An unexpected meeting with: Hitsusi (pronounced: Hitsjusi) and Balancing Portals

I am Arachanaï


by Lisa, Tauno and Leslee

It began all on the 18th of April when I went to bed. I felt like I was being watched, so I put a protective light over my family and went to sleep. When I woke up, in this split second of waking up, I saw a round opening, opening in front of me on the wall. I could look in for a moment in what seemed to be a biological ship and on the panels was a star being, Grey, draconian looking busy on the panels. For a moment the draconian being looked at me and then it was gone. So after that I was doubting myself of what I really saw. This came to me when I was between waking and sleeping. What did I see? Was this an illusion or…?

What follows now is a conversation between Tauno, me and the…

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