Crystal Connections August 2013


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  1. Crystal Connection – 21 August 2013
    I connected with an Angel that was my Guide and I followed the Angel that appeared in the Golden Light
    vacuum – no visions
    Then I called Hathor and did DNA activations , my consciousness was half occupied with 3D issues and I consider this meaningful for my connection
    Then I saw a bird, the bird had very human vibrations, wings of gold
    I connected then with Mother Earth and saw a garden, trees, forest, green colours
    I almost fell into sleep, no memories again
    White Tatanka was there with me
    Love and Light

  2. Lisa – 21 August 2013
    After spending much energy to get the kids to sleep, I couldn’t concentrate and I was also always interrupted by the kids and then my husband came home.

    I saw first a forget me not flower opening its petals, creating a flower gate. Then I saw 3 triangles over each other forming also another gate.

    Besides favoring dreams and memory on a physical level, Forget-me-not reinforces the remembrance of our true spiritual nature through the connection with our guides, and members of our human family, in another dimension.

    Love Lisa

  3. I looked behind the scenes. I saw a cement floor and a scaffolding, which was holding up a projection screen. That was really weird! Was I supposed to do that?

    I wasn’t sure “where” I was.

  4. Crystal Connection – 22 August 2013
    My attention was concentrated on my Third eye – I saw a Lotus/Rose of White colour , then I saw Isis and there appeared the Sphinx too , Golden Light, I saw the 3D earth surface, so familiar and so quiet , I was over a wild flat area/region and I saw the sky, the clouds, the grass became yellow because it was autumn and I got a feeling I am there now to say farewell to 3D because the Shift is about to begin
    Then a huge cloud ship of white formed – it had a shape of a plane
    Love and Light

  5. Lisa – 22 August 2013
    Crystal Connection – 22 August 2013 Lisa

    Blue jelly fish transparent and luminescent blue going upwards, taking my heart with them , a portal bow made of sunshine, I go through it, connecting with my higher self Arachanai
    I can see stars, merkaba’s floating above my head, connecting with each other making a flower of life. I see the white crane bird , he is dancing with his mate, putting his beak up
    snow is falling, I see cedar trees around…the scene looks peaceful and I feel peaceful inside.

    I now I am going to make the shift..I am already there…I was there a long time ago, I just need to catch up in vibration and that is what I seem to do, more and more I feel myself merging to this lovely woman being on the ship that is making a long journey through (uncharted?) space. I am in the ship again, I am in the mess hall and it is blue grey and the light is dim, but it is a pleasant environment, I can look out at the oval window that looks out to space, I feel happy.

    I see a shaman coming forward , dancing , spinning, weaving his feathers and smoke up to the heavens, spirits are going up to the heavens, my spirits of the past and the future, cause I only need
    spirits of the now.I feel myself wrapped around in ice, to keep me on ice before the transition, I feel there is a lot of DNA and information stored in it and it feels like I am connected to it,
    being fed this new DNA and information, the ice is first transparent luminescent blue like the jellyfish but slowly turns into white transparent, I see a spiral etched into the ice just before my
    third eye and the spiral starts to spin and spin, spinning me out of time and place, I AM…ONE

    Love Lisa

  6. Crystal Connection – 22 August 2013 Frila

    This afternoon during the connection time of CN family, since I once felt the energy was pretty strong, I tried to do the connection with them and you all.

    There was a lot of times that the energy was poured from my left foot.

    I once saw again a vortex, worm hole and then again the Crystal Skull, and a David star.

    During the connection that you just made, I first saw the hexagonal portal which has numerous concentric gradations.

    Then I was shown two brown wooden houses in western style which are liked together. They looked empty and I’ve now idea about their exact era (maybe of 20th or 21th century) and location.

    Another brown house flashed into. It looks modern. I glanced some citrine furniture in it.

    By the end, a deer or reindeer came to me….

    love you all

  7. Crystal connection – 24 August 2013
    As yesterday when I saw an elven forest merged with a familiar to me 3D town, today i saw another familiar town merged with the ocean waves of my heart chakra
    Then I saw a Spirit of an Elder raising – the Spirit was like a brown cloud of human body shape
    Then I saw a Native American chief – I saw it quite clear , He is Chief Joseph that connected with me this time
    Love and Light

  8. the last will of his father before he died was – never to sell the Native land because she keeps the bones of his father and his mother, never sell the bones of the Elders , yes, we are the Earth Guardians all of us, I felt the message that is now sent to us all
    Thank You Chief Joseph
    Thank You All

    • We will not left the Earth under the dark oppression any more, we woke up and we will move together with her into the 5th

  9. Lisa – 24 August 2013
    the gate is about to opening even though you feel the effects of it already, it is time to unite, to bond and to become One, you feel yourselves become larger as if you can span the universe,
    feel the waves of energy coming through you and anchor them into the center of gaia

    I see white, I am going into a white cave, it is full of energy, it feels like I am swimming through this energy particles that funny looks like little drill of the frog AA Michael is there, he
    is calling us, having a meeting, rounding us up and give us the blue flame of truth to go tomorrow through the gate, I see forget me not again

    Love Lisa

  10. When reading what Lisa just left, “AA Michael is there, he is calling us, having a meeting, rounding us up and give us the blue flame of truth to go tomorrow through the gate, I see forget me not again,” my tears dropped.

    Here, I would like to thanks to Tauno’s invitation to me, Troy and Konstantinos for joining this connection, my life can hence finally get on the orbit that it was/is supposed to be. Besides, with Konstantinos partaking, I feel the energy gets obviously much stronger !

    It’s a wired day, all my physical sensation, mental state just felt eccentric. The floor felt like waves, or something soft, or the things seemed moved in some vortex. The sky, including the SUN, was almost covered by clouds all day long. Just at the very moment by the nightfall, also by our connection time, between 08:00 and 08 :30 pm (of Paris time zone), the clouds were dropped away. Now, it’s raining outside. Since I was born on an Island, this relatively moist air just brought me some flavor of home, I feel more comfortable, but some nostalgia also rose in my mind.

    As I know, I was born so many times on “islands.” I miss the the moisture of earth that’s not distant from the sea…

    The part below is what I got this evening during our connection. I’m sure without you, I could definitely not get/experience these.

    For seizing well the divine energy at this very moment, I first envision that we were holding hands, receiving the flame and light and sending them to the inner earth.

    Today, it took longer to start to have visions.

    First, I might being on some ship, looking back our earth, along with a black artificial satellite.

    It’s my first time that during the connection, I was shown the grains, particularly yellow ones, and not only once.

    It’s almost four month ago, I started joining you for this connection. It’s also at the very beginning of our connection, I saw Troy, my father when we were still on another planet, was bringing me for celebrating a ceremony. Today, I saw the its follow up. As last time, I saw all the concerned circumstances from their back. The first picture showed that I was staying without father’s company in a very crowded Gothic like building which is very high. The colored stained glass looked as a sharp contrast against the gray tone of the crowd. I was looking for father. Then I was stepping forward on my own to the ceremonial stage. Though I didn’t see father, I sensed he was there, witnessing the whole rite [initiation or something like Bar and Bat Mitzvah] in person.

    A black Dragon of western type carried me on his back going forward on water.

    Then I was in somewhere like a city at night full of castles with conic roof all in light blue color. It felt like somewhere beyond our historical time, or even beyond earth. Though the city was somehow illuminated in faint yellow/golden light, if felt gloomy.

    Appeared a golden vortex/wormhole, then I was brought to somewhere all in golden light. In front of me, it’s a golden pavilion made of golden light wires, surrounded by some other round stuffs. I felt where this was seems beyond 5th dimension.

    Appeared again grains, but in various colors. Among them, the yellow ones are so eye-catching.

    There was a moment that I was distracted, and some force just drew me out and brought me to the next vortex, wormhole.

    Then I was in front of where all the architectures and stuffs were crystalline. I felt it’s even in a higher dimension than the last one. All arose in front of me were not high, but so glittering, translucent and pure. Similar to what I just saw, the main stuff looked like a white crystal pavilion with dome. It seemed my second time to be here. The last time I was there was being a member of this group, discussing our work just insides that pavilion.

    I somehow felt I was one with the dolphin beings, but I have no memory of the concerned visions at all.

    May you all have a nice Sunday and Powerful 25th.

  11. Crystal Connection 25 August 2013
    Green energy, I float in green
    I saw a Merkaba star rotating and I entered in, I went through some channels/portals and I went out at the transcendental realm where I saw myself in Cosmos
    I visualized my Solar plexus as a center of the Universe and made a wish for Peace to settle on Earth forever
    I sensed the response of the Universe as an energy around me and I imagined my Future Self in September – I was in my town when I heard the News – Peace is declared by all nations, wars are over, wars are past and I see our Galactic Family in the news showing themselves and taking part in talks on the TV, then I see myself in a craft together with Beings I saw in my previous meditations, we can travel free all around the world and beyond with them, I am so happy, my current self connects with my Future Self via the Solar Plexus and I see Syria , Turkey, Egypt and other countries being restored from the damages made by war, gardens everywhere, children are happy
    My 3D family awoke and are so joyous too, they support me in each of my intents, no troubles, no fear
    I included the sense of Appreciation and Gratitude in my connection to strengthen my will and to fasten the manifestation of this intent

  12. Lisa – 25 August 2013
    This is a picture that I just made quickly now of what I saw in meditation. I was connected with the white dessert in Egypt and I saw pillars of light appear in the sky. Then a big wheel l, like watch was turning its wheels, there were different golden wheels spinning and opening the portal. Then I saw the universe in this wheel and a beam of blue light was going through (AA Michael that gave us the blue flame to go through the portal) And we as a group where standing around it , helping the blue light get into Mother Earth but also beam to the universe opening a portal. We are the gatekeepers initiating the shift.

    the shift

    Made this quickly now in photoshop and is almost exactly what I saw this afternoon and now in meditation. The only thing you don’t see is the wheels rotating.

    Love Lisa

  13. Crystal Connection – 26 August 2013
    I made a connection with my Celestial Soul through sending Appreciation and Gratitude into the Portal an arm over my crown chakra
    I received the elixir that was sent to me from my Higher Self, I saw myself in a pyramid and in front of me opened a Portal – like a tube and there I saw Jeshua sending energy to me, I absorbed the energy, I saw a cross sign and it was a stairs the vertical line of this cross – a portal to Christ consciousness is now open
    I saw all of us connected in a circle – Native American Chief and the Shaman came like flashes
    I also saw myself with wings and of golden Light, I was in a beam of Light and Ascending
    A pyramid, the Great Pyramid I saw , I was looking at it from above at night – the same night Light as Lisa has drawn in her recent picture
    we function like a pyramid, the pyramid became 6 sided one and I was flying around above it
    Angels in me, my whole body full of Angels , it is so beautiful, I am in my own Creation, I look around and everywhere I sense the healthy and fresh energy and Angels – a world of pink and orange colours, sky of pale pink , river below, a round building of white, the Angels create a Tree – the Tree of Life
    Love and Light

  14. Crystal Meditation – 27 August 2013
    I connected with the Egyptian Gods – Anubis, Hathor, Sekhmet, and my intention was to connect with Isis and I did, I felt the Presence of Isis all the time
    I connected with my Celestial Soul by sending Appreciation and Gratitude, saw the circle with all of us and the place that Lisa has drawn – the White Desert and the craft above sending us energy
    I opened a channel and connected with the core of Mother Earth
    as the channel was open I started sending Appreciation and Gratitude above to connect with my Higher Self and I saw an Angel of rose Light connected with me, Wings I sensed, the energy was pouring down to me and I was absorbing it, it filled my body and my Light body too, I channeled it into the Mother Earth and I started crying and felt enormous Love, the Unconditional Love that connects all, I sensed so deep love to Mother Earth and I embraced Her
    then I raised my hands over my head holding OLA and I connected with Isis, OLA was at my Crown Chakra
    Then I was in the ocean and saw some shining objects, first I remember myself on a boat and then I submerged deep in the ocean till I reached the ocean bed, I came to a temple, triangle, a temple gate with the sign of Isis on it, over the gate there was another sign – V, I entered in, it was dark, but I saw the statues carved in the stone walls of the tunnel, cats, many cat goddesses, Beings similar to those of the Egyptian stone carvings, I reached the hall, the Hall of Isis, there was so much Light there, a giant statue of the Goddess I saw , there was something that was moving and shining – like a torch made of Crystal – at the top was a shining crystal point , the Light was golden
    I saw myself holding OLA in front of my heart – the Light of golden colour just beamed from my heart and my whole body was shining, I saw myself as an Angel and radiated my Light all around like a Sun
    I connected with All Creation and I was the Earth, I took the Earth within my body and I became a core of the Earth, I was both inside and all over the Earth
    everything is in this ocean, Lisa
    the lower and the higher energies
    it depends on you what to become your focus
    Lisa: indeed, it is the same in that story I sent you, the villagers suddenly saw that it was their fear that kept them from ascending
    when I was in the temple
    I saw a pyramid reversed
    and from above there came another pyramid
    and they were about to merge in Merkaba
    Lisa: wow that is amazing
    Tauno:аз: Isis showed me the constellation
    the positions of the stars and planets
    about to form the Merkaba
    Lisa: wow that must be amazing to see that
    Tauno:аз: and it was so simple
    just a brown stone pyramid
    and another one coming from above
    so natural formation
    Lisa: perfect

  15. Lisa – 27 August 2013
    My heart is blue, I feel such a sadness and at the same time a relieve and happiness. I feel light, feel loved. I see light beings in fetus position, fetuses of light surrounded by darkness
    It is time to wake up, stars flashing by, I am in a vast space, filled with life…a new earth is being born

    drawing will still come of what I saw about the fetus beings surround by dark

    And then below video is coming through my mind into my connection


    Sheppard awakens in a tranquil village. The man, Avrid, and his sister, Teer, explain that the Ancients created this valley as a place for people to meditate on spiritual truths and, eventually, Ascend to a higher plane of existence. To Sheppard’s horror, they add that, except by Ascending, no one can leave the valley. Ever.

    Weeks turn into months as, with Teer’s help, Sheppard struggles to adapt to his new life. Then, one day, the mysterious beast attacks the village. To Sheppard’s disgust, the villagers hide, leaving him to face the creature alone. He barely survives. Feeling abandoned by his teammates and now by the passive villagers, the deeply frustrated Sheppard tries to make his new friends understand that Ascension won’t mean much if they’re mauled to death before they can achieve it.

    Meanwhile, outside the barrier, only a few hours have passed and the team has returned. Although a probe sent through the field is destroyed, it locates the power source of the field and McKay also concludes that time in the field passes about 250 times faster than in real time, which would mean that a single hour in real time would equate to at least 10 days within the field.

    Inside the field, Teer confidently responds that her lifetime of spiritual practice has given her clairvoyance. This power warns her that the beast will attack Sheppard’s team. But this time he gets help from the villagers who have realized that the beast is only a manifestation of their fears. Now that they have realized this they all ascend – and although they extend an offer to join them, Sheppard declines. Teer then turns to McKay, advising that he not remove the ZPM (zero point module), for it must remain for others to use. However, they will open the barrier for them to leave.

    Love Lisa

  16. Frila – 27 August 2013

    I first envisioned that we were cleansed by violet flame and becoming the beams connecting the divine realms and the inner earth.

    Again, I tried to connect Max and asked for his enlightenment for that I can more sufficiently fulfill my spiritual mission.

    Today, after connecting HIM again, I felt being so loved, trusted. I realized I get more progressed on this connection. I was brought into the inner earth and on some ships. The visions were rather flashes, so I cannot recall many of them. I felt being in the great nature, surrounded by grass, rivers, woods, earth….I once met again Lord Lanto. I seemed to be brought to South America and looked from above the giant pyramid which I’m not sure in which dimension. There were so many white and golden beams converged on its peak. The beams are so dense, even look like metallic. All along this journey, I traversed various pyramids. Besides, it’s my first time to see the big brown bear in woods. By the end, an pink-silver ethereal phoenix was flying to me, bringing me such a graceful pleasure.

    The journey felt so great that I even didn’t want to wake up.

    Dear Lisa, thanks so much for this lovely video…you can just always find the amazing treasures for us. Before watching it, reading that story just impacted me so on getting from where the “fear” originates. It felt that something just woke me up !!!

    Dear Tauno, when I doubted myself, your words have always healed me with their powerful love and courage and I hence get melted in that energy.

    Thank you, my beloved, genius sisters !!!

    love & light

  17. Crystal Connection – 28 August 2013
    Native American representing a bird appeared – I felt the bird as Thunderbird
    I first connected with White Tatanka who appeared from the mountain in a Portal of Light
    Then I connected with the Egyptian Goddess who raised her hands holding a cross with her right hand , the cross was not Egyptian but Christian one
    Then I was in the mountain again dancing with all that are connected , we were dancing in a circle hugged in Sirtaki ( Greek dance) like hug and moved round in a circle
    Love and Light

  18. Crystal Connection 28.08.2013

    Inspired by Tauno, I first tried envisioned and tried to connect the goddess Isis. I sensed her presence. She looked as an ethereal being with extreme beauty, and tranquility.

    Soon, my consciousness was drew to the c.ry.stal sk.ulls.

    There were also more than one time that they were shown as a set of 13, one in the center. During the course, I felt very powerful energy pouring in my body, particularly my brain and heart. My feet, legs even once vibrated. When this transmission happened, the word “Egypt” also emerged in my mind. When all these happened, they were in the very “golden light !”

    As Tauno, I saw the portals, very giant portals and the Cross. However, the cross that I saw was equilateral. I seemed also in mountain or pyramid.

    Great to find the synchronicity with you.

  19. Crystal Meditation – 29 August 2013
    I connected with Quan-Yin and saw a heart shaped portal opening , around the portal there were Angelic wings of purple colour , and there came an Angel of White inside the portal and led me higher, all the time during my meditation the direction was upwards, moving upwards
    Then I saw shapes changing, some geometrical figures changing their shape and in fact they were connected with Egyptian Gods` energy, I saw the Cobra, so giant raising upwards and showing her hood, and the Cobra was a Pharaoh
    I saw the moon on the left and the Sun on the right making a connection with their Light and the Earth was between them in a octahedron of rays, the Earth was rotating and changing into a Shining Earth, then I saw the Galaxy rotating and shining with Golden Light
    I wanted to connect with the Plant kingdom and i saw a green leaf, then a Being – a Plant that had very Human look, in fact I saw an Elf, green leaves and the plant was taking a shower into the energies and Light all around
    Then I was holding OLA next to my Solar Plexus imagining Peace and Joy on Earth for All
    I got a message, my Heart was connected with my Solar Plexus and I received – Your Hearts are already connected with your higher Chakras, It is time to connect the Heart with the center of the will/intention so that to realize your Dreams and pour the heart Energies into the Solar Plexus for transmutation and Creation by will for the highest good of All
    I saw the skies of the New Earth, I was in Egypt again in front of the Great Giza Pyramid and I connected with Sirius White Brotherhood and got a Chant and said it
    To Prevail the Divine Peace and Divine Joy in Human Hearts
    To Prevail the Divine Peace and Divine Joy in Human Hearts
    To Prevail the Divine Peace and Divine Joy in Human Hearts

  20. Lisa – 29 August 2013
    Crystal connection 29-08-2013

    I see a white cross. I see a history of forgotten memories swirling around in my head, feelings, emotions they are all building up, I walk upon a temple, Isis temple, I see that symbol that
    I saw in the crop circle Tauno showed me, it is glowing white light and it gets stronger and more loving, it envelops me, I am standing before the stairs of a temple, the light is flowing
    through me, loving me so deeply I start to cry,
    I hold myself in this embracing light
    the light gets stronger, it goes through my heart, I feel it , i feel it deep , I see snow flakes falling down , they melt into my heart, , I see green landscapes, see a special light coming
    from the trees and the grass, everything looks so alive, so fresh to vibrant, the gateway in myself is open, a doorway to a new life, a new me, and new tomorrow, I am ready, I am light and I
    am love, I see the mountain range before me, I feel ONE with mother earth and if feels so great.The longing of going is going away because I am home, home in myself, my true self

  21. Crystal Connection – 30 August 2013
    I found myself between dimensions, the ground was soft under my feet, a Portal opened , it had a colour and looked like tiger`s eye stone, brown with golden flashes
    I sensed myself moving through this portal and I saw a sky and the New Reality, the sky was pale blue and everything was of soft energy, I saw a round portal and dark green leaves and plants around it like a frame
    Beings were there with me, Vegans, I have read their message channeled by a Russian Channeler before the mediation, now these Vegan Family of ours is with us helping us move further, they move to the 7th and we move to the 5 and 6th dimension
    I saw the Galaxy rotating counterclockwise and the center of the Galaxy was of yellow colour
    Time and Space got narrow, more and more narrow
    I was right about my feeling of the zero point that is a Portal, we are moving towards this zero point that will bring the Shift
    Love and Light

  22. Lisa – 31 August 2013

    I am surrounded protected by many beings, letting me know they are there for me if I need it. I feel a spiral rotating on my third eye, it is shining light blue. I am helped to restore myself
    to full beingness. the crystal is glowing also blue, it connects with the crystals of inner earth and it is connecting with Max, I feel a power surge going through me and so much data trans
    formation is flowing before my eyes, data stream after data stream I am being programmed, upgraded. I see white eyes again looking at me, I feel this is Max too , I see the spiral shell ,
    we end with a new beginning, we are transported through max and I see big white energetic beings, they give use energy of love , i see there hearts beating in their chests and love is flowing
    towards us,we are so much more then what we now can perceive, if only we could perceive our energetic bodies and fields, they are expanding into the universe.I am in a purple flower field
    and I am running , feeling so free and joyful like a child. I am home, I am at new earth, it is time to heal.

    Love Lisa

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