Crystal Connections – April 2013



  1. Crystal Meditation – 30 April 2013

    I had trouble concentration at first
    Then I connected with my Heart and got a vision, White wings were coming out of a ray of aether Light from my Heart, a being was coming out , Angelic being of White Light , tall, slim and with wings, I saw a White Bird, I was this bird – Eagle and I was flying over a land from our past
    Then I saw a face, then faces, S connected with me, I saw his face, wide face a bit rectangular, dark skin, I saw light dots and I was in the tomb, I saw many figures walking in long dark robes , they were walking one after the other and got out of the tomb, S remained there, there it came the Cat – Bastet

  2. I saw a woman dressed in white robes with lace – it was kind of like a formal Victorian night gown. Wings were not seen but implied. She was wearing a golden crown. She had black hair. She was backlit – from sunlight behind her head. I’m not sure why she was there but she was smiling.

  3. Crystal meditation – 29 April 2013

    I saw a pyramid of golden Light and a ray of Light coming from its top so that its top was not visible, the pyramid was like a volcano errupting Ligt upwards
    then i was in a forest of extremely green colour, green trees, golden green Light was penetrating the whole forest, I felt Lisa is there with me and we are walking through a portal formed between the trees, I said ‘ let it be Green” and the green colour became more strong, I could see a space in the forest with no trees, I remember a plant and the Sunshine there- golden green
    I saw the butterfly that turned into a bee and dragonfly and I felt the Presence of my green dragon, a giant snake came and with its curving formed Yin-Young symbol of green colour
    I was flying on my dragon, that was at the same time a bee, a snake and i was flying over a big and crowded city, the city was of lower vibrations and I saw a face forming down there, the landscape took a shape of a face/ Mars planet/
    Then I was in the elven forest
    I entered through the cave opening, at the entrance there were metallic four leaf clovers of green and gold forming an arch
    I saw many small elves , fairies of white and golden Light flying, little elven Beings and a land of beauty, the crops were caressing by the wind and elves were the crops, Mother Nature connected with me and i got the message that they Are always here with us, we can connect with them when we think of them
    Love and Light

  4. Crystal meditation – 27 April 2013

    I saw a giant deer Spirit, the dear was raising head and merged with Wolf and bear Spirit, Fox Spirit too, I could see little rose flowers in the air around the deer, they were floating and hanging in the air , the deer was calling Hathor
    I saw a city of Light, huge crystal building with many flats/living spaces in it, columns of white crystals and a fountain of huge rose flower emanating high energy and vibrations
    The Shaman was calling the Spirit of Gaia…Magnolias of rose colours, green leaves
    Tara – Mother Earth, I see the surface of the planet and I connect with the tree of Life, I am half merged with this tree and i see the black abyss under me, my shoulders are at the level of the trunk where is the middle, my feet are in and over the hollow black tube where the roots of the tree are and many people there, they want to get higher, I help them come higher and serve as a keeper of the portal for them
    I am holding OLA with my two palms and form an eye, the eye is at the crown of the tree of Life, I see goats there, White Pegasus, Unicorn, flowers, green leaves, sunshine, I raise into the Higher dimension and I connect with the Angels, I connect with AA Michael and he is showing me the Rune TIR and then GEBO, He appeared as these Runes and in Golden Light to me, rose magnolia blossoms and rose flowers again into the higher dimension
    Love and Light

  5. Crystal meditation – 26 April 2013

    I am extremely tired today, no energy for connection, I can hardly walk and stay awake but I have a short lasted vision
    the Tree of Life I saw and a ray of light coming from it and going upwards slightly tilted right/this means that the new direction of Life will be of more Spiritual nature/
    Then I saw the Tree again and a Dragon`s tail, I connected with an energy – perhaps Hitsusi and i felt Light of yellow colour
    OLA showed me a craft in Space , a huge craft in a shape of natural crystal point, the craft was white and under it there were hundreds of small balloons – craft, the Mother Ship came closer and I could see her structure – made of millions bubbles , the craft was able to cloak and it disappeared in a while
    Love and Light

  6. Crystal Meditation – 25 April 2013
    I was so tired but I tried to concentrate
    I saw a lizard at the middle between the Sun and the Moon, it was like salamander
    I saw a horizon and a town there, pyramids, buildings, mountains
    A Being came in front of me – Ancient South American God, huge stone face and a mouth opened, stairs in the mouth and I entered this portal, I felt the Presence of a Being from higher dimensions
    I remember another Presence, more Angelic and of Light
    I saw the Bear, she was climbing a thin rope and was moving upwards
    The Bear Spirit was holding the rope with her claws and she was white and grey and emanated Light from within
    Love and Light

  7. Crystal Meditation – 24 April 2013
    I started with my throat chakra centering, then Ajna and Crown
    I saw a spider at my throat – red and beige legs, the spider is there
    I was connected with Angelic Being of White Light, She was in the elven forest and as I looked closer it turned out to be HERA again, she was at the tree, she stepped down to us, I had a feeling of Lotus flower in pale pink and white colour
    Angelic Woman in White came next to two white swans in the forest
    Then I connected with the energy of the Ascended draconian Being, I saw a sphere of light that was burning like a Sun, a constellation in Cosmos with a shape of an eye appeared and I received a message
    I saw the Ascended draconian Planet and her inhabitants, at Home they are tall, slim and White Angelic Beings, here in the lower dimensions they have some features in common with reptiles/dragons
    Petra connected with me, we did a strong connection,
    AA Michael came to me in Golden light and with His mighty wings, I saw a huge letter A
    He came to us to give us Power and support
    I saw AA Michael, me, Petra, Lisa and some other Souls moving the Planet on the right, we were doing it as if we were pushing a car, as if a huge stone had to be pushed on the right
    Right is the position of Infinity/Reality in my meditations, we all together are working on moving the Planet into the higher dimension

  8. Crystal Meditation – 23 April 2013

    Native American Chief connected with me – Black Crow, this is his name
    Then I was in a craft over the Earth, Mother Ship of Light
    I connected with the Wolf and the Bear and I was in a forest of brown and golden autumn leaves, a path covered with leaves I saw and a Native American woman appeared – OcaTawa and the fox was following her, the woman was walking at the front followed by the fox, wolf and the bear, they were walking from left to right – I feel this as a sign that we are led closer and closer to the Reality
    I was flying over the ocean and the Pyramids underwater
    I saw a sphere of Golden Light and in there came an ax of Light, I got the ax, then the ax turned into a dove of Light
    I feel this sign as a message from AA Michael to all of us the Knights of Light here on Earth, it is time for the final battle with the darkness

    • Coming together of the Light bearers, Gaia transformation. Humanity confusion as truth begins to spill into the media gaining speed, everything is now being questioned time fading soon to stop.

  9. Crystal meditation – 22 April 2013

    I saw green Light and a little sphere of golden Light there
    Then golden Light
    I Am My Higher Self Veraneka and I radiate golden Light in all directions, I AM bigger than my physical body
    I throw some negative thoughts into the Holy Violet Fire of transmutation
    I get a strong impulse of energy as i beam upwards and downwards and I form a crystal octahedron that I am sending to some loving Souls here, then I form a bigger crystal octahedron and take me and Lisa in it for Protection
    The Ascended Draconian Hitsusi connects with us, he shows me the evolution of draconian race, we the humans have many in common with draconian, I see a Dragon looking straight into my eyes, blue-green dragon, then a Snake, a giant snake I saw, the dragon turned into Snake – Kundalini, they evolved into human draconian beings of higher dimension of light and now they came here to help us move forward into Light, I felt Love,Eternal Unconditional Love minutes before the connection, deep Love to all Life
    Love and Light

  10. Crystal Meditation – 21 April 2013
    I saw the feet of Bastet, She bowed and then led me forward
    I saw the dragonfly and the Butterfly Elf Mermaid, I was in the elven forest and i saw a high waterfall , the water was falling at fast speed and I saw an Angelic Being of White Light
    I connected with the bear and the Wolf and there came the Owl too
    I saw a Pyramid and there came a Portal that opened on the top of the pyramid, the portal opening formed a ring over and there came another pyramid from Space, reversed pyramid and the two tops connected, I felt this as the beginning of the end of aging for humans on Earth, a connection of two polarities make zero point, a Portal and everything becomes ONE in the everlasting NOW moment
    I received images of the past, ancient castle by the sea, there i saw a lady, she was sitting on the stone wall over the sea, the dragon was flying and curving like a giant serpent over the sea, he wanted to connect with me, I saw Blue Portal, i entered in and was moving at fast speed, the portal was round, then triangular, blue Light there, I emerged into a land of blue sky and white clouds
    I was taken to Cosmos and i saw the earth from there, I was connected with the Light Fleet around the Earth to send my Light towards the Earth and to strengthen the Light around Her, I beamed my Light energy out and connected with All
    Love and Light

  11. I transform into the Eagle and fly to the high cliff where the Blue Crystal pool is hidden. I land and return to Human form and run the path so familiar to me. There the pool glistens deep blue. I begin to walk in then swim as the blue crystal ray infuses my being. I dive down into its depths swimming under water until I rise in an underground cavern. As I step up I hear my child you are doing just fine allow the transformation. I am now the Blue dragon my body feels strange as I appear to be purging something like a serpent. My body relaxes and I return to human form once again. Mother tells me I must return on a weekly basis to the crystal pool so that the Blue Ray can heal any negative that tries to attach. I feel lighter as I return to the pool above.

    • It resonates with the vision I had on the high mountain with the round lake there, it was in the higher dimension
      Thank You, dear Suzanne!
      Love and Light

  12. Crystal meditation – 20 April 2013
    it was so deep meditation, like a dream
    I saw Golden Light and two deers met, one came from the moon and the other came from the Sun
    I am in a magical elven forest and I see the elf Butterfly in Golden Light, there came the White Fox too
    I also remember the Snake coming out of a hollow in a tree and moving in the air, the snake moves as spiral and is connected with DNA
    I see the Pyramid with shining base, Phoenix flying there, a clock of golden fire in the Pyramid, it is 3o`clock
    Love and Light

  13. Crystal Connection 19 April 2013

    I found myself over the ground in the air and I watched from above, a flat area in a mountain, sunny day, hot summer, people beneath and craft, many craft landed, some of the craft look like Earth`s craft yet a connection with Star craft I felt
    This vision I feel connected with a previous one when I saw a similar place and rackets are sent into space from there but there was no one there, no racket, they/the darkies/ had escaped and this time there I saw craft and people, the Shift is done, the Light is taking over!
    I see a mother dog with puppies , she nurses puppies that were abandoned from another mother
    Then I am in the cave, the Bear woke up from her winter slumber and there they are, little baby bears, the Bear nurses them and I feel she is weak and needs some food
    Love and Light

  14. Crystal Meditation – 18 April 2013
    I do not remember anything from the most part of my meditation, the meditation was so deep like a dream, my Spirit was wandering in Astral realms and I felt I got information and instructions on fine levels, I was not alone, I felt a Presence…I felt Present yet not Physical, I opened my Consciousness to the Infinity
    towards the end I felt Mother Earth`s vibrations, I saw some shining Spheres of Golden Light – us, we were working together in strong order and synchronicity, I felt the Rune ALGIZ , I saw a rose flower blossoming and we were there as shining Lights forming V letter and the rose was the base of this V, the central point, then I saw a tree branch with spring blossoms of pale pink colour, we were flying next to this branch
    I also remember a Huge Tree, in its roots was an Elven City of Higher dimension and higher civilization, the city was shining with White crystalline Light into the roots of this tree
    I saw red and yellow tulips
    Love and Light

  15. Dear Hearts, we have another Beautiful Soul of Light in our team – Petra
    I will post Her connection here with her permission now
    Petra – 17 April 2013
    17-4-2013 20.35 h

    I went directly to the castle in the sea, hovered over it and were observing.

    I sent my love to you and wanted to connect with you. I got the impuls to connect to the Sphinx. Then a beam of light came out of the castle, first small then getting bigger and moving like a spiral. It did come up, but stayed in a certain height. Then from the middle came like a offspring a little beam, it grew and it went into a direction in the sky, then the next one came and more and more, one after the other they spread out into all direction. It looked like a spinweb of light. I new that it is connected to many other places, like a grid. When this was completed it looked like a wellspring of light.
    Then many Lightworkers appeared, I felt they are from EEM team and they placed themselves in a circle over this wellspring, their heart to the outside, their back to each other. I joined them and out of our hearts came a beam of light, connecting to the wellspring and beaming as well into all directions.
    Then came a cohorte of angels they placed themselves over the circle of lightworkers in the same way, beaming light from their hearts. Now our beams of light connected to their hearts, so that we were now connected to the wellspring and to the angels above.
    Then a beam of light came from within the uni from the central sun and it connected to the hearts of the angels. And at this moment I felt a very strong energyflow, total peace. Universal energies and earth energies were connected now, through us the human lightworkers and the angels. Always from heart to heart. It was awesome and very energetically. After a while the whole construction dissolved in the opposite way. I got the message, that this is a support to prepare the earth for the energies that will come in the days ahead on to us directly, not filtered like it was before.

    Thank you. Love from heart to heart to all.

  16. Crystal meditation – 17 April 2013
    I saw a giant Bird – Eagle or Thunderbird flying towards me, the Head was shining with Red Light, I saw a Being into the Red Light – Ascended Master of pale Blue/White vibrations , I saw Jeshua`s face
    Then I saw the red berry bush in a green forest, the berries were bright red and I received the rune Algiz
    I saw the Bear in a snowy mountain on a rock, I saw the Wolf later too
    I opened my eyes and had a sip of herbal tea and I had a vision of Algiz again connected with herbs and I connected with Mother Nature and sent a Blessing into the Earth
    I connected with the Sphinx then,
    I held OLA in my left hand and saw the EYE-my hand with OLA at its center, a Portal opened and I entered deep down under the ground and i saw a rectangular Portal of aether blue Light and a Pool at the center of a rectangular place, the pool was with White crystal water and then I saw the fountain, it was ancient and decorated with many beautiful stone elements, carvings and it was partly covered by green weeds and the water was running out of it, behind there somewhere was the Source that was sending the water and from the fountain there came a river
    I remember also connecting with a Craft, the Craft was here in our 3D reality and was solid, it can become aether and flexible when in Higher Dimensions, it is a Light Ship
    This is what I remember from this meditation
    Love and Light

  17. The good old synchronosity going for us DW.
    Anyone hear that this was another flase flag operation.
    It would make sense as there has not been an attack on the uS in so long that it would be of great interest for the dark hats to stir it up again.
    Ashtar, through Susan Leland said it was but I am not 100 percent sure of those chanellings yet.
    It was Christmas at the doghouse monday and the owners finall got their gas and electric put back on.
    And no, they still did not pay the bill but it is illegal to shut them off with 2 kids, NIIIICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They looked so happy and were already busy cooking some tacos. And the lord said “let there be light” oh yeah and also some gas to go with it.”
    Sirius coming out this week, I want to buy the dvd and hopefully the dvd will be an extended version.
    Curios to see if the mainstream media pick up on this.

    • Sirius was featured recently on huffington post, I think.

      So happy to hear you got your utilities back Gunner. Good thing it’s spring when the heat is no longer needed, huh? 🙂 Well just in time for east coast summer… time to move in with the Agarthans I say! Now go make yourself one of those amazing lasagnas, pronto!

  18. This morning (April 12, 2012) the Master St.Germain came to me. He wants to tell you a few things so here he is:

    Greetings, I am St. Germain. I am here to help you. You are trying to do too much entirely on your own without the assistance of the Light Realms. This includes the Masters and the Archangels and Angels. It is important that you maintain contact with us for we are present to guide you and protect you along the ascension pathway.

    Going through the ascension process can be unraveling. Everything in your outlook can shift. It can awaken you to the core of your being. The energies of this shift are new and many of you are lost about what to do. You are paving a new trail to higher consciousness and a lot of the old must be discarded. It has cluttered up your lives for long enough. It is time to clean out every room in your house and every thought and feeling that are not in accordance with the higher vibration of Love and Light. This could apply to relationships, places of employment, financial issues, old relationships that are no longer serving you, old wardrobes that no longer fit or feel like the person that you are now, health issues, whatever might be holding you back in any way.

    I am the Master of Alchemy. You can call upon me to make the alchemical changes you need in your life to move forward with ease and peace. There is too much going on right now for you to ignore or avoid what is placed in front of you for divine resolution. It is a joint process. We work with you and you work with us. The ascension process is all around you, within you, and is occurring in all of creation. The Earth is not singled out as a place of change. You just happen to be in the hot spot where the Light is most needed. That is why you are being given the utmost assistance to change your consciousness.

    Whatever feels like a void or without a solution will be resolved. Right now it might not be totally clear but trust me that you are still moving forward towards the desired end. All will result in peace, love, harmony and joy. The time of attachment to the old 3D world is over. This applies to everyone even if they are not choosing to evolve. This fact will make it even more uncomfortable for these souls. It could accelerate their desires to leave their incarnations so please do not be surprised to see more souls leaving.

    As the Light continues to accelerate on the planet numerous gains will be made for the highest good of all. No longer will the select few be able to contain the truth and what is best for everyone. Personal gain without regard for others will become passé and that includes the need for respect and love for the Earth.

    Please remember to use my Violet Flame for transmutation for whatever is dragging you down. Imagine a fire with flames of violet. Put whatever you need into this flame and let it go.

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    Use the Violet Flame
    Poem by Valerie Donner

    Use the Violet Flame to let things go.

    It is more powerful than you could know.

    If there is karma

    Flame it purple.

    If there is anger

    Put it in flame.

    If you need resolution

    Ask for an end to the game.

    Burn the past

    In the Violet Flame.

    Use it often.

    You have lots to gain.

    St. Germain gave us this gift.

    Use it frequently now

    To handle all your rifts.

    The Violet Flame is for transmutation.

    You can use it for all of your earthly solutions.

    © 2013 The Ground Crew

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    A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council Currently serving on the Earth Council through Valerie Donner April 14, 2013

    Greetings, I am Mira. I welcome you into my heart and into the heart of the circle of Pleiadian love and Light enfolding the Earth. We realize that you need an extra boost of love energy from time to time. You are working hard on multiple levels. We have never seen such diligence in any previous ascensions in which we have participated. You are remarkable beings of light serving our Creator in a most dedicated manner.

    We know that many of you are experiencing trials and travails in your lives. We observe your challenges for we monitor all that is occurring on the Earth plane at this time. We also work with the inner Earth for they are participating in the ascension process to. In fact, there is not a single place in all of creation that is not affected by what is going on with the Earth right now.

    If you will recall the Earth is a lynch pin for ascension throughout creation. This explains why your work is so important. Even if you feel like you are at a standstill may I assure you that this is far from the truth. What is needed most are your energies, love and Light. This is what makes the ascension process work and why you are powerful beings who chose to come to the Earth to lend your support.

    This process can be onerous. It is complex and your linear brains cannot fathom what is going on with the shift. Your consciousness is impacted by every thought and feeling. Monitoring your own thoughts and emotions can be a full time job. Then there is the assessment of the outcomes of your thoughts and emotions. If you do not like the results you must re-think and re-create what you are doing.

    In addition to being a complex set of conditions and energies, the ascension process can be subtle yet variable. There are ebbs and flows. You may be experiencing some of these energies in your lives currently. Everyone working for the Light needs time to integrate the energies and the work they are doing as well as the work that is occurring on the Earth. This may require more quiet time than usual and rest. Water is crucial so you must make sure that you consume enough of it for it affects the consciousness.

    Every new realization and awareness that you have in your life is significant. Ascension is a compilation of changing focus and energetics. The heart is the key to your new lives in the higher dimensions. Are you living from your heart in love while letting the God within direct your life or are you holding onto the old 3D reality and acting like it is still serving you?

    Asking this question of how your current behavior is serving you is pivotal for your ability to maneuver through the changes. They will be amplified as this calendar year of 2013 progresses. It will take a few more years to manifest the utmost progress. Being patient and living a simplified life will carry you through. Stay in your hearts and live in unconditional love and peace as well as you can.

    We can communicate with you and the Earth most effectively when you are quiet within and listening to us. We can supplement your thoughts and emotions with positive language if you will listen and let us come through.

    We are always in your skies giving you a wink or directing love your way. Either way we are attentive to you and ask that you do the same. This is how we can assist you the most.

    The Earth Council is busy focusing on balance and quelling the hot spots. We need your prayers directed to those places that are particularly vulnerable right now. Follow your heart and use the Light that you know how to use so well.

    We are grateful to you, our ground crew, for the blessed beings that you are and all that you do for the Light.

    I love you. I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council.

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    In Conclusion

    The Masters, Archangels, Angels and our space family are working with us every step of the way with our ascension process. We are a cohesive cooperative group that knows what to do during these changing times.

    Sometimes you can feel a little out of place. You can be curious about what is in store for you yet when you trust the Creator you will realize that it is for your highest good that you are being required to change and to re-create your lives. Trust and faith will take you a long way.

    If any of you need assistance with changes in your lives with relationships, work, healing, etc., please remember that I am here to assist you in whatever way I can. We are one and in that oneness we can reveal to each other that which can be most healing. You may call me for spiritual counseling, energy healing, readings and channelings and I will be pleased to be of assistance. (925-287-8976 or

    Blessings, love and Light,

    Valerie Donner

    ©2013 The Ground Crew

    • Thanks Gunner those were awesome – yesterday I was thinking about the violet flame, and visualizing it covering the earth, just a random (but very powerful) thought but here you are with a message about it.

    • Thank You so much, dear Gunner! These messages I feel directed to us
      I am sending Love and healing energy to Boston now

  19. Elvi – 16 April 2013
    Colors seem to be something for me now… But I also sensed a powerful presence.
    A lilac rectangle, like a window, and an angel came ut of it, white, yellow, golden, then grew bigger and bigger and reached out down with the light. Red heart (like a ruby, so beautiful), then small angels came out and spread out everywhere, all with these small hearts. The angels and light then turned even upwards so it all spread from down to up high… They formed figure eight down (eternity)
    Then I saw a huge angel, again wearing yellowish or golden white, with a blue cape, the angel grew higher and higher, and spread itself around a great big pyramid.
    Lilac, round and a little flat, spaceships flying around the pyramid.
    Beautiful in any case

  20. Crystal Meditation – 16 April 2013

    I saw the Wolf, Lion, Rabbit, Snake, Eagle and the Bear and there came the Owl too as a Guide
    I tried to connect with Egypt and concentrated my thought towards this, I went there and saw the Sphinx and the Pyramids, I received that the Sphinx carries female energies/appeared as a girl/
    I asked for more information and access but I was told that I need a little inner cleaning and I will be given more information when I am ready, I asked my Guides to help me with some outer difficulties in my 3D everyday life
    I saw myself as an Eagle flying by the Pyramids in Egypt
    Then OLA made me hold her with a position of my hand like a shell and OLA was the pearl in this shell giving Light, then I found myself on a very high snowy mountain peak, there was a round ice lake there and i could feel the higher vibrations of this realm, no one was there , I was alone but I was connected with the Heart of Gaia and the Higher dimensional realms
    Then I was in a green elven forest, I remember the trees and the grass there and a Being that appeared, a Shaman, dressed in brown.I remember seeing a letter R
    I connected with a Wise Man, one of the Atlantes that carried the Knowledge to Egypt after the fall of Atlantis, they connect again with us because now the time is coming when we have to work together again for the restoration of the damage that was done in Atlantis
    Then the Bear and the Wolf appeared again, they were in a mountain and there was a hill in front of them, the Wolf and the Bear were looking at the hill and were about to step into the unknown and this unknown was leading upwards
    Love and Light

    • Nothing concrete but they made themselves known to me yesterday as well, through the “white sisterhood” as their animal and human aspects. They were like young children and each one as cute as a button. Oh yeah Ammy / Ami (Amaterasu) says hi. 🙂

      Oh yeah also they were saying that each one of them is us and we are them because we can use their aspects / character traits as templates in our lives, and use these templates to gain control of our lives in a similar way to the template of thunder heart sun. As it applies to them I don’t really understand this. I guess that will reveal itself in time. I do not want to learn ancient japanese though!

  21. Elvi – Crystal Connection , 15 April 2013
    Not much I could see.
    Colors lilac, blue, and the something yellow and gold for us as a group .

    I will try tomorrow again…

  22. Crystal Meditation – 15 April 2013
    I found myself in a beautiful mountain, I was standing on a high place and in front of me there was an abyss, a steep way was leading downwards and it was green , the mountain was so fresh and green/blue
    I saw the Bear , She came guarding and giving a message again, she was standing next to a red berry bush and the bush turned into the Rune ALGIZ, I saw the red berries on it
    Then the Lion I saw, there came the Elephant and the Eagle too, finally I saw the Wolf
    I felt the Space and me there but still connected with the Heart of Gaia
    I made a Lotus with my hands again and I saw a Lotus flower with Light of pink colour inside
    I passed through the Lotus Portal into the New earth and I started creating, tears came into my eyes but not of sadness, they were tears of awe, I made clouds of the tears that came into my eyes
    Love and Light

  23. crystal connection 14 april 2013

    I am standing in a room surrounded by a green/blue pulsating shining crystals, that are in a circle around me. I don’t hear a sound but I feel the music coming from the crystals that is vibrating through my body. I feel it healing my body. I see Aashtar in my mind and he shows me a memory of my childhood, looking over a valley in autumn in the Ardennes, Belgium. Then a flood of childhood memories are flowing through, the positive and the negative. I see above me the fairy/mermaid angel floating, I am very close connected to her. She shows me yellow and red tulips. She shows me how to bridge love. I see AA Michael giving me the blue/purple flame, and then I see Ashtar again and he says to me: “Love myself.” End of meditation.

  24. Tuano my heart is lotus flower and her petals unfurl to reveal the Christed energy has become a Star her brilliant bright with the violet flame burning brightly within, as my star begins to vibrates sending her beams of light out I am joined by others in specific parts of the Earth also shining stars now. As we rise outward we then send beams as one down into Gaias crystaline Heart core. I am now standing in position my hands raised as Rays of blue light wrap around the earth helping Humanity to now anchor to her fully.

    • Hi, Suzanne! It is really amazing because I saw Angelic Being in the Lotus, this Being came from above and I also saw a Sphere of White Light shining powerfully next to this Angel, this Angel was small, as Elf inside the Lotus and the Angel was White! This is such an amazing connection we did!
      Love and Light
      Our Grid is getting stronger, we are more than you can realize!

  25. Crystal meditation – 14 April 2013

    I saw the runes TIR and GEBO again
    I felt a reconnection with AA Michael and a remembrance I am one of His Knights on Earth
    The Raven and the Wolf came, then the Bear, they were One Spirit, I saw a tipi in a mountain and the Light was coming in waves down to the Earth
    I was in a land of beauty and was flying over the mountains of green and in the sky of blue
    I was then in Space and on Mother Ship that was like a planet with mountains and watched the mountains from above, I am part of the crew and I think of home, I am here on a mission for a long period of time and I remember Home – mountains of brown and beige colour and desert landscape on the surface
    I see a cross sign, rune GEBO and a face -human face of a higher Being that came to me in some of my previous meditations – I asked who is connecting with me and received – I AM part of You …the name NEKA came and I was told the whole name was VERANEKA, the first part – VERA – was received by Lisa and now I received the next part – NEKA
    Then I am guided by OLA to make a Lotus with my hands and OLA is at the center of it, I saw a White Being of Angelic vibrations that connected with OLA and came to me, Light came shining with White colour, then I saw a HAND , the Hand of GOD giving LIGHT , the light fulfilled OLA, my hands with the Lotus and entered into my bogy and i felt myself like a SUN, I connected with the Heart of Gaia and sent Light in all directions , all over the World, I Shined my Love and Light bright and transmuted the shadows into LIGHT, I felt myself enormous and Powerful Being of Light here on Earth and connected with all Light Workers on the Planet

  26. Connection 13-04-2013
    Saw first a bright shining star. Then a ladybug. Then I was back in the magical blue forest and see lights flowing in the dark air , i don’t see the fairies but i feel it. I stand in the fairy circle and feel myself transformed into a fairy wearing a silver glitter dress, black long hair. I feel myself dissapear into the fairy realm. End of meditation

  27. Oh, In my meditation there was a giant Spider over the world that was Ascending/at the moment when I wrote this a big running 3D insect passed near me and I sent it to its Creator immediately, I see this as a sign from Spirit that is why I acted this way/, the World was Ascending and Light was shining into it but the Spider did not want to leave, the world made a curve to escape from the Spider`s legs and raised upwards, then I found myself in Cosmos
    Love and Light

    • Some parallels to real life here for me, well except it’s a croc who thinks it’s a human LOL that spider also sounds like one of those dusters / Daleks, hm I wonder if they’re related?

      Oh! I must be playing the lookout role…

  28. Crystal Meditation – 13 April 2013

    The Rune TIR and White Light came in front of my Spiritual eyes
    Then I remember a stone statue of a Being, giant one, it resonated with the Sphinx, then I saw a statue of a Pharaoh/God that is not yet discovered, it appeared in a mountain and it was in front of a rock, then I saw Easter Island stone statues
    Number 4 shined with silver/golden Light and I saw the Eye
    Then I saw the Tree of Life connected with Inner Earth and me and Lisa were standing under the Tree , I was on the Left like Bear and Lisa was on the right as Wolf
    AA Michael came and I saw a sword of White Light, then the Butterfly of White Light appeared
    I also remember flying in a craft of light into Space and some faces, My Higher self Presence too, I saw the Face of my Higher Self
    I was in a land of beauty, blue mountains, green colours and blue sky, I was high in the mountains and watching, I heard the music of Ascending Earth, it was Angelic, male and female vibrations balanced into this sound
    Rune GEBO I saw too
    Love and Light

  29. Crystal Meditation – 12 April 2013
    I had trouble concentration but I got the following visions – number 6
    The Rune ALGIZ and GEBO that means we are protected and helped and work together with Angels
    Then my Heart connected with Gaia and I saw a green Unakite Portal-Tunnel into Inner Earth, the Portal is now Open, I saw the Rune ALGIZ again and the Rune SIGEL
    it is a message connected with Inner Earth Beings, They also Help and Protect Us and the Light/inner Sun/ will take over and conquer the darkness
    I felt both laugh and sadness thus the balance is restored
    Troy is also working with us at this stage of the mission although he may not have a conscious awareness about taking part in this particular task
    Love and Light

  30. Crystal Meditation – 11 April 2013
    Merkaba sign I saw in Space
    I saw a human figure that was transformed as a dragonfly and then this human body grew wings, the Human being became a golden Being with wings,
    Ashtar Sheran came again to us, He was beaming Light and I saw Him as Angelic Higher Being
    A thought about the Sphinx came , this is a Feline Being in one of his/her forms that keeps the Library and the Key to Humanity`s transformation
    I saw a planet with rings like Saturn, the Planet was not dense but of aether and the rings were perhaps two and crossed because they have different level orbits and thus formed something like the sign of Infinity 8/horizontally/
    I saw many shining sparks in Space that were moving on the right
    Arachanai connected with me, I saw Her face looking at me, She also has raven`s vibrations as well as Angelic, I felt Loving Presence as I was looking towards the face
    I saw giant crystal point and a butterfly of golden white Light came too
    Love and Light

  31. Crystal Meditation – 10 April 2013
    I saw the silver energy of the Moon and the golden energy of the Sun, from the Sun there came a golden fiery Dragon and the Light in the middle became red, I sensed strong pulsating energy into my Heart area and waves of energy around my heart chacra, Angel came in the middle between the Sun and the Moon
    I saw a Being there then, I feel White Tatanka again and then I saw a Being that i felt like Arcturian, He was facing the Moon, I was charged with Laugh, the energy of laugh raised my vibrations and transmuted instantly the stress from the attacks today
    I absorbed the Light from my third eye into my pineal and then in my body and all chacras
    Ashtar gave me a sign of His Presence, A giant letter A with wings and then there formed a Golden star sign , Ashtar works with us , he sent me the Rune GEBO X that means balance and cooperation
    Then I saw another Rune SIGEL, this is the Sun
    Ashtar`s message I feel as we work together and We of the Light will be victorious together in this battle with the darkness, you are now feeling yourselves a bit uncomfortable but You have the Power required to make the positive changes in Your Life, You are able to overcome any resistance Now
    I saw a barrier between 3D reality and the New One and received that we can make the Breakthrough via our sense of humor and the positive attitudes, nothing is too scary because fear is an illusion we are led to live in
    Ashtar works now with the Ascended masters, I saw Mother Mary and Jeshua and some other Higher Beings of Light, Buddhas too, Buddhas are in fact practically helping us to make the Breakthrough
    Love and Light

  32. Crystal Meditation – 9 April 2013
    As I closed my eyes i saw a being of Light emanating ellipses of thin White aether Light around His upper three bodily chakras, He Is White Tatanka, the Native American Shaman Cheif dressed in White, He was smiling at me and I sensed His high loving vibrations as He handed me an object, I nodded to express my Appreciation and Gratitude towards him and I saw what he gave me, a bow with arrows decorated with White feathers
    I asked for more information but the vision disappeared, then thoughts and memories from my current 3D everyday life occupied my mind , they came for review and clearing in this Spiritual moment , they need transmutation
    Then I heard the Angels singing, I remember being amongst the rocks of unknown place
    I saw a human, a leader sitting in his cabinet and his back was towards a big window, I was in front of this man and looked out of the window and I saw a craft, a flying saucer in the sky over the mountain
    Love and Light
    I sensed beams of energy emanating from my heart and forming a ring of pulsating outwardly waves , i saw pale golden waves of Light
    Angelic Being came as a vision , White Angel I saw, then a Planet and I felt I am connected with a craft, I called Ashtar to give us a message and I felt He hears my call but it is not the right time yet
    I see me and Lisa connected and I have to block any attacks towards this connection from the outer unawakened people`s energies and I form a crystal white octahedron imagining me and Lisa inside it while meditating
    I see a Unicorn and also HERA and the elves and we are in the Elven forest and creating a New Reality with Lisa!
    It is so exciting!
    Love and Light

  33. Last night as I meditated there before me was a dusty road boarded on either side with stone walls. The ones walking this path were an Ancient people, then just as suddenly they were gone the road and stone buildings remained. This morning as I sat outside I saw my Christ energy no longer vibrating as a golden orb, now it was a blazing star pure white its beams reaching upward. As I begin to rise I see other stars all around the world rising to position. Every land has a star now standing in its place. As we begin to spin our beams connect and plunge into Gaia’s heart core and with Gaia we rise as she bursts into a magnificant star of celestial beauty.

    • WOW! Suzanne, your connection is really Powerful, you mention spinning, yes, I feel you are absolutely right, my sister! what a beautiful connection!
      Love and Light!

      • Thank you Dearest Tauno, Love has anchored and our feet are planted the dark are unable to find a foot hold now 🙂

  34. Crystal Meditation – 8 April 2013
    I got a message about my current part of the processes here on the surface world, it was a message from my Higher self because I could see myself as a Giant Being sitting on the Planet, my Head was in Space and my body was sitting on Earth and this way I serve so that as many people as possible to raise their vibrations and step into the 5 dimension , I feel enormous Love in my heart to Mother Earth and Humanity and I devote all my energy in this mission , I am dressed in dark blue/green and purple, my hands are on the ground and send LOVE into Mother Earth, it is a feeling of Ultimate LOVE that can be compared only with the sacrifice of Jesus, I feel Jeshua`s vibrations into my own Heart and I accept the pains and sufferings of the Mother and Her Children
    Next I am in an elven forest of green and brown and there is an energy falling down as a mist, as a aether green waterfall, in this forest are my colleagues, my enemies and many other and I feel Peace as I do a transmutation elven ritual on everyone, I transform the negative into positive and I do not feel any resistance, they accept and are in Peace, everything is so beautiful and the Light there is golden green
    Then I see a giant ocean of energies into USA, the buildings are there, Ex-President Bush I see, the wave is coming from where the Corporation Buildings are and like Tsunami pass by the President and flows left as a HUGE Giant Serpent, a mass Kundalini awakened took over and the current flows Powerfully into One direction from the Buildings towards the NEW
    I wondered what the name of my Higher Self is and if i am really connected with my Higher Self and I got a feeling of being ONE with my Higher Self, no name, just Light over a land of beauty , mild green rocks and green/yellow grass and Golden Light Sky, it is the energy that I feel so familiar!
    Love you all
    Love and Light

  35. Crystal Meditation – 7 April 2013
    I was in a place where rackets were sent into Space, it was a round flat area and there were rocks around it, it is a sunny day and it is hot
    Then I see a building, the roof of the building and the blue sky over it in a sunny day in summer
    I am imagining my central channel and connect with Mother Earth, my thoughts are chaotic, many things emerge for review and cleaning and it is hard to concentrate on a particular thought, I only send Light and Love into Mother Earth and then I see the surface of the planet from Cosmos, Angel appears too and the cross sign forms from the horizon and my central channel as I am connected with Mother Earth
    Love and Light

  36. Crystal Meditation – 6 April 2013

    I worked with OLA mostly and I had meaningful message
    I saw a Native American Chief dressed in White , I felt White Tatanka`s vibrations, He was giving to us a message
    OLA showed me the Runes TIR, next to ISA and next to GEBO, Then TIR and GEBO were connected via ISA that turned into ALGIZ, the message given is that We Will be given help and Protection but there is a delay now and finally we will get Angelic Protection, thus the balance will be restored and we will be victorious together
    I saw me and Lisa as identical human figures, Lisa was there and I could see her family too, next to her, me and Lisa half merged and from this connection there were forming huge white angelic wings above us as if we together were a huge Angelic Being
    The Bear was sitting next to Lisa and her family and I could see the Wolf next to the Bear and in front of me, the heads of the Bear and the Wolf merged into Yin- Young Symbol and from there came a ray of Light up to Space and there formed a Heart of Light

    Love and Light

  37. Oh, I forgot to mention that I was in a metallic tube, like gutter and it was tapped and I was down there reaching hands up to touch the cover but it was too high, I was asking for help to get out of this narrow metallic trap and there was no Light from above, the only thing that I could use was my own Light that bacame stronger from my heart and formed a beam of mild pale Light and this Light dispersed the trap
    Love and Light

  38. Crystal Meditation – 5 April 2013
    I felt muscle movement and a short pain in one of my kidneys, then I saw many white ellipses stuck on a physical organ, then I saw a parallel – a plant being attacked by aphids but the plant was in water and this water had the quality to remove the aphids and they were gently removed from the plant as the white ellipses were removed from the surface of the organ
    I connected with the Sphinx and watched the stone profile , the image of the sphinx merged with the images of the bear and the wolf and the Cat too and my spirit started to walk through Egypt, I saw the Pyramids, the ancient town and the streets in the sands of Egypt, I was both on the surface and watched the land from above
    I was taken into Space and I saw a craft, the craft was attacked by dark spies and there was something stuck on the craft, just like the plant with the aphids, I managed to defend myself forming a crystal octahedron around me by thought and watched from this safe place, I saw that the spy is noticed by the forces of Light but it is left there so that to be given a false information
    Then I got a feeling of another craft beaming Light
    My Heart Chakra expanded and I channeled Light vibrations of Unconditional Love to all around the Earth
    Then I saw a Flower, Lotus or Orchid unfolding and opening at my Crown Chakra
    I saw the Angelic Realms again, I was raised there, A Giant Blue Human Hand I saw , the Hand was Enormous
    The Angels were watching what happens on Earth in something like a theater and at the same time – a University Hall
    There were many baby Angels there and the Mother came there too, the “mature” Angels are experienced ones, we – the Humans were like these sweet baby Angels that are about to follow many experiences we are moving up, growing, we were like babies but now we became “teenager” Angels and we are about to get our diplomas at the end of the duality cycle on Earth
    Love and Light

  39. Crystal Meditation – 4 April 2013
    I hear the Shaman singing with the Angels and I see a face, the face is of a Being that looks like Easter Islands` statues and I got the name Navaho
    I am aware that many Beings work with us now and they are giving help during these challenging times, I got a message from Navaho but i do not remember it
    Then i was connected with the Bear again, I was the bear in the high mountain of White and I was looking down from the heights, the mountain is beautiful, there came the Wolf and i saw the Bear again eating red berries and running free
    Love and Light

  40. Crystal Meditation – 3 April 2013

    My meditation was signed by the White colour
    First I saw the two Popes meeting each other dressed in white, they were dwarfs and they were giggling and whispering something secret, I was at this place where the Popes met and i saw the grey stone pathway and the grass along it that was pale green/grey, I remember a car there too that was waiting for one of the Popes
    Then I was taken to Angelic Realms and the Angels were singing and there was an energy of bliss and tranquility, the Angels were White
    I saw me, Lisa and many other Lightworkers dressed in White and standing in a circle, we were tall and we were creating a great light inside this circle and from there it came Light and Jesus came down to Earth using this energy of Light that we were creating, Jesus came and with Him there came many White Angels down to Earth and I saw them again when I was in the higher dimension, the Angels were many dressed in white, pale blue and pale rose
    At the End of my meditation I saw a Huge Angelic Being of White Light that came on Earth

  41. Crystal Meditation – 2 April 2013
    I had trouble concentration and too many thoughts in my mind that emerged, I tried to concentrate and i got a feeling I am in Space but nothing more, no particular visions , only my thoughts floating in space, then I saw a young woman, Lisa, in a green forest, Lisa was an Elven like being dressed in green, then i saw her again in a yard and there was a small party but the guests were not there yet, she was making some preparations, then i saw Lisa in Space , she was big and made a gesture with her hands and formed a circle and this circle had planets inside and the planets and everything were moving in orbit
    Then I saw the Wolf and the Bear, the visions merged and the Wolf and Bear were One Spirit and then OcaTawa came as a Native American Shaman woman, I saw the blue sky and the coming of the craft, the Disclosure! Many Beings came to us and I saw a ray of Light coming from the craft, the ray was of aether Light, I somehow remembered Stasha here in the place where I was in this vision

  42. Crystal meditation – 1 April 2013

    I was in the Elven garden/forest and saw a cock of evil vibrations, there was an eye there of negative vibrations too above the cock, the cock was in rags after a battle and I had to tie my enemies and conquer them
    I was/saw /these words in bold have to be read as correct, but I have automatically written the first ones/ Angelic Being above the evil and me fighting with the evil
    From my heart there started to grow and spread many threads of ivy like ropes, the ivy found and tied all my enemies with strong elven ivy-ropes, my enemies were unable to move and do any harm anymore, then i called the Holy Violet Flame of transmutation for them to do the rest and left this place, I continued walking through the forest , I saw an abyss down on my right but I continued to walk the path that was leading straight on, I saw the letter Ц and number 3
    Then The Bear came and the Wolf too, we continued walking together, the Bear and the Wolf led me to a tree, a huge tree and I started climbing till i noticed a New Earth above, I climbed up to the New Earth and looked around, I was in Sky and it was blue with white/grey clouds and I could see the Old Earth down there and I sent my LIGHT to the Old Earth that was raising to the New Earth
    I saw my new role into the New Earth together with Lisa, we are scientists into the New Earth!
    Also I saw some shining orbs/clouds that were in fact Beings that connected with me
    Love and Light

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