Crystal Connections August 2013



  1. Crystal Connection – 20 August 2013
    I remember myself flying in a craft over a highway and there came a Merkaba like a craft too, it was rotating and I felt I am jumping forward changing the speed to the highest and yet I was moving quite still and in fact I was feeling both moving and not moving in the air – remember the hummingbird and bee`s flight, I feel this movement of mine as a quantum leap forward in evolution
    Then I remember I was connected with Egypt again and I saw the Goddess – Isis I feel was the Goddess holding in her hands deer`s antlers .I realized I am connected now with Elvi and then I saw the God Thor conning from the North, he was gigantic and from the North there came a Shaman too – bare head, dressed in a robe with many fringes on it
    I connected with the Sun and Moon then and at the center there appeared a Native American – a Chief that looked like a black Raven and the Chief appeared in a ray of White Light
    Then I was connected with a craft and its crew – blue bodies – big black eyes and thin necks – they invited me in their craft and I saw the surface of the Earth from above, we were making a round flyovers over the Earth and I sent Light
    Then I was connected with a Navajo Man who was singing and performing a ritual, I was in the mountain
    Love and Light

  2. Frila – 19 August 2013

    In the first half of our connection, my sense of connection was cloaked. So I asked AA Michael’s intervention. During the first half session, I first envisioned that the Green Ray and violet flame were set to all of us and we resent them to the inner earth. Then I envisioned us holding hands together, facing our larger family members of that big flower of life. I once saw a big white lotus.

    Then I saw something in white ethereal state, in the form similar to a watch, than it became something looking similar to the 6th of the 15 symbols of sacred circuitry that Bashar gave [thanks to Troy (Cf :, I hence could get this], but in 3D way.

    I saw a round white craft hovering above us, emanating in-numerous light threads from its bottom just as fountain, pouring all of us.

    I saw a white slender light pyramid above me, charging me with the powerful energy.

    I saw an isosceles righttriangle (, but I’m not sure if this has to do with some “date,” September 10th ?! Please see the numbers in this picture.

    I felt I was under the sea, where I was not alone (felt you were together with me), besides, above us, also in the sea but much closer to the offing, there was a also craft, too, who seemed to work together with us.

    I tried to connect the inner earth and asked PI’s help, then I saw a cobble smoke quartz that I was told to be at my disposition.

    So, I’m so glad that we just got/experience something correspondent during this connection.


  3. Lisa – 19 August 2013
    we are in a world of love
    trillions of vibrations goes wave by wave
    filling my chakra’s below as above
    with white light that is save

    my heart is flowering open
    petal by petal
    and through it woven
    a string of me and all

    we are One
    we are light
    we are love
    we are sparkly white

    Love Lisa

  4. Crystal Meditation – 19 August 2013

    I did the 30 minutes Ethos meditation and I left the energies work in my body, I was feeling I am inside a Light Sphere most of the time and moving through tubes, channels, till I reached a craft in Space, I connected with its crew, the craft looked like an ether Mushroom of Light and was sending me something of Light, it looked like a little tube that was shining, I received it, then I saw some faces, some of them looked familiar, a Shaman`s face, Wolf, White Eagle, I remember also a strange Being with thorns on its round head, it looked very friendly
    The Craft was situated at the crown of the Tree of Life
    Then I saw many Beings, like an army that were in a triangular platform in Space, the Platform seemed liquid, like a river and they were ready to move in their:boats/craft” they went on in the shape of an arrow – Rune TIR, I saw myself in a craft of golden Light at the front of this army, like a General of a kind, we reached the Earth and started to beam Light from above, We were in a rotating golden Merkaba star in the Earth atmosphere
    Then I entered the Sphere of all possibilities imagining my Solar Plexus at the center of the Universe, I was Light, I visualized my Future Self in September, looked like a Lemurian dressed in long light blue robe and working together with all of you and with Our Star Family for the highest good of all on the Planet, The First Contact has been already made and it was quite natural to work together as if we have always been working together
    We worked together with Mother Earth too , I remember my wings, I felt so mighty and Powerful, I connected with My Future Self in September and I was My Future Self, the Shift is made in my consciousness, I only have to wait for the manifestation of it
    Love and Light

    • It just occurred to me that the white light treads poured from the craft to us, with that white round craft that I saw just looked so similar to “mushroom!!!” So, my dear sister, you just gave me again a big encouragement.

  5. Suiyuanren50 – 15 August 2013

    Today’s meditation let me see the rotating three-dimensional Merkaba light body, also observed a hanging scrolls that says a lot of words, small print did not see, in the final characters are: a rich word, especially Sheng word particularly clear; somewhat more ambiguous picture did not see, but in the end a new scenario particularly memorable moment, a beautiful landscape presented in front of the most striking is in the middle of a green tree, green foliage, shape is like a distraction umbrella over golden light irradiation is particularly pleasing, tree lined lawn, grass soft as silk, the color of the entire landscape particularly beautiful, my first impression of the scene like a three-dimensional degree I was thinking to myself this is it five dimensions of the New Earth picture, but unfortunately the screen time is not long, but the presentation of this moment has made me feel very shocked, I am very grateful I let my high glimpse such a beautiful picture.

    I think this is not only made me enjoy the scenery, lush green color throughout prominent is a green word. This is what Archangel Metatron had ever indicated to us [Note]: During August 12 -21 is green flame aperture activation period, fourth, eighth and ninth element is formulated through the green shade and expression. Eighth and ninth yuan will start a complete receiver Thoth geographic code is activated through the emerald green flame aperture. Emerald green flame is the vibration of healing and nourishing essence, by receiving the green light activation code, eighth and ninth chakra course will be extended to be able to receive and feel more clearly the natural areas of the eighth and ninth million and In the 13-20-33 Crystal Mer-Ka-Na resonance field, go to the Ethernet level for the first 16 and 18 of the chakras feelings. Green light is a very complex and widely used energy. In its spectral bands are apparent in the land and Ethernet, to be known in the plant kingdom, the plant kingdom consciousness is primarily from the trees, they long since it was recognized as the healer, and because of the higher consciousness of groups The Council was widely spiritual awareness, especially in Lemuria and the Golden Age of Atlantis.

    Today both strange not seeing Merkaba rotating light body and saw the green landscape of the screen, it is suggested that we now have to have the trees green nature to absorb light energy, as far as possible take advantage of this special period In the green light activates the occasion to strengthen their own healing.

    Note: [emerald flame of the sacred activation] – channeled by Archangel Metatron on July 7th. Cf :

  6. Frila – 10 August 2013

    During my sejour in a city of south-west of Paris in the distance about 250 km, I kept doing this connection with two new friends each evening. Being there, at the nightfall on August 10th, I once approached the big cedar tree that had been planted by Napoleon in 1850. I put both my hand on its trunk and asked it to help me to connect you all, and all our family members on this planet, the inner earth and over the sky. The energy was so powerful that I felt I was melt with it as one, and sensed the being of all of us.

    In the evening, during our connection time, what I sensed become much more impressive than before. I got at least two times the code of 33 and saw a series merkaba wormholes of round and rectangle section, similar to what Lisa and Tauno saw ( I know this Cedar tree played such an essential role for this turning point and transmutation for me.

    Regarding Cedar tree, I has felt that it just so sufficiently upgraded me without realizing the concerned message that had already been given by AA Metatron via James Tyberonn on 07.07.2013 ( Thanks to our sister, Suiyuanren50, I could realize this important context.

    We still have a moth to receive the concerned codes and fulfill the activation. Besides, tomorrow, the full moon would be another apex.


  7. Frila – 14 August 2013

    Regarding today’s connection, I did loose quite a part of the memory. What I can recall is as below.

    There was first a big white bird flying above me. Then there was a long moment that I had no more vision.

    Then, what’s the most impressive to me is the violet dragon coming from Lisa’s place to me. I know he/she is coming to help me. After this, there were still some other kinds of fantastic animals appeared at the same place.

    I saw a book and then a bamboo or wood slips scroll. Though I attempted to read them, however, I could not see precisely the words.

    Again, it’s a big white a chrysanthemum appeared at Lisa’s place, it then turned into white rose. Both are so tender, crystalline and heavenly beautiful.

    Then came a Master of White Light Brothers in white gown with long hair and beard. I asked for giving me his name. I’m not sure if I got it correctly, Lord Melchizedek ( ?!

    After that the visions turned more and more clear…first, it’s a rocky city, more precisely speaking, the splendid buildings carved in yellow/orange rocks. This reminds me of the ancient civilizations in Central Asia, particular Persia and Parthia. Then it’s the city of another background, in the rather white/silver tone. However, I in fact wondered if they are the cities of inner earth.

    Again, I saw a diamond ; whereas at last something looks like a glass bottle with facets as diamond, containing Brandy? ( knowledge of alcohol is too poor to recognize it].

    Here, I want to thanks to you my beloved sisters and dad for keeping giving me such precious intimate guides. In fact, reading your connection notes today, I could not but cry in tremble. Without you, how could I experience this and get this in such an intimate way. You have always brought what I was conveyed but am still unable to figure out on my own. Thanks to you, once again I feel such an oneness with you. Without you, I know I have no way to feel, taste even enjoy this.

    My dear Lisa, thank you so much for your extremely powerful and brave love and light to me and to the earth. Thanks also to our marvelous Tauno for your tough willing and love to raise the vibration of all, making this oneness be possible, even be stronger and stronger. Sensing the difficulty and condition that you have faced, I feel more sorry and guilty for being in retreat in some way, though I never stopped these connection attempts. Nevertheless, you not only made it for this multidimensional connection and even accompanied and helped me to get this through. Now, I can finally say, I think I just passed an initiation and am so willing to be your good coworker, and would like to follow you, to be as tough as you. You will be never lonely on this path and my heart will be always with you, my brave angel !!!

    love you all

  8. Frila – 15 August 2013

    This afternoon, I first tried to do connection together with CN family. In the beginning what I saw first is the Golden Buddha that always reminds me of you, then Flower of Life and Merkaba. During the course, I once felt the right side of my neck was too tight and sour to concentrate on the connection.

    During our connection time this evening, the inner side of my right wrist first hurt, it’s felt pretty tight and sour, too. However, as I know, my wrist was OK before this connection. At almost the same time, appeared also some stomachache.

    I did something wrong today. With some deep sense of regret, sadness and worry, I tried to do cleansing with violet flame. I had rather more sense of energetic circulation, and relatively few visions, besides, the visions were rather blurred. What I can recall are some scene of cosmos, yellow spider, yellow /dark golden scarab beetle, brown pyramid in green light.

    About scarab beetle :–egyptian-symbolism-a334677

    May you all have a beautiful night.


  9. Frila – 16 August 2013

    There were lots of annoying sounds resulted from the winds…however, it’s wired that the connection was not that bad. I feel our will and love make this connection stronger and clearer.

    After waking up, I in fact loose a great part of memory, so went to do something else for retrieve them…then thanks to Troy, I recall the important part that has to do with Greek/Roman architectures.

    Following the sequence, what I saw might be ….

    I first concentrated on our star and sending emerald flame to all members.

    Then appeared the geometrical patterns in the center, however, I cannot recall any more what they were exactly. I somehow have some impression of a golden tree ?!

    Then, I was in space, first saw a floating blue heart, then in a golden light pentagon frame, there are some golden threads of lights being sent towards its center from all other directions, including above. This pentagon frame was hence felt like a vessel, and it seems incarnated by our star.

    I might see some animals, particularly birds who looked as adorable as rather illustrative ones. The only one I can recall is brown owl.

    I once was given the name of “Adama,” however, I didn’t see him. Thanks to you both, I guess I was there together with you in the inner earth. After my connection with you and with higher dimensions has being seriously shielded for such a long time, this brought me such an encouragement.

    I looked down from above at least two sets of Greek/Roman architectures. The second one was in golden light, with golden portal and two very long flanks.

    I saw Jesus holding a baby with Mary Madeleine. This image is so distinct and impressive and lasted for pretty a while.

    Then, my wound on/in right head hurt. I know some therapy was done for me.

    Nice connection tonight to me.

  10. Frila – 17 August 2013

    Thank you so much, my dearest sister. I in fact have had the same concern with those brothers and sisters, and now your vision just gave me such an warm echo. However, after making and suffering so many mistakes, I cannot but always hesitate to update my blogs.

    As below, it’s my note on today’s crystal connection.

    I started a little bit latter.

    I first envisioned that we hold hands on our star, and the emerald flame were purifying us, particularly healing the ones who have suffered illness and wounds, secondly I envision this flame were sent to Egypt and Syria. Then appeared a white rhombus covering this region.


    I might see again Rune Gebo (cross) and two portals : one is in semicircle form, full of golden-white light.

    Then appear a square which is consisted of plenty of white light points or granulation?.

    A upside-down Y each of whose line and angle are all isometric. It’s in fact not my first, neither second time to see it, It seems to me to have nothing to do with the Greek Lambda. I’m not sure if it’s to do with reverse Rune Algiz, the peace symbol.

    The picture that I found most closed to it is what’s seen on seals of Chicago public libraries, traffic control boxes and lamp posts.

    As Tauno, I saw Cobra. However, it then turned into double heads or two individuals.

    Appeared a Mouflon [Today mouflon inhabit the Caucasus, northern Iraq, and northwestern Iran. The range originally stretched further to Anatolia, the Crimean peninsula and the Balkans, where they had already disappeared 3,000 years ago].

    presentation :

    picture :

    Then I felt a stimulation of divine acupuncture done on my right neck.

    I saw a the grass and bosk in somewhere similar to mountain.

    I saw the Earth got split into two ones.

    love and light

  11. Frila – 18 August 2013

    As you, today, I sent also the light to the same region. However, my connection got much weaker today.

    After sending emerald light to that region and envisioning it poured in our star and all the earth, I saw a big white Lotus.

    Appeared later an emblem that I really have no idea about how to describe, particularly my vocabulary is too limited, without saying figure out it’s significance.

    Then in space, something white and round, rather in ethereal state, got successively fitted up with various tiny parts in the form similar to “T,” but more complex, also in white, bordering it’s outline as its fringe.

    I saw successively two corridors without the limit. The first one was all in white, with very fine colonnade and ceiling; whereas the second one seem more elven style, with the ceiling filled with dry grass.

    I not only once saw myself sitting in front of the compute from the screen of my own computer. It’s the second time that I’ve ever experienced this, felt so wired.

    I once felt both my heart and solar plexus chakras were poured some very powerful and loving energy.

    I might saw some other geometries, however, the connection was too weak for me to recall more.

    Your connection is so fantastic and comforting, besides, since we are one, I feel less frustrated.

    love and light

  12. Lisa – 18 August 2013
    I saw spinning merkabas into each other. Then i am standing into the merkaba portal . There are 7 of them and they start to rise, each merkaba to stop at each chakra, spinning and opening it fully. When the last one reaches my crown chakra , I burst open with white light, like a torch upwards out of my head but also into the core of Gaia. Then came pink, violet and blue light as above, so below and I feel myself expanding, bigger then universes, I feel myself anywhere. End of meditation. Love Lisa. Maybe can’t reply as I don’t have enough airtime after this.

  13. Crystal connection – 18 August 2013
    I connected with the Portal over my head with my BA sending Appreciation and Gratitude
    I saw an Angel there connected with me, the Angel was smiling and had black hair and was dressed in White
    I sensed the energy flow in my central channel ….no visions, just a sensation of an energy working in my body and thoughts, a thought emerged on the surface and needed cleaning and release, then another thought…
    I returned to the sound
    As I heard the Angels` song the visions followed one by one and I saw flowers of pink colour – carnation, rose, a white book decorated with roses and flowers, light green leaves , white lace, the sound was flowing out of my body and the Angelic music and energy spread all over the Planet, I directed it into Turkey and Egypt where the protests are and saw Istanbul as a city of the Elven realms, I saw the buildings there as elven palaces and it was all so beautiful, water there too, the sea and over the sea a Peaceful Angelic energy covered the whole landscape, I saw Peace over Egypt too, I sent my Light and Love to all places that need Peace and to all People, I saw the Planet from Space and it was so Peaceful and beautiful
    Love and Light

  14. Crystal Meditation-August 18th 2013
    Hello(-_-) and I want to thank you Tauno and the rest of the team for the invitation…what I saw was a golden sparky sphere, then stars and after that, water. The following scenes were a white owl with golden eyes, a red sky with sun setting and across it, there was a black sky with moon..then, I saw a contrast scene with a white circle on a black background and through the circle the eye of Ra was formed. Much Love and Light to all <3.

  15. Crystal Meditation – 17 August 2013
    I saw all of us together with more people gathered into a Lotus Flower of pink colour, actually we were the Lotus flower forming it with our bodies and hands up, we were in a circle with backs towards the center and our faces were to the outside of the lotus, not the center, we all were waving hands as a welcome gesture to our star Brothers and Sisters, we said – “WeLcome, do come here to join us!”
    Then I asked OLA to connect with the Lemurian Library of GLS ALGIZ and to connect us with Agartha and her inhabitants
    I found myself in a place in Inner Earth that I visited before in one of my dreams – it is a flat ground – round – and green grass there and white stones, the stones are situated randomly on the ground and are part of the history of the land, there are also bigger stones that are parts of temples built long ago, I could see the Agarthians – men, women and children dressed in white colours, some of the women had long black hair and all people looked in perfect condition and health
    I saw a portal in the distance – it looked like a rock, cave and like part of a temple also and I could see the river flowing at the other side of the Portal, this was the entrance to the elven realms, I entered in and I could see a being of White colour – Angelic vibrations that appeared on the river, on the river white stones, there was also a temple half submerged in the river and I could see its Archy pillars , the river came into a cave and there was no darkness inside, I sensed the presence of the Angelic White Being again
    I received that I am connected with Isis, I sensed the energy quite Peaceful and I heard the river flowing
    The Serpent came from the depths and moved higher – the Cobra of golden colour
    I received the number 555
    My body had an impulse to bow and I saw myself bowing and my head was at the level of the river flow, I sensed that I am merging with my dragon of blue and green colours and an energy came out of my crown chacra into the river – the energy was a snake – Kundalini and it took its way into the flow of the common energy – the river
    Isis flashed as a vision in a cloud of golden energy – like a ray of White Light inside came a woman dressed in white
    the Serpent left the channel and went upward
    Love and Light

  16. Lisa – 16 August 2013
    My flu is getting worse again looks like i still have to transmute some things. I feel also a bit depressed but don’t know where it is coming from. I saw a big golden green scarabee in front me and then it takes off flying by some cedar trees. , blue green silver trees. I am surrounded by big and tall mountains. I see waterfalls coming down in spirals. Love Lisa

    • Hi, Lisa
      We did a powerful connection again, at the beginning of my connection I also saw green colour and the mountain when I saw you – the Wolf was exactly as you are describing it!scarab – yes! You were also there under Egypt with me
      Love You my sister

  17. Crystal Connection – 16 August 2013
    Grey lace, we are all equal participants in the common experience and yet we have our own unique tasks that brings the One common task to fulfillment
    I was in Egypt, underground, there was a palace, lace like ornaments on the pillars and arches , I saw an elven woman from Wicca realms, she was wearing white robe that was turning into dark grey robe at the knees level down to the feet, she raised her arms to show me the way, I was led to a golden temple gate and I heard the names of the Egyptian Gods, Peace and Bliss in the golden Energies of the higher realm
    Then I connected with Mount Shasta again and there was the Wolf waiting for me up there on the rock, the mountain was veiled in blue mist and I saw the trees in the distance – thin and tall, I saw the Deer too – Spirit of the forest and there came a ray of Golden Light that was of two strands spiraling upwards like DNA of huge size , I heard the song of the Natives but they were not there, I saw Agarthans there instead…appeared like Lemurians – blond, tall , slim, dressed in Light colours of blue and white, aetheric light bodies
    and then I saw the Shaman performing a ritual – He looked like White Eagle and he was dancing rotating clockwise and holding a round thing in his arms, ET Eye as a vision has just flashed as I am typing this, big black eye with a shape of an olive
    Love and Light

  18. Lisa – 15 August 2013

    To stressed, to much pain and other distractions to do the meditation.

    I see aztec/mayan temples, mexico, something is going to happen there? a display of light?

    Love Lisa

    update: I just read this message after I put above connection in the mail

    Sensational Illuminations Flow from All Gaia Ascension Portals
    by ÉirePort

    Sensational Illuminations are flowing from all Gaia Ascension portals after recent energetic uplifts. Such may be “sensed” by stepping into Higher Clarity Sensories.

    “Sensational” refers to the grand awakening moment of humanity, already preceded by Hue-manity.

    Prior acts of Light caregivers are manifesting results required for complete Ascension of all beings on Gaia, along with Gaia.

    The phrase, “Sparks are flying” (“Sparkles are flying”), is most applicable at this now moment.

    ÉirePort | August 15, 2013 at 17:47

  19. Lisa – 14 August 2013
    Lightspiders were weaving a golden energy web over the world so that we can hold more light. I saw aboriginals, spirals going into the future, into the past and into the now. I saw a kangaroo.
    We are in the dreamtime.

    I was flying through pink/orange/yellow clouds and the sun was coming up and then the sky turned into very blue sky.

    Love Lisa

  20. Crystal Connection – 14 August 2013
    I saw OcaTawa as a young Native American woman doing a ritual , then I saw her connecting with a Chinese woman and from the crown chakra of this woman there came White ray of Light – I feel this was Frila
    I felt the loving vibrations of the Elders singing a Chant, I saw myself walking on rocks, bare feet, I was a man in this vision who watched the sky below the high rock and was about to fly, I was carrying a parachute that appeared to me like wings, I felt the blue fresh air and the water below and was breathing free
    Then I connected with the Egyptian Gods again feeling a Powerful energy and strength
    I was connecting with the Elders from Mount Shasta again while swimming in the Ocean, I heard the song and the waters were Golden, the waves were floating below my head and I sensed the movement of the waves and me swimming when I saw a Giant Being with a Golden mask on His face, He came from the Ocean and was connected with the Elders too
    I have seen such masks here – the Thracian Kings were buried with such masks that were discovered later in the excavations
    The message I feel is that America is already connected with China and Europe and we are a connecting center of the past and the future
    Love and Light

  21. Thank you first, my beloved sisters.

    As you, I do have always envisioned that we all hold hands during the connection. It’s such a wired day for me that I’m so clearly indicated in an overwhelmingly warm way that no way to withdraw or hide any more.

    During my sejour in a city of south-west of Paris in the distance about 250 km, I kept doing this connection with that two friends each evening. I in fact once had an accident that made my the right part of my head wounded. Today, during our connection, I felt a series of very powerful energy poured in and worked at that part, even pushed out the pressure that might be caused by that accident, too. This course not only one time made loud sounds when the pressure was ejected from my right eardrum. Here, I want to thank Lisa and you all for giving me this incredible healing, particularly in the circumstances that I still not told you this yet.

    Since July, I in fact had relatively more difficulty to recall well the details or sequence of the visions that I got during our connection. During my journey, what’s most impressive to me is that on 10.08, I got the code of 13-20-33 and saw a series merkaba wormholes of round and triangle section, similar to what Lisa and Tauno saw ( This just happened after I had done the connection with you all at the nightfall of the same day via a cedar tree that planted by Napoleon.

    Regarding today’s connection, I did loose quite a part of the memory. What I can recall is as below.

    There was first a big geese or swan flying above me. Then there was a long moment that I had no more vision.

    Then, what’s the most impressive to me is the violet dragon coming from Lisa’s place to me. I know he/she is coming to help me. After this, there were still some other kinds of fantastic animals appeared at the same place.

    I saw a book and then a bamboo or wood slips scroll. Though I attempted to read them, however, I could not see precisely the words.

    Again, it’s a big white a chrysanthemum appeared at Lisa’s place, it then turned into white rose. Both are so tender, crystalline and heavenly beautiful.

    Then came a Master of White Light Brothers in white gown with long hair and beard. I asked for giving me his name. I’m not sure if I got it correctly, Lord Melchizedek ( ?!

    After that the visions turned more and more clear…first, it’s a rocky city, more precisely speaking, the splendid buildings carved in yellow/orange rocks. This reminds me of the ancient civilizations in Central Asia, particular Persia and Parthia. Then it’s the city of another background, in the rather white/silver tone. However, I in fact wondered if they are the cities of inner earth.

    Again, I saw a diamond ; whereas something at last looks like a glass bottle with facets as diamond, containing Brandy? ( knowledge of alcohol is too poor to recognize it].

    Here, I want to thanks to you my beloved sisters and dad for keeping giving me such precious intimate guides. In fact, reading your mails today, I could not but cry in tremble. Without you, how could I experience this and get this in such an intimate way. You have always brought what I was conveyed but am still unable to get on my own. Thanks to you, once again I feel such an oneness with you. Without you, I know I have no way to feel, taste even enjoy this.

    My dear Lisa, thank you so much for your extremely powerful and brave love and light to me and to the earth. Thanks also to our marvelous Tauno for your tough willing and love to raise the vibration of all, making this oneness be possible, even be stronger and stronger. Sensing the difficulty and condition that you have faced, I feel more sorry and guilty for being in retreat in some way, though I never stopped these connection attempts. Nevertheless, you not only made it for this multidimensional connection and even accompanied and helped me to get this through. Now, I can finally say, I think I just passed an initiation and am so willing to be your good coworker, and would like to follow you, to be as tough as you. You will be never lonely on this path and my heart will be always with you, my brave angel !!!

    My dear family, including the CN ones, thanks to you all, I can finally revive. This red robin just gave me such a confirmation.

    love and light

  22. Lisa – 13 August 2013
    Hi all,

    Hi Frila, it seems I have some fogginess in my brain but I got such an important visual, because here the winter is coming to an end.

    And during the meditation I only saw the red robin and Frila, I think this is also one for you.

    Drawing Robin made by me.

    Inline afbeelding 1

    There’s a reason we “start singing that old sweet song when that red robin comes bob bob bobbing along.”

    Foremost, the red robin is a portent of spring. Robins are one of our first visual signs from the animal kingdom that the return of warmth is on its way after a long winter haul. This is a time for celebration! Bird song returns to the skies, little buds on trees are ready to burst open, and the spring flowers are poised for blooming. At long last we can put away our coats and mittens; the first red robin has been sighted!
    Animal Symbolism of the Red Robin – A Quick-List

    Bright future
    New beginning

    Native American Plains’ tribes attributed the return of the sun (inception of spring) with the red robin too. Indeed, many Native American beliefsattributed solar symbolic meaning to the red robin because its rosy red chest is symbolic of the dawning sun. Also, its bright yellow beak is symbolic ofsun rays lighting the earth with hope. Omaha tribes believed the sun rose and set on the wings of the robin.

    The robin’s bright yellow beak is also symbolic of sun rays to the Native American. Native Americans attributed their beak color with being mindful of the spoken word. The robin was a sign to only present the highest truth when speaking.

    Further, Iroquois and Shoshone tribe lore indicated the white ring around the red robin’s eye was symbolic of prophetic vision, clarity, and great wisdom. The robin would be called upon during ceremonies when clear understandingwas needed, and quality judgments needed to be made.

    The robin brings a fresh new perspective to situations that are otherwise foggy and unclear. Try calling on robin energy for clarity when your judgement is clouded or when you need light shed on an issue.

    The red robin reminds us it’s time to shake the sleepiness out of our head (both figuratively and literally), get alert, get moving, and start enjoying life! Spring has sprung, tides have turned, and no matter how crummy or grey our world has been it is time for new beginnings! Enjoy the bright road ahead because it’s only going to get brighter!

    Not only is the robin a promise of new beginnings with the new cycle of spring in our midst, it carries symbolic meanings of cheer, joviality and light-heartedness. We can see this in the spring of the robin’s step, and it reminds us of that wonderful song I quoted in the intro of this post. The song also hails the message: “Live, love, laugh and be happy” and that is precisely what the symbolic meaning of the red robin tells us too.

  23. Crystal connection – 13 August 2013
    I felt myself inside the White Crystal Sphere again and raising upwards while moving at a fast speed on the way, I felt golden energy Light coming out of my eyes and forming a star shaped energy, a spider formed and it started to move spirally and formed a portal above the earth, I was raising higher and Higher and was watching the surface of the earth from above, I was holding the hands of Lisa and Frila that were with me and they were holding the hands of the other members of our star and we moved higher, we were connected with other Light groups over the Earth and formed a net of Light and were sending Light from above together with our star Family
    I merged with my Higher Self and I was a huge Being of Light sitting together in a council with Beings from the Galactic Federation of Light on a Huge Platform in Space, at the same time I was carrying the pains, imperfections and the lower frequencies of the Humanity as a whole as well as Mother Earth , I was a kind of Human Ambassador from Earth, I “told” them of my condition and asked for assistance
    Then I saw a dolphin in the Ocean and the dolphin wanted me to follow him, I did so, we were swimming through the waters and Portal opened, we were then swimming in the air and I was watching the surface from above, then we went into Space, the dolphin was flying to Sirius, I was following him , the dolphin then looked at me , he turned and looked into my eyes sending a thought and opening a Portal, I saw two stars, very little because they were far away – Sirius star system, the dolphin was showing me Sirius Star system and opened a wormhole to them, I entered in, learned a history in the Portal, I saw Beings of lower vibrations, giants, male energies, they sent to me an energy , I saw it but I followed the way further into the Portal…I do not know what this history is ..perhaps human history during the ages of evolution…
    Then I was on Earth again and saw the surface as a giant fish with long body, the fish opened its mouth and there came a cave and I heard the song of the Native American Elders, a Lotus formed and I felt the rising of the vibrations of Love and Joy again, I feel them so familiar, I was sitting together with them watching the bird dancer and a Chief was there too – Wolf head on his head, We were smoking the Holy Pipe and were in a circle and I felt Love and Gratitude in my Heart as a Powerful Light of White colour, My heart turned into a Butterfly of White Angelic Light and all the others did the same, we were connected by this Love and Light all of us together, we were laughing happily

    • Oh, now I remember a very important detail while being present in the council together with the GFL members- at the center I saw the Big Crystal Skull – I know him, I met him before in my previous meditations, he is a crew member of a craft I visited , he is of white and blue colours – like aquamarine crystal !! WOW

  24. I see mountains and Ice glaciers, fjords, I am in the north. I see the flower of life and I feel like I am growing bigger and bigger, I feel like I am everywhere in every multiverse, I find myself in a ship, the window is diamond shape, I see I am going through a wormhole, through multiverses, the ship is actually my body, I am inside a merkaba.

    Love Lisa

  25. Crystal Connection – 12 August 2013
    I connected with RA, I saw Him as a Big human figure standing still, I concentrated on my Solar Plexus and felt the energy entering my solar Plexus chakra and moving down to the lower chakras , Powerful energies of the Sun, then the energy moved higher into the Heart Chacra and I felt expansion, the space around my heart was a Lotus flower where we were connected in a circle, the flower then became a Spider and a Portal of Blue Light opened, I moved through the Portal and I reached a land, I saw a garden, elven garden and a house in it, looked like e little palace with an arch verandah at the front, many flowers I saw there
    Love and Light

  26. Lisa – 11 August 2013
    I was in the elvenforest , there was a lottery of lilac flowers around us, and everything was a swirl. There was a celebration going on, lots of white energy flowing around and pixiedust. I was in a very colorful merkaba rotating anti clockwise. Love Lisa

  27. Crystal Connection – 11 August 2013
    I felt the White Crystalline Sphere and me inside it
    I saw a dragon with a bogy of a snake, a Kundalini energy that was moving and spiraling upwards, I saw a Being that looked very much like Yoda from Star Wars, he was loking at me, I felt myself present on a planet/craft I was not there before
    Then I saw a Pyramid and there was the Rune TIR on the pyramid wall in front of me, I saw a human body moving upwards from out of the Pyramid, then the body took a shape of a bird, I saw Ascension and there was a ray of Golden Light, I saw the ray forming a Merkaba star, this Golden merkaba came closer and closer to me, it was not a material object, it was an energy having a Merkaba shape, I absorbed it in my body via my breathing in and through the skin, I felt the energy in my physical body, it was hard to carry it , I felt a tension in my heart and in my brain, then I saw myself in the Merkaba Star, it was a Sphere felt from inside and there was a snake, a Kundalini serpent that was spiraling around me and then raised higher, I saw a “interior” of a spinal cord and the movement of the Kundailni energy through it upwards towards the higher chakras, I felt connected with everything on Earth now and set my intent to raise it all into the higher vibrations
    I saw the land, the mountains, the Native American Elders from Mount Shasta council were happy to be with us together again, I saw a Native American representing a bird dancing at the center of the circle, the dance of Joy, He spread his wings, The Wolf and the Bear was there too, we raised higher together and were carrying the Earth with us, I heard the laughter all over the Planet , the vibrations of Love and Peace and Joy
    Love and Light

  28. Lisa – 10 August 2013

    My heart opens, it is red I see et’s big long blue big black eyes , the kind of long and thin, like in close encounters, the are very curious about me, the door is open of the craft they invite me
    in, I am in a white room, they invite me to sit in a sort of white cup chair,the door closes and whooshes trough a merkaba stargate within my heart, my inner soul, I am in a white desert like
    environment with only sand as far I can see, the sky is a green blue sky, it is peaceful there, I go out and the sand feels like first walking on clouds, but then the sensation changes and I feel
    the warmth of the sand between my toes.My heart is yearning, it is a light phase we are going through, all the dark corners are getting lit. I see a million light thoughts rising from my head, I
    feel these beings are also seeing what I am seeing now and they encourage me to look further, and deeper. I stepping down a stone stair and I surround me with light, i feel these being as my guide
    and they feel reassuring,I go deeper and it becomes darker,I am in my darkest cave, but I can still see as there is a pool of water that shines bright. I look into the water and see my reflection,
    I see a light being, I see myself as who I really are, this is so amazing, I let myself in the pool and i submerge myself in light, going down, being squeezed, can’t breath, tighter it becomes
    I feel the weight on my chest, then suddenly it get lighter, I see light and emerge from the other side out of the water into inner earth into Agartha, Pi is waiting for me, I dress myself light,
    I am dry again. I see as far as I can see, beautiful landscapes. A tiny violet flame is burning in my heart. Keep it stead until we are through the Lionsgate. I see big ships arrive in the sky.

    Love Lisa

    • Dear Lisa, the sky was green blue in the light tones of these colours in my meditation too, that was when me and you saw the portal – the whole in the wall
      and I was in a craft too!

  29. Crystal connection – 10 August 2013

    I was moving at a fast speed on a highway and I was in a crystal sphere/craft of White Light, I moved like e racket and I was watching the other vehicles that was like all of us know them – tracks, buses, motorbikes
    I connected with the tall Being from Wicca realms and soon after that I saw a monkey that went down on the ground and with no more interest in us looked left – illusion – and went away, the message is that all illusions now fade and go into the old, me and Lisa went right and we saw an open Portal like a hole in the wall of illusions behind that we saw the skies of the new Earth, some animals and birds were with us – I saw an eagle, a dolphin and some more animals I do not remember exactly
    Then I connected with Egypt and I saw a big elephant with her small baby elephant that were also moving right, I connected with a prophet, then an Owl came to me, the Owl was standing still and watching me
    I was then in America connected with our Native American Elders, I saw a warrior on his horse and the Pyramid of Giza, I definitely saw the Great Pyramid in connection with America, a giant Tipi formed over the Pyramid and the Pyramid became a Tipi, then I connected with a Native American whose totem animal is Lion and I saw lions, leopards, and other big cats running from Egypt towards America and thus connecting the two lands, the Ocean just disappeared and it was in fact one land, I received that we are helping for the cleaning of Atlantis Carma, on a world level
    Then we were in a council, Native American with Lion totem, me as a Bear, Lisa as a Wolf, A Native American with Eagle Totem and some other Beings, then we were dancing the dance of Joy again in a circle
    I saw an Eagle that was in fact a Plane/Craft – this is Thunderbird as it is described by the Elders
    Then a Light came, we were on the ground and above us was the Portal giving Light, all of us were connected in a circle
    Love and Light

  30. Crystal connection – 9 August 2013
    I felt the sadness in my heart again, I cried, then Jeshua came to me and I felt Him familiar, as an old friend of mine
    Then I connected with a young Chinese girl and her face looked like that of Quan-Yin, the face was smiling at me and I saw the sea, a white swan was floating on the water and it was so beautiful, then at the place where I saw the swan I saw a Viking`s ship with a body of a serpent at the front
    I connected with the Pharaoh in Egypt then, He showed me His later incarnation like a Greek Man of Power, the Greek was wearing a crown and was mighty, I was watching an ancient Greek building how it gets more and more beautiful during the years till it became a Temple, I was as a Spirit and flying above this ancient city and was watching the streets and the buildings, the gates of stone, the pillars , one of the Pillar is a Portal, I got through it, inside it has a decoration that is like a line with complicated decorations and drawings of many colours…I felt Isis Presence and I was now inside a temple, the Greek temple with the many statues, I saw a statue of Jupiter/Zevs and statues of the Goddesses
    I got a vision then being in Mount Shasta, me and Lisa like the two wings of a Butterfly, then a heart formed and we both were holding this heart like little Angels of white colour on its two sides, and we started Ascending together through the Portal, Higher and higher , the pain of the sufferings here on earth came out of me like a sigh and I felt so light , I was free and I felt my vibrations aligned with the vibrations of the Beings that live in the higher dimensions
    I got – you are on Earth now to Enlighten the others, I saw all of us connected in the Lotus of pink and white colours, and a White Owl came to us in a ray of White Light from above, the owl was like an Angel and I know she is OcaTawa connected with us again
    Love and Light

  31. Lisa – 8 August 2013
    heart mending song
    I let everything go, the past, the future…I feel golden dust flow in to me and I anchor it in mother Gaia. Then I see our group sitting on the points of the merkaba, then another bigger merkaba
    are sitting other of the groups who are doing connection, I opened my heart wide to let the light come in. I see a portal opening and everything becomes so beautiful

    Tara lands song
    the ley of the land, following the impulses of the ley hearts, focus on the heart, be in the heart, transmute through the heart and anchor it in the heart of gaia, I am standing on a plane that
    looks flat and void of anything, it is the mental plane, i am there feeling void, null and void…sadness comes over me, but a diffused light shines on this plane, soon I see young green coming
    out, everything grows fast, flowers ,plants, trees, I see a mountain of shells, surrounded by water, a spiritual island, see a blue shining sun….tauno and me are standing on a platform in the
    void, being shown our path…together, intertwined for a very long time, but separated again…to find again in another age, another time , another dimension…stepping in another parallel universe

    Mount Saint Michel in France, but when I saw the drawing of Vesu from Leslee, it reminded of this place.

    Love and Light Lisa

  32. Crystal Connection – 8 August 2013
    I sensed Light into my pineal gland, saw a ray of golden Light above my head
    then I felt the void, I was in, the void is in fact a portal that leads to the new, as I realized where I am I left the void be my Guide, then a thought came, I feel I am being tricked in my 3D reality, someone is trying to take from me what is not his/hers but what is mine, I feel anger, I want to punish the guilty for my anger and I realize where I the void , I start to create a “negative” pattern of behavior…then called the Violet Fire to transmute this negativity into Light again and I see my negative thought pattern/as a giant monster with dragon`s body/ trapped into the cobweb of my intent to transmute it and replace it with a positive one….I am still trying to cope with this
    till I overcome this thought
    Love and Light

  33. Lisa – 7 August 2013
    Couldn’t concentrate that much, felt homesick, saw the land with blue misty forest again…and feeling extreme sadness. And a golden vortex swirling around and in my body.

    Love Lisa

  34. Crystal Connection – 7 August 2013
    I had mostly energetic connection with not many visions,
    I went through the blue tube that Lisa has shared in the video of her previous connection, The energy was spiraling down and I sensed I am connected with a craft, I had this sense all the time of our connection
    I saw Angelic Being of golden Light, golden Light particles with machine shapes and triangle
    I also got a personal message from my Guides
    At times I felt myself falling asleep
    Love and Light

  35. Lisa – 6 August 2013

    I connected with Pi again, but instead of the tree of life, I saw a city in the background, very big with crystal building, I was surrounded by violet light, and I saw a merkaba wormhole taking me through here, feels like going through like in stargate, I see my past , parallel going away, taken away from, see them go in the distance. I feel free. I see the phoenix arising, I am also arising, I am floating, flying again in the sky, blue sky…

    Love Lisa

  36. Crystal Connection – 6 August 2013
    I felt an energy around my heart , connected with a Human Being from Inner Earth – Pi, I saw a hand of white colour holding a rose of rose colour, I sent a Violet Flame energy into Inner Earth
    Then I was in the elven forest and lying on a tree branch and observing the sky
    I felt a connection with a city
    Love and Light

  37. Elvi – 6 August – morning
    I had some trouble concentrating in meditation, as, of course, my husband stirred as soon as I was starting (he wanted to sleep in the living room as he has a cold… And I could nor make my new (old) earphones to work, there’s some problem…)
    Anyhow, at last, I felt a very strong energy in and outside my body.
    Finally, at some point, I felt I was moved in a place like a cave. It was green and blue, and there was a lake, but all was somewhat dark. Then on one side I saw something lighter, like a yellow and red shore (like autumn colors). After that I was up and out somehow, I saw a black sky full of stars. The sky then changed into a blue color (morning?). Then yellow globe appeared, I did not know if it was the sun or the moon or some other planet…There were red rings around. The sun, I guess started growing and changed its color to warm and golden, and started shining very brightly, it became so strong, the rings started opening and spreading away. Slowly the shining light was in everything, it included everything, even the “cave”.
    Of course, I suppose this is all very symbolic. But it was VERY BEAUTIFUL.

    Looks like what I saw in my meditation

    • I saw me as an Angel of White colour staying in the sky and next to me there were many other Angels dressed in White and formed an arch – they were like a white cloud at the entrance of a cave!
      This is amazing
      Love You
      ( ( SUN ) )

  38. Lisa – 5 August 2013
    I surrounded myself with white light, I called up on the being Pi, I see a purple tree, tree of life, and I see PI standing before me , wearing a beige suit kinda of looking, the grass is green
    and everywhere there is flowers and I really feel the warmth of the inner sun on my face, I feel like it is summer, I really feel like I am standing there physical, he takes me to a crystal cave and we are calling up the
    purple flame and I see the vortex swirling and embracing the crystal , it then goes around, goes through it , then it goes through me, the violet flame, through my body, lifting me up, healing, also the flame is
    going through my parallel versions, my past and future version and so on, like a ripple that goes on and on… this is really amazing feeling , I feel like crying,I am opening my merkaba portals in side of me (they are rotating and vibrating at a different level) and
    let the purple flame and golden light flow through it to the earth and to universe, PI shows me how to spread my wings and I leave my body, I am in spirit and I fly, and I am still hanging in the air, surrounded by golden particles, I am merging with Tolan and we are working
    so beautifully together, we spin a golden vortex that look like dna strings,we are working like twins, this feeling is so amazing. I am space now, ( mind cloaking and controlling device that send out various negative and controlling energies to the people of earth) see the dark nodes and we let the spiraling golden vortex down in every dark negative machine that is still sending out the negative codes, I see violet and golden light coming out of inner earth like woolen strengths, but alive with energy, going over the world, healing it,
    it is so beautiful to see because it is lightening up, I am still out of body and I feel me merging we Arachanai and I stare at the PC with different eyes and feeling, I feel the inner being I am in me , the wisdom , the freedom , I feel bliss , the tears, the spiritual
    tears are streaming down my cheeks and I feel so amazing…I come down into my body but still as my higher self Arachanai and I see Tauno sitting with her arms up and hands and legs in lotus flower position, holding OLA and
    purple flames come out of it, I see a white deer standing next to her….I see the being PI again and we depart, I see myself going back and the last message he gave me is that we are going to meet now in dream-time as i have more things to do

    wow I never had such an intense experience where my senses, outside and inside were tested, but I was such an amazingly ride, I still feel the heartache when I think of this experience again. I was listening to Tara Lands, that song brings my heartache and longing for home

    I also saw the lion in my meditation

    From the song Alien like you by Sebastian Pigott

    I know what your feeling
    It’s hard to believe in
    that home must be millions
    and billions of light years away
    so let the stars align
    let the water make wine
    cause broken souls would become whole tonight
    oh tonight
    we know its right so…

    Love Lisa

    Crystal Connection – 5 August 2013
    I asked for a connection with PI from Inner Earth Agartha
    I was shown a tube/portal of blue Light , it was going right and after some time going on this path I came to my Heart and there opened a portal, I was surrounded by blue Light and blue air, sky above me, I saw the Lotus and the tree of Life, I realized I am connected now with Lisa and I was getting ready to go into the Inner Earth

    I felt I am there, I connected with the Core of Gaia – The Inner Sun and I was transported to a place that looked like GIZA, everything was in a misty blue colour, I mean the very atmosphere and I saw a Sphinx there, one of the tools that I had to re-program with the Violet Flame, I called the Violet Flame three times and then I was on the surface again
    A Portal of violet colour opened and like the blue tube/portal I saw at the beginning of my meditation this one was going right towards the inner earth, but the colour was violet, I went through it into Agartha again and was flying with fast speed there and made a full circle around this Inner Land sending Violet Sparkles all around me

  40. Lisa – 4 August 2013
    I didn’t had much vision, saw a lion. And water poured down in to the core of mother earth to wash all negativity away. Was protected by aa Michael. Love Lisa

  41. Crystal Connection – 4 August 2013
    Hitsusi connected with me, I saw him looking at me and standing in a forest
    A feeling of deep sadness was there in my heart, I felt the open Portal, I was in, my heart was empty , I felt the void, deep sadness emerged from the depths , it came to be healed and released, I started crying, my tears were falling down, I do not know what is the reason for feeling this sadness …I asked my Higher Self for help and felt myself like merged with a Higher Being – looked like Meditating Buddha and felt my body as a golden body, then I was in the elven forest where I met Lisa, she was dressed in long grey robe and was standing by the Tree of Life , the place where I saw HERA and the other elven Beings
    I felt better
    Then I concentrated on my pineal gland and I saw a ray of White light connecting my higher chakras with the Portal above my head , I saw a bride and a bridegroom dancing and rotating in a circle holding hands and going higher and higher in Love and Joy
    Love and Light

  42. Lisa – 3 August 2013
    I see a hummingbird flying, having the colors green , blue,red flashing by, I see green Nordic lights, starry night, I see the pool of life (green/blue foul color) , micro organism, I go deeper the pool in, emerging into it, I feel myself
    rising up by a golden light, enveloped by warm sensations of energetic particles, I feel like I am in the stream of life, going the best way I can see now, I feel the higher realms within
    in my sensory range, I feel home sick, again that feeling of being on a long path of pain…feeling like dimensions opening up in colors of green, orange and red, warm red sun is emerging again
    I see our group , I see the Chinese group , but I see also a group of masters emerging from the higher dimensions that are helping us on the path of opening the blossom portal, we are helped and loved
    on this path that we volunteered for…we are reaching our end, we are standing on a big threshold, the light is increasing, it is harder but so much more rewarding….I see Tauno opening a
    blue ice portal, that is spiraled formed…she leads us out of this world, out into the realm we were once residing…the light is increasing, I can see the light in the tunnel, I see my loved ones
    from where I once was, the misty blue forest, the yearning is getting greater, waves of light are crashing into our world, more are leaving this world…love you all so much…higher planes
    flying by…flying through, stars, inner stars, more in depth, I am in the ocean world…I stay there, and I wait…suddenly pink love of waves go through the ocean world….I feel so overwhelmed by all off this

    Hummingbird Symbolism
    The hummingbird symbolizes many different concepts. Because of its speed, the hummingbird is known as a messenger and stopper of time. It is also a symbol of love, joy, and beauty. The hummingbird is also able to fly backwards, teaching us that we can look back on our past. But, this bird also teaches that we must not dwell on our past; we need to move forward. When the hummingbird hovers over flowers while drinking nectar, we learn that we should savour each moment, and appreciate the things we love.

    The hummingbird has powerful spiritual significance. In the Andes of South America the hummingbird is a symbol of resurrection. It seems to die on cold nights, but comes back to life again at sunrise.

    Hummingbird is the creature that opens the heart. When the hurt that caused us to close our hearts gets a chance to heal, our hearts are free to open again.

    With hummingbird consciousness, we learn the truth of beauty. Our life becomes a wonderland of delights in flowers, aromas and tastes. We laugh and enjoy creation, we appreciate the magic of the present moment, and the magic of being alive.

    Hummingbird teaches us the medicinal properties of plants and how to work with the energy of flowers to heal ourselves and others. Hummingbirds teach us fierce independence. They teach us to fight in a way where no one gets hurt. They teach us courage. Having the courage to refrain from creating new trauma by communicating non-violently toward ourselves and others is an important part of healing. Recovering lost parts of ourselves enables us to become healthily independent.

    It is not commonly known that the fluttering wings of the hummingbird move in the pattern of an infinity symbol – further solidifying their symbolism of eternity, continuity, and infinity.

    By observing the Hummingbird, we see they are seemingly tireless. Always actively seeking the sweetest nectar, they remind us to forever seek out the good in life and the beauty in each day. Amazing migrators, some Hummingbirds are known to wing their way as far as 2000 miles to reach their destination. This quality reminds us to be persistent in the pursuit of our dreams, and adopt the tenacity of the Hummingbird in our lives.

    • Lisa, I forgot to mention the Pink Light I saw, it was so Powerful
      when I went down to give the healing light into the core! The Ice Portal is the waterfall going through my central channel! You was also connected with this forest!
      Love You

  43. Crystal Connection – 3 August 2013
    I saw a witch flying on her broomstick, then a Shaman doing a ritual, He is a Native American, White Eagle appeared too, I saw a wooden sword in the ground that formed a cross sign, the Shaman was spreading something like a cloth/milky white colour/ on the ground, it all was in the elven forest of the Wicca realms, over the Shaman I saw three Ascended Beings of Light , I saw them as masters and they stood tall but were at the same time horizontally situated and around them were auras of golden Light, I saw a Portal / ray of Golden Light, I saw a dog, then a willd mountain goat over the Shaman`s head, the Goat I felt like Spirit of the Forest, later I was wandering on a forest pathway that was going down and I was between the trees when the Bear appeared
    I remember then a craft of white colour with saucer shape beaming Light to me while standing still on the mountain peak, the craft was enormous, then under my feet came a deep channel and i could see a craft down there, a round craft with many windows, I was getting myself ready to go into Mother Earth`s core to bring Healing Light, an Angel came to me and I started to go down the portal, I reached a Sphere of white crystalline Light and this Sphere transported me to the core, I started beaming Light and I sensed a splashing of Light energy, like water that made some dark entities to go higher to the surface and eventually leave the planet
    I saw a waterfall and the water was falling through my central channel right into the core, the water and the Angelic song brought healing for all suffering from illness, the Light grew bigger in a sphere shape
    I then was in Space in a craft, the blue transparent craft and I connected with the crew, I saw a woman that looked like princess Leya from Star Wars, the same hairdress but the woman was blond and was dressed in a long blue robe, the other members of the craft were also dressed in blue and the craft was with no visible walls, like…we were in Open Space , but there was a transparent floor” under our feet, the craft was nearing the Earth and was observing it from Space
    Then I saw all of us connected in a circle around the Planet and there was a dragonfly of golden Light above my head
    Love and Light

  44. Lisa – 2 August 2013
    I see a spiral, I am looking down at the spiral and it is rotating upwards, and out of the spiral comes a beautiful tree of life, it opens up like a flower, first the green leaves pop up, then with purple flowers that bloom so abundantly. And it grows, it grows bigger and soon it grows past me, and now I am looking up how the tree is growing in to the heavenly sky. I see also in the sky a spiral in the clouds, it is all golden light and it opens up to another world. I am standing onto clouds and I see high blue misty mountains, I see big planets in the sky. The world has a warm kinda of dusk color feeling, with waves of pink and pale green in the sky. Then I see out of the spiral , out of the tree below, comes a golden dust vortex and it goes upwards, flowing through, going up to the world above. It pollinates this world with new earth golden dust particles that is creating a new world, a new earth. A red sun is coming up showering this new world with life, new life of new earth. I saw ourselves as a group being happy , and we were in a circle catching the wave of golden light dust and tenfold it outwards to reach the people below us that were still sleeping.

    Imagine this is the tree of life with green and purple flowers reaching for the sky, and the clouds above is a big spiral, but the colors are what I saw when this tree grew taller.

    Imagine that on the earth is also a big spiral where this big tree of life (here the beanstalk, but pretend it is a big tree of life) comes out of

    Imagine it with streaks of pale green waved into this picture, and the mountains at the back a bit taller

    Love Lisa

  45. Crystal Connection – 2 August 2013

    I saw a black panther and then a lion, both animals were at my left and looking towards the right
    then red colour, golden Light, I feel this was a connection that was mostly energetic , not many visions
    Love and Light

  46. Dear Tauno, it’s also the deer who guided me out off that acoustic attack last night.

    Today, the energy I sensed was so strong that I could not stop the meditation until 11: 00 pm of Bulgarian time. As all the visions shifted so soon, I’m surely unable to recall all of them.

    Today, it’s a journey of passing various of portals and we stayed successively in various ships, too. As yesterday, most the portals I saw were of blue beam.

    Regarding the portals, there were triangle, circle, pentagon, arc of stone, hexagon, acute arch path, crystal Stonehenge, stairs, transparent ball…I felt the extremely powerful energy poured in the portals, so envisioned that we brought people entering them. I tried to send each one of you the energy I had received and envision that the energy was healing you, too.

    Among them, there is a pentagon one shown in the space. Staying in its center, I was so well looked after by that energetic field and rotated myself when the energy operated.

    Besides the portals, or after passing the portals, I was successively shown an illustrated album with words [where he bird I saw on the very page is exactly toucan ], and books or scrolls with dense characters. It happened in a very short time, I hence even could not recognize in which languages they were written. The books or scrolls seem written vertically, however, I felt they were not Chinese.

    I saw a scene in golden/light yellow/beige tone of light, which seems to have to do with a realm of a higher dimension. I saw and felt myself as that mother who was looking for her son on the top of the spiral stairs. Her son, being a baby at about 4 or 5, so curious about the world on earth, just sneaked out. For protecting her son, the mother just followed him coming to earth.

    There was a portal which seemed also shown in space. At that moment a dolphin was coming for helping raise our vibration for passing easier the space portal.

    I seemed to pay too much attention on portals and space, so appeared a downward Rune Tir which reminded me of transmitting the energy to Earth and Inner Earth.

    I came into a elven Forest, something happened there, however, I cannot recall what’s that anymore.

    Today, I saw again the Volcanic Goddess, Pele of Hawai. This time, rather then in red, she was in orange. I know she is coming for helping me heal my sacral chakra.

    I saw a witch at 40 or 50 (or maybe only looked older than her real age) whose brown hair was already roughly cut, wearing manacles and collar, on her way to be sent to the execution ground. I felt this is one of my European incarnation.

    In a pretty long time, I felt my spine became so hot. In the beginning, it only happened at the two inferior chakras, than extended gradually upwards. My kidneys are still not totally recovered, so at the time when energy operating there lasted for a long time. I knew it’s a rare occasion, so I just let it work until it reached the crown chakra.

    We were all sitting in transparent ship, so we could see the starts directly during the trip.

    Coming a distant view of earth, I knew it’s a reborn planet.



  47. Lisa – 1 August 2013
    .I see a blue white ball of energy becoming bigger and bigger, around my heart area…I see the toucan again..

    • Dear Lisa, what a powerful connection again, i saw the blue sky with white clouds and the crystal mountain and you saw my crystal octahedron I was in

  48. Crystal Connection – 1 August 2013
    I saw a bright blue sky and white clouds and a mountain that looked like a crystalline white mountain
    Then I saw a dog, a wolf and a deer while forming a crystal octahedron around me and the dog was in the octahedron, the deer looked like a bit ill, the dog felt like Anubis and the wolf was ok
    Then I got a vision, very short one of the swallow of the fairy tale about Thumbelina/inch-high/, the swallow looked like dead but with the care and the Love she received from the little girl the bird returned to life and flied free and this way she freed the little girl from her prison down underground, the darkies cannot stop us , this is the message from my meditation
    Love and Light

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