Konstantinos: About my Twin Flame and a message from two ascended beings


[Hello dear friends and I’m heading right on the subject: I found at last my Twin Flame (-_-)!

Back in November of 2012, I had trusted to a few that I had received that my Twin Flame is incarnated and she is currently in England, she’s the same age like mine and has many common interests and experiences with me. I had received from other beings since then,even a future self of mine, that I would meet her. When I was asking them ‘Will I meet her in 2013?’ they would answer ‘ yes ‘. This was even coming out many times frequently in the card reading too, where you are not aware which card will come up next.

So, with these information in mind and daily praying every night before I sleep, I was trying to give myself strength to move on. I know there are more reasons in life to give you the motivation to move on, but this was something for which, I was so longing for many years, actually since I learnt about the Twin Flames matter. From September till November 2012 it was my most intense period of sadness regarding that issue. I had this wish in every lonely walk of mine, which in my case is almost every time. Don’t feel like going out with other people usually. They don’t understand me.

On March 22nd 2013, a girl reached me through e-mail. She knew about my work and my blog. On our first written communication via Skype in the next day, she initially confirmed the information I had received back in November, and I didn’t know anything about her back then, at least on a conscious level. She also didn’t know about what I had received.The confirmations surprised me and even shocked me. It was like a thunder strike. I heard the voice of my Arcturian guide saying ‘ There she is! ‘. But I started feeling doubts about what I heard. It usually happens (with the most people) when something that you perceived for so long as an unfulfilled wish, finally comes your way.

Later, from day-to-day, I was tuning in with different beings and I was getting the same answer from everyone. And in the mid time  I was observing our synchronicities which were so many, I didn’t have so much synchronicities and so frequent and instant ones with anyone so far. Then the dreams, the easy flowing communication which isn’t necessary to happen even between people of the same mindset, got my attention too. I asked different Lightbeings about all these too and I received a positive response.

A combination of stress and happiness was one of the reasons that got me very sick and ill on March 27th 2013. My contacts told me that my illness was more of a psychological nature, because no one would have been healed completely from such a big fever just in 10 hours. At least this had not happened with me before and also, I had never got such  high decrees of fever. My relatives told me that I had reached very near to 40 Celsius fever/104 degrees Fahrenheit! They still are very surprised and they keep wondering. But my Twin Flame’s higher aspect, Salira (her ‘last’ incarnation on Sirius A before she incarnates on Earth) was there with me. As well as her current image too. This made me feel better.



On March 28th 2013, I got the images of two  of her ‘past life’  Sirian friends and the next morning, they gave me their message that was for her and also included that we two, were the Twin Flame of each other. If I’d go into details about our synchronicities and the so common experiences (personal preferences, kind of thinking, even sightings and many other things), you would be able to see how truly thrilling the situation is. Well, for me and her it’s sure is thrilling as well as very joyful and it still continues to be so. I can tell you  that she’s very beautiful, outside and inside and that’s the least I can say…just wanted to share my Happiness regarding this matter.

Now, I’d like to introduce you two beings of a very beautiful energy that I contacted with, in the previous two weeks…

The one was introduced to me as Hakhul Jah.

Hakhul Jah

He told me that to some of his ‘past’ incarnations he was a student of Gautama Buddha and Confucius. He also told me that his ‘last’ incarnation on Earth was in 20th century, in Tibet as a monk. After his departure from the physical plane, he continued his initiations on the higher frequency realms and for now, he acts from a specific level of the Ascended Master realm.

The other being was one that seemed to manifest as a female energy. Her name is Lottonia.


Lottonia is part of a collective that is known as the Oracle or the Masters of change. It is a group of ascended beings that have united with each other’s consciousness and their current mission is to restore the energy levels of the planet, co-creating with the beings that are responsible for the ‘new’ magnetic field of Earth.

 Hakhul Jah’s and Lottonia’s message follows.]

Even the tools and forces from the highest of dimensions that are meant for you to use, cannot have their strong effect on you if  you do not choose to help yourselves. It does not mean that because you cannot see us that we do not exist. It does not mean that because you currently have adopted the human attributes, that you are not able to reach the higher realms. You will get there when you will know that you are already there with us.

And this knowing does not come from the mind but mainly from your Heart chakra’s realization that you are the same being manifested in different bodies and realities in the Now moment. When someone deeply realizes this, an experience that cannot completely be described with words, he/she cannot do otherwise but feel ‘bigger’ than before, more expanded we would say.

He/she would continue to be him/herself and at the same time he/she would continue to be all the others..a totally different being, wouldn’t you say? Be ready for even more manifestations on many sections of your world. Many things on different levels  have been set in their position, ready for the right moment. Be every moment and every ‘mystery’ will seem to you as another attribute of your collective being, as another part of our collective existence.

We greet you and watch you always with Love. Do not forget that you are our brothers and sisters. This should tell you something.

As received by Konstantinos.


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