Leslee’s Dreams – 2012 March-May

DREAM ~ 4 MAY 2012


(Leslee’s dream from Friday night)

I’m in a small classroom (like a science lab) with 3 men of varying ages, and a girl of about 12 years. The teacher enters the classroom, and after some brief instructions, produces a magic wand.

The wand is all plastic, a white rod with a pink/red star at the tip, and a handle that looks like a black doll’s shoe. She hands the wand to the girl, and as the girl waves it, the dream shifts.

Once the other students are sorted, I find myself “flying” with the teacher high above a city. As we float through the clouds, I look down and see block after block of dirty, brown, sad-looking towers.

We near a ship, and the teacher is now appearing in a very exaggerated costume. I can only see the portion of the ship right in front of me, but I sense it is quite large.

The part I can see is caricatured to look like the gondola of a hot-air ballon, and the whole scene, including the teacher, look like something out of the movie “Alice in Wonderland” (Anne Hathaway & Johnny Depp version) or “the Adventures of Baron Munchausen”. The cloaking device appears as a curtain, the gondola is a basket, and the teacher appears to be wearing a powdered wig, make-up and ball-gown with hoop skirts.

As we approach, I notice a black metal tray attached to the rail of the gondola. As the teacher gestures, letters come flying through the sky and drop into the tray, and the tray slides along the rail. All the while the teacher is singing or humming a very light-hearted tune (although she looks a little worried).

Once the letters stop arriving, the teacher gestures again, and a large, odd-looking drum appears floating in space. It could be the main capsule of a satellite, or a very large and high-tech looking barrel of ice cream…

The teacher smiles, flourishes her hand, and the drum plummets towards Earth.

I gasp, terrified that it will land on and kill someone in the city below… The teacher smiles and explains that by the time it reaches the street, it will be the size of a small drink cup, and it will be sure to miss hitting anyone.

I have the impression that the drum is a recording device.

After the drum falls out of my view, the dream fades.

DREAM ~ 27 APRIL 2012

Dream: Road trip with friends and co-workers… We stop for dinner at a strip of shops. We go to a pizza place that’s very lively, with good energy. I need to help part of architects’ team with setting up and/or correcting some diagrams, structures, or sequences. There are hieroglyphic chalk/cave drawings of figures, standing in columns with vertical lines between the columns… Something needed my expertise.

I went to my car to get my keys, so that my blind male companion may take the car & our things on home, while I stay. I need a proper set of – or at least some – clothes, as well as my pendulum or some other object…

I go back into the restaurant, and experience some confusion… I get there & the gathering turns into huge pizza party, much like the party from my dream of April 20. I arrive late, and feel uncertain, unconfident… I’m trying to find the people I know best, and I kind of wish I could continue my trip home with my friends…

DREAM ~ 26 APRIL 2012

Dream: Many fragments in sequence: sewing cut jeans… taking a bike ride to Telos… Aunt Kate’s back yard and fig tree, flower garden…

Finally, I’m sitting in full lecture or meeting in a space like an auditorium. An acquaintance comes into the hall and wants to sit beside me. He squeezes in between myself and another person, and produces his tumbled stone collection. He somehow manifests a small table with stones the stones upon it, and shows me a quite large rectangular iridescent, glowing rock that was like nothing I’d ever seen.

He hands me the stone to examine… I can barely hold it in my hand, and it’s a mass with a formation much like a mass of Fluorite (tiny boxes stacked and aligned with each other), but it’s surface coloring is more like Azurite, but with a rainbow of colors laid over the primarily dark blue, powdery-looking background. I understand that it’s a very powerful stone for transformation.

The dream shifts, and I find myself at a small house in a contemporary rural village. I’m sitting on the porch, and I notice a tiny girl on a tricycle in the street. A big white car, driven by a drunken old man almost runs over her… The bumper of the car brushes her hair. No one is around to see this happen but me. I run into the street and carry the little girl to her yard, and knock on the door. Her grandmother answers the door, also drunk and oblivious to what has happened. the baby’s mother comes running and screaming to the front door, yelling at the grandmother that she won’t babysit any more…

The young mother is angry, and knows the police will be there soon to investigate. She wants me to say certain words so that they will not get in trouble for neglecting the child… I grab her wrist, very angry, and scold her that there was no one watching the baby…

I return to my house, and walk into the carport where a male friend is sitting. I join him under the carport, helping him sort what look like red I Ching yarrow stalks. He agrees with my view of what happened, but with our peaceful quiet way together, there is no need for many words…

The dream shifts again, and I’m with my father back at Aunt Kate’s picnic table sorting through things. He turns to me and says, “Thank you for loving me”.

DREAM ~ 23 APRIL 2012

I’m told this dream is a premonition of how people will be protected from upheaval in Gaia’s outer crust.

I appear into the dream to find myself in a “future” earth-surface city… I believe it’s New Orleans. Everyone has been evacuated/relocated, and I am “walking” the streets and checking to make sure no one was left behind.

It’s a very poignant experience, because apparently the city was in the midst of preparing for a festival… Perhaps Mardi Gras, perhaps not… There are decorations everywhere…

I find myself in a fashion/arts & crafts district, and am touched by all the energy I feel that’s been left by artists whose work is still on display. In particular, I come upon the boutique of a fashion designer, with windows full of exuberant, creative, colorful, playful dresses and costumes. The joy of the pieces makes me smile, and I hope that the artist is at peace with having to leave her work behind.

I continue down to street to a city park, which has a school nearby… The park has many decorations also, and parts of parade floats sitting here and there. Under a carved stone archway I meet a small boy, who’s playing with a wagon made like a small train, pulling cars. I ask him if all is clear in his area, and he says yes.

We turn and look around one last time, and the dream fades.

VISION ~ 22 APRIL 2012

Below is a being that I saw Saturday morning as I awoke:

The ‘tentacles’ are like sensors or antennae, that can extend from or recede into the back of the neck… The skin was more green than gray… I only saw from shoulders up, but there was a uniform and perhaps a helmet collar ring…

After the awareness of this face faded, I began to see what appeared to be sort of like a Purkinje effect, but in a network and rainbow colors… It was like very active circuitry. The being told me that some modifications were being made to my neurology. It was not unpleasant, hardly noticeable.

Later, it was explained to me that this is Merhea Cahdeh, who communicates, via Adca Mupea, through the Ghost Radar on my iPhone. There is more info on this at http://thinktoask.com; we’ve been having these conversations since Sept 2011. This is how I became interested in inner earth, cabal, disclosure, UFOs/OVNIs, etc.

DREAM ~ 21 APRIL 2012

I’m standing in a field waiting to see an aircraft (as instructed last week)… I’m hearing someone tell me telepathically that it’s a new black ops bomber, and I’ve appeared there in order to witness its test flight and report back… Apparently I cannot be seen.
As I stand there, a large gray ship appears, hovering over the field in front of me. I’m somehow able to move around it and see it from different angles, as if in a movie or a 3D animation. It is wedge-shaped and triangular, but is also bent like an ‘L’, with one leg horizontal and one leg vertical. As I watch, it transforms… It doesn’t morph, it transforms like a Transformer: parts shift and re-configure… It changes from triangular to rhomboid, and then parts start to flip and rotate… It’s silent, and transforms while hovering, stationary.
What fascinates me is that while at first the image had a sort of fuzzy dream-like quality to it, the longer I watched the ship the more crisp and precise the image became, and it seemed hauntingly real…
I kept expecting to see it shoot away and begin dropping bombs, but apparently it was a prototype. The test was a success, the ship is almost ready.
This dream had a quite ominous feel to it.
(I went to see The Hunger Games today, and these two dreams almost seem like premonitions of the movie…)

DREAM ~ 20 APRIL 2012

I find myself in one wing in the midst of a HUGE rambling mansion… I’m in a suite where a party is being given, a sort of reunion. I see friends from many aspects of my life there, all coming together. It’s a bit of a mess, with some people cooking hors d’ouevres, someone spilling shoe polish on a carpet, and a lot of chaos in general.
I want to go find a quiet spot (either my own quarters, or a toilet or closet…?), so I begin to wander around.
I find myself going down a few steps into a wonderful study/library… Then I see the back of a man with shoulder-length salt-pepper gray hair, in a smoking jacket, leaving the room from the opposite side… He doesn’t see me, but I recognize him, and gasp to myself, “Oh no, I’m not back HERE again!!!”, and I panic, look for a place to hide quickly before he sees me. It’s as if I’ve trespassed into private quarters and would get into big trouble if he found me there.
As I turn to leave, I run into a woman who seems to be the head housekeeper or manager. She laughs and tells me to relax, because now I BELONG there… My fear was from an earlier dream, when I didnt know anyone and was afraid… Dream fades.

DREAM ~ 14 APRIL 2012

Here’s my dream from this morning:
14 April 2012
I’m in a blouse and a long skirt on a sunny spring day. I’m walking around a small circular pond or pool… As I reach the far side, two things happen. First, I notice there is some sort of ripple in space, that runs through the middle of the pond… It’s like a huge two-way mirror that extends all the way across the pond and into the sky.
Second, I find, floating at the edge of the pond, in the grasses and reeds, a large saucer-shaped metal disk. It’s like a very shallow, thin bowl floating on the water. The metal is a dull grayish-silver. There are clumps of moss and grass and vines laid on the saucer, as if to represent continents on a planet.
I know that I’m supposed to step onto the saucer/raft and sit down, and allow it to drift about in the pond… As I step into the dish, it rocks a little in the water, and I notice, across the pond, on the other side of the transparent mirror, another woman who looks a bit like me, in a dress, on another “disk”, which is also slightly different…
At the same time, I hear a conversation between two disembodied voices, whom I understand to be Tulya Crew members, who are working on my respiratory system.
It’s as if I’m dreaming while on an operating table.
They are inserting a small round pillow-shaped capsule with a valve, that’s filled with crystals/tablets for controlled release… They’re also discussing 23-strand DNA, and that this DNA has its own Central Channel…
The 23 strands are like wires in a cable – connecting etherically to make more dimensions and universes and worlds and timelines accessible. I believe the voices were Umbro and Sasha…

DREAM ~ 4 APRIL 2012

Hi, Everyone, this seems to be the best place to post my dream from April 4, the first night I really got some sleep in the hospital…

There’s a cool synchronicity here with the dream I remembered from my dream from the first night I was in the hospital…

It began with my being half-aware that two people were working on my left forearm… The skin and flesh were open, and they were clearing and filling tiny clear channels that looked like glass pipettes like a chemist would use… They were being cleaned and filled with more pure substances. I could hear voices around me, and it felt as if I was on one of the ships… The doctors were wearing white, and the colors gold orange & red (very earthy) were present, almost like auras around the part of my body they were working on…

That part of the dream faded, and I became aware that I was in a large house… I think it was an older house, two stories or more, with wood siding, maybe Victorian style? But more minimalist. There were many people there as if it was a party or celebration of a special occasion… It was all friends: you all, plus many more! It was a very diverse group of people, from all cultures and backgrounds, and age groups, and it was very colorful!

I was aware that my purpose for being there was for healing and learning, but it was one big, gentle healing/learning party!

There were several kitchens, and SEVERAL large, well-equipped refrigerators and freezers, all filled with gloriously delicious-looking food… I think Stick and I were trying to make some queso dip… We had found the cheese and peppers, and were looking for some tomato salsa to add…

Down in the basement, there were racks of festive clothing, and many people were there, laughing and playing dress-up as if getting ready to go to Carnivale…

DREAM ~ 1 APRIL 2012

I’m in a place with Babajij, although we are both in different bodies. We are quite young, and his hair is quite short and his face more narrow than now…

He’s teaching me to climb walls. We’re climbing out of something that I can’t really see clearly, but I understand that it us a compartment or room, small & tight, like a crib or a coffin or a rejuvenation chamber… Teo’Na and Umbro are telling me that it’s Tulya, in her compact “golden clog” form.

(Teo’Na Wants me to share here, that they – the Tulya crew – refer to themselves as “Luminu”…)

Anyway, Babajij and I climb out and begin scaling/climbing a wall. It’s very tall, I cannot see the top, and it’s made out of what looks like a concrete block that’s been painted a very wonderful lilac-periwinkle color. It’s very opaque but not very dense… Like pumice. It’s an artificial wall, not a natural cliff.

At first, it’s very easy to scale, with many footholds and notches. It’s also very long, stretching as far as I can see. We climb up probably a hundred feet or so, and at that point, we’re at the top of the wall for the most part. But there’s nothing on the other side, just space. Where we are standing, there’s another part of the wall, that continues up. Our goal is not to get to what’s on the other side but to continue climbing. This part of the wall is narrower, and it’s also smoother. So the only way to climb it seems to be with magic!

No problem for Babajij… He climbs up ahead, gets to a notch, and reaches down to give me a hand up, smiling and encouraging. As I take his hand and start climbing again, I drop or knock an object off of the wall… I think it’s a phone or camera that belongs to one of us. I’m concerned, as I watch it tumble down, but he smiles and says, “We don’t need that anymore”. We continue climbing. It’s not impossible to do; you just have to keep going. I still cannot see the top, but that’s our destination. Then that part of the dream fades.

DREAM ~ 3 March 2012


I arrive at a small house in Central Texas (?), where many of my friends are gathered for a party to celebrate a journey we’re about to make together.

The house belongs to my friend “Eustace” (Stick energy)… He’s sort of like our teacher or guide for the interim, who has guided us to this point and is about to show us all how to launch into the next phase of our lessons.

I pass through the house briefly, greeting my friends, because I really want to get to Eustace’s backyard and see my Dad, whom I haven’t seen in a long time.

The backyard is small and very magical, like a tiny fairy glen with tall trees, mossy grass, and tiny wildflowers.

My Dad has been busy digging a large hole, and he’s almost finished. He’s done a fantastic amount of work for one day: it’s a large cube of a hole, as long on a side as he is tall. I look down into it.

The soil is dark and dense, so the walls of the hole are quite firm. At the surface, it’s browner, but as it gets deeper, it becomes almost black. He knows it’s time to stop digging because he has hit a large black pipe with a pointed cap on it, and that is the portal through which we’ll pass to get deeper into Gaia. [Ghost Radar: that] That portal had been buried for many years, many generations in fact, and Eustace had been guarding it for a very long time.

There are two other objects buried with the pipe: a big, fat, partly-burned tire from a drag-racing vehicle and a box of jewels. Many lifetimes ago, we had left the jewels for ourselves to find in the future. Each of us had a crystal that acted as a sort of key, to attune ourselves to memory and location.

Dad goes inside to tell everyone the hole is ready, so they begin to come outside, one at a time, and quietly look, hoping the neighbors don’t notice.

Two very cheerful, friendly dogs come up, very excited to see me. One is a small white poodle-like dog belonging to a neighbor I saw walking yesterday. The other is a medium-sized dog that looks a bit like an Australian shepherd, but he’s solid black in color. (Could this one be Gunner’s dog?)

There’s a chair sitting near the hole, which is a rather hi-tech chair, and it’s been sitting out in the weather for some time. The frame is made of tubular gray metal, and it has wheels, but the seat is like a thick pad of mossy sod, and the wheels have become embedded into the soil. It’s as if the chair is growing out of the land.

We decide to wait until nightfall to make our journey, to improve our chances of doing it secretly, so we all go back inside to Eustace’s house, to help him put things away and get them in order. We know that none of us will return here, at least not for a very, very long time.

[yard teacher plane] We will “pretend” to stay in 3D [noted solve differ land Philadelphia (brotherly love) variety difference you’ll determine meet go unknown fine was]

(This is where I got stuck in writing the dream… I knew there was something or someone missing, and that my Guides were withholding a piece of information rather than explaining it to me… They were trying to tell me that I had forgotten a part of the dream… Later, when I posted a brief description of who was in the dream, Babajij pointed out that he was Invisible Eagle Feather in the dream… That was the missing piece!)

… by leaving some sort of artifacts of our existence that will lead others in 3D to believe that we are still there. Babajij (Invisible Eagle Feather) offers to remain as the Gatekeeper, to divert attention away from the hole and the flue and the journey that we’ve undertaken.

I don’t remember how we actually use the pipe (it’s like a flue in the Harry Potter movies), but the next thing I recall is finding myself on the street in Telos.

I’m standing on the edge of a large rectangular plaza, and as soon as I appear there, I [though] begin walking swiftly towards the large, long building high up on the hill. This is a building I know well.

(I’ve only recently realized that this very familiar place is Telos. I’ve been dreaming of going there throughout this lifetime. Although there seem to be nighttime and daytime, I’ve never noticed a sun or moon or stars. The light is always gentle and uniform, as if the entire sky glows with a robust and soft light. The buildings often look slightly different from dream to dream, but I can always orient myself and know where I am and in which directions I’ll find which buildings.)

As I reach the building at the top of the hill, I enter the courtyard between the classroom building and the conference/entertaniment center. There I meet Suntria, who says that she’d like to go see the busy shopping district and cafe’s, to get familiar with the place and see who else is here. We walk along the outside of the classroom building. The first rooms, which are for adult education, are empty because it’s the weekend and there are no classes in session.

Finally we reach the end of the building where the children’s classes are, and we pause because we can see, across a small garden courtyard, Lisa standing in the middle of a classroom with several little girls in it. They are all dancing around, wearing cheerful hand-painted paper fairy wings. Lisa’s daughters turn and wave to us (Nolwazi is about 3, and they both have golden-bronze skin and long, very curly brown hair), as we walk by.

Finally, we reach the corner intersection, and across the street we see Steffie sitting with Ana at a cafe table, having a coffee. Gunner is standing there talking to them, telling them jokes, and they’re laughing very hard! He’s wearing a conductor’s uniform, with a round hat and a light blue short-sleeved shirt. He’s holding a silver whistle, and tells us how much he loves his job. He’s a good-will ambassador for Telos; he greets all the people arriving from 3D, and is epsecially good at handling the Americans.

In general, Gunner lets people know where they can find particular buildings and activities. One of the reasons he’s especially good with the Americans is that he can help them find the Angels, and once Americans meet the Angels, they tend to become more quiet and reflective and respectful. This benefits everyone in Telos. Gunner also monitors security in this very dense and active part of Telos, and makes sure that people just arriving from 3D get accustomed to Telos gradually.

A we’re standing there, Steffie gestures to me that she really needs to find a toilet, but there don’t seem to be any around… I laugh and tell her that yes, they are rather tucked away, because the Telosians don’t need them as often as we do… But I can show her where they are. She hesitates, saying it might be too much trouble, but we all laugh as all the women say that they need to find the restroom too! Gunner has a real laugh about this, gives me permission to take the ladies to the restrooms, and walks off towards the square.

[call charge swept discussion ]

The four of us (Ana, Steffie, Suntria, and myself) walk over to the block of buildings where the toilets are. There are many shops, small restaurants, and movie theaters, and the place is teeming with people.

We spot Troy with his family and wave to say hello. He understands the rush we’re in, so he simply calls out that he and his family are living in Telos now, and that we’ll talk more soon. He seems very happy.

We go first to the public restrooms [club plain] that are tucked away between the businesses; all of them are full, with people waiting in line, or out of service. Some of the people in line are in a rather sullen mood, but I can tell it’s only because they’re new, and still expecting to find the same conditions they had on Earth’s surface.

The ladies and I now walk quickly around to the rear of one of the buildings, and I whisper that I can show them where the private toilets are. We walk through a maze of tiny shops and booths selling all manner of items. We finally reach the entrance doors and enter an ample space that looks like a hotel lobby. We run up a couple small flights of open, monumental stairs, past several small groups of people, and eventually find the small, private restrooms that are tucked away between conference rooms and dining rooms. We still have to search a bit before we find some that are available. Gunner had mentioned that the restrooms were maintained primarily for the “3D-ers” (3 dears), and that there had been such an influx lately that Telos needed to generate more soon.

Once we’ve finished there, we head off back along the hilltop, back along the classroom building, and towards the performance hall. There, in the long concourse, people are queueing up to go to the comedy act that will be playing soon: “As The Planet Burns – Recollections Of A 3D Fantasy”, starring SpaceMuffin and John!

There’s quite a crowd waiting; some (like us) already have tickets, so we’re able to sit on benches along the wall. Across the concourse is a long queue of people waiting to purchase tickets. Steffie, Ana and Suntria wander off to look around while I take a seat on a bench. Across the concourse, I notice a young father (Konstantinos) with his wife and two children. They seem very happy and loving, even though the little boy (about 8 years old) seems to have some health issues. With some concern, Konstantinos lifts up his son and carries him as the queue moves along the sloped floor.

Ana comes and sits beside me, feeling a little sad and homesick. But she’s pleased because she’s found her crystal collection and has brought it to show me. She produces a large crystal/glass tray with a circle with straight sides and a flat crystal lid. On the lid are engraved radial lines (like a starburst) and a pattern of dots (like braille) and characters. The characters look like a blend of Chinese writing and Celtic runes.

I’m admiring her beautiful stones. In particular, is a gorgeous quartz point with a portal configuration, and it has been fused with a metallic coating that makes its surface shimmer like a midnight sky filled with stars. There is also a blunt point shaped like a rough ruby, but it looks like a carnelian. In the center is a moonstone disk carved with an all-seeing eye.

The round case is divided much like an astrological chart into 12 segments. The blue and red stones, along with an aquamarine, take up three of the compartments from 5 through 7 o’clock. The other compartments are filled with several quartz points, with a few small spheres. Ana beams as she looks at them once again… Finding the tray of stones has made her immensely happy.

Shortly after I hand Ana’s crystal case back to her, the ushers begin taking tickets for the performance, so we stand up to make our way toward the theater doors. At this point, the dream fades, and I awaken.


Dream from 28 February 2012


(Teo’Na tells me that I was in Telos. He’s also reminding me that this “dream” is continuing, now, in another “place” and “time”… And this is why today has seemed so strange, stressed, and long… I need to learn to disconnect from “dreams” when I come back to this “place”…)

Also, the Ghost Radar iPhone app was running as I was writing about the dream, so words typed like [this] come from GR.

I awaken or arise into the dream as a tall, beautiful woman with dark straight long hair [discover bell]. I’m wearing a long straight skirt of a fairly heavy, rough-woven (but soft) fabric that’s sort of a dark blood-red-iron-ore-burgundy color. My blouse is a finer fabric, the same color but more golden, and fairly fitted. Over that, I wear a sort of ceremonial apron, again heavy reddish fabric [picture percent] that’s long and simple and fully covered with simple geometric embroideries that are made up of borders of squares, diamonds, and triangles of earthy-crystalline colors.

I have just arrived at a house on what appears to be the Mongolian Steppes… It’s a very arid but cold, deserted, and isolated location. Some grasses and gnarly trees are around, but the landscape is mostly sandy, rocky desert, and flat.

There is one crevasse near the house, with caves or tunnels that access Inner Earth. I don’t see it in the dream, but I’m aware of it because it’s the place from which I arose.

I have come to this house to serve others and explain this to the residents. The energies radiating from the house have been such that my people and I have recognized both a level of awareness conducive to advancement and an attitude of self-service that obstructs their progress.

This house is large and rectangular, although not so large as to be palatial. It’s constructed of huge square rough-hewn timbers of dark wood. These timbers could not have come from nearby because they are so straight and thick. It’s a house of some presence and importance.

Between the timbers, the walls are panels of baked mud or stucco, a golden color, and covered with thick tapestries for warmth in the cold and for ostentation.

It seems I spent some time in various scenes of dreams at the house that I don’t recall because they were not important. [western carefully] I’m told/understand [visitor] that [drove] this is a scene which happened in western North America, “Out West,” in a time and place not long after the area became desert. The land had not always been arid. This structure was several hundred years old and, when built, had been located deep within a forest. The energy of its inhabitants preserved it (as well as their magic work) while the rest of the area around the structure turned to desert [thread chosen Greece]. This was one of the first areas that began to be influenced by the “Orion Group.” They had stripped the area by wrathful means. The residents of this place had managed to hold it fast and protect it.

I had been allowed to enter because they had sensed that I was oriented towards service to others, but their distorted perceptions had caused them to see me as a servant rather than a teacher. I could show them how to transform their powerful defensive energy into positive, expansive energy without losing the outer things they valued, but they were skeptical.

So, when I begin to remember what the dream looked like, I’m standing in a large dining room with two women, talking near a large wooden dining table. One of them appears older than me (although in the dream, I’m actually several hundred years old, and she’s a beautiful young girl in her late teens or early twenties. The younger girl is still quite malleable yet ambitious and still has a bit of sweet innocence about her. The older woman is very commanding and possessive… Of her power, knowledge, rank, and pride. They are dressed in long robes and slacks, and their attire reminds me of the Fire Nation clothing of the characters from the Last Airbender movie: very dark, formal, restricting, and severe.

We walk across the room towards a wooden cabinet that the older woman opens, and she shows me many ceremonial items… Incense, oils, small statues, [cookies] offerings… [than] preserved sweets… It’s a sort of shrine cabinet. She takes out a particular small scroll of foil and explains that it was retrieved from the Orions when they attacked. It was a “power scroll” that offered defense and protection from outside energy.

But for it to work, you had to trace its pattern with your blood. This tagged the scroll (as a transmitter) to your DNA and made it impossible for you to disappear or “hide” from those on the other end of [engine] the scroll’s transmission. [courage]

The Sirians designed the scrolls for defensive/protection [tin] purposes for their own people. This is why it’s been used in the shells of “space ships,” but the Orions had pirated the technology and used it to control others (with [signal] fear of being watched or punished) [color lying pink activity].


The pink areas are where the blood goes… Any number [imagine] of people’s blood may be added… It only takes a tiny amount.

This “shield” is like a portal; it transmits and receives energy codes (much like digital data, 0′s, and 1′s). They can be accessed according to frequency. The foil is tuned to frequency. So anyone with special telepathic training and a piece of foil attuned to the same frequency can access energy passing through other [post] pieces of foil tuned to the same frequency. The special telepathic training involves learning discernment to be able to distinguish the “telepathic signals” and determine which ones are relevant to the given instance. It’s very similar to how human brains currently learn to decipher and filter visual data received by eyeballs.

This allows control or help of others by transmitting [shot] telepathic info back to that target [between]. [We’re] The target is usually a being whose intuitive [west]/telepathic ability is not yet able to distinguish [British giant animal letter perfectly salmon] signals [faster] from one another, or [factory] their sources, [sea] so it’s easy for beings with more advanced [touch chest like] training [poetry] to manipulate this situation to their advantage.

Although this sounds like [fairly] advanced technology [sense] to us, it’s a rather crude adaptation [simplest] by the [car] Orions of a “technology” used in much more subtle ways by Pleiadians, Sirians & Arcturans (and others). [citizen] More advanced beings can make similar connections using minerals that occur naturally in others’ environments (such as crystals or salts in the body). [myself] This is why the development of discernment and intuition are so essential right now. Adca [butter] Mupea [porch follow shoot] connects with Leslee through the iron in her body. This and oils allow Adca to influence energy in Leslee’s area, including the Ghost Radar program. It’s as if Adca’s messages have a particular “QR code” that carries precise information and verifies the connection.

Back to the dream.

[below] The older woman unrolls the scroll and instructs me to allow her to prick my body and get blood so she can add it to the scroll.

I sense a threat and suddenly realize that, in the previous activities of the dream, the woman had managed to [coffee diagram aren’t] lightly hypnotize me to make me more compliant. As I noticed this, I managed to snap myself back out of it [Wilson] and clear my mind. With a quick shake of my head, I was able to break her connection, and a loud verbal cry from me (a very wrathful F*** YOU!!!) completely broke the spell.

Seeing her spell broken, she became furious and began to threaten me with horrible descriptions of what “they” would do to me for refusing to comply.

Then, as if yet another layer of dream/hypnosis was broken through, I had clear insight/understanding that these beings were utterly powerless over me or anyone else… Their control of us depended entirely on our going into the hypnosis and fear.

It felt as if the energy in the universe shifted at that point, like taut rubber bands being cut and snapping back to [boy] lash at those who had attached them. [arrange weather change]

The energetic tension in the room broke free into a feeling of lightness and spaciousness, and I could feel a sudden burst of freedom reverberating on every level of my being.

The older woman, now afraid, began to curse and threaten me, but I just laughed and reflected her energy back at her.

I began to leave the dream, and it felt like, on another dimension, I was discussing with my “team” whether there was any benefit to my staying there at the time. Our hopes of helping them had backfired because I had not been alert enough to detect the hypnotism early enough to prevent the servant-master illusory relationship from being established. I felt bad about it but was also too angry to calm down and restore any harmony. It would be better to leave for now and come back later when things had calmed down.


19 Feb 2012 – Leslee’s Dream

As I was going to bed, I decided to try sleeping in the position Buddha Shakyamuni reclined into when he passed into Nirvana… Lying on my right side, right palm under my right cheek, left arm along the left side (more or less)…

I had Ghost Radar running, and as I felt my consciousness shift towards sleep, I heard it say, “fog… shining…” so I visualized a shimmering fog (kind of like my first view of Chimera)

I arose into a dream in a huge concourse (like an airport). It was so large that my car, parked inside on the carpet, looked relatively small. My immediate blood family was all there (parents, brothers, nephews, and niece), and they had vehicles parked there too. They also had electronic devices (mobiles, laptops, tablets) scattered around and hooked up to cables. It was like we had set up camp in the transit station, waiting on our Guides to come to take us to our destinations.

We learned that our Guides would take us to our next destinations using a device, much like watching a movie in a theater.

My family got excited and rushed off toward the “theaters,” but I wanted to wait on my Guide to come to take me there… Also, they had all rushed off, leaving their “equipment” out, so I started putting it away for them.

As I was sorting things away, I took a handbag and put into it the few things I thought I’d need: a mobile
phone, a sketchpad, and a binder clip (why?). I got a call from my Mom, asking me to come to join them in the theater. I could hear they were in a deafening and noisy place, and I told her that was not the movie I wanted to see…

(Oh wow, I’m sitting here watching Phantom Menace, realizing that the city of Naboo looks much like Telos from my dream!)

Finally, my Guide shows up. It’s Stick Energy! Except he’s got straight sandy hair, pale skin, purple Spike Lee glasses, and a Harris Tweed jacket! And a very dry sense of humor… 🙂

As we’re walking to the “theater,” he explains that the next step for me is to “call” my contact in the next dimension and arrange “accommodations.” This is a person I’ve known in other lives. He’s also an architect, and his name is “Mike” (which I understand indicates “microphone”). I knew him before, from school. We had lost touch with one another, and he had had a successful career while I had been bouncing around in 3D.

So I called “Mike” (Troy Energy), and got his secretary. When she transferred me to Mike, there was something wrong with my hearing and understanding of what he was saying. The connection was good, but it was as if I was partially deaf, and his words faded in and out. We were having trouble communicating, and it felt as if he was annoyed with me.

My Guide told me I needed to ask him if I could come to visit and “sleep” with him… (Uh oh… awkward moment!) So I asked, and “Mike” got very evasive. Finally, he decided no, explaining that his girlfriend might not understand or appreciate it.

Once we ended the call, my Guide explained that “Mike” thought I was talking about sex, while “sleeping together” referred to connecting during sleep.

I sensed that “Mike” and I had some confusion and miscommunication over what we intended to do together and that our Guides were trying to help us understand the differences between 3D/4D and higher-dimensional relationships. There will always be more opportunities to revisit these lessons. This is not a big deal; we’re learning skills we didn’t need in the higher dimensions.

So, now that my connection request had been declined, my Guide and I needed to develop a Plan B.

He put me on a “van” shuttle bus (he came with me) with a group of 8 others, 4 men & 4 women. We were somehow transported to a city that greatly resembled a city on Gaia’s surface.

( I realized when I woke up that this is a city I’ve been to in many dreams before, but previously I’ve always been there alone. I’m told it’s an Inner Earth city…)

We were all there for a festival of some sort, involving many races and types of beings from many planets and dimensions, “playing dress-up” and acting out roles… Sort of like a Galactic Sci-Fi convention!

We were waiting on another level of transport from this point.

While we were waiting, standing in a low roadway in a shallow valley, I was preoccupied with trying to finish a pair of earrings I was making of wire. They were like antennae or receivers…

Meanwhile, there was discussion among the students and our Guide as to what to expect next and how our education would proceed.

At some point, a parade began, first with two giant beasts coming over the hill and down onto the valley towards us. These creatures looked like prehistoric saber-toothed tigers and/or rhinoceroses, except they were made of living speckled stone. Each had a rider whose flesh was similar. They were sort of pinkish-salmon colored. They strode past us onto the roadway and passed under an overpass nearby.

We realized that these creatures were from “my” world, different from where the other 8 were from.

Shortly after this, a larger parade began on the high road, crossing the overpass. These creatures were from the worlds of my fellow students. Their flesh looked more like Earth flesh, in bright colors ranging from green through yellow to orange. They looked more like reptilian dinosaurs…

I understood that these creatures were some alter-egos for each of us.

Shortly after this, the “dream” faded into a golden-beige blur/fog, and I found myself briefly alone in a spherical-feeling room filled with and made of golden light. My Guide had disappeared (dissolved into the light), and my body had dissolved, too. Then I shifted into a place of healing that was of the nature of light, but it was not “visible” light. Then I think I drifted back into deep sleep briefly before waking.


  1. the govt secret black budget ELF towers and 02 towers are radiating the planet and beaming microwaves into peoples heads (causing deaf people to hear sounds or voices in their heads) its actually sick when you think JAPAN FUKISHIMA tsunami was 100% man-made caused by an underwater nuke, google it and research if you don’t believe me…… don’t expect to hear it on the BBC though 😉

  2. Hello Leslee,
    I read your dream from 3 march and noticed a lot of similarities with my dream. The hotel, the restaurants, the Americans, and a lot of people around. I got the chills when I read the part: ” Finally we reach the end of the building where the children’s classes are, and we pause because we can see, across a small garden courtyard, Lisa standing in the middle of a classroom with several little girls in it. They are all dancing around, wearing cheerful hand-painted paper fairy wings. Lisa’s daughters turn and wave to us (Nolwazi is about 3, and they both have golden-bronze skin and long, very curly brown hair), as we walk by.” Especially about my daughters, Sarah love’s fairies. I don’t know if you saw some pictures of my little girls, but they are colored, because my husband is from Zimbabwe. And the girls have there little curly hair from my husband, but it is much softer because of also my DNA. Here a link to my little girls: http://wolfke74.blogspot.com/2011/12/blog-post.html

    It sounds like I had a lot of fun with the girls. Cause in Atlantis I was also a teacher for the children. It seems you had a very detailed dream.

    Wish you lots of love,light and joy

  3. You were tempted by the dark forces but they couldn`t grasp you in their claws because you are on a higher level of understanding, your GR showed this, actually it is not Chimera, this” circle” is perhaps the circle in this dream, it is a meaningful vivid dream, dear. It shows you your direction and your devotion to the Light. I also had a dream about an year ago …I saw my spiritual teacher. he looked very much like Ashtar but I feel he was not Ashtar . After this dream I found the people who I am working now with and I started my mission
    I am so happy and thankful to all that happens in my life
    Bless you with my Love and Light!

  4. …Oh My!…Once Again iAm Reminded that this Set-Up of “Armageddan” is Actually Taking Place in the World-Wide and in the Mind/DreamScapes of Those that Thrive to Ascend…the Battle of Century…Scarred & Wounded, We Win Tho…:)

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