Athabantian Crew Pages

This is the parent page for the personal pages for the Athabantian Crew Members.

Please feel free to create your own pages!


  1. Sending my Love to Yamya and Odis fdown here on Earth! Love you guys and I cant wait to see you on saturday!! ❤ ❤ ❤


  2. I have been out of Internet coverage for several weeks so unable to share my Saturday night Athabantian flights. I don’t remember what happened on these flights except for the very first one which I shared before I left Internet coverage. However when I awake in the morning I feel as if I have had an amazing experience and that I have been very active and busy for several hours. I really look forward to the Saturday night flights with eager anticipation even though I don’t recall any details. No worries. It’s all as it should be!

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