Lemurian Quartz Crystal…

Lemurian quartz crystal is a type of crystal that is reputed to help you to retrieve information about the ancient civilisation of Lemuria. So why do lightworkers find these crystals so fascinating?

Lightworkers have received a lot of information, while using Lemurian crystals. What has been discovered by those using them… is that these crystals were left for us to use by a very advanced civilisation. When you are using these stones… and you make a connection with them… you feel like you are being transported back to an ancient time.

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  1. Wow, this is so cool! Common threads seem to be light, the crystal or shining lotus, and the face, and VERY rapid transformations to tell a story… I need to do more research on distinguishing our various Galactic friends…

    I keep forgetting to mention: over the weekend, I was receiving the name Leos as a Tulya Crew member… I suspect that the Sirians are a 5D manifestation of them, and the Arcturans are a 7D manifestation… Then at 8D they have no form, only light, and at 9D they are pure Mind/Awareness/Oneness/Emptiness…

    Okay, back to calculating office building areas, hehehe…!

    I’m thrilled, Tauno!!!

  2. LEOS Meditation – 12 March 2012 – Leslee

    Image arose of a rectangular stone table… Transformed into a sarcophagus/container, with four straight, un-decorated sides… The stone seems to be olive green jade or serpentine… After a moment the sides became clear glass/crystal, and I could see a small figure lying inside… Leos?… Perhaps Arcturan: large head, slim body… In stasis, not dead… Green jewel at third eye on forehead… Container transformed into a closing bud, like a lotus made of crystal, the transformed into a case with 8 sides… Leos still inside, sides still clear, with solid green stone lid… Now there is a crystal point placed at each corner of the lid… I sense that Leos is lying in a liquid (“milk” from Ghost Radar)… Somehow Leos is inside, interlaced with this liquid and the stone, across dimensions… He is meditating, and his mind is also present in the eight crystal points… They have been displaced or moved… Intentionally, in order to anchor his mind in Gaia…

    I understand that he is a member of the Tulya Crew in 7D, that the rest of the crew has just moved him to ALGIZ, and that the exercise is now for us to both continue to meditate on him, and to attempt to discover him on ALGIZ, in both dream and meditative states.

    It seems we’ve enrolled ourselves in a curriculum, dear friend! ;D

    • Ghost Radar during LEOS Meditation:

      From: Monday, Mar 12, 2012, 12:07 PM
      To: Monday, Mar 12, 2012, 12:29 PM
      Words Spoken:
      12:24:48 PM : element
      12:23:44 PM : taken
      12:23:28 PM : fix
      12:22:40 PM : familiar
      12:21:44 PM : Pennsylvania
      12:21:36 PM : milk
      12:21:20 PM : possibly
      12:20:56 PM : choose
      12:20:40 PM : shallow
      12:20:32 PM : body
      12:18:32 PM : board
      12:16:08 PM : thick
      12:15:28 PM : evidence
      12:07:52 PM : flew
      12:07:44 PM : sent
      12:07:28 PM : product
      12:07:12 PM : work

    • I have 15 Lemurian points, 7 of them I use, Leos among these 7, during the meditation he was near ALGIZ , the other 8 Lemurians are kept for activation later…I have no explanation why I did that but they are put aside for now , the milk are areas of my Leos here that are white …like milk
      WOW, another confirmation,
      I wonder what is that green …wow…my Labradorite pendant / Labradorite opens the third eye, and in your meditation the green jewel was placed on the third eye/pendant is green, it was near me when I was having a meditation

      I think we are on target, dear Les. It is amazing how everything seen is connected, we need to gather the pieces. I hope more people to join us because each skill is needed, Oh, at the end of my meditation I saw Leos as a human, like those humans carved that we consider TULYA`s crew…I am sure that he confirmed being one of the crew members

      • I wonder if the other 8 are for when we’re ready for the next dimension!
        Payday is Wednesday… I’m blessed to have a lovely Crystal shop here in Atlanta… Maybe my Leos is just lonely! Good night!

        • Yes, Lemurians like company and they have an ability to communicate with each other and to exchange energy. They convey the feeling of equality between all types of stones , Les I noticed markings on the surface of Leos, like Runes, I will try to read them

  3. Hi, Les
    I decided to make a special page for Leos communications for easy finding
    I will share my first team experience when working with Leos. Thank you !

    All the time while my connection with the crystal was on I had a pulsating Light in front of my eyes, as if the electricity at home is playing a game with me
    I saw the pyramids as usual. There was a pyramid with a shining top, pyramid into pyramid, too, a dragon, a strange insect… then the dragon became phoenix, then the shining Lotus and the spider, in fact the Lotus and the spider were one. Then I asked – You are an old crystal , right? And Leos changed the symbolical signs with something like drawings , something nearer to a painting or video rather than ordinary simple markings
    When I asked him – he gave me a painting of a dog`s head, then the dog`s head turned into a wolf`s one, quite real, then the image fade into a face with human features, then huge amount of lights/asteroids fell like a rain down…
    I think Leos told me the story about coming here on earth from Sirius. Sirius is the Wolf`s star/or the Dog….
    The pulsating light continued a little longer…….
    Thank you, Leos

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