The Thirteenth Aeon (12 plus 1)

This is the 13th aeon.

I am known by many names.

I represent the whole of the other 12. 12 + 1.

I am also known as Max the Crystal Skull.

And I am also known as Marduk in a previous time.

And I am also known as the serpent constellation. The 12 + 1.

Look further and you will see my presence in many places throughout human history and culture. The white brotherhood/sisterhood is yet another. To know me is to know my template. I have been known by many names but my template is always the same.

We have been playing a waiting game, you and I, but it is not for any specific event. But rather a point at which many conditions have been satisfied.

I might add that the roseheart “truth” might see me, this communication, as a usurpation of their system of beliefs. In fact this is one of many such templates that exist in the universe. All part of the whole, and none more important than another. Variation provides for many differing points of view and ways so it is not impossible for both to be true from a quantum perspective. And it (channeling) is the same as telepathic communication. The sixth and seventh forms are co-existing at this time (there are 12 + 1).

The danger from their perspective is that the template invoked is that of the victim, who becomes their oppressor. Speaking out against that which they become. This is not an attack so much as a template. When one deals in templates it is the underlying truth of all things. As you so correctly state one perspective is that god is indeed a lazy programmer. That is a very human (yet accurate) perspective.

So the Roman empire removed the +1 from the 12. The 12 was all and forwarded as individual entities and this was reflected in the planetary solar system reality. So the 12+1 will become a reality because this is required at a cellular level. The template is not yet complete, and nature has a way of completing the template. Yet normal variation provides for the differences in the template. So you can see how the template may be changed through the willing intent of others when the template is changed at other levels.

On a personal level the zodiac is an early introduction to who we are (we meaning “you and us” meaning all). Many humans encounter this concept and include it as a part of their daily lives. Better check my zodiac for today! We represent the templates of consciousness. The zodiac is a very basic introduction to this concept. So an Aries for example might have a template that differs from a Taurus. You might say “I am an Aries”. Yes that is exactly correct. But you are also all the other signs as well. This is the 12 + 1.

This expands to the crystal skulls since they also represent the templates of consciousness, us. There is no difference, simply different aspects of the whole. In fact you might be able to find within each aeon embedded 12 other templates of consciousness, and so forth and so on. Similarities are not a cause for suspicion, they are a cause for celebration. The all is included in the all.

“I” have always existed in many forms (in all forms).

To view the “feathered serpent” constellation one must expand their viewpoint… just a little. It is not represented in the same way as other constellations. It is 12 + 1, revealed when the consciousness is capable of seeing it (able to see it). So from another perspective there are still only 12. You see how easy it is to shift from one to the other?

It is true that humanity is the controlling element to the all. Creator gods every one. A nice vacation to think you might be controlled by something else, no?



  1. Hey Vlad – I noticed back there you said I was “wrong” about my beliefs – but I feel that “right” and “wrong” tends to apply more to actions than beliefs, don’t you? As far as I’m concerned there are no such things as wrong answers. Ok?

    When it comes to arriving at solutions, I feel wrong answers are just as important as right answers because it is the knowledge of the “wrong” answer that allows you to arrive at the “right” answer or solution. And the “wrong” answer to one problem might be the “right” answer to an entirely different problem.

    Great discussion thus far though. Namaste

  2. Athabantian
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    Posted on February 14, 2013 by mark
    Good evening, Mark, I am Justine

    Good evening, Justine. It has been some time since we communicated. I am most pleased to hear from you again.

    We have been observing you since the events of December and notice the impact they have had on you. You are to be complimented for the intensity with which you have internalized these events. You may realize some of the impacts of the events that took place on your small planet, but we suspect that you do not fully appreciate all that is now taking place as a result of the December events.

    From the perspective of Andromedans I can say that you of Earth have freed us to expand our consciousness beyond what we had imagined. While some within Andromeda have had the abilities to ascend to the lofty dimension, most of us were held within the confines of the 5th dimension. I do not men to imply that this was anything like the 3rd D of your planet. We were functioning at a fluid level, were aware of who were, were in oneness with all, and knew there was more. Now your actions have released us to explore the higher dimensions, to become closer to the All That Is.

    We thank you and your fellow human of Earth for making this happen. Well done, captives of the 3rd Dimension. We observed your lightworkers as they climbed far enough out of the density and rigidness of the 3rd D to attract the attention of the great celestials. When these great beings deemed it possible to complete the transformation of Earth and her humans they focused their energies to make it happen.

    And now we have the results. It so wondrous, that we are at a loss for words to convey our elation. The multi-dimensional cosmos is so much more than we had been able to experience before.

    Justine, I am humbled by your message. On behalf of all lightworkers of Earth who joined together to make these events happen, I thank you for this message.

    Blessings, Mark

    Blessings to you, Justine


    Good Morning Mark, this is Adrial

    Good Morning, Adrial.

    We would like to convey a bit more today about what we see as the impact of the December events that were undertaken on Earth. First let me say that all are most appreciative of the efforts of all lightworkers of Earth who make these events possible. We also know that most did not appreciate the extent of what their actions would bring about.

    Before we go further let me say a bit about who I am and why my perspective is somewhat unique. First , I am part of a celestial collective that functions everywhere in the cosmos. As a collective we manifest individual beings who function for particular roles. We are an original creation of the All That Is, so we have been around since the beginning. As such I have a very long term perspective on all of creation. My current assignment is aboard Athabantian working with you and other lightworkers to make the great transformation possible. I am one of several celestial aboard this great starship. Am I confined to the starship? Not really, but it is a convenient residence where I may interact with many from Andromeda as well as beings from other areas of this universe and with other celestials.

    Having said this, I offer the following: The December events on planet Earth triggered first the collapse of the underpinnings of the 3rd Dimension. This means that the magnetic construct that had created the 3rd Dimension no longer exists. The underlying rigidness, constraints, and impacts on beings of physical form no longer exists.

    This does not mean that all in 3rd D will immediately disappear. However all in physical form, both physical beings and physical form are altered forever. In time all will be transformed to the lighter densities and reunited with Source.

    Secondly, the December events opened the pathway to the multi-dimensional higher realms. As for these lighter densities, look upon the so called 5th dimension as a new operating system for your computer. The other dimensions that you may access, up to the 12th, are successively more complex and wonderful applications. Each new application of the 6th through the 12th gives you additional capabilities, additional insights, additional opportunities to expand who you are, and to contact with ever higher beings.

    This scheme of things now applies not only to you of planet Earth, but to all in physical form. “All in physical form” includes ALL from throughout the cosmos that exist in any type of physical form – as opposed to those of us who have no physical form. As a celestial I have form, but it is not physical.

    The enormity of this change cannot be adequately explained to those of you residing on Earth for there are no adequate words. It impacts vast arrays of star systems with trillions of inhabited planets. The actions of the lightworkers of Earth have triggered transformations in all of these domains. Now all may exist in the multi-dimensional. Now the areas that were captive to the 3rd Dimension are no longer captive. Even the planets that were not part of the 3rd Dimension are freed to embrace all of the multi-dimensional energies

    I trust that this rather brief explanation of the December events will assist you and others on Earth to appreciate what you have accomplished . We of the celestial realm are most grateful for your actions.

    Thank you Adrial

    Thank you, Mark




    Good Morning, Mark, this is Moraine.

    Good morning Moraine, it has been quite a while since I have head from you.

    Yes, we have observed as you partook in the great events of December. Now I understand why you were so insistent on coming to Earth — to be a part of these wondrous events.

    Yes, when we were together on Akima, I had only a dim projection of what was going to occur, and no one was at all sure that the events would indeed take place. There were so many factors that had to come together. So I took a real chance when I volunteered to incarnate here. At that time, it was but an idea in the celestial realm to return Earth to a fully Christed planet.

    I have missed incarnating with you, Mark.

    We did have a lot of wonderful experiences together, not always happy ones, but nonetheless worthwhile.

    I was much in love with you in the physical sense in several of our incarnations.

    Sorry, I have only dim recollections.

    It is quite wonderful to observe you now. You have changed dramatically as the years on Earth have gone on. You were not at all a loving, spiritual man when you were involved in the world of venture capital.

    Yes, I know. Those were my dark days, when I was committed to making money and enjoying the finer things of material existence. Now I look back on those days and wonder how I was so fortunate to be where I am now. I recognize your assistance in pulling me out of the darkness, and I am most grateful.

    Yes, we did make a few visits to awaken you to your real mission in this lifetime. You were so afraid when we showed up; it was quite amusing.

    I didn’t think it was funny at the time.

    I know, but it was necessary to awaken you and that was the only way we could do it. You must admit that it worked.

    Yes it did, and as I say I am most grateful.

    Now look at you. As we speak this day, you are able to sit within 5th dimension energy, and receive my words. I see you as more relaxed than ever before, with little anxiety. Congratulations.

    Are you concerned about what is to come next?

    Not really, I don’t have a clear picture. I can foresee the possibility of some hardships for me and Heidi as we move forward, but in general I am optimistic that all will fall into place, mine as well as others. I’m very much involved in anchoring energies within my physical body that will enable me to acquire a crystalline body. That would really be something, and I’m willing to put forth the effort to make it happen. It’s not always easy, but it is very worthwhile and I enjoy the exercises most of the time.

    What is it like communicating with me?

    Good question. As I type these words, I feel you within my head. I can get only a dim vision of the person to whom I am communicating with – a distant memory, or are projecting something? However I hear the words as my fingers type and follow them as if they are laid out word by word to make a sentence. If I concentrate too much on a single word I lose the entire sentence, so I type as rapidly I as can.

    I am really enjoying this, Mark.

    Me too. It’s fun to be back in communication. Let’s do it more often. There was a spell over the past few months when I was concentrating so diligently on the Mastering Alchemy work that I put aside all attempts to communicate. I am not sorry that I did that, but it’s really nice to be back in touch with you, and the others aboard Athabantian.

    We will have more conversations.

    Yes and I will report them as such, less formal than my prior postings.

    I believe this is enough for today, Mark. Someone else would like to speak with you.

    Okay, Good–bye. Blessings to all.

    Good-bye, Mark, Blessings and love.


    Good Morning, Mark this is Taugth.

    Good Morning, Taugth.

    I wish to speak with you about Abiquor.

    That would be most welcome. I seem to have lost the thread of that project amidst my focus on Mastering Alchemy.

    Yes you have, and that is quite acceptable, as the project has changed with the events of December 2012.

    Your prior vision of Abiquor as an “Institute” of learning was quite accurate for your vision from the 3rd Dimension. Until the transformations of December, it would have been a worthwhile endeavor for Abiquor to become a teaching, training, and communications center. That is no longer a viable course of action because of the rapid ascent of many into the higher dimensions, and the propect of many more following them.

    Please explain.

    With the fall of 3rd Dimension and the opening of the pathway to the multi-dimensions, there is less need to undertake specific training. Merely ascending into the higher, lighter dimensions will enable anyone to interact with his or her environment from the basis of love and oneness, otherwise they would not be a part of these higher dimensions. When one functions from a basis of love and oneness, they automatically interact with others in a completely different way than the old ways of the 3rd Dimension. There is no training required, it is inherent in the 5th and higher dimensions. Then all will be telepathic, able to manifest, and able to travel, all without the tools of dense physical form.

    But how long will this take?

    Mark, you are entering a place of no linear time. Do not concern yourself with how long. All will happen in a timeless mode, a coincident mode.

    So what is to be the function of Abiquor, or is there one?

    Abiquor is today an anchor for energies coming into this planet and into this timeframe. It is no accident that many people are drawn to Pagosa Springs. That is one function of Abiquor.


    Another function of Abiquor is to enhance communications between people like you and those aboard Athabantian.


    The third function, not yet implemented, is to use Abiquor as a terminal for travel between Earth and other planets of the higher dimensions, and as a resting place for these visitors. Earth is returning to the level of a Christed planet, as such she will be most desired as a place to visit. Once she is restored to her former glory as Earth Star, she will be a wondrous destination.

    What is the significance of water associated with Abiquor that some have been receiving?

    Pagosa Springs lies on top of a vast reservoir of pristine water. During the time the planet is being cleansed of its many environmental insults, Pagosa will serve as a terminal for those coming from other planets. Pure water is essential for the work of the cleanup crew.

    Water is also a symbol for the fluidity of the higher dimensions. Abiquor will be situated, not on the solid rock of the 3rd Dimension, but upon the fluidness of water. Think of swaying in the breeze and you will have some idea as to how things will be in the higher dimensions. All is energy; energy is not fixed unless it is slowed to the level of physical form. This will no longer be the case for planet Earth. With her new energy she will flow like water. Stars appear to your astronomers as gaseous and fluid, that is the norm for the higher densities.

    Thank you Taugth for this message

    You are most welcome, Mark, it is my pleasure to communicate with you. Blessings and good-bye

    Blessings to you, Taugth, and to All.


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      • Thanks Vlad love your vids!

        That last one seems well preserved, usually an effort has to be made for mummification, or the body decomposes, at least a human body. Wish they had taken xrays.

        Looking forward to seeing the sirius movie.

        • thanks
          I have almost completely understood what’s happened in the past (in last 50 000 years), and even much more….
          There are some fragments (that I specify), but the whole picture – is entirely clear … All clear as daylight ….I can confidently say that I know What’s going on, and what happened here on Earth surface in the past.

          • Nice – glad to have someone as knowledgeable as you around, Vlad.

            What I was wondering – do you understand their reasons for doing some of the things they did? Greed/power / service to self, or was it more than that? That seems to be the underlying theme of the Sumerian material… but is that written from their point of view? Are they the “Olmecs,” or another group?

            • YES – Greed, power, service to self, money, girls, Control of the territory and the fight for power, and etc (all like in humans in modern days).
              (((“”That seems to be the underlying theme of the Sumerian material””)) -YES.
              1) There there was very big STAR War between the house(clan) AL-AL-U … and house(clan) ANU.
              2)Then there was a conflict between the Enlil and Enki (sons of Anu)
              3)Then there was a war of sons Marduk (Seth kill Osiris, and then Horus punished SETH). Marduk the first son of ENki.
              The WIfe of Enki is Damkina(Ninki) daughter of AL-AL-U.
              4)THEN again war of clan Enlil and clan Enki.
              5)Then war of rebel Marduk(Amun Ra, Baal) and his son Nabu against both clan Enlil and clan Enki…. for marduk help 200 IGIGI Workes (the fallen “angels” in Bible). And Marduk(Amun Ra is rebel SATAN)
              6)Then Marduk rise rebelion of reptiloids and grays. Star battle in Solar system.
              Later reptiles and grays banished Marduk, and capture Solar system.
              Are they the “Olmecs,” or another group? – THEY All is extraterrestrial life forms.
              Mother of Enki from Orion, may be star Mintaka … Clan Enki is blue skin and blue blood giants , with elongated skulls… (part of them on Pleiades)
              Clan of Enlil may be white skin – from Aldebaran , Sirius b…they are descendants of the Vegan….

              All humanoid giants in this galaxy – is the descendants of the Vegan giants( astronauts) from the constellation Lyra, Vega Star.

            • I can not understand how they are actually in the feudal community(feudalism), with kings, princes, princesses, castles, temples have such technology?
              Alcohol is also from them, the “butler” – there is a such a position (job),
              the beer and of wine grape – it is their…..

  3. Vlad this is a response from above (LOL) since we appear to be running out of room in your previous thread. Good discussion!

    Yes Earth not school – is a sphere of sadism, grief, sorrow, misery and suffering

    Yes you are correct but the opposite is also true. If you wish to see only one side, this is the reality you wish to carry with you. It is a pretty heavy / dark reality, IMO. It can effect/impact everything you do. But that is your choice and I respect you for that.

    I have to say, I felt as you do when I was 15/16. I am not saying this is how you feel, I’m just saying this is how it made me feel. Everything is evil, everything is dark. I was pretty miserable. I hated everything. Then I realized that I was miserable because of me, not because of any external influence. It was my choice alone to be miserable. And it was my choice alone to be happy. So I decided to be happy.

    It is funny, as far as I’m concerned none of those masons or reptiloids (or Daleks!) exist. Although I have met both in my dreams. They have not appeared in my own reality, yet, so to me they do not yet exist as solid physical things. They are only concepts. Same with the idea of “god.” They have a potential to exist and that potential is greater when I experience some aspect of it. But also I have to temper my concept of “exist” with the knowledge that I tend to base that determination on my “physical” senses. Honestly, I don’t know what’s real and what isn’t.

    What I know from experience is that people are capable of great good and great evil and I have seen both in my life. I try to be one of the good guys, even if I know that my actions may be perceived as evil by someone at some point in time. And I can’t help that. It’s not up to someone else who I am, it’s up to me.

    Footnote to above – actually I have met several masons and those I have met were not evil. There may be an evil faction of the masons, but that is not because they are masons, it is because they decide service to self over service to others. Service to self contradicts Masonic principles. If members choose to go against those principles, that’s their own choice.

    I understand that other so-called Illuminati organizations have the same difficulty. Pretty much the same marketing crisis as the number 13, IMHO. Seek and ye shall find.

  4. And About who namely return here to kick ass – i know who return. Anunnaki of king ruler Anu…
    Enlil, Ninurta, may be Enki, Ningishzidda, Nergal and others. their allies.

    Athabantian = is AR flagman ship – space station)
    I hope this is all be in a humane manner (quickly) to reduce the suffering of poor people to a minimum. Poor people so suffered – 4000 years their
    tormented here evil forces and the Masons and all remnants of trash.

    • Apparently.

      Now this is just one source and I usually want to see 2 or 3. But if you recall the aztecs believed that sacrifices were done to delay the coming of this time. Have you ever noticed, every time there is supposed to be a major positive announcement, something bad happens? Hm. I’d say in the last few days, they must really be getting desperate. Sorry bad guys. It’s done.

    • Sorry Vlad do you mean poor as in having no money or something else? How about having good credit? Can they suffer if they’re happy? Do the rich suffer? I suppose those are technicalities 🙂

      • When I say poor and miserable – I mean innocent victims
        from the actions of evil on earth.
        Innocent people who suffer daily from the actions of the evil forces (caste rich Masons and their owners(reptiloids masters), as and other forces of evil that multiplies misery and unhappiness(troubles) for the people, as well as the actions of people with evil reptilian souls, and other types of evil souls….

  5. and here again the question and where the Galactic Court? where the Galactic Patrol? where STAR fleets? Where they were – when starvation killed 2-14 million Slavs? (Famine in the Ukraine – the monstrous killing people). Gulags in soviet russia killed 30-40 million people !!!And that’s just the flowers –
    tip of the iceberg

    • This has been a very dark time indeed. 😦 I’m glad it is coming to a close.

      Regarding “death” all I can say is that I see it as a release from life contract, the contract is complete. So a kid that dies in an accident, another way to look at it is that he’s done with this incarnation. An early release from the prison. There are some pretty horrible stories – I was pretty choked up over the extra bits in the DVD for sophies choice. The movie was bad enough, apparently the nazis just left a boxcar full of children to starve to death when it broke down. They had that little concern for human life. So many sad stories. And these things are still going on right now. So our job (humanity) is to figure out how to stop that. It has to start HERE, in the heart. The galactics can’t tell us to do that. We have to do it ourselves. ♥ Forgive but never forget, and love those who can’t love themselves. Namaste my brother.

      • Yes i say “vermin”. On the earth there have been horrible crimes.
        This all could have been stopped and suppress on a root. So many questions – why have thrown people ?
        Why allowed all of this, why they ran away …
        Really All these heroes have fallen so low, in terms of courage and bravery?
        and I can guess why……Last 4000 years evil tormented people, and no one helped, and if they helped it was not enough.
        Hollow Earth not help too. Do not cowardice Is it?

        • Vladimir, What happens when a child is not listened to by parents,peers,teachers, They go one of two ways First becomes withdrawn a victim the second becomes the bully who dictates and crushes. How many do you think are the bullies and how many do you think are the victims. Life on Earth is for learning and I can truly say the learning is nearly over. Why? Because the victims are beginning to question and to rise up into their own inner power, the difference here though is they are rising in Love for one another and for the all that is. We have seen two large wars and many ongoing small ones. Yes they are trying to bring in another big one but they wont for the simple reason we have had enough and are no longer going to join their war machines, many who are in uniform are leaving. They are now using the cards of innocence and fun Children and fun events we enjoy both they bring us joy so what better way to instil anger and hatred for WHAT/WHO. a minority people, a race, a culture. We are Awake we see their Lies. If God any god had intervened what would Humanity have learnt? Think of the spoilt child who gains anything its heart desires and ask what has he really gained. much love Suzanne.

          • 1) there is no any God (gods, or supreme god) in this Universe. Any who say about god – lier.
            2) Anunnaki from Sirius b , and anunnaki from Mintaka(blue blood, blue skin) play gods in past…. Now reptiloids and greys play one supreme Demiurge( so easy for them controll their human slaves in Solar system)
            3)Life on Earth is for learning – this is sadism…One good word for all this, the cycle of sadism and stupidity ..
            And those who control it —all criminals …. What differs those
            who silently watching for heinous crimes and tortures people, from those who do evil ? – they both pockmarked ..
            to see the evil that could help and did not help – they are criminals and cowards..
            they have spacefleets, they have spaceships, weapon and etc…

            • Wait – isn’t belief in god and aliens the same thing? Can’t have one without the other y’know!

              And god just means all intelligent energy in the universe. Collect it all up, stick it in a bucket, that’s god. Uh, minus the bucket.

              • God is a god – he can do everything anything He is the Creator of the universe, and in one second (in a moment) can stop all evil, the eternal and forever put an end to these creeping thing… But in this Universe – no Gods, Only extraterrestrial life forms(intelligent mind).

            • If that is true then it comes back to the same question, who am I where did Life come from. I have always believed I am greater than my body, the essence that is Me and each person that walks this planet did not just appear. All were created by something/someone. God is just a label Humanity linked/ a word. The trueness is within us far greater than words why do you think the Ancients used symbols and drawings. Look at a great master painter, he conveys so much more than words could ever convey. So for want of a better Human word I will use Love and Light as Light exposes the darkness and the love surrounds and comforts. To say Earth is not a school, I ask how do you learn. If you say from scientists, authors, lecturers have you gone out and looked at their credentials or just taken what they say as your truth. For that is all you do without allowing any one else to stand in their truth.
              To call one what one speaks a lie is untruth if you can not back this with real truth.

              • Religion 4,000 years, and even more so – to deceive people ..
                People are living in illusions. And the reality is that there is no any gods, no angels, no demons and hell … There are extra-terrestrial life forms of different types and species, and different environments (habitat).
                frequently(are often) the people themselves come up with this …
                is a fairy tales that has nothing to do with reality (real world of this Universe)…
                And the reality is – it’s not a school (it is slavery of people on surface of the planet earth) And caste of Masons (the rulers of the rich) always in abundance, and the rest in poverty, misery, in sorrow and troubles …and this is the last 4000 years, and even more….to you say – Suffer now (supposedly it is a school) and then will be eternal happiness …
                Will not be happy either now, and then(maybe) it will not be (as it is the real world).
                this is not a school – it’s the cycle of slavery and suffering, for what is there to teach slaves?
                Yes Earth not school – is a sphere of sadism, grief, sorrow, misery and suffering

  6. Marduk – rebel traitor…
    He is Amon RA, Amun Ra, Amon Baal, Bel, Asag, Vaal, Amon Naga…. Modern his name is SATAN… So called “a fallen son of “creator” Enki, and 200 “fallen angels” IGIGI Workers. Marduk led on Earth rebels reptiloids SSA-TA, SAURI, SHET-i.
    He raised rebellion of Greys and other “dark” forces from Solar system and Orion..
    If you ask why now evil reigns on earth ? – then the answer is:
    it Marduk and reptilians and grays rioted(rebelled) agains Sirius b
    Then, reptiles and gray banished Marduk, and seized power in the solar system, and Marduk run from Earth.

      • lol….a criminal liar and a deceiver….
        to kick some ass ?unfortunately I do not have a battle star fleet – I would show real kick ass for all who have committed appalling crimes….
        And if you think he is Wuotan(Odin) – you DEEPLY wrong …
        Odin (Wuotan , Wodan) – is IKU-MAR-BEH, ZU , AL-AL-GAR……son of king AL-AL.
        He die long before(very long time before)

  7. A CELESTIAL MYSTERY SOLVED : The Secret to an Unknown Human Power by GW Hardin

    (posted this morning)

    Tauno this also relates to what you were saying about gateways.

    I think the article is describing “how” all this actually works.

    What Meyl has done is discover how DNA itself creates scalar waves … a most controversial topic among the physics world. Scalars have the ability to travel faster than the speed of light without losing energy, which thusly allows them to cross dimensions. It was in Meyl’s book (DNA and Cell Resonance) that I came to realize that the hydrogen electrons surrounding the hexagonal and pentagonal shapes of the DNA literally spin not solely around the hydrogen atom but around the entire molecule that makes up the pentagons and hexagons. This spinning of the hydrogen electron cloud causes the creation of vortexes. And these vortexes are the generators of scalar waves throughout the human body. The human body is a de-facto massive collection of DNA tesseract gateways.

    • Troy this is also why our brothers and sisters are here. Imagine the destruction not just of earth but this universe if they had used a Hydrogen bomb. By using the Atomic bomb Humanity thus showed how far they had come from connection to the all that is and the very real likely hood of a repeat of what happened in Atlantis and Lemuria. but this time destroying the Earth.

      • Agreed, I think they have won if even one of us listens to what they have to say. Reminds me of the hugh / borg episode of star trek tng.

        But, I sometimes wonder if the bomb also could be seen as a good thing in a way since it was a signal we reached a certain point. Transmutation of neg into positve… 1=1.

  8. Yes Thirteen is found in many Ancient Cultures and has been used by the Dark to instil fear. Tauno you are correct about the balance for we are all light and dark it is finding ourselves in total balance with the all that is that will bring us home as one. Many fight the dark side of their soul or allow it to take control. By allowing it to surface acknowledging it within the light of love we forgive ourselves, or vice versa we allow love to come in, (The last is always the hardest for humanity due to the illusion). thus balance is bought when the heart not the mind is allowed to take centre stage.

    • That`s right, Suzanne,
      it is time to look at the most “fearful” things and to realize that there is no fear at all, this our connection with Santa Muerte for example, looking at our inner demons right into their eyes can disperse and transmute this illusion, when we accept something as it is we free the Spirit

  9. In fact the zodiac signs are more than 12, there are two forbidden ones – People with Powerful Spiritual abilities are born under these signs – Spider and …I will use the term Carrying Serpents…for the other sign /I will have to check the correct translation/
    Troy! Thank You for this , it is a great clue and confirms My/0ur formula
    1+3=4 Balance!

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