not “evil” – the same template can, I feel, be applied to anything else in the universe. Yes there may be “bad” humans but there are “good” humans too. To say that all humans are bad, well, just ain’t true. To say that all “intelligent energy” is bad, well, that’s not true either.

      I have met mostly “friendly” spirits FWIW. Just hanging out or being a helper spirit / companion to someone. I have encountered a couple of “pesky” or “angry” ones but I think they understood “why” they felt this way. Some things are not easily fixed. But it makes me kind of sad when hollywood stereotypes ghosts and aliens a certain way. Because I know that’s not true. And if I see a “fear factor” that makes me curious as to WHY they want me to fear it.

      Never seen the “MIB” though. They sound “spooky!” 😉

      • Because I can look at energetic structures and other things, I’ve gone through lots of things to create a mental “map” of what structures are controlling the world. That’s how I’ve found that organisations like freemasons do have some power. I didn’t originally believe in those things because those are just people. But when I became aware of the energetic trails and identification structures, I saw that these things are to some degree real.

        But I honestly think the freemasons are just morons who accidentally stumbled over something, they don’t know what they are doing. At least where I live (northern europe) the one’s who control things energetically are the “odd fellows”, symbolized by three red links of a chain. Normally they have this symbol on an iron gate of some 1800s building, if you see it you know that’s their hangout. Some other of their “power places” have no signs, but I’ve identified them through the energy trails passing through those places. It’s really some enormous stuff that even follow roads and streets in the city, like water canals and they can control the economy and politics through this, because “occult energy” can automatically control people’s thinking and they won’t know that they are mental slaves to this culture.

        But still, those “odd fellows” are also fools. This “group”, those that the mysterious person are from, they are the ones who are really controlling this stuff. The freemasons and others are just “let be” for the time being, they’re nothing and the only reason they haven’t been dealth with is there is a plan and they didn’t get to that point yet. But that doesn’t mean I “know” who they are, I only see what energy they are sending out and what this energy can do. That’s how I’ve decided they’re positive and from my experiences they are friendly, they are just strict and don’t seem to care soo much about the way of ordinary human life. Say they want to do something and they may be at it for a long time, could be centuries, that’s my feeling. So asking questions isn’t working, they don’t care. They’ll tell you if it’s a vital part of something they’re doing. So from this I guess they want this blog to be included. It doesn’t mean they’re going to start telling you things, they may just send you energetic support, and even me writing this to you – they may consider that to be enough information and the job is already done. I think this is just how calculating they are, but I would do the same, so this is probably why they have let me know some things, my thinking is similar to theirs.

        • I already met them in a dream, but this timeline of course will be different. Are you familiar with the hidden hand material? Maybe friendly isn’t quite the right word but I get your meaning. Their energetic form, I think, resembles… Octopus? Daleks and Matrix drones – some amount of truth there, I think.

          Well I know what you mean about energetic structures and control. Here in DC they have some really interesting ones. The whole city for one thing. But I tend to see them as harmonic templates – the thing is not good or bad… It’s like how sound forms itself into different patterns. Same idea. Roslyn chapel…

          Maybe the masons are a kind of hampster on the treadmill kind of thing. They just have to repeat the mantra. Thinking is optional.

          • I think I know what you mean by “octopus”, I remember that image from a strange guest story in a comic magazine. It was told in first person perspective, a scientist sees a meteorite (he thinks) and goes there. He meets this being that talks to him directly into his mind, tells him that among the scientists he’s the only one who could begin to understand, that humans are way too primitive, and they’ll come back when humans have evolved. He describes how the being seems to have an extreme intelligence beyond what he can comprehend.

            Kind of a scary story, read it when I was little and couldn’t forget it. I remember how I found some comics to be just very disturbing back then, like one Batman episode that I didn’t even dare reading again for a long time. I’ve later seen that there was some truth behind those, I must have sensed it. Maybe there’s something to this one too.

            This year’s winner of ESC, notice the color?

            • That song only has 4 or 5 lines repeated over and over. Brainwashing at its finest! A pretty girl, orange tones (the MONARCH program?), oh look there’s a butterfly too! And I now have this overpowering urge to join the army… LOL just kidding! Hm I wonder if the whole show was like that?

  7. It was not on Saturday night but after that and I had a significant dream
    I was with my dad in an old castle, stairs behind a round hole , the hole was like a pool and was dark and deep like a crypt, it was open and if one runs down the stairs to the front gate he/she might fall into this hole, so, you must be careful and walk round the hole, in the hole there was a giant statue of a knight/warrior, his head was half visible and you could easily step on it
    We got out of the castle
    Then I saw my town, covered with something white/grey, like a snow but was not snow but dust, people were confused and nervous but silent, saw the river, the gardens, the bushes ..all over this white dust and I was carrying pyrenes/nuts in my hands and was wondering where to throw them
    My explanation is that I carry the sparks of the new day where I live
    Love and Light

  8. Nils, you might find the work of nasajim interesting, if you haven’t seen it already. Search youtube for nasajim – some good stuff there. On the surface it looks amature-ish but I think he may be spot on.

    • The guy’s videos has the orange energy all over them, only it’s not so concentrated. I checked out that “hidden hand” thing and it was the same. “They” want this to be spread.

      What I was trying to say was that it’s different wether it has the support from that orange energy or if it just looks that way with your ordinary eyes. There seems to be two conflicting directions that look the same on the surface. That song from the ESC has it from the inside. Artistically, I think that was one of the best in the contest, so there’s nothing wrong with it winning. If you think it’s a lousy song, I guess this is just the standard of the ESC.

      The opposite, the things that are only surface are things like that gas used by the Turkish police, and… can it get more obvious; Agent Orange, the herbicide used by the US army in Vietnam, manufactured by… Monsanto.

      • The song’s fine, just repetitive 🙂 I do the same thing with stuff people write – for example on a blog 🙂 the color of their energy gets left behind with the stuff they write… Can be helpful in the discernment process (but not always!)

        • Yeah I know. Sometimes it looks black, but this can be the suffering they passed through and it may not be caused by bad intentions at all.

          I feel like I’m “done” with this thread now, will come back and post when I have something new. 🙂

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