Suzanne (Crystaline Blue)


  1. 28 APRIL.

    I was in a house with others family I think. I heard a noise outside the sliding door, on opening the door I found my third son laying in the ground with a key in his hand. I bent down and scooped him to me. He told me he had been dropped off and they had just left him. I hugged him to me kissing his head and told him no matter what I will always love him. I carried him inside and told him I wanted him to see something. We sat down and watched as my sons came in busy laughing and talking. I told my son look there can you see that man, he said yes, I told him that this was him all grown up. Can you see how much you are loved my son and smiled as he looked deep in my eyes. You are also the father of three beautiful children. I took him to see the new baby to which he said she looks just like I did when I was a baby mummy. Smiling I hugged him to me realising I miss this little boy and his soft caring heart for all things. It is then I realise that a rip has appeared in the fabric of time. This child has always been my child and journeyed here as my guardian in this my final incarnation on Earth.

  2. Hi Suzanne, I don’t know why but somehow I am attracted to your dream. I don’t remember my dream flight, only what I remember as was also inputting something, data, maybe this is why I feel drawn to your dream. I find it a really amazing dream, thanks for sharing.

    Love Lisa

  3. I am in what appears to be a large building walls are white and there are others here. It is then I realise i am on a ship inputting data. I am in uniform which is like a white suit with a grey strip down the sides of the arms and legs. On my left breast there is a emblem it is a Capital A with a ring which flows around the middle of the line outward from the A. I am in a Meditative state imputing but I am having trouble with the Channel it is not clear so I get up to get something, a tool but become aware of a Man watching me so I remain there until he moves away. I look toward the front of me and realise they are moving work stations which is where the tool I need is. I get up and ask are we moving to which I am told no just making better use of the space. I go to get the tool I need which is like a tuning fork. When I return I see the man sitting at my station typing away rapidly. As I approach he rises and hands me an envelope but I am not to open it. He smiles as I sit down again which is when I see a random array of symbols as I look to them something shifts and I get up move to the data I have been working on and begin to alter the sequence. It is then I see him standing at the window looking out and approach him. He asks me a question and I tell him what he has written in the envelope with out opening it. I also look out the window onto Earth. There is something I now need to work on which is why the space has been made available what it is I do not know at this point. It is time to leave and as I step out I am back in my earth clothes walking down steps to go home when I see a friend in conversation with a women who has a small child. As I approach I see she is distraught she has lost her baby. I ask if she has contacted the hospital to which she shakes her head. I tell my friend all is well she just needs to go to the Hospital baby is fine. wake up.

  4. This morning I awoke to a vivid dream of a sky that looked like the petals of a Lotus flower which changed colour through the rainbow spectrum. It was beautiful and then i saw bright stars of white twinkling through them and I knew you were all here and I smiled. Then a collection of distorted humans came forward asking for help my daughter extended her hand to the first one and they all disappeared into glittering dust which floated upward. I then saw what looked like snow begin to flow from above but it did not feel like snow and when I turned to look inside it had also flowed into the house and glittered on every surface. Suddenly a noise caught my hearing but it was more like a language being spoken that I could not understand. Then the stars began to move in a formation which depicted a large cross in the sky. My earth husband or son not sure which said look they are coming to get you and I saw what appeared to be claws pearce my skin and I told him not to be stupid and pulled the claws out of my skin. A women with dark hair was frightened but I told her it would be fine believe me. Next I am awake and a vision appears in my third eye I am in Jerusalem and walking through the tunnel under the city of David and I am in traditional dress in the time of Jesus.

  5. I am in a building that to me resembles a large Theatre. I am in a back room behind the stage where the Alarm was sent out that the seamstress had disappeared with the central characters outfit still to finish. While the others are getting organised I call for the outfit and see the leather hand held dolls are finished as are the trousers and shirt for the Bear all that remains is the Jacket sleeve’s and the fastenings, I grab up what I can and begin to piece this together when someone comes running to say it is trapped in the crystal fire box.

    It is then I realise who they have trapped but it is too late to talk I must finish. There is a blast so loud it shatters the room, two of us manage to get down and hold our breath until it hurts. I feel myself gasping for air and have to breath knowing to do so is death. Then I hear another blast but it is so cold. I am grabbed up in time to see her frozen form trapped in the glass which is then smashed into pieces along with her.

    Who was she (Medusa) Who am I Leeset I am a teacher, I was placed here to protect the children of Lemuria from the fear that has descended on us. I knew how she had breached us. She had used the Blue Dragon who blended with the sky and the sea, his breath of fire destroyed the underground part of the city where we had gathered the young to shield them from what was happening above. I race to the theatre and hear the laughter knowing that the children would not carry fear into the next life. Then I shift to see a balloon and hear does the scribe understand love has many facets within the matrix but here Love Just is. It transcends time and space. You must let go of grief. This was when I realised I was on Athabantian.

  6. It is my first time to land on this Web Site.
    Where do I go; left, right up or down? Surely somebody is going to welcome me and show me the way. How to enter in ATHABANTIAN circle? How to become ATHABANTIAN crew? Maybe these two concepts are the same.
    Maybe the next day I will receive more information.
    I say hello to everybody here. I say hello to Adrial.
    Thank you.
    My name is Siegfried.

    • Hi Leslee what I sense deep in my heart is that this is somehow connected to Lemuria and a crystal pool which I was shown in meditation a wee while ago and again the other day and the portal above the pool is now opening. I know now that I have been travelling this earth and beyond for 8 thousand years at least. I have also been told I am a Gate keeper The last meditation when I checked with the pendulum as to the robed figures and STC your name was a yes but do not know as yet what that link is but I was told you are one of the robed figures in meditation as well. Moraine also features strongly along with Bren-Ton. I feel so much is coming through at the moment that my head is spinning and I am exhusted. I keep asking is this right and am being told just let it flow you will work it out very soon.

  7. I have returned to England. I am seeing my cousin and her family they are doing well and decide to visit the house they had lived in when I stayed in 1997. As I walk around the house I am told they picked the wrong time to put it on the market but may have someone they know that is interested in buying it. I continue looking around and realise the room is changing and mould is appearing on the roof and walls when I shift to a very old large room which is lined in panelled walls and standing in front of me is a man who reminds me of Leonardo Dicaprio in Titanic the era. There is a red setter dog sitting on the floor, my emotions are of fear and loss I knew he had to leave and was devastated with tears in my eyes I remember saying to him he must learn to box (why)

    The scene shifts and I am now in a large room with shelves Carved with Acacia leaves, on the wall a gilded mirror I had picked up the pieces of my life and fled to France where I opened a small coffee shop in which I also sold delicate china tea sets. I am crouched down setting out another tea set when a miniature red setter the size of my hand walks in front of me, I quickly scooped it up before it broke anything and in that instant I knew he was there, I turned with silent tears falling down my face toward the only man I have ever loved. He smiles holding out his hand to me and takes me in his arms. As we part he makes a coffee from a special blend he has and tells me it is time.

    I am standing somewhere watching these scenes unfold, I am now watching this room ( how to explain this,This is a room untouched by anyone through the years I see the dust,cobwebs,dirt, the smell of ages only this room is a lot older) Suddenly I am standing in this room again but I am dressed differently. I hear revenge but know this is not why I am here, I am here to finally clear my name you see I have travelled through 8 generations. Not hundreds of years but thousands.

    As I awoke I had to type this out straight away as I remembered the pull through my life as a child to return home to England although born here I felt England was home so in 1997 I boarded a plane with no where to stay when I arrived to find my fathers family which I did to a degree, my time in England was accompanied with much deja vu you see I had been there before. I spent 5 months living and working there before returning to New Zealand to my husband and children. This dream bought back dreams of years ago where I would find myself in cobbled streets and market places in England and France. I was as in this dream at the end just standing watching unseen by those walking by.

  8. intense dreaming last night began with me sitting at an outdoor cafe, around me there were people confused and walking down the street. I had a camera that was foreign to me and was trying to take photos of the city. The city appeared old in appearance almost destroyed. In front of me were two very tall buildings there brickwork dull and old while around me there was distruction going on. I was trying to get a photo of a glassed building before it too was pulled to the ground. Someone comes up to me and tells me I cannot take photos and the camera breaks in my hand. Next I am in an area with buildings a community of buildings. I am outside with a group when 3 orange orbs fly over us and stop which I acknowledge and then fly off again. The curtains are drawn and we are collected together talking when I hear a sound like a tone from outside and open the curtain to see orange orbs, those of us there wave and say Hello. Suddenly another person enters handing me 2 pieces of paper that are torn. I look at them as others begin to arrive. I then tell them I have a list of names of people that are going to leave here. I begin reading off names and job descriptions these I cannot remember I feel for safety reasons. I do remember the last two items on the list first a three bedroomed home and the plan of the land consisted of house which blended with the surrounds, very tall trees of many varieties and a large body of water I also saw a Dolphin here which put this near the ocean. The next was six units in a lovely building,orange orbs came and surrounded the named like a bubble and they were gone.

    I can see the faces of a man and a women still clearly in my mind who were to do with the house and remember the women saying this is what we saw and smile.

    Of those left behind some became frightened and thought the others had exploded as we were still here. I told them we would be fine that it will be time for others soon. When I received the list I was told further instructions would be like a whisper next to my ear which I would hear clearly.

    Shift we are now looking through caves which tell stories of our past which those left are learning and coming to terms with, in one much has been undisturbed for many many years when a shout comes as dust comes up. I head out and drifting toward us are those who had left smiling and laughing they are hugged by the others. Then I see vans coming with signs on thinking to myself not here too !was a delivery service for fast food.

    As I sat with a coffee going over this strange dream wondering what my role in it was I received you are the gate keepers allowing the light to shine the way for those coming to you.

  9. I have the sense of being in Nature, I am with many amazing animals which I am able to communicate with. My job seems to be in the development of new species of Butterfly’s. For some reason Lyra comes to my mind not sure why but it is a strong feeling.

    I also get Elvish around the forest glade where I am waiting for the crysalists which are beginning to open revealing the beauty that lies within, these Butterfly’s have something to do with the new rainforests I am helping manifest on New Earth.

  10. Really intense dreaming flood gates opening.

    I am outside with Husband and son talking daughter and I are watching when I hear the sound of a truck, the strange thing is it seems to be coming from above us not the road outside our gate. I look up as this concrete mixer chugs sluggishly across the sky. (ship) suddenly it looses height and crashes in the field just to the back of us. When I go to look a Lion with a Tiger on its back materialises where the truck was. They look in our direction and begin to run toward us. I grab my daughter and we run,I pull down the garage door and rush to lock the doors. Shift to a room all around is dust which looks like glitter floating in the air and loads of beautiful butterflies. Some one goes to brush some thing away and I grab their hand to stop them. There is a Fairy. Suddenly I see my daughter in law in tears and a women with glasses and dark hair asking her how could she do that! and walks off on the ground is a basket with 4 pair of trousers and what looks to be a dress. I realise her mother is there somewhere. I tell her she just needs to say the words to her and things will be ok.

    I return to other room to find the fairy asking those there for their names strange she is larger now and I can understand her. When she asks for mine she smiles and says you are the one I have been looking for, here I need you to repeat these three verses but all I remember was the last bit about someone must lick your toes. What! then this women comes out of no where and says she will do it. Other fairies now appear as this women transforms into a Lion. A spell is cast which turns the lion to a pussy cat. It takes off with a leap onto the roof and we follow, as it clings to the chimney another spell is cast which transforms the cat to solid chocolate sending it down the chimney. When we are back inside there are those eating chocolate strange situation becomes stranger as the room has become a cellar and here there are barrels full of money and I can hear male voices asking if they have arrived to pick them up yet. I am pulled to the side by another fairy and told don’t get too close we just have to observe and listen so we fly up to the window ledge and hid behind a pot. end of first dream. 2.30am.

    I am in China looking out over a large body of water. Mountain Volcano and in the fore ground are two Ancient mounds.

    Monk small Mon-Um tells me the people think these Ancient mounds are volcano but he says they are linked to the volcano. She leads me to a path through the lush green vegetation and tall trees explaining there are a labyrinth of tunnels below us as we approach an opening, a gate is open. We step inside and the way is lit. She explains there are many tunnels under the Ancient sites where many celestial’s are gathering ready for a mass illumination of energy as central sun and Gaia prepare the way for the new golden age, birth of the new civilisation of humanity. As they join it creates a new web (Grid) as all move up in frequency within this universal quadrant. end of dream.

  11. 19 SEPTEMBER

    This dream was very vivid I was inside it was dark outside and I was going to bed when my twin flame appeared and told me to look out the window. There were beams of light coming from the Universe. I went back down and my husband was going outside, I asked what he was doing he said going to cut fire wood. What at this time of night shake my head then I told him to look outside, when he did he ran back asking for the documents, puzzled I asked what documents and he said they were in the bed head. Ok we do not have a bed head, he runs around as if he is trying to find something.

    Shift I am on a ship overseeing something looking out the windows I see the beams of light clearly, the planets are expanding as are the stars, they are beginning to pulse like a heart beat and pure white lighted beams are flowing from their centres. They

    are all converging on one spot in the Pegasus constellation I have the feeling this is important. My star name Solaris also comes to the forefront as I am reading about the constellation

    This is what I found when searching for clues to my dream.

    Pegasus, The Winged Horse, is a constellation that appears in the south in the autumn for the northern latitudes. Its main geometrical figure is the “Great Square of Pegasus.” To the observers on earth, the winged horse appears to be flying upside down. The vernal equinox, the sun’s location when spring begins, is not far south of the square. To locate features of this area, it may be convienient to imagine that the square is the bowl of a large dipper, having as its handle the line formed by three bright stars of Andromeda (her head and length of body) and a fourth star in Perseus (his hand holding the Gorgon’s head). The hind legs of Pegasus appear to make up the constellation of Andromeda.

    The constellation can be found below the Summer Triangle which has the constellations of Lyra, Cygnus and Aquila. To the left would be located Aquarius

    The main stars (marked with larger star icons) found in this constellation are: Alpheratz (it’s the head of Andromeda as well), Algenib, Scheat and Markab make up the square. The head and neck end with Enif. One hind leg ends with the star Andromeda.

    On the above link it mentions Bedstead, sun, spiral, and black hole.

    Last night before I went to bed I received in GR the following words.






  12. Hi Susan, this sounds like our flight plan on Aurora, or am I mistaken? Perhaps you would consider sharing this with the rest of the crew, of the Aurora, I am sure they would love to read this (I thought this blog was mainly for the Athbantian, and Aurora has its separate blog, so i am not sure how many folks from Aurora visit STC on regular basis?) or even allowing me to post on Aurora if you would like. I am off to bed tomorrow, but I will look for your post on Auroradreamflight blog.

  13. Aurora dream flight.


    My dream last night is very long

    I am with a Group of people walking to my left is a tall man with dark hair, very Handsome with Arab features, he is trying to get my attention, there is another women beside me and another man dark hair very handsome Arab features who is younger. We are walking along a road near a beach. The tall man pulls me toward him by gently grasping my hand so that I look toward him. Something in me shifts and I move toward him, he smiles. The girl beside me wanted to go with him, I tell her he is with me. Strong feeling toward him.(Twin Flame)

    Shift in dream the four of us are walking down a road where my parents lived up until I was twenty six. As we get closer I see two cars in the driveway and comment are my brothers home. Then I see my mother standing there waiting For some reason I have $300 in my hand and he has $250. He introduces himself to her and hands her his money, I then smile hand her mine and tell her he is my boyfriend. The other two with us are my sister and his brother. (I do not have a sister)

    Shift I am in a large house trying to settle children into beds the wind is blowing outside. Get everyone settled finally and go to bed myself only to have to get up again as need to use the bathroom, think to myself I should have gone before I went to bed.

    Get up and realise windows are open door not closed properly I open the door to check something and all I see is ocean with whales they are sick, have to close everything they are in containment. Then I hear the children again, they want to sleep together, My nephew who is a young man was there with a young child, I grab the child as women appears with a bottle so he could feed the child. I place a 3 year old boy beside him to comfort to sleep I tell him not to get up unless New Zealand calls you! (He was in the Army but left after 3 years) I knew they would not call as we are still in the Arab world and he is not my nephew. The women I am working with has Blond hair looks similar to my niece.

    In the Crown Plaza I see her with another infant moving toward the walk way when all of a sudden glass ware and cups begin to explode on tables, columns are twisting like being on a plane in bad turbulence people are running things are coming down she is running trying to shield the child.

    Then it is as if a mist rises and I see the bigger picture. The tall man is the same man from two previous dreams trying to get my attention, Where we are now is a place we have been together in a past life 2000 years ago. The women with the other man is indeed my sister from this time and the man with her is my twin flames brother in this time. The two who I refer to as niece and nephew are crew members who have been working with the displaced children giving of comfort and spinning dreams of joy and the new earth telling them it will not be much longer. The Blond women in the Crown Plaza with the child is calling for help as A large earthquake ripples through the area. I am thinking will this quake stop what is dividing the people and bring them together as one as they begin the task of helping each other through a disaster. The reason I saw the Ocean and the Whales sick is the precursor to a large movement within the ocean.

    I wake up laying in the dark holding my crystal this comes through.

    Very good you are realising how things work. You can use the same formula when dealing with the complexity of a question or answer by first thinking about what it is that has been said/ what you want to say.

    What is to be conveyed, The expected reaction or non reaction. What is at play here really facts/truth, lies/illusion.

    You are starting to separate truths from illusions.

    Take the dream sequence tonight the characters, events, scenes (Play) as you lay there after writing the layers began to peel away to reveal the true events of the evening. Over the previous two nights you have sensed something shifting.

    We began with Ghost Radar the words are just words to anyone looking at them. You also thought the same so went to do something else. You came back and as you walked past the desk what happened. In your minds eye these words began to form a sentence others bought another word forth. The best way to describe the layers is the peeling away.

    I could not settle so got up and had a drink and sat for a while my mind was trying to comprehend what had happened but there was not enough knowledge of what it was my heart was trying to convey.

  14. I often wonder, if our group were somehow brought together, would all those memories come flooding back, or would we still be “protected” until the time is right? Maybe a bit of both… ♥

    • I feel we have all been together on many journeys, are linked some how. In my heart yes we are protected but as the energies begin to increase with more pure light we will be able to handle the knowledge that will become more vivid within our dreams then when the time is right we will be reunited.

  15. Last night I had a dream that was a vision no parent should ever have to go through. I wont go into detail as it was in part to do with childhood trauma I had worked through. The basis of the dream was more shocking as it pertained to what has been happening to children around the world for many many years far worse than what I had encountered. I stood there and saw a recorder and photos which I grabbed after I knew my child was unharmed apart from bruising he had also sedated her, He told me to put them back, I could have killed him but I didn’t I began to scream loudly and others arrived from other rooms in the building. He was to be judged and contained for how ever long it took. I finally realised that all who have been harmed or lost their lives in this way will have these experiences erased from memory as will their families as they ascend for the lesson was learnt. It also gave me an insight into the very pit of what has been done to us all which will leave many angry in fear a whole heap of emotions will surface. In saying this I now feel protected within Love, grounded and ready to full fill my role here on Earth.
    I also thought of Gaias message July 5 and in flowed the names I had been given in dreams past.
    I do not know if they are my past lives, they did not make sense until now.

    Robert Johnson Gunner First Infantry age 22 WW2
    Heather Campbell 1686 feeling is Farmers wife.
    John Stevenson 1869 merchant
    Magdalena Mary Part of Jesus inner circle
    Eva Braun
    These are people from the very poor, Rich, enlightened, and Elite Which shows me that we have lived the full spectrum of Earth School to again awaken to Who we really are.

  16. I am in a large large house on substantial grounds. Much larger than the home I currently live in.

    I have the sense of a Church or building very large a group of us are there.

    I am now in another part which for some reason has me feeling uneasy, I have locked my daughter and myself in a room where I can see out without being seen. We were hiding trying to stay out of site, there was another women also and I was trying to keep them quiet so we were not found there. I kept watch for movement as I locked us in and settled down hoping my daughter would sleep as she did not understand the danger, I had to get the keys back.

    There is an old women walking around as if she is searching for something I need to avoid her for some reason she must not see us.

    The keys where are the keys they are important suddenly there is light outside we must hide else where.

    I am now climbing stairs to rooms above when my son tells me a friend is here but I do not really want to talk to her so continue up to the rooms. There are two that I must get sorted suddenly she is there behind me asking about the children she told me she found out I was taking children in along with my own . She was wanting to know if I would take others as her daughter was unwell along with her son. I knew the reason she asked and said sorry I am unable to help.

  17. What a beautiful dream suzanne, I get all gooze bumps when I read your dream. But then it changes in happeniness and I am feeling the same tears of joy and the love that comes from your words, meeting this star families. This is what I envision when we are re-meeting our families again and hold them in our arms, hugging each other, being happy …..thanks for sharing this beautiful dream. Last night I had a quite unusual dream, I will talk about it more on my blog, still have to type it out tho, so will give a shout when it is written.

    Love Lisa

  18. Dreams are becoming so vivid and real. last night was so full of love.
    I am inside when some one yells OMG quick ufos.
    I look up and there are so many In the sky pulsating round flashing lights.
    I grab my camera and begin filming. They are all over the sky suddenly I see some giant birds like Pterodactylus flying toward us we just watch in amazement then I notice movement to my left. I cant describe the item but it is in the shed and something is happening to it. It is transforming and then it goes out the door toward the field. I look out back again and there is a family sitting on the ground talking while a child plays. They are spiritual beings of human form as I continue to watch others are appearing from the neighbourhood beside me just watching. Some are fearful and my daughter is now beside me hugging me tightly. I place my arm around her and say it is all right. As I look toward the crowd beside me frozen to the spot watching I detach myself from my daughter and walk toward the family. I extend my hand and introduce myself. The father accepts my hand and and introduces himself, his hand is soft and warm he tells me his name pronouncing it twice… from Alpha Centauri “but I can not remember it as it was an unusual name which frustrates me now as I write”.
    His child approaches smiling he is a happy soul. We begin talking then I realise movement around me turning I see other star families sitting around talking. I smile as I see those who were frozen and unsure smiling introducing themselves. My heart felt so full of love as I am typing I am fighting back tears of joy and wonder. People are laughing and talking.
    Now I am back inside some women is yelling as I walk into the room she stops and I sense resentment and anger as she turns toward me she threatens to turn me into authorities and storms out. I grab my camera and check yes the footage of the crafts is still there. I grab my lead and hook into my lap top and begin uploading to the web, as I am doing this I realise someone had filmed the whole meeting between us and the families of the stars. Suddenly I hear noise as others come in with I pads phones and all begin loading to as many sites as they can getting the word out for all to see and hear.
    As I am doing this I realised they were one of the families I saw in a dream of AUGUST 5.

  19. My dream from last night has much meaning to all I am told.
    I am walking down a street from my teen years. People are everywhere just walking along, I am told I cannot go further and it is then I notice those around me. There is a strange sensation in the air around us. People stop next thing I know we are all sitting together some are in fear and my daughter clings to me. I tell her it will be all right. What happens next I cannot put into words as I have the feeling I must not.
    But I was allowed to write these words.
    Moving light
    Calm look around
    The love
    Golden light Love Overwhelming
    We are One.
    This dream was so vivid I could feel/sense the most wonderful life changing not of this place I just love you all it wont be long until we are all together.

    • That is a beautiful meaningful dream, thanks for sharing ….

      PS: I had once a dream that I was creating a group of ULB (Universal Light Bringers)

      Love Lisa

  20. When I picked up my dream diary this morning this was recorded in my hand writing but I do not remember writing it.
    August 9
    Yes we are like you, we have feelings, Emotions and we sense things but we are more human than many realise. Each spiritual being embraces who they are within the collective but it is done as a whole, as one in rhythm as one. You are about to step into an amazing place. an amazing journey is manifesting as we speak. One of Adventure, Joy, purpose, One of love.

    Last nights dream flight.
    received a name Heather Campbell 1686 told to start writing but as I picked up pad the channel stopped.
    I was looking out my window at the mountain and realised something strange where the top of the mountain should have been was a giant rotor blade similar to a large fan similar to an industrial one you find in large tubes but bigger still. grabbed my camera and went outside. Then I realised there was some sort of circular structure now being engulfed by the mountain again. Suddenly I saw helicopters with things suspended from them. One looked like some sort of car as I am videoing it it comes closer then from no where a man fly’s over me and whips it out of my hand and tells me I cant take photos. I yell I was not going to show anyone.
    Later that day I am bringing in the washing when a small helicopter appears near the clothes line. I pull it back so that the blades don’t cut it and a women steps out holding her hand open with some coins and proceeds to give me money. She tells me this will replace my camera and I will be able to get a better model. She tells me they were amazed when they found I did not have daft photos. Why they wanted to keep it was beyond me.
    She follows me inside but stops as she steps over the threshold she becomes agitated and tells me there is something here, a presence which for some reason terrifies her. I become aware there are three people here with me and notice she is military. wake up.

  21. Wow suzanne, cave woman πŸ˜€
    That seems a nice cave dream. I looked it up:
    Source: Dream symbols caves…
    “What is deep inside you, waiting to be discovered?”
    It is not unusual to dream of caves or the deep underground when we are going through any sort of learning or growth phase.

    Another meaning of cave:
    A cave shows significance which is connected to sexual power and creativity. This also shows the desire to express yourself or give a wish to some project to make sure that you complete this correctly. It is important to make sure that you are happy as this dream signifies that you may need to turn to another level to find the meaning = meditation or so on.

    This dream also shows the need to hide away and retreat from life for a while. Please make sure that you use this time out wisely! If in your dream you see a guardian of the gave for example a dragon then it is showing you that you are in control, the guardian when presented in a dream demonstrates that you are only as good as how you are portrayed inside and that there is lots more to come.

    This dream also shows that there is lots more to come in the months ahead it is time to be content and show the world what you can really do. That said it also highlights the need for patience and perseverance in the face of destruction. Time to turn around and look at the things that are possibly bothering you inside with delight and ease that you can personally make a big change.

    This dream will automatically allow you to be cleansed and the key is that you need to move yourself in a good direction in the forthcoming months.

    Love and Light

    • Lisa this is spot on I do feel the need to retreat to have time alone to meditate in nature without someone distracting me. It is hard as my husband is home during the day then my daughter arrives home from school. When I do get time alone I am so tired I just want to sleep. I can also see a major change happening in the not so distant future and I will need to put all my faith in the hands of my guides.
      thank you dear sister love and light as always suzanne

  22. My dream last night.
    I am in a place that is high up a mountain I am on a road that ahead has a bend in it. I am standing outside a cave unloading clothing into draws here. I open two cans of stew and put into a large cup. Food I am putting into a cupboard. There is a man here with dark brown hair who is doing the same in a cave next to mine. Two women in their 60-70 appear and are concerned with my situation which I feel is ok, they are concerned as to my safety to which I show them a iron gate that I can pull across and lock. I then grab my purse and put the large cup of stew in it as I head out to heat it and grab some hot chips for tea.
    The caves are on one side and when you look across from them there are shear cliffs on the other side which gives protection from winds and prying eyes the only way up is this road which I have a feeling not many know is here. I wake up then.

  23. Beautiful dream Suzanne, yours was more peaceful then mine. My dreamflight was horror all over. πŸ˜€ It was something that happened to me in the past, so I guess I was going through it again and releasing. And then you think, I forgot this bit, but it seems that now is the time to let go of it.

    • Lisa it seems many of us are releasing deep memories which we were unaware of. I guess this needs to be done so that we are able to remember more with ease and no interference from past fears.

      • When I woke up, I felt the pain in my heart of this dream and I immediately referred it to something that happened to me , around 7 years ago. And then I took it, examined it, let the hurt go by and then I released it. Yes, it is time to get our cobwebbed closets cleaned out, no more skeletons either πŸ˜€

  24. Dream this morning.
    I am in a large room putting children to bed. My brother in law and sister in law are here. He is taking a bath in an old fashioned metal bath. I am in a hurry as I have to go to work then I remember I have no one to watch my daughter and will have to ring work to say I am not coming. Sister in law says its Tuesday and I am thinking what Did I ring yesterday to say I would not be in. Then I remember I don’t work any more.
    It is morning and I see people on the pavement outside a building working, I go over and the guy in charge says they have no room for any more workers. They cannot work in the building any more as the Boss does not want anyone inside.
    I go in any way as I need to find some thing. I go to a door and am stopped by a bodyguard. I tell him I really need to use the toilet so he looks around and tells me to be quick as the Boss is having a shower. I go into the room but find I am in another place more like a very grand opulent house. There is an air of quiet the house echo’s it is then I realise He is the God father the highest one and realise he is in containment but is fighting to hold his ground. His body guard let me in because he knew it was over and was just playing his last part.
    Now I am in a room with a large fish tank and above on the wall is a television (Disclosure) As I watch I am aware of my daughter sitting on a couch and others in the room. On the screen are three families they are different but familiar.
    They all appear human form/structure but that is where the familiarity ends.
    The first has like a feather type skin of rainbow luminescent colour nursing their child. The second has skin /scales which remind me of a chameleon. The third first thing that popped into my mind was robot. Their skin was silver like the colour of mercury when a thermometer is broken.
    I tell my daughter look star families, see they have children too and are not scary
    they are just like you and I. We watched and smiled they were beautiful. I awoke from this dream feeling such peace and love.

  25. Well I don’t know where to start with this one

    I am in a shop a women comes up to me and asks if this gift is all right for the twins, I look and think what! I yes! Who is this women then she walks off only to come back and ask if I have feed them it is past tea time. Next 2 small beings don’t really know what they look like say they will do it. Confused I walk into a Pharmacy and see the gift this women wants to give the twins. It has two microscopes and vile’s with tools that appear to be for doctor/scientist Um they are only little. Not a good gift so I put it back where it came from.

    Then I am in a supermarket not sure what I am looking for then I hear commotion and over the airways I hear someone say another child has been killed in a shopping cart. Then I don’t know where I am but a man is shooting a rocket at a boat I am in the rushes of a large lake when this giant and I mean giant crocodile walks right over me following young, then I see a man and women slide in on some sort of water craft toward me pointing and I see Giraffes which are different some how and I am told they have been doing experiments here.

    Next I am in a house with my in laws and I am leaving they ask about their son and I say it is fine we lead our own lives. Hubby waves and they just stand there wondering what on earth! I go to my car but there a three of us getting in.

    Next I am in a house I am on my knees I think, above me there is a baby in a car seat it is blue but breathing in gasps. As I put my hand up toward the child it is pushed away by my son I see the other baby she is pink in her car set. her mother is looking at me strangely. I get up pick up a mattress and back away as I am told it was you that did this. The baby was under the seat and the belt was wrapped around its neck I have no idea but a strong feeling that if I am allowed to touch the child I can heal it.

    Through out the night I had visions of a thin veil and behind it I could make out
    figures watching me. I had the impression they wanted to see if these images in my dreams frightened me.

  26. Thank you babajij and Leslee I do have the sense if we all stopped and regrouped listing what is important to the Earth and us will free us from the matrix of materialistic and consumption on a huge scale thus bringing all life into the right balance creating a true sense of accomplishment and a love for the work that needs to be done as well as a willingness. No one needs to feel left out all have skills and the ability to learn with those so willing to teach.
    Most humble blessings and love to you both.

  27. Remarkable, Suzanne, especially since I’m newly unemployed, as of Thursday πŸ™‚
    But Babajij is right it is very nourishing and encouraging, and I’ve had several dreams in similar settings. For me, the past two years have been mostly about realizing that we really cannot be harmed, and that all we have to do is stop. We don’t even have to fight. I stopped trying to do things out of a sense of duty, and now I’m feeling so very free. My, the energies are truly nourishing. I wonder if the prosperity program is one person at a time, and if it has as much to do with keeping that which is rightfully ours, more so than taking anything at all… Namaste, y’all… (-_-)

  28. ~Uplifting & Nourishing Dream,Suzanne…I can Sense that Ya are a Strong Woman and is able to stand up for the Rights of Freedom for those whom Need Help~

  29. This morning I thought to myself I did not dream. Then the word Freedom popped into my head and then this began to flow forth.
    A man was sitting at a desk and got up so I went and sat down in the seat, in front of me was an I Pad which was showing real estate photos of rather flash homes. Then I became aware of a Man sitting beside me, he looked like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders. I asked if he was here to look at real estate he said No I am unemployed. At this point I was aware of a women standing behind him with a kindly smile. Looking around the room I saw more desks with people sitting at them. They all looked to have the weight of the world on their shoulders so I asked the women were I was and she said It was a centre for unemployed. I said to her this is all wrong. I stood up and said you do not have to do this the Government don’t care about you look, and I pointed to a women who was smiling broadly. I said this has to stop. Next I am in a large space like an indoor sports hall. Everyone is animated laughing and busy working, making posters, flyers and buttons, there is a sense of lightness and hope here. Suddenly a Man appears with a big grin, I got them big names are going to play. Next I am climbing over some rocks to get a good place to sit and one of the large rocks fall and I realise I am by the Ocean looking out toward a city thinking we could do the concert there but then realise this is devastated and chose else where. Everywhere I look the streets are deserted the town the city everyone has heard the call and stopped. FREEDOM has arrived.

    • I just felt compelled to reply to your dream. This is so lovely, and what so many of us are actually starting to feel can happen at this point. People are increasingly waking up, but yet it was even ahead of its time in July 2012. It seems more and more are aware now of just how bad those in power were, especially the bankers enslaving all of us, with that burden. YOU ARE A LIGHT! How beautiful that you had this dream of FREEDOM, and look at the role you play in it. Love it!!!

      • Love of Humanity and Gaia bring me much joy as I watch the light unfold around us all also. Many dreams and messages have changed bringing forth a knowing heart, an awakening heart in those now ready. Much love light and blessings to you Jane Have a wonderful Easter break Suzanne:)

  30. I have also put my dream from last night here so I can see if there are any that carry on from previous postings to help me find a continuity with the ships I am involved with and the crew I am working with. I had a very interesting time in Dream time last night.
    There were five star ships around me last night it was like they were all talking at once cant hear myself think. wake with a head ache and the word discretion.
    Sense I must remember something then star gate pops in told to write Magdalena Morgalena.
    I see a man White hair in a white robe, collar of robe reminds me of the Chinese collar the v down the front has gold braided symbols Ro Tan?
    A women saying she must remember, the man said give her time she will. I sense others around me in a circle Pleiadians! Then I am told Words have power, can harm, but words also contain truth if spoken with love, with light guiding the manifestation upon the page.
    I am in a room circular smooth walls white/silver very clean others in white robes.
    The sentinel ! The sentinel yes where is it I know this racking my brain wandering in 3D then realise she is my tree. That is what I told my husband I call her when he saw me hug this tree and run my hands lovingly over her scars.
    The women tells me the sentinel will help me remember she smiles and walks away. She has a fair complexion like alabaster, blond/golden hair. White robes also Morgan/Morain. end of dream.

  31. Hi, Suzanne! I haven’t had a chance to read anyone else’s dreams yet, but I’m so glad you got your page running! I will take you dream from last night and add it to the astral travels page, too, in case it takes folks a few days to find your page… Wow, I can’t wait to read about your experiences, thank you so much for joining us, and sharing! Much love, Leslee

    • Leslee thank you for sharing my dream on the right page, got a bit lost as my 30 June was the day before most others I think and was not sure if my timing was right. Phew πŸ™‚

  32. Hi Suzanne, what an amazing dream and so much synchronicity with my dream, especially the balloons and christmas. I posted my dream on the astral page July. But I will also update my page Lisa where I also put my dreams down. And also the circle resonates with my dream and with tauno’s. I have the feeling that july indeed brings something biggggg πŸ˜€

    Love you sister

  33. ~Hi Suzanne!…Pretty Enriching Dreams!…You’ve got All the Signs…Pyramid (energy focus and expansion of those thoughts/intents)…Energy Ball (wholenes of All Source)…Golden Key (Door/Portal has been Open for Ya)…Tyco (LauraTyco who is Organizing Aurora Flights)…Balloons!!…Christmas (Celebration!)…

    …please note that this is my interpretation…me just sharing… πŸ™‚ …

    …& it is Handy to place a Comment on the SaLuSa Post to Share with Others that Ya have just added to Your Page…That way more People will Know and visit Here and Offer their feedback… πŸ˜€ ~

  34. As I am still not familiar with where to post things i shall post here for now as I had some experiences last night which I feel the need to share.
    The first was my Meditation which i visualized laying under a pyramid.
    I began by slowly breathing in white light then out white light pushing this light outward to Gaia and to the grid.
    All of a sudden I had this over whelming sense my body was encased in a huge energy ball it was so intense I remember asking will it hurt. This went on for a while then I felt myself zooming upwards looking down on Gaia but I was not in my body. Suddenly a large gold key appeared and I was told to unlock the door. On opening the door in front of me was a tunnel I asked who is there the answer was Tyco this was a male voice I have no idea who he is or if the name is right. Then I had the sense/feel Tulya, Adrial I asked if it was him and he said yes it is I. Tyco is one with whom you will be working with. I woke up.

    Into the next I was coming back by car, on the road in front of me there are snow covered mountains I am approaching a little village for some reason (Wales) As I look to the mountain I see a flash like circle of silver and say to my daughter look a UFO. When I look back there appear to be lots of explosions like fireworks but dull all over the area directly in front of me. Then as I get closer there are thousands of Balloons As i leave the Car I am handed one which has a Dark Green gift attached to it.
    As I walk into where we are staying there are gifts piled outside doors and a tree decorated in a corner near my door the balloon gifts litter the floor. I then realise it is Christmas. In my mind I am hoping my husband remembered our sons. He is not with me. Suddenly I realise water around the tree and look for the tap to turn off the hose as I try to turn it off it starts spraying everywhere and people appear. An elderly women is sprayed in the face wetting all who come in another women appears and says she will fix it. I wake up

    The next is very confusing is this a dream or thoughts I am being told write it you must write it.
    Banks are closed 1 July apart from a couple. Alerts on the television all channels of communication to shut down. Disclosure! New communication coming through on 3,4 July. woke up.

    I am second guessing myself on the last as the 1 July is a Sunday and in New Zealand they are closed I am sure.

    • Wow, in the first one i understand that is pretty much what happens inside a pyramid, if it were used for its original purpose. Clearly it is no longer needed.

      Your last dream reflects info from Cobra on 2012 portal. So, let it be! I’m somewhat disconnected from TV but I’ll keep an ear to the radio.

  35. Reading this Babajij I felt a peace flow over me. The first thing that popped into my minds eye was Yes you are safe now.

  36. Hi all The next two were this year around Feb and March.

    It was dusk, for some reason I was standing near the wall looking at something whn all of a sudden something shoved me with force. For a split second I felt fear then the feeling was gone. I was being forced through darkness, a void, When i stopped I was in a large comfortable room a fire was going. I am stood as I was before but I am now looking through a large window out toward Pine trees a forest. there is heavy snow blanketing the ground. In front of me standing on its own is a tree spruce tree blue covered in snow.
    I had bought one of these a few years ago and she died. But she left a gift of a seedling the size of my little finger today she has grown tall and when I see her I smile.

    The next one.

    I am in a Hall maybe a school. There are people in front of me and I am seated at the back. The ones in front are filling out something could be forms or question sheets.
    Then a Male voice beside me says you made it.
    I answered that you have to make a choice others don’t like, this time I chose me not my family. He smiled and a second Man handed me a book saying this will help you. The title was Gaia’s Real History. Both men were in dark suits with Blue shirts Dark hair and stubble on their faces, strong masculine.
    I place the book on my lap to open it and realise I am slim with Dark Brown hair in a bob. my hands are youthful. I have a sleeveless Blue dress on which is caught under the bust and flows to mid calf. I am wearing sandals. I wake up.

    • ~Your DuskDream is so Ascension in Progress,Suzanne!…Being Pushed (possibly by One of Your Guides) thru Darkeness as Ya Transmute Fear and feeling the Void (Reststop)…Seeing the World Anew (via window) with Trees and Snow…for me,Snow is very Significant…Recall what is Used in the Movie: The Wizard of Oz to Awaken the Sleeping Ones in the Poppy Fields…Snow!… πŸ™‚ ~

  37. Here is the second could be around two years later.

    I heard people running and yelling from inside my house. I went out to see what was happening and a man running past said have you not seen the moon? On looking up I began to run too, suddenly I thought no one will believe me so ran back to grab my video camera. As I left the house again I looked up and the moon was now closer and Blood red, the sky was as if on fire. I looked ahead and something told me to stay put. I went back inside to find many people there also and told them to sit in close. We must have all fallen asleep as the next thing I remember was looking up toward the window. The sun was out now so I stood to look out. All I could see were fields with paths through them. Others began to wake and we went outside. For as far as the eye could see were fields freshly plowed paths and in the distance trees. birds were singing.

  38. Hi all I thought i would post my dreams here for you to comment on. These are spaced from 10 years ago when my mother passed on up to 2 months ago.

    This first one I can give a date day and time. 18/03/2002

    I went to bed early to meditate and have me time as we had just had Mums funeral.
    As I began to relax I felt something really heavy sitting on my chest which made it hard to catch my breath. As I struggled through the wall came a golden ball. Made of gold it looked heavy but here it was floating spinning slowly, I could see Ancient hieroglyphics in square panels around it from top to bottom.
    There was a white light also emanating from it, all of a sudden it began to spin faster and faster then as my son opened my door it exploded filling the room with white light at the same time the heavy feeling was gone. I am sure I was awake for this one.

    • ~Wow!…Pretty Amazing Dream Experience,Suzanne!…The Ancient Hieroglyphics are a Great Clue to Your Soul Lives…Great DreamHealing!~

      • I hope it is a clue to who I am or where I belong I have treasured this one for a long time as prior to this I knew an Angel wrapped me in their wings each night for comfort as my mum was growing tired in spirit.

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