Crystal Connections February 2013



  1. Crystal Meditation – 28 February 2013
    Thoughts from my everyday troubles occupied my mind and it was hard for me to concentrate, I was holding OLA and listening to the sounds that passed without a chance to feel a connection
    At the middle of my experience I heard the running water and I saw Light into my third eye and then I saw the White Horse, this creature comes from elven realms and carries the vibrations of Pegasus and Unicorn, I realized I am connected and this is a sign from Spirit, a good sign for a movement and change for better, just a confirmation of what the Runes show
    At the very end of my meditation before I opened my eyes I saw myself over the calm water of the river, the flat surface of the river under the night sky was Lightened by many floating Lights on the water and behind there was the river bank and the city
    Thank You
    Love and Light

  2. Crystal Meditation – 27 February 2013
    I had a very difficult concentration because of some strong inner energy that was pulsating and my legs and hands literally could not stay easy for a minute, I was constantly stretching them and this drove me a bit crazy but I got a few visions, a sense of being in Space and watching the galaxy, then transparent model of the three Giza pyramids appeared, they were as clear crystal a copy of Giza pyramids in Space, I saw an Eye and then Bastet appeared in the image of a black Cat and I knew that I was connected with Lisa and Elvi, Lisa is receiving a healing energy from Bastet who Guards Her
    I asked to be connected with Lisa and to see Her, and I saw Lisa meditating, there was an energy like a sphere over Lisa`s head and then I saw Her inside a DNA spiral, Arcturian craft appeared and It was giving Light as dots of Golden energy
    Then I saw Light in my third eye and this Light formed an aura of Golden Light around me and I directed the Light from my third eye to my pineal gland and down to the ground, I felt myself full of energy


  3. Crystal Meditation – 26 February 2013
    I saw a flower with many petals, then the flower became a Lotus of violet/pink colour, I saw a bird that looked like phoenix but of green/blue colour as I was receiving DNA activation codes
    A forest I saw of green and blue, the same elven forest I was in before and a path towards the Light opened
    I saw the cross within the circle again and a black dot inside, then the sign became a portal
    I heard the Shaman singing and I heard the shaman drum too, a pyramid under the hill I saw and the Rune TIR in front/or inside the Pyramid
    the Bear came, I was in the mountains and I saw a handmade thing that looked like Native American two feathers tied to a cross within a circle sign
    I connected with the heart of Gaia and felt the Light
    I was flying above the surface of the Planet observing the land and cities from above, I saw Light explosion on the surface like these Solar eruptions seen on the surface of the Sun, this time the Light came from the Earth forming two or three tall streams of Light that expanded into Space as If the Mother reached hands to greet the Sun

  4. Crystal Meditation – 25 February 2013
    Shiva came in front of me giving Blissful energy
    I saw two Roman priests doing a ceremony
    Light was Golden and was coming from the hands of the Creator and the Earth was there in the Golden energy of Light
    I was somewhere in South America and saw ancient colour drawings on stone representing human figures with animal heads, I saw a stone monument of South American origin representing a God with human face
    Then I saw the Queen leaving , she was waving and smiling till the horses were walking into the misty land
    I was standing in the Light of the New Era and was raised to a Palace of Light, I saw golden Angels in this Palace
    Then I was on Earth again and I was over the ocean when Mother Mary/Jeshua – They Are One energy/Being came to me giving Blessing and i felt myself Ascending as I was giving Light to the Earth, I raised high above the ocean in an aura of Blue Light and the feeling is unspeakable…total lightness and bliss , I radiated Light from my Heart

  5. Crystal Meditation – 24 February 2013
    The Moon and the Sun merged their Silver and Golden Light into a White Gold that surrounded my body, the Light penetrated my Pineal gland and became a ray of light that I directed down into the earth
    I saw the Tree of Life and its roots were around a Lake
    I closed the circle giving Light into the roots of the Tree of Life as I was breathing out and as I was breathing in I absorbed the light from my pineal gland
    I saw Shiva`s Face watching me
    At the end of the meditation I saw an Angel – AA Michael
    Then Mother Mary came and gave us Her Blessing

  6. Crystal meditation – 23 February 2013

    I saw a man standing on a rock, I could see his face from below, a blond man, pale skin and low vibrations, he was shouting
    Then I saw a snake that was holding an egg in its mouth, I could see its teeth when opened the mouth and bit the egg, then I saw a hand/claw holding an egg
    My dragon came and the snake disappeared, my dragon turned into a portal, I felt myself secure and went through the portal
    I saw a Giving Birth of a Being, not human being, just a sense of giving birth … I saw a bird forming but outside the egg or…perhaps I was in the egg watching how the bird is forming
    The feeling I got is I am witnessing the beginning of the New Earth
    I went through a blue portal, saw Lights, and the colour changed into blue/orange, then pink, I was in a pink energy and saw a mountain top with a pyramid shape and a Female Higher Being came and said “Welcome, ….” I heard a name but I forgot it, they are calling me this way there, I was on another planet and the craft of the Arcturians was with me, the planet was like our 3D Earth, I was shown how people live there, cities, forests, there were many men in a green forest and perhaps they are discussing something, I was called to give guidance and advice and these people were not aware of my presence, I watched them from above
    Then an Angel came, the Angel was Huge and was standing over the Earth in a Golden Light, I raised my hands and the Light became green
    Thank You

    • This sound of the Sun resonates with my Heart Chakra and the vibrations fill my whole vessel with the LIGHT of the Sacred fire of LIFE

    • Oh, I meditated with my moss agate, I got it , I thought ” I am not ill, Lisa is not ill anymore, but I will use it” and the moss agate was right in front of me during the meditation

  7. Hello dear Tauno and Lisa,
    I had a most amazing experience this morning around 5:15 a.m. while meditating.

    Last night I meditated using my quartz crystal asking for calm and removal of fear and for healing.

    This morning I began to meditate asking Jesus to remove fear from my thoughts and help me to remain calm. I have a medical situation that I need to see a doctor this coming Monday. Back to this morning. Iā€™m meditating thanking Jesus and my guides, angels … for being with me helping me to remain calm. I was very anxious and my body was tensed. I asked Jesus for healing and I expressed my love for all of them. As I was doing this I heard a voice in my right ear say ā€œI manifest healing.ā€ Immediately my body began to relax, I became calm and fear was gone. I was so grateful, tears fell. Then I began to have visions.

    First vision: I saw a man with dark hair wearing a creamed color, short-sleeved shirt, with black trousers and black shoes. The trousers were pulled up high on his waist with a black belt. The trousers had a cuff in them. He was in a building and seem to be having a very compassionate debate with someone. He was an artist, a painter. He held up his paint brush and declared that he could do a certain painting. I felt the man was me in past life.

    Second vision: I was standing on a mountain and a dragon came and landed right next to me. The dragon was a dark color. It wrapped a wing around me wanting to take me for a ride. I felt very protected.

    Third vision: There were two women, one young, and one older, in a marketplace buying food. The young woman had a baby and she was carrying the baby in some sort of garment on her back. They were Chinese or Japanese, Iā€™m not sure which. I knew the older woman was me.

    Love and light

  8. Crystal Meditation – 22 February 2013
    I was in Space and connected with the Arcturians, i saw the faces again
    I called my dragon and we flew through a portal
    I entered the Sphere of all possibilities and saw Arcturians again as I imagined the Universe around me
    I imagined my Future Self living on New earth and working together with all on a project of helping other civilizations to evolve, I connected with my Future Self – Angelic elf Being dressed in Silver robe and with long dark hair – I became my Future Self and brought the higher energies into 3D
    Then a portal opened, I was flying through it down there into the dark and I made a strange bounces up as if I was trying to raise vibrations , then the tunnel lead me to a land of beautiful green mountains

  9. Crystal Meditation – 21 February 2013
    I had a difficult concentration but i felt the Presence of a Huge White elven butterfly, later I saw the blue/green butterfly too and some of my visions were connected with White Angelic beings visions, Portals of dark blue colour and energy like a smoke
    I saw Arcturian faces again and their craft into the DNA spiral
    I entered the Sphere of All Possibilities and saw mother Mary`s face looking at me
    All over there was LIGHT and the Universe around my Solar Plexus chakra was of Golden/White Light
    I imagined my Future self as a White Angel working together with My Friends on a project for the betterment of ALL, Arcturians were also there, they were working with us and we can travel the Universe and experience total Freedom, the New Earth is clean and the air is fresh and full of potentials, the energies are uplifting
    I asked Arcturians if it is their craft I saw, a big saucer with Light circles beneath and they were radiating rays of Light, I asked them if they are about to introduce us with the new advanced technologies and I felt – Yes
    Thank You

  10. Crystal Connection – 20 February 2013
    WOW, I am still in the wonderful Golden energies of the New Earth, it is so wonderful, all over there is a new higher energy, we are drawing it near and this is almost our reality, I cannot describe in simple words all this feeling, I saw the energies of Light coming to us from all over the Universe, many craft sending Light, the hands of the Creator, i was so close to all this, We Are Loved
    Arcturians connected with me showing me their craft and i was inside their craft, I met a crew member and asked about the name – I got OMEGA,
    Arcturians craft is multidimensional, it has many facets in the many time lines, something similar to this dance of India where many people stand behind one and we see one person with many hands
    Inside the craft I had a feeling of being in Open Space, it is beautiful
    I saw crystal DNA codes that were sent to me and then Portal opened
    There came a vision of a clear quartz pyramid too, it was in Space
    The Arcturians are so friendly, I saw their faces again and i expressed my gratitude and became Pure LIGHT, I felt myself radiating Golden Light, I was like a Sun and my aura was the whole Universe and it was of Golden Light , there were some shadows there but my Light has the Power to transmute them into Light
    I also saw many directions opened before us, a ladder of clear crystal was there, a Gate is opened too, everything is available to Us who are following the Spirit
    Lisa, I was using the Sphere of all Possibilities too, what a connection we made again, OLA was on my Solar plexus chakra
    I remember many people moving and generating HUGE and Powerful wave of Light energy like an Ocean of Light in Space, People are using their Power Now, it is such a happy feeling!
    I am so happy, Lisa!
    ( ( SUN ) )

  11. Crystal Connection 19 february 2013
    outer solar system

    I had difficulty to connect. I got some word images. I see outer solar systems, inner solar systems, solar plexus, inner heart chakra. I got the message, Just BE and go with the flow. All day I am seeing the image of Iltheos.

    Love Lisa

  12. Crystal meditation – 19 February 2013
    I had a long meditation with lots of visions and I may forget some of them while writing but this is also the Spirit guidance what to remember
    I saw a swirl of Golden Light, a fiery tunnel that swirled , then the colour became green and yellow, merged, then green and a little red
    I went through some tunnels and I was on a highway up and straight on
    I saw a DNA spiral and inside of it a Craft, a Light came out from the craft, beams of Light, rays of light and more strands DNA were activated, the DNA changed form and instead of spiral became something like a straight tube/channel
    Angels and Lights appeared in Space and into the Light that was shining
    I saw a pink flower, the flower was alive and communicated with me, it smiled and became a portal, I entered into this portal
    I saw a black/white photo from the time of World War II and a woman there, this woman connected with me and wanted to tell me something, I saw another photo of the same period, a leader dressed in a military uniform was greeting some soldiers in front of a plane
    Then the Native American Chief appeared, he was wearing white and black macrame
    Then I called my dragon and the Dragon immediately appeared – blue and green and full of potentials, I asked my dragon to take me through the portals and we went through some dark blue tunnels
    Abi–Qor was waiting for me, I was looking in Abi-Qor`s direction
    and then the formation of the Sphere began
    My Solar plexus chakra became the center of the Universe
    I imagined my Future Self living on the New Earth of beauty and perfection, everywhere is so clean and the energies are so uplifting and you have a feeling of floating in this ocean of Happiness, Joy and High energies, everything is possible I connected with my Future Self, I was working together with my friends on a project, we were giving help of other civilizations to evolve, the colours of the new Earth are white, blue and green mostly, as living in clouds and there is freshness of air and a feeling of Bliss
    I remember some faces of Higher Beings came to me while I was in the New Earth, they looked like the Japanese theater masks , white faces, small sharp chins and big eyes

  13. Reply from KP on my question if I indeed met Iltheos in my meditation: Hello dear Lisa. Wow. Look at that. I have just seen your e-mail because I was listening to last week’s interview of Norma Milanovich, author of the book ‘we, the Arcturians’! And the link of the interview was sent to me by Leslee. Is this all a meaningful synchronization or what? . Iltheos tells me that it sure is . Yes, he tells me that it was him that came to you. One of the reasons is that we are connected in a very deep way, as same happens with the rest of our close friends. Our meeting is not random at all and another reason for your encounter, is that it is time for you to get closer in contact with the arcturian energy. Iltheos tells me that you’ll understand the reason(s) in due time. I’m so happy when these synchronizations happen ! Much Love to you, dear Lisa.

    Thanks KP

  14. Crystal Meditation 17 February 2013
    I connect with the moon that i see outside my window. I see a strange forest, and then it hit me that I am looking @ a underwater forest . I am standing in my lab, huge windows that look out on this strange forest. There is a huge moonstone in my lab and I take my crystal and connect with it. I have strong powerful feeling, leslee and tauno are there too, and someone I don’t know yet. The last image I see is Iltheos again. Love Lisa

  15. Crystal Meditation 17 February 2013
    OLA showed me all of us standing in a row on a high place and watching Abi-Qor beneath, the place was beautiful, the ground under our feet was brown and the rocks in the distance below were blue and there was a thin mist , then I saw us as Trees growing in the elven forest over Abi-Qor
    I was receiving DNA activations, vacuum in memories, no definite visions
    I saw the Shaman and heard the song, I heard the shaman drum too and became One with the sound, my Spirit was not there my Spirit was travelling somewhere till I saw AA Michael coming from above and I saw me as One with all Lightworkers, we were holding the Earth and there was a huge ray of Golden Light embracing the whole planet, we caught the Light and were holding the Planet, we are the Light knights of AA Michael`s

  16. Crystal Meditation – 16 February 2013
    I saw the Rune Gebo and the hands of a Higher Being of Light crossed in front of the breast and were forming GEBO
    I saw the Owl that was looking at me
    Extremely green colour between the Sun and the Moon and the Lights of the sun and moon merged into Light that went into my pineal gland and I started breathing into a sphere of Light
    AA Michael came and I saw Him with His Golden Light wings
    A feeling of Bliss and Peace

    • Crystal Connection 16 February 2013

      I am standing in , and I got told , arcturian ship. I am welcomed by an arcturian Iltheos ( I received a confirmation from KP that it was indeed Iltheos coming to me, this is so exciting). He leads me, or zaps me to the healing deck. There is a lightpod for me, and I am invited to go in. My medical team is there too. I receive healing light but @ the same time I get encoded with new light dna.I just let go and float in the light, I surrender. I feel it replaces my bodily cells and the feeling of being made of light. The feeling goes up my legs, belly, arms, all the way up to my head. I feel like being replaced. Awesome feeling . I also receive downloads and I open my heart and I let go of all the pains in this life and other lives. The vision changes and I am alone in the crystallarium in abi-qor , meditating in front of a big lemurian healing crystal emiting green and gold healing light to me. End meditation. After a few minutes I hear some one calling my name. And the message , follow your heart. Love Lisa

  17. oh, I remember a connection with the Pyramids and there was a Huge Angel above the Giza pyramids and suddenly the Sphinx the Pyramids and the Angel became One Golden Sphere

  18. Crystal Meditation – 15 February 2012
    I was listening to the song of the Angels , vacuum/connection in my memory
    I remember a vision, a young woman was about to die, there was a little girl in the room waiting for the Ascension of the Soul, there was no grief there but a holy sense of something Angelic about to come, the Soul left the body and Ascended as a beautiful Angel and the girl connected with this Angel and started communicating with Her
    I saw the Earth in the Hands of God and I felt the Presence of Archangel in my meditation, He came, I saw AA Michael and the sign of His Presence, I saw His Wings of Golden Light , He was giving a Blessing and Help to Us all and to the Earth
    Archangels hear Us, They Are here to give Us support and I remember something more from my meditation, a rose Light, I saw the Earth and the river in rose colour and felt the loving Presence of Angels and I asked them for assistance and offered my cooperation to Them
    Then the Bear came into the mountain under the happy Sun of the Day šŸ™‚
    Love You
    Be Blessed

  19. I remember a connection of the Light with my heart and a sudden orb of golden light came out of my heart like a tiny sphere of strong Light and immense powers, I exhaled it from my Heart

  20. I meditated last night with my rose quartz and amethyst. This morning around 5:00 a.m. I was trying to go back to sleep and I had a vision.

    I saw dirt that was a golden color and scrolls emerged from the dirt floating in the air. That faded away and then I saw strange symbols. They were not Egyptian.

    I also had an experience a few nights ago that I brushed aside but today I got more information on what I saw.

    While meditating I had a vision of a bluish grey being that I knew was a female. I saw a boney hand with long fingers, I think four. I was startled when I first saw it. Then I heard a voice but I did not get what was said because my meditation was interrupted by a noise from somewhere in my house. But today I thought about what I saw and more was revealed to me. The being was very tall and thin wearing a dark color robe. I realize now that this being was trying to communicate with me.

    Love and light

      • Wow, Tauno – I’ve had a few dreams and visions in the past of bluish grey beings. I realized the being was trying to communicate with me when I heard a voice speak to me, a woman’s voice. But all I head was “Vanessa you …

  21. Crystal Meditation – 14 February 2013
    I was in the Elven forest and saw green colour, everywhere it was green, then I saw the trees and received some codes
    then I was on the Surface of Gaia feeling myself tall and I saw a Light sphere that was of pink/orange colours and beamed a powerful ray towards the surface and up in Space, I felt this sphere was a powerful Higher Being of Light or Archangel
    then I was flying over the snowy mountain and I later I saw a planet in the hands of a Higher Being, the planet was shining with Golden Light
    Love and Light

  22. Elvi – 13 February 2013
    I SAW THE FLOWER, AND IT WAS A LOTUS FLOWER FORMING!!! like hands, kind of like in an Indian…Chinese…Asian dance, very beautiful

  23. I feel today was a Portal date – 13022013
    and I saw the biggest golden orb I have ever been shown when I was watching the clouds

  24. Crystal Meditation – 13 February 2013
    I was traveling on a highway of Light and the base of the highway was an Egyptian Pharaoh`s mask, I was receiving DNA activations
    I saw Golden LIGHT
    I connected with Gaia`s Heart and with Lisa, Leslee, Elvi and Forest Flower, a wild flower grew up from the soil of the elven forest and its blossom were our hands , we were in a circle and connected and from this connection a flower was created, it looked like Lotus or thistle or dandelion
    now I can remember only this, but I feel a strange vacuum in my consciousness , a vision I have but I forgot it as if I give/share this vision with the persons connected telepathically with me, later I remember some details, but for me this vacuum indicates a connection

  25. Elvi
    I was very late, a little difficult to concentrate first… But at the end I felt very strong energies, and all the time some healing going on and I heard this high-pitch sound. Before starting I had a headache, but I felt someone touching my forehead and it disappeared… Lights, colors, but not many images…
    Thank you all! Feeling great!

  26. Crystal Meditation – 12 February 2013
    My Spirit was traveling , I remember a few colours – blue and green and the Open Space, I saw a circle with a cross in it and it was a portal, I could look down there and see some Beings
    We were performing a shamanic ritual and were kneeling on the ground and raising hands in synchronicity, the crops ritual, I saw a Huge Being of Golden vibrations taking something from out of the soil with His hands
    I remember the connection I made with Egyptian Pharaohs, a Queen/statue/ opened her eyes, I saw some other kings too
    When I was shown the Egyptian Pharaohs I remember something more, I saw drawings on the wall, like these in ancient Thracian tombs here, on the left there was a rider , a cattle being ridden, on the right I saw a Unicorn and these polarities were in a circle, a circle between them, I think this is a message and the key word here is Balance
    Then I connected with all of You and I saw the totem animals – the Owl, the Wolf, the Bear and the Eagle, also I remember the ground in the elven forest, I saw the Roots of the Tree of Life that was growing there and the tree trunk was two split hands, the palms and the fingers were forming the tree Crown
    The Shaman was singing and was looking into my eyes, I felt His breath
    I saw a Native American Chief in White clothes and some other Men that were going round a rock with a cave
    I became higher and higher till I was my Higher self looking them from above, I was above the earth and my spirit was flying over the seas giving Light to everywhere and to Mother`s Being, I sensed Light rays going through me and I saw Thunderbird over the Earth

  27. I had the following dream Friday morning.

    I was in a house and other people were there. I could not see their faces. The room was blank. Everyone was engaging in conversation and then I heard a clicking sound. I knew it was a warning and I told everybody we had to get out immediately. I turned to run out of the house and a female was with me. We ran out of the house and turned left (it was nigh time). We ran a few feet and made another left turn running down a road along side a house. I stopped and told her I had to go back. I don’t know why I had to go back. I got back to the house and I could hear the clicking sound. Then a man was with me and we ran back to where I was before. We were running and we came to an area where I knew we were supposed to be. Then we just stood there not knowing what to do next.

    I don’t know what to make of this dream.

    Love and light

  28. Crystal Meditation – 11 February 2013
    Before the meditation LEOS showed me a golden cat`s head – Bastet
    I connected with the Pyramids of Giza and they showed me the Rune GEBO that means cooperation
    I saw a dragonfly , a big one flying towards me
    then I saw a blue /Light human body – KA body/human figure sitting and receiving something…remembrance of Human Powers
    A vision of the Crucifix I got
    I heard the Shaman again, my Heart connected with Gaia`s heart and this time the LIGHT has replaced the darkness, I found myself in a beautiful castle of Golden Light
    I became a channel and the Light was going through me into Gaia`s Heart

  29. Crystal Meditation – 10 February 2013
    I was taken on a craft with saucer shape and it was huge, at its center there was a Portal and I was receiving DNA activation codes
    I was in Space then and was transformed into a Galactic Being , I saw my improved physical body coming out of the lower planes of existence
    Then I made a connection with the Heart of Gaia together with some Native Americans
    I saw an old Shaman with long grey hair, he was singing and performing a ritual to connect with higher realms and devic Spirits
    I saw OcaTawa coming to us and the Wolf, we work together, I saw a Native American Master Babaji , all of us were connected in this common mission of raising the vibrations of Mother`s Heart, I saw a cave/portal and it was dark there, I was not allowed to enter so i started beaming White Light from the entrance of this cave, as I was with the Native Americans I felt myself surrounded with Golden Light energy/aura
    then all Ascended Masters came to us on Earth, I saw Jeshua with them
    I saw the Bear embracing the Planet

    • Crystal Connection 10 February 2013

      I couldn’t concentrate again. I saw a tall light yellow person walking, high vibration. Then I recognize Arachanai. I see a big golden eye (RA) and then at full force waterfall comes through and the words go with the flow. Then I see the Egyptian god Horus. It ends with the tree of life. Love Lisa

  30. Forest Flower shared her connection
    I saw an oval stone or crystal? about 15 cm that turned white, yellow and then all colours of the rainbow.
    Unfortunately I did not get any message.
    Love, Forest Flower

  31. Crystal Meditation 9 February 2013
    I was in a Theater Hall of Baroque style, I was receiving DNA activation , then I continued to receive codes for activating my DNA and i felt LIGHT, white Light and a feeling of my physical body getting higher , I raised higher and higher till my feet were on the ground, I got an image of how I look like, extremely tall, blue and thin, I saw the clouds and the Sun and the blue sky above the ground and a ray of golden Light like a connection between the Sun and the Earth
    Then I connected with the Heart of Gaia, I went deep into Mother`s Heart and met the darkness and some creatures, I saw a small being with big eyes , the being had lower vibrations, suddenly a big black Head/Skull appeared, I felt pain in my physical heart as if these creatures were trying to penetrate into my heart sphere, then I was aware why I am here this time, I started beaming White Angelic Light deep into the darkest wholes of Mother`s Heart, I saw white Light expanding from my Heart and I saw an Angel there, I was connected with Angelic Realms and these realms were assisting me to accomplish this task, I served as a channel for the Light to get to these lower realms and I heard a cry, Mother`s Heart was receiving the Light

    • Crystal Connection 9 February 2013

      I am standing outside of Abi-Qor on a big square, the sun is shining and on the square is a big Lemurian crystal. This one seems to be powered up by the sun because it is shining orange yellow white. I take out my crystal and it connects with my crystal. This is to invoke my inner goddess, I feel a stream of golden light going through the stone, my arm to my heart and I feel like I am powered up, it is very strong. Then on the end of the meditation a rainbow comes through. Then I see a stone circle dived with a cross, it feels like Irish and I got the message ‘the light is rising’. Love Lisa

  32. Crystal Meditation – 8 February 2013
    I saw a Dolphin/Laura/
    I saw the White Butterfly Elf, a female elf with Angelic vibrations, then I saw things from my everyday life
    I got a vision of Light pouring down to Earth and forming a circular pool and me, Lisa, Leslee, Elvi and some other souls were Angels forming a circle around the pool and Light was coming out of it and formed a giant Lotus portal that connected us with the Higher realms and over there i saw a Huge aether jolly Dolphin
    I felt the sound vibrations into my head and into my heart, a heart-mind connection made my Heart Chakra expand and i felt the Unconditional Love to all Life
    I went through the Portal of blue Light , it was long and I asked a question about how to overcome the difficulties and oppositions in my life, I saw the earth as a Sphere of aether Light and felt that the answer is – everything flows, just let it be, let it pass, all is proceeding well as it is planned, just Be

  33. This morning at 6:50 a.m. while meditating using my rose quartz and amethyst, I had a vision of a pyramid. It was a golden color and I got the word Aztec.
    Love and light

    • This is great, dear Vee! Do you want to join your e-mail when I share my experience in meditation?
      Love and Light

        • Yes, do you want to send you e-mails and thus you can also take part and share at the time of our connections šŸ™‚

          • That would be a wonderful experience! Presently my schedule is very crazy and I meditate at different times. In fact, sometimes I skip days. I would like to connect with you during meditation once I have things under control, if the invitation is still open. Thank you dear Tauno for inviting me. : )

            Love and Light

  34. Elvi
    I was a little late, but then what a wonderful meditation! although I did not see much…I’m still kind of “floating” up somewhere…. strong energies. I thought mostly of fairies etc. dancing happily, some had ice-blue wings.
    I don’t know why I thought of a place in Halkidiki, one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to. I always thought I understood why someone would like to come down to Earth if they (we?) saw this place. There I felt being (ONE with) nature.

  35. Crystal Meditation 7 February 2013
    I do not remember the first part of my meditation, I got some visions but they fade away and perhaps my Spirit raised over the limitations of my still 3D brain, so this part of the meditation is rather a feeling of calmness than sequence of visions
    Then I saw the Portal, a Huge Sun and behind it there was the Portal
    I saw Archangel giving Blessings to Us, the Archangel was like a SUN, Golden and with Wings of Light and there was a Crystal and this AA was a giant Crystal
    Then I saw the cross sign Portal Shining of wonderful Light, White, pink, orange, blue the cross was high and was leading to other dimension, there were roses on it, pink and orange blossoms and white energy surrounded the cross, down the cross as a cross base were thousands of white human skulls, this I connect with the cycle of rebirth we came through and I saw a ladder up, I felt a connection with Bastet again and I was inside a Pyramid/tomb
    I saw a wonderful blue sky, the New Earth and many Beings of white going there, they looked like baby toys šŸ™‚ and saw me, Lisa, Leslee and Elvi dressed in white and running and laughing around a fountain of pure crystal clear water
    Water/energy was pouring down and formed a circular pool
    I saw the Wolf and the Wolf was singing with the Angels, I also saw a Native American Chief and the numbers 3 and 5
    Then I saw the Bear in the green valley under the Golden Sun
    Love You

    • Crystal Connection 7 February 2013

      I see you tauno as a fairy, long waving dark hair dressed in silver white. We are in the elves forest, there is a party going on. See big mushrooms, red with white dots. It is deep in the forest and even the darkest shadow in the forest has a light to it. I got a message to stop worry and enjoy life, play, live. I then, by the stone, was being brought where they found the stone. In a river in Madagascar, it runs trough a cool forest. A cool breeze flows through it. Then I see an eye. End of meditation. Love Lisa

      Hi tauno, I remember now reading your connection, I saw a play card with three red diamonds and the number 3. Love Lisa

  36. Hello Dear Tauno,
    As I read your posts I am so happy for you and I thank you for sharing such beautiful experiences with us. I strive to have such a connection. I am working with my crystals and last night after meditating using my rose quartz and amethyst, I felt that I am getting closer.

    Lisa, I send you love, light and healing.

    Love and light

    • Hi, Vee! Thank You, my sweet Heart
      Actually You are already connected, our crystals vibrate on ONE frequency, so relax and let it flow, let the Spirit leads you on the path
      Mediation and dreaming have so many things in common
      Love and Light

  37. Amazing, dear Sisters! It happened just now, I programmed my clear Quartz pyramid with the words LOVE LIGHT ABUNDANCE HAPPINESS COOPERATION and the pyramid required to say the words firmly
    And after that I got a vision – Bastet came to me as Black cat, I looked into the pyramid and I saw a cat`s head of Golden Light in there
    Love You

  38. Crystal Meditation – 6 February 2013
    I was again in the green elven forest and I was amongst the leaves and each leaf had a Soul, I saw them as beautiful elves each one of them , I felt All in this wonderful World is Sacred and all Is connected with God
    I felt pulsating Light in my Head and beamed Light out, then nothing , just the sounds, I left the Spirit fly and let the sounds to Lisa to hear them and to heal Herself, till I was listening I was not there, I became nothing and at the same time became my God Presence, I just BE and I felt the wonderful connection with All
    There is the Source giving Light, the Light was pouring down Rays of Golden energy into the river like a Golden waterfall and Angels were singing
    I received – You are all like rivers, let it flow, all rocky stones and bumps are for you to flow and soothe them , the Light soothes all pains and shadows , everything emerges …just breathe
    as I was breathing in and out I breathe Light – in and out deep into the crystal core of Gaia and as I was breathing out I saw all crystals activated with Light, I saw the Golden Fire of my breathing out energy activated the crystals
    Be Thankful for everything in your lives because you are the incarnated Angels, You can make the difference and you have the Power to do that
    Appreciation and Gratitude for Yourselves, be thankful to Yourselves and We Are thankful to all of You

  39. Crystal Meditation 5 February 2013
    I found myself in a deep green elven forest, I saw the leaves, the trees and everything was so green, the Light that penetrated into the Forest came from the Sun and at the same time I discovered that this forest was under water, a forest deep in the ocean, I saw myself dressed in white and swimming amongst the green plants
    Then I saw and heard the river, the river was in a green elven forest, Angels were singing…
    I saw a mountain peak, it looked like Mount Shasta and a crater of a volcano, Energy an aether ball of white energy came from the crater , it came from the Inner Earth
    I saw Ra`s Eye and Light coming from this vision
    I opened my hands and sent Healing Light to Lisa through OLA and the moss agate

  40. Crystal meditation – 4 February 2013
    I had troubles with concentration but the visions came in quick sequences as I closed my eyes, I saw a Being of Power, he has the vibrations of Egyptian Gods and was sitting in a throne, i saw His profile and body of dark Gold , the Being`s head resembled a dog of other animal, then I saw a Bird Being, half bird and half human to sit on the same throne
    I was flying over some beautiful lands, pink, blue, white, rocky mountains of grey and pink colours
    Portal opened
    one of the Portals I entered in had cross shape +
    Then I was flying again, I expressed the intent to become a bird and I sensed my mighty wings floating in the air above a beautiful land
    I saw a Huge Cosmic Tree, The Tree of LIFE, it was magnificient and in fact it was not like trees we usually see, it was aether Tree in Cosmos and amongst its branches I saw a portal Shining and I got the familiar sense of being closer and closer with the Source
    I opened my eyes and concentrated on my Solar plexus, expanded the Sphere more and more till the whole Universe embraced my Being and at the center was my Solar Plexus, I activated the Sphere of all Possibilities with the intent for Disclosure to happen this month and I saw My Future Self – Fully Conscious Being of Light that is Free to travel, to live and to express Myself and Create through the Power of Thought, My Future Self works together with all Beings of Light and serves God Will because We Are All One, All Are happy and enjoy Life, Abundance is Here , We Are working on projects to help other younger civilizations to evolve

  41. Crystal Meditation – 1 February 2013
    I started with cleaning and expanding of my Heart Chakra
    The next sound meditation was intended for sending Healing Vibrations to Lisa /Immunity sound meditation/, I sensed the sounds vibrating into my Heart and my aura and beaming energy out
    I was taken to pre-historical times and to the lowest vibrations incarnated as beasts about to fight on the arena, the two beasts were about to fight, then the vision shifted and i saw one hairy beast that was eating its own flesh and taking hair out of it
    Then I saw a Being of human like but He was green, without hair, without nose and ears, big eyes and mouth, he was looking at me and had a Shamanic vibrations, he looked like Yoda but not so old and without the big pointy years, I sensed that this Being was giving some healing
    Then the vision shifted and I heard the water, I saw the river and some Angels there, they were singing and playing with water, so pure Healing river it is
    I saw a big Angel`s Presence, I felt Love in my heart towards Lisa and I saw myself beaming Light through OLA to Lisa, I sent a prayer to the Angels to send Healing to my Sister of Light and to soothe her pains, to give Her calmness and to take the pain out
    I opened my hands holding OLA and I felt the Lotus Portal opening, Angel came out of the water, White Angel and went to Lisa
    I saw Lisa relaxing in the water and taking the Healing


    P.S. -I forgot to mention that I saw a pink/orange Light , this is an indication of connection with Leslee, a lot of White Angels too that indicate Elvi is here too, also the Lotus and the Swan were One in my vision

    • This photo contains many of my impressions during meditation when I connected with the Sphinx, Troy, I think the photo found us šŸ™‚ not me found it
      The hands, I saw them giving LIGHT, the Portal above is real, just like the Portal you found in Inner Earth through the dragon statue

      • Agreed – Akhenaten relief šŸ™‚

        At the top of one of the conic columns sometimes they show a “reflected” sun. What’s interesting is that these are not egyptian architectural features. Sometimes he is shown with funnels pointed towards the sun. Maybe these are indeed portals as you say – and perhaps they contain water and reflect the sun’s image.

        • The Egyptian is not Egyptian, they are of Atlantis origin, I did not know this information you provided Troy, but it resonates with the Portals I see in meditations, the Sun is a Portal, today the Sun was amazing, I wonder why the People around me do not notice the Sun, each day the Sun is different

          • Funny you mention it Tauno – I was looking at a power line over the highway this morning. The sun was hitting the power line to make this interesting golden arc or golden laser beam. As the power line was moving back and forth from the breeze the light from the sun would be going on and off in this interesting pattern.

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