Crystal Connections September 2013

crop circle


  1. Lisa – 25 September 2013
    I make first a connection with my Madagascar crystal with my bigger Crystal Amélèn. Then made a connection with the crystals of inner Earth, Gaia , made a connection with the crystal Max and also made a connection with the crystal in Abiquor. I also make a connection with my higher self Arachanai.

    I find myself standing in the crystallarium of Abiquor, it is build on a hexagon, beehive, flower of life pattern. On hexagon represents a chamber where there is a crystal (all different purposes). I am wearing a kind of green glistening dress with cape and I have red long curly hair.

    Inline afbeelding 1

    In this particular hexagon crystal chamber is in the middle of the chamber a Lemurian Crystal. The floor has a Mandala pattern. Above the crystal is glass dome with a Lotus Flower on it. The glass is kinda of pearl/white, it is a sort of material that would reflect the vibrations and colors of the crystal. Also the walls around are from glass with the pearl/white color on it. Their are doors in this chamber that has a equilateral shape, and the doors are decorated with some kind of plant material (see drawing)

    The crystal is embedded in a circle of earth , rounded by a circle of grass, rounded by a circle fountain. Spiral spheres hang above it and there is water coming from it, going into the circle fountain base. This crystal and water fountain is based on the Mandala pattern, that is on the floor. Between the doors are blossom trees and against the wall is also a circle fountain base with greens.

    See all in this sketch below

    Inline afbeelding 1

    After this I saw a black Cobra. Then I had a short conversation with Tom and with my guardian that hangs above us in a scout ship. Then suddenly a sphere of yellow/golden light of energy comes bursting out of Amélèn and hits me right in the heart and saw my body light up. i saw my astral body and I saw my hands like in a star form, really funny feeling. Then I was back out of my meditation.

    Love Lisa

  2. Crystal Connection – 25 September 2013
    I connected my Solar Plexus and my Heart chakras
    Golden Light inside of me beaming out from my mouth, feel the movement of the energies , connection with RA, the sound is vibrating into my Solar Plexus and I can see blue rays coming out of my mouth together with the Golden Light that formed a Sphere around me, Triangle on the ground I see, a Portal – round portal opened in Space like a wormhole and I followed it
    I received we are going Home, I felt my physical feet on the ground but I could feel them as if they are slipping forward as if it was not thew wooden floor but ice, we are going Home into the 6th dimension where we came from at the beginning of our journey here into 3D
    I saw the Earth from the sky, a river below was dividing the landscape into left part – illusion , I could see a mountain there too, and the Right part – reality – there was only the ground and the sky, a craft came and went into the left part and stayed still in the sky over the mountain, it looked like a big plane

  3. Lisa – 24 September 2013
    It’s a warm summer day, and I am walking down the hill, the grass besides me is spring green, below me I can see a city of light. Then I decided to fly to the city and I just flew into the
    air, down to the city. It feels good, feel the warm summer wind blowing through my hair. It is a good feeling and I am feeling peaceful. I am to tired, didn’t get anything more.

    Love Lisa

  4. Crystal Meditation – 24 September 2013
    I concentrated on my Heart area and felt the waves of energy coming out of my heart, I saw a Being in Front of me that was”pulsating” as me – from the heart sending energy circles as a Sphere around, Human Being with Female look
    Then I connected with the egyptian Gods and saw a woman Pharaoh, looked like Cleopatra but I am not sure if she was really Cleopatra
    Then I got a vision, I was standing on a stone stairs and looked down, there was a palace down there with lovely green plants around it, the plants were growing very high and reached almost the top of the palace, the Sun was playing with the green leaves and their colour just shined with bright green and golden from the Sun rays
    Love and Light

  5. Lisa – 23 September 2013
    I saw a first interruption signals on the tv and then I see a newsreader saying something extraordinary had happened what appeared to be crystal cities floating in the air, and then they zoomed in on a beautiful white purple blue lighted crystal city. My heart (crystal) is pulsating blue again.I see a lotus flower opening, with million petals, like a kaleidoscope.

    Impressions of crystal cities

    Love Lisa

  6. Lisa – 22 September 2013
    I felt my crystal pulsating as a blue star. I am in the crystallarium and I am now standing in the middle and surrounded by crystals on different levels and dimensions. They start to rotate and giving energy that goes straight trough my body. I feel like I am transported into an elvenforest. It is autumn and moonlight dark, and wild dances are going on, I see a sort of stonehenge. I feel the blue light changing me forever. I help people going through the ascension gate, it looks a lot like the stargate in the serie stargate Atlantis. We finally made connection. I feel the sun burn in my heart. Love Lisa

  7. Crystal Connection – 22 September 2013

    I found myself in the area of Giza and was watching the Pyramids from a big distance in the night, I was feeling lost and alone by the road, the sky above me was indigo blue and my sigh for the dreamed life of mine amongst the Egyptian Gods drew their energy to me and I felt their Blessing, All of them, gradually there came Light to me from above and from my Right – from Reality
    I sensed the Light that was orange and dark Golden
    Then the Light got stronger and I sensed the familiar SUN Golden energy around me and the Gods connected giving me their Blessing
    I felt I am moving , I am going Home, saw the Native American Elders connected too, they were waiting for me to join them into the Higher Realms, they were standing still and observing with Awe my return into the Higher vibrations . I felt LOVE that was coming out of my Heart forming a Sphere of energy around me and the sphere expanded covering a vast area, I saw White Tatanka watching me, felt the Peace and Love that brought me the sense of Home, the grass was beige, the mountains were grey, the sky was of yellow and golden clouds

  8. Lisa – 21 September 2013
    Higher vibrational energies are coming in, I see blue orbs, I feel like I am glowing light blue inside and outside, I am in the crystal room in abiquor , the crystals are also glowing blue
    they are powering up and firing blue beams at me again, emerging my heart into a blue flame (reminds me of a dream I had a couple of days ago, where somebody said I had the gift to see the difference between lies and truth) , i feel like I am having two bodies, my light body wants to leave, I can feel it, i feel like Alice in wonderland, goes down the rabbit hole, I have to
    explore tonight , I know Amélèn and my guides will keep me safe.

    Tauno I feel like we journeyed the same journey.

    Sometimes it feels like I am a puzzle to solve.

    Love Lisa ( I still have this duality feeling when I am making this email, physical body stays and my etherical body wants to ascend), anyone suggestions what I should do, keep my etherical body in my physical?

    • Dear Lisa,
      It is essential to keep the Light body and physical bodies connected/merged now as we are about to experience a physical Ascension too
      This sensation of the Light body that wants to leave is familiar to us because we have ascended this way before, it has many in common with what we call “death”, physical death but this time it will be different
      Love You
      ( ( SUN ) )

  9. Crystal Meditation – 21 September 2013
    I started the Journey of the KA with both a sensation of the Light realms my consciousness was traveling through and thoughts about people and things from my everyday incarnated life
    I felt Golden Green energy and Light into the transcendental realms of consciousness
    Saw a ruined building, it seemed a fire has caused a damage in the past/the building is from 2oth century/ and at the same time under it I saw the columns of a temple, perhaps the building was build over this temple and Mother Mary came there by the temple with the Child, the image was so Angelic and the energy was pastel blue
    Then I called Hathor 3 times
    I saw a triangle, then a Pyramid, the Spinx and I remembered the triangular Portal of Blue energy that Lisa has shared with us as a picture
    I saw a book open , white pages with black letters and drawings, the book was big and was open into the Cosmos
    DNA Activations followed then, flashes of Golden Light into my brain as I was receiving the Codes, the Light filled the whole Space
    Then I intended a connection with the heart of Gaia so that to bring Her Light
    The Heart of Gaia is of many layers, I was taken to a green land with the mountains that seemed familiar to me
    I gathered my palms holding OLA and I started praying
    I prayed to be allowed to connect and bring Light into Mother Earth`s Heart
    all the time during my meditation my physical body experienced the cold in my room, now I sensed an instant warmth in my whole body, this energy came from my Heart connection with the crystal and my intent and the prayer, I sensed the Golden energies of my own Heart and the connection was made with the Sacred Heart of Gaia
    So Powerful and Gentle energy I felt into my Heart, I made a Flower, Lotus Flower with my hands and OLA and I expanded these already seeded energies of Peace all over the Earth from Her very Core, I saw the Cabal in their black gowns sitting by the Lotus of golden Light but having no power over it, We ARE this Lotus , I saw the Golden Star as a carpet that covered the Earth
    The Peace is Declared with the Power of this Connection and this Intent
    So Be It

  10. Crystal Connection – 20 September 2013
    I saw the left part of a Caduceus half emerged into the right – Reality and received that we are half there into the New and half of our facets are still living our everyday lives as incarnated on Earth, I saw red Sunflower next to the wing of Caduceus that is here in the physical plane
    Then I called all of the Archangels and Egyptian Gods with all my Heart
    I entered into a trance meditation that was very powerful
    I connected my Solar Plexus and my Heart Chakras and felt the vibrations of energies and my physical body felt the energies moving within my Chakras
    I called RA with all my Being
    the sound was vibrating RaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaRaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaRaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    My mouth was open and I felt the heat – my very breath was of Golden Light that was coming directly from my Solar Plexus and formed a sphere around me and this sphere expanded all over covering a vast area
    I added to the energy my Intent for Change of this reality into the Higher One
    I saw gentle blue sky and pink clouds, very soft and uplifting, I just floated into the energies, Energy was coming out from me as rays and waves of Golden fire
    and contraction into my Solar Plexus felt as A-A-A Shaman trance song
    I was told this way is not new for me because I have used it to create by will in my past, this way the Shamans draw the wishes manifest into the reality, this is how we do it -the Creation of Our Desired Reality
    With All Our POWERS with All OUR LOVE from the Solar-Heart connection
    I started then breathing in and exhale moving my arms and OLA around me and opening my Central Channel, Energy went trough all of my Chacras, filling my Body with Blue and Golden Light
    I saw blue flame with my Third Eye and a DNA spiral in it
    I then moved to the very Core of Gaia giving Her this Blue Flame
    I asked my Guides , I prayed from my Heart I felt their Presence, I asked them when is the Shift going to start, the Rune ALGIZ appeared
    They could not give me a clear answer because now is a process in action, it depends on us and our readiness to do it, I asked if there is a Divine timing after all because me personally want to move, it is getting harder for me to stay here , and then I saw the Planet, I was at the right and the planet was by my left side
    I received that there is a Divine timing and all that are ready are already there in Spirit and the physical vessel follows the Spirit, we are about to draw our vessels to the reality we wish for and this will be completed as it is Divine planned

  11. Crystal Connection – 19 September 2013

    I connected my Light body and my physical body and started the Journey of the KA, felt gently energized by my Light body merged with the physical body, I was in the elven forest again, I was there yesterday too, deer came
    Then I remember I was traveling in the transcendental realms of consciousness, no particular visions
    at the end of my meditation I saw the Bull, the same black bull of my Previous meditations, Native American came by the bull, He has long black hair, then the White Eagle Chief came and I received their message that is
    The weapon of war is buried deep in the ground, the war will not be allowed, I saw White Eagle as he was taking the tomahawk down
    Love and Light

  12. Crystal Connection – 18 September 2013 : Frila

    I in fact started pretty late, even about the time you almost finished it. Beyond my expectation, this is such a lovely dulcet connection.

    Being solicitous about the vain attempts, I only centered on my 3rd eye, heart charkas and solar plexus, after envisioning the SUN descending from my crown chakra, till the heart of Gaïa. I tried to connect Max, then appeared an elongated clear crystal skull. It’s wired that I seemed to be somewhere above him so what I saw was his top. He transmit energy and something from his top. I feel so loved and grateful !!!

    Then I saw a golden arch portal with stairs in front of me, a very very classical portal. In the course of stepping on the stairs, I felt I was climbing on the stairway of the Aztec pyramid.

    I lose the memory of the next visions.

    Then what amazed me so is that I should be in a mistful forest that felt like Paradise. The trees at the two sides even embraced each other, forming an archway. After passing it, as Tauno, I saw a wooden hut whose section is round, felt so elven.

    May you all have a nice Full Moon day !!!

  13. Lisa – 18 September 2013
    The energies are going out of the window, it goes beyond of what is received. The night of the full moon opens a flood off purification, through the opening of the gate of remembrance portal. I see blue candles floating in the air, they burning the blue flame.

    Under the candles, slowly rotating is a golden cogwheel (representing time) inside of the wheel opening is a spiral that spirals downwards onto me, I burst into blue flames , I feel it purifies me. I feel now the flames of truth coming out of my hands.

    Vision changes and I feel like I am a Native American Indian that looks over the plains.

    I am in the angel/spirit realm, it feels so strange and yet so comforting. I am now in my favorite spot where I feel safe and peaceful.

    I see a ray of light coming through the heavy dark clouds, lighting up my heart in sparkles.

    Love Lisa

  14. I remember when connected with the Heart of Gaia that a giant Snake came and the snake was looking at me and then disappeared

  15. Crystal Connection – 18 September 2013
    I called Hathor and then I was receiving DNA activations getting myself ready to connect with the Heart of Gaia
    I did not have many visions , my connection was felt mostly as energy that was vibrating in my whole body
    I felt Angelic Presence
    I saw myself in a forest and there was a wooden hut there
    then I was guided to channel Isis energies into Gaia and Isis came as a vision and borrowed my body, I felt Powerful and spread my arms like the wings of Isis and did the round movement that formed the Sphere again while holding OLA

  16. Lisa – 17 September 2013
    I felt so exhausted and stressed that I waited for connection until I was more relaxed.

    I got following meditation. First I see sparkly whirls , then a dark thunder sky with lots of rain and hard wind. I pour my pinky love in to this storm that is hitting Mexico , but also in Japan. And then the light comes through and feel the calmness and the sun. I see a hawk flying up into the sky, calling.

    Then I see the Bermuda Triangle and I have the direction to see where all these points of these triangle connects to, goes through…I see in this Bermuda Triangle a pyramid and I see a light coming out of the top of the pyramid.

    The point of Bermuda, the line goes through UK, Finland, denmark
    Point of Puerto Rico, this line goes through Namibie, Zimbabwe and South Africa
    Point of Miami, goes through Florida (where Leslee is) and it goes through the state lines between mexico and united states and if you really line it through the world map on the other side , it ends up in Australia, goes back through South-Africa and so on back to Bermuda triangle

    Below is what I liked the connection of the Bermuda Triangle shipping those ships ,planes back to Egypt.

    I hope you have a wonderful night, even though I have a terrible headache, I feel so strong with this crystal by my side.

    PS when I started looking up images for Bermuda triangle, I was surprised also to see pictures of storms that I saw in the beginning of my meditation. see below one of them

    Love Lisa

  17. Crystal Connection – 17 September 2013
    I connected with the energy of the Egyptian Gods again and received their Blessing felt as Golden Light energy around me , I felt home in these higher vibrations and I felt Love, My Heart Chakra and third Eye Chakra connected and I got a feeling of Space
    I asked the Egyptian Gods to help me connect with the Core of Gaia as I wish to give Light into the Core, I was explained that they only can give me Power and Light and the path to the core is my own task to be found, they showed me the direction
    I was led to Giza again and moved underground till I reached the Pyramids
    There the Egyptians stopped and I had to walk the Portal myself, I made a connection with my Celestial Soul sending Gratitude and I felt my Central Channel open and a ray of Golden Light connected my chakras as I started my journey to the Core, it was not a deep meditation rather than a vision by intent/will
    I reached the Golden Core of Gaia – the surface looked like a fiery land as if I was standing on the Inner Sun, I saw my craft there, it was waiting for me, I remembered my previous meditation when I reached the core in my Sphere that was my creation , my craft, the craft was already there and I saw some balls too, they were Beings that were carrying the vibrations of Joy and Happiness, they were jumping randomly and were vibrating like little children playing a game together
    Soon I was aware that GLS ALGIZ was there with me , in the Core of Gaia, I just stayed there and gradually felt a Sun within, my Inner Sun , My Inner Sun was connected with the Inner Sun of Gaia and I started giving rays of golden Light in all directions making connections all around the Planet, I saw the Cosmos while being inside the Earth, my consciousness expanded both inside and outside
    Love and Light

  18. Crystal Meditation – 16 September 2013
    I connected my environment with my Light and physical bodies
    I felt instantly energized by my Light body and the physical sensation of this was the feeling of warmth and a feeling of Happiness and Bliss
    My Physical body just merged with the light body and a Portal opened inside both of them, a Portal to other realms of consciousness, I looked through this portal and I saw a kind of Forest, a Native American I saw and a bird – Eagle or Crow but at the same time I felt the Egyptian Gods connected with us – Thoth, Nut
    I stayed into these energies till a thought of people from my everyday life emerged, I did not try to remove this thought out from my consciousness, everything that comes to us has its purpose
    Then I moved into my Heart Center – the Heart Center of my Light body merging with the Heart Center of my Physical body and I felt the energies light green and golden, Thoth appeared again as a vision – standing tall with his long gown and Ibis head, his hands and his pose spoke of the Powers He is bringing now to us
    Then my awareness moved into my Pineal Gland and I saw a Sphere
    The Sphere was kind of a physical – like a rubber ball but very big – seemed like a Space Craft , rotating and with a hollow bottom, that made it look like a round mushroom in a shape of a ball
    The Sphere moved higher and the surface of the Earth was down, I felt we are in the Sphere
    it was of green and grey colours
    I now remember the picture of a dark side of the Moon that is a craft – this sphere looked like this
    And I received a message – now our physical bodies are getting ready to receive activations that will bring a change connected with gender, we are gradually evolving into our Higher Bodies
    Love and Light

  19. Crystal connection 15 September 2013

    Yesterday I was to tired to update my connection, so I am doing it now. I first saw a golden crown, tall and gold with spirals. I saw the universal sign for peace. Then I felt connected with the planet Venus, I felt the vibration of the population, but for the rest I don’t have a really clear picture. I do get greetings from them, I see someone greeting me. Then I get the following words through:

    Planetary reversal, sun gate, triple helix, triple gate, equinox, spiral gate, heart desires, butterfly gate crop circle, gate fractions …

    I also see a connection with Egypt and Inner Earth , Agartha

    Then I saw a city that I made a drawing of

  20. I now remember some more details, when I was receiving the energies into my heart Chacra I saw a Heart shaped energy of Light in Cosmos and two Masters in it – Jeshua and Mary Magdalene in the Heart

  21. Crystal Connection – 15 September 2013
    I visualized my environment, my physical body and my Light body as One and my Light body was penetrating my physical body, I received strong energies, the Spirits Native American Elders came to me and I started my journey being aware of my physical body sitting on my chair merging with my Light body, I was in Jerusalem, in a noisy street, the Sun was shining bright and I was at the gates of a temple, arch and pillars and white and orange colours
    Then I saw the mountain , I was high in the mountain and the sky was blue
    My Light body Heart Chacra and my physical body Heart chacra merged and I felt a pulsating energy that was forming waves and rings around my Heart, the energy waves spread all around me and I felt the Cosmos
    I connected with the Egyptian Gods again – Thoth with his head of a bird , Isis came and connected with me giving me Power as I was making a Sphere of Light around me with my hands holding OLA, I was in a sphere of Golden Light
    Love and Light

  22. Lisa – 14 September 2013
    light blue bubbles, the same ones I have been seeing for some days, during a dimension shift. I feel drawn to the crop circle, I see it as a platform, a galactic platform to travel, the
    outer rings are moving, turning in light blue, I am transported to a night time forest, I am surrounded by pine trees and as I look up I see the northern lights, but they are not the usual
    northern lights, they have more spark, more like golden and silver dust into it…I feel I am still standing in the invisible crop gate, but now I feel the different panels moving onto
    each other creating a friction, I see myself mirrored into different timelines, I see myself flying past in so many pieces of myself that i have sent out, I feel in pieces , but now, I see
    them all and for a moment I feel one, with me in the center of this portal circle. It feels so magical. I see a white flower, opening petal by petal , we are connected.

    As I close of I got this image coming through, I found the matching you tube video of it

    This one is for you Tauno:

    Love Lisa

  23. When I was connected with the mountain today I was given a sign, an image of Thoth, then the image turned into a skull that carries the vibrations of the blue skull I connected with in some of my previous meditations – aquamarine one
    This Being and Thoth are very close in vibration
    Love and Light

    Crystal Connection – 14 September 2013
    I called the Archangels with all my Heart, all of them, I felt my heart heavy and sending energies upwards connecting with my Crown Chacra
    A Golden Crown above my head there was and I was the Earth below the crown, light green land and blue sky, I am going WEST into the realms of no time and place, I am about to have a feast in the midst of my enemies, I hear the Celtic song again about the table prepared for me to be with my enemies for the last time, it is so beautiful – I see green grass and white table cloth and grey rocks in the high mountain
    A Powerful golden Ray of light goes straight up from my heart and through the Crown Chacra, through the Golden Crown above me to connect with my Celestial Soul the Sahu
    I feel LOVE and deep Bliss and I feel Peace
    I am blessed by the Egyptian Gods and Archangels to go higher to connect with Them again
    Jeshua and Magdalene high there too
    I connect with RA
    ( ( SUN ) )

  24. Crystal connection – 13 September 2013

    I connected the energies of my Inner Moon with the energies of my Inner Sun and I felt myself in a Sphere of Golden Light
    The Rune TIR
    I sensed Light on my Crown Chacra that came to my Third eye and I saw Thoth with His monkey head and I sensed a connection with Ra too
    The energies were so strong
    I connected with the Egyptian Gods again and felt Bastet`s loving mother`s energies
    earlier this evening I saw cat`s footprints on the sky , the clouds showed me the steps of Bastet on the sky, she watches us and gives us a Protection and Guidance
    Isis connected with us, I saw her wings of Power and I started doing the round movement with OLA holding her in my left hand, then right hand drawing a circle and opening my Central Channel so that a Sphere formed around me and I was in
    Then I was in the White Desert that Lisa has drawn and I saw the high rock behind and over me, I was standing next to it
    Love and Light

  25. Lisa – 12 September 2013
    Crystal Connection 12 september 2013

    I feel like I am going in circles. I get an image, the fly and the glass door that is a bit open. The fly constantly sees the outside but can’t get outside because of the window. But the fly doesn’t understand this, because it is invisible to him. But we see this fly and we say or guide the fly through the gap of the door, sending them to freedom. I got this image from Salusa and I feel like we are the fly. We see the 5D but we keep bumping our head to the glass, that is why our guides help us to find that gap to find freedom.

    I see circles again and slowing turning into spirals. I dip my crystal in one of those spirals and I see the past, present and what is yet to come.

    The spiral spirals, but the movement goes slower and slower and becomes crystal clear.

    Through inner connections, we build an inner network, that will create a New world. I see through this spiral mirror water and I see myself meditating on the bed (future) connecting with me in the past (me right now) And it feels like we are two. My future self shows me here heart and it shines bright and full of light. I see myself restored as a full being.

    Love Lisa

  26. Crystal Connection 12September 2013
    I connect the energies of my Inner Sun and my Inner Moon, Silver and Gold into ONE energy that shines in front of my third eye, I am using the silver Rosette and the Ruby that brings the energies of the Sun and Moon merged
    The Rosette is Silver energy, of a Sun sign shape
    Ruby is of Golden energy on Moon element- combined with silver,
    The Divine Feminine energy is activated to bring Balance on Earth
    I see a White Gold pillar where the two energies merge into one another and I breathe in this White Gold into my Pineal Gland, I sense waves of energy in my head, the energies fill my body and my physical organs, I sense Light around me
    like rain drops I see Golden Spheres
    I open my Central Channel and the energies move through it and I feel myself in a Sphere of energies
    I know what my next task is
    I have to go to the Heart / Core of Gaia bringing these energies
    I am ready to make the next connection – with the Center of the Earth
    My Light Sphere goes down into the Portal towards the core, I see a council, these Are Beings of inner earth – Tall and Slim, beautiful, in Golden Robes, they are standing in a circle and the center of this circle is the Core
    Then they disappeared and I was allowed to land on the center with my Sphere, I landed and stayed for some time , just sending the energies and staying in the sphere
    I had thoughts from my everyday while meditating and I was explained that this is so because of the cleaning and because some energies want to be transmuted, I should accept them as they are and heal them into the Light of the higher vibrations
    I stayed there and I saw blue sky, clouds of white
    While I was in the core watching the sky – flying saucers of white and silver colour, they were in the sky!

  27. Lisa – 11 September 2013
    whitish crystal bubble floating up the sky. I see a symbol , a spiral. I am looking over the lost lands, the light is dusk blue and the moon light filters through the windows. I feel some kind
    of remembrace that wants to take me back where I belong.

    White tatanka is here, I can feel him standing on my right sight. He lets me see a connection through Egypt, a connection with the spiral in egypt to atlantis, a connection withing the
    bermuda islands, through machu pichu. He gives me a feather…I see red

    Love Lisa

  28. Crystal Connection – 11 September 2013
    I connected with my Celestial Soul and saw myself in a ray of light that was pouring down on me and I had a vision, a woman came from the higher vibrations, first i saw her dressed in black and black hair and I could not see her face clearly, then she was dressed in white, there was a red flower in her hair
    White Tatanka was right in front of me, His face was Huge and he is watching me, He has a serious face and carries Shaman energies
    I see all of us on board of a craft in Space, round platform that has a hole in the center and there is a ray of White light in the center that is like a huge pin of Light and this is SaLuSa`s energy connected with us, we are a council together with our Galactic Family and form a Star that is similar to Merkaba
    I sensed the Light that was pouring into my Light body that merged with my physical body , the liquid Light, I start my journey into the inner ocean
    I want to connect with our Native American Elders and I am there in the mountain, I see them dancing in a row, Kentaurus Being Native American I see that is in the row too, I feel Atlantis connection
    Then White Tatanka came, there was a black Bull that was watching me right into the face as White Tatanka watched me , now it was the black Bull, I saw White Tatanka in front of the bull and he was about to win the battle with the animal, White Tatanka won, I saw the bull on the ground, then Santa Muerte`s Presence, a re-connection with the dead was made and White Tatanka received the Powers of the Bull
    I started making a round movement with OLA taking her into my right hand, then raised hands up over the head, OLA in the left hand, then down, making a round movement and again the same circle, I formed a Portal in my Central Channel placing OLA on the top of my head and let the energies move free into this sphere
    I connected with the Heart Chakra then and I felt the energies of my Heart and I had a Guidance, my Heart was showing me an open Portal to the right – Reality and I went on the right in a golden Green Light
    I heard the sound of my Heart , it sounds like the SUN, a sound of burning of a Powerful fire inside a sphere, the sound was in cycles that made impulses and pushed the energy out giving rays of energy from the center
    Like this
    ( ( ( SUN ) ) ) (SUN) ( ( ( SUN ) ) ) (SUN ) ( ( ( SUN ) ) )

  29. Lisa – 10 September 2013
    I see little circles on the water, as I step on it, they become little spirals, and every time a place a foot onto a new circle/spiral , white energy come blasting out. The little spirals become slowly ONE big spiral that takes me down to inner earth. I am meeting PI and he shows me equations and geometry. I see a little crystal tree with purple leaves.

    I see symbols, I see, triangle, diamond,spiral, thunderbird, maori symbols for love and family (and I get the word Luminus through)

    I see 2 big white candles hanging the air, around it, it is dark. The candles are lit. They have a big flame. I appear to be in a castle of the middle ages. I see grey cobble stones. Even if the appearance looks cold, it is cold in there. I see on the wall some runes, Tir, fehu and the third one couldn’t get.

    Then a circle of fire lights up, I am born under three fire signs. I step into the circle and the fire starts to go up. I see a fire dragon, my fire dragon , he is red with flames and dives into my heart chakra. He takes me to the crystal bridge made of spiderweb lines, a bridge that can reach trough time and space, so I can fulfill my destiny. The circle of fire makes this symbol:

    I also see the triquetra.

    I am standing on a platform with symbols and lines that light up blue. Around me are big crystals placed. Suddenly it beams light into my heart chakra , into my body and I am lifted up.

    I meditate in this healing light and get encoded at the same time. There is change coming, and I see spirals and spirals.

    I see dark pyramids made of obsidian. I see a rainbow catches the crystals and they beam it into mother earth.

    I am ONE, I am Earth, I am you, You are me, I am the Universe, the multiple Universe, the Inner Universe, I AM, I AM NOT, I am Arachanai, I am a light being, I am a piece of GOD, a sparkly divine.

    I find myself now in Antarctica and I am watching the northern lights and the stars and I feel at peace with my guides the wolf and the ice bear.

    Here below a drawing of myself

    Inline afbeelding 1

    Love Lisa

  30. Lisa – 9 September 2013

    First I see a clock , followed by a spiral and a blue butterfly. I understand these are layers of a gate.
    I see Atlantis going down under a huge gulf of water. I see a snake, a green snake staring at me,
    he is a fire snake, kundalini and then jumps into my heart chakra taking me down to the portal I saw earlier, connecting me with my inner universes. I feel expanded and feel as big as the universe. I see star constellations and particular configurations.

    Love Lisa

  31. Crystal Connection – 9 September 2013

    Today, even at the moment by our connection, I already felt very the extremely powerful energy pouring in from my crown chakra, which felt like something solid pressing directly my head.

    Following Tauno’s instruction, I concentrated my consciousness first on my heart chakra, then solar plexus. After that, I tried to connect the locations that Tauno had mentioned. It took a long time that I sensed nothing but the energy flow. Then I saw there was a thick liquid-like flow pouring in my solar plexus from a brown cave above.

    After that, a point of white light approached to me and then turned into a vertical multicolored vortex. Long time after that, I finally saw a city which looked like somewhere in ancient Egypt. However, I’m not sure if it’s in fact some realm in inner earth. The scenery told me it’s in a tropical zone. Most architectures were rather drilled/graved in rocks/cliffs and all their gates were so high. I saw also the palms just by a big river. I in fact could not tell if it’s in fact at seashore or some big lake.

    I felt that I’m still not grasp well the very knacks to do the connection. The visions and the vibration of that city anyhow fascinated me so much.

    love you all

  32. Crystal Connection – 10 September 2013

    I connected with my Celestial Soul sending Appreciation and Gratitude, my mind was constantly wandering due to some issues from my everyday life and I saw some people that I work with, I felt a Powerful cleaning is taking place inside and as I realized this I left the sound vibrations work with these energies and to transmute them into Light
    I saw a Rosette that raised upwards, its shape was not physical, it was of Golden Light and without any Runes carved on it, it was like a flower
    Then I felt the energies sent to me by my Celestial Soul right into my Light body that was merging with my physical body, I sensed the energies with my physical body
    A vision came when I was sensing the elixir into my body
    The Native American that I saw with the blue clothes came as a vision and he was playing music again
    I saw Bastet like a giant cat and then she took her human form , Native American Came, He was another Soul I meet here for the first time, He is tall and with long black hair and merged / connected with Bastet as they were ONE Being, I could see a Golden Light behind them
    Then I started to release many Angels from within
    My body was full of Angels and they came our in all directions bringing Healing and Love all around, they fly free all over the Earth Now and fill the air with Loving energy and with the Divine music of the Heart, pink colours, green colours, orange colours, white, I can see an Angel with huge wings in front of me and I feel Huge, the flow of Unconditional Love is eternal
    Love IS
    I can see a landscape of a place of higher realms in Golden Light, I Am connected with RA

  33. Crystal Connection – 9 September 2013
    I felt the sound vibrating in my head taking me into the transcendental state of Being
    greyish blue energy around me and the sound pattern felt like a sphere
    I use the Sphere of All Possibilities
    I visualize my Solar Plexus as a Center of the Universe
    I have a wish that I am imagining vividly
    The middle of September 2013
    I am dressed in my favorite everyday clothes and I return from work, I switch on TV and hear the News, All TV channels have One News – There Is Life in Cosmos, Contacts with members from another Galaxy made , interview with the Galactic Federation of Light members in CNN news studio , New Way of Living Ahead, New types of transport available, No Poverty, People Free
    I connect with the Solar Plexus of my Future Self and I add the feeling of Joy and Gratitude to this connection, a Shift is made in time and space and I Am my Future Self now watching at me and I am in the middle of September 🙂

  34. Lisa – 8 September 2013
    I feel the earth moving, the energies moving like water surges through the veins of the earth. It is time to wake up energy, but some energy washes left untouched to the one who is sleeping.
    I feel the call of another crystal a stronger one that give me more clearance, I can see it shine so brightly in my third eye. I see a crystal, white, beige, pinkish stone that seems to be
    on fire and behind it I see white buildings (one of the building seems to remind me of Montmartre in Paris, see second picture) and blue sky, i see the sun shining as a brightly star. I smell eucalyptus. I am in space and I see a golden gate with strange symbols, some
    blue vortex is opening but also something is opening in my heart.Everything is so sparkly and I feel myself merging with my light being, my higher self.

    Love Lisa

  35. Crystal Connection – 8 September 2013
    I see a golden Bird sitting on a tree branch, the Bird is connected with a Native American that I have not met before, he was wearing many feathers like a crown on his head and they were yellow and red and he was dressed in yellow and red too
    White Tatanka came to connect with me and to greet this Chief who was playing music
    Then I was connected with the Egyptian Gods Bastet and Isis again
    Bastet came as a cat , the cat was under a stone, a heavy stone of a temple and supported the stone with such an ease, the temple of Isis is so big, then the cat was walking on the stones of the temple, the columns
    I saw Isis as a little statue carved on one of the stones
    Bastet was constantly by my side in this mediation, I had a feeling of my body merging with my Light body and going higher through a portal in the temple- looked like as if I am both inside a building and outside in a mountain and there was an energy around me as if I was in a transparent energy tube and was going higher,
    I saw a Native American in blue clothes looking at me as I was high in the tube
    Then Basted was with me in the mountain and we met the Native American Elders again
    The Bear gave me Power merging with me, I saw many of my Native American facets – a man with a bear head over his head and wearing a bear skin was playing music and dancing by the fire
    I felt HUGE, I am White Tatanka dressed in white and standing on a very high rock in the mountain with arms spread
    I can see the whole mountain from above, it is so green and the sky is so blue, fresh energies , I rotate and watch the sky, Jeshua came and connected with me, He gave us something , an object, Jeshua was so familiar, so familiar vibrations I felt
    I saw Mount Shasta with her pyramid shape, something happened at the base of this pyramid and there came white Light and a Huge Human in White Clothes was the Mountain and there formed a portal over the top and a Powerful energy came out of the Earth / Mountain and raised higher

    Love and Light

  36. Crystal Connection – 7 September 2013
    I made a connection with RA
    My attention was focused on my Solar Plexus and the sound was vibrating there with high frequency, I had a feeling of me moving higher while my physical body was sitting on the chair
    A strong and Powerful stability I felt of my intent to receive the higher energies of RA , I was aware of a temple in the Higher Realms – the temple of RA , it was very high with columns and plants and of white colour into the blue energies and white clouds, I saw a sign that looked like this II
    I started breathing deep in and out filling every cell of my physical body with healing blue Light coming from over my head
    As I was doing this the Light became more and more transparent and turned into Crystal clear energy
    I saw a Being right in front of me – White Being, big dark eyes
    When I felt the Healing Light is enough for me I started to beam it out into the Earth
    Love and Light

  37. Lisa – Crystal Connection 6 September
    I was exhausted yesterday and I had an image in my head that I couldn’t get through a phone just yet. Made the picture today.

    I had a vision that I had to convert to an image. Even a image can say much, with some words it makes it complete. I saw 6 smaller blue crystals and one big crystal in the middle. The crystals are spinning clockwise. A white light emerges from the big crystal and flashes some beams first through the 6 crystals and then ONE big beams goes below, going through a big spinning cogwheel of time, through the spiral, going straight into Gaia. I get first images of Atlantis. Then I see Maori symbols (The Maori symbol on the bottom stands for family). The light is a birth light and is encoded with New Earth DNA. A new dawn is coming. (I merged my picture and my sketch together)

    spinning crystals

  38. Crystal connection – 6 September 2013
    I connected with the Golden energies of the Egyptian Gods, I saw myself on a rectangular platform over the surface, over Egypt and connected with Egyptian Gods , I could literally talk with them
    I got their Blessing, they came one by one giving to us their blessing as I was over a pyramid and was watching it from above, Bastet came as a white Cat smiling and sitting on a pillar, the pillar looked like a pillar of a temple that was in golden energies and the Cat looked like a statue – so elegant lying at the top of the pillar, but this was not a Statue, Bastet was really there connected with us and giving a Blessing
    I saw a Pharaoh raising his right hand and showing us the portal that we should go through, the portal is to the right – Reality, it looks like a channel of blue white and grey energies
    I do Namaste gesture with OLA in my hands and I feel the Gods
    They are grateful because we are those who serve as the physical energy needed so that the connection to be made, we are also helping them to reach the connection with Atlantis again and thus we all release the long lasting Atlantis Karma so that to be able to continue our path further into Light
    I am on the platform again and see our Family from the Stars awaiting us there, tall, blue – familiar – I think of Arcturians
    As I sit with my hands forming a bud and with it is OLA I see the portal to the Elven forest – I am here again to the Tree of Life, the same familiar light green and grey colours

  39. Crystal Connection – 5 September 2013
    A golden star goes round counterclockwise and I feel the Galaxy shining in golden Light
    Egyptian Gods connected with us and I can float on Nile river , I come from the North and move southward watching the Pyramids and temples of Ancient Egypt, no war, there is Peace
    I was aware of my physical body sitting on my chair in my room merging with its Light twin body , the light filled my physical body as I concentrated on my Heart Chakra being aware of the physical and Light bodies that are merging
    Strong Energies, I see all of us connected in a circle, I am in the middle of the circle and you are the 7 rays of the Rosette, we are about to make a Sacred breathing of energies into Mother Earth via this formation of ours, I can sense your heart energy connected with mine and I concentrate on my throat chakra, I am opening a Portal breathing in and absorbing the higher energies, I reach the Third eye and I can feel a mountain top – Olympus, the sky is dark blue and the mountain top is white, I sense a Bird flying and I absorb the energies, now it is time to breathe out and go down to Earth again bringing these higher energies into Earth
    I am again in my room , in my physical body merged with the Light body
    We are standing on a flat surface, green grass under our feet , the place feels to me so much like Stonehenge

    • This is a clip from the old movie “The Dark Crystal”, this is a great movie about the coming of ascension and the completion of the earths kundalini transfer. This clip is of the completion of the transfer and the creators of the world to leave, starting a new beginning on this land.

  40. Les! What an amazing Guide are you for me and all of us,
    Now I remember that more than a year ago you got a message from LEOS for me and He said that He is trying to teach me how to stay grounded in meditation , how to be aware of the connection with the Earth! Now I got the same via RA who told me that merging the Light body with the Physical is what makes sense for the common purpose we have – Ascension!
    What a Powerful Connection we have all of us
    Yes, LEOS is constantly with me, He is One from GLS ALGIZ , He is together with two more Lemurians that form the rays of ALGIZ and the Library, now LEOS connected us with RA and they sent us the message for all of us!
    Love YOU ALL

  41. Lisa – 4 September 2013
    I look at the crop circle that Tauno mailed us and I see on the top a confederation of ships, then the circle, the sun dawns on earth, the sun and the moon, the opening of the gate, triangle connection, the circle, the sacred chants and the crystal, opening a gate,

    hummingbird symbol, labyrinth, I am floating in the void, (i see small blues sphere in the corner of my left eye)

    Decided to play with the picture of the crop circle that Tauno mailed us

    Inline afbeelding 1

    Love Lisa

    • Thank You, Lisa, You saw us and I can see it now in the picture – illuminating with the merging of our physical and Light bodies! What a connection, sister!
      Again in such a strong resonance!

  42. Crystal Connection – 4 September 2013
    I did a meditation being aware of my physical body sitting in my room, the chair, the desk, I just saw my physical body as I am and merged with my Light body that is exactly the same – as a twin slightly bigger than the physical body, the Light body filled my physical body with Light
    I got a vision of the three Giza Pyramids as if I am there standing on the sand and watching them from below, some moments passed and I saw Nefertiti
    Then the Light expanded and I felt a Light beaming energy from my Heart Chacra
    I felt like a Sun giving waves of energy that makes a sound with so high vibration that it is hardly hear able by physical ears
    I then connected with the Egyptian God`s energy – it is a common energy and I got the message
    In the past when I was a Druid my Spirit used to leave the physical body in trance or meditation, this happens to me now too because it comes from my Druid past, it is a habit
    The difference is that in the past the Souls ascended without the physical vessel , this explains the surge of the Soul to leave and fly
    Now we are Ascending with our physical bodies and this is why it is important to be aware of the physical, the Light body merges with its physical twin and thus uplifts the physical into the higher frequencies
    Amun RA Speaks
    Thank You, Amun RA
    as I did Namaste gesture I got a vision of a Goddess Bastet, Bastet came in Golden Light with a Golden Crown in a long robe and is now giving Her Blessing
    Thank You Bastet

  43. Lisa – 3 September 2013
    I was listening to the Journey of the Ka

    I am transported to a room full off crystal skulls, that come to life to light beings full of wisdom, I stand on a platform facing the council, they are powering up their light being, I see
    feel the energy coming from them, they don’t give it me directly, it would be to strong, it is a combined energy of knowledge, love and remembrance.

    I see a hummingbird, green, purple buzzing
    by, a gate opens up under my feet, it is giving light blue fluo light with strange symbols also in blue light, the are growing falling into the leylines of the land, I fall through the gate
    I am at Stonehenge, the moon is full and shining bright,

    I feel I am one of the druids,it is our group,we back together in this life time, the earth is opening up and we are doing a ceremony, a ceremony of light, things begin to float out of the earth, the spiral, the hexagon, the triangle, portals within us, I float now up to heavens, I see angels surrounding mother earth, surrounding us, , a door, it takes me to a library,

    I feel the knowledge in me activated by the light beings, a gate of crystal skulls, connecting with the crystals in mother earth, connecting with our crystals, love beams through, bouncing forth and back , increasing, making a network, binding us, binding us to heaven , to the universe, to our brothers and sisters, the crystal gateways, the crystal pathway, I see triangles stacked on top of each other having the colors of the rainbow,

    I am in the 6th dimension, creating, I feel so light, I feel so creative, I love
    this, I miss this, I see a daisy waving in the green grass, the blue sky, I am sitting in the tall grass the waves by the wind, I am on new earth, I can see the mountains before me and a big
    lake…the place is so peaceful, I want to stay there forever….

    Love Lisa

  44. Crystal Connection – 3 September 2013
    I connected with the Archangels and Lord Michael first – called them with my Soul, visualized a Golden crown over my head, the crown was rotating and I felt myself like I was the Earth, I could see the mountains and the valleys from above and the crown was in the sky and was changing shape and look while rotating, I felt myself then as a Celtic woman in Middle Ages, I was about to leave and they were preparing for me a table where I will sit and have a feast in the midst of my enemies – my inner fears, my inner demons, all that makes me suffer and keep me down
    I will be there with them to say farewell and then leave home where I can see green grass
    the crown rotates as I am listening to the Celtic song, so sad and wise like the Earth
    A portal forms in the ring where the crown rotates, from my crown chakra there is an open portal that shines with the colours of the rainbow , it connects me with all Egyptian Gods that give us their blessing and moves higher and connects us with Archangels
    Magdalen – the Holy Woman sings her song, I can hear her, the energies are heavenly around the song and they are tender and loving

  45. Lisa – 2 September 2013
    the call of ascension, I see ships cruising to blue ocean, having a red cross, white sails, navigating through the inner storms,universes explosions, newly formed universes, I feel my heart
    exploding into a million pieces, mirrored back to me, the journey is long with a feeling of no end. Arachanai is with me as also other beings, i feel so heavy in my heart and I cry, the give
    me an energy hug, I see triangles lining up to each other, I connect with max and he shines brighter and brighter, forming , deconstruct my heart. my being, I feel a light, a ball of light
    going through me, I see leslee holding mother earth in her hands, loving it, giving light, I see tauno now, growing nature, giving new life of plants and trees, I see frila giving life to
    the earth, giving it energy, I see troy making rainbows, making mountains, ….and so on and on, everybody is doing something to create the ONE

    ps; I have been hearing a female voice today, for several times, even though I thought it was just my imagination

  46. Crystal Connection – 2 September 2013
    My attention was concentrated into my Heart Chakra and I was floating in green energies
    I heard the names of the Egyptian Gods again and their energies came to me as colours
    Hathor – Green
    Amun RA – Golden
    Isis – Golden
    Then I called the Angels and I saw them as the names were vibrating into my chakras
    I saw the Archangels in a white cloud that was a portal, I asked them to join me in my flight through the portals and they did so, I felt my flight different from the flights I had before, there was with me the Angelic energy and I was flying while I was standing on a golden rectangular platform and golden energies were all around me and a ray of golden Light was directed to me
    Then I was in the familiar Ocean of the transcendental realm ready to enter the Sphere of all Possibilities
    I visualized my Solar Plexus as the center of the universe
    I visualized my Future self in 2 weeks( connect with my Future self via a link between my Solar Plexus and the Solar Plexus of my Future self) – dressed in my autumn clothes and after work I am watching on TV a live interview with members of our Star Family
    I see a craft and I am ready to go on board – round craft like a disk with many Lights below, no more unnecessary 3D job, no 3D boss, no more disregard of my free will, I am serving my mission of Light fully without any obstacles together with all of you and our Star Brothers and Sisters

  47. Lisa – 1 September 2013
    my heart is so weary now, the howling wolves howl to the universe, encoding vibrations of remembrance within us, decoding our fragmented heart, I feel like walking on air, the lands are
    floating in the air, the owl is flying into the dying lands of old, bringing his wisdom to uplift the people to another dimension of remembrance, of love, the sun is bright, the stair steps of
    heaving lifting me up , on step higher and higher,meeting with angels, merging with my higher self, see the world shining in new light, a light of vibrant, a light of remembrance…remember…
    search into your heart and find yourself buried beneath all this illusions of possessions, wants and so on…love yourself as you are, you are the shining bright stars on the world’s firmament.

    Love Lisa

  48. Crystal Connection – 1 September 2013
    I connected with Egyptian Gods and I was calling their energy while listening to the Names, before hearing each name I knew what I am about to hear, before the name Isis I got an urge to raise my hands with OLA and form a circle , I felt the golden energies of Isis connecting with my Crown Chakra
    Then I connected with my Celestial Soul sending Appreciation and Gratitude, my tears were falling, like springs while I was connecting with my BA , I was thankful for this experience of my current life time, I was thankful for all the opportunities I have
    I sense the elixir coming down from my Celestial Soul into my physical body
    I go through some portals into my inner world, connect with the Heart – flying in the sky, energies
    I landed on a place were we were three of us – me, Lisa and someone else – like girls in school uniforms/blue/ and at teen age
    then I float into the energies of golden Light again
    Love and Light

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