1. Dear Friends
    I was experiencing a period of deep depression and no willingness to connect
    A lot of things happened and some connections with the Beings from the higher dimensions of Light too
    But I want to share one of the recent ones and one of the strongest ones too
    Last night I was looking at the evening sky and I decided to call SaLuSa, so I whispered SaLuSa`s name several times with focused thought. Then I entered in my kitchen and when I was stepping in there came a strong flash of Light. This happened for a second or two and the Light had a horizontal position like a horizontal lightening, also I remember a shape of a flying saucer – the Light looked like a saucer craft
    First I thought that something happened with my electricity but when I looked at the bulb it was shining as usual as if nothing has happened. And I connected this Light with my call to SaLuSa that I had made a few seconds before.
    ( ( SUN ) )

  2. Crystal Connection – 16 April 2014
    I connected with the energies of Light from Cosmos and absorbed them into my body, then sent them into the core of Gaya
    I connected with the crystal core of the Earth and felt its Light and saw a sphere of White
    I got a vision of the Great Pyramid that is in fact a giant octahedron that is half in Inner earth and half on the surface, thus the octahedron serves as a means for transmissions of energies amongst Inner Earth and the Earth `s surface
    Then I went upwards and saw a Path that was leading upwards, the path was a golden one and had a shape of a pyramid, at its top I saw a Being of Light of Angelic vibrations, then I saw a White Swan as a means of transportation between dimensions
    Love and Light

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