Crystal Connections January 2014



  1. Howdy! This is my 1st comment here so I just
    wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I really enjoy
    reading your posts. Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the same subjects?

  2. Fukushima meditation – 12 January 2014
    I saw the Earth form Space, the atmosphere was light blue over the planet and I was standing above Fukushima region in my Divine Presence, then I started incarnating and going down right into the facility in the affected region in Japan, I saw a baby of Light going there from above to bring Light and divine energies, I was in a wide column of higher energies
    Then I saw the Fukushima facility as a silhouette shining with white light in the darkness of the area and then White Tatanka appeared, the Spirit of Sitting Bull came to me to assist, I saw the Chief that was doing a spiritual ceremony and dance, he danced with hands in a position as if he was holding a baby, he was dancing with the baby and then did a round movement with his hands leaving the baby and then he got a wand of some stick and I connected it with the image of a clock although I do not realize why
    I heard the Angels singing and energies were very strong into this area and then I saw myself with a broom in my hands doing a floor cleaning, I was doing a cleaning and was a cleaner and this caused me feel joyous and happy, I could sense my movements and muscles doing that job of cleaning….remember also a palace with high iron fence that was an art work , the palace looked like those old palaces in Russia, then I saw Japanese men throwing heaps of soil on the crashed reactors, Russia can help because Russia has experience with Chernobil reactors. It is time to gather all our forces and knowledge in order to help Fukushima and this job we do for children, for people and for us
    Love and light

  3. So resonated with you, dear Laura:)

    I in fact didn’t started until the midnight. I connected Fukushima and the North Oceans, sending love and light to whales, dolphins and the fishermen.

    As the night of 7th, I saw a globe formed by golden-orange light grids, which seems to be the very shifting earth.

    During the connection, it’s the first time that the white light scorpion staying there almost all the connection-time long. I know he is protecting me. The energy of my surrounding is pretty bad, the worse is that, as you, I also catch a serious cold. So tonight during the connection, I could not sustain long owing to various physical pains.

    You all take care, too.


    • PinChu, congratulations for the wonderful job concerning the ocean and waters in the area, good cooperation with Laura and all of us 🙂
      Love and Light

  4. hi Tauno,

    i am on the sick side today, nothing bad. but felt the need to lie down while doing the meditation.
    As I laid down, i would feel myself drift off to sleep, and while this was happening, i could feel myself transit from this reality to the dream state / more conscious reality.
    There was a group of us, we were surrounded by white light, for protection, as well, as you have described by the spirit of the Fukushima place and of the local inhabitants’ higher self.
    We were doing down a pipe line or a tube, we were going down deep where the troubled reactors are. I am convinced that many of us work there during dream state and dream flights.
    I could hear someone next to me whisper down my ear: going down, we are going deep down the tube, keep going down the tube, lower and lower underneath the ocean.
    then i don’t recall no more, but i was awaken by a phone call a few minutes later and i woke up full of energy and as if my whole being was cleansed as part of this great white light.! thank you for sharing and it is a wonderful experience that i had once more and it is similar to your experience again 🙂 oxoxoxoxox

  5. Crystal Connection – 8 January 2014
    I made a sound meditation to send love and gratitude to Mother Earth and to activate my pineal gland/saw angel playing music, the Angel was white/, I sensed that this is only an introduction to a Powerful Crystal Meditation working towards helping Fukushima region to be cleansed
    During the first part connected with my pineal I stopped my meditation twice or three times because I felt a new Presence connecting with us, it was an urge to return to reality and open my eyes for some reason and I noticed an e-mail
    Then I started Fukushima sound meditation and I was embraced by Angelic energies, so loving that I sensed my tears dropping down
    Energies, I was floating in energies of Healing and Love and I focused my attention on Fukushima region and entered in a state of Prayer, I was sitting on my chair fully aware that I Am Now My Higher Angelic Self and I stated my intent to clean Fukushima region from the radioactivity for benefit of all the living Beings on Earth and for me as a human being, for Mother Earth that i love so deeply and Unconditionally , for All life
    I noticed some Beings connected with me – Nature Spirits from Fukushima – they were White and looked like spiraling spheres – rotating like the galaxy and leaving white traces – you can have a better idea of how they look like if you remember the old plastic music records of early 20th century while they are rotating and making spirals in the center
    Then an Angel appeared high above, the Skies opened and an Angel came over the area and White Light came there too from the Portal
    Love and Light

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