7 February 2012
Anybody had any interesting dreams lately?

I’m cursing hotel wake-up calls this morning because I think I had a lot last night, but I was so jolted out of it that all I can remember is dreaming of getting dressed…

I’m still looking for Aeterna while I’m sleeping!

12 Febraury 2012 (from Leslee)
We’re posting dream experiences from last night on DreamWalker Diaries, and on Ana’s Astral Travels post from this morning, and also in the main forum at the 10 Feb SaLuSa message… See you there!


  1. Dream 3: I am talking to a senior woman, who seems to me to be caught in the lie of this world, the illusion. she is telling me that i must not do something because it is against the rules. I tell her that rules are made to be broken and i begin to walk away. behind me i hear a deafening roaring sound. I turn around to see an enormous red blimp with the word “satanic” written on it. it crashes into the earth and there is an explosion. Smoke fills the air and i run away from the blimp. I approach a set of train tracks perpindicular to the path i’m running. A train passes at incredible speed immediately in front of me, but my timing was such that i crossed the tracks just as the tail end of the train passes me. There is what seems to be a bus, only immobile, with its doors open. I run into the bus seeking safety, and inside are 3 others. The bus is at the top of a steep road. looking out the windshield, I can see an intersection and a train station. A woman is crossing the street when suddenly and violently she begins going into convulsions, and she drops to the concrete in the middle of the street, blood coming from her mouth. I see a few people rush to her aid, kneeling beside her trying to help. As i watch, suddenly one of the men who came to her assistance also begins to have a seizure. one by one, all surrounding people begin convulsing, and dropping to the ground. Suddenly i do not feel safe inside of the bus anymore, and i feel a heavy dense energy enter the bus, and i begin to feel it enter me as the other people who were on the bus all began seizing. I quickly get out of the bus and run back towards the way of the satanic blimp crash. chaos has started, and people all around me are running frantically. there is no order, only fear and screaming. A couple are running beside me and i begin to say a prayer out loud as i run. The couple,doubtful and afraid, yells to me that my prayers are going to be in vain. So I begin praying again out loud, louder, as i sprint. At once, I am surrounded by a group of people, including two lds missionaries, who begin to pray out loud with me. I am in the middle of their prayer circle, and immediately i begin to feel all illness and evil leave my body. i know that i am safe with this group of people. they are protecting me. We all run into an underground bunker of sorts, a small one, but when we get inside and shut the door, i can see that it appears to be a library? i see a holy bible on the shelf and i go to pick it up. one of the missionaries jumps up and tells me “No! dont touch that!” Offended, and suddenly feeling that he is not understanding, I pick up the bible anyways. and then i woke up

  2. I understand that this is a really old post but i would like to share a few seemingly apocalyptic/ prophetic dreams i have been having this year….

    Dreams 1 &2:
    Both dreams were almost identical, except for the people i am with. I am in the mountains, secluded with a small group of people who seem to have intentionally distanced themselves from the rest of society…A huge red asteroid quickly approaches the earth and i have barely enough time to take action. somehow i am consciously aware of the fact that when this comet hits our planet, it is essential that i be physically holding/touching someone (it did not matter who). i awake before it hits.

    Dream 3:

  3. JJ, I went through those full-body vibrations last year at various times, and can still get triggered if I listen to music with solfeggio tones in them. As for your dream you might like to look at Konstantinos’s art, similar ideas. Welcome to the site!

  4. Thanks to you Lisa, πŸ™‚ When I have these kind of dreams … it is so powerful that I feel my whole body vibrating (literally!) I know it sounds crazy, and generally I don’t tell this kind of experiences, I tried once and the reaction was … “are you crazy?” So thank you for your kind reply. Made me even more happy about my “special dream” πŸ™‚

    • Hi JJ,
      I know what you are talking about the whole body vibrating, I have them to occasionally, and I am always happy when I have those experiences. And no, you are not crazy, just going up the spiritual ladder ….and that is the most beautiful thing… like I always say…what people think of me is non of my business πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

      It is really a beautiful dream/vision and it feels to me that you where there in astral body. It feels also very familiar to me …. who knows, maybe I was there too? As there is no boundaries up there.

      Love Lisa

      • If you were there it would be magical πŸ™‚ It’s an experience that everyone would deserve to have at least once! there was this feeling of union among all of us, even if we were different in shape.
        I had others experiences but i remember just small pieces, in a way i understand the reason why I don’t remember everything, just this little flash is so powerful to me, that to remember everything maybe could be overwhelming. A question if you feel like answering: Did you ever feel these vibrations when you are awake? Thank you again for your kindness and I’ll go to get information about astral projection.

        • Hi JJ,
          I think it was between awake and sleeping that I felt those vibrations. πŸ˜€ At one time it started with my husband , he was sleeping, and vibration went over into me. That was just so amazing feeling. Of course he didn’t feel a thing πŸ˜€

          • Generally I feel them when I’m not totally sleeping like you do, but in a couple of occasions i felt them when i was totally awake. Really strange but not unpleasant. Until not long time ago, I would have called crazy someone whom was telling these kind of stories … I guess life taught me a great lesson. Now I feel there’s something really great beyond our limited senses. I am very grateful for this gift. πŸ™‚ Maybe you cannot get it from my nick name .. I’m a woman πŸ™‚

  5. Hi, I just would like to share a “dream” with you or a sort of dream. Because in fact it’s a image that I had in front of my eyes when I started to be conscious. I am in a big circular room, in front of me several people, everyone is giving me the back, someone has a human form, others not. Everyone of us is staring out of a sort of huge window. In front of us the Earth … huge! Everyone was standing still as contemplating what we were seeing out of the window. I felt like I was really there in this moment of contemplation. I am new here, and I generally don’t participate actively but I thought that maybe here someone would have shared with me the beauty of this “dream”.

    • JJ yes please share your dreams. This was a beautiful dream. I have looked down on earth in a previous dream also. This mornings dream I posted also had light beings which were human form but the covering of their bodies was not like us.
      much love suzanne

      • Thank you for your warm welcome among you, crystalineblue. To me this is the first time that I remember something like this, generally these kind of memories are more vague (sensations, someone is teaching me something … guiding me, but very undefined) but still i am not able to be very precise, it was like the room wasn’t illuminated and the light was coming from outside (sun reflection on the Earth was illuminating the people standing in front of me). So the only thing that I see it’s dark shapes seen from behind. Anyway what you say makes sense to me, it’s weird the similarity of our dreams. It’s pleasant πŸ™‚

  6. Hi all,

    Got an interesting dream last night, after doing my light and purification meditation and stating my intent to visit New Earth.

    I went for a walk with my youngest daughter Nolwazi (14 months) after a day at the forest/beach with her dad and sister. So I walked with her and came past our stuff that was still there. I told my husband if he could please clean it up. Then I turned around (and then it seems the image that I was getting, it felt like it was not part of the dream, but like it came in as something separate, message? It was a Mayan temple , and first behind the temple was a flash of bright light blue light, then a narrow beam of bright light blue light came out of the top of the temple a shot to the night sky) then I was suddenly walking with my daughter again. There was a puddle of water,(my daughter loves water) and she jumped in, but it was deep and saw her going under. I was quick to get her out.

    I noticed lately that me dreams have a lot of water in them and the color blue.

    Namaste Lisa

  7. Hi Leslee,

    Sometimes you think you have dealt with that and then it comes up again saying that it is not. But we keep on digging and releasing, that is why I am doing two different meditations right now to heal the parts that need healing and hopefully balance my physical and emotional body again and feel happy and free.

    Namaste Lisa

    • Thank you, Lisa, for the connection to LG… I’ll read that this morning… I’m having some pains lately too (physical and otherwise)… It feels like many of us are being encouraged to uncover and release old traumas and self-views we might have been clinging to… I welcome the progress. And I suppose if it were easy, we would already have done it! How wonderful to have such loving company, while it’s passing… Namaste, leslee πŸ™‚

  8. What a powerful dream, Lisa! I’ve been getting a lot of go with the flow messages too… Our “train” seems to be passing through some watery regions… Sending you lots of love and light for your swift healing!

  9. Yesterday I did my solar plexus meditation, then stated intent to go on the ships and some help letting go of my trauma past. I am trying to clear everything even me trying to cling on that victim status…I don’t want to be a victim anymore…it’s time to take back my life and my right to be a spiritual being that I once was. Anyway I must admit that I learnt a lot of this experience as I am compassionate towards others.

    But I got the following dream. I was in a bubble, a big bubble because Gaia/earth was in the 3D bubble. I was swimming in water, and it was rising and rising and also some fog came up and it was actually toxic fog. Above me was a very big bubble that was intertwined with the 3D bubble, I was told that it was a higher dimension. The water was pushing me towards the big bubble (4D?), the bubble had blue,white,yellow, and orange colors. Then I got a following message , that either I was going with the flow of the water and enter the bubble of blue/orange (4D realm?) or I was going to fight it and drown. That was the end of my dream. I felt actually good when I woke up, I felt it was important, so that is why I wrote it here down.

    Wish all of you, light, love and joy

  10. Hello Lisa and Leslee, Yeah, i definitely agree with that Leslee……emotions make complete sense, when it comes to dreaming about water. Thank you for posting that. The purple ball according to Bill was about my higher self connecting to me at that moment after the dream and reversing the dream ( electricity was going in a reverse motion at the time in the ball) He said wishful thinking, that my soul was coming through to change or renew energy within myself……I hope that makes sense, sometimes I know exactly what he means, but I have a hard time putting the words out there. ya know? Craziness with these dreams… Ilove it!! They are trying to tell us all something and that is such a meaningful thing, we are all so connected in so many ways. Inspiring!
    Hugs and Love to you all,

    • Hi Tara,

      I know what you mean, I started to write an article three times, and when I read it back, it makes no sense at all. Maybe march will be better for our brains and hope we get somethings in order. Thanks for the explanation, I think I have to read more times to get it, because now my brain is on brainfreeze πŸ™‚

      Wish you lots of Love, Light and Joy

  11. Wow, Tara, what a powerful lesson! I hope your next one is a little gentler!
    I’m with Lisa, I’d love to hear more about the purple balls of electricity!
    Also, I’m reminded, by reading your dreams about storms (and especially tsunami’s), I used to have similar dreams regularly… tornadoes and tidal waves! I came to understand that (for myself, at least) they tended to come when I felt overwhelmed by emotion, or controlled by my emotions, if that makes sense. I learned at some point that in my dream world, water represents emotions. So it sometimes helps me to examine the state of the water I experience, and ask myself how that might reflect my feelings in waking life…
    Okay, it’s bedtime now – talk to you both soon! Love & light, Leslee

  12. Hey!! No, but i will get over there right now……I had something happen to me today that shows how important our intuition is and how necassary it can be to follow it and listen to it….I know that is hard to do sometimes, but we really should all try to..I however did not listen to it today and here is what went down because of it…..
    We have a dirt driveway, well it has little stones all on top of the dirt so that it doesn’t become muddy. so the driveway is one long road of little pebbles that stick to the ground like cement, I hope I explained that correctly…It snowed here last night and school had a two hour delay, so knowing that we had a good amount of snow covering the driveway, it was safe to assume that our plow guy was coming.
    Well as i laid in bed this morning trying to get back to sleep after hearing there was a delay:)…..I all of a sudden started to become very aggitated, and saw myself getting very angry with the plow guy, now i am not one to harp on things or get angry with people (especially when nothing even happen yet). i always am the benefit of the doubt, they were a baby once…lol…and they are spirit trying to live this human life……type of person (that took time to become that way as well). anyway, I couldn’t shake this feeling that he was going to somehow upset me today. Well i naturally, eventually dismissed this and just took in some deep breaths and went back to sleep…..later this morning, I came out to start the car and to my surprise my landlord was standing there in disgust, as i looked at my driveway it was completely torn up, there were, are, big rocks all dug up that surrounded pacasandras and the rest of the driveway looked like a tornado hit it, there was a hill of dirt right in the middle of the driveway that we had to shovel down and flaten to be able to even drive over it. Unreal!!! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Why did he do this, what was he thinking? and so forth….that moment I thought to myself, i intuitivly knew that this or something was going to go down today with the plowing and I dismissed it.
    I know how hard it is to listen to our intuition at times but wow…i guess we really should. Feeelings just don’t arise for no appearant reason, well not always.
    I suppose i should have called him this morning and asked him to just not come, not today…now we have to sue him for the damages, landlord inspired..I am not into drama and this really stinks…..but he caused a lot of damage. And our driveway is destroyed.
    Well that was a lesson of lets try to listen and do what our intuition tells us to do the next time we have such strong feelings about something.
    Wow you just asked me if I read thepost and I give you this…lol…I will check it out now….can’t wait!! And thank you for the energy wishes!!
    Hugs xoxo,

  13. Hey Lisa,

    I haven’t asked him yet, I plan on it today…..my energy has been very low lately so I tend to only connect a few times a week when that happens. that hasn’t happened to me in such a long time, but then again I never really give myself a break, even when he is telling me to….thank you for asking and I will be getting back to you soon, I am just as curious….

    Your dreams were very interesting….It is strange how we are both dreaming of these storms coming, I wonder how many others are having the same dreams….it may be all that is going on with the great shift in 2012 and the higher level of thinking that is approaching all of us, people are started to become more aware of everything going on in their own lives….past and present. Things are changing that is for sure.

    I have always loved dreams and how much they can reveal to us spiritually, emotionally and help us to figure out and possibly fix things in our life, to bring clairity in our lives.

    Okay I will be getting back to you!

    • Hi, Tara! Been thinking about you and hoping you’re okay! Best wishes for some fresh, bright energy! πŸ™‚
      Have you had a chance to read any of the posts about Saturday night’s dreaming?
      Love, & see you soon! Leslee

  14. Hi all,

    I had a weird kind of dream last night, the first dream. It felt like i was being bombarded with a million beings (felt like light bubbles) trying to get fit in my body and mind. I started to suffocate and getting scared. So I ordered them to get out of my body and mind and the left with millions and left me a bit groggy and feeling I was not myself.

    After that I had a dream that I was chased by bad aliens, we escaped. And then I sat down with a friend and we are looking over a map and I point to Wyoming saying there is a bad storm coming ahead there.

    Then I was with family in a sort of houseboat that was standing over a low river, like a bridge. I see a woman coming and shouting and waving at me that their is a tsunami coming our way. I just closed on time the windows when it got hit by a huge wave.

    Namaste Lisa

  15. It was such a calm night out that evening…it was so strange. That is actually a good question for my spirit guide, whom i connect with using my pendulum… I will have to ask because it was definitely a weird thing.
    I’ll let you know what I come up with.

  16. I had a dream last night that I was asking Jesus to help me with something that was going on in my dream and I began to visualize pictures on my ceiling, I can’t remember what they were except some animals, but the prescence was there, I could definitely feel it. I then asked if I could see one of my past lives, fog began to form and a picture of an older women appeared with white hair. Then it all disappeared and I was in a house looking out.

    Then two nights ago i had a dream about my husband and i walking on a snowy path it was long and very peaceful. Until the trees started to sway and then two very tall bare trees began to make a crackling sound and started to fall. As we watched this happen we turned to run away frightned that they would fall on us. We just ran so far down the road that the sound disappeared. Now this is the weird part, I started to come out of the dream and I thought I heard the noise again, but this time it sounded as though it was coming from outside our house. I woke up in fear, (I think I was awake, such a strange feeling) and saw a round purple ball filled with electricity on the wall and everywhere I looked it was there. It was small and was very active, you could see the electricity inside this ball circulating. I wanted to examine it more but I fell instantly back to sleep and that was it utnil the morining.

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