Intuitive GPS

“Thunderbolt” is a crystal skull that I connected with following my introduction to MAX, one of the 13 crystal skulls that make up the crystal skull collective (of this group). I do not have Thunderbolt in my possession. Some of the information that came through with this connection was a suggestion that I try driving intuitively. That is, letting inner guidance be my GPS.

I have tried this out in a few different ways. Here are my experiments so far:

I ran some errands this morning: I took my car to the annual safety inspection at the garage, I got a haircut, I picked up some Quercetin at the local Health food store, I went to the bank. This is the order that I felt I needed to do these things in, so that’s what I did.

As I was doing these errands, I noticed 3 colored circles in my “mind’s eye”, a sort of “heads up display” that applied to the world around me.

I saw a red circle, which indicated my final destination (as the crow flies), or goal.

I saw a green circle, which tended to point to where I needed to turn.

I saw a blue circle, which acted as a pointer for secondary directions (for example, when I wanted to get a bottle of water during my errands, the blue circle pointed me to the store, the green circle pointed back the way I came, towards my “primary” destination.

After my errands it felt like I needed a bit more practice with this, so I let the “intuitive GPS” guide the way completely.

This was harder to do, because I found myself wrestling with where I “wanted” to go, and where I “needed” to go to follow the guidance. There was also a “magnetic” attraction to things that I focused on, the circles would often point to things that I was looking at, rather than where I “needed” to go.

A fairly simple first run, I just went south on highway 28 between Sterling and Manassas (VA). Once I had driven through Manassas, the inner voice said “that’s all for today”, and the colored circles pointed in the opposite direction back towards home.

During this second trip I also used Ghost Radar, here is what it said:

partly, feathers, stood, neck, girl, card, remove, also, natural, hundred, act, from, hand, short, sharp, Harry [Prescott?], tears, neighborhood, yet, signal, beside, Greek, wore, elephant, tail, center, Chinese, never, chose, neighbor

8 comments on “Intuitive GPS

  1. Cool, DW! I often do this with intuition or pendulum, and it has taught me shortcuts, gotten me to what I needed, an helped me avoid bad traffic! I love it! šŸ˜€
    (It also works great with shopping!)

    • Leslee your own work with the pendulum in seeing “lights” on the pendulum board validated / strengthened my resolve to pursue this further… I’ll have to try it when I’m shopping, too – what a great suggestion!

  2. ~Interesting!…an Inner Guidance Dialogue,with Primary ColorLights as a Form of Visual Communication…iLike It!~

  3. It saves a LOT of time! “Do I need anything in this aisle?”; “No.”; ok, movin on then!
    I was REALLY self-conscious the first time I did it in Target! šŸ˜€

  4. (Reposted from the Salusa forum)

    Yesterday I took my boys to see the DC Science and engineering expo. Lots of robotics stuff and demonstrations to play with.

    What was significant of this was the journeyā€¦ when we got to DC I tried to rely on the GPS to show me where to park, because parking is really bad down there. Every parking lot it found, was supposedly ā€œpublic parkingā€ but was closed to everyone but monthly parkers.

    After 1/2 hour of driving around in circles, I literally found myself back where I started. So then I decided to employ the ā€œintuitive GPSā€. I expressed to my higher self that I am looking for a parking spot, one that would serve the greatest good, and then I could see the blue, green, and red triangles. It pointed straight down through chinatown, so I followed it. Within 5 minutes I found a parking spot within a 10 minute walk of our destination, at a very reasonable rate for what it usually is.

    Throughout the day I saw lots of angel numbers: 1:11, 4:44, 3:33, and 7777 on a building on the way home.

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