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(from Leslee)

We’re experimenting with developing telepathic abilities by meditating simultaneously, using a crystal (or group of crystals) for focus and inspiration. We’ve also found that adding plants to the meditation seems to amplify the clarity of the meditation.

Please choose a crystal that especially resonates with you  – or calls to you – at the time, or choose one similar to what others may have indicated that they intend to use. Plant choices vary; Tauno has a bamboo plant she uses, and I tend to use dried herbs or flowers that I’ve gathered. If you read Konstantinos’ post on the message from the Plant Kingdom, you’ll see that all are connected and communicate with one another!

Sometimes there is a focused intention, and sometimes we simply focus on the crystal and allow it to lead us. We gather whatever visual or other sensory information we receive, and compare notes.

We’ll use theses page to share our results with the Crystal Meditations we do together, similarly to the Dreamflights. We’ve had some wonderful results with using this as a telepathic exercise!

Please click on the link above for the month you’d like to read or post into.

We meditate as closely to a certain time as possible, so that our meditations synchronize. Some of us meditate nearly every day, some just a few times or once a week. All are welcome to join us and post their results! You can share your experiences by commenting on the various pages.

Meditations take place at approximately:

20:00 Eastern European Time

18:00 UTM

13:00 Eastern Time (US & Canada)

12:00 Noon Central Time (US & Canada)

11:00 Mountain Time (US & Canada)

10:00 Pacific Time

Please join whenever you can – we’ve had some fantastic results even when meditations have taken place several hours apart. When we do manage to meditate simultaneously, the synchronicities can be remarkable!


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