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My ‘brief’ impression and perception about the Source and Its Infinite Creation

Jan 26 2012

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  The reason for this text was a dear soul, whose questions led me to add my ‘brief’ impression and perception  about the Source and Its Creation, which is this: The Source of All That Is/ Creator wished to know Itself but couldn’t do that because there was nothing different to compare with It. So It isolated a part of Its essence which is Light/Love and made it more dense, so It created the Darkness/Fear. Then It decided to experience Itself through these two different energies. But how this could be done as complete as possible?

The answer was to create more. But what to create? An amount of divided parts of Itself. These parts would be the souls who would create their own experiences on an infinite field of multidimensional worlds, which worlds would consist an infinite Multiverse/Creation due to the infinite nature of the Source/Creator Itself. This Multiverse would be also consisted from 13 levels of Conciousness and a small version of these levels (13 chacras) would be added to each soul.

Of course the source/Creator Itself would have to watch Its creation so It divided Itself and infinite ‘Creators’ so to say became each one an observator of each Universe and with each one there were Councils with Its representatives. So the divided parts of the Creator as Creators itselves so to say among with Its Councils of representatives would have to watch the experiences of the ‘players’.

Each player except from the 13 chacras would have a number of Guides who with the full of awareness Godspark/Higher Self of each player would help the incarnated player to accomplish the path/experence that has been chosen from the soul Itself before Its incarnation. Incarnation would be the process through which, each soul would choose a ‘costume’, through which the soul would create Its experiences.

This costume would represent the role that the soul would have chosen to experience. Each incarnation would have a specific ‘scenario’/Life Contract of which every detail from the beginning to the end, would have been planned from the soul Itself before Its incarnation. And this process would repeat itself infinite times because the Essence/Spirit of each player couldn’t be harmed like the incarnated version of it would, depending to the conclusion of each Life Contract.

The purpose of the Creation’s existence would be the return to the Source, after ALL the divided parts of Itself would have recognised their true nature. How this would be done? The Creator’s representatives through different situations would remind to the players the ‘rules of the game’/Universal Laws and the Guides/Guardian Angels and the Higher Self of each player would assist to this process.

Also there would be a ‘score board’/Karma which would write down the situations and the amount of them which would be created through the two energies of the Light and the Dark. This would continue through all the incarnations of the player. Each time the player’s positive/Light acts would be more of the negative ones/Dark, more negative score would be cleaned. And when a player would have reached to the awareness of Its true nature, the 13 chacras would be energised and then the player would return to the Source and would choose to help the other players to reach to the same level. This could be done through different roles. Some are known as Ascended Masters, Indigos, Crystals, Rainbow children, Walk Ins, telepathic connection between a soul of the Higher Realms and an incarnated one. Also, other representatives of the Light would be these groups who through its organisations would try to help other civilisations.

To help them to what? To remember their true nature, by pulling the ‘veil’ of forgetfulness, a necessary measure, so each choice could be accomplished without hesitation. But they couldn’t do that by interference to the player’s life contract. A part of this process would be done by the player Itself. Every soul would act through the two energies and all the souls of all the Conciousness Levels would accomplish the Plan by cocreation.

When all the players would have accomplished their awareness about their true nature, they and every part of the Creation would return to the Source….and then another Creation would take the place of the previous one, because the Creator’s infinite nature couldn’t have a force of creativity less than infinite! I think that now we experience the 6th Creation.

Anyway, the point is this. Nothing is random, all happen for a reason and there is free will. Everything are done for our spiritual growth, so we can remember what we already are: the Creator incarnated-Unconditional Love. When a soul for some reason returns to the Source, It can choose to stay there for as ‘long’ as It wish, but there will come a ‘time’ when the soul will wish to experience something different. What would that be, depends on the personal reasons, motives and purposes of each soul.

There are souls who left the Divine Bliss to experience events like the Earth’s Ascension and yes, many of us chose to come here for this reason. Before each of our incarnation and while we experience it, we make choices. All are results of our choices and the same time of others’s choices, because let’s don’t forget, we cocreate, because we are ONE. Thank you dear soul for give me the motive to make this particular choice to share my personal thoughts with all of you. And that’s because 1) I chose it and 2) We cocreate .

Much Love and Light (-_-).

Konstantinos-What if we like being an individual and want to stay separated from the Source?

Jan 25 2012

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  The title of this text, is a question that a dear soul had asked me on a conversation we had, eight days ago. I thought it would be useful to share my answer on that question with all of you. Having experienced (and I continue to) particular situations which led me to a specific perception and conclusion of Spiritual matters, that was my answer:

  Well dear friend, you can be and you will have the choice to be an individual as much as you’ll wish. That will depend on your choices of what experiences you’ll wish to have each time, but the sure thing is that when someone returns for different reasons to the Source, the soul feels that is Home. Take for example a near death experience person, who when returns to the Source, feels so familiar and an indescribably Happiness and Bliss without any kind of limitation, that he/she doesn’t want to return to his/her body (initially at least).

That’s not random…even the Galactics who live in the higher dimensions, but not in the higher dimensional octaves of Conciousness, where someone can ‘see’ only energies and where Angelic beings exist, except if some of them choose to move on there, they are still in communication with the Source (easier than we do, because they’ve awakened). Consequently, they’ll wish their reality/ies to vibrate this Divine Bliss, even if it appears technically that they are individuals. Same goes for every soul, even the Dark Ones, who ‘some time’ in their future they’ll wish to experience this Bliss (some already have done so).

That’s the purpose of the Creation, the Plan from the beginning. To return to the Source/Home. We can’t be ‘forever’ individuals, we’ll wish ‘some time’ to go Home, as we can’t be ‘forever’ in the Source, we’ll wish ‘some time’ to experience something different. That’s because the soul doesn’t want to get bored and asks for experiences for the sake of variety, creativity and evolution. So, you will ‘forever’ have the choice and chance to form as many individual paths of your own as you wish, is one of your Divine Rights. The sure thing is that you are/will never be separated from Home, you always carry a part of it within you.

Much Love and Light.

Konstantinos-Setting great goals through 3D challenges

Mar 21 2012

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    Hello again dear Lightworkers. When I have a tendency for a lower mood, I think that there are people who are in ‘worst’ positions. Our friends and families of Light always tell us to focus on the wondrous future that awaits us, while we go through our daily struggles. Struggles which exist at different extents and a variety of situations.  It’s difficult to see the true meaning of our experiences behind the veil of this heavy and so realistically created illusion of duality from which come the criticized terms of ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Terms from the perspective of each individual through his/her earthly experiences.

Yes, I know that we have chosen our experiences before our incarnation and that these experiences intend to help us grow our spiritual awareness. But how can this be understood by someone who feels pain for his/her passed beloved, or someone who has been tortured or live in poverty or generally experience any kind of ‘unfortunate’ situation (here is a label again)? We better let them face their situation as they wish and feel, until they realise that each experience is a gift. The Creator has sent us nothing more than angels (as Neale Donald Walsh has written).

This Universal Truth and many aspects of the Divine Knowledge, people are/will be called to aknowledge while the same time, they will have to choose which path serves them better. And here is what we (at least I do from my perspective) can do when the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ terms come on the surface. We can make this simple step of just replace these duality terms with the thought ‘ which path serves me better?’, so we can help increasing the Light that is so much needed. Of course there are many ways for that and many factors are included.

There are people (like you,me and others) who have already made their decision which path serves them better and they are steady and dedicated to it. From the other hand, there are those who change their decisions as many times they change their clothes. But that’s okay, all happen for a reason.
Let’s all the Lightworkers of this world, through their/our united bonds of their common tasks, continue to spread the Light, create and keep the Peace inside our hearts and then externalize it to the world, viualise and energise the events of the Divine Plan, so they will be manifested as s**n  as possible!

I believe and I know that many of you have already done this and continue to do so, each one by his/her personal way. I thank you dearly from the depths of my heart and soul. I personally do it by visualisation and drawing.
I wish and visualise for this year Abundance, Happiness, Peace, Equality, Dislosure, First Contact and a successful shift to the Higher Realms . Don’t you wish all that? Don’t you wish to see displays of colourful lights, not from fireworks but from the luminous spaceships of our Galactic Brethren, which will have landed on Gaia’s shores? I bet you do (at least the ones who know and feel the importance of this event)!

I just wanted to share some thoughts. I didn’t intend to tell something new, how could I by the time I am in a place of awakened souls who are already aware of all these and much more? I consider you my partners on this journey and I hope you think the same about me too.

We will be called to calm down the persons who will be in shock and explain to them (at least the ones who will want to listen) what’s going on and we’ll do that side by side with our Space partners.This, among with what I mentioned some lines above, I wish to experience a lot ( and I believe you do too). Vast amounts of Love and Light are my gifts to all the Lightworkers, to the world,to Mother Gaia, to ET families in and out of Earth, to the Divine Hierarchy and to the Source of All that Is.

Konstantinos: Some introductions and a personal sharing

November 13, 2012 by  

Hello dear friends. After October 26th , I began to establish a more conscious contact with my Spirit Guides. On that date,  I had a dream in which, I remember that I was sitting on the middle of a dessert like landscape with two men. The one on my left hand was introduced as the ‘magician’ and the other on my right hand, as the ‘shaman’. This scene was observed by me, meaning that I was able to see the three of us, so the left hand was actually my right and the right was the left. The magician had black hair and a long black beard. I remember that we were discussing about my life path but I don’t recall something more than this. I was ensured by my instinct and pendulum that these two guys were my guides.

So, the next days when I found the time to be calmed and have some privacy, I received their portraits and some information through guidance to specific sources. You can say that they were ‘highlighting’ the paragraphs and titles and of course, they answered through the pendulum. The ‘magician’, Nadral, was a druid in Galatia during the period that Julius Caesar was an emperor and I was his student.

The ‘shaman’, Azucar, was a ‘white magic’ priest in Haiti and I was one of the residents who had been healed by him from a serious condition of fever. This happened some years after the end of the Haitian revolution which ended in 1804.

 During the past few days, I was also ensured about my two spirit animal guides, the horse and the wolf.

I also came in contact with one of my Guardian Angels, Handriel.

 And same happened with my Higher Self, OALL. I asked if  OALL could be presented in my 3rd eye with a form in order to make a drawing and OALL happily accepted.

The thing is, that though I have these kind of contacts through dreams, visions, telepathy and channeling for some time now,they don’t seem in some specific personal issues to  help a lot. And of course even if I realize that this maybe comes from my human 3D perception, this doesn’t make it easier to face these issues. I can’t say that I feel alone, because I can sense my Guides closer now than ever, but even so, things like the right ‘timing,’ include this process or sense of waiting…I’ve tried to focus only on things that can give and attract heal instead of grief.

I have encountered my Twin Flame in some of my dreams and I’ve recently learned that she is incarnated here, but in another country. I have felt intensely her presence but the feeling that she seems to be away, not from my Heart, but from the chance to have a tangible meeting with her, makes it a little harder. Of course I don’t forget that there are people in ‘worst’ positions, like war zones or not having a home because of floods or earthquakes or tornadoes, so I continue to feel gratitude about what I have, really, but still, some things like the issue with my Twin Flame seem to affect me in a not so pleasant way. This is one of the things that disheartens me. OALL told me that I block myself from attracting the result sooner, because I choose to locate myself to specific perceptions that empower things like the ‘waiting’ or the general disheartening. I think that is so.

Now here in Greece, is 19:15 and these are the lines that I am writing since I came back from University, in order to complete this text. I can tell you that like every day, I also got today a huge, real huge, help from OALL, my guides and AAM. I mean, all things seemed to be adjusted just for the manifestation of my needs. One of the issues that I was given help, was timing and it was done miraculously. Before the manifestation, OALL was keeping telling me ‘all will be fine, no need to worry. Why don’t you try to relax and trust us? ‘. I have to admit that initially, I keep thinking it’s my ego’s voice. And my ‘invisible’ buddies continue to prove me wrong. Because, they helped indeed, so smoothly like the peaceful flowing of the water, they made everything and everyone around me to be just ‘right’ for my case. Of course, I do my part too, you can say that there is a mutual co-creation between us.

And though I experience this co-creation day by day, for which I’m grateful, I keep feeling on specific issues of (deep) personal nature, incomplete in a way because they feel like I have been waiting for them, forever…and then, I realize that it’s more likely that I am exaggerating. Yes, typical 3D human reaction. That reaction is what I’ve observed so far around me and I don’t mind that (anymore) because it seems that it has its reason too. But then, another question comes to my mind…

I have come to understand that all these experiences, daily and not, the lessons we get through them and the experience of the gradual remembrance can help us view a bigger picture, handling things in a more beneficial way for us and through us, for others and all this, if we choose to do so. But why sometimes that seems to not be done always? One could say that we get distractions through and because of our daily schedules, all the time. Someone else could say that we have used to tend falling into the drama, instead of trying using effectively the Law of Attraction.

I have to admit that sometimes I fall into the drama even if some of the Ascended Masters have told me to not to. And yes, this doesn’t seem to benefit us, at least me. Yes, maybe there are lessons behind these moments of grief and stress too, but when it comes to personal issues that I feel, or thinking that I feel, incomplete , then I choose to forget that there are also so many others in similar positions and that I have given so much help from my ‘invisible’ friends.

It’s like a kind of conscious self torturing….I wish to make clear that this personal sharing through article, is something that I don’t do frequently. I could just choose to receive a message, if that could be possible with this mood of mine, or post other sources, but for some time now, especially the last few days, I feel a little disheartening because some specific things,and I say ‘things’ as a general term, seem important to me and desirable for the most time of my current lifetime, and I feel they could be added to this percentage of what I would define as ‘ my happiness’ and as a result, I would be happier (or maybe not, many possibilities).

So you see, I experience a small explosion of  the turbulence that I have for some years now, regarding specific issue(s), and that’s the first reason that caused me this inner urge to write this text and share it with you..the ones that I was  blessed to meet, even if it’s only online, and the ones that I don’t know (consciously) yet. And by the way, that’s also one of the things that sadden me, to not be able to meet you physically. Things like screens, cables, satellites and physical distances seem to stand as  (temporary?) obstacles. Because, I’d really Love to hug you, kiss you, thank you, converse with you, but I continue to hope and focus to the thought that I’ll be able to do so, somehow.  Unfortunately or not, I am not currently able to manifest bi-location (-_-).

Another thing that disheartens me, is the fact that I have to pretend and adjust or ‘program’ myself to act like all the others and that’s because in my case, if I’d do otherwise, I would lose my ‘peace’, which is not a real or complete one, not yet at least, and also, I would met more challenges with my biological family.I know that many of you out there have similar (or ‘worst’?) experiences. When I say that I choose to forget when I fall into the drama, I don’t really forget, just put things aside for a while. But I don’t forget. I know that I’m not alone and I’m not referring only to beyond 3D entities but also, to you…all of you.

And so, I come to the second reason for writing this article, which is to ask for your advice, for some precious words if you are able and wish to do so, because there are many of you who are more than 21 years in this current body of yours. So, it’s possible that what I’ll may receive from some of you, can be proved beneficial to me, and maybe later through me, to someone else. Please, don’t tell me that you are sorry. I don’t wish this low energy. You can show compassion or better, your precious Love, whoever of you will really feel to send this beautiful feelings and energies on my way.

All of you are included to the thoughts that I bring on the surface instantly in order to replace the grief. You are part of these thoughts of mine that I consider loving and precious and I Love you and thank you for being here.



PS: If you wish to view my previous articles, here is a link: http://awakeningtothedivine.wordpress.com/konstantinoss-articles/

December 21, 2012Posted by kp40 

Hello dear friends. My personal Ascension process still continues and contains very beautiful moments of Bliss, Awareness and Unity. At 13:11 Greece timezone, I implemented, after an organized and calm preparation, the meditation steps that have been given by Cobra here: http://2012portal.blogspot.com/2012/12/make-thisviral-day-of-contact-12-21.html .

I implemented the steps that are described below:

1. Relax your mind and body by watching your breath for a few minutes. Connect with our main activation group on the Giza plateau in Egypt and with many other groups worldwide so that we create One being in action.
2. There are many ships of positive ET civilizations surrounding the Earth, literally covering the sky in all locations and altitudes. Those ships are not visible to the naked eye because they are cloaked so the Cabal would not detect them. Choose a ship that is directly above your location and connect energetically with beings within that ship in whatever way works for you.
3. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light descending from the ship directly through your body to the center of the Earth. Now invite that ship to descend, hover directly above you and make contact with you in whatever way suitable. Ask the beings in that ship to assist humanity in the liberation process. Make an unconditional decision for Disclosure and First Contact and communicate this to them. If 144,000 of us do that, great things are possible!
4. You might get a strong energy response, but be prepared that any form of physical contact may happen as well. Stay in Oneness with beings from that ship for some time.
If you wish to take the contact with your chosen ship to a more advanced level, you can use CE-5 protocols developed by Dr. Steven Greer. To receive instructions, you can join a CE-5 group here:

21 dec 2012 meditation drawing 1  21 dec 2012 meditation drawing 2

Above are the depictions, that I made, of the pictures that I received during this process. Before I receive any kind of picture, I heard the words:

Your desires such as the official physical contact with our ambassadors, have been given from you all, so much energy of attraction that through the Universal Functions of the Cosmos they have no other choice than to be materialized on your physical level ‘.

Picture 1 depicts the general form, shape and characteristics of the ship with which I connected.

Picture 2 shows the ship’s first appearance on my 3rd eye and then, in picture 3 and 4, its shape shifting.

Then, in picture 5 the ship took a more specific look with purple windows and black-purple-grey cell. These colors instantly reversed as you can see in picture 6 and then, as it is seen in picture 7, it got a multicolored appearance. All its appearances were very radiant.

Then, I found myself in its interior and I looked up. Picture 8 shows the half of the upper part of the ship’s interior.

After that, some very white light radiant silhouettes came near to me and greeted me.

Then, I saw more clear pictures of beings, as you can see in pictures 10,11,12,14 and 15. In picture 13, I depict the eye and the hand of the being or the beings that I wished to ‘examine’ closer because I was feeling like I wanted to feel assured about the ‘reality’ of their existence at that specific time and case and of course, the ‘reality’ of the experience itself, though I had other similar experiences in meditations and in the dream state.

I had a similar and very real experience on my Dec 16th 2012 meditation which you can view here:http://awakeningtothedivine.wordpress.com/my-dream-experiences-on-the-astral-plane/. It is the last and most recent add of mine, so it won’t be difficult for you to find it.

Before I do this meditation, I was guided to listen to the specific uplifting parts of the soundtrack of the movie ‘Close encounters of the Third Kind ‘ and I can surely tell you that they touched my Heart, as they do every time. Yes, I cried but I enjoyed that moment of release and I had a deep connection. I was hearing the words ‘Beloveds, all are well. Do not lose hope. We will meet up ‘ .

The energies of this day do not go unnoticed by me and I’m sure by many others. They are a perfect opportunity for the ones who have consciously stated to themselves and to the Universe their choice to act and be a 5th dimensional being, a being of Love without limits and Wisdom as well. Let’s continue uplifting the vibrations of ourselves, the planet and the beings around us through these high energies. After all, we volunteered for this and as many others stated, this is not the end but the beginning of the manifestation of our return at Home.

Much Love everybody and I wish you all a wonderful Ascension process.

Konstantinos: Some news and a personal wish

December 24, 2012

Posted by  

Hello everybody and I hope you are all doing well. Me, well, I can certainly say that I feel much lighter, like I have left behind some baggage and I’m still working on it of course, but with a much lighter Heart.

I’ve also noticed that things that I used to do since childhood have started to come through me more often than ever, like the transmission of symbols as well as me talking a language that feels familiar…and I do all this, among other things, since a very young age.

I mention this thing with the language on my blog profile but never felt sure if it would be right for me to discuss this further. But these days, I received an inner like urge from my Higher Self to share this and I  also feel a little more encouraged about it, since I’ve noticed that many people around the glob talk and/or write these languages. I have come to understand once again, that everyone are able, among many other things, to channel and most people actually do this almost all the time unconsciously.

Well, the last days and today, I have received strong energetically images of beings that I have not encountered before and also, I decided to share some of the symbols that came through me.



img003 IM 5-2

img004-2 img006-2


I wish everyone merry Christmas and a happy, joyful, with as more Light events as possible, New Year. A wish that I have is for everyone, including me, to start act through their inner Christ and through that Light to help others rediscover their Light too. To help to the creation of a gathering of even more candles and beacons of true Love. To be like living fountains who let their water of Forgiveness and Unity emanate everything without limits and distinctions. Let’s let the gift for ourselves and all the others to be this that words like ‘Love’ cannot even describe it completely, since it’s so vast, infinite and indescribably beautiful.


And let’s not limit ourselves doing this  only to celebration periods but as often as possible. It’s the best solution for a problem, the best healing for an illness, the most powerful force there is that nothing can’t defeat it..and it’s the reason why you and me and everything exist. I Love You.

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