These are accounts of the Galactic Light Ship Tulya.

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Mayan Artifacts showing the crew of the Tulya



(names of the Tulya…) In no particular order, and see if the way they are grouped makes sense to you; it has to do with groups of 3, existing with connections spanning the 3rd, 5th, and 7th dimensions:

UMBRO (sujira masilon umbro) [place reason exciting call if question]
ANJASKA [Mexico expect] (masilon=anjaska teo’na)
SUJIRA (sujira masilon umbro)
MASILON (sujira masilon= anjaska umbro teo’na) [its]
MANSKEZ (manskez sasha teo’na)
SASHA (manskez sasha teo’na) [grass railroad tongue]
BO (cavradesh bo qimarn) [swimming heart]
PUZIDUK (adama puziduk portadeo) [atomic firm]
ADAMA (adama puziduk portadeo) [we split]
CAVRADESH (cavradesh bo qimarn) [vessels radio topic giant settlers rise word Robert Japan instrument father]
ADCA MUPEA/DORMORLEO [mine research see very having maybe dark worse massage(message) name solution told]
LEOS (Ana, here is the information I got for you about Leos: “All she needs to sense about Leos, she already knows. She just needs to trust what he’s telling her, and follow that path in meditation. He’s trying to teach her how to shift dimensions quite easily while still keeping part of her awareness anchored in 3D.” Ghost Radar words during this time were: [burn room source six race floor lunch repeat])

Then these names have arrived later, I think because they are more connected to other regions of earth (Although Adama seems to be more connected with the Mediterranean region…)




  1. OLA showed me a dolphin and a swallow, it is time for the next flight
    Good night, my dear friends 🙂
    Love you

  2. Hey, 3D representation of TULYA is now with us via this little Pyrite, we have OcaTAwa and ALGIZ in 3D level, all means and clues are at hand
    Hope to receive something soon, Hathors through Tom Kenyon speak of the Heart in the last message ….very resonative with my personal situation and I think that we reached the heart level – heart chacra cleaning, that is an amazing synchronicity…

  3. OLA and TULYA

    My next stage of the trip is about to occur as I had a clear sign from Umbro that TULYA wants a connection and this connection requires my participation and that of OLA – my new clear crystal sphere. When Leslee was told that Umbro wants to speak with me and the best way is through a crystal ball I ordered one . I started connections with Umbro via my clear crystal necklace first and now when OLA came she came with a piece of Pyrite … do you remember Leslee`s meditation when she saw TULYA as cube and within this cube there were other cubes – the construction of the Pyrite !

    Therefore, I have a clear sign that TULYA wants a connection . I have never ordered Pyrite, only the sphere but she came with this piece of Pyrite as a gift.

    As I said I have experienced a huge emotional cleaning through which I had received some insights / the white star sapphire for example/, this cleancing set the stage for my further spiritual development and now I am preparing myself for what the Spirit has to show me….

    LOVE and LIGHT



      • Dear Troy, The funniest thing is that I am covered with translations to be done, dear friend 🙂 on the other hand people around me/they are still not awakened to the things I believe in/ seem decided to stick on me and observe, I feel like a little monkey in a zoo, haha…and at the same time I want to have a connection and an update from TULYA>>>perhaps in dreamtime when i am totally free in my sphere…

        Thank God that I can share all of these things with all of you in STC
        ( ( HUGE AMOUNTS OF LIGHT ) )

        • Feeling your pain dear Tauno ♥ ♥ ♥ Well the good thing is people generally like monkeys! 😉 Something I like about dreamtime, we are free to roam, or at least sit back and enjoy the ride…

  4. Last night I had a closer look at a carnelian stone that is a part of my collection, the name Manskez came into my mind after I felt that there were two or three Beings in it…Carnelian stone has got a connection with female energy and blood(giving life- birth)…pregnant women used to wear it for an easy labor and it helps healing blood diseases ….is it possible that we found Manskez` stone, dear Les?

  5. Hello, Dear Ones!

    I’ve just read again all of our Tulya comments, and about to meditate… Tauno, everything thing you’ve described sounds perfect! I’m told that you were climbing the Pyramid-Tulya. 🙂 you will understand more very soon.

    That is the same as the “hill” I was climbing in a dream that I had a week or two ago. I don’t believe I’ve had time to type that one up yet… I think it’s also the first dreM in which we met!

    I also made a page for OcaTAwa ( ), and I think it would be lovely, Tauno, if you would like to copy your experiences there! (I may reduce the photo sizes later…)

    Tauno, I seem to recall reading another question/meditation/dream from you about Umbro, but I couldn’t find it last night. Was there something you wrote other than the request to know more about him?

    I hope I’m about to have more conversations to share soon… 😀

    Much love and light! Leslee

    • Thank you, Les, I remembered another dream on a hill, I dreamt it about a year or more ago, I cannot remember well when it was but the dream was amazing, I was up the hill, I could feel the grass beneath my feet and the herbs there, the Sun was shining bright
      And about the pyramid Tulya, I remember that I was climbing with a lot of people and I was talking to one woman, it was you! The pyramid turned into a hill at the top, the herbs there were so fresh and green, also four leaf clovers and the paths split, I took the left path because I saw people who do not resonate with me taking the right path, up there where the path was leading was a road….
      I am so happy about your confirmations, dear friend, yes, it is a good idea to have a special page for OcaTawa
      Les, you told me that I am working with Umbro and I would like to know more about this when you have enough time for writing

  6. Update from OcaTawa – ALGIZ connected me with the Mother this evening and I asked her to give me more about Her. Then I found myself going into the Cave under the Mountain, through Mother`s throat, Les, you know the S7 point and the cave in her, when I was going through the tunnel I changed the timeline and OcaTawa showed herself, she is a beautiful native American woman with high spiritual powers/someway similar to her /, then I saw the owl on a cliff looking at me, then a wing …
    Thank you, ALGIZ and OcaTawa

    • Dear Troy and Les, here is my vision that I received from the Mother, if you want, please check this information
      Love and Light to you 🙂

  7. Les, dear, I post it here my dream of last night because I think it was connected with TULYA
    I was at a very beautiful town. The weather was perfect, the Sun was shining above this town with many people there and a strange architecture. I was in a strange place with ancient stone monuments, I realize that I have been in such a place in one of my previous dreams/ then I was climbing a pyramid, huge pyramid that became a mountain at the top and paths split up there…/
    I started walking on a stone path which was in fact part of a great monument, a white stone, I was walking and walking, some people were walking opposite me and I felt them familiar/ so beautiful people, I know that were you, Les, Troy and other friends of mine from here/, they walked away and I continued on, I reached a high place with a step below/too high step to reach/ and there was water flowing , I stopped, looked around and startled, how can I go back, it was too high, I was scared..alone up too high on the narrow stone and other people down there, I could not return, my way was up, there was no turning back, the Sun was shining bright and the grass down there was so green and all people were so young and beautiful …at this point I woke up
    Love and Light

      • Yes, Les, please tell me more about Umbro and my link to him, when you have time for this, I feel that I was in Telos in this dream, people looked like Lemurians and you were coming from where I was doing to, I felt that it is a cooperative work you had a mission to tell others and I was going to receive more from up there This is what I feel

  8. Becoming Umbro

    [Umbro…. umbro… umbro…

    umbro… talya… umbro…

    are you there, umbro?]


    Circle E



    [Umbro, are you there?]

    I am Troy, you only need to ask.

    [May I borrow?]

    Yes you may.

    [So my understanding is that we need to learn how to manipulate the systems of the Tulya, is that correct?]


    [How do I do that?]

    The Tulya has given you some basic instruction. Try querying her now.

    [Tulya: engine – operational]

    [Tulya: navigation systems – operational]

    [Tulya: defensive systems – operational ]

    [Tulya: healing systems – operational, we are currently working on someone]

    [Tulya: structural systems – operational, we are connected to many ]

    (Umbro) So you see Troy there are many systems to choose from.

    [can I see what you see?]

    Yes, you can feel what I feel…

    [That’s very strange… I can see your hands when I close my eyes. When I open and close my hands, your hands open and close. You have light blue skin, thin fingers.]

    Yes Troy. Move forward.

    (moving forward… I can see a triangular wall with a black window and an alcove, with a couch next to the window. I look out of the window and I see a tree on the other side of it…)

    (Umbro) This is our environmental system, which is in fact a micro-environment. Organic in nature, completely self-sustaining, and aware, just as it is on your planet.

    [Can we move the ship closer to Earth?]

    You may, once others have joined you on the Tulya. Sasha has already noted some activity. There will be others, I feel.

    [Well… I’m not familar with the Tulya… where should we go next? Can you show me the systems relating to navigation?]

    This way…

    Touch the panel, you should be familiar with this…

    (I see a black panel, about the size of a touchpad, it has a single red square in it.)

    [I’m sorry Umbro I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do here… can I get the ship to go anywhere? Can I see where we are now?]

    Ask the ship.

    [Tulya, where are we now, in relation to my earth and my dimension?]

    (Tulya: we are in the fifth dimension, near Saturn.)

    [Tulya, where are you in relation to where I am physically?]

    (Tulya: I am near Saturn, I am currently cloaked.)

    [Tulya, can you move to Earth?]

    (Tulya: more crew members are needed for this maneuver.)

    [Thank you Tulya, it would be nice to see you here.]

    (Tulya: We would like to see you too, Troy. Thank you.)

    (Umbro): If it is your wish, we can facilitate the process. Your intuition is correct.. you may use our names to connect with us at any time. It is perhaps not as exclusive as you may expect, but you have a very accurate view of the underlying system. You may contact any of us, you only need to ask, and we will be happy to work with you.

    [Thank you Umbro, so this means I can connect with anyone on the ship in the same way I connected with you?]

    (Umbro): That is correct. But you have surmised correctly that it may be easier to connect initially with some than others from a frequency perspective. This is sort of like a gateway, once the gateway is opened you can come and go as you please. Borrowing would prefer permission, but you may still connect with our thoughts at any time. Sometimes we understand that lack of permission is required for the situation, but I don’t expect this will happen often.

    [Thank you Umbro, I should go now]

    (Umbro) You are busy now, there is much to be done… I understand. Very close now, another few months. Maybe more. That is only my sense at this time. Inner Earth beckons…

    [Good night Umbro, you may facilitate the process.]

    Good night Troy, it is an honor to connect.

  9. Borrowing, from the Tulya

    Tulya… tulya… tulya…

    The “Galactic Light Ship” Tulya occupies many dimensions. To describe the exterior of the ship is impossible because it has different forms in each dimension.

    Each ship is a portal to another dimension.

    One exterior I see is similar to a Mayan step pyramid, except it is two pyramids, one on the top, one on the bottom, forming a diamond shape. It is black, with turquoise/ light blue light highlighting the edges. Somewhat reminiscent of the movie “Tron”. At the top of the pyramid is red light.

    Tulya… Tulya…

    Inside the pyramid I see the crew, they have blue skin… they are like the Na’vi from Avatar (without tails) in stature, perhaps somewhat thinner. Facial features are more similar to humans. Two eyes, nose, mouth. Oval eyes. These too are avatars, perhaps we are both avatars of each other. We become each other as needed (this movie was created to help us remember).

    They are enjoying the job that they are performing, monitoring, and watching, for now. They venture out physically seldom from their craft, when they do venture out, it is using telepathy, again similar to the experience by the Na’vi, but the other way around – they borrow another body to experience that body’s reality. There is no need to leave the ship. They are waiting for a transition, which will be very soon, after many, many years of carefully monitoring the progress, occasionally borrowing to monitor progress in finer detail, to understand those who they monitor.

    The control panels are a sea-foam green turquoise color, neon turquoise light surrounds them.

    Umbro… Tulya… Sasha – all playing a role further separated from oneness to facilitate teamwork in several roles. Would prefer to be closer in a oneness relationship rather than just teamwork but such is the requirements of this task… the separation is required to monitor other beings, which the ship cannot accomplish on its own, because it is performing its own tasks requiring collective consciousness.

    The “Destiny” is another ship… (from Stargate Universe, in the second episode they mention the process of ascension)

    They would enjoy others to drop in, it is as if there are a thousand crew members at all times, they enjoy it when someone borrows, it is an exciting event for them. A new energy on board the ship.

    8 core frequencies are required for the borrowing, as this is the minimum necessary to facilitate the borrowing of different frequencies of those who would borrow. There are many who are being observed who cannot perform this task at this time, but there will be more. There were also 8 core humans because there was 8 core frequencies and all human life has been extended from these 8 frequencies.

    The experience of borrowing is always humanoid to humanoid, so the experience is rarely too different from one form to the next. It is possible to borrow animal form, but this is usually not necessary, and can be somewhat disorienting (seen as a recreational activity outside the goals of the mission).

    We are watching you as you are watching us. By borrowing, when you allow, when we are invited to enjoy your planet. It is doubtful we would ever meet face to face physically, but that which was carved by the Mayans was indeed the result of borrowing, just as you are doing now. You have shifted your focus to the one who is closest in frequency to your own. You felt the discordant frequency and that is to be expected, but the level is high enough to allow borrowing, which is fine.

    We welcome you always.

    Thank you for this connection, we will hopefully speak (through thought) and borrow more in the future.

    Different connection from what you’re used to… but that is fine. A further expansion.

    • …Oh Mighty Mayans!,Toy…hehe…iMean Dreamwalker…that Picture Ya Posted is Very Similiar to the Placement that iHave for my 9 Crystal Skulls…the 9 Surround the Exact-Shaped Mayan-Borrowed Pyramid (iBought from the DollarStore,Originally Sold for Fish Aquarium Decor)…and Then Directly Above the Pyramid,Ihave a Swarzoski Crystal Globe Hanging…Just like that Photo,Up There!…Um,in da Future,Can Ya at least Knock when Ya Visit Me!…L0L!!

    • Thank you, Troy and TULYA for this connection
      I was on ALGIZ last night – March – 9th
      I expressed an intent to connect with TULYA, Leos was at his place and assisted us
      I do not remember the dream in details but half awakened and half asleep this morning I had a vision…a unicorn or a pegasus, white …standing in a magic blue/dark blue and green wood, there was a White Light behind the creature…I saw a woman with the same energetic signature near the creature, she was dressed in white and I felt that she was me although I was watching from a distance…then a thought of a golden pyrite cube came into my mind, I saw the image of this cube quite vividly. Then number 4 came, then number 8, this number is a very special one I was whispered from somewhere in my consciousness while being in these astral planes…

    • Hi ,

      Seeing the picture it reminds me of a dream I had on the second of march:

      I went for a walk with my youngest daughter Nolwazi (14 months) after a day at the forest/beach with her dad and sister. So I walked with her and came past our stuff that was still there. I told my husband if he could please clean it up. Then I turned around (and then it seems the image that I was getting, it felt like it was not part of the dream, but like it came in as something separate, message? It was a Mayan step pyramid, and first behind the temple was a flash of bright light blue light, then a narrow beam of bright light blue light came out of the top of the temple a shot to the night sky) then I was suddenly walking with my daughter again. There was a puddle of water,(my daughter loves water) and she jumped in, but it was deep and saw her going under. I was quick to get her out.

      Very interesting article, thanks…
      Love and light, Lisa

    • I saw this pyramid during our connection in August 11th, 2013, just several days ago. It’s rather crystalline in white/blue tone. So great to see the picture which reflects it so precisely !!! You cannot imagine how excited I’m when getting this. Again…thanks so much for your awesome guide.

  10. I get so excited about this topic… It’s the vehicle through which I met all of you! I was just chugging along with the Buddhas, and then they led me to Ghost Radar, and then I started getting messages about worlds inside the Earth… And then I started googling about UFOs… I don’t even remember how I found Wes and Troy… From the point of view of someone who didn’t even know this community existed 3 months ago, look how much has happened in so short a time! 😀

    • You are welcome, dear Les 🙂
      I must admit that the interpretations of the figures are helpful but it depends on intuition and knowing from different sources as well…use your own compass, dear Les
      Love and Light to you !

  11. absolutely! I can’t imagine how many hours it took him to do it, and I’m still skeptical that a human could do something like that on such a large scale! maybe he’s secretly enlisting help like we are! 😉
    Oh, I’m about to post an image for you all… another possible creative outlet/tool… 😀

  12. I did see them, they’re GORGEOUS! …but doesn’t a guy claim he made them with snow shoes? in any case, remarkable!
    We can make our own fractals with Apophysis (… I haven’t played with it in a couple months, but if you have Windows, it’s a lot of fun!

  13. Here’s another fascinating aspect of your vision, Leslee. Not sure if you saw these crop circles made in the snow:

    If you look at them, and open the larger image, you’ll see that they’re not JUST a pattern of circles and triangles. They’re also made of of smaller triangles. This is very similar to what you saw on the surface of the Tulya “Cube”. Smaller cubes. Fractal geometry.

      • Thank you Tauno – I’m enjoying reading these! There is a connection here to Leslee’s observation that in higher dimensions language tends to break down in favor of pure thought. Perhaps what we’re seeing here is another expression of pure thought… yet it is indeed a language, but it’s very different from what we’re used to…

        I especially enjoyed the ideas relating to Shamballa / inner earth – it resonates deeply with the information I’ve received from this source.

        • It`s my pleasure to be of help, dear Troy! happy news from above – I saw the Earth surrounded by White Light and a Divine hand over it sending Blessings and protection, amazing thought/image communication
          Sending to all of you beams of Light!

        • Do you know the version that the flying saucers come from the Inner Earth, dear Troy….I think that it is quite believable because they have been seen for quite a long time, our Space Family was not so much permitted to enter here during that time….and it turns out that the only way for us to be shown other intelligent life forms was through the Inner Earth vehicles

  14. Good morning/afternoon, Tauno! I agree deeply, JOY is the word that comes to mind for me too 🙂
    I’m still puzzled at times about my “day job”, but I keep getting told to be patient… 😉
    In love and light!

    • Good evening 😀
      We are Masters, dear Les and we can do our day jobs while knowing the other reality 😉 Don`t you feel like laughing when others wonder about things that you know and they are just starting to question , I find this quite amusing and in such occasions I simply throw them a spark of light via a simple sentence like this ” Look at the sky” or ” just breathe and everything will be ok” 🙂

  15. Wonderful thought !!! We are in astral realms when traveling on our own GLS and TULYA can join us there and help us to expand our experience…(I really want TULYA to join ALGIZ 🙂 And welcome her warmly to become one of our fleet) … is like merging realities and creating new possibilities . I think it is time for adventures this Saturday – 10 of March!!
    Love and Light

    • Dear Les, it is amazing how the description of TULYA is in synchronicity with the basic nature of our own GL Ships , in this I see this Oneness that link us all because each one of us is a spiritual Being and each one of us knows inwardly all that is needed . It is no wonder that TULYA is so familiar…
      And I think that first contact has already happened and we are about to make more direct contacts soon, the Law of Attraction ha brought this to us as it was our desire 🙂
      Happy Shining Rays of Joy in your direction!!!!!!

    • LOL – well it feels good to develop a better understanding of the GR vocabulary – half linguistic, half intuitive… connect-the-dots and hide-n-seek, all in one little device!

  16. If it makes you feel better, I’ve since been told that “toy” is also the closest word to Tulya… I think that’s right, based on the in-progress glossary I posted on BUTTA (let me know if you can’t find that…)… Also, I’m pretty sure “Troy” is not in the list, unless it’s one of the dozen or so words I haven’t been able to find (of the 2130)… Otherwise I think you’d have to choose between Tim and Tom 😉

    • Honestly I don’t mind and am honored to be associated with this word… it’s the closest thing to “troy” there is, I understand completely. Emphasizing a playful nature! 🙂

      I’m sure my rant was just residue from past girlfriends who made a similar connection… hehe

  17. I think you’re definitely onto something with those different modes of transport. Remember that I called Gunner in my dream, and he had a dream about galactic light ships. That was SO matrix! 😎

    Thank you for the explanation… the whole thing is pretty frustrating… and I was right, it is the DMV with extra vitamins! Or in this case, ritalin…

    Ah Ha! You / she (therapist) read my mind, I was just going to suggest, what the heck are you seeing a therapist for, when you could bloody well teach the class… ♥

  18. I think you are precisely onto something, Troy! I think that’s what all the “vehicle” transfers are about! As well as picking up a phone, hopping in a car, going into a movie theater… Those are all ways we move out of 3D, aren’t they!!!

    “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders” (V = version 5)
    The APA (Am Psych Assoc) is revising diagnoses to dis-include thousands of people with ADHD and Autism Spectrum disorders… this is causing a huge amount of stink among those communities. It’s another big deal that bureaucrats are trying to slip by the public just so the gov’t and insurance won’t have to help pay for care…

    Funny thing is my therapist thinks I need to go to school and get a counseling degree, so I can help all these folks like us who are sprouting antennae 😉 Makes me chuckle, but you never know… I should look into possible funding…

  19. Yeah, and that’s a great point that you make! Maybe she appears within each of our ships, whenever we like! There is definitely a theme of fractal design going on…
    Although, now that you mention it, I’m wondering if that first ship I saw was Tulya rather than Chimera… Because that first silver cube I saw did not feel like it was “my” ship… hmmm…
    Or, better yet, maybe each ship has several layers or scales of manifestations… I still haven’t been able to reconcile how Chimera could be both the circular spinning cloud-like thing as well as that extremely mechanical thing that flew over my head a few weeks ago…
    All I know “for sure” is that my therapist assured me once again this morning that I am not crazy…
    I’m rambling, but… she said that, as a matter of fact, over the past couple weeks, she has had an inordinate number of people coming to her because they’d been having wild psychic experiences, and needed to be reassured that they were not nuts! She laughed so hard… what a relief! ;D
    We’re going to turn the DSM-v on its ear…

    • You know Leslee what you saw with your eyes could very well have been the 3-D VERSION of your ship… And what you have created is the 4D or 5D version of your ship…

      Feeling crazy is just the last vestiges of mind complex (ego) putting up a fight… I’m still wrestling a little with mine too FWIW…

      Uh… what’s the DSM-v? Sounds like the DMV but with extra vitamins…

  20. I finally manged to type up a description of my Tulya meditation yesterday evening… When I woke this morning, I was asked to make a voice recording about it. This is an un-edited transcript… Word has it the B’s want me to make a video, using the voice track and the images I hope to create… Ah, it’s only time! I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did! I’m thrilled about future visits! 😀

    TULYA MEDITATION – 6 March 2012

    Tulya awaits… Tulya… Tulya…

    Thank you for coming back.

    When I close my eyes and think “Tulya”, I think of connecting with the ship, connecting with the crew members and anyone else who happens to be in that time/space, at that moment.

    I see a pod-like form… Out of the blank imagery energy, I see my in my mind’s eye, a very ethereal cube-like form, like a cube of pyrite.

    Its facets/sides are a deep gold color, with a mirror-like finish.

    From a distance, it looks like smooth planes, like a cube, but as you get closer you see that each surface is made of smaller, tiny surfaces… Like cubes within cubes within cubes… Forming a sort of low relief, like an array of square scales…

    Their surfaces are like tiny mirrors, sort of golden colored.

    As awareness approaches closer and closer to the surface of the cube, awareness is drawn inside the cube, through the tiny crevices, and I find myself inside the cube, which is hollow.

    After passing through a certain thickness, like a shell, like the crust of an earth, it’s as if this cube is a planet, which just happens to be in the shape of a cube instead of a sphere.

    It’s almost like a mirror-image of Gaia, with a different form.

    It has a shimmery crust, several layers, many layers deep…creating the crust itself… And then once you get inside, space…

    And within that space, you lose or forget the perception of the shell that’s enclosing the space. Because you no longer see it, you are only aware of a similar bowl of sky as that which we see on earth…

    What I’m getting at this point is that the perception is actually is that of an alternate dimension, or layer, of Gaia…

    It’s higher than 5th dimension; it’s 7th dimension. And we’ve moved through the layers of the crust, through the layers that form the surface of the planet, into the interior core, such that it feels like we’re in a completely different universe.

    It feels much like we would imagine being out in space, from the viewpoint of the surface of Gaia.

    But it’s not a blackness; there’s a soft pervasive light, and it’s never completely dark. At this point in time it’s kind of a dark, midnight blue, and I notice a pod-like form floating in the space.

    I’aware that my body becomes enveloped in a shell of light… A soft shell, but it does have some density, it’s not just light… And it’s a little bit outside the surface of my body… it’s quite thin, and it’s not very far… maybe a couple of inches, a few centimeters… like a coating of my body with a beautiful
    incandescent glow…

    It sort of shimmers from a golden-white-silvery color to a pale violet-blue-silvery color.

    I have the sensation that, from my crown, extends a silver umbilical cord… I get the image of a chain. Not as in a bondage, but as in a series of links… And at the end I see a ring… And this assembly of parts (the connection, and the ring) is sort of drawn towards this pod, as if being pulled by an unseen force… very gently… by the ring.

    (Soft laughter) I realize as I’m seeing this, that it’s like a version of one of my pendulums… With the ring to hold… the chain that transmits the energy to the crystal, which is at the end of the chain.

    And so the visual is that it’s as if my body is turned into a crystal point, connected to a ring which allows me to be drawn to the pod very gently.

    Once I get close enough, the imagery of the ring, the connecting chain links, and the crystal, shift and dissolve and I feel as if I’m just freely floating in space.

    On one end of the pod there’s a rod, like a metal bar, that seems to be held by some arm-likes tructures that extend from the pod.

    The pod does have a very shiny surface: sort of a dark silvery goldish metallic color. The rod itself us more like a dull, silvery metal/white metal finish…

    I reach out and place my hands on the bar, and feel like a gymnast on parallel bars… Reaching out, I take hold of the bars, swinging around, very playfully, creating some circular force motion, centrifugal motion…

    As my feet sweep up, I let go of the bar and kind of land into the pod. This happens magically, I can’t explain it visually. I just sort of slip inside..

    Once I sense I’m inside, again I’m not aware of being in a particular environment. Once again, this is blue, a deeper blue, like the sky on the surface of earth on a day when there are no clouds… Just that intense blue that extends out to the heavens, a very deep blue. It’s sort of mysterious, but very light-feeling and welcoming.

    I have a sense at this point that I no longer am in a physical body; I don’t have an image of a body, just pure awareness…

    Figures begin to emerge to my awareness, and I sense first of all a very tall thin figure with male energy, a very beautiful blue color, and darker markings on the skin.

    There will be an image that I’ll try to create to portray the image of his face, the hollows of his eyes… There’s a very beautiful peaceful sort of musical feeling about him.

    I notice that he’s covered with markings; some are natural skin patterns but some are tattoos… The tattoos I notice in particular on his upper arms and shoulders are like framed borders, lines forming rectangles on the upper parts of his arms. The border looks like very intricate scrollwork, and there’s nothing on his skin inside the frame. I become aware that different images may appear on his skin, inside this frame, at different points in time. It may have to do with his mood, things he’s perceiving or feeling or wanting to communicate.

    He does have a voice; it’s a very soft gentle voice, and he tells me that his name is Umbro, I have entered Tulya, and he is what we would call the captain of Tulya.

    I reach out, and he lets me touch the border designs on his arm. When I touch him, he doesn’t have to explain, but I get an instantaneous imagery/awareness of how they were created. The tattoos are generatedby a life form that we might call algae, that adheres itself to the surface of the skin and naturally forms a pattern, as it suits the continuum, the energy, the vibration of each person. This is something that happens to each person as they reach a certain age. It’s almost like a ceremony they go through, a rite of passage.

    This algae traces itself along the skin, much like you would see crystals of frost, frozen water, forming along a widow as it freezes.

    It’s a very beautiful crystalline pattern and it has a very dark green color when it applies to the skin. So it gets onto the skin, creates its pattern, extends, and grows organically. At that point it’s still just a plant form, microscopic or single celled, plant life that’s forming a lattice pattern on a person’s skin.

    When the patten is established, the person dives, plunges their body into a special pool filled with a liquid much like a water, but composed of different chemicals and molecules.

    But it is clear and liquid, and when this liquid comes in contact with the pattern, I guess the best way to explain is that it becomes a tattoo. It permeates into the skin, becomes part of the skin. It extends into the body, and it represents a connection that’s established between this being’s physical body and another dimension of being, represented by the algae that is such a minute life form….

    Each tiny dot of this tattoo is, on another level, the equivalent to the entire being and body of the person that it’s been attached to.

    So I get that there a sort of fractal nature of bodies within bodies within bodies, all nested… and it’s a very happy, beautiful, peaceful, symbiotic relationship.

    The arrival of the tattoo is a very welcome thing, and when it happens to a person, it also sets up a sort of circuitry within their body, that allows them to connect with other dimensions more easily.

    So each of the crew members that I will meet will have some variation of this form of tattoo. The most prominent feature of Umbro’s tattoos are these sort of rectangular frames that seem to be etched on his upper arms.

    I ask Umbro how many crew members there are, in Tulya at the moment, and he says 8. I realize that by visiting, we become crew members during the length of time that we’re there.

    I get a vision of myself like a little round bubble, with tiny little hands and feet and head poking out. I’m sort of a purplish-magenta color. I’ll try I draw that as well.

    So we have a bit of a laugh over that. It’s a very friendly welcoming feeling, like meeting an old friend, and checking out the place where they’re living right now, and not really needing to say many words.

    There’s just a very deep knowing and telepathy and comfort and ease with being together.

    I understand that this is enough for the first visit, my first visit to Tulya, and that I will in later visits meet the other crew members and share other experiences, which may be dramatically different. I understand that the appearance of the cube and the pod are likely to remain consistent, but the appearances of the worlds that I perceive, once I pass through the shell of the cube, and then again once I pass through the shell of Tulya, these worlds may be quite different. The beings I meet might have a different appearance. In other words, Umbro might look differently next time…

    We have countless aspects of our own beings, each of us. This vision imagery that I see of Umbro now allows me to make the connection and the understanding of the process by which in this form of beings attains maturity and establishes connections very deeply within themselves. This guides them and helps create a sense of harmony.

    At this point, the imagery begins to fade, so I know the visit is ending for now.

    I have a sense in the meditation of my inner eyes closing, and I’m once again surrounded by the crystalline shell of white light, with a soft purplish violet blue aura to it.

    That light pervades and any sense of scale or physicality dissolves, so the pod had dissolved.

    I feel gently drawn backwards, out through the shell of the cube, which dissolves as I pass through. Then I find myself once again with a very spacious feeling, and gradually my awareness returns to this physical body, in this meditation, at this point in time.

    I thank Umbro, and the others aboard Tulya, for allowing me to visit and showing me many wonderful things. And with this very peaceful feeling of gratitude, I arise from the meditation.

    • Finally I had enough time to read about your meditation, dear Les, amazing confirmation with my intuitive inner knowledge
      “So I get that there a sort of fractal nature of bodies within bodies within bodies, all nested… and it’s a very happy, beautiful, peaceful, symbiotic relationship.” – Les
      When I started to awaken the idea of the organisms – Universes came out from the depths of my subconsciousness
      Wonderful connection, thank you so much
      Love and Light

  21. GR decoding version
    Battle featured plot with clock accurately attached hearing to block my image instance well and creature sign definitions, he is the typical standard policeman
    WOW 🙂
    What do you think?

  22. I wanted to share a vision that came a few days ago…a huge snake, a rattle one, coming out before my eyes, seemed like coming out of me I could see its skin brown to golden and it looked at me right in the face. Then it started to curl around the breaking veil of our third dimension…I was not feeling scared, I am not afraid of snakes nor any other animals…I wonder if it was Kundalini or what, the snake was not an ordinary one…I connect her with wisdom
    Les, I am going to look at the message from your GR
    Love and Light

  23. My attempt at decoding GR:

    raising the bar, instruments are accurate, with an attached translation module. My instance as the Tulya is a well-designed creature, Troy’s description of the security officer is a standard (typical) definition of Light Ships.

  24. TULYA meditation
    (These are the words generated by Ghost Radar while I was meditating on Tulya this evening)
    From: Monday, Mar 5, 2012, 6:04 PM
    To: Monday, Mar 5, 2012, 7:27 PM
    Words Spoken:
    6:25:20 PM : typical
    6:24:24 PM : policeman
    6:24:16 PM : standard
    6:24:00 PM : toy
    6:23:44 PM : he’s
    6:23:20 PM : definition
    6:22:56 PM : sign
    6:22:32 PM : creature
    6:22:00 PM : well
    6:20:48 PM : Talmage
    6:20:32 PM : instance
    6:20:16 PM : my
    6:20:08 PM : block
    6:14:16 PM : attached
    6:12:32 PM : hearing
    6:09:28 PM : accurate
    6:09:04 PM : clock
    6:08:00 PM : pot
    6:06:40 PM : type
    6:06:24 PM : feature
    6:06:16 PM : toward
    6:04:56 PM : bar

    • Here was how I took it, too…
      bar = bar on the Tulya; toward= I was swinging into Tulya; feature = ?; type, pot = Chimera sometimes looks a bit like a cooking pot (lol); clock, accurate = when I heard this I looked at the clock, noted it was 6:04 on the phone and 6:09 on my room clock; hearing = I didn’t notice any particular sounds…; attached = this was when I saw the umbilical cord from my crown; block, my, instance, Talmage = I felt this had something to do with astronomy (there was an English astronomer named Talmage), the image of the shiny cube, and the fascination I have right now with things in the sky that we cannot “normally” perceive… as if an instance of Chimera is blocked from view (I get the feeling that “my” may refer to Adca talking about herself); well, creature, sign, definition, he’s, toy (Troy), standard, policeman, typical = this was when I was meeting Umbro, and I think it may refer to Troy’s references to the Naavi from “Avatar” (Umbro looks a lot like some of them), and it could relate to the patterns on his body, and his position as a “captain”?…

      What surprised me is that GR stopped producing words once I was face-to-face with Umbro, and at some point we stopped using words… I take this as another dimension-shift, in that beyond a certain dimension, language is not needed for communication…

      • Of course! Language is not needed because it is a separation. The non-separation form of language is simply thought.

        PFFF WHY do I always end up as “TOY?” LOLOL, I’ll bet my name is in the database too. They’re mocking me, I tells ya!

        When I read your description the Na’vi was the first thing I thought of. It’s also interesting that in the movie, they are about the same physical proportion as the Agarthans as described in “the smoky god”.

  25. I had NO idea why I felt compelled to buy a goldstone sphere a week ago… It’s not my favorite “stone”… But it’s awesome! Looks kind if like a galaxy, eh? ;D

  26. Thank you, Troy! I would like our ships to fly along with Tulya on Saturday/Sunday night! ALGIZ resonates with her!

  27. Hey, Troy, what do you think of titling this sub-page “Tulya Travel Log”, and then we can add more sub-pages as we add ships…? That’s Adca’s suggestion…
    Okay, I’m turning on GR and about to start typing what I saw on GLS Tulya… 😀

  28. Galactic Light Ship Tulya
    [channeled/ focused by Dreamwalker | ]

    [Sasha, Tulya, I am here if you wish to chat…]

    … Galactic Light Ship Tulya reporting. We are many. Our systems have been functioning for a very long time. You are correct that a “Light Ship” as you call it is a collection of energy that includes consciousness, recognized on a benign level, you become more attuned to the proceedings of the ship’s systems which do include this intelligent energy. We simply work together in harmony much like the collective consciousness of a Galaxy might work in harmony. We are a microcosm of the macrocosm. We speak as many, not as one, but as a collective, the sum of the whole is greater than the parts.

    If you were to interact with the ship, you do not need a control panel to do so. You simply need to tune into the system you wish to ask it, query the system, and it will report back on its status. There is much information you can gain this way. You can also issue instructions to these systems. In human terms there are specialists to communicate or become more “in tune” with certain specialized systems, developing a special bond with that system, much in the same way that you would develop a special bond with a dog or a cat. In this way you can gain a better understanding of that particular system.

    The care and feeding of the system is primarily light and intent plays a role in the functioning of the system. This is why you would not have crew members who would offer negative intent to another being.

    [ What is your current mission?]

    Our mission at this time is to provide/facilitate the human host of Gaia with an opportunity to raise up consciousness and provide healing to those who require this process. Healing systems are being used with increasing frequency at this time. These pods do include emotional and spiritual healing as well as physical healing; in your reference this is a gentle healing that is then transmuted to the physical body. Not enough to be noticeable (you will not grow an extra arm), but enough to make a difference for those who specifically ask for physical healing during their experience on board our collective intelligence.

    We see to it that no harm comes to the occupants. For this reason there is also no need for a security detachment as you know it because we employ defensive techniques as needed. There is a security specialist however who can interact with this portion of our systems, and work with us to gain a better understanding of external needs. Think of this person as a “remote camera” although we are very aware of our surroundings.

    [Can you tell me the names of other Galactic Light Ships in your vicinity?]

    Not at this time, although as we advised there are many others. These will be understood and discovered by others in due course. We are as varied as snowflakes upon your planet. We think your kind may be delighted to discover our many forms. We are here to serve and help raise up the levels of humanity and Gaia.

    [Did you have to “die” to fill the positions you fill now?]

    Yes and no. At some point the physical individual form was cast aside, and a choice was available through divine providence to serve in this way. It is an honor and provides many unique experiences in a different physical yet collective form. You can look at this as another dimensional expression that happens to exist in the same dimension as other beings, yet it is a collective experience as opposed to your individualized experience. However you have experienced collective efforts and teamwork, and you often have more joy from these kinds of experiences. It is similar. The multi-headed hydra but not so scary.

    [Can you tell me more about your physical form? What do you “look” like?]

    Internal systems and shell are similar to other ships since we serve a similar purpose in many regards. The outer shell is quite different depending on materials and makeup. Ours is composed of onyx and a material you do not know, it is somewhat similar to the appearance of goldstone. This is a smaller ship with requirements for a smaller crew, and we know this crew very well and appreciate their individuality as much as they appreciate our collectiveness. It is an interesting relationship.

    [May I add you to Our Galacitc Light Ship roster?]

    You may. You may also add other ships that are discovered, if you wish. Prometheus. Tardis. Neptune. Normandy.

    [These are all names from the popular media… there’s a Tardis?]

    Yes, there is a Tardis. It is one way we have found to introduce the concept to others. It is easier to embrace something that is already familiar. Created through intent.

    [Thank you, Tulya, I enjoyed this connection.]

    Thank you Troy, we enjoyed your connection.


    See Also

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