(from Leslee)

My main way of connecting with my Guides has been through dowsing, since 2010. Lately I’ve been receiving more direct information through telepathy and dreaming, but the pendulum still serves as the test I use when I feel uncertain about something.

I discovered last year (2012) that the way my Guides taught me is somewhat similar to TAUK, the method Suzanne Spooner developed. But it’s also quite different in some subtle but important ways. I wish to emphasize that methods of divination are very personal, yet we all have the ability to develop our own way of connecting. Tools and tips may help us along our way, but ultimately the making of the connection, and the clarity and purity of that connection, depends upon us.

Lobsang Rampa gives an explanation in Cave of the Ancients that aligns more with my understanding of how a pendulum works; he compares it to a radio wave receiver. As we study and work with subtle energy, we can come to understand this more deeply.

For myself, I experience the pendulum as a way of stilling and focusing my mind. Watching a swinging pendulum, for me, produces a very similar effect to EMDR and Brainspotting techniques, and I suspect that when I’m in tune with my Guides, I’m also in a state of light hypnosis.

All that said, my observation indicates that each individual has a unique experience with a pendulum. Some, like me, might find it to be the best way they’ve found to connect, and some may find it to be totally unreliable.

Here are some links to posts or pages I’ve written about my experience with and understanding of dowsing with a pendulum:

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  1. I am still practicing with the pendulum. I was able to get two words of a message from Ackmar (my higher self). When I made the connection I asked to communicate with my higher self and then I asked for a name. I got Ackmar.

  2. I took a class on TAUK on the use of pendulums. I am practicing with it and last knight I had a connection with a being named Unapo. I’m not sure if that is correct because the connection was scattered. I tried to get the first word of a message from Unapo but it was not clear. We agreed to try and connect at another time. I will continue to practice until I get it right. It’s fascinating.

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