Crystal Connections September 2013

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  1. Crystal Connection – 26 September 2013

    I saw the elven forest and white Angelic Like Beings from the elven realms were dancing in a circle, they have little white wings and I feel they are some of our facets
    Then I see my Golden crown over my head and the crown is rotating clockwise, I see the mountains, I am there, high in the mountains and the crown is big, then it becomes smaller and constantly changes its look while rotating, I even saw a white Lotus over my head and above the Lotus there was the crown rotating, I sensed a Portal opened through this crown and allowed the Higher energies to penetrate my chakras and enter into my body, I asked for the Light to heal my pain, to recover me and then to go through me into the Earth
    I felt Peace in the midst of the common chaos amongst the human souls at the verge of the New Day and prepared myself to go
    I connected with the Egyptian Gods again and received their blessings, Received the Blessings of the Archangels too through the crown over my head
    Jeshua and Magdalene sent their Light to me and I saw Golden Rays directed towards me
    As I called RA I saw a Cat
    Bastet came to Bless and Guide me
    I did Namaste gesture and I saw Bastet at the other side – now Golden Cat with Pharaoh`s clothing
    Then I saw a human pharaoh or higher Being figure – I could see a hooded gown of white or grey/silver colour that appeared in front of the mountain, then I saw a council of light into the mountain, the council was of higher Beings and we were also present there as Souls, I could see fires of golden Light that were enlightening these Beings and their faces

  2. I am spiraling out , dancing in spirals, I connect with the pyramids, like an hourglass the sand is going down around the pyramids, but it seems that the pyramids are floating in the air
    spinning clockwise, I see two suns in the sky, I feel weightless , I am floating in the air, i feel very strange, floating islands, everything is floating,, I feel connected with my
    umbilical cord to the crystals, the inner crystals, max, the crystal in Abiquor and my crystal amelen. I am ONE – I see everybody going through the portal, I see troy dressed in white holding
    the hand of Feilla , crossing over, I feel Tauno, my sister next to me, we are holding each others hand and we cross over, we are happy, we smile at each other, I see others crossing over
    a flash of white light and I am back out of my meditation

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    Love Lisa

    • Lisa, the elven white Beings I saw dancing were also weightless as you felt and my crown was rotating in the air clockwise and I am about to go through it into the higher vibrations of Love and Light, we are all ready to go! And yes, perhaps I saw Troy too at the end of my meditation – the dressed in White gown human figure that appeared in front of the mountain

  3. Crystal Connection – 27 September 2013
    Crafts I see over the mountain, they are some metallic grey saucers gliding into the air and standing still while vibrating with high frequencies, one of them feels bigger, it is the closest to me , almost above my head while the others are slightly distant and I see them smaller
    I was aware of my physical body in my room that merged with my Light KA body
    I felt warmth in my whole physical body and a Powerful White Light I felt that was surrounding me, this is Jeshua`s energy print I know it, Jeshua was there with me although I did not see Him
    I remember going East – to Tibet and I have a mission – connection between Egypt and Tibet
    That is why my dear sister Frila is with me now, she is on this mission too connecting from France
    I was again in Egypt and I saw a triangular stone – a big, a huge African Turquoise that is not blue but green with brown and black inclusions, the Stone was a Gate and soon after I saw it I was able to see its Aether facet of higher vibrations – it was a triangle of Golden Light and out from it there came beam of Light that made a bridge between the physical and the Aether projections of the Gate
    Then I was guided to work on my physical body allowing the energies of the KA to “bombard” the physical cells of mine, I felt energized
    I connected with RA again and sent a feeling of Appreciation and Gratitude

  4. 27 September 2013
    I see a big spider , energy spiders, huge etherical spiders stepping onto the world , spiders are reaching into space, the are golden and they spin a golden web all over the world. They are
    folding space, they are folding time, the are bringing a new dawn. I see dawn drops falling from a leaf and I look up, and I find myself standing in high golden green grass, i see a sunrise,
    the sky is golden orange/pink color. In the distance i see mountain ranges and snow tops and I feel so peaceful. The new world is arising. I am there with my other fellows, I see tauno. troy,
    KP, leslee, feilla , elizabeth, petra, danica and all others. we are running through a little white flower field and we let bath in the upcoming rays of the sun. the sun is big and red. I am
    now in Egypt, the sand dunes going up and down, but the sand is white instead of red and I see white sand color pyramids floating and rotating in the air, the are double pyramids making a….
    form. The sky is purple/blue and again I feel this floating feeling, like everything is floating. There is no up and down. I see crystal fields emerging from the white sand, picking up the
    energies from the sun, it makes a circle, we are all there standing inside the circle , we tune into the energies and we channel it into creating new earth. I feel the supporting energies from
    our guides, our angels and our star brothers and sisters who joined into this meditation, to create a new world. we are ONE being, ONE universe, ONE beingeness. They gives us heart love
    energies pouring into ours hearts, I feel like crying, it feels so good and fluffy. AA Michael is also there, he raises the blue flame and spreads it all over us , the blue flames in now
    burning in all of us.

    Love Lisa

  5. Crystal Meditation – 28 September 2013
    I did a healing meditation because I felt cold and uncomfortable
    I saw the Earth from above, the mountains and the trees – all colours, I was flying in the sky
    Then I felt White Light coming from above and surrounding me, Angels were singing and I heard the river
    Love and Light

  6. Crystal Connection – 29 September 2013
    I connected my environment, my physical and my Light body into ONE and started the journey
    I remember being in Egypt and walking by the pyramids and I sensed golden Light at my right where the pyramids were and blue energy at my left where the road was, I combined these two energies into a spiral of blue and golden Light
    I connected with my Heart Center of the KA body and I saw a sphere of Golden Light, the Flower of Life embraced the sphere into its net and I saw the Sphere on a high mountain place, a Cat appeared at the same place – Bastet, the Cat was at times a Lioness that was there with her kittens, the Cat was vibrating with the higher golden energies of the Egyptian Gods, I could see the mountain below this high green place on the top, the sky below was blue and the mountain was green and I sensed a movement up while being on the high place with Bastet
    The top was moving higher and it was floating in the air and drawing the whole Earth below , the Earth was following Bastet upwards, I could look at the Earth below and sending energies that helped Her follow the rock with Bastet and my Presence
    I sensed a physical sensation of moving upwards
    Then my attention moved into my Throat Chacra and I was in North America connected with the Native American Elders and their children that are now living there, I saw an orange rock , it was a canyon of a kind – like Grand Canyon – the place was similar to Grand canyon
    I could feel White Eagle`s Presence and I saw a ritual of People connecting with the Earth
    My awareness moved into the center of my Head and I sensed an energy there that connected me with a higher Being of Light that looked like Ashtar Sheran , he was standing on my left and I was in a mountain that was not on Earth, the Being of Light was dressed in white or grey robe with his hands in front of the heart as in a prayer and his hair was blond

  7. Crystal Connection – 30 September 2013

    I was connected with the Being I saw last night in my meditation , I feel Ashtar Sheran was this Being,
    I was standing on the same place – a mountain but not on Earth , this was a Cosmic Mountain , my feet were on it and I was in Open Space at the same time, I feel I was connected with a craft, I saw rays of White Light coming to me and embracing me into White Light energy and I was able to see a triangular Light pattern in this energy stream that connected with my chakras
    this triangular pattern was made of some golden light spheres organized in a triangular shape
    I did not have any vision, just received the energy, in this energy are the answers we need and we will be able to understand them soon
    Love and Light

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