A Message from the Angels — Are you Open to Change? April 22, 2013, by Tazjima

Happy Earth Day, everyone! After another hiatus, another message…
Love to all, Elizabeth

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The Angels:  Are You Open to Change?

via Eliza Ayres

The rumbles of change, internal and external are currently reverberating across the face of the planet. Are you open to change happening in your life?

We are the angelic legions of the Divine Mother and speak as a collective. We are One with the Mother / Father God, one with Creator. We are one with you, also.

We come to you today to speak of the necessity of letting go of expectation and even of disappointment. Things have a way of working out when you least expect it, if you are willing to forgo the need to control the world outside yourself.

You have been told that the Universe loves you. It loves you so much that those things you place your attention upon will visit you, sometimes repeatedly, until you realize that, yes, you are the creator of your…

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