Santa Muerte
So… I have been talking to Santa Muerte (here and here). You know how in your house sometimes you have a shelf that you end up putting random stuff on it, because you can’t figure out what to do with them?I just looked at the shelf and realized this shelf with random stuff on it is a shrine to Santa Muerte.:shock:

What it has on it:

-A baby skeleton / day of the dead skeleton my sister sent me (she knows I like day of the dead stuff
-A wooden treasure chest with some plastic coins in it that my son assembled (it ties directly into the google doodle posted yesterday…)
-A plate with geometric patterns, including an 8-pointed star (chaos, venus)
-a (navajo?) jar
-a vase
-a beeswax candle

I realized this is the only thing on this shelf, apparently Santa Muerte does not like to share the altar with other images

Symbols / Templates
-or to put it another way…-
Chaos | Love | Light
This is the “template” of spiritual progression. Chaos can be any chaotic event, such as love, laughter, a confrontation, a disaster. You can then follow that event or expression of love, and you will gain some insight or enlightenment. What is not depicted here is nothingness – the void – which is part of the pattern. It is the necessary hibernation, the “winter” or “death”, that follows major growth. The void is simply nothingness. Then rebirth.


Also these are apparently elements in the process of manifestation.
Caduceus: this is symbolic of DNA coding, of a pattern that has yet to be discovered.
Heart chakra activation
My Son’s Art
Tardis by Dylan, age 8
Golden Tardis (Mark II?) by Dylan, age 8, March 17, 2012
Lego Ship by Brandan, age 6, March 17, 2012
Ghost radar feb9 2012
5:15:52 PM : specific
5:15:40 PM : hand
5:14:48 PM : offer
5:14:32 PM : stems
5:13:56 PM : beautiful
5:13:40 PM : again
5:05:40 PM : wolf
5:05:28 PM : Eddy
5:05:12 PM : lift
5:05:00 PM : excited


  1. The Tardis drawing and Lego ships are awesome! Look at that spiral! I love the “Golden Tardis” name… And that control panel looks mighty familiar… Notice the understanding that a “shell” is not needed. Thank you so much for sharing these with us!

  2. I suspect it refers to Mary Baker Eddy, who founded the Christian Science religion. She believed that all things come from mind, and all things are possible thru the mind. In her day she was considered “hysterical”, and it seems she channeled, or talked directly with her guides… 😉

  3. A special hand offered me bautiful stems again and the wolf Eddy/what? I didn`t know that :D/ lifted his exiled spirit 🙂

    Troy, your GR foretold your wife`s illness and recovery here

    Love and Light

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