Ana’s Meditations

Dear Friends
Here are some of the meditations that I made at the same time with Leslee
I feel that i have to share them with you
Love and Light

9 August 2012

First my Lemurian showed me the letter M, this letter appears very often and i feel this is a sign of my connection with you, two ^ together ^^
Then three shining dots – like a pyramid with shining top and two more shining dots at the pyramid roots
Then I saw a ballerina or elf 🙂 – I think of Lisa
Then I received – ” You all participate, when two are connected , all of you are connected, You Are the Key, You are holding the Past and the Future in your hands”
The Lemyrian showed me a pyramid, octahedron and the Rune X – GEBO which means connection, a gift, cooperation
ALGIZ dropped from my hand three times in this meditation, thus drawing my focus on Herself, She showed me a kind of Lotus flower with three leaves
Then I saw the letter Y which is an ancient Bulgarian Rune that together with IYI is a sign of the dynasty that set the foundations of the current Bulgaria , I do not know the meaning of Rune Y but I feel it is a sign of eternity together with IYI and the Rune itself means Glory/Victory
Lemurian showed me the same Lotus, the two crystals started to give signs in synchronicity
I saw a Wolf
Then ALGIZ showed me an Angel and I saw the letters AM – I think of AA Michael Who is my Guide, I saw a face that I connect with Agarthians
ALGIZ showed me two human figures standing together which means cooperation
When I was writing all this down on a paper I opened my hand and the Lemurian showed me three Runes bonded together

Then ALGIZ showed me + and the number 46 and a flying bird


10 August 2012
I meditated with Leos and ALGIZ this time and dropped ALGIZ only once in meditation
I saw the Rune TEIWAZ (TIR) that means victory, ALGIZ showed me the Rune
Leos showed me a pool, at the center of this pool there was a fountain/Abi-Qor?/
Then I saw some tall white Beings of Light, think of Lemurians, there was definitely one woman with them with dark hair /Kwan Yin?/
I asked them – Who are You?
Received – Gatekeepers
Then saw Twin Flames reunion
Then many Beings of Light without bodies, they were spheres of Light, I asked who are they and received – Eui`s crew
Then Leos showed me a face that reminded me of Umbro
I saw again pyramids and octahedrons and X
I received an interesting information about ALGIZ, she told me that She can provide images but Leos is more dynamic , ALGIZ helps energetically providing Light and High vibrations, Leos is the “Screen”
I saw in Leos an Eagle trying to overcome the depths, it was a brave eagle, turning into a Bee / Dragonfly and then became a bird again and flew up from the depth

Another information is that a Soul or group of Souls want to join us in meditations, this Soul`s totem are Wolf, Bear, Lion
When wrote this down on the paper I opened my left hand and Leos showed me a Being, then two Beings holding their hands and forming a letter H, up between them there was a flying saucer

During the meditation I saw the letter M again

Love and Light, my dear friends !

14 August 2012

I had amazing meditation, was able co connect deeply with Leos and He gave me His message
I saw a triangle once again and the Rune TEIWAZ
Leos showed me Eui`s crew , they are so many/they are spheres of Light/ and it is so wonderful, A Great Angel of light was with them too
Then I was connected with Adama and saw the mountains again and Native Americans tepees, I think native Americans were connected with Lemurians from Telos, I saw a Chief, He was performing a spiritual dance and was in a way out of his physical body, I saw him three of more folded as if not only one person was dancing but the many facets of Him
Then I received His name – White Tatanka and in fact He looked quite like Sitting Tatanka

Then I saw a pyramid- Giza perhaps and a energetic portal at the pyramid top, then I saw Nefertiti
I was so amazed and at this moment Leos dropped from my hand and fell on me over my heart
also Leos told me that this kind of meditations are informative ones and the meditation that I do sometimes before sleep is for bringing Light and connecting Mother Earth with the Great Central Sun and the two types of meditations are of benefit for all

Namaste my sister

My Blessings and Protection be with You
Love and Light
( ( SUN ) )


  1. Crystal meditation-28September 2012
    Dear Les, Dear Lisa,
    I have just finished my meditation for today and I was ready to write to you as I saw Sar/a very close to my heart friend of mine/`s e-mail, That is why I include Her to our communication, she had an impulse to write to me so that to see if i am OK 🙂 I am so touched by this kind of LIGHT/LOVE and see it as a sign from Spirit
    Dear Sar, thank You for Your Presence and for your LIGHT, you can join us in common crystal meditation at about 8/9pm Bulgarian time zone each evening/day if you like it

    I have transmuting a lot of negative today, it manifests as a kind of flue but i know the origin of it is CLEANING people`s negative energies around me, so I decided to start with OLA and my amethyst cluster and Tom Kenyon`s channeled meditation called “Immunity”, this meditation is a healing one and is given to him by many Ascended Beings of Light , some of them Shaman Spirits, some of them Angels, it is about 20 minutes long
    As was listening I had several visions
    WOLF watching me face in face, Spirit Wolf
    BEAR came, the bear wanted to go up and raised her front legs, the bear came up , higher in a mountain and transformed into wolf, bear and wolf were merging into one another
    Then I saw a Native American Shaman Woman, she was wearing a Wolf head on Her Head and a wolf fur over her dress, I think of Lisa and Stasha, they have many things in common as far as the wolf is concerned
    I saw tipies /Native American shelters/ and the mountain and the Rune X – GEBO again that gave me the message we are cooperating at this moment
    I had tears of awe and gratitude to ALL Beings of LIGHT that are with me Now – You included
    I sat to meditate with OLA, MaiOWta, amethyst, Lemurian and ALGIZ, I was between rose quartz and amethyst holding the other mentioned crystals

    OLA showed me all Company of Heaven, They came to us as an image of Great Powerful ANGEL of Light with magnificient wings and then the Angel turned into all of them – They Are ONE energy – AA Michael, Jeshua, Mother Mary, El Moria, Hilarion, Babaji, Sanat Kumara, Quan Yin, St Germain, Beinsa Douno and many other of Them

    I asked – Tell me, Great Spirit what is your message to Us
    I saw LIGHT and shining dots going upwards
    “The gate is wide open for all of you Now” I received
    I saw down in a distance a stairs and a door, I went down the stairs and I saw three Beings of Light doing a common job – the three of us? – me, Leslee and Lisa
    Then I was in Space flying on a craft, I reached a land and received AVALON
    The land was flat but right under the surface there was a crystal pyramid, its top was touching the surface but still was under the surface, this landscape was meging with a desert landscape of Sahara in a very obvious way
    AVALON/IRELAND!/ – EGYPT, the confirmation of this energetic link confirmed through this meditation

    Then I was sending to all of You my LIGHT calling the Holy Violet Flame of transmutation and cleaning, it is necessary when we are energetically connected
    as I was sending Light to You I saw an EYE in OLA, RA , Sar`s email then came, wow, Sar is closely connected with RA
    Thank you Guides, Beings of Light, Lisa, Leslee and Sar


  2. Hi Tauno,
    funny that you also mention crows in the tree branches, the back of my new spiritual diary, I graced it with a crow…. see below:


    Thanks for your vision Tauno 😀
    Love Lisa

  3. 19 August 2012 crystal meditation

    I made this meditation with OLA, Pyrite and a pair of Amethyst earrings

    I was watching the Pyrite/ GLS TULYA physical expression/ through OLA
    I saw a carving on the golden wall that resembled the ancient South American and Egyptian carvings in stones , the picture I saw was of an extraterrestrial Being that looked very much as one of Tulya`s crew that was discovered and shown by Leslee when she revealed details about Tulya`s crew

    The GLS TULYA lead me into Inner Earth almost immediately after I saw the Being,
    I was in a deep and beautiful cave, it was a magical place , I saw many tunnels, stone and crystal formations , arches and most importantly this was in fact a kind of Inner Earth town with places for living, bridges and tunnels.
    Then I saw a giant tree that looked very much like Yggdrasil , the tree roots that were sinuously braided as if one looks at a Celtic knot
    The tree trunk was also braided /Lisa has provided us with some helpful visualizations of this tree and I am so thankful to her for doing this wonderful art work/
    There were two crows on the tree and its highest branches reached the surface world
    I came out on the surface and watched TULYA from outside the craft. I saw a being “carved” on the wall of TULYA and this Being was looking at me and it was with long neck and ears that looked like the ears of Godess Hathor from Egypt. I sent my Love towards this Being
    The Being then transformed into a mighty giant golden Eagle, the Eagle was siting still
    Then I was in the craft again and was taken to a very beautiful place, I saw a golden palace, very tall with towers and huge and tall gates, I saw a Master, She looked like Kwan Yin, I think that this was the realm of the Elves , everything was extremely high, the Star Wars movie can help you to get an idea of the palace, it was golden and resembled the palace of Queen Amidala


  4. Portals of Higher Consciousness Opened Fully…
    17 Aug

    The necessary grid structures are aligned for supporting the energy frameworks of Higher Consciousness portals. This may seem somewhat esoteric to many, however at this stage the sequence of openings is designed with precision and in connection with Higher Consciousness, namely Higher Dimensional, constructs, with intention of awakening for all Hue-mans.

    The full opening of all Higher Consciousness intent-ed portals is key to the Ascension of Gaia as a whole. She has awaited this moment since the fall of humanity from Higher Consciousness awareness. Light from within Gaia is ascending and will reach maximum levels at the 12-12-12 gateway, and subsequently maintained throughout the Ascension process.

    Those feeling the Ascension symptoms of light-headedness, fuzzy vision, blurred vision, tingly skin and/or extremities, gazing into space, are aligned with these Higher Consciousness portals’ energy. There is nothing ab-normal about this, for those whose intent is Ascension with Gaia. This has been anticipated by Higher Guides, who may be called upon for assistance at any moment needed.

    As required, sleep or naps may ameliorate such symptoms, and it is recommended to rest as much as needed to allow the continuous Higher Energies to in-stream through all multi-D bodies.

  5. Crystal meditation – 16 August 2012

    I saw Eui`s crew again, then Stars and constellations and also craft, three dots forming a triangle , two triangles formed by dots , each triangle consisting of three dots
    Then I saw millions of craft coming, like many little shining birds in great numbers. I felt joy and happiness
    Then i saw the Eye and ALGIZ showed me a Being that was watching me
    I saw the Native American Chief again. He was standing on the ground and performing a prayer, the Chief was raising His hands while I saw another Native American Chief looking at me and giving me a blessing.
    Then I asked White Tatanca /since this is the name that I received in my previous meditation/ ” What do you have to tell me, White Tatanca, please, give me your message”
    I saw a big city, the people, the streets, the buildings, highways, the noise, the hustle and bustle in this big city. And at the same time I saw Masters coming, They were enormous in size, I saw them coming together with our Family from Inner Earth , I saw the pyramid also, over the pyramid was the Great Native American Spirit/Chief, All of them are coming to us Now
    The colours were Earthly colours, beige, yellow, brown, red and the Masters and Native Americans were enormous in size and just floating in the sky and coming nearer
    I received ” You awakened the Spirit” I felt this activation of all Powers of LOVE that have been sleeping for eons.


  6. Meditation with ALGIZ and Leos – 15.08.2012

    Ancient Native American People are showing you the new way of living. They keep only what they need and nothing more. They used to live in harmony with Nature and Spirit . This is abundance, this is happiness, this is Freedom, to be free to move like the wind and all your needs to be provided , this is Faith.
    Possessions bring limitations , Greed leads to fear, fear is the illusion to lose something while in Reality nothing is lost because You Are everything, You Are Divine Creators. Getting into the illusion / fear you created your old paradigm of control due to fear and thus you built your reality and created more illusions. Now your eyes and minds are opening and you are awakening for the Truth and for your origin.
    Realizing that You Are Powerful Creators of Divine origin brings the responsibility for your Creations, you can take this responsibility when you are fully conscious and totally free because the higher level of consciousness and freedom go hand in hand.
    Leos showed me the Rune GEBO X again , a fairy and a rabbit
    I saw AA Michael also and Jeshua and the crystal led me into Ascended Masters Realm of Light and Bliss . All Ascended Masters are One energy and although each one of them has own energetic signature they Are a Common Consciousness as we Humanity are as a whole.
    When I was writhing this down on a paper I opened my hand and Leos showed me a flying butterfly


  7. Hi Tauno,
    What a wonderful and at the same time sad dream. Yes, it is time to stop hurting mother earth and start healing. I had also a very , what would I say. peculiar dream. I wrote it down on the astral travel page.

    Love you so much Tauno, this morning I woke up with a sense that change is very near, not soon, but near….and I felt excited…


    • It is so exciting , dear Lisa !The time we live in, so many things are happening
      I will look at your dream now
      Thank you, my dear sister

    • Thank You, dear Vee 🙂
      It is wonderful how these images come unexpectedly , it is not that I think of something and just see it in a while, the images come suddenly and this is for me an indication that the images come to me from the Spirit and not from my imagination
      I had another meditation last night and it is a message, a thought flow that the crystals gave me and a dream last night, the dream was a bit negative but as Troy says – the negative dreams are not negative/ as far as I remember Troy`s idea/
      I saw a woman in my dream and the woman was lying on a floor and she was in chains…I cannot give more details but I felt enormous sympathy for her and I remember that I decided to help her to get rid of her executors
      When I woke up I thought of Mother Earth that Man still exploit and Mother Earth suffers and still loves us and gives us everything but we must stop hurting her
      I almost cried in my dream
      But I feel that the dream was not negative, it is just a reminder of what Humanity is doing now
      In the morning I opened the window and I saw the most beautiful sky 🙂
      Cloud ships, at least three of them in the beautiful blue sky, the clouds were amazing 🙂
      Love and Light

    • Hi, dear Lisa
      Nefertiti appeared as an image provided by Leos, I saw Her and immediately recognized due to Her famous image that can be found online
      Love and Light

  8. Thank you Tauno, in english Mitakuye Oyasin is in the Lakota language and it translates to english as “All My Relations” but “relations” means “related to all of creation” as you posted here. It is used during many different ceremonies, and can also be used as a greeting. It is very close in meaning to “Namaste”. ♥

    • Ancient believes have more things in common and are more closely connected with what Our Family from the Stars is telling us
      Love and Light, dear Troy ! Thank You

  9. “In Lakota philosophy, Mitakuye Oyasin states that a person is related to all Creation.
    It is also used to close a prayer or as a prayer and reminds us that we are all connected.
    Therefore we need to respect and honor each other and all of Creation.

    “Let us put our minds together and see what kind of life we can make for our children”.

    Tatanka Iyotanka, Hunkpapa Lakota”

    “Being an artist has given me an unique perspective on the history of my people. Through my work I hope to bridge a mainstream information gap regarding Indigenous People/Native Americans.”

  10. “In March, as three columns of federal troops under General George Crook, General Alfred Terry and Colonel John Gibbon moved into the area, Sitting Bull summoned the Lakota, Cheyenne and Arapaho to his camp on Rosebud Creek in Montana Territory. There he led them in the sun dance ritual, offering prayers to Wakan Tanka, their Great Spirit, and slashing his arms one hundred times as a sign of sacrifice. During this ceremony, Sitting Bull had a vision in which he saw soldiers falling into the Lakota camp like grasshoppers falling from the sky.

    Inspired by this vision, the Oglala Lakota war chief, Crazy Horse, set out for battle with a band of 500 warriors, and on June 17 he surprised Crook’s troops and forced them to retreat at the Battle of the Rosebud. To celebrate this victory, the Lakota moved their camp to the valley of the Little Bighorn River, where they were joined by 3,000 more Indians who had left the reservations to follow Sitting Bull. Here they were attacked on June 25 by the Seventh Cavalry under George Armstrong Custer, whose badly outnumbered troops first rushed the encampment, as if in fulfillment of Sitting Bull’s vision, and then made a stand on a nearby ridge, where they were destroyed.

    Public outrage at this military catastrophe brought thousands more cavalrymen to the area, and over the next year they relentlessly pursued the Lakota, who had split up after the Custer fight, forcing chief after chief to surrender. But Sitting Bull remained defiant. In May 1877 he led his band across the border into Canada, beyond the reach of the U.S. Army, and when General Terry traveled north to offer him a pardon in exchange for settling on a reservation, Sitting Bull angrily sent him away.”
    WOW, Thank you so much Troy, perhaps I saw His dance told above
    Love and Light

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