Crystal Connections June 2013

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  1. Crystal Connection – 15 June 2013
    I saw Angelic Being of White Light as my Light Body started the journey, Portals opened, I saw a White lotus Flower, Then I was travelling in Space and I saw a Planet of non physical nature, the Planet and the Solar System I saw were of higher dimension, they were from aether, and the Planet had rings, the Sun was a Portal
    Then I saw Cobra that had a Pharaoh`s face, something like a halo over the head instead of the pharaoh`s crown
    I called Hathor three times , I heard the Shaman drumming and I shared that I cannot bear the lower energies anymore, I want to go HOME
    Then I received a message – I feel it as a message from my Higher Self – the time of the Shift is when You are ready, when you cut all the links with the old paradigm but this could be a longer process on a collective scale /if we think of the linear time/if it was not the Divine Intervention that was promised, this divine Intervention was planned by all of you and is a part of your Life Plans
    I saw a flat wild area in Russia and a horse there, a horse and a native rider
    Then I saw a Huge Angelic Being – looked like a woman dressed in yellow, long dark hair, She appeared above the mountain chain as a huge yellow cloud and She Is here Now to Guide those that are ready
    Love and Light

  2. I was in meditation last night when the brilliance of my Christed Star rose from the lotus flower of my heart. A cord sent to my one connected our hearts and our Christed stars blended to move ever upward above the Earth. Then together we sent mighty kingdom love and light to Gaias crystaline heart core. Gaia began to absorb the light and in turn it burst from her travelling up through her to activate the giant crystals within the lands of Earth when suddenly the Ancient sites began to tremble. Beams of pure light began to flow forth from all these temples above and below Gaia. Soon the knowledge of long ago will flow into the Light bearers as the time approaches for us all.

    • Great! Thank You, dear Suzanne, it is such a powerful connection all of us did, I saw the book in the hand of Hathor, Elvi speaks of the Library, Lisa saw me and herself with books as two of Jesus` students, this was one of our past incarnations, now I read your experience and you speak of Knowledge that will emerge, this is a wonderful continuation of our previous meditation discoveries, me and Lisa were connected with the Hall of Records and the Sphinx
      ( ( SUN ) )

      • When Frila put the Picture of the computers I also remember a few of us also inputting or looking at data on screens also. Study seems to be the thing at the moment.

  3. Such a marvelous day that we are all in high mood, willing to be melt in this powerful loving and light energy…

    Today, the new energetic grid formed with the participation of two male family members seemed to become stronger and solider. I felt being highly recharged with the light and crystalline energy and activated during the meditation. I in fact had few visions but kept seeing the light triangle in the center for quite a long time.

    I once saw a very strong and veteran white dragon flying to me. I guess he is Yuansheng. Later, it’s a white horse or Pegasus coming…as you mentioned, this might be JiaLing.

    Owing to the energy of high, intense and powerful vibration, all my knees and shanks ached so. This ache even lasts till now. I know it’s the symptom of being healed.

    During the course, I heard Adrial speaking to me. It’s my first time to hear and listen to her directly. Her voice is so melodious, and sufficiently appeased me from all worries. I in fact asked her about that girl who has had lots of exchanges with SaLuSa on the ship. Adrial said it’s OK to welcome her.

    In the early session of this meditation, I once saw the polar-light like veil/curtain, I guessed it’s a portal, too ?!

    Since I had less vision today, I asked spontaneously if I can be board on the ship New Jerusalem as the past two days. Then I was there. It seemed I was given some course there, however, as yesterday, I’ve no idea about what that might be. The interior of the ship felt so comfortable, similar to the architecture made of wood.

    I cannot recall any other part…and was awakened by a voice call.

    My beloved family, I’m so happy to be able to live in this kind of love, light and happiness that brought by you. May my love illuminate and warm your heart and live, too.

    love you so

  4. oh
    I forgot
    in my meditation
    I saw reversed pyramid
    and octahedron
    in Egypt
    this means
    the connection is about to come
    and this resonates with the date 21 June

  5. Link timelapse fly over earth:

    I first merged with my higher self Arachanai. Then I made a visualisation connecting with the ladies in a circle and the three men, triangle, male symbol in the middle, circle for us is infinity.

    I feel a DNA activation going through me. I see this being of light, it is the grey being that I have been seeing for quit some time. She sends me healing. I see flowers origami floating in the air and they changes into birds. I see the pyramids of Giza, three of them, receiving light, purple light. A shockwave of energy is blasting through all over the world. A chain of lightworkers. I see the Earth from space, see the sparkling lights. I feel like I am in Jerusalem, one of Jeshua’s students. I see the desert, palm trees; we are wearing white long dresses, sandals. We are walking on a path with some books. We are sitting down, we are studying, me and Tauno, I feel that Frila is also maybe one of the students. It is warm and peaceful. I see the death sea, there is a connection, and death sea salt removes the old skin and giving a new smooth skin. This is rebirth, renewing. I see Jeshua and around his head I see a white shining halo, he looks very peaceful and comes towards us.

    Atlantis, I am in the garden teaching the kids, teaching them how to connect with the healing powers of plants and flowers. I see origami white lotus flower and changes into a crane that flies away.

    I am in Australia walking the dream dance, I see aboriginals playing on their didgeridoo. I am dancing on a pattern made in the sand by coloured sand, presenting my dream path. The drawing, I see spirals, I see a man with a spear, I see people sitting around the fire, see people walking, looking for the dream. I see me looking behind the dream, I feel free, feel amazing. The dance opens the portals, vortexes come out of the air, blue sky, sun, and we have connections with the past and future. I dance in impossible compositions, low to the ground, spiralling down…LOVE into the earth, into Gaia, giving my LOVE, giving LOVE to humanity. I hear the steady drum of the native American shaman, I see the white buffalo, coming to this world, giver of peace, no more war.

    I am in the ocean, the water, and I see dolphins leaping over the water next to me. I see under water pyramids, spirals into the water over the pyramids connecting with the pyramids on land and pyramids in the air, pyramids in the volcanos. The four elements are connecting, water, air, earth and fire I see the earth grid lighting up, I see the ufo’s around earth coming closer as it is getting to its final end….

    Origami crane: meaning : Thousand origami cranes (千羽鶴 Senbazuru?) is a group of one thousand origami paper cranes (鶴 tsuru) held together by strings. An ancient Japanese legend promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish by a crane. Some stories believe you are granted eternal good luck, instead of just one wish, such as long life or recovery from illness or injury. This makes them popular gifts for special friends and family. The crane in Japan is one of the mystical or holy creatures (others include the dragon and the tortoise) and is said to live for a thousand years: That is why 1000 cranes are made, one for each year. In some stories it is believed that the 1000 cranes must be completed within one year and they must all be made by the person who is to make the wish at the end. Cranes that are made by that person and given away to another aren’t included: All cranes must be kept by the person wishing at the end.

    Didgeridoo: Traditionally and originally, the didgeridoo was primarily played as an accompaniment to ceremonial dancing and singing. However, it was also common for didgeridoos to be played for solo or recreational purposes outside of ceremonial gatherings. For surviving Aboriginal groups of northern Australia, the didgeridoo is still an integral part of ceremonial life, as it accompanies singers and dancers in cultural ceremonies that continue.

    White buffalo: The Lakota prophecy goes that the birth of a white buffalo would be a sign that the time had come for the world to be purified – harmony, balance, respect among people and respect for the earth. A white man would come, born to white parents in the heart of America – Oklahoma, the last of established lands.

    Sorry that it took so long, but I was guided to give you this extra information, as they (guides) wouldn’t let me sent it with the connection alone

    Love Lisa

  6. Petra – 14 June 2013
    Dear sisters of light,

    I am happy to have had a meditation, because it did not work in the last days…

    after having done some personal work in cutting with the sword of light all that is not longer of use for me, no longer serving me and no longer love and lightful for me, I felt much lighter after that.
    I felt, I was lifting up and I felt brightening up.
    Then I felt that I was part of the grid, positioned on my spot, that I have in the grid, connected with all the others, holding the light, connected with mother earth and connected with the higher realms. I was standing there, feeling myself.

    Then I received a message, first it looks as it was only for me, as I have had a question about this.
    The message is: Your job will be finished at the 21rst of june this month. You have to work here in the grid, doing your job to strengthen the grid in beaming and transforming light and love. After this day of 21rst you are released from this job here, at your spot, where you live. Then your connection, that you feel so strong at the moment, is nullified.
    And you can move.

    This is also valid for all grid workers, you have finished your work then, because after the 21rst the gird is strong enough, you have strenghten the blueprint and it will then be strong enough to hold, it will have manifested itself in full light and power.

    You are all then free to do your next job, which will then be to be the light for others, to lead them, to help them, to answer questions to those who ask and to be there, if they need you. This you can do, wherever you are. Just shine from your hearts.

    And your connections over the grid, the connections between your positions and special light points will still go on, you just have to think of it, do this from time to time and just think of it, feed it with your light and create also a shield of light.

    Thank you to all of you. You have all dne a fantastic job.

    Love and light to all.

    Hug you.

  7. Elvi – 14 June 2013
    I felt like traveling on the North or Sout pole regions, cool winds blowing, maybe both, wallruses and white dogs/wolves running on the snow/ice…
    Then I flew…an eagle comes in these images.I was in Giza pyramids doing some kinds of an initiation rite?…snakes, winds blowing through the tunnels, kind of scary, but no problem going through. Then I see Isis up above, flying, dancing happily.
    Next a yellow rose with red-fringed petals, they are soo beautiful. But it perhaps turns into a fire… I see like burned trees, burned plants dying… Makes me feel not so good so I ask for some consolation. A huge big white angel appears hugging me, wings like of an eagle. but it’s an angel with gold inside. Holding an olive twig although not a dove… more an “eagle” angel I think of the olive trees planted outside Alexandria Library, donated by Israel. I want it to be something goog (Today Egypt thinks Israel is plotting with Ethiopia to build a dam, to get a grip of Egypt by making it difficult to get water from the Nile… does not sound good any of what’s happening there…)

  8. Crystal Meditation – 14 June 2013
    I started my journey from the surface towards the skies, I saw the clouds in the blue sky, the many dark clouds were forming a “hole” in that I saw the blue sky, I went trough this portal and the clouds there became little like feathers of white and rose colours
    My Light body was traveling and connected with Egypt, I was in a pyramid and later I saw a Shaman drumming and there came a white bird from the drum, the beats were rhythmic and the Shaman was singing, I connected via my Heart-Mind with this rhythm
    I called Hathor three times later and I saw a Higher being of Light in Egyptian outlook, She was holding a book, many golden bracelets on her hands, and i saw her hand reaching towards me, I connected with Hathor
    Then I received DNA activation codes, I saw a Portal in Space, the Portal was leading on the right – towards Reality and then I saw another Portal to the right , the Elven Portal, it was like a round gate surrounded by huge green leaves and a Blue/Green Light was coming through this Portal and I entered in it
    Before the meditation i had a vision of the White crystalline Dragon that lives with us there in the higher dimension, the Dragon lives by my crystal house in the Elven Forest, the Dragon is taking part in our mission of Light and helping other Life forms to evolve
    It is time to manifest our dreams
    ( ( SUN ) )

  9. It didn’t occurred to me until this evening that I saw this (Goddess Isis’s crown) all in golden light yesterday. It stayed in my vision for quite a long while. Without this picture, I may not realize what did I see.

    There were two Chinese friends who just expressed their willing to join us after reading my latest blog post on presentation of astral travel, dreamflights, and our crystal connection. They are both men, I guess.

    The time when we started the meditation is 02:30 am in China zone. I told them, in or beyond fifth dimension, there is no time like this, so it’s unnecessary to stay up late particularly for joining us simultaneously. However, it seemed they still tried to, as I sensed ?!

    So by the beginning, I asked for Gotama Buddha and Archangel’s help on well merge our energy.

    In the beginning of this meditation, I saw first a triangle, then a square, pentagon, hexagon in turns.

    Then, it’s the giant brown tortoise (my third time)(symbol of north), and a red phoenix (symbol of south).

    After that all the other phoenix I saw successively were in white. The first one even broke through a membrane.

    I once saw a delight full teenager girl with a black hat, and in very fashionable dress who looked so similar with the picture that Troy had found for us for showing how Adrial looked like.

    I once felt that our the two new friends’ energy seemed not integrated with our energetic field, so I asked Archangel Micheal’s intervention. Then I seemed to sense these two men and Troy sited as a triangle in the center of our star. (If it’s not the case, please never hesitate to correct me. I’m after all the very junior.)

    I took a pretty long while that I sensed nothing. Then I saw the front part in silver of a giant ship. Latter, I seemed overlooked the future cities from the same ship. I asked his name, delightedly again, I found I was in New Jerusalem. Ashtar Command seemed taught me something, however the details were concealed for protecting me.

    Once, lots of gray phantoms appeared in front of me. I once again asked Archangel Micheal’s rescue, these gray were hence gone.

    As I can recall, I saw some portals, however, cannot remember their forms at all.

    love you so

  10. Lisa – 13 June 2013
    I only got this song stuck in my head from tinkerbell: the summer has just begun. I didn’t get any picture except of a pink white blossom tree and the leaves that flew into the wind looked like pink butterflies.

    Here the link to the song I was hearing over and over again:


    Life is rising up

    Surging forth in all directions

    Every little buttercup is reaching out to find connections

    Every blade of grass will touch the sunlight

    The rain will touch the ground

    Growing greener than it was before

    The bees are drowing by

    The spider silk is softly spinning

    Not a cloud in the sky

    You know it’s only the beginning

    Every little blossom, every flower

    Flings its petals wide

    As the season comes ’round… once more

    Breeze is blowing light and sweet

    The grass, a carpet at your feet

    Catch the colors

    Feel the heat of the sun

    All the sparrows in the dell

    Swirling ’round like a carousel

    Singing loud enough to tell everyone

    Summer’s just begun (summer’s just begun)

    Oh, Oh, Oh

    All the winters, all the springs

    Lead us here on fairy wings

    A season of a thousand things to be done

    Summer’s just begun (summer’s just begun)

    Summer’s just begun

  11. Crystal Connection – 13 June 2013
    I had a difficult concentration because of the many thoughts connected with my personal life, I even was disturbed by phone calls during my meditation but I had a vague vision
    OLA was giving White Light in my hands and I saw a Being of Light in her. This Being wanted to connect with me, I feel she is carrying female vibrations, from the Elven realms, She is tall, long neck and small head, no hair, wings and long shining robe, the whole Being was shining with golden Light.
    I got a glimpse of a lotus flower and all of us that are connected were sitting in it in a circle.I felt OLA very Powerful and active by comparison with my concentration that was so hard. I was just in 3D holding OLA and serving like a Gate Keeper, like a Bridge of energies, I simply maintained the energies that were connecting through OLA
    Love and Light

  12. Lisa – 12 June 2013
    I saw a pink rose. Then I saw pink lotus flowers drifting on a green pond. It was very peaceful. I see AA Michael holding up his blue sword. After this mission I am going on another mission I really want to do, exploring deep space. I see myself on this kinda ship, i have my quarters where I draw and other things. I am now in the holodeck and program gaia is running . I am standing on a balcony overlooking the ocean. I hear the peaceful sound of the waves crushing on the beach. It is night and the moon is shining bright. I see the stars and between the stars I see Chinese lanterns, hundreds floating high in the sky. Vision changes, it begins to snow, the room is poorly lit by four frosty light blue pillars. In the middle of the floor a snowpatern. I stand on it and a light blue light hits me, I channel it into Gaia. I feel peaceful. End meditation. Love Lisa

  13. Crystal Meditation – 12 June 2013

    I had a terrible dream before waking up in the morning. It felt too real, and the background looked contemporary, rather in the1980s’ or 90s’… Though I could hardly evade the violation, I feel so traumatized after waking up.

    So, during this meditation, I first asked Archangel Mikael’s healing. I saw him…so big and followed where his hand was raised to, I seemed to see the peak of a very high elongated Pyramid from its interior. I stayed there for quite a while. It seemed that being with HIM, I saw lots of design charts which all have to do with circle. No, it’s rather that there are various geometric diagrams whose main parts are all circles and these circles were spread as a semicircle, drawn on a huge white paper.

    Then I saw a white light mantra…

    It seemed again I was in Ashtar Command’s ship New Jerusalem. The scene of where I was looked like a classic study room with a very large desk. He showed me there something looked in semicircle form with radiance in carved wood. This thing may be 60-70 cm long and 30-40 large.

    Like the past days, my memory faded soon. What I can recall is the serious numbers that I was shown. They seem all the guiding messages to me.

    love you so

  14. Crystal Meditation – 12 June 2013
    OLA was shining with White Light
    I called Hathor and I received a feeling of red stone
    I received DNA activation codes and visions of Angelic Being, portals and a negative I feel being of non-human origin and of grey coloured skin, this being was trying to prevent me from receiving the Light but when I noticed it I built a Light shield around me and the being disappeared
    Then I saw a Portal
    I was connected with the Heart of Gaia, semi dark mountain, I am down there looking at the top where it is lighter, Light beams in this dark place I saw like rays but these rays did not come from the sun, they just blazed down there , I felt the pain experienced by mother`s Heart and I felt Love to Her
    I was higher and the mountain seemed now not too dark, the Heart of the Mother was shining and I saw a stairs, Portal like a tunnel of triangular shape, the portal was shining with Golden Light
    I came through it
    I saw a White Being like a child Angel but I could not make a connection with her, I just saw her in the swirling energy all around me

  15. Crystal Connection – 11 June 2013

    I took OLA and put her close to my heart.I got a vision of my Higher Self in the higher realms holding OLA close to the Heart= My Higher Self was surrounded by White/Blue Light. I asked for a connection with AA Michael. Before the meditation I was watching the clouds of the thundering sky here and a cloud appeared that was shining with AA Michael`s Light, I saw the sword and then there appeared an image of Angelic Being that was standing on a platform and spreading wings.
    AA Michael : I am here now to answer your question by asking you a question.
    Tauno: Tell me, Master, what is Your question?
    AA Michael: What is the most beneficial and efficient change that you first envision into the human reality?
    Tauno: To stop eating material food
    AA Michael: This is a wise answer.
    Tauno: Indeed, this is so simple, when people do not need food they are free from the necessity to go to work and earn money for living and for feeding their families. And so money become past. They will be forgotten. And when free from the necessity of eating food people will become more creative, they will devote their efforts to their true and natural abilities – to the gifts of being co-creators instead of consumers.
    AA Michael: ( listening and staying present)
    Tauno: The second change I feel is the creation of new advanced technologies.
    AA Michael: When you are independent from the necessity of eating food you will be in your higher Light bodies. You will eventually become absolutely free Beings of Light and then even technologies will be unnecessary. You will travel and create by thought and consciously exist in the Whole Creation
    Tauno:You are telling me that all that is work on ourselves. This is an inner not outer change that will make the Shift. The Shift is within and we have to work on our DNA activation. Am I right?
    AA Michael: You know the answer, dear One. All knowledge is within. The energies now are working on the emerging of this knowledge on the surface. Everything starts from center to periphery and thus Spirit leads the changes in the material world.
    Tauno : Thank You, AA Michael
    AA Michael: My Light is with all of You. You Are All the brave Knights of Love and Light on Earth who volunteered here to shine Your Light, Shine it bright in all directions. We of the Angelic realms Are proud of You. And We Are beaming Our Light to You in all of Your moments
    Then I opened my eyes and my hand holding OLA, I held OLA in my right hand . I programmed her with the words LOVE, LIGHT ( a powerful lightning blazed in the evening sky over the town when I said LIGHT ), ASCENSION, Opening the PORTAL, SHIFT
    I saw OLA`s aura again, it was shining with golden Light. I closed my eyes and my brain has “sealed” what I was watching and it came as a vision, I saw my hand holding OLA but it was the Space with a hand shape and a central Portal/Sun there, the Space was dark with shining Suns , planets too and the sphere OLA appeared as the central Sun of this “galaxy” – the message is that we are in the Divine Hand of God together with so many stars and planets, around the Space the Cosmos was Light


  16. Thank you Tauno, I saw Asthar Command, too and seemed stayed in his ship New Jerusalem for a while. I just doubted myself, how could this possible. But after that his image was shown again, I could hence have more confidence, but still not sufficient at all.

    Self-doubt, it’s just like a curse that has haunted even tortured me for all my life and even killed me.

    My memory fades so soon today…

    This afternoon, I went to the Museum for taking photos of an exhibition of the bronze in a private collection for a friend. Most these bronze are ritual vessels dated between 16th to 4th century BC. So during the meditation, the similar objects were just shown to me for pretty a while. I hence doubted myself if this only because I had been concerned with these.

    It’s wired that even in the ship New Jerusalem, the corridor or gallery just looked like a exhibition hall of a museum, which was flanked by some things like showcases/ display windows of museum. I hence could not but doubt myself again for this was only some of my own remaining memory of visiting the museums. Thanks to you, I know I did be there. You don’t know how significant this is to me !!!

    Regarding the other pieces of the memory that I can barely recall …

    It seemed that I was in various valleys or grasslands full of blossoms. Besides, I saw again lots of castles with white domes but they are different from what I saw yesterday. The one I saw yesterday seemed in a much higher dimension, all in white. These views seemed to have to do with future cities ?

    May all of you, my beloved family have nice dreams…


  17. Lisa – 10 June 2013
    an eagle, a very important symbol,crystals growing taller under the light energy,sun breaking on crystals making rainbows,rain of light pouring down,it forms crystal golden light snowflakes, gently
    falling down

  18. Crystal Connection – 10 June 2013

    I saw OLA as two OLAs one of them connected with the higher realms and the other one connected with the physical world. The higher dimensional OLA showed me a Portal and then the Portal turned into an eye, a big eye of non human origin as the eyes of the Blue Being we met with Lisa in our previous meditations when we were in a craft.

    Then I saw a stairway and I called Ashtar Sheran, I saw him like a figure with a shining robe. Ashtar gave me personal information. He also conveyed that we opened the White Lotus Portal together.

    Also I saw the Sphinx that turned into a bird


  19. It seems that the alignment of Mars ans Moon highly arose all my main negative parts, I felt so frustrated, physically and mentally impotent, and even doubt myself if I’m qualified in many aspects since yesterday.

    After being shown my clones as babies and adult successively on both June 6gh and 7th, I on the contrary get so disappointed at myself, since I sensed myself much less brave and capable than what I was/am supposed to be. I don’t know how to upgrade myself sufficiently enough to be able and qualified to work well together with you all.

    Yesterday, during that meditation, I once felt so anxious, and could not calm down at all. I was hence pretty uncertain at all of what I might experience today.

    Today, after starting the mediation, it didn’t take a long time that I got pretty involved in. I seemed first to feel staying in one or two ships, seeing the planets from a window of some moving craft. I hence asked which this is. The answer is Algiz.

    Then I saw a portal and it took some time that I was unable to be sure if I passed it through, I hence felt pretty frustrated. Then I was looking down a giant water fall (rather of a reservoir) from its above. Since I was desperate enough after so many frustrations, I just jumped in. Then there was a White Horse who just carried me, running and running. I felt so intimate with him. Then where he brought me in looked so idyllic, just as the picture that Lisa attached in her latest note for our Crystal Connection today. It seemed we were coming in Argatha.

    Then appeared a Master of a thin Caucasian looking with white and very long hair and bear, but without any wrinkle at all, in a beige gown. I asked him who he is. He told me, Laozi (Lao-Tsu, Lao Tse). He gave me a quite amount of personal guides that reassured me in a very puissant way. He made a confirmation to me, I was ever Andromedan (in much more distant past time) and have other incarnations such as Pleiadian (the most closest to my incarnation on Earth), Sirian and Arcturian. Besides, I have the duty to Athabantian and Abi-Quor.

    He said he has always been with me and will always be and it’s unnecessary to have any worry. By his departure, I saw something like milk was just poured down from a white kettle and I knew to drink it.

    Then, I felt I was in front of a white crystal castle of at least five domes, which seemed in 7th dimension. The scene was too pretty to believe. In the interior, there was an elongated obelisk which seemed also in white crystal or diamond. But it’s not transparent but glistened on the granular surface. You all were there with me, and we all sit as a our star form. We stayed there for quite a period of time and seemed to be very well recharged with the pure and powerful crystal energy.

    For the moment, I cannot recall if there was more vision after that. I at last was awaken by a voice’s call.

    After waking up and getting to see my computer, I saw the time when I left it for meditation was 0808, as the time when I came back again was at 0922. The Angel Numbers just confirmed me again what Laozi wanted me to know. I could not but cry again.

    love you so…

  20. Lisa – 9 June 2013
    It is like I am on another world , but it is Gaia transformed into something beautiful, greens, sun is shining, beautiful, the birds are singing, here I see that celtic cross again, big huge plants
    i am growing them , with my power energy that is coming from my hands, they grow, they grow very tall and big, i have such pleasure in doing this , nurturing them, it is my happy place, i see
    mountains and the lake again and the kids laughing when chased by my husband,i see spirals everywhere in plants , water, sky, i see a fire circle elemental, i bow, they dance the fire dance for me
    i feel so blessed to see this. I am home.

    Love Lisa

  21. Lisa – 8 June 2013

    Channeling: Before meditation, on this important day, the day of another powerful new moon, me aracanai will speak , we are the few under the many, but we lift up the many. today this portal will grant you a peak into the past and into the future. it depends where your intentions lies. today you open the lotus flower portal, council of the white lotus flower, it was what you came here to do. The portal needs to be open to anchor the love and light into every being and soul. Gaia will travel with you into the golden dust waterfall that leads up to the center of the earth, were we open the portal of love and light. the heavens doors are opening, but rest assure, all who have the will to ascend, will ascend. Believe in yourselves that you can do this as ONE. ONE as humanity. be in peace. Love Arachanai

    Meditation: I see a big star rising above the earth, it is the sun, it poors over her light over gaia and so much beauutiful things are growing, changing, moving, the dark blue oceans of the world becomes light blue and the land becomes every spring green, it is so beautiful , a paradise, the golden age. I feel so connected to Gaia, it is amazing.pure love energy flows through me, through the world through everything and everybody. we are making our journey home. Love Lisa

  22. Crystal Connection 8 June 2013
    I saw a portal opened in my Heart Chakra and this Portal was a huge and deep waterfall like Niagara
    Then I saw all of us holding hands in a circle, at the center of this circle there came AA Michael and took us into the Angelic Realms were we are as our Higher Selves sitting in a circle, I see Lisa on my right with elven wings, next to me is Petra – Angelic Being and all the others are there as Angels, I Am My Higher Self, we are a Council and we are making plans about our next task, Then I see all of us forming a circle, holding hands around Planet Earth, we are connected with many other Light Workers in a giant ring of Light around the Planet
    OLA showed me a lotus/rose of white crystalline structure
    then I saw our locations as dots of Light, we are now connected like this – Elvi, me, Lisa as 3 dots in a row, one dot where Spain is , one dot is Leslee in America and one other dot I saw , it is in Australia, perhaps Blossom…this is my feeling…or Ute
    I reprogrammed OLA with the word Love again, she gave me White Light
    I also was guided to make a round movement with my hands forming a circle, over my head, left and right and down, my Central channel formed something like Portal and the energy circulated as a sphere around me
    I was taken into the Angelic realms again where we live and it was so pink, I saw the Bear that was also pink, clouds and joyous happy vibrations there
    ( ( SUN ) )

  23. Lisa – 7 June 2013
    The kids were still up, so I couldn’t concentrate that much. I saw ufos fly by really fast. I find myself bathing in that yellow golden light energy and I felt good. This golden light swimmingpool was in a Dome shaped Rom and the walls were painted dark blue. Love Lisa

    • Crystal Connection – 7 June 2013


      Thanks to Tauno who reminded me to heal first my root chakra, my main injury there caused about 12 years ago, which has recurred for about a half year, I’ve concentrated to cure it since then. Thanks to you all and many masters who have gotten involved in, including Pele, it doesn’t hurt any more. However, in the recent two days, I found both my back and legs got pretty tensed because the energy was working on it, too.

      Today, I also had less visions, as yesterday. What I sensed mainly is the energy circulating in my spine. In the 2/3 part of this meditation, my root chakra got pretty hot, so I know the energy was working on it. This helped me realize also the main cause of my mental and physical disorder. I’m in the course of sufficient healing, and you are all here with me on it. I don’t know how to describe my gratitude to you all.

      It seemed that I first caught a sight of a portal in form of Gothic window, and then immediately, I saw again a Knight Templar. This time, the vision was totally different from the one I had saw last time which had been rather shown as sketch. Today, what I saw was a vivid man, just standing in front of me in dark gray suit of armor, looked almost the same as the picture that I sent to you two days ago. I was looking at him in profile. He was so silent, and looked so melancholy. I could not help but very emotionally cry, since I felt such a deep grief for this. It seemed he was someone so closed to me !

      Then there were more than ten minutes’ blank. Later, I saw a girl (I’m not sure if that’s me) lying in a glass box which was filled with water. Yes, just like what we saw in movies. Then the view got enlarged, as I saw more part of this space/room where there were full of this kind of glass boxes containing human bodies.

      I cannot recall the other vision any more, but how the energy worked in my spine. Before waking up, I felt already my back itches. I know the toxins were expelled. I think it still takes me days to totally fix it.

      Today, as Tauno, I felt exhausted. I guess it may be caused by the high energy pouring, just as what the second message that I just sent several minutes ago said.

      Too sleepy to write more with a clear head. Today, Paris gets suddenly so hot, about 26°. I cannot imagine how this summer will be.

      May you have a nice new moon day, connect and receive well the energy tomorrow.

      Love you sooooooo

  24. Crystal Connection – 7 June 2013

    I saw a blue aether Light crown formation of light threads at my Crown Chakra as I was calling Hathor three times, I was connected with Her through my crown Chakra and I saw red Light then
    I received DNA activation codes and left the sound guide me
    I saw a white magnolia/lotus flower connected with all of us
    Then I made the lotus shape with my hands holding OLA and connected with the Heart of Tara/Mother Earth, I was an Angel of White/Blue Light with a shining Heart – OLA and I connected this way with the Angelic Realms, I saw White Light and I felt the Presence of AA Michael and Jeshua, I received – “You resonate with Center, that is why you are hardly willing to move or change, center brings the changes and thus brings the responsibility of your thoughts, actions and deeds, One inspires All and All is One”
    I absorbed this Light and Beamed it in all directions here where my physical self is located and this Light expanded all over the Planet and in Cosmos

  25. Such amazing meditations – thank you for sharing them!

    I am just taking time to get to know this citrine I have. I like to think of it (am thinking of it) as “sun-quartz.” So I noticed a small red dot – like a heart – right in the middle of it. And if I turn it a certain way, it looks like 2 hands cupped together. That is just what I did with it yesterday. Today as well when I put it in my cupped hands I can feel a lot of energy from it, but again I feel I just need to let it exist in its own space – be as it needs to be – and also give it time to become accustomed to me. This is the space our physical forms take up. This is what our energy feels like, as separate things. It feels like a very expressive stone, as stones go. Kundalini shiver as usual – I also saw the caduceus – the pole being my spine, my nerves being the snakes, connecting to white / gold wings.

    I noticed that I can also feel the “proximity” of others. It is not “far away” but it does feel “equally spaced” or “geometric” in nature.

    • This crystal has a heart ! wow, this is amazing, Troy, yes, your approach is wise, just observe it and leave the citrine guides you, my brother
      Love and Light

  26. I am sitting listening to worlds ascending in meditation and find myself walking into a clearing where there are others in a circle. Hands are extended toward me and I join hands within the circle looking upward. A column of light en circles us and we begin to rotate in a spiral upward into a craft. We are now standing around a clear pool which has the Milky way galaxy moving within it. We all sit and begin to meditate, above this pool a figure appears telepathically communicating to us . we stand when she has finished and turn toward Ascended Masters who are waiting . we each move off with the one who is our guide. I find myself standing by a man in a White robe he has a turban type hat, reminds me of the priest Melchizadek in a picture somewhere. I am motioned to a screen and as he waves his hand across I am transported to a Temple of such beauty I am in the Robes of a Priestess standing in front of a disk very large of Golden colour and realise it is made of pure gold it has symbols around its edges and a lotus flower within its centre opened and within this is a Ball/star of brilliance. I have tears now running down my face my heart is torn as I hear the voice of God. I see the destruction coming knowing that many will perish, As I drop to my knees I feel his love encircle me in an embrace reassuring me it will be put right and that the children will be returned unharmed by what is to occur. Next I am walking along a cobbled road which curves through a great forest blossoming trees of pink line the road as I come upon a brilliant blue crystal coloured spiral like a giant portal I step through and I am in a place of high ceilings and alabaster walls ordained with images stairs lead upward and before me is a throne. There is a Man sitting here as I drop to my knees tears again flow. Then I hear a voice looking up His hand extends and I place mine within his and rise. He smiles and welcomes us all Home our missions are complete. It is then I realise we have all arrived here yes we are the Priesthood of old and we are gathering once more. end of meditation.

    • I was making a lotus shape with my hands in front of my heart, dear Suzanne! What an amazing connection!
      Love and Light

      • Thank you dear Sister, I was taken away by the music to a place of great sadness within my heart tears flowing. Many times I have been told when the tears flow from your eyes and your heart feels full they are the Hearts remembering. Love light and blessings Suzanne

  27. I have always been so profoundly touched and encouraged by what you witnessed, particularly you saw and sensed what I’m still unable to. I’m so happy to be able to take bath in this light and love energy that we all create together. But, in my part, I’ve always felt benefiting from you more much than I give. So, I cannot but express my high gratitude to you all.

    Today, I felt peaceful, however I could not make my body relaxed. During the meditation, I felt again and again the muscles got so tensed, though I kept trying reminding myself, let go…let go…just concentrate on “present moment!”

    I hence had less vision today. As yesterday, that neighbor started playing that music about one and half hours earlier than we begun or meditation. I kept connecting Archangel Michael, so the music stopped soon after that. About 10:00 pm (in Tauno’s time zone), it started again, so I just wore my ear phones, however, it in fact didn’t last for a long time.

    Today, what I saw and made me more impressed is the white dragon that carried me to fly, the anti-clockwise rotating pyramids which remind me the triangle that Suzanne drew and post today, at least 3D flower of life that contained us, a green/blue skin lady, tree, and phoenix.

    When I just felt frustrated for nothing being sensed, The White Dragon appeared to me. He was so gentile, tender, considerate, serene that I even once thought it should be “she.” I could feel he knows me so and I seemed to have been his protégée for more than one life time.

    Regarding the light flower of life, though it’s of more than one color, its tone is more close to citrine. It’s amazing to be able to see its interlaced beams in 3D form and we were just in it.

    In terms of the rotating pyramids, the first one is the biggest, with the color between golden and brown, who just cloaked all of us.
    Then there were smaller ones floating and rotating, however, I cannot recall any more details.

    The most impressive one is the green/blue skin lady. It’s rather the color melt with olive, blue and citrine. She has no hair, and the form of her head is pretty different from ours, the 1/3 top part is much larger than ours, but the jaw a little bit narrower than ours. I somehow have a pretty vague recollection of a similar image, shown in some movie. She looked so serene, wise but serious…without no smile, just kept looking at me, and I felt she seems one of my higher self or at least a master who knows me so well. I don’t know if she is the very Arcturian, too.

    Then after wearing the ear phones and listening to Kenyon’s mp3, focusing on my heart chakra, I felt myself incarnating as a phoenix with red tail flying in the darkness.

    Though the tensed muscles not only once frustrated me, I felt warm, and peaceful after this meditation. After reading your travel notes, I’m more excited and appreciate so much what you have brought to me.

    By the way, the clone babies that I saw yesterday seemed to be my own clone selves. This scene seemed to remind me that if one of them fail, the second one would be sent anyhow to take over her work…until the mission get finally achieved. I felt so shocked when realizing this.

    love you sooooooooo

  28. Lisa – 6 June 2013
    I see a golden star rising, then a rising sun, rising kundalini, I feel the snake going upwards from my belly into my spine, goes twice around my heart,then it settels.
    I see big clear crystals, big universal crystals with different colors. I connect my crystal with a purple/pink crystal , my crystal lightning is swirling around the
    universal crystal and enters,we are bounded. I enter through a light arch portal and I am in a forest, it feels peaceful, the sunlight is shining on the thick bushy
    leaves. I walk along the path and see the blue clear sky above me. It opens to a clearing and I see over a beautiful green vally with below abiquor shining like a jewel.
    I see this crystal buildings, but also that funny shape green building that I saw a few nights ago.I teleport myself onto the square. It is a beautiful square. I go inside a building and
    it looks like a mall with little crystal domes, and pathways made of crystal. I see also the fountains that I saw in my dream with the little in controle crystal clear water vortexen , swirling
    around the fountains. It is amazing to see. I see pinchu sitting at a table, drinking looking like a red drink, maybe tea, blossom tea? I approch and sit next to her.
    I hear a voice behind me, it is Tauno she is joining us. We having the time of our lives. Soon others come to and we have a little party, a celebration of succesful
    opening the portals. We combine and we becoming ONE white light, a flash and I am back from my meditation

    Love Lisa

  29. Crystal Connection – 6 June 2013
    Heart Chakra energies of Peace and Healing I felt, in Space, in the place of my Presence, my Heart is the Central Sun of the Galaxy of my own Being
    I saw a huge Lotus Flower of red/pink colour and all of us were sitting in this Lotus, Light of White and Golden came from above and I saw AA Michael connecting with us
    I opened my left hand and gave OLA to Him, OLA was immediately projected at AA Michael`s realm and He gave me a connection – link of crystalline energy through the Cosmic OLA to my right hand and thus the two energy threads /my – upwards to AA Michael and his – downwards to me /formed the Rune GEBO of Golden Light
    , there opened a portal through my Heart Chakra connection, I saw a huge Arcturian craft above and through this Portal we were teleported on board, from the ship we were further raised and were taken into the Angelic Realms, I saw many happy and laughing Angels, like children, in pink colours, they were so many as little pink flowers around our ship, White Pegasus came from above, the Pegasus was surrounded by White and Golden Yellow Light and I saw all of us – me, Petra, Lisa, Leslee, Elvie, Frila and Troy in a boat that was flying in the air, the boat was flying by itself without being navigated from us, I also saw another craft, part of this craft because it was enormous, and I got a feeling of this craft as part of Ashtar Comand`s crew, then a Being appeared from a beam of Golden Light, big eyes, white/yellow skin, he welcomed us there, then we were again on Arcturian craft and then down on Earth
    I sensed my Higher Self merging with me, I was this Angel on Earth and I saw Lisa and Petra reaching hands to connect, I took their hands and we formed our circle again, I felt a heat in my palms and we started waving hands and flying Mother Earth up together

  30. Tonight I found a citrine crystal – I had the idea to look for something and found it at the top of a bag of other stones. Pretty little orange and white thing, with many striations and fractures in it. I held it in both my hands and felt the energy of the stone. It’s own energy. And rather than ask something of the stone, I felt that I should just enjoy / respect the separate energy of the stone – being with it, and letting it be and do as it wished. So I was content to sit there next to this separate BE-ing, to let it BE. And it seemed content to do the same.

    Later on I saw a large blue flash in the sky – possibly a large lightship – I said to them, I saw you there! They said, no you didn’t! We had a private chuckle over that…

    • Citrine resonates with your joyous energies, dear Troy and your sense of humor 🙂 the crystal just found you
      Yes, they know that we know they are here
      Love and Light

      • DOH! I just lost it… oh no wait here it is! 😀

        Haha is there such a thing as accidental karma? I’m pretty sure I won’t get dinged for being a knucklehead, right?????


  31. Frila – 5 June 2013

    How precious all the information that you brought to me.

    Today, that neighbor played the same music earlier, I again asked for Archangel’s intervention and it seemed henceforth to be retrained and I could finally get involved more in the meditation serenely.

    Last night, this guy even didn’t want to stop it until late mid-night. It’s even useless to wear ear phones, since the the music agitated the air so fiercely…My ear drum once pretty hurt.

    During this meditation, as usual, I first saw in our center a double helix beam connecting the two or tree spheres.

    Again, I saw at least twice the cross beams emanated from the peak of pyramid into four directions.

    It’s pretty wired that I seemed to lie on tables in various crafts and at least accept some light surgeries in one or two of them. However, during all the course, I could only see the instruments, among them there was one who just extended to my heart, taking out something and then putting in another. They both looked rather as golden-green light.

    Then I saw a baby enveloped in rose swaddling clothes descending gradually from above head downward till where was my underbelly.

    I saw a cabinet where at least 6 or 7 babies (whom I’m not sure if clones) lied aligned side by side.

    I saw again the peacock that I had saw yesterday. The moment being with him, seeing him flying lasted a quite while.

    I saw not only once the giant trees.

    I saw two Knights Templars just in front of me and beside a tree.

    I saw portals, one was triangle of golden light, one was like the Greek/Roman gate from which the water were powerfully drained, one is of rectangular shadow above my left side. I passed it with insufficient confidence. The next view I saw seemed beyond it which was somewhere in the sky where there were lots of ships just passed by.

    I seemed to be somewhere like a bank whose terminal were surrounded with somethings which looked like broken shells of dark/black color. I didn’t feel good when seeing this.

    Again, I saw the rotating diamond, as the symbol of Isis that Suzanne drew. This time, it’s much bigger, and its superior and inferior parts were of different colors.

    I seemed saw again that giant seed in diamond form was planted into the ground of earth (the first time I saw this was in May).

    My memory fades so soon, and I cannot recall more for the moment.

    My beloved soul family…again, I want to thank you all for accompanying and guiding me all along this path.

  32. Tuula – 5 June 2013
    Wish I could see more, but it seems my meditations are more about feeling…
    I could feel a lot of energy through my body, like electricity. Saw symbols, some very intricate, mostly golden colors, very hard to describe, but one was like a cross, but not ‘ordinary’, more like some celtic one.
    Some problems concentrating, we have a heatwave, 28-29 degrees, thunder in the air, we must have all windows and balcony door open, but our upstairs neighbors are renovating and making noise, and down on the yard people are fixing with cars…
    It will get cooler from tomorrow…

  33. Lisa – 5 June 2013
    I had this terrible headache again when I came home from work. So I couldn’t concentrate to much on this meditation. It is like the dark team wants us not to have our meditations, like Pinchu gets disturbed by the neighbour’s loud music. I managed to get some of the images until I had to let go because my head was exploding.

    I see dancing around a golden waterfall. This waterfall is in the forest of the elves. I see a Celtic cross and the druids are surrounding it.

    I see a carousel with unicorns going round and round.

    Then I see water vortexes swirling through the air and I see inside a golden light. The water vortex in combination with the light is a message that a wave a light is coming again crushing down on Earth and that we better be prepared for it.

  34. Crystal Connection – 5 June 2013

    First I saw a fabric of red colour with yellow and orange decorations
    I felt the Portal in my Heart and Golden Light was coming into my heart through the Portal, many people that I know here appeared as a vision and thoughts from my everyday life, this came for review and healing/cleaning
    I felt the Spiralling golden /brown Light as I was going through another Portal into Space, and yet it was like i am in a Pyramid and I am moving at a fast speed in its tunnels, the Portal has a triangular Shape and finally I was in Space and saw the Earth from Space, She was surrounded by Light – Golden Light
    I connected with Arcturians, I saw some of the crew members that are connected with us , they are blue and I felt them very close to Lisa`s and my vision of the Blue Lady
    We are on their craft on another visit now, last night Petra got a vision of our meeting on board the Arcturian craft, I get the numbers 6 and 5, we are 6 from the ground crew and 5 are the Arcturians, that is 6+5=11
    1 and 1 = 0 Portal, I sensed OLA in my left hand and projected OLA`s image towards the Arcturians and OLA was manifested like a Space crystal, they became two OLAs , Earthly and Space OLA and this helps the connection, when connecting and manifesting/projecting our crystals into Space we can facilitate the connection with our Star Family
    Then I saw a Native American Man next to his horse

    Love and Light

  35. Crystal – Meditation 4rd of June 2013


    Thank you, my dearest sisters…

    I had a tough meditation today. That neighbor played again the heavy metal music just by the time we started the meditation. I asked Archangle Michael’s help, and it once stopped. So in the beginning, I saw a vortex in our center, transporting the divine energy to Mother Gaia. Then a silver-blue flame was ignited behind each one of us.

    However, several minutes later, that music restarted and became even more violent. I kept connecting Archangel Michael and felt his shield, whereas that kind of music just became louder and louder. I hence went to pick my mp3 player and wore the ear phones, and then listened to Kenyon’s voice record.

    With Archangel’s help, I envisioned that there were a cloak covering us, and protecting us for that you could still complete the mission. At this moment, I felt Buddha was coming and sited behind me, pouring the energy from my back. I once saw two light cones in front of me, seemed in the center of our star, and some blue diamonds (symbol of Isis, as the patter that Suzanne drew according to Saint Germain’s instruction) floating and rotating above the middle between Leslee and Lisa. I alsoI seemed once to look down at a green-blue peacock flying 🙂 After that, I was unable to get involved in joining you sufficiently.

    The music might stop about 10:15 at Tauno’s time zone. I then saw energetic cubes above us crumbled. I hence knew we achieved or goal. There were still some other visions coming after that, however, I cannot recall them any more.

    I’ve always loved your sharing…that never failed to heal me.

    love you so

  36. Petra – 4 June 2013
    Crystal – Meditation 4rd of June 2013

    My crystal is lying in my left hand. I am breathing deeply in an out, saying with every breath – in, I AM —- out, love, light, peace…etc..

    Then I feel a strong pull on my crone chakra, I feel being lifted up, higher and higher… above mother Earth, I am in space, looking down to this beautiful planet, how it is vibrating in fantastic colours, pulsating, pure energy, living and emanating light, rays of light, like fine twine is dispersing in all directions into the cosmos, connecting to other planets and stars. I am stunned by this picture.

    Looking around I see and feel I am not alone. You are also there, we are six all together and we hold our hands, creating a circle and a beam of light is coming from our hearts, meeting in the middle and creating a swirl, which is moving upwards. Higher and higher and connecting to a flying ship

    We are taken on board, a being is welcoming us, we are know, it looks we are not there for the first time. I feel also familiar with the beings and the ship. We were brought into a conference room, 5 beings expecting us. We were asked to sit down. One being is welcoming us. I get the information, that they are Arcturians.

    The Being is saying, that his name is Erkian, (it hard to speak out) he says:

    You are all doing great work with your crystals, now you are in a state to upgrade you abilities and the work. You have your crystals, they are programmed and you have connected each other through them. These crystals now need to be opened up, they are only opened one-sided.

    I will explain you:

    You all have an access to a special symbol, every body of you is representing a different symbol, you know in your heart, which one is yours.

    Your crystals are more than only earth-connected, they also have a connection to cosmical crystals and now is the time to connect them, so that they are more powerful and effective.

    Please hold your crystal in your hands right or left.

    And then in our other hand a cosmical crystal manifests. The shape of mine is like a tortoise shell it has many facets and is shining in a dark blue colour, it is shining as I never saw something shining before.. it is pure energy, wonderful, pulsating…fascinating…vibrating

    My third eye begins to prickle, I feel a strong energy flow, I feel a light emanating from the crystal that is expanding and warping me in a sphere of light, I am becoming light as well, this goes for some time.

    The being is saying that we are recharged and reprogrammed through this and the crystals are aligned, I feel the energy in my hand, I feel the tickle, I feel something is going on in my had… I feel good….

    Then it slowly ends. The cosmic crystals disappears.

    Being: I am thanking you very much. I am greeting you with my heart. Go in love and peace. Namaste.

    And we are all going back, I feel coming back into my body. And coming back into the here and now.

    Thank you.

    Love to all. Petra

  37. This “popped in” today, I realized it works on many, many levels! ♥

    I miss you
    But I haven’t met you yet
    So special
    But it hasn’t happened yet
    You are gorgeous
    But I haven’t met you yet
    I remember
    But it hasn’t happened yet

    And if you believe in dreams
    Or what is more important
    That a dream can come true
    I, I will meet you

    I was peeking
    But it hasn’t happened yet
    I haven’t been given
    My best souvenir
    I miss you
    But I haven’t met you yet
    I know your habits
    But wouldn’t recognize you yet

    And if you believe in dreams
    Or what is more important
    That a dream can come true
    I miss you

    I’m so impatient
    I can’t stand the wait
    When will I get my cuddle?
    Who are you?
    I know by now that you’ll arrive
    By the time I stop waiting
    I miss you

    • yes, all of us miss Home and our Family but there is a hope …our dream will come True , did you feel the Portals we opened, it is amazing how all of us see the same in these meditations, it is time for Humanity to connect like us and to recognize the God Spark in each of us
      Love and Light

      • I think I had missed you all since or even before I was borne. I could never imagine I might experience, even create so many miracles together with you all. My tears drop again…Thank you all my beloved and missing family. I love you so…

  38. Lisa – 4 June 2013

    I see a diamond crystal castle in a green jungle. I see some blue light coming from further up the road. I am in a room with crystals, with different light, different tone, different portal, standing around a pool of swirling golden liquid and golden dust particles in it (pixiedust) it is a portal. As different crystal light shines on it, it opens different portals (I think about that japanese movie “howl’s moving castle, where you turn the wheel to a different color, you open the door, and you come out on a different location: movie from ghibli) or it gives you a look into whatever you wish to see. I see alight spinning wheel, and stars fly from it.
    See below the door of the movie howl’s moving castle, you see that wheel with four colours next to
    the door

    Love Lisa

  39. Crystal Meditation – 4 June 2013

    White Light hands reached out and gave me a present, they appeared from my right – I consider this direction as my Spiritual Reality while left is considered as the illusions of Being/Creation, distortions that are also Sacred as the Reality because All is ONE

    I was in the green land again and felt it as Abi-Quor, then the Light became blue and I was taken into Space and I connected with the Blue woman, I received that these Beings of Light/Blue People/ connected with us through one of my dreams I had before, it was at the time when Les was in hospital and I saw on the first floor of the building many blue plastic like dancers, they were our guests and were about to give a performance in this hall, there were many children there too, ballerinas- little girls too/, the Blue woman conveyed to me that She comes from the same planet as these Blue dancers in my dream
    Then I saw a Powerful Golden Light, a Sphere, there came a ray out of this Sphere and I saw AA Michael`s sword as this ray, the sword came closer and closer and touched my Heart , I absorbed the Light and expressed Gratitude and Love, then AA Michael came as a mighty Angel of Powerful Light, He is enormous and I felt so strong energies around me
    Then I was in Abi-Quor again on a highway along the rocks , I was moving at a fast speed on the highway and it has many turns , like the movement of a snake in the sand, I was going faster and faster
    I saw a Giant Sphere like cluster of star shaped violet tiny blossoms and a ray of White Light was going from it upwards, this ray was our light combined because we are one of these tiny violet blossoms when we make our circle – Star
    till I reached the Elven , a Portal opened in a forest, I saw rose flowers, many rose flowers like a carpet under a tree, the Tree of Life, the tree awoke and looked at me and opened its Portal to other worlds, I entered the Portal, saw two or three tall elves and went on further, I saw some dark entities, claws, teeth and I moved on, just moved and I left the darkies behind

    Love and Light

  40. Frila – 3 June 2013

    Thank you , my dearest sisters…reading your lovely flight logs, I cannot but cry….I cannot tell it’s due to which kind of emotion. I want to thank you for bringing me fly…

    Today, I started a little bit earlier than before. I first saw a very bright silver-blue cross light (as four beams) emanated from the peak of the pyramid.

    I saw a silver/white saucer passed cross our head. He/She seemed slowed down specifically for us.

    Then, the deer goddess that I’ve longed for to see seemed to have heard me, came to pick me up, giving me a big surprise. Like how she was represented by Scythian people, her (yes, it’ “her”) antler was extended to her back.

    deer goddess

    I somehow saw this image, also coming from Scythian.

    Scythian Griffin holding a stag head in its beak Scythian Griffin holding a stag head in its beak. From Pazyryk, Russian Altai mountains, 4th century B.C. Saint Petersburg, State Hermitage Museum.

    Then, again, a giant white bird flied to me…I asked her to carry me…again, she allowed and led me into the forest.

    I saw a mermaid in a green tone, just like my gravatar. She had red hair and green tail. I followed her in the water for a while.

    Like you, I saw that portal of light in apple green tone.

    Once, the pattern that Suzanne drew according to Saint Germain’s instruction was shown.

    As you, I also saw the white and then pink blossoms.

    I saw a lady, dressed like a Sister all in white in Lisa’s position where there appeared a violet and then white angle or elve.

    An amazon lady of Steppes riding a horse, dressed in fur appeared to me. She looked so firm, serene and calm.

    Again, the numbers were shown to me and appeared not only one time : 66600, 66678

    In the end, just at the moment when I decided to finish this meditation, I saw a white reptilian with smooth skin getting out of a brook seems not malevolent.

    It occurred to me that two days ago, I saw the statue of Liberty at the beginning, as well as the dome building of Abi-Quor during the course. Besides, the ET words that I saw seemed similar to Runes ; here seemed more than one time a black saucer emanating the light from his/her a square of his/her bottom to us.

    Got Lisa’s latest message about the lady in blue skin…yes, thank you for confirming this with me. Without you, I’m totally unable to know who she is. Besides, the White Buddha I saw resemble a lot what you drew. You all don’t know how much you enrich, warm and enlighten my life. Particularly, it’s you who raised me up to fly.

    Big Hugs to you

  41. Lisa – 3 June 2013
    I see a crow flying up. I see Abiquor surrounded by angels. I see a green/blue landscape, white doves in a circle, fly up uncovering a ball of white butterflies, love is all around me, us. I see Tauno reaching for my hand, I take it, I see Frila, Petra, Leslee, Troy and Elvi. We are opening up like blossoms, I see the blossom tree. The white/pink flowers, they become pink butterflies, becoming LOVE. They fly all over the world, spreading LOVE. Light is radiating from my heart, I see my dragon, I am sitting on his back, he is so beautiful. We fly over magical landscapes, I feel free, and I feel the warmth of the summer breeze through my hair. It is night and I am still on the back of my dragon, flying. Down below I see Chinese lanterns, flying low over the ocean. I see the moon and the light shines onto the water. I am flying until the end of the earth, and then water is falling down into the emptiness of space. I fly in space between the stars. I feel like a star. The dragon is gone, I am a star and I am glowing, stronger and stronger, I become lighter and whiter and I find myself in my comfort environment, fluffy orange/pinkie clouds, a little fountain waterfall, I feel save here. I see AA Michael; he gives me a pink purple rose. He plants it into my heart, he smiles, put up his blue sword and touches my head and heart; I feel light streaming downwards through my whole body, I see a pink/orange river streaming by. I see white lotus flowers floating by, fire, purple, blue, red….it fades, and I am back again

  42. Crystal Connection – 3 June 2013

    I saw a triangular Portal opened of green Light, into the Earth, it is connected with the Portal in Spain
    I saw then a giant green Snake into the Portal, it was coming to me, then I saw the green fields of the earth from above, I was flying, I saw the SUN but the Sun was not moving as it is considered “normal “here/from East to West and upward, above our heads/, the Sun moved horizontally around the green land at the level of our waist and counterclock
    I was in a Portal again and was a dark Blue eagle, a giant bird and I was flying into the Light
    I saw a head of humanlike matter, but this was actually a balloon, a balloon filled with something liquid and shivering at every movement, this liquid inside was negative I felt, the head was taken off and it had to be transported to somewhere else and we were careful not to splash this liquid …we – all of us the Star of 6 rays and our Star Family, I felt the Presence of the craft though I could not see it
    I saw all of us connected and holding hands in a circle, there formed a ray of pink Light into our circle and the Portal became larger as it went above , so hight above there formed a funnel, the same image – the red/pink flower that OLA showed me recently and I sent you a picture of it, the red rose with the crystalline White stem
    Love and Light

  43. Crystal Connection – 2 June 2013

    Today, it turned another neighbor who played music loudly, but I was relatively immune from it this time.

    After two day’s frustration, today, my meditation could at last last longer, I hence could had more visions.

    We seemed all start several minutes earlier? As soon as closing eyes, I saw the magnetic field was already established, where there was a light pyramid in the center.

    The first present/vision coming to me is a path flanked by tree arcs.

    It’s my first time to sense Tuulya and Petra’s energy so concretely. Though Tuulya had a stomach, you, incarnated as elve with green skirt and angel, so sufficiently helped raise my vibration. Tauno and you brought me to a white-blue mountain, and inflamed the light blue flame on the peak.

    Petra, from you, I saw some plate in Super Seven crystal and something solid of the color melt with violet and wine color which emanates very powerful, supporting and warm energy that makes my heart stronger.

    Though my memory is fading, I somehow remember that Buddha was guarding/ with us.

    Again, I saw Mother Mary (maybe Mother Madelaine) holding a baby.

    Once, I saw two naked babies boys (angels) who were playing on the wing in heaven. Soon the left one became invisible.

    It seemed once in Leslee’s place, I saw a blue skin lady with longhair.

    As you, I saw various portals opened and passed. The world of side beyond is so marvelous, felt that pure and happy. I cannot wait to share this with more and more people.

    It’s my first time so see Galactic Light Ship Aeterna, he/she seemed to specifically say hello to me, staying in my sight for a couple of times.

    I saw we were in a big hall in violet/blue tone, around a crystalline violet pool. This vision lasted longer and appeared not only one time.

    Like Lisa, I sensed we were in some ship(s)…however, cannot recall their inner space structure.

    I saw once in our center, a crystalline Diana rose blossomed.

    I once flied to the sun, white but gentile sun, and into it and was melt with it.

    I saw unicorn and Pegasus who came to me, conformed me with his/her corn. His/Her energy, love, wisdom were flowing in my Heart Chakra and I seemed become someone like him/she, without fear, worry any more.

    I saw the Raven coming to me by the end, seemed to bring me some message.

    Lake, forest, grass…that serene scene viewed in the end of this secession pacified me so.

    Thanks to you all…I could have again such a beautiful astral journey !!!

    love you all so

  44. I now remember a vision I had again in this meditation- the circle and a triangle in this circle
    Love and Light

  45. Lisa – 2 June 2013
    I am standing in a ship, in a room, it is semi dark blue in the room, lighten up by light blue lights. I can see out of the window, we are in space. I see her (grey blue being) and she looks, focuses on me. Then out of her heart area comes a blue electrical light and it threads up to me, going into my heartchakra , surrounding my whole body, head, I feel like I am part of the universe, galaxies, I feel like inside out and being ONE with the universe. It is an incredible feeling. It opens a portal. I see a desert landscape whith low white clay houses, it looks like that city in star wars. I see two red suns or planets up in the sky. In the middle of the city there is a kinda of city hall with a glass dome, with lotus flower glass windows. We, our group and other people have a meeting, we are the lotus flower council and we are deciding some things about what our mission is on earth (our human life now), we make a plan to join again and open the portals.

  46. Crystal Connection – 2 June 2013
    I saw my home place , many People there and a Portal of White transparent aether Light formed connecting this place with the higher realms, the portal took the shape of the Rune TIR and I felt Jeshua`s Presence again, Jeshua is constantly with me these days and I feel His White energetic Presence
    I saw the surface from above, the mountain and the sky and i felt the circle of our connection, Portal opened inside my Heart and connected with the higher realms,
    I saw the clock of golden fiery Light again , now the time is 11:57 , the Shift is near
    An Eye, a golden fiery Eagle`s eye is watching me as I connect with Egypt
    I am in the higher realms and feel the Angels there, I see the surface of the new earth, green grass and blue water and so smooth and peaceful , Portals opened and we come there through these Portals/rays of White Light
    I am on a Mother transparent craft again and see the surface from above, I also see a blue rectangular craft flying and some other craft

  47. Lisa – 1 June 2013
    I saw as a group connecting with each other and we linked like a white flashing star, meeting in the middle. I see a star fruit. Then a white lotus flower, the opening of the portals by our group. We fit into the flower of life diagram and this flower of life is stretching all over the world. Light pours into this grid. I see angels and guides surrounding us, they are so proud of us. We work together as ONE. Love Lisa

  48. Crystal Meditation – 1 June 2013

    How fresh these pictures are !!! I even didn’t realize exactly it’s already in June.

    I’ve various disturbs today, too, but less serious than yesterday. I generally get pretty involved in, and meditate for at least one hour, but today, as yesterday, I could only do it for an half hour.

    Today’s is the biggest Neighbors’ festival since 50 years in my community or France. I generally took part in each year, but this year, I really have no more time to do this. The concert held this evening, to me, is not concert at all, even not better than that rock en roll which just annoyed me last night. Now it’s still carried through…

    Thanks to Tauno, I was listening to Keyon’s mp3 for this meditation, otherwise it would be more difficult for me to be calmed down. Though my situation was in fact frustrating enough, in the beginning I did see a giant Buddha in white. Then I seemed to see a white plant growing from my heart and keeping growing toward the sky, and its white roots extended toward underground as well. The third and also the last vision was still a white flower, but I cannot name it…it looked like something between sunflower and lily…if there this kind of flower like this ?

    Thank you Tauno, reading your note, I anyhow feel pretty consoled and encouraged, as I’m one of this big one. Particularly, I once again learnt that the “reality” is not always just as what it superficially looks like. How much I long for the realm without noise neither this kind of terrible sound (I really cannot treat these as “music” !!! I seem to fall again into judgment…)

    love you all so

    • Now, I see a connection with the same mermaid I was connected with at the time when Elvi came into our Star! WOW, it is another confirmation, dear Frila
      ( ( SUN ) )

      • So so so great. Being a junior, I’ve been excited and enjoyed your confirmation so. Besides…how much I love to read your marvelous stories !!!

  49. Crystal Meditation – 1 June 2013
    I connected with my Heart Chakra and felt a soothing energy all around me, I was in Space and felt an electricity in my feet
    I just stayed Present in this heart vibration receiving Light
    I concentrated on my pineal gland then receiving Light codes, Portal opened, all of my sisters and brother Troy were opening a White Lotus Portal, the flower was made of Light threads of white colour and opened up and we connected with the higher realms where Angels live
    I saw the White Horse, then Pegasus connecting us with Angels
    We are moving towards the better for all
    Love and Light

    • Tauno in my chanelling last night Pegasus was mentioned and yes the connection is being forged with the Light workers dear sister and there is so much more 🙂 I am so happy much love to you.

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