Telepathy Exercises (August 2012)

For instructions for this Telepathy Exercise you can go to:  Telepathy Exercise Article

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  1. Hi, everybody, you all captured the energy and saw my gift from different angles
    The gift is – DEER
    His horns representing the Tree of Knowledge and eternal life – Lisa, you are so right here
    Deer carries the beauty and bravery and grace of the warrior of Light – Troy you captured the essence
    Crystaline 🙂 Yes, this energy comes from LOVE and maybe you felt my energy resonating with AA Michael`s energy and the energy of Jeshua and the Ascended Masters, because they Are One energy
    Love and Light to all of you, my dear friends

  2. Tauno First I received Jesus then Christ energy then creator. I then realised it was you it was us all of us then I received One.

  3. Tauno, I’m just going to bask in the glow of your beautiful poetry! 😉

    Oh wait it’s a firefly! 💡

    No wait, it’s a Lion with a golden aura!

    (haha sorry I got the decimal in the wrong place…)

    I also had a blue flash and then myself sitting on the other side of the cage, and the lion came and sat down next to me – he sits there for awhile and I hold out my hand to him. He pokes his nose in my hand and I pat him on the forehead and he starts purring. ♥

    • Haha, my “poetry” is rough because it is an ancient one, dear Troy 😀
      It is strange that I also thought of Lion last night, but my gift carries a lot of Lion`s features although he is not a predator but has a Lion`s brave heart, yes, the Golden light of the Sun shines from his heart
      ( ( STAR ) )

    • Hm..very interesting, the tree brings you closer, Lisa, please, concentrate on my written words and feel the poetry, it is possible to connect through your Heart and see the gift in HIS WALK 🙂

  4. I am sending to you all my next gift from the Heart,
    the void has gone
    and new creation is born

    Walking in the forest of magic
    Fast and Noble in his Glory
    Carrying the Light in his shining Heart
    Comes closer to you my Gift with a mighty Crown


  5. Hi everyone my gift to you was the tree of souls wood sprites dancing around you when opened .sorry I don’t know how to put the picture in the post.

  6. I thought I would send you all a gift this evening with love I placed it in a box wrapped in gold paper tied with a shimmering white bow. 🙂

  7. Oh, in my meditation today I went back in time and I saw the Cross with Jesus , then kept on going back till I saw the Pyramids, I also have seen Buddhas , the Beings of Light that are always here with us, they just traveled with me in meditation, my Spirit flies free wherever the energy needs to be directed and I just follow the Spirit and Trust the Spirit
    What comes into my mind now is that my current state, my dreams and meditations, my inner focus , all is for healing, discovering the lower energies and healing them, so many concerns and fears emerge to be seen and cleaned till only Light/Truth remains
    If someone of you feels the same know that it is not frightening , it is good because it is an opportunity that comes to you so that to raise yourself further in vibrations
    When one stands before his/her fears and accepts them with Love/as your beloved ignorant children that you teach with Love and care/ and recognizes her/his true essence that is God Spark, all fears/illusions and pains dissolve into the Light of Your Divine I AM Presence
    You become the mighty Golden Angel and the Master who You really Are

  8. Hi sweet Tauno,
    I am so glad that I am on the same path as yours. You are so filled with light my dear sister. Thanks for the heads up, I sent you also lots of re-chargebale light and love 😀

    Love Lisa

    • Thank You, my Heart 🙂 And your bravery/Light is so amazing
      All We Are so Powerful together and our Light makes miracles I feel !

  9. Hi when I opened the gift on saturday I saw a heart with white angels wings flying up. I only write it now down, because I didn’t feel well this weekend.

    Thanks for the gift Tauno , it is beautiful.

    • Dear Lisa
      You received the gift so accurately , the butterfly can take any form and that of the heart with wings is so natural for this kind of butterfly 🙂
      I also do not feel well these days but I hope this is due to the great expectations I still keep concerning with Disclosure

      I am sending to you my Love and Light Now, the more Light we send the more charged with Light we become because Light belongs to God and Love is the endless source of Creation 🙂
      ( ( SUN ) )

  10. Dear friends
    I sent you a beautiful fairy butterfly to come out of the cage when you open it, this butterfly can change form and colour and is an expression of Beauty and Perfection of the Fairy Soul , no wrong answers till now 🙂
    I Love You!

  11. Thank you Tauno for the gift. I opened the cage door and saw a red rose. But when I closed my eyes again and looked into the cage I saw a fairy wand, silver color, sparkling. : )
    Love and light

  12. Hi, my dear Hearts
    I am sending to you all my next gift from my Heart wrapped in the finest golden cage made by fairies from thin cobwebs in the fresh green Light of the Forest
    Love and Light

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