Navajo Spirit

navajo spirit

Crystal Connection – 3 May 2014
I sensed OLA so pure and transparent in my hand and the whole ALGIZ construction looked very active, the crystals just emanated energies all around. I took the central Lemurian point and was holding it in my hand next to OLA. I asked the crystals to give me a message.
I went into the Lemurian with the help of OLA and I met a Goddess there, the Goddess turned into a Being of Light and this Being was holding a white bird on the left hand, the bird was both a bird and a white flame onto the Being`s hand, the photo above I find quite similar of what I saw. Then I saw this Being like a Spirit and asked for its name. I received – Navajo
Then there came Lights like stars below the Being , then above the Being`s head I saw a halo of stars – white stars
Then I was told that Navajo`s Spirit is Ascending into the higher dimensions, I sensed movement upwards into the crystal structure as the Being`s image became more and more Angelic and of higher vibrations
End of the connection

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