Short message from Higher Self about Animals by Multidimensional Ocean

Multidimensional Ocean

555823_443149342429452_1870251405_nShort message came through today:
Animals are placed into people’s lives and care, rest assured there is no coincidence there. Think of them as your own responsability, in the same way as you have been put in charge of the lives of your own children.
All life comes and belong to Source, no matter what stage of evolutionary developpment they are at.
All humans have first been incarnated into the plant life, then into the animal world, then into human form.
From the human form, you will grow and rise into higher forms of existence, which you already have an insight from your human form at times.
This is the natural path of spirit evolution. This path does not always apply to the volunteer lightworkers, who very often are already ascended beings, who have volunteered to incarnate here at this time, in order to lift the collective consciousness vibrations, which…

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